Home Part 27
By D.virtue

While Xena had dressed, the servants of the household cleaned everything up
and decorated the palace, in a matter of hours it was grand in it’s appearance
and all who saw it was amazed at how fast the place had changed since the
events of the day.

The corridors from the different rooms were lined with tapestries of all
sorts, in the colors of the rainbow. The staircase was polished to a
brilliant luster, that when the moons light touched any part of it, it
sparkled it radiance, almost blinding in it’s shine.

The marbled floors and stairs were also polished, and a runner was ran down
the center of each of the staircases after the guest had taken their places
along the processional route, for The Conqueror to descend from one side and
lady Diana from the other.

Multidimensional paintings lined the walls of the corridor that would lead to
the garden path outside. Diana meanwhile was almost dressed herself , she was
wearing a Bronze gold colored gown that had drop shawl type sleeve, that
accentuated her bosum, which was sparkling from the special oils that was used
on her body.

Diana’s breast were covered by the detailed embroidering done on the brassiere
looking flaps, then the two sides were fastened by a single silver clasp just
enough to hold the dress on Diana’s breast, the rest of the bodice was fitted
as well and was opened in the form of a V, that ended at Diana’s navel, where
a single Diamond was inserted, and held in place by Diana’s tight abdomen
muscles, which were not even looking as though they were being used to hold
the diamond.

The skirt part of the dress started out fitted around Diana’s hips but then
gently flowed away from her body into a soft layering train that seemed to go
on forever, it was embroidered the same as the brassiered coverings that
covered Diana’s breast.

The back of Diana’s gown was Dangerous to behold, it dropped to the lower area
of her back in a V shape as well, when one looked at the whole blouse part of
the dress they would have seen it really did not have a lot of material to it,
the center of Diana’s body was exposed, the sides were none existance, her
shoulders were covered by the shawl type sleeves only there to hold and form
the brassiered parts of the dress and to connect it to the back.

The rest of the dress was full and flowing, Diana’s Ebony hair was washed and
left wet to dry naturally, where once it had it had soft waves cascading down
her bare shoulders and back. She worn silver and gold type earrings, and the
only color on her chest besides the shimmering oil was a necklace of sapphire,
chestnut and hazel that laid flat against Diana’s chest just at the juncture
of the start of her cleavaged breast.

Finally it was time to put Diana’s crown on, it was a matching crown of The
Conqueror’s, only Diana’s had a train attached to it that was sheer in it’s
material but had jewels embroidered into it, the train surpassed the dresses
train and ended with Diamonds .

The gown would have been too heavy for anyone else to wear, besides Xena, of
course, but to Diana it was as light and as comfortable as a baby nestled in
it’s mothers arms, the inside of the dress had soft downy material that laid
against Diana’s soft skin, and yet was not capable of being seen as to the way
the seamstress made sure that it would not be seen from the outside.

In another room Gabrielle had been dressed in her maid of honor pastel yellow
gown, made of silk with multicolored embroidery in the bodice and more
Sapphire colored background so as to unite Diana’s Dress with that of Xena’s ,
her hair was also left flowing over her shoulders, the gown was silk and
between fitted and flowing. Xena made Miki her 1st Lt and therefore it would
be Miki who escorted Gabrielle.

Diana’s ladies in waiting were dressed in their pastel multicolored silk
dresses, the many different races of ladies only served to compliment the
colors in their gowns.

Finally it came time for Diana and Gabrielle and the other ladies to be on
their way to the staircase where they all would meet up with Xena and her
Royal Guard on the otherside of the staircase.

The Two women were surrounded on both sides by their respective entourage’s,
so as they walked to their side of the staircases that they would descend
down, they would then fall back allowing their entourages to descend the
staircases first, then ending with Xena The Conqueror and Lady Diana the only
one’s left on the staircases, that way the two could see each other and
descend down the stairs at the same time.

The music overture sounded just as Xena The Conqueror and Lady Diana departed
from their respective temporary rooms, escorted on either side by their
entourages, with the servant girl from Sahi’s resident dressed in one of the
gowns like that of the Ladies in Waiting, bringing up the rear holding Diana’s
train by the bottom.

The closer Diana and Xena got towards each other the more they could sense
each other, and in so doing they begun to tighten but this time it was out of
the anticipation of finally seeing each other and eventually being in each
other’s arms once more. Diana shivered at the thought and Gabrielle thought
she felt chilled and asked in a whispered voice.

“ Are you ok?”

Diana nodded her head that she was and continued onto where they were suppose
to be at the end of the overture.

The two groups made their way to the designated place at the top of their
respective staircases, Of course Diana could not see over some of her ladies
in waiting so as she came to the staircase her heart was beating rapidly as
she tried discreetly to see Xena after having not seen her for over 5 and a
half days.

But to her dismay she was unable to see her. Xena after making it to the top
of the staircase, did not try to look over at that particular moment, she knew
once all of the entourages had descended the staircases she would see her

Xena’s heart leaped at the thought of seeing Diana once again, although she
was a little concerned whether Diana would be able to speak seeing how they
had to say their vows to one another, mainly for the benefit of the witnesses,
otherwise Xena would let her heart and Diana’s gestures tell her what Diana
wanted to say.

But either way she would still be happy to see Diana again. Despite Xena’s
ritual meditations, she had lot’s of time to think about Diana, seeing how she
had pretty much forgiven everyone who had hurt her or her family, she even set
her hate of Sahi aside for the sake of her love for Diana.

Finally the overture ended moments after the parties arrived at the top of the
staircases, and the next prelude to the wedding music for the Maid of Honor
and Xena’s 1st Lt now Miki , had now started to play. Gabrielle in her gown
and Miki in her Royal Uniform, now stepped forward and started their descent
down the staircases. Both Gabrielle and Miki smiled at each other but neither
could see the other’s bonding person.

The Maid Of Honor and Xena’s 1 Lt now descended down the stairs followed by
The Ladies In Waiting and The Royal Guards, each with a match from the other’s

After all of their entourages had completely descended the stairs and had made
the turn that would take them to the Garden and then to the lake, Xena and
Diana both stood waiting for the wedding music which would signal them that
the entourages were in place, they did not look over at each other out of
feeling so focused on making the other happy for the rest of their long lives.

Not that either was worrying about it,they were both just thinking what they
could do besides what they already had, to insure their life mate’s blissful
happiness. Finally , the wedding music sounded and both Xena and Diana inhaled
slowly into their noses and then let it out through their mouths calming
themselves, then the two took their first step towards their future.

They descended the stairs with the music working as a drawing force, with each
step, they came near to their destinies, for anyone else they probably would
have turned and fled at the thought of such binding destinies, just because
of being overwhelmed.

But Xena and Diana were looking forward to their destinies together, the two
continued to descend the staircases and just as the staircases started to
curve inward towards one another, they finally came to the point where they
would be able to see one another in full view.

The two took the next few stairs and then......they stopped! Diana’s breath
caught and held as did Xena’s as they saw each other for the first. Both stood
for a moment just staring and looking each other up and down, and finally
their eyes locked on each other.

Diana’s eyes went Sapphire and filled with tears as she saw her love for the
first time in five long hard days, Xena’s eyes also filled, but both women
kept them from falling, after a few moments to absorb everything about each
other once again, Xena took a slow step, waiting for Diana to see that she was
once again moving, as the music continued to play.

Diana blinked at Xena’s movements, and a blush covered Diana when she saw the
humorous smile spreading across Xena’s face as an arched brow was levered at

Diana and Xena moved down the final stairs and they came to stand face to
face, meeting in the center of the Large marble foyer that would take them to
the corridor and then out to the garden path to the lake where they were to be

Neither woman was allowed to speak out loud until their vows, so Xena spoke
with her mind to Diana.

“ You are so very beautiful kitten, and I love you so very much.”

Diana almost lost it, but taking another slow breath she spoke with her mind

“ You are more beautiful than any Goddess on Mt. Olympus, and I love you My

Xena took a deep breath calming her racing heart, then hearing the music once
again above her beating heart ,indicating where they should be, she smiled at
Diana and turned, and Diana turned. Xena raising an arm with her hand flat
and palm down and arm bent at the elbow, she held it there as Diana placed her
hand on top of Xena’s and the two women inhaled sharply at the contact but
begun their walk towards their destinies.

as the music played Xena and Diana finally exited the Palace and the moment
they came into view of the guest, sounds of sharp intakes of breathes were
heard along with gasps and astonished exclamations, to the sight of Xena The
Conqueror and Lady Diana passing by the onlookers, towards the lake.

The moon served as a spot light on the two women as though it’s only purpose
was to shine it’s Silvery radiance upon the two beguiling women. Finally Xena
and Diana made it to the lake front where they took their respective places in
front of the Priestess, with their backs to the lake and the lake serving as a
portrait worthy background, and the full moon adding it’s alluring aura to
make the setting perfect, it made Xena and Diana look as though they were
floating on top of the glistening lake.

The gather guest were awe stuck at the breathtaking beauty of the women, as
well as the splendor and beauty of the whole bonding party and the ambience of
the palace and it’s decorations along with the lake serving as the perfect
spot for the bonding. The music finally ended and the priestess stepped
forward. Just as she did there were glimmers and flashes of lights that
disappeared leaving unexpected guest standing on both sides of the
processional path.

“ My Lords and Goddesses?!”

The Priestess and her fellow sisters bowed as did the guest, after their
initial astonishments. Xena raised a brow at the unexpected guest but was not
really impressed by them, but she understood why they were there, Diana’s
brows knitted in thought, but looking at Xena who just gave a slight waggle of
her brow and a smile in her eyes told Diana everything was fine.

The Gods that had graced Xena’s and Diana’s bonding ceremony gave a slight
tilt of their heads, and Xena The Conqueror returned the gesture. Diana did
not look at them but at Xena . Finally Xena returned her attention to the
priestess and once again tilted her head to proceed. The Priestess once again
stepped forward.

The Priestess turned to face the gathered guest as well as the Honored guest,
and raising her arms to the sky she made the ritual plea for the blessings of
the Gods that the two women had Chosen.

“ Zeus King of The Gods, bless this bonding of Lord Xena The Conqueror to
her Consort Lady Diana, as they have both Chosen you as one of their
protectors? Goddess Gaia goddess of earth and nature bless this bonding as
Xena The Conqueror and Consort Lady Diana have Chosen you also as one of
their protectors? Artemis Goddess of the Amazons bless this bonding as Consort
Lady Diana has Chosen you as one of her protectors? Ares God of War bless this
bonding as Xena The Conqueror has Chosen you as one of her protectors,
Aphrodite Goddess of Love bless this bonding as Xena The Conqueror and Consort
Lady Diana have Chosen you as the final but most important protector?”

When The Priestess had finished, the Gods that had been Chosen as protectors
each gave a wave of their hands causing a brilliant light to form over the two
women. The Priestess then informed Xena that it was time for their vows,
taking the haloing light as a sign from the Gods that they did indeed bless
the bonding, although Ares was not happy with it, he at least was pacified by
Xena making him one of her protectors.

Xena turned to Diana and taking Diana’s hands in hers she made her Confession.

“ Diana My beautiful Consort, my kitten, the first day we met was fated, We
both had our agenda’s that first day, mine was to destroy a defiant village,
and yours was to try to stop me and save that village, My agenda changed the
moment you challenged me in battle, I could not miss your proud stance as your
eyes met mine, My heart raced at the sight of seeing you, this delicate
looking young girl dressed as a warrior, you were, and are the most exquisite,
and most precious person in My life. My heart was once cold and black, but
since you have come into my life you have filled it with your light, the light
of your face when I first wake up and see you lying next to me, the light of
your eyes when I look into them, the light of your smile when you shine that
captivating smile at me, my heart smiles back. The light of your heart as it
moves me to want to do anything for you to make you happy. The light that
fills me when I hear your laughter, I want nothing from this life but to
protect and be with you. Therefore it is before these witnesses that I confess
My Love For You, Diana the only person ever to have stolen my heart so
completely and thoroughly .”

Diana had tears running down her face as she gazed into Xena’s loving eyes,
and she melted with each word that came out of Xena’s mouth, her heart was so
full that it overflowed and was now rolling down her face as diamonds. The
only person Diana saw or heard was Xena, her world, Xena saw the complete
trust and love shining in Diana’s Sapphire eyes. She brought Diana’s hands to
her lips and placed a feather light kiss to them, and then casting an
enchanting smile at Diana.

“ I love you, forever....and a day.”

Diana gave a shy chuckle at her’s and Xena’s private joke. Xena pinched her
lips and only allowed a corner of her mouth to be pulled at by a chuckle that
tried to break free. Finally Xena lowered Diana’s hands and looking deeply
into her eyes she waited for Diana to make her confession.

Diana quietly cleared her throat not sure if any sound would come out because
of how overwhelmed she was feeling from Xena’s moving words.

“ My Lord Xena, I have traveled this world and others, in this time and
others, as you have, I have loved, and have been loved, My life has been
changed by the touch of one man. I thought I had been cursed because of that
touch and the resulting change, but since the first day I saw you my heart
fell in longing for you. My mind fought against the irrational idea of having
anything to do with you, but my heart knew , even though I didn’t , I never
believed such a day would ever find me, but here I am, Totally and completely
in love.... with you, about to truly become one with you.... My heart, My
soul, My very life is yours and yours alone and will forever be so I.......”

Diana’s throat tighten, and Xena gave Diana’s hands a squeeze to tell her she
needed not say anything further, but Diana only smiled , swallowed the lump
and continued what she was saying.

“ I have had many offers of marriage by men, but never by any of those who
claimed to adore me, I never understood why....at least not until now, I was
not suppose to be with any of them, my destiny was and is here, with you, I
shall forever be grateful for your efforts and success in coming to find me,
and bring me HOME....for truly My Lord Xena, You Are My Home. I hope I will be
your comfort in those times that you need comforting, your joy in life, your
strength when you are weak, your inspiration, your song, your muse, your
protector when you need protecting, I hope I will be able to fulfill any and
all of your dreams, I make my confession before all of these witnesses that I
will Love and Honor and Cherish you....My Lord Xena, Now and Forever...and a

“ And obey?”

Xena whispered, with humor in her eyes, but Diana saw the serious question
behind the humor.

“ And I will obey you in whatever you ask of me.”

Xena smirked and Diana blushed, at the idea that she would be able to leave
something like that out when dealing with a person such as Xena. The Priestess
stepped forward once again. Raising her arms into the air she made the final

“ Let all who have heard these vows and confessions, take heed that as of this
day Consort Diana will now be known to the People as Her Royal Highness Lady
Diana, while being known to our Lord Xena The Conqueror as Her Legal Consort,
with all rights and privileges as a result of this bonding, Our Lord will now
present Her Highness Lady Diana a gift and symbol of this bonding and the
claim that goes with the presentation.”

“My Lord?”

Xena raised her hand behind and to the side of her where Miki stood holding a
necklace, with a large teardrop shaped Diamond hanging from a silver and gold
chain. Xena took the necklace and moving closer to Diana she reached her long
arms around Diana’s neck and with Gabrielle holding Diana’s hair out of the
way Xena fastened the necklace on and laid it gently onto Diana’s chest just
at her cleavage.

Xena was tempted to run her hands over Diana’s exposed breast area, but she
controlled herself and slowly removed her hands and turned back to the

“ Our Lord Xena the Conqueror has publicly acknowledged the bonding her
herself with Her Royal Highness Lady Diana, let the gods continue to bless
their bonding.”

The haloing light started to descend onto the two women, just as the priestess
finished with.

“ You may seal your bonds.”

Xena smiled a mischievous smile, as Diana smirked at the look and then
shivered at the anticipation of the first kiss as Xena’s mate. Xena held her
hand out for Diana to take it. Diana placed her hand in Xena’s and before she
knew what was happening, Xena pulled Diana into her body and bending her
backwards as she planted a passionate kiss on the lips she had missed
painfully for days.

The guest whooped and howled and whistled their approval of Xena’s way of
sealing a bond, The Gods who had graced the ceremony blushed at the passion
they were seeing by two almost immortal women, and at the fact of their secret
longing of the two women.

Xena leaned down and coming within a wisp of a breath away from Diana’s
waiting lips, a look of intensity came into her eyes and she leaned to one
side of Diana and whispered in her ear.

“ Your mine.....forever. “

Diana caught Xena’s arm to steady herself at the trueness of Xena’s words.
Xena then smirked and then she planted a kiss on Diana that was so thorough,
that when they finally broke their fiery embrace, Diana’s blush became
apparent to everyone despite her Caramel Bronze skin tone.

“ Your blushing quite hard kitten, it’s apparent to everyone, I would think.”

Xena informed Diana as she held her , still dipped back in her arms. Diana
simply said.

“ your point?”

Xena smirked and once again planted an arden kiss to Diana’s sweet lips. Diana
melted into their renewed contact, but....then Xena Broke the kiss once again
and swinging Diana up into an upright position, the Priestess announced the

“ Honored guest, May I now present for the first time, Lord Xena The Conqueror
and her mate for life, Her Royal Highness.... Lady Diana Legal Consort of Xena
The Conqueror.”

The Crowd burst into a thunderous applause, the Gods offered their gift of
fireworks as a signal for the bonding. The crowd awed and OO’d at the sight of
the multicolored lights flashing in the sky, even Xena and Diana who had seen
fireworks before were impressed by them.

Diana once again placed her hand on top of Xena’s and they walked back the way
they had come with everyone standing in awe at the beauty of the two women.

After the Ceremony had ended, everyone met in the Royal banquet hall for the
reception, the food that was out was enough to feed Xena’s whole Army and then
some, drinks and deserts, and delicacies from throughout the Realm.

Xena, Diana, Gabrielle, Ephiny, Miki, the servant girl Ludmilla, and Solari,
and Eponin, as well as The Gods that had come to the wedding were all sitting
at the wedding table watching the guest as they enjoyed themselves.

Xena and Diana were in the center of the table with Diana sitting next to
Xena, who then decided she was not comfortable with the sitting arrangements.

“ Come here.”

Diana stood up and moved to Xena’s large chair and sat between Xena’s legs in
front of her. Xena pulled Diana back to her and the two proceeded to behave
like lovestruck teenagers, Xena would whisper in Diana’s ear and then nip at
the lobe, causing Diana to shudder to her toes, and Diana would give Xena’s
thigh a swat, only to have Xena return the swat ...only harder, Diana would
yelp and then Xena would cover her mouth with her own and they would melt into
a sea of passionate kisses.

“ Dia.....”

Gabrielle started to say something to Diana but when she turned she found her
otherwise engaged, Xena and Diana were feasting on each others mouth while
Xena’s hands were making dangerous travels towards Diana’s breast via Diana’s
barely covered chest.

“ Mmmm.......”

Diana moaned as Xena’s touches continued to inflame her already flaming
insides. Xena moaned back into Diana’s mouth and just as she was about to slip
under Diana’s breast coverings, she stopped her traveling and decided their
was a long night ahead of them, for they would not be able to leave, at least
not the first night of the reception party, so Xena tamped down her raging
hormones and giving Diana one final long passionate kiss , she then whispered
into Diana’s ear once again.

“ We will have to stop this for now, otherwise I will be forced to take you
right here and now.”

Xena dubiously stated to Diana.

Diana opened her eyes and with a sultry look in her eyes she said in an
unabashed voice.

“ Shall I have the table cleared , or do we just knock everything out the

Xena’s mouth dropped open..... then when she saw Diana was serious with her
sapphire eyes flashing pure desire, Xena found herself being tempted. Xena
looked deep into Diana’s eyes, and then when Diana waggled her brows, Xena
lost it, she burst out in heartfelt Laughter.

Diana looked amazed at Xena’s reaction, The others at the table who had been
talking to one another, turned to look at the laughing Conqueror, Diana looked
around at everyone standing and staring up at the table and then turned back
around to face Xena once more. Xena Finally composed herself and taking
Diana’s chin in her hand, she looked into Diana’s eyes, and with a voice loud
enough for others to hear Xena said,

“ I will never be bored with such a bewitching Consort as you are My love.”

Diana smiled and Xena chuckled and then planted another kiss on Diana’s lips.
Finally she broke it and then said.....

“ Thank you for the offer kitten, I’ll pass for now, but I will take you up on
your offer one day....soon.”

Then Xena pulled Diana into her and gave her such a hug that Diana actually
thought she was going to melt into Xena’s very body. Xena and Diana made their
rounds after speaking with the Gods for a bit, finally after the Gods had
gone, Xena and Diana strolled around the banquet hall being congratulated by
everyone whom they spoke with.

Some of the Kings from other lands that Xena had not sought to conqueror, were
quite bold in their statements about Diana.

“Lord Xena, Your Consort is unbelievably alluring in and most probably out of
that dress, what little there is of it.”

“King Jastin, you are quite right, she is not only as alluring as she appears
in that dress she is breathtakingly more alluring out of it.”

Xena said with a hint of warning in her eyes for the King or anyone who would
dare to touch Diana. Diana was whisked away from Xena by some of the guest who
were either planning or hoping for their own mating, and asked about her
dress, and how she could wear it when it looked so heavy.

Diana was patient with the questions but she wanted to get back to Xena, so
with her mind she sent Xena a message.

“ My Love, if you don’t come and get me away from these women, then I promise
you, I want be in the mood tonight due to the headache that I’m sure to get
from their constant goings on.”

Xena raised her glass at Diana and then smiled a mischievous smile and with a
wink of her eye she watched Diana eyeing her as Xena listened to the Guest
that were talking to her and vieing for her attention.

Diana saw that Xena was not going to help her soooo...she decided to send the
women to Xena to ask her about Diana’s dress and things.

“ You know ladies, the best person for you to talk to about this is Our Lord,
she is the one who had it made after all.”

“ But she might get upset with us asking her questions?”

“ Who ? Lord Xena, noooo....she’s not like that anymore, she’ll love that you
appreciate her taste.”

“ Are you sure?”

“ Positive.”

“ Ok, come on ladies.”

“ Oh.... by the way.... ask her about how she proposed...it’s quite a
wonderful story.”

“ Ok Thank you Your Highness.”

Diana watched the ladies make their way over to Xena The Conqueror, and when
Xena saw them coming towards her and then saw Diana grinning from ear to ear,
she Crossed her arms in front of her chest as she pretended to not see the
women or Diana, She went into her Serious stance that told anyone looking that
she didn’t want to be bother with frivolous things.

Diana saw Xena’s stance change and she knew it would scare the women off from
even approaching Xena, so Diana moved around and out of Xena’s vision and Xena
instantly saw Diana disappear from her vision , so her eyes were already
scanning the room trying to locate Diana.

“ Looking for me Love?”

“ Xena turned with a startled response, but kept it subtle, she held her
temper with her new mate and simply lifted Diana’s chin with her fingers and
leaning close to Diana’s ear she whispered.

“ You’ll pay for scaring me like that Consort.”

“ Oh....I was just playing with you.”

“ Maybe so, but I told you that I would only allow you away from my side as
long as you stayed within my sight? Did I or did I not say that?”

“ You did, but I only did it because I was coming to you, I would not have
done it for any other reason, so please? Don’t scold me?”

Xena looked into her mates eyes and saw the contriteness in them.

“ Ok....this time.”

Diana smiled a bright smile and Xena smirked and planted a stimulating kiss on
Diana, so much so that Diana’s already Sapphires sparkled to life once again.

“ So do you still want to split up to meet and greet our guest?”

Xena said knowing the answer to her question. But not taking any chances she
ran a caressing hand over Diana’s cheek and down her neck and lightly over the
exposed area of her breast.

“ Mmmmm...sooo...soft...oops! I better stop, you still have to go meet some
more of the guest?”

“ Hmm...very funny....but I think I’m through with the separate thing, for the
rest of the night we stay together.”

Diana asserted. Xena raised a brow and then said.

“ If you insist kitten?”

“ I do.”

“Ok, you know me, I’ll do anything for you.”

After the evening finally drew into dawn Xena and Diana finally made their
excuses, and slipped out of the rest of the reception. Xena swept Diana into
her arms and vanished with her.

“ Finally !”

Xena exclaimed as she stood outside of her’s and Diana’s chambers holding
Diana in her arms. Xena and Diana whispered their words of love to one
another. The Royal Guard standing duty opened the wedding chambers to His Lord
and her Consort.

“Here we go kitten, ready?”

“ If I’m not ready after all of this....then we have a problem. But to answer
your question.....I’m always ready for you My Lord.”

Xena smiled and then place a tender kiss to Diana’s lips. They entered their
chamber for the first time in six days and didn’t bother to look at how it was
decorated, Xena wanted to get her Consort to the bedchamber and rediscover

Diana was thinking the same exact thing. Xena carried Diana into the
bedchamber and for the first time since entering the room Xena broke their
kiss and looked around the room, mainly the bed, The room had soft silk covers
burgundy and white with white furs covering the floors.

Soft sheer fabric used as window covers, allowing a gentle breeze to caress
the two women in the room. The sunlight was shaded out by an awning of sorts

therefore the candles around the room were providing the perfect ambience.

Diana glanced around the room and then smiled and made a compliment about how
beautiful it was, then she said,

“ You can put me down now?”

“ Ohh....no, your not getting out of my arms until I lay you on that bed.”

Xena then turned away from the bed with Diana still in her arms and proceeded
to head to a silver box that was laying on the table, she lifted it up without
effort and Diana made a comment to her.

“ If I promise I won’t move where ever you put me down at , will you put me

Xena stopped moving around the room and looking into Diana’s eyes with knitted
brows, she asked,

“ What? you don’t like being in my arms? I remember a time just a few days ago
where you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Diana brought one of her hands to Xena’s cheek and said in a revealing voice.

“Xena My Love there is absolutely no where I want to be but in your arms, but
If you put me down I will be able to give you your gift.”

“ My Gift? I don’t need a gift from you...you are my gift.”

“ Good answer, I’ll remember to thank you for that also, and I feel the same
way, you are the only gift I want. Now, with that said, put me down., please?”

Xena stood holding Diana for a few moments more, and then finally she let
Diana down out of her arms, Diana immediately told Xena to finish what she was
doing and she would be waiting for her on the bed.

Xena smirked and then said,

“ Promise?”

“ “ you’ll have to trust me to not play with you today.”

Xena’s eyes narrowed at Diana and Diana laughed and walked back up to Xena and
giving her a hot-blooded kiss, that staggered Xena, Diana then turned and
strutted towards the bed, with Xena left standing trying to center herself ,
then Diana called over her shoulder as she tossed her head causing her hair to
fall over her face in such a way that made Xena’s mouth drop open, Diana then
said in a sultry voice.

“ Don’t be long, my blushed covered body may get cold?”

Xena stood staring after Diana as she moved to the bed, finally when Xena saw
Diana stop, Xena called to Diana.

“ Don’t move another muscle, stay right there.”

Xena then ran around the room getting the certain items she wanted at arms
reach by the bed and then she turned back to Diana who had not moved, not even
to turn around.

“ Ok, go ahead.”

Diana picked up where she was, and without looking back at Xena she slowly and
seductively begun to remove her gown. Xena started towards Diana but stopped
when she saw what Diana was doing. Diana slowly slid one of the dropped
shoulders off of her arm, she then slid the other off of her shoulder, but
held it so that the dress did not just fall down, but slid down her shapely
body onto the fur covered floor underneath her feet.

Xena stood mesmerized by Diana’s actions. Diana tossed her hair so that it
looked wind blown, she then turned her head to look at Xena as she crawled
onto the bed. Xena swallowed hard and many times at the unadulterated hunger
she had for Diana.

Diana ran her tongue slowly over her teeth and then brought her hand to her
neck and slowly ran her fingers down her throat to the crest of her breast
and stopped and said to Xena.

“ Coming love?”

Xena blinked a few times trying to break the trance she was in, and then
taking a deep breath she started towards the bed, when she put down what she
had in her hands, she stood up and was about to remove her gown, but Diana
came to her knees and said quickly.

“ No! Let me?”

Xena smiled but then lowered her arms and turned around to allow Diana to
unfasten her gown. Diana slowly unfastened each clasp of Xena’s gown, and as
she did, she planted velvety kisses to Xena’s shoulders and neck, down to her
back . She then slowly turned Xena around to face her and looking up into
Xena’s lidded eyes she slowly removed Xena’s gown off of her, sliding it
slowly over Xena’s firm sexy body.

Diana leaned forward and planted the same velvety kisses to Xena’s mouth,
chin, neck, and on down to her chest, and finally to each of Xena’s breast and
taut nipples.

“ OH.....kitten?”

Xena moaned as Diana caressed her nipple with her tongue while holding it in
her mouth suckling . Diana made love to Xena’s nipple with her mouth, as Xena
stood, still not completely undressed by Diana.

“ Shhh....”

Diana blew at Xena’s chest, and goosebumps rose to cover the area where the
breeze had touched. Diana did the same thing to Xena’s other taut nipple
before she moved on.

Diana slid Xena’s gown over her hips, while Diana followed the trail of the
gown with her lips and tongue. Xena stood trembling as Diana was in her
seductive mode. Xena thought she would be the one to rediscover first, but
instead here she was letting Diana have her first.

Diana kissed Xena’s abdomen and ran her tongue over Xena’s firm muscles, she
nipped at some areas of Xena’s Abdomen as she then slid the gown down Xena’s
thighs and finally let it drop to the floor.

Diana was kissing ,and sucking at Xena’s abdomen, and when she went to bring
her hands back up to Xena’s hips, Xena then took over.

“ Mmmm.....kitten...I decided I want you first.”

Xena crawled onto the bed as their eyes locked, Xena making Diana recline
backwards as she crawled up Diana’s body, which was flushed and hot and ready
for Xena’s touch.

Diana had laid back to where she eventually was lying on her back with Xena
over top of her kissing her face. Xena had kissed every part of Diana’s face
and then she kissed Diana’s lips, and once there their passions took over.

Diana and Xena were moaning into one another's mouths as Xena’s hands were
gliding up and down Diana’s hot body, and Diana’s hands were gliding over
Xena’s back and then finally over her firm behind.

Xena laid flat on top of Diana as she let her hands run around Diana hips to
her firm behind, where she caught both of Diana’s cheeks in her large hands
and kneaded them for a bit, then she pulled Diana’s body closer to her’s by
lifting Diana’s hips into her’s using Diana’s behind.

Xena slid her soft curls against Diana’s and Diana moaned at Xena’s strong
hands holding her up by her behind. Xena soon broke their kiss and kissed and
sucked her way down Diana’s neck where she stopped long enough to savor the
softness of Diana’s neck.

Then she moved down to Diana’s chest and when she got to Diana’s breast she
stopped, leaned back, and just looked with such intensity at Diana’s breast
that Diana’s breathing became ragged and her heart increased it’s already
rapid beating to a wild beat.

Diana blushed from her toes to her roots and Xena brought her hands around
from under Diana to run them over Diana’s breast as she kneaded and reveled in
the soft fullness of them, and all the while Xena kept her eyes on Diana’s
large taut succulent nipples that were getting firmer as the minutes past.

“ Gods....I’ve missed you, I’ve missed these beautiful, beautiful, beauties.”

Then Xena looked up into Diana’s eyes and with all the love she was feeling
she said ...

“ I’ve missed you kitten.”

Diana was barely able to take a full breath seeing how she was losing her
control, but although she loved Xena’s hands on her breast she wanted more.

“ Xe.....naaa......Please......?”

Xena cocked her head at Diana and then she gave a lustful smile and Before
Diana knew it, Xena’s mouth was on her nipples sucking hard and ardenly, she
voraciously feasted on Diana’s delectable nipples, first one then the other,
and Diana’s back lifted off of the bed and Xena caught her around her waist
and held her up to her mouth as she used one arm to hold Diana and her free
hand she used to squeeze and knead Diana’s free breast and nipples, while she
suckled the other.

Diana’s breast begun producing a red wine for Xena’s pleasure and Xena moaned
into Diana’s breast sending a vibration deep inside of Diana that shimmered
down Diana’s spine.

Diana had her arms swung around Xena’s neck, as Xena drank from Diana’s
luscious breast.

“ Ahhhh.......Godsss.....I’ve missed youuuuuu......”

Diana forced out of her oxygen depleted lungs. Xena was totally engrossed in
what she was doing, but she felt Diana’s abdominal muscles start to twitch and
she knew Diana was close, so with that knowledge she took one long hard deep
drink from each of Diana’s nipples causing Diana to gasp and grip the bed to
keep from being consumed by Xena’s passionate mouth.

Xena finally left Diana’s breast and kissing and biting her way down Diana’s
tight twitching sensitive abdomen, she made it to the soft hair covered flower
of Diana’s sweet nectar producing womanhood.

Xena slowly ran her hand down between Diana’s thighs and with her strong hands
spread Diana’s thighs further apart so as to have even better access to
everything she wanted, which the first thing was Diana’s tender sweet peak
that was pulsating at the same beat of Diana’s rapid heart beat.

Xena repositioned herself between Diana’s legs and as she marveled in Diana’s
silky wetness, she tenderly placed a kiss to Diana’s clit, while holding
Diana’s hips down, because she knew the initial touch would cause Diana to
practically jump off of the the bed.

Just as Xena kissed the peak Diana’s body jerked and while it would have gone
up, it didn’t because Xena was holding Diana down with one of her strong arms,
Xena then sucked the peak into her mouth and begun feasting on it as Diana
squirmed and pleaded with Xena.

Xena spoke with Diana using her mind and said,

“ Not yet Consort, in a little bit I’ll let you, but for now, I’m just
rediscovering you.”

Xena then slid her free hand around Diana’s soft curls and then she slowly
slid her fingers down towards the opening of Diana’s flower. There she teased
around and delighted in the increase wetness that was being produced due to
Diana’s inflamed desire.

Xena slid three fingers into Diana’s flower and Diana’s breath caught, she was
now gripping the bed with all of her strength trying to steady the raging
inferno in her groin.

“ Haaa,.......haaaa...haa...haaa...haaa..... A..H...!!”

Diana breath through her mouth as Xena pumped slowly into her, and then Xena
went deeper into Diana’s flower where she knew Diana’s shield would be, Diana
was trembling trying to control herself long enough for Xena to finish and
give her permission.

Xena touched Diana’s shield and once again Diana’s body went still, as her
breath caught once again.

“ Ah!”

“ Miiiiiinnnnnneeeee............. AHhhhhhh....oooooo......yeeeessss...”

Xena moaned as she pushed with consistent pressure into Diana’s shield,
feeling every fiber give way to her, finally when she had applied just a
little more pressure, she broke through and Diana shrieked at the pain, while
at the same time feeling the pleasure of it as well.

Xena then pumped slowly at first into Diana’s flower, and then more
passionately into Diana’s flower as she sucked ardenly on her peak. Diana had
lost all coherent thought and was gripping Xena’s Raven hair in her hands as
she noticed Xena was totally enthralled in what she was doing and the sounds
she was eliciting from her Consort as well as the delicious tastes she was
once again experiencing.

Xena felt her body tightening to the point where she was ready, but she
decided to surprise Diana, so without removing her mouth off of Diana’s peak,
or removing her fingers from within Diana, she turned her body so that her
jewel was over Diana’s mouth.

Diana inhaled deeply the bouquet scent of Xena’s jewel and she opened her eyes
to see Xena over top of her. A carnal glint came to Diana’s eyes as she raised
her head up off of the pillow to taste one of her pleasures. Xena felt Diana’s
mouth on her peak and she almost went over at the contact, as well as sucking
hard on Diana’s peak almost taking her over.

Xena lowered her jewel to Diana so that Diana could rest her head back on the
pillow, but only for a moment as Xena suddenly rolled them over and Diana was
now over top of Xena.

Diana dove into Xena’s jewel and begun sucking and licking and nipping and
pulling at Xena’s jewel, finally Xena couldn’t hold back any longer and she
told Diana what she wanted.

“ Serve me Consort.....now!”

Xena pumped into Diana one last time and then rapidly removed her fingers and
replaced them with her tongue as Diana also pushed her tongue deep into Xena’s
jewel and begun bathing Xena’s core.

Xena also was bathing Diana’s core with her tongue and then they seemed to be
as one when both of their tongue’s tips begun pumping on the front of each of
their cores. The two women were trembling uncontrollably as they released into
their ecstasies.

Their tongues continued to draw the savory nectar from their cores and in so
doing the two found themselves floating in Ecstasy’s Mist. The image that came
into view was of Xena holding Diana from behind resting her head on Diana’s
head and in one hand Diana was holding a sword with Xena’s opposite hand
wrapped around Diana’s sword holding hand.

The sword was held upward in front of Diana with blade sides facing outwards
and inward towards Diana and Xena. The next thing that was seen happening was
the sword was being lowered slowly so that it was pointing at something.

They both had expressions of confidence and power in their eyes. When the
sword stopped it’s descending at the throat of some man that Diana had never
seen, but Xena had, the watchers brows knitted, and then looked back down
towards the bodies of the two women.

Xena and Diana were perspiring profusely as their Ecstasies was milking every
drop of the sweet nectar that both women’s woman hoods were producing for the

The watchers then turned their attention back to the 3D image and saw Xena
fighting wildly towards the center of a group of men where Diana was fighting
just as wildly outwards towards Gabrielle,who was on the opposite side of
Xena’s battle, Gabrielle was seen fighting towards the center towards her
sister and Xena. The three of them were focused but one would not have known
it if they had saw the wild looks in each of their eyes.

The watchers discovered the looks were from each of the women’s concern for
the other. The watchers turned back to look at the bodies and found the women
shaking, indicating that they were about to fade from the Mist, so just as the
watchers turned to see what the final image would be if any, they saw Xena
with a strange sword sticking through her back and coming out her front just
at her diaphragm, sitting back on her heels with a look of surprise in her

Diana and Gabrielle were just making their way to Xena when they saw the
strike. Diana’s breath caught as did Gabrielle’s as they sprinted to Xena. The
images were seen laying Xena over Diana’s lap and with one hand she pulled the
sword out of Xena’s back, and Xena collapsed.......... The images faded from
view and the souls of both women returned to their bodies so the two women
could recover from their ecstasies.

The women were unconscious for 6 days and finally after the sixth day Xena
awoke and then Diana. The next month the two women made love almost every time
they were awake, finally the time had come for them to return to the world.
Which they did. One month after their honeymoon, they were once again back to

“ Xena your being unreasonable!”

“ I am not! I don’t want you going to some strange place without me, where no
telling what you will run across! I will not have My Consort in danger for any
reason! And that’s final!”

“ Oh..so your going to try and end the conversation, is that it?”

“ Yes!”

“ Well it’s not fair Xena!”

Diana said crossing her arms and pouting. Xena inhaled slowly through her nose
and then looking up at the pouting Diana, she dropped her eyes and cursed to
herself, and finally she slammed her hands on the table and stood up to her
full height, startling Diana, and causing Diana to backpedal slowly as she
came around the table and headed for her mate.

Xena saw the fear in Diana’s eyes, and choking on her anger, she stopped and
took a few calming breaths and said through clenched teeth.

“ We have been talking about this for the last week, I’m tired of it,
soooo....I want you to tell me WHY I should allow... my mate to go traipsing
off to some unknown land where only the Gods know what you’ll find? Tell me
Why I would want My Consort traveling anywhere with a woman who would give her
right eye teeth to bed? Tell me why I would want to go to an empty bed at
night for three damn months?! Tell me Diana!”

Diana’s breathing was rapid, but she was no longer afraid, instead she found
her courage to tell Xena Why.

“ Fine, I will, first of all....”

Xena moved back to sit on the edge of the table with her arms crossed over her
chest and a cynical look on her face, she sat and listened to Diana state her

“ I feel as though I am not contributing the way I know I could, I mean I help
with some things, and you have made me one of your advisors which I am truly
grateful for, but it’s not all that I am, I have so much to offer, to this
time, I see how Gabrielle who is younger than I am, is not only an Amazon
Princess who will one day rule the Amazon Nation under this Realm, but she
also helps run this Realm when you are not around. I have so much more
experience and abilities than my sister, and yet she is more productive than I
am, I know this sounds as though I’m jealous of my sister, But I give you my
word Xena I’m not, I’m just trying to point out to you the flaw in how things
are done, I know you don’t like the idea of me fighting, but Xena the reality
is that I will have to if for no other reason then to protect myself, I won’t
use a sword, unless you say it’s ok, but this is not even about me fighting,
it’s about my abilities, Xena....”

Diana walked over to where Xena was still sitting on the table with her arms
crossed , but she no longer had a cynical look on her face but more of a
concentrated look.

“ Xena.... you have seen for yourself the type of skills I have when it comes
to developing things. I mean I have to have some skills to have been able to
develop and run all of my companies? You at least have to acknowledge that.
Xena I am happy with our family and I would do nothing to jeopardize that, all
I’m asking from you is to TRUST ME, don’t worry about anyone seducing me, the
final decision is mine whether or not I want to be seduced, and I think you
know the answer to that?”

A slight pull tugged at one side of Xena’s mouth, but she kept it under
control, and once again put the concentrated look back on her face. Diana

“ It is true that going to some knew place there are innate dangers, but I’m
not like most women, I am a little more capable of handling myself against
things that are not normally run across in everyday life, but I will not
search for danger without the proper help. Now as far as sleeping alone, the
only thing I can think of is for me to use the traveller to come back here?”

“ Every night.”

“ Every night unless something is going on that needs my attention, but I
won’t sleep there unless absolutely necessary.”

Diana felt her heartbeat increase just at the unexpected statement by Xena,
Had she convinced her....

“ Gods please let her allow me to go?”

Diana thought to herself, as Xena studied Diana. Diana’s hands were formed in
a prayerful fashion as she waited for Xena to say something.

Xena saw Diana waiting, but she would not be rushed into this decision.

“ I have to think about this for a while.”

Xena said as she stood up and headed back around her desk when she heard

“ But...?”

Xena stopped and her hand came up, but she didn’t turn she just cocked her
head. Diana went silent and then she said,

“ Ok, you just take your time love, I’ won’t say anything else about it.”

“ Good.”

Xena went and sat in her chair and picked up a scroll and started studying it.
Diana took the hint and told Xena she was going to the library to study up on
the laws of the Realm.

“ I’ll see you for evening meal Consort.”

“ Ok.”

“ I love you.”

Diana smiled and then said with a big smile.

“ I love you more.”

And turned and left the counsel room, leaving Xena to her thoughts about....
Diana’s Adventures to another land........

Well thank you for joining me once again for the ride , I hope you will join
me again for the continuation of THE CHOSEN stories, By Me. D.Virtue.
This ends this story...stay tune for the next....coming soon.

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