by: de Bonheur

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Author's Note: Relationship between Alcibiades and Socrates based on and bits of conversation filched from: Plato's The Symposium.

The high pressure meltemi from the north could be felt even in Athens. Branches and leaves rustling in the enormous city of white marble and sandstone buildings enhanced the chaos.

The city was crowded with people running riot in the streets, celebrating the Golden Age ruled by Kronos and Rhea, before Zeus brought order to the world.

In the huge public marketplace, suppliers and merchants had set up their stalls selling wickedly sweet pastries, items of leather and metal clothing and accessories, assorted hand carved wooden and ivory gadgets and multi-coloured beaded necklaces.

Costumed and heavily painted men and women drank and sang together, feasting throughout the city. High spirits were evident everywhere. It was as if the people of Athens had casted their reasoning faculties adrift the river of wine flowing through the streets.

In one of the alleys, a woman dressed like a male peacock had her gown lifted and was touching herself not so covertly. Around another corner, an enormous soldier with bulging arms and chest stroke his comically large erection.

In the market square, a young woman sandwiched between two men, all naked but for their brilliant body paints and necklaces, ground against each other. On the marble steps of a temple, a young man with his face painted as heavily as the faces of maidens arched his behind to a pretend-minotaur.

A young honey-haired woman and a small blonde man walked with purpose through the busy streets. She was in a short, misty green dress, the flowing fine silk shifted sensuously along her body; and he, a leather vest and tight fitting pants hugging muscles which rippled as he walked. They both wore many strands of beaded necklaces.

An endless parade of lusty men and women passed before and around them. Occasionally, they were stopped by celebrants offering necklaces for favours. A few times, the young woman exchanged modest pecks on faces for strands of colourful beads. Other times, the blonde man took off his vest and flexed his muscles for similar prizes. More often, they just shook their heads and continued on...

THE GOLDEN RAM. The two spotted the metallic gold sign above the door of a medium sized building, the sand stone exterior of which was washed with dark black pigment, and the door painted bright red. They entered the establishment.

The tavern was dark and was lit with a labyrinth of candles. Provocative rhythmed music drifted softly through the air. It was crowded; but unlike the mish-mosh of people on the streets, the patrons here were obviously of Athens upper echelon. Still, most of them were engaged in similarly carnal encounters.

A man sheathed head to toe in leather stopped in front of them, blocking their way. He was big, menacing looking. His eyes were black as wet tar; and a fierce and dangerous glint sparked.

"What do you two want?" The guard asked gruffly.

"Umm... We're looking for someone," the woman answered.

"And you are?" Ignoring her, and addressing her companion, his voice with a warning that whatever he said had better be the truth.

"I'm Iolaus, and this is Gabrielle," the blonde man answered.

The guard glanced at the guest list. Pointing with his nose, "Okay, woman, you can stay."

"You'll have to leave." Wet black tar oozing. "But you can come back another time." His voice had taken on a different timbre.

Gabrielle was about to protest, but Iolaus stopped her. "It's okay, Gab. I should go find Hercules anyway. I'll see you and Xena later."

The guard seemed startled, and she flashed him the sweetest and sexiest smile she could conjure at the moment. Then she gave Iolaus a squeeze on the arm and then proceeded inward to search for her warrior.

The bard walked on, trying for the more solitary paths. Shapes drifted past; eyes searching, regarding gravely by some, wantonly by others. She tried to look away. And had to take a steadying breath when she recognised the three-some lounging by the back of the tavern.

Stretched out in a mountain of soft pillows was a young man dressed in golden silk. He had a crown of bronzed olive branches about short curly locks. A large tailless dog rested by his side. Alcibiades. Gabrielle could spot him anywhere.

Following upwards the lap Alcibiades has rested his head on, the bard saw an older man. Graying hair, full beard, long white silk tunic, he had the look of a philosopher.

The bard's eyes, however, was glued to the last person at the
table. She gaped.

The figure was stunning. Long black hair tied up in a pony tail. Blue glittery paint gracing face and arm, matching the colour of dazzling eyes, brilliant even in golden candle light. Strong, broad shoulders. Pectoral muscles barely contained in black leather vest.

Gabrielle thought she said something to the bartender passing by, who handed her a mug of wine, strong enough to put hair on her chest. And she choked.

Sensitive hearing caught her muffled coughs, and head lifted toward her. Listening politely to the philosopher who was talking up a storm, there was a lot of intensity in the brief gestures, the nods. But they were all directed at the bard, fierce, trying hard to impress.

In the dim light, she stared at the enchanting face with the twinkling blue eyes, the dark bangs hanging over intense gaze, the luscious raspberry tinted lips rich with experience.

The bard suddenly found herself in an intense erotic daze. Needing to collect her wits, she walked over to the bar. And waited for her drink, while shaking and trying to clear her head. A low chuckle from behind told her she was caught.

Gabrielle turned around, the warm air swirled about her. Her chest felt tight. She was dizzy.

The vision that greeted her was tall. Over half a head taller than she was. The broad shoulders, the firm chest muscles looked even more alluring up close. Leather briefs covered taut stomach, and strong hips; and the large form-fitting leather codpiece pointing skyward almost stopped her heart. Bare powerful thighs and legs tapered to laced-up leather boots did their share of damage to the bard's senses.

Looking back up again, Gabrielle found herself drowned in the intense blue ocean. Utterly.

"Waiting for someone?" Her suitor drawled.

She shrugged.

"What's your name, sweetie?" Smiling down at the bard with an expression of warmth that smoldered her core.

"Gabrielle." She managed, her eyes drinking in the tantalizing features, licking her lips subconsciously.

"Nice to meet you, Gabrielle." The deep whisper sending a delicious shiver down her spine.

Large hand slid around her waist, squeezed her buttocks, moved around to fondle her swollen breasts thoroughly. Instinctively, she arched into the caress, hungry for the touch. Heat flared up in Gabrielle's chest and spread like wild fire to the rest of her body.

"Do I pass inspection?" She whispered, blushing, a little embarrassed by the frank scrutiny and the raw desire in her own voice.

"Oh, with flying colours." Came the hot breath against her sensitive ear, releasing a spark of sexual energy into the very air. "Come." Leading Gabrielle by the hand.

They walked out the back of the tavern through an adjoining grove of sweet flowers and crisp hedges, and into a honeycomb of small chambers. They did not stop until they found an unoccupied one.

The beautiful creature turned and faced Gabrielle, saying nothing, but stepping closer and pressing smooth tanned skin soft black leather against her body. Suddenly capturing savagely her lips.

Gabrielle cupped the firm buttocks and pulled closer, as the voracity in their kisses escalated. Her partner shuddered and moaned loudly.

Finally, lungs burning in dire need for air, they pulled apart. Gabrielle's green eyes smiled as she ran her hands down the strong chest, causing excited buds to poke and strain against leather.

She looked down at the hardness poking out between them, and reached out fearlessly for the thick shaft. As she tugged it back and forth gently, the body sighed and swayed.

And the dark head bend to lick the colourful beads on her smooth neck and chest, tongue curling around them, capturing a nipple through the thin silk and drawing the breast into the hot mouth.

"Gods," gasped the bard. And she slammed the tall form against the wall, maddened by their closeness.

They turned around; and slowly, effortlessly, Gabrielle was raised off her feet, and held suspended above the floor. She locked her legs around the strong waist, and arched her back against the wall. Unclasping the closures, and brushing the fabric away and off her shoulders, she offered her breasts.

Acceptance was prompt and eager.

She felt commanding hand tearing off her undergarment, palms massaging her cheeks, fingers dipping into her molten wetness, arms pulling her higher.

And lowering again.

Her nerves were on fire as the leather shaft slid in completely, inch by inch. It was a tight fit. She savored the sensation, gripping hard, writhing with pleasure and milking the apparatus buried within her.

Moments passed. During which her partner could feel the pulse which throbbed deeply within Gabrielle, and withdrew slowly.

The bard cried out at the emptiness. She wanted to feel her partner within her once more, the strange sensation of fiery pleasure that had filled her as the leather slipped deep inside.
Fingers buried themselves in the bard and withdraw again. And she watched with salaciousness as digits smothered the slick wetness all over her left nipple.

She screamed when the slick shaft once again sank within her, her wet hot tip drawn inside greedy hungry mouth, stroke matching stroke.

Tearing her breast reluctantly away, she looked down at the beautiful contours of the muscular stomach and rippling chest. The nipples standing out, hard and pointed. The tinted lips parting slightly as hot breath moved in and out.

Rippling stomach contracted with every thrust, buttocks and thighs tensing with each plunge, powerful arms gripped Gabrielle's hips and established a rhythm that could not be broken. Sweat rolled and dripped from flushed face and neck, blurring slightly the blue paint.

Their groins bounced together, each riposte bringing both of them closer to orgasm, and Gabrielle leaned forward and captured her partners lips, tasting herself in the fervent kiss.

Her hands reached frantically inside the leather vest and rubbed and pinched the restrained nipples, until her partner cried out.
Two pairs of eyes locked onto each other, green and blue blending; moaning and shuddering and spasming, they thrust together one final time, then fell backwards in a heap onto the pillows on the floor.

"Are you okay, my bard?" The leather-clad warrior asked, rubbing gently the small of her partner's back, her breathing finally returned to normal.

A responding small nod, and a sigh of contentment.

Short quiet moments later.

"Oh gods, Xena. The things we do to each other." Then raising her head to contemplate the picture of masculine beauty and sexual prowess underneath her, she chuckled.

That got her a pair of raised eyebrows. "What's so funny?"

Tugging at leather vest to reveal cloth bandage, "Is this necessary?"

"I thought this costume would get me more beads, Herc and I have a bet going, he thinks he'll win. And you don't see anyone daring to ask the Warrior Princess to lift her dress, do you?"

Wicked leer and more chuckles.

"Well, my bard, I think we should go back to the party." The warrior eased herself up from the pillows, pulling the bard along with her.

After adjusting each other's clothing. They left the reverberation of moans and groans, meandered through the garden, and re-entered the tavern.

Four pairs of eyes looked up when they stood in front of the table near the door.

Surprised blue eyes darted between Gabrielle and her companion, "Xena?"

"Hey, Hercules, Iolaus. How did you guys get in?" A rhetorical question, as the warrior noticed one of Alcibiades' special pearls hanging on the big guy's neck.

"Good gods, Xena, Socwates and I were beginning to wonder what happened to you."

The Warrior Princess simply smiled.

"Ah, Gabwielle, nice seeing you again. And this is Socwates."

"Hello again, Alcibiades," turning to the philosopher, "Hello, Socrates."

"Be ready to protect me, Xena," said the older man, pointing to the young man whose head still occupied his lap. "Love for this fellow has become no small burden.

"I haven't been able to exchange a glance or a word with a single good-looking person without his falling into a fit of jealousy and envy." Eyeing the son of Zeus to make his point.

"If he attempts to do anything violent, protect me. I am really rather afraid of his mad behaviour and the intensity of his passion." In mocked horror.

"There can be no peace between you and me," pouted Alcibiades.

Their table companions left the two to their bantering.

"So, Xena, I see you haven't been granting favours," Hercules ran his hand down the large collection of beaded-necklaces around his neck, and bragged.

The bard blushed.

"The day's still young, big boy, don't count your dinars yet," the warrior countered, fingering the single strand of pearl about her neck.

"You know the rules, Xena, the man with the most strands win. And the loser buys dinner and drinks."

"Of course, of course," bouncing the codpiece in her palm for effect.

Everyone else at the table gasped and turned red (and even some of their neighbours did, too), but for different reasons.

More friendly raillery and rounds of potent drinks later...

"Umm... Hercules and I are gonna go get it on... I mean, get on to the roof, Alcibiades said the view is great up there. We can see the parade better," announced Iolaus.

"Oh, Xena, can we watch?" inquired the bard.

"Uhh... Gabrielle, I think we should head out to get me more necklaces," the warrior answered, choking.

After finishing their drinks, bidding good-bye to their host and his friend, and promising to return to Alcibiades' villa later, the four-some exited The Golden Ram.

Iolaus wished Xena luck, and Gabrielle, Hercules; both earning chilling glares from their friends.

Candle marks later, dusk has fallen, and back at Alcibiades' villa, the same six people relaxed on a raised platform padded with goose down, taking wine and delicate morsels for dinner.

"You will like Aeschylus. He has immense good taste, plus he has won countless theatre awards for me," said Alcibiades, to his mentor.

"Where is he?" asked the Warrior Princess.

"Away." Alcibiades answered, mysteriously, "He is trying to find a solution to our problem. If we can get some political help, everything will be okay."

"And if not?" Xena queried.

The young man only shook his head. Changing the subject, "So, who won the contest?"

"I did, of course," said the Warrior Princess triumphantly. Back in her regular leather and brass. Grabbing the huge pile of colourful necklaces next to her.

"And how many did you get?" their host inquired.

"Umm... just these," replied Hercules, holding up a large handful of beads.

"Hey, that's about what you had earlier in the afternoon," Gabrielle noticed.

"Ah... well... we got sidetracked," answered Iolaus meekly.

"And people were asking for favours I couldn't grant," added the hero.

"You know, Hercules, I still have many stwands of pearls; Socwates here kept refusing them."

"Alcibiades, I've told you once, I've told you many times, my love for you is beyond THAT," rebutted the philosopher, smiling.

"Good gods, what have we here?" inquired the mentee.

More friendly joshing, sweet pastries as dessert, and more pitchers of wine later...

"I don't know about you guys, but I am beat. My slaves are still out there partying; you all know about the twadition, and I couldn't possibly deny them one fwee day each year. So, you'll just have to help yourselves. Pick a woom, any woom, and the baths are alweady pwepared," Alcibiades offered, stretching lazily.

The friends parted for the evening.

Gabrielle and Xena wandered down the endless hallway, until at last they found themselves in the darkest and coolest chambers, complete with a bathing pool built of marble. It was the same one they had stayed in during their last visit to Athens.

Scent of jasmine sailed in from the courtyard, fusing with the vanilla perfumed bath water created a hint of decadence. Gabrielle immersed in the water, closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations. Feeling the tension in her muscles eased away.

She looked up at Xena and found the warrior looking at her closely.

"You are very beautiful, my bard," the warrior said.

Gabrielle smiled and shook her head. She waded to the warrior and put her hands on Xena's shoulders. "You have the body of a goddess, and the heart of a hero." Then, with one hand, she raised her partner's chin gently, until their gazes met and locked. "It is you who are beautiful."

She touched the broad shoulders which had so many times sheltered her. The strong arms which had held her, which were then still holding her. The hands which healed and pleasured her. The full breasts which cradled her head...

She brushed her hands across the warrior's stomach, and fanned her fingers about the flare of her hips and down, caressing her buttocks, pressing her close.

Gabrielle tilted her face and silently beckoned and received a gentle, probing kiss.

Which swiftly intensified, as always.

With her inquisitive hands, she guided the warrior, who lifted herself out of the water, onto the ledge framing the pool.

She reached out, and pulled the warrior's hips closer, gently, moving between her thighs. Kneeling, her face was at the same height as Xena's sex. And Gabrielle allowed her warm breath to flow into her soft dark curls, sending a shiver up and all over her.

She inhaled deeply, smelling the vanilla perfume and her warrior's arousal. She leaned forward and buried her face in the glistening folds. She let her tongue move along the sensitive skin until the warrior began to moan.

With her warm wet tongue, she traced her way up to the hardening bundle of nerves and drew it into her mouth. Her fingers filling the void her tongue left behind.

The warrior looked down at the beautiful face as the loving lips devoured her. The emerald eyes holding her deep blues captive.

Suddenly, she felt a strange and unstoppable orgasm sweep through her, expanding outwards from a place so deep she didn't know existed. She cried out in surprise and pleasure.

Waves of sensation swept through and over her, as the bard lapped at her hungrily, hands caressing her tightening muscles.

At long last, she lifted the moist face, easing back into the water, and bent down to taste herself on the beautiful soft lips.

Quiet twilight hours pooled around the two friends, and found Gabrielle looking for the first time at the bas-relief on the ceiling. It depicted two young men bathing each other in a forest stream, surrounded by flowers and tall grass.

"Xena, how do you know Alcibiades?"

"Through Socrates. Why do you ask, my bard?" Picking up the tinge of apprehension in Gabrielle's voice.

"No reason... Ummm... Actually, I saw you talking to him at the inn last time we were here."

Understanding dawned on the warrior. "Gabrielle, you know there will never be anything between him and me, right?"

"Yeah, I guess."

Shifting their bodies so that they face each other. "Look, Gabrielle... One, I don't trust him. Two, he prefers men, that much is obvious."

"But, you're..."

"Three, I wouldn't know what to do with a seventeen year-old boy. And, last but not least, and most importantly, Gabrielle, you are the one I love."

Before the warrior could react or act, the bard pounced on her. Sheets and pillows went flying from the bed. The silk canopy above rustled and the wooden frame quaked.

Long, long moments later, a happily ravished warrior queried, "It's not that I'm complaining, gods no, but what brought THAT on?"

"You said it."

"Said what? OH!" *Indeed I did. Gee...* "I DO love you, my bard, I thought you knew that."

"Yes, of course, but you've never said it."

"Loveyouloveyouloveyou!" *Hmm... it's not that difficult, is it, Xena? Kinda like the sound of that, actually.* Shifting their bodies again, the warrior intended to show her bard anew just how much she loved her.

But the bard had other ideas. "It'll cost you, my warrior."

"Oh?" Eye-browing raising and a crooked smile.

Whispers and giggles... and murmurs and whimpers and moans...

Finally they drifted to sleep...

The next morning in the sitting room, Gabrielle and Iolaus counted their treasures.

"Fifty-five, sixty, sixty-five... sixty-nine. I have sixty-nine, how'bout you, Gabs."

"A hundred and eleven, plus the ones I got when I was with you... One hundred and thirty-five."

"Wow! What are you going to do with them?"

"Hmmm... That's a good question. Let me think..."

In the kitchen securing tea and breakfast, two friends talked about their defeat.

"I see, Xena, that you lost all your necklaces, too."

"Yeah, well, you lose some, you gain some."

"I guess we're tied then."

"So we are," though she knew who was the real winner in the challenge.


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