by J.W. Heart

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Soft, warm breeze blowing over an impossibly blue sea, gently nudging the surf to shore. Hot, sun-scorched sand, welcoming the gentle lapping of tiny waves. Water reaching timidly for the waiting beach. Parched soil clinging to the teasing tide as it recedes leaving only the barest satisfaction. The sun blazing, burning away the trail of moisture, searing the already torrid earth.

White gauze fluttering in an open window, caught by a sudden breeze; whispering over long, tanned limbs spread across satin. Caressing heated flesh, dancing over firm breasts, turning brown nipples to hardened peaks. Raven tresses fanned over a quilted pillow; eyes closed tight against a lover's sizzling, hungry gaze.

Subtle winds increase their intensity; caressing the sea beneath. Determined waters reaching higher onto blistering sands. Drenching the heated soil, claiming more of the exposed shore. The fiery sun dipping lower in the sky, its power waning. Dark clouds gathering in the distance. Sweet tropical fragrance giving way to the scent of an impending storm.

Soft hands begin a gentle exploration, sliding slowly over well muscled calves. Finger tips leaving a blazing trail over firm thighs slipping through dark curls, teasing, moving higher. Taut stomach quivers as warm hands trace the hard plains. Nipples stiffen against calloused palms. A breathless sigh released when warm lips brush over exposed throat.

The air turns thick, moisture hangs. The sharp taste of electricity blows on the wind. The sky turns purple, dark, tinged with green and gray. Blue waters darken, rippling beneath the demanding, rough caress of the wind. Waves begin their crest; seas become turbulent , undulating under the force.

The small tight body pressing against inflamed flesh. Turgid nipples meet in glorious aching contact. A ragged breathe drawn and lost as strong teeth nibble along the elegant jaw. Soft , pink tongue delicately tracing full lips ; seeking entry. Mouths coming together in matched passion. Tongues dancing, exploring; a moan swallowed by deeper, more penetrating need.

Leaves rustled by a sudden gust. Ominous, dark , foreboding clouds move swiftly; thrusting the world into shadows. Wild winds blow harshly across the water. The sea rises up, churning, twisting, crashing against the inlet rocks. Waves sluicing over already sodden soil, penetrating deeper into the earthen folds.

A whimper of frustration cried out as the soft sweet mouth is ripped away. Replaced by a loud guttural cry as a painfully hard nipple is drawn into molten heat. Arching into the agonizing pleasure. Soft tongue painting teasing circles, pulling back, capturing the erect bud between grazing teeth. Releasing their prisoner, moving lower, nibbling over flesh now glistening with light sweat. Chest heaving; passionate scent permeating the thick air, inflaming tortured senses.

Trees sway against the violent winds, thrashing against onslaught in vain. Waves turned white by the coaxing of the raging storm. Surf pounding against the naked beach. Driving harder, reaching higher, taking more of the untouched shore.

The slim body slipping between parted thighs, nuzzling the silky skin. Sharp teeth bite down on the tender flesh. Hips lurching, grinding , desperate to find purchase. Strong tongue moving between sodden folds. Opening the sweet, sensitive flesh, pushing deeper. Firm lips surrounding a swollen bud. A passionate cry of pure pleasure echoes into the night. Fingers hilted in the warm wet passage. Stroking, filling and retreating, driving further into the heated core

The unrelenting tempest unleashing its fury. Black skies lit by jagged lightening. Deafening thunder echoing across the sea. Rain hammering against the sands; pushing into the soft, drenched soil. Trees laid over in surrender, no match for the power of the raging storm.

Swollen flesh sucked hard into an eager mouth. Demanding, driven, devouring the sweet passionate essence. Pleading, begging, crying out in wanton need. Hips thrusting against the delicious pleasure. Fingers pounding, deeper, faster. A scream slices through the night. The body goes taut, flying off the precipice, shattering, trembling with its release.

The storms fury ebbs, leaving only a gentle rain. Waves once violent and undaunted now spent. A cooler breeze carries a clean, renewed scent. Trees stand calm only slightly shivering in the after math. The full moon peaks out from behind dark clouds; casting a warm glow across the sea.


" Time to pay up big bro".

" I can't believe it...........I didn't think the blond had it in her". The dark God war stood stunned. " All that from one measily storm?"

" I told you. Gabby's a bard.....its all about the imagery". Aphrodite laughed as he counted out the dinars.

The End

Sept. 2002

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