Judicial Love

Part 6

by Warriorjudge

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"So, do you mind telling what did you and the Mrs. were betting about?" asked Xena as she arranged the balls in the triangle on the green table.

"I must hand it to you, Xena, I'm in awe. By the way, you owe me 20 bucks. Tammy and I bet on how long would it take you to get into Gabrielle's panties. She said you'll do her in three days time...I was of small belief and gave you a week. It turns out she was right and I was wrong." Sharon took the stick and chocked its tip.

"I...We didn't have sex yet," the judge said as she leaned forward onto the green table and began aiming for the triangle of balls.

"Say what?" She coaxed a surprised eyebrow.

"You heard me," muttered the judge and hit the white ball accurately. The white ball hit the target and the rest of the colored balls on the table scattered around in all directions.

"Nice shot!"

"Watch and learn" the judge snickered, with a devilish half smile on her face.

"What was this I heard about you and her trying to build a relationship? I thought you were allergic to those," Sharon inquired; she simply couldn't pass an opportunity to tease the judge. She cherished the look of death the judge would give her, just like the one she got then.

"Just shut up," the judge hissed.

"I will shut up, but not before I tell you this. She seems like a great lady, try real hard not to fuck it up. If you feel it's bigger than you and that you just cannot fight the overwhelming urge to screw it up with her, come talk to me first - Kuppish?"

"I'm not making any promises." She aimed.

"You don't have to. I have a gut feeling you'll give it your best shot. After all, you didn't do her yet...She must be special to you."

"Let me tell you this-I have a fe....ummm...a thing for her...and as for us not doing the nasty - she wouldn't let me bed her just yet," the judge rose from the table, piercing the 8th ball with her baby-blues.


"Oh, hi mom...I'm fine mom, how are you? No, I haven't forgot you exist...Yes mother...I know you won't be around forever, mom...Yes, I'm still a lesbian mom...This weekend? I don't know, mom, I kinda have plans for this weekend...Yes it involves a lady, mom...geeeeees mom...OK OK...enough with the guilt trip. I'll come visit you this weekend...Love you too, mom....Bye."

The judge placed the phone down as she was standing in the main hall. Her mother had phoned just as she was walking Gabrielle to the door.

So there is a human being on this planet, who can bring Judge Lawless to her knees...Her mom.

"That was my mom." The dark woman stated the obvious.

"The way you addressed her as "Mom" kinda tipped me off." Gabrielle snickered.


"She invited me over this weekend," the judge said and brushed her long tresses back.

"Yes. I heard." Gabrielle muttered, trying not to disclose her disappointment.

The two women stood by the door now.

"Gabrielle?" the judge sounded so soft and so out of character.


"Would you consider coming with me and spending the weekend over at my Mom's? She has quite a big house and its over by a lake just outside San- Francisco, what do you say?" Did I just invite her over to meet my Mom? What's next? Adopting a kitten and naming it KD?

This should be fun, Thought Gabrielle. "Sure, Xena," she replied.

A small smile stretched Xena's lips. She leaned downwards and placed a gentle kiss on Gabrielle's lips before they departed.


As she was walking up the stairs to her apartment, Gabrielle was contemplating what was she going to tell Tori. She was hoping that Tori had somehow failed to notice she hadn't slept in her bad the previous night, which would buy her some time. Upon entering the living room she saw Tori standing there, one hand lying on her hip, and her right foot impatiently tapping on the floor.

"Soon she'll be charging you for rent..." Tori remarked.

"Jesus, Tori..."

"What is it about her house that makes you want to develop this uncontrollable 'slumber party fetish'?"

Gabrielle drew out a long breath. "I think you might want to sit down for this one, Tori"

A 'holy shit' escaped Tori's lips. "Please tell me you didn't sleep with Judge Dread last night"

"I didn't sleep with Judge Lawless last night" said Gabrielle and placed her bag on the table.

Tori sighed in relief. "Then there is a God, after all".

"We kissed." Gabrielle carried on.

"I didn't hear that," said Tori.

"Oh, come on, Tori. You're supposed to be my friend..."

After a few short moments, Tori said, "Ok, you're right...Tell me everything that happened last night."

So Gabrielle did.

"...And yes, I am aware that she is a woman. I am aware that she is a judge and I'm an attorney, and I am aware of her reputation."

"I can't believe it..." Tori finally said. "Well, who knows? Perhaps you two are a match made in heaven..."

"Yeah...By a retarded angel..." Mumbled Gabrielle.


Saturday morning was a beautiful morning. Gabrielle reached the judge's house at 10:00 am, just like they planed. The judge's van was parked outside, loaded with files. It was the judge who personally greeted Gabrielle at the entrance.

"Morning, your honor." Gabrielle smiled and leaned closely for a kiss. The judge placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

"Good morning to you too, counselor," the judge replied.

"I see that we're all set."

"Indeed we are."

The both got into the van. Gabrielle noticed that the D.A's file was at the foot of her seat. She picked it up and gave it a quick scan.

"Is Aaron Willard, the D.A, a suspect, Xena?" she asked.

"Everyone is a suspect," came the quick reply.

"You do realize he is over 50...actually nearing 60. According to the Lion Queen, he doesn't fit the profile."

"Correct, but think about it. All the bodies we found... they all tested positive on the tox-screen. All the victims were drugged as if the killer couldn't overpower them. Maybe it's because he is much older than they are. Besides, there is another thing you don't know about him..."

"Which is?"

The judge drove the van out of the garage. "He was getting counseling for 5 years."


"About 15 years ago," replied the judge. "He was the assistant D.A back then."

"You do mean he had sessions with a psychologist, don't you?"

"A psychiatrist."

"Well, what for?"

"He had a 10 year old boy."

"What do you mean 'had'?"

"He died."

"Died how?"

"I'm glad you asked. Last night I did some digging of my own, while you were off doing God knows what instead of spending the night with me," teased the judge as she gave the blonde lawyer a quick, mischievous look

"Xena..." Gabrielle protested.

"Just teasing you...anyway, a friend of a friend who owed me a favor promised me he would fax all the information he could get to my office. I told my intern, Charlie, that we'll be out of town for the weekend and instructed him to fax the papers to my mother's."

"Your intern is working at the office on a weekend?"

"He's a hard working guy. He doesn't mind...He's the best intern I have ever had."

"How old is he?"

"26 years old."

"Doesn't he have a life?"

"Actually, he is kinda lonely. His parents died in a car crash a year ago. He once told me that living in their big house, with all the memories, all alone, was hard for him, and he preferred to work in my office. Come to think of it...he might be a suspect. He is in the right age group, he lives alone in a big house, and he experienced quite a trauma last year. That might have taken him out of mental balance..." the judge chuckled.

"Yeah...thank God he's not from the D.A's office..."

The judge became silenced, at once. "Actually, before he came to do his internship here, he did his internship at the D.A's office. I remember that at the interview, I asked him why he wanted to switch and he said that he thought about becoming a judge one day and thought it would be a great learning experience for him."

"You're kidding me, right?"

"Actually I'm not...but I think this case has made us both paranoids. Beside, I know him. He has a gentle soul and he's a good guy. I've been working with him for a year now. I trust him."

"Yeah...I guess you're right. By the way, about Willard...I think you're after him because you hate him."

"I'm not crazy about the man, but I won't be giving him a different treatment because of it."

Gabrielle opened the van's window and allowed the wind to play with her hair. "Why don't we stop talking about the case? Let's talk about something pleasant, like your mother, for example."

"You think that my mother is a pleasant topic to converse about?"

"Come on, Xena...Tell me a little about her." At that point the young attorney's cell phone began to ring.

"Hey, how are you? I've been meaning to call you back...Tomorrow night? I'm afraid not, I'm staying with a friend out of town. Yeah, me too...Well I'll talk to you when I get back home. Ok? You too. Bye." Gabrielle pressed a small button on her call phone and placed it on the dashboard.

"What was that all about?" The judge inquired, not looking at her assistant.

"It was Jeff Kale," the young blonde replied.

"I see," the judge said finally with an even tone.

"You see what?"

"You haven't told him about us have you?" It sounded almost like an accusation.

"Xena, I told you I wasn't ready for the entire world to know about us just yet."

"Well, that doesn't mean you should let him go on believing you're still dating him..." The judge's voice was a little louder than before. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it...you just never learn do you? Haven't you got it by now? She is keeping him close-by in case the thing with you won't work out.

"Xena, I didn't get the chance to sit down and talk to him, and it is something I don't wish to do over the phone. He's a good guy and I think I owe him that much."

"You owe him, do you? What exactly is it that you owe him?" The judge squeezed the gas pedal harder.

"He was kind to me, and gentle...I don't understand why it bothers you so much. I just think that the man deserves to be told this sort of thing face to face. It's the descent and mature thing to do."

"Kind and gentle, was he?" Am I being jealous? Am I losing my cool exterior? I'm too old for this.

"Just so that you know, lover-boy is a suspect as well...He fits the profile."

"Xena, slow down, and pull over."

Reluctantly, the judge did as requested. After the car was at full stop on the side of the road, Gabrielle turned to face the judge, who kept her eyes straight on the road in front of her.

"Xena, look at me" The judge drew a shallow breath and turned her face, keeping a cold gaze on the young woman. Her shields were up. "Is Jeff a suspect because I dated him?"

"No. He's 30, Caucasian, single and works at the D.A's office," the judge pointed out matter-of-factly.

"Xena, I dated the guy, and I can assure you, he has a normal, healthy sex orientations."

"As opposed to me? Is that it?" The judge turned her head sharply and met Gabrielle's gaze with her own.

"That's not what I meant and you know it, and it was a rotten thing to say to me, especially in light of everything that happened between us. Just for the record, and not that it is any of you business, your honor, I didn't go to bed with him. What's it all about, you're jealous of him?" Is it possible that she really cares?

"Of course not, don't be ridiculous" the judge dismissed.

"Oh my God, I think you are..." Gabrielle stated in amazement. "I don't think you have the right to be jealous, your honor, after all the women you went to bed with...Your reputation is hardly a secret."

"At least non of the women I bedded is under the illusion that I'm currently dating her".

"Judge, once we get back, I'll talk to Jeff and tell him I'm seeing someone else. But I'll tell you this; it saddens me to find out that you didn't trust me. I thought you knew me well enough to know that dating another behind your back wasn't my style" Gabrielle lowered her head. This is going to be harder than I thought. What am I doing?

"You're right. It's just that...you have to understand where I'm coming from. I trusted a few times in my past, and you know what happened."

"I'm different."

"I know."

"Kiss me," Gabrielle whispered. The judge smiled. The tension that was previously pant up in her body, was now gone. She leaned forward and covered Gabrielle's lips with her own. Both women moaned in delight, especially when their eager tongues made connection with one another.

"Mmm...that was nice," Gabrielle stated. Her eyes were still closed.

"Yes it was." The judge chuckled and gave the young blonde another quick kiss on the lips. "We've gotta get going".

Once driving on the road again, the judge asked Gabrielle: "Did you know that Jeff's mom died while giving birth to him? He was raised by his father, alone."

"Yes, he told me that on our first date. I must say, though; he doesn't kiss as wonderfully as you do."

"Well, that's me for ya..." The judge smirked.

"Oooo, look who's up again. Your evil twin sister". The judge smiled her half smile. "So, Xena, tell me about your mother."

"What do you want to know?"

"Her name, for starters."

"Her name's Cyrene."

"I remember you telling me she was beaten up by your dad till you were 10 years old."

"She didn't have an easy life. First the hell my father put her through, then, my brother Larry's death, after fighting cancer. I'm all she's got left. Being rich was important to me, because I wanted her to enjoy life a little." The judge said.

"How did she react when she found out you were a lesbian?"

"First off, she didn't find out. I told her. Secondly, she didn't make a big deal about it. After everything she's been through, accepting the fact that her only daughter was gay wasn't very hard. She loves me the way I am, and doesn't judge me for it. I have learned that in life, it's all about degrees. Perhaps if Larry hadn't died, she would have had a difficult time handling it because her perception would have been different. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Yeah, I think so."


"There's her house," the judge remarked. She parked her van. Both she and Gabrielle got out, carrying their luggage. Upon arriving the door, Xena's mom opened it. She passed a quick glance at her daughter, then her gaze moved to linger on her companion. She was inspecting her. Please mom, don't make me sorry for bringing her here.

"Mom, this is Miss Gabrielle O'Connor. Gabrielle, meet my mom, and ready yourself for being cross-examined."

"Don't pay any attention to her, Miss O'Connor. Welcome to my home." the older woman said. Gabrielle could clearly see the resemblance between the mother and her daughter.

"It's hard to do that. She likes attention. She thrives on it. Problem is, she doesn't care whether it's good attention or a bad one, and please, call me Gabrielle, Mrs. Lawless."

The judge's mother couldn't contain her laughter. "Thank you, and it's Cyrene..."

When Xena passed her mother while entering the house, she heard her mother whisper to her. "I like this one, Xena".

What's next? She'll ask her to call her mom. Oh, and thanks for the support there, Gabrielle, thought the judge.

"Xena, you can both put your stuff in your old room."

"Mom, we'll be needing two rooms. I'll sleep in Larry's old room, if that's OK with you," the judge said. Gabrielle squirmed with uneasiness. Cyrene failed to mask her own surprise.

"Umm, sure, sweetheart. I'll go up to his room and set the bed with clean sheets".

Xena showed Gabrielle to her room, and left her there to settle in. Then she walked to her dead brother's old room to help her mother with making the bed. After entering the room, she closed the door behind her. She felt that needed to explain the situation to her mother.

"I'm so sorry, Xena. I thought she was your girlfriend. Then again, I should have known better, shouldn't I? You don't have girlfriends." She sounded disappointed, and admonished her daughter for it. "Well, not anymore".

"Mom, it's not what you think."

"Xena, I'm your mother, and you know I love you and want only what's best for you"

"I know, Mom." I sense a familiar speech coming up.

"I want to see you happy, settled down with a good-hearted woman who loves you and cares about you before I die," her mother said.

"Mom, stop talking like you're 80 years old. You're barely 55."

"Don't be fresh with me."

"Sorry," the judge paused. "Look mom, Gabrielle and I...well, it's complicated. She's an attorney who assists me in this serial killings case I'm investigating...it's a long story. Gabrielle isn't gay...well I don't know if she is or not. She has never been with a woman before, but certain things happened between us the last couple of days. I'm not exactly sure what, but we are working on it. We've decided to try and built a relationship."

"How come you're not sharing a bed? I assume you've made love by now..."

"You assume wrong. Gabrielle wanted to take things slowly between us."

"Gabrielle is a smart young lady."

"Yes, she is."

"Well, let me give you this piece of advice...and it goes to the both of you...fear is a good emotion. It makes us more careful, it's a great defense mechanism, but it has a down side. It has the capacity to paralyze. Once it does, you're not living your life; but rather, see your life go by you."

"I'm not afraid mother."

"You can fool the lawyers and defendants who appear before you. You can fool your friends and the women in your life, but you cannot fool your mother. You are scared shitless, sweetheart. Don't let it paralyze you. I've got a feeling about people, and I think she is a great lady."

The judge didn't utter a word. After a few silent moments, her mother asked her: "Do you love her?"

"Mom...Love is such a big word. We've barely known each other for..."

"Shitless," her mother said, and left the room.


After spending the entire afternoon going through the rest of the personnel files of the D.A's office, sorting them out at the lake near Cyrene's house, the judge and the counselor decided to take quick, refreshing deep before dinner.

"We've isolated 50 files that fit the profile. After we get back, we'll start calling them in for questioning. We'll check whether they have an alibi for the three murders." The judge spoke, taking off her reading glasses, along with her clothes, remaining only in a sport's bra and boxer-shorts. Gabrielle examined her long feminine body, watching her shapely muscles. God she's gorgeous.

"You know that Jeff Kale's file is missing a copy of his birth certificate?"

"You've decided to stay on his case? Jesus, Xena."

"I told you already, he fits the profile. I'm just doing my job. It has got absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you've dated him"

"Well, as for his file missing a copy of his birth certificate, I'm sure it's nothing more than a bureaucratic error."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I'm only sorry that once we catch this twisted bastard we'll only be putting him for life instead of putting him to death."

A republican lesbian...I didn't think I would live to see the day. "Xena, please tell me you're against capital punishment."

"I will tell you no such thing," replied the judge as she jumped into the water. "The water is great. What are you waiting for? A special invitation?" the judge cried.

Gabrielle took off her clothes and walked slowly into the water, feeling the wet boxer shorts and bra clinging to her body. It was a warm evening. The judge made no effort to conceal her somewhat lustful look from the young attorney. God, her body's driving me crazy. Gabrielle missed it.

"I think it's inhuman to put people to death," Gabrielle stated once in the water next to Xena.

"Gabrielle, there are crimes heinous enough that morally warrant the death penalty."

"I disagree."

Imagine my shock. "Are you telling me that even in such instances as those who rape little kids and kill them, like John Wayne Gacy ...that someone like that doesn't deserve to die?"

"I believe that the state doesn't have the moral right to execute people, no. It's dangerous. Besides, you can never be 100% sure that the person you convicted committed the crime he was convicted for."

"Then let's not put anyone in prison either. After all, what if they are innocent? Have you seen how prisons look from the inside? It is inhuman to place people in such places."

"I can see your point, but you have to agree that the death penalty, as opposed to life imprisonment is irreversible."

"Thank God for that. Gabrielle, not all criminals can be redeemed. For example, consider pedophiles. Pedophiles cannot be fixed...well they can be fixed like they fix dogs; but my point is, science has yet to find a cure for it. Even castration doesn't work, and I don't believe there is a treatment for this. It's like trying to change me into a straight woman or you into a lesbian."

Gabrielle stopped swimming and stood up on her feet inside the water. She lowered her head.

"You're not going to give me a chance are you, your honor?" Gabrielle finally said, with a small voice.

I hate it when she calls me that. I'm such a bitch..."Gabrielle, I didn't mean it"

"Yes, you did." Gabrielle whispered. She couldn't trust her own voice. She knew it would tremble because she did a terrible job of trying not to cry.

"Look, Gabrielle, this thing between us...it's not easy for me."

"And what? You think that being with you is a walk in the park for me? It all a new experience for me. All I asked of you was to give me a little time. I even suggested we share a bed, and you refused, remember?"

"I don't wish to discuss it any further." This is going to be a disaster and a long weekend. Might I add.

"Fine" said Gabrielle in a quiet tone. It's simply not going to work.

"Fine," the judge concluded. "It's getting late. Mom's probably finished fixing dinner."

They both got out of the lake and made their way back home quietly.


"So, did you enjoy dinner?" The judge's mother asked and began clearing the table.

"Yes, Mom" answered the judge.

"Yes, Cyrene. Thank you. It was delicious," replied Gabrielle. She stood up and helped the older lady in her task.

"So, what with the long faces?" The older woman sensed there was something up.

"Mom, everything is OK, really."

"Well, Xena, You go and do the dishes and Gabrielle-- you come and sit with me on the porch. A pot of hot tea is waiting for us there."

"How come she gets to drink hot tea on the porch and I'm stuck washing the dishes?" The judge protested.

"Xena, do what your mother tells you...And make the effort not to break anything." Gabrielle smirked.

Cyrene liked Gabrielle's reply and smiled to herself. Daughter, you have found your match.

Once both women were sitting outside, on the porch, the older lady turned to Gabrielle, handed her a cup and poured herself one.

"Xena told me about what's going on between you two, and please forgive me, but I couldn't help but hearing you two out in the lake. I heard it from the kitchen window. She's not an easy woman to live with. I should know. I know her better than anybody else. She is a hard, proud, condescending woman, but I'm sure you already know that. She's been through a lot in life, and I'm not just talking about her ex's. I'm talking about the death of her brother as well. Look, I'm sure she told you all this about herself, but know this—she cares about you. I know she does. You are the first woman in 4 years she brought to this house. Don't let her screw this up. I don't know much you, but the goodness inside you radiates, and I'm not blind. I can see. I can also see that you care a great deal about her too; otherwise you would have given up on her by now."

Gabrielle listened but kept quiet.

"I'm asking you, to give it your best shot. I know my daughter. When she love's...and believe me, she can, she love's with all her heart."

"Thank you, Cyrene. It was important for me to hear it, especially from you. This evening, I began to have second thoughts..."

"Don't tell her we talked OK, or she wouldn't let me hear the end of it. She'll think I'm meddling"


"Well, good night, Xena." Both women were standing in their PJ's at the entrance of Xena's old room.

"Good night, Gabrielle."

Gabrielle was about to turn around and enter the room.

"Aren't you gonna kiss me goodnight?" Xena asked. Gabrielle smiled, and then placed a kiss on Xena's lips. It was way too short for the judge's taste, but she decided not to press her luck.


The judge tossed and turned for a good, long couple of hours. Sleeping in her beloved, deceased brother's room left her restless and possessed with agonizing memories of the night he passed away. Excruciating pain attacked her heart; the sensations were overwhelming. She even experienced a phantom smell, was haunted by his posters on the wall, as well as his books on the shelves. Cyrene left his room just the way it was when he passed away, as if she was expecting him to come back. The judge couldn't stand it. She broke down. She got out of bed and went over to her old room, were she knew she would find Gabrielle. It was pitch dark, and she felt her way in the darkness. Slowly and quietly she opened the door to her old room.

"Gabrielle," she whispered. She sensed Gabrielle turning in bed. Gabrielle woke, stretched her hand to the nightstand and turned on the small light by the bed.

"Xena, what's the matter?" she whispered back.

"Never mind, I'll go back to my room. Sorry for waking you up." Shitless, she heard her mother's voice in her head.

"Xena, come here and talk to me" Gabrielle set up in the bed. Her voice was soft and inviting.

Xena came and set down next to Gabrielle.

"What is it, Xena? Having problems sleeping?" She asked gently, placing a warm soft palm on Xena's cheek, and gently stroking it. Xena could only nod.

"The memories his room contains are too painful, aren't they...?"

"Yes, they are," admitted the darker woman. "I know I don't deserve it, but I need to sleep with you tonight. Can I stay with you, Gabrielle?"

"You know you can," Gabrielle smiled, pulled up the blanket and moved over a bit, making room for Xena to join her. Xena climbed up and into the bed and lay next to Gabrielle. Gabrielle was lying on her side, facing Xena.

"Com'ere." Xena stretched her arm as an invitation. The blonde counselor gladly took the invitation and snuggled up against the judge's body, placing her head on her shoulder and engulfing her waist with her arm. Xena embraced Gabrielle, basking blissfully in her warmth and tenderness. It felt good, it felt safe.

"It hurt as if he died yesterday. I thought I lost everything when he died. For a long time afterwards I was a complete mess. Nothing in life prepares you for the loss of someone you love most in all the world." The judge was a whole lot calmer than before, but Gabrielle felt her pain.

"I can't imagine what that feel like."

After a few moments, while Gabrielle was listening to the judge's breathing, the dark woman asked:

"Gabrielle, do you believe in the after-life?"

"I'd settle for a life in this one." The judge chuckled, and Gabrielle was happy that she made her laugh a little. "I'm kidding. I was brought up to believe that we go on after we die. I believe you and your brother will meet again someday."

The judge raised her body and rested her weight on her arm. She locked Gabrielle's green eyes with her blue ones. "I'm sorry about what I said to you at the lake."

"I've already forgiven you."

The blue eyes became darker and moist. Gabrielle saw the judge closing the gap between their bodies, lying gently on top of her, supporting her weight on her arms. Gabrielle entangled her fingers in Xena's hair, and pulled her down for a kiss. Xena kissed her lips gently, and Gabrielle was nothing but the way Xena's lips moved against her own. Gabrielle soon regained control. She gently eased Xena's lips to part with her eager tongue, sliding it against her own tongue. Gabrielle began exploring Xena's mouth cavern, slowly. A moan of untold passion escaped her mouth. Xena felt Gabrielle's small fingers tenderly caressing her cheeks, her jaw, and the corners of her mouth. She went on kissing and nibbling the older woman's lips, making her heart pound wildly in her chest. The judge felt the kiss deepen and her need for Gabrielle almost overpowered her. A moan escaped her mouth. Once Gabrielle finished thoroughly bathing her tongue, Xena shifted her lips to Gabrielle's right. Gabrielle felt her earlobe enveloped in Xena's hot mouth. She arched her back involuntarily and then felt Xena's hand moving slowly up her torso, finally coming to rest on the bottom swell of her left breast. Gabrielle was beside herself. Her body never reacted to anyone like this before. She arched her body towards the judge's palm for more contact. Xena felt it and cupped her breast fully. She captured Gabrielle's nipple between two fingers and lightly squeezed it, milking from Gabrielle a deep grunt. Xena felt a hunger rising in her she knew only Gabrielle could sate. Gabrielle felt Xena's lips leaving her ear, only to return back to her lips. Then they left her again. The lack of Xena's lips caused Gabrielle's heart pain. She opened her eyes and saw the judge looking at her.

"Touch me," were the only two words the judge uttered beneath her labored breath.


The judge took Gabrielle's hand in her own trembling one, and placed it on her breast. Gabrielle felt Xena's breast filling her palm and her nipple hardens against it. Both women moaned their pleasure. Gabrielle began to massage Xena's breast, making its hardening nipple painfully erect. The sensation she was bestowing upon Xena's lips and breast enhanced both women's desire tenfold. They kissed again, devouring each other's lips and necks, the sweet music of love-making filled the room.

"Gabrielle, shouldn't we take things slower?"

Gabrielle looked as if she'd come back from another world.

"You're right." She said in a voice that was barely sounded. "By the way, if you had any doubts about me wanting you, I reckon they're should go away now." She smiled.

"Finally, we agree on something."

Xena was resting on her side now, cupping Gabrielle's body in her own. I can get use to it. Xena felt light-headed. She desires me.

"Good night, Gabrielle,"

"Good night, Xena.


Gabrielle and Xena woke up the next day; all wrapped up and entangled in each other. The judge was the first to gain her consciousness from the sweet and peaceful slumber. Is it morning already? God, I haven't slept that well in years. I was totally out. Then she noticed Gabrielle's small frame pressed against her body. God, she looks so sweet when she sleeps. Shit, sleeping in one bed with her and not fucking her...what a dumb fuck imbecile I am...so fucking weak...I'm digging my fucking grave all by my own self...4 time the f word and I've been awake for less than a minute.

"Gabrielle, wake up." The judge nudged her. The blonde stirred and slowly opened her eyes. The judge jumped out of bed as if bitten by a snake...more like by a blonde nymph. She immediately began to dress, not hearing the small protest of her assistant.

"I'm out for a morning swim, need to get my juices going and then after breakfast we can go back to my Mom's study and go over the suspects' files and build up a questionnaire for them."

"Permission to speak, General."

"Yeah, what is it?"

She didn't even notice she was barking like someone from a German movie and my not so subtle hint about it. This woman is so goddamn frustrating. She cannot be possibly having PMS on a constant basis, can she? Well, not Pre Menstruation Syndrome, but Psychotic Mood Swings? Definitely.

"What's the rush, Judge?"

"Where have you been for the past week, there is a serial killer on the loose and he is gonna kill again unless we start moving our asses a little more quickly."

"This has nothing to do with the case, does it?"

"I don't know what you're talking about. Get up and get dressed."

"It's just your body reacting to intimacy, is all..." murmured Gabrielle and got out of bed, rubbing her eyes, looking totally adorable.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, Dread...It's too damn early for a fight."

The lake was peaceful and quiet. A tender draft grazed the face of the water along with the soft light of the sun's rays. Xena, as usual, was first to plunge into the cool water. She began earnestly doing laps as if she was caught on fire.

Actually I am on fire. There is no denying it anymore; I'm physically, sexually attracted to her. God 'shouldn't we take things slowly?' What an idiot you are Lawless –Brainless seems more like it, in light of last night's events. She made me so fucking hot last night that I could feel my IQ leaking from my body...and I know the scars of the leak...the hole between my legs...that's were it leaked from...along with other body fluids. I should have fucked her last night, that would have gotten her out of my system, and this whole mess over and done with. OBJECTION! Over-ruled! Who said that? I can't over-rule myself. It's the part of you that do the process which you call THINKING. Oh, hello...and where were you last night? Making sure you won't fuck this up. The judge was oblivious to the young attorney who joined her in the water. The taller woman came out of the water, drops cascading down her magnificent body. Gabrielle licked her lips.

Jesus, how I wanted her last night. I wanted her to touch me, to feel her naked body against mine. I don't know what came over me. All of a sudden all the fears disappeared. I knew I wanted her all the way, till the end. Woman or not. You don't need to be a gay woman in order to want to bed Judge Lawles. It doesn't matter what one's sexual orientation had been to that point. Gabrielle couldn't avert her eyes from the judge. So in order not to be caught drooling over the judge, by the judge, she took a dive. Now I understand the advice about cold showers. After a long deep dive she resurfaced and got out of the water. I don't wish for it to be just sexual with her. We're not ready yet. I'm not sure what she feels for me, or if she does. Once we go to bed, it would be an easy escape route to run away, instead of dealing with things.

Judge Lawless and Gabrielle got into the kitchen of Xena's mother's house and saw the older woman sitting and reading the morning news.

"So, did you enjoy the muffins, Xena?"

"Mom, we didn't have sex last night," the grumpy judge snapped. Gabrielle was stunned.

"Darling, your sex life is none of my business. I was referring to the muffins I've made for the three of us this morning." Cyrene took out a tray from the oven and showed to both Gabrielle and her bossy judge, three muffins, all had a bite missing from them.

"I didn't touch them." Both Gabrielle and Cyrene gave Xena the 'Go paddle this story to someone else' look.

"Oh, you caught me. I went to swim with Gabrielle, and while she dived, I got out of the water, dried myself, entered the kitchen, bit off a chunk from each of the muffins and went back to the lake, so no one would be the wiser!!"

Gabrielle and Cyrene burst into laughter.

"SHIT, The files!!!" The judge exclaimed. The judge sprinted upstairs to her dead brother's room, almost knocking its door down. She pushed the mattress away from the bed. It's seemed none of the files were touched.

"Xena, what the hell is going on here?? Why aren't the files in the study room?" Gabrielle asked, her breath short from running up the stairs, after Xena.

"Someone was here looking for these," the judge rasped. Gabrielle could detect fear in the judge's voice. That got her scared.

"How come you knew to hide them there?" The lawyer asked.

"Such questions from someone as paranoid as you, dear? I'm surprised at you...Damn it, the killer was here in this house. He entered and left like he owned the place. He could have killed one or all of us!"

"We should call the police," Gabrielle said.

"Gee, Ya think!?" snapped the judge.

Keep you head cool, Lawless, or you're gonna get us all killed. The judge tried to calm herself. She went down to the first floor, Gabrielle right behind her.

"No one touches anything, is that clear?" She yelled. The Judge picked up the phone and called the SFPD.

"Hello. This is Judge Lawless speaking...Someone broke into my mother's house...I don't have time for this shit, put your Captain on the line, NOW...Yes. This is Judge Lawless speaking. Someone broke into my mother's house. Send a unit over here, with Forensics. What do you mean when do I want them to arrive? I want them here 10 minutes ago!"

Gabrielle heard the judge shouting her mom's address on the phone, and then slamming it down on the kitchen table.

"Xena, who knew that we would be here during the weekend?" Gabrielle asked.

The judge nervously brushed her fingers through her hair. "Sharon, Tammy and James. Oh, and my intern, Charlie" the judge replied. Charlie...this is not happening. She picked up the phone again and dialed her chambers' number.

"Judge Lawless here, is that you Mrs. Prudence? What are you doing there on a Sunday morning? Charlie is sick...I see...well yeah, you can fax me the papers now. Thank you Mrs. Prudence."

The judge hung up, then dialed again, this time to Charlie's home. It rang a few times. There was no answer. He's not home. The judge saw the papers coming out of her mom's fax machine. She grabbed the documents and stuffed them in her back pocket without even looking at them. She was far too preoccupied to read them. She decided to read them when this whole unpleasant ordeal was over.

"Are you building up suspense now, or are you gonna tell me what's up?" Gabrielle lost her patience.

"Charlie called my secretary, Mrs. Prudence and told her that he was sick. He asked her to come to my chambers this morning instead of him and fax me the papers I was telling you about, regarding Willard's son. I just called his house. There was no answer.

"Mom, I want you out of here, till I catch this twisted fuck. Go stay at your sister's in LA."

"Xena, have you stopped to think that you might be mistaken and that the case is clouding your judgment...I mean, it could have been a mouse that nibbled on the muffins." Her mother protested.

"Excellent deduction, Mom. A mouse opened the oven's door, ate the muffins, and once it had it's fill, he got out of the oven, not forgetting to close the oven's door behind him. If I'll catch that mouse, mind you, I'm sending it to law school. He'll probably get a scholarship. The judge turned to Gabrielle, "If it'll finish second in his class, Gabrielle, I'm dumping you for it."

Gabrielle giggled, she was way too nervous to laugh.

"But, Xena..." her mother tried to protest.

"Why does everyone argue with me and not do as I say!?"

"Cyrene," Gabrielle called for the attention of the older woman. "Xena is just worried about you. The man we're hunting down is a crazed killer, and he just paid us a visit at your house."

"Well, I'll go upstairs to my room and pack up a bag."

She listens to her and not me. "For all we know, he might still be in the house, don't go anywhere until I say so, mom." Xena went to fetch her gun.

"You brought a gun to my house???" Her mother exclaimed, upon seeing the gun.

"Worse, I brought a killer to your house. Stay down here. I am going up to your room. Gabrielle felt her heart miss a beat. She felt the blood draining from her body. She was scared witless for Xena's well being. She felt her legs shake but couldn't move herself into sitting down. She didn't realize she had stopped breathing.

"He's not here," the judge announced upon her return to the kitchen. The police sirens could have been heard from a distance. Cyrene went upstairs and Gabrielle rushed at Xena and hugged her tightly, crushing her against her smaller, shook up body. She was worried about me.

"I'm here. I'm Ok, sweetheart," the judges whispered tenderly as she engulfed the smaller trembling body and embraced it as hard as she could.

When the two women heard the police at the door they broke away.

"Good morning, your honor."

"What took you so long? I want the entire house dusted for prints. The intruder touched the oven; he bit all three muffins that are in there. I want you to take the muffins, extract the saliva, and do a DNA analysis. Check for fibers, I want the works. When you get the results sent them ASAP to my chambers." The judge conducted the scene with her typical bravado as usual.

"Yes, ma'am," the captain surrendered without a fight.

"It's 'Your honor' to you," the judge barked. He knew better than to retort.

The police along with the Forensics began working on the scene.

The judge and her assistant went to the living room.

"So what? He went in to look for the files, suddenly he got hungry and grabbed a bite of the muffins, in the middle of the break-in?"

"He's fucking with our minds Gabrielle. He's trying to scare us. He wanted us to know he'd been here, that he is in control, that we are vulnerable. He wants us to lose focus."

"Well, he's succeeding."

"Gabrielle, don't give in to the fear. I need you as sharp and as focused as you can be."

That's sounds strange coming from her. The woman who has a wall behind her heart that makes the Chinese wall looks as if it was made out of paper.

"Well, at least we know we're on the right track, and we also know that what we're looking for is in those files." Gabrielle remarked.

"You're right."

"And I don't think that the police will find any trace of him ever being here. He is too meticulous and calculated for that."

Right again, but for the small chance that he might have left something behind, I called the police."

"My legs are still shaking," Gabrielle said and the judge smiled.

"It's like he's one step ahead of us all the time," said the judge. "First there is Dr. Bennett's accident. Then on the third murder scene, there was no blood from the killer found, unlike on the other murder scenes. Now he knows about the personnel files and he knew we would be here with them."

"Well, he probably assumed you wouldn't go out of town without them, especially now that time is a factor. Either he called your house assuming a false identity and James told him where you were, or he'd been watching us."

"Or the killer is Charlie," muttered the judge.

"What now?"

"We'll wait till the police finish, then we go back to my place."

"As a matter of fact, I was hoping to get back to my place and invite Jeff Kale over and tell him that I'm seeing someone else...I wouldn't want Judge Dread pissed at me...I also want you to meet Tori, my roommate. I told her about us."

"Did she know about the weekend?"

"Xena, cut it out. I've been living with her for the past 3 years. I have known her since law school. She is my best friend. She knows better than to blab about it," the blonde protested.

"All right, then. We'll be spending the night over at your place. Besides, it'll give me a chance to contact the Security Company and have my place safer than Ft. Knox."


Somewhere around 20:00, the judge and her lovely assistant arrived the latter's house. Tori was sitting in the living room, hovering over some papers, getting ready for tomorrow's trial.

"Hi, Tori."

"Hey, yourself, honey." Tori replied and put the papers down. Gabrielle and Xena carried their entire luggage inside. Gabrielle couldn't help but noticing Xena's strained biceps. She is so sexy.

"Tori, I would like you to meet, Judge Xena Lawless." Gabrielle was excited. It was important for her that the judge and her best friend get along, just like she got along with Xena's friends.

"Hello, Your honor. It's a pleasure to meet you." Don't bet on it, thought the judge. "Gabrielle's been talking about you a lot."

Great, Tori, pump her ego even more, why don't you...? I don't want her to think I'm talking about her a lot... Thought Gabrielle.

"Your Honor, meet Tori Berkowitz."

"How do you do, Ms. Berkowitz? You know, there was a serial killer named David Berkowitz, he was more famous by the name "The son of Sam". He shot women with a 44-caliber handgun. He murdered 7 women. He claimed that dogs ordered him to kill."

That was a great start, your honor. You made a great first impression.

"You learn a new thing every day. Thank you, Your Honor."

"May I ask you a personal question, Ms. Berkowitz?"

Oh God...please, no...it's not happening. Gabrielle thought.

"Fire away, Your Honor...and please call me Tori."

"Are you gay?"

"Why, do I look gay to you?"

"Nowadays it's getting harder and harder to tell...No butch/femme anymore. Anyway, I just assumed...you're over 30, never married, according to Gabrielle..."

"Your Honor, I'm not gay, I'm just pathetic."

"I see," the judge grinned.

Gabrielle thought it would be a good idea to stop the interaction between Tori and the judge before it deteriorated any further.

"Well, Xena, I need to call Jeff and invite him over. Why don't you go to my room and take a shower, while I make the phone call and order us a pizza?"


The judge and the young lawyer carried their luggage from the living room into Gabrielle's room. Gabrielle turned around and mouthed, "I'm so sorry about that" to Tori, without the judge noticing.

"Xena, you could have been nicer to her..."

"I was nice...that's me being nice..."

"You're impossible."

"And you are driving me up the walls."

"Get in the shower already."


"Look Jeff. I don't think that it's going to work between us..." Gabrielle was sitting in the living room while the judge was comfortably eavesdropping, placing her ear against the keyhole of Gabrielle's door.

"Why not? I mean, we went out a couple of times. I, for one, enjoyed your company very much. I think you're a great woman. I'm attracted to you, and I thought the feeling was mutual." He placed a gentle hand on hers.

"I think you're a great guy, too. The thing is...I don't know how to tell you this..." Gabrielle exhaled. She was at lost for words. She didn't want to hurt Jeff.

"What is it. It's someone else isn't it?" He took his hand off of hers and created a distance between them. Why do things get so messed up?

"I'm afraid so. Look, Jeff, you have no idea how sorry I am. I didn't plan for it to happen. It just did."

"I'm sorry too. I really liked you...a lot. I hope that whoever it is, he realizes how lucky he is."

"Yeah, me too."

"Well, I'll better get going...Good luck, Gabrielle." He said.

When the two of them were standing next to the door, he leaned and kissed her gently on her cheek.

"I wish you happiness. Feel free to call me anytime."

Gabrielle closed the door behind him and returned to her room. When she opened the door, the judge nearly fell forward. That tipped Gabrielle off about the judge's little vice.

"I won't even respond to this."

Thank you, God.

"It's been a long day. Let's go to sleep, shall we?"

They got into Gabrielle's bed. Gabrielle cuddled with Xena. The women kissed and turned out the lights.


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