Just The Beginning: The Other Sequel

by Vertigo


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Winner of an Amazon Ice Award

The warrior picked at her fingernail. She was bored. Sparing a glance at her napping bard, she sighed. There had been no warlords to pummel, no villages in despair, and just plain nothing to do. She got up and checked the forest again. Maybe an Amazon will fall from a tree and give her something to do. Then she got an idea. She remembered how she left an open threat to her bard after that rather exhausting night at Cyrene's inn. Gods Gabrielle was a spitfire that night. Xena knew just the thing to get her juices flowing. Moments later, she was crouching down by her bard, kissing her on the cheek. "Rest up, little one," she whispered, "You're going to need it." Chuckling and with eyes full of mischief, she sat back down at the campfire to plan her attack.

It was nearly dinnertime when green eyes fluttered open. Her stomach alerted her to the fact. The bard stood and stretched, making sure to note Xena's lifted eyebrow of appreciation. Blue eyes returned the ground as Xena mentally went over her options. Amazons. Frown. She hated going there. All those half naked women ogling her bard. But it was just outside the village she needed to go to. All she had to do was stop in one particular shop without the bard seeing her. Fat chance. Gabrielle had been stuck to her like glue lately. Especially after the "barmaid incident."

Not that Xena minded a bit. But tell the bard she wanted to shop? Hardly.

"Hey you." The bard kissed scrunched up lips. "What are you thinking about?"

"How do you know I'm thinking?" Xena wrapped her arm around Gabrielle's waist and pulled her to her lap.

"Your lips are pursed." Xena immediately straightened out her mouth. "It's either thinking, or brooding. Since there's not a Hades of a lot to brood about lately, I'd guess you were deep in thought. Besides I can read you like a scroll."

"Oh yeah?" The warrior nuzzled into a warm neck. "Tell me what I'm thinking now."

Gabrielle slapped Xena's shoulder. "Oh, no you don't. Don't you get enough? I'm starved and if I don't get into those bushes now..."

"Ok, your loss." She watched her bard’s ass disappear into the shrubbery. Xena sighed. Here goes. She opened her mouth to suggest a trip to the Amazons when the shrub spoke.

"Xena? Can we go visit Ephiny? I mean, there really hasn't been much happening..."


"But it's really not far..."


"Did you say yes?"

One minute Xena was standing next to Argo with food in her hands, the next minute she found a body wrapped around hers like a monkey. "Gab? There's this village, oh, on the way… um… I... would you get your tongue out of my ear? I can't concentrate.”

"Sorry. What village?"

"It's on the way... I need to see…" She had no idea how to get what she needed without the bard knowing. Especially after the last time Gabrielle found out she was hiding something. "... I'd like to... about something. Could we, ok?"

"Xena, I have no idea what you are trying to say. Do they have shops there? I really need some things."

"Yes. I'm sure they do." Whew, a warrior-sized sigh of relief.

"Why didn't you say so? I love shopping! You know that. When can we go?"

"As soon as you finish eating."

Both warrior and bard chose to walk today. Bard a few feet ahead of warrior, who was contented with the view. She could watch her walk forever. Xena had a whole plan now. The Fall of the Amazon Queen.

Make me sweat in an inn full of children, will you. The best part, the one that made her chuckle out loud, was that said Queen will be reduced to a quivering mess, in front of everyone. One good turn deserves another. Xena blushed remembering her mother's face that morning.

"So, Xena, sleep much? Good morning, Gabrielle, nice skirt. I don't know why I expected leather." Producing a huge bucket of water she continued, "Drink up, wouldn't want you to dehydrate or something." Xena shook her head of the memory. Paybacks are a bitch, Gabrielle. Hmm.

Approaching the village in question: "Hey, Gab? How about I go stable Argo so you can shop as long as you want?"

"Really?" the bard looked sideways.

"Um, yeah, you go on." She tossed a bag of coins at Gabrielle. "I'll catch up with you later."

"How un-Xena of you to let me wander off by myself. Why?"

"Gabrielle, just go shop, I won't take long."

"Any barmaids that you just happen to have slept with repeatedly I should know about, warrior?"

"I told you, I didn't know she was there!"

The bard believed her, but this was fun. "Uh huh. And I suppose you didn't notice the breast in your eye either."


"Ok, ok. But I would like to know what you are hiding from me, if it’s not another grope kitten from your past."

"Gabrielle..." This time she growled it out.

"Xena, how was I supposed to react? You were drooling all over the bar!"

"My food would have looked much better in my stomach, bard."

"Admit it, love. It was much more fun licking ale out of your cleavage than the mug." Xena glared. "Ok, ok. I'm just teasing you. I love you." The bard tiptoed and kissed the warrior’s lips.

"I love you, too. Now get to spending."

"You don't have to tell me twice." And she was off in a puff of dust.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." Xena knew it was steep, but threw the money on the table anyway. The shopkeeper just got away with murder. Really, if she had seen The Warrior Princess standing there, she would have given her whatever she wanted for free. She also would have offered herself up to test the items Tall, Dark, and Nervous was purchasing.

But, when she did look up, it was to see a flurry of battle skirt exiting the shop. Boy, was she disappointed.

The next shopkeeper wasn't as bold and was himself nervous by her behavior. She was standing in front of him in a black leather tunic and pants with laces tying up the sides of both. Not your usual women's wear. Although she was sweating up a storm and looking over her shoulder, he knew she could do that 30 second neck thingy in a blink of an eye.

She was running out of time and patience. She cleared her throat.

"You look splendid, Princess."

"Splendid? I don't want splendid!" He tried to speak, but she was cutting off his air supply. "I want breathtaking, intimidating, and knee numbing. Do you think you can handle that?"

“Well," he squeaked. "If you just ease up on the windpipe..." She dropped him to the ground. By the gods, is she tall from down here!! "I have a lovely… er, menacing looking jacket and boot ensemble that goes beau… um… perfectly with that very outfit."

"Gimme. And quick!" She sneered, trying to look every bit the warlord. It’s amazing what that look can do. He threw in the bracers for free. She changed back into her own leathers and, with her most menacing snarl, got the best bargain in Greece.

Gabrielle was exactly where Xena knew she would be. Backing some poor salesman against the wall. He didn't know what hit him. She had to smile. Her bard was a sight. "Excuse me, young lady, is there a problem?" Xena glared at the poor man.

"Yes, scary warrior lady." Gabrielle tried not to laugh. "This man is trying to cheat little old me." The man about wet himself. Yep, another bargain well deserved.

The bard loved watching Xena intimidate. She almost seemed to grow larger, stronger. She got a thrill imagining the fierce blue gaze forcing her to her knees, too. For an entirely different reason, of course. Mmm, on my knees, those muscular thighs... Her stomach growled, breaking out of her daydream. Hmph, another ache that needs attention.

"Hey, Xena? Can we eat now? I'm starved."

"I really want to set out, Gabrielle. Don't we have anything in the packs?"

The bard put on her most pouty lips. "Pleeeease, baby?"

What was Xena to do? She found herself sitting in the closest tavern.

Then she thought about her purchases and what she would do with them. She grinned rather wickedly. "Gabrielle, I think I like shopping.”

"Yeah, right. You just like making people sweat."

"Mmhmm." Xena wiggled her eyebrows. "Sweat is good…" She narrowed her eyes, "…especially red-haired bard sweat."

"Promises, promises," came the mumbled reply.

Xena leaned over her dinner and stared directly into green eyes. "Care to repeat that?"

Gabrielle dropped her spoon in a fluster. Boy, she can do that just like that, can't she? "Uh, no. I didn't say anything," she whispered to her mug.

"Well, that's good. I didn't think you would ever dare me." She licked her lips thoroughly, "Because I can never resist a dare."

With Xena in this mood, the bard knew better. She would be sprawled across the table in a heartbeat. Xena chuckled. "What?"

"Nothing, Gabrielle."

"You've been doing that all night."


"That evil little chuckle."

"Oh, have I?" The warrior chuckled again.

It went straight to the hairs on the bard's neck. While the table not being an entirely bad idea, she would much rather wait until they reached the Amazons. If Xena kept up with this mood, she would need the soft bed. Gabrielle ate her food as well as she could under the hot gaze pointed her way.

Xena continued to tease the bard mercilessly for the remainder of the trip. It was a strain on the warrior, since she built herself up into quite a tension. She avoided Gabrielle as best she could, and the times she couldn't drove the bard crazy with need. Tonight would be the celebration in honor of the Queen.

Count on Amazons to celebrate, she thought with a grin. Xena left for the baths. While many an Amazon saw the warrior slip by with the suspicious looking sack, no one was going to question her. Except for one. A naked one, floating in the bath. "Hey there, Xena."

Hades. "Hi Eph."

"What's in the bag?"

"None of your business."

"Gods, Xena, why so cranky?"

"I'm not cranky, I'm horny."

"And that has to do with the bag... how?"

"If you really want to know what's in the bag, you'll have to come and get it. But then you'd have to pass me. You're naked and I'm horny. Explain to your Queen why she found you in the condition I'll leave you."

Ephiny’s jaw had fallen into the bath and she was in danger of drowning. Not only was that the most Ephiny had heard Xena speak at one time, she had never heard her speak in quite such a manner, and naked too! In a full body blush, the Amazon got her towel and tripped no less than 4 times on the way out.

"Thank the gods." Well, that was going to cost her. "Gossipy little bunch of women." The warrior bathed in the Queen’s favorite scents and prepared to make her squirm.

"Hi, Eph," Gabrielle grabbed the Regent by the arm. "Why the rush? Have you seen Xena?" Ephiny blushed again and mumbled something about the baths. "Thanks. Hey, where'd she go?" The Regent had disappeared without another word to her queen.

By the time the bard reached the baths, Xena was gone. Inhaling deeply, she knew her warrior had been here. After what Xena put her through lately, she was very disappointed to have missed her. She got a tingle in her stomach. "Oh, Xena, I need you bad." With the warmth she felt between her legs just thinking about it, Gabrielle decided a bath might not be a bad idea.

Thanks to Eph, by the time the sky was dark, every Amazon had some idea that Xena was horny. Half secretly wishing they would be the object of the warrior's attention, the other half just wished. After the proper fanfare and ceremonial hoo ha, all eyes watched as the queen strode to her chair. Xena slipped out of the darkness alongside the queen and time stopped for Gabrielle. There was Xena, in all her magnificence. The smell of new leather assaulted her senses and the Queen nearly swooned. She looks so confident, so cocky, so intimidating. The warrior stood tall and offered herself up for the bard's perusal. "Gods, Xena, you're… you're exquisite."

"I was hoping you'd say that." The warrior's eyes shot through Gabrielle like a flame. "I have plans for you, little one." The queen licked her suddenly dry lips and took stock of her lover's demeanor. Dominating.

YES! Ohgodsohgodsohgods!!!! Thanking Aphrodite for answering her prayers, Gabrielle fell into her chair with a thunk, her knees weakened by the thought of Xena taking her this way. By now every eye in the place was on the pair. One set in particular thanked Artemis she got out of the baths in one piece, and added a prayer for her queen.

Slowly the celebration began. And with it, Xena's seduction. Xena sat next to Gabrielle, never losing eye contact. She stared at her bard with intent. Making her squirm. Anybody that came close to the pair felt the power roll off Xena. Some had to be talked out of falling to their knees at her feet tonight. She knew how to work it, but it was all for her bard.

The warrior fingered the top of her goblet and wet her lips. "You will be mine tonight, Queen of the Amazons." Gabrielle was already suffering from the heat of blue eyes. Hearing that didn't make it any easier. "I think I have something that you need." The bard just stared. "Isn’t that right, Gabrielle?"

In a tiny voice she replied, "Xena, what are you going to do with me?" Silently begging for it.

The biggest, most devious smirk ever seen appeared. "I'm going to make you sweat. After all, I do enjoy it, don't I?" Xena leaned back, crossed her arms, and opened her legs. The queen's eyes went directly to her crotch. She could already taste the warrior and her mouth watered. Xena looked so powerful in those leathers. So deliciously intense. She swallowed hard before she drooled.

Besides the onslaught of desire, Gabrielle was trying to keep casual conversation with all whom approached. She had already realized that this was payback from Amphipolis, and she might not make it through the meal. The warrior started by feeding the bard. Little enough morsels that her fingers had to be enveloped by the sweetest lips.

The feel of the warm wet muscle flicking over her fingertips became too much. This display tonight might be for the bard's benefit, but Xena was starting to feel nice and moist. She had to gather some control back. "Look at me, Gabrielle." Their eyes met and the queen gasped. "We are excusing ourselves early tonight."

She nodded her head in acknowledgement. Afraid to open her mouth now that a strong hand was wrapped around her inner thigh. She had already forgotten how to speak a full sentence and a pair of Amazons passed the table with a smirk. Xena stuck out her tongue and traced the rim of her goblet. She saw the shiver, and adjusted her hand under the table. "You know what I'm going to do with my tongue, don't you?" There was a whimper. "Since you like talking so much, I'm not going to give you anything until you tell me." A nod. Then a groan when her hidden hand touched very wet cloth.

The queen closed her eyes, ready to surrender right here to her warriors touch. "Open your eyes. Sit still. I don't want you to move." Green eyes opened to see those fingers disappear in between sensual lips. Gabrielle felt it right between the legs and she crossed her legs. "No, I want to see it." She uncrossed her legs and spread them open. She slipped a hand under the table and moved the wet cloth aside, displaying herself for her warrior. "Feel how wet you are, love." When her fingers touched her hot skin, Xena gasped and made a happy sound. "As much as I'd love to watch you pleasure yourself, Gabrielle, that is mine tonight."

She withdrew her hand and offered it to her warrior. Xena purred at the taste. The queen used her other hand to touch herself. She leaned her head back as one hand rubbed her center, and one was in her warrior’s mouth. Xena was soaked herself. With that, she swooped Gabrielle up into her arms and started quickly for her hut. No goodbyes, no goodnights. Not that any one expected that. They were, in fact, relieved that they didn't have to watch Xena ravish their queen on the feast table. That would have been anything but regal.

The warrior deposited her bard on the chair. "Take off your breeches." The flushed queen complied. "Spread them wider, I want to see you.” Xena stood between the open legs and stared directly onto Gabrielle's sex. She crouched down and ran one finger through the wetness, making the bard jump and groan.

"Xena, please, I need you."

"Look at me, Gabrielle." Xena stood up and put her finger in her mouth. She sucked it hard, and poked her tongue around for show. "You taste so good. I think I'll have some more. Give me some." Gabrielle was too eager to give her warrior more and, without hesitating, rubbed her own hand around her opening and offered it to waiting lips. Xena didn't budge. She was starting to lose it again. She loved to watch the small hand wiggling around so much.

Gabrielle stood and smeared her essence on Xena's mouth. The tall woman was breathing heavily and she grabbed the wrist in front of her.

"Tell me what you want me to do." The queen sat down in the chair, and brought her knees up to her chest.

"You look so delicious like that. All for me?"

"Yes, my warrior, all of it. Please, take it from me." Xena's nipples hardened and wetness flowed inside her trousers. She dropped to her knees and breathed in the scent of her bard. It was intoxicating. Wrapping her hands around ankles, she looked up at the queen's face. "I am going to taste you now. I am going to make you come. Tell me what I am doing."

The redhead looked down into deep blue pools of arousal and nodded. Xena licked the outer lips slowly. Working her way up and around. "Talk to me, tell me." Gabrielle would have laughed with delight if she didn't think it would make Xena stop. Xena sucked in a lip and rubbed her nose against the hard nub.

"OH! You are making me... so wet. Gods... please. I need you." Xena was more than ready to plunge her face into the heat, but was waiting for her bard to tell her. She rocked on her heels, forcing the seam of her pants to accommodate her own aching need. Grunting, she poised two fingers at the dripping entrance and hovered over the begging clit. Gabrielle was unable to thrust her hips in her current position so she grabbed handfuls of black hair and pulled her in.

Xena abruptly stood and crossed her arms over her chest. "I told you to tell me, not show me." She walked to the saddlebag and turned her back on the panting woman. "Go to the bed and get on your knees."

On shaky legs, she did what she was told. She thought for a moment, then figured what the Hades. "Xena?"


"I want to feel you behind me."

Adjusting the straps on her thigh, a big evil smirk formed. "What would you like me to do once I'm behind you?"

"I want to feel you inside me."

Xena gushed at the sight. Her bard was waiting for her, hands on the bedposts, naked, knees spread apart, hips swaying. She breathed a cleansing breath before approaching the vision. Positioning herself on the bed, the warrior reached under and pulled the raised ass hard against her leather-covered thigh. She threw her head back and rocked against the sweet flesh for a moment before composing herself. "I'm here, Gabrielle, behind you."

Xena moved the hand from flexing abs to hot flesh and rubbed the hard clit in circles. "Is this what you wanted to feel?"

"Yes! I mean... ummm... no."

Xena pushed herself into her bard again, needing the friction. Sweating now with the effort not to throw the queen down and fuck her. "Then what is it that you want?"

Gabrielle grunted at the edge of orgasm. "Inside me... please, Xena…."

The withdrawal of her hand made the bard let go of the bed posts and drop to the bed with a whimper. Xena positioned her right thigh a hair away from its goal. "As long as you said please." The force of her entrance threw the queen onto her face with a scream.

"YES!" The warrior was thrusting hard. Her own need being satisfied as she lifted her long left leg over the left side of her bard, her sex hitting the bard’s upturned cheek. "What am I doing, Gabrielle?" she asked breathlessly.

"You're... fucking me... gods...." came the muffled response. Xena dropped down on her hands. She banged her leather-clad body into the writhing queen with an obscene slapping sound. Her clothed frame, drenched in sweat, pumped against the naked one beneath her.

"Are you... going to... come for… me?" Xena shifted her weight to her left side and took a handful of blonde hair with her right. Yanking the face around to meet hers, she kissed her forcefully. Both groaning long at the feel. "I asked you if you… were going… to... come… for me?" she repeated against whimpering lips. With no response, she stopped the thrusting.

Gabrielle cried out. "YES! YES! Please don't stop."

"And you are going to tell me when?" Xena placed the bard's hands back on the wooden posts with a silent warning not to let go. Holding on to the quivering cheeks, she began moving in and out again. Watching the glistening object disappear... and reappear... disappear... reappear. Xena was way too close. She didn't think she could wait for Gabrielle. With one hand, she reached underneath and attacked the drenched clit.

"XENA! Don't stop... don't ever stop...."

Thank the gods! Xena was there, it was a matter of seconds. "NOW... I'm… coming... now..." Two names filled the air as bard and warrior found ecstasy together. Gabrielle collapsed under the weight of the bucking body and waited ‘til the movement stopped to wiggle free. But Xena wasn't finished yet.

Gabrielle found herself being repositioned in a spread-eagle fashion, her warrior kneeling between her outstretched legs, trying to catch her breath. Gods, she looks beautiful. She watched the beads of sweat rolling into Xena’s delicious cleavage and longed to lick them away. Her breasts were pushed up and together in the too-tight shirt. Her nipples were so stiff, they were visible through the thick leather. She was a sight to behold. The queen was still in desperate need of her warrior. She longed to feel those wet, pink lips wrapped around her aching breasts.

Xena took the leather phallus and tucked it into the open ties if her pants. The bard’s breath caught. The carnal look on her warrior's face as she stroked the wet object made her heart bang in her chest. The feel of the cool air blowing across her hot sex, and the need to feel Xena's powerful hips thrusting between her legs, caused her to shiver and growl.

Xena started out of her haze at the sound. She moved closer to the source of her need. Grabbing the slim hips and pulling them close, Gabrielle wrapped her legs around the tense back, and Xena ripped open her shirt and pulled her tight against her naked stomach to feel the wetness. The sensation of sticky curls against her skin was like a spark. She adjusted her hands to hold the firm, round flesh of the queen's backside and pushed herself against the flowing sex.

The sight of her warrior's breasts exposed and proud made Gabrielle's mouth water. She groaned. She wanted to taste every inch of the soft skin. Xena had not allowed her the privilege of feeling her flesh and it was driving her crazy. To make matters worse, she couldn't try in this position either. She could feel the hardness rubbing along the crevice of her cheeks as they moved against each other.

Xena moved one hand to the small of the bard’s back and, with the other, she splayed her fingers on the slick stomach and buried her thumb into the wetness. Gabrielle lifted herself up on her forearms. The sensations traveling through her like a flame. She watched as Xena's thumb made contact with her clit. The warrior moaned and the bard groaned; both shook with need. Xena adjusted her weight, increasing the tugging and pushing of her phallus against her sex. She leaned over Gabrielle's shoulders and rested her weight on her hands. The motion of her hips, mashing her stomach against the slippery lips, the feel the soft hairs brushing the underside of her breasts, this was too much sensation for the overheated woman.

Looking into the green eyes right then proved to be a mistake as she jerked suddenly and shuddered in orgasm. Feeling Xena tense and climax only made Gabrielle want her more. She fell back on the bed and draped her legs over the warrior's shoulders. That was as magnificent a sight as Xena had ever seen. She was smearing her face up and down in the sweet nectar without knowing how she got there. Her tongue floated all around, never stopping too long in one place. Gabrielle begged, pleaded and swore. Xena wouldn't listen. She licked and kissed her way down the sensitive thighs, stopping where they rested on her shoulders and nibbled her way back to where she started. She fingered and pinched painfully hard nipples till her bard screamed. "What do you want Gabrielle?"

"Gods, Xena... if you don't take me... NOW. I'll die!"

She leaned over with the tip of the phallus just touching the hard button. "Take you where?" She rubbed it gently back and forth, making the bard wiggle beautifully.

"Uh." was all the queen could say. Xena loved what she was doing to the bard and she had certainly paid her back for Amphipolis already. But she couldn't give this up. She smeared the leather toy with the abundant juice.

Putting her hands under the queen's knees, she moved until she was right over Gabrielle's face, bringing the legs on her shoulders with her. Hesitantly, she poked the dildo between Gabrielle's lips. "Taste what you give me." Xena watched the tongue cleaning and licking and growled from the middle of her soul. Whoa, she thought. She is incredible. Completely open and willing to let me do anything I want. A surge of adrenaline flowed quickly through the warrior. She began moving her hips, pushing more into the bard’s mouth. Gabrielle's eyes were filled with want. Xena pulled back and sat on her heels between the open legs. "Well?"

"Please, Xena," the bard whimpered and writhed.

Xena's heart pumped hard. "Please what, my bard?"

"Please fuck me, warrior... Hard."

On hearing those words spoken with such need, Xena plunged all the way into the dripping queen. Force of habit had fingers digging deeply into the warrior’s flexing buttocks trying to pull her entirely inside. Xena didn't move, but just dropped her head down and relished the feelings. Gabrielle was trying with all her might to set her lover in motion. When her hands let go of the muscular flesh and wrapped themselves in sweat dampened hair, Xena retaliated with the same. She yanked her head to the side and growled "Let go!"

The queen was near tears with need. She put her arms over her head and begged. "Please... baby, please... Xena!"

The warrior's lips curled into a smirk and she slowly moved her hips. She stayed in her rhythm, excruciatingly slow, teasing the Tartarus out of her woman. Gabrielle grasped the pillow under her head and squeezed her eyes shut. She tried to lift her hips and thrust hard, but a strong hand held her pelvis down. "Tell me..."

All she had to do was tell Xena. Her mind was frantically screaming, but it wasn't reaching her mouth. Inhale then speak, that's all. Breathe, she thought. The woman between her legs was dripping sweat onto her naked body; it was driving her crazy.

"Come on Gabrielle. What do you need from your warrior?" Xena ground her hips harder against her clit, then returned to the slow, leisurely torture. "Tell me."

The bard took a long shaky breath. "I need... my warrior... to fuck me." It was a strangled whisper, but it would have to do.

"I am fucking you, baby," Xena breathed into Gabrielle's ear, making her whimper and shake, the leather pants creaking and sliding on her wet skin.

"Harder... I need... my warrior to... fuck me harder."

Black hair brushed across over sensitive breasts before teeth closed around a nipple. Xena pulled back and slammed into Gabrielle, then she slowly pulled out and did it again.

"Gods! Xena! You are... trying... to KILL me!"

The warrior chuckled around the nipple she was biting and said, "It's harder, my love. You said harder." The phallus appeared slowly than vanished in a hard thrust.

The amazed bard watched blue eyes twinkle. "Faster... harder. AND FASTER!" She managed through a clenched jaw.

Xena resumed her kneeling position, grabbed the incredibly tense buttocks, and smirked, "All you had to do was ask."

Gabrielle growled and then screamed as her warrior began to fuck her brains out. "YES!" she screamed, her hips being helped in motion by strong hands on her ass. Xena bent over, her hair covering their faces. Sweat dropped onto Gabrielle's face and chest. Their lips met in a kiss long overdue. They fed off of each other's breath, swallowing each other's grunts.

"Touch me," was mumbled down into a sweet mouth and smaller fingers stilled the swaying breasts. Teasing and pulling and twisting rock hard nipples until the older woman nearly screamed with pleasure. Xena's groin tightened with each groan and whimper from the woman beneath her. Arching her back, she looked past the hands on her breasts to the triangle of reddish gold hair and the shiny dildo sliding in and out, framed beautifully by the puffy wet lips. "Oh, Gabrielle... I love you so much." The bard was filled with the need to give everything to her warrior and she knew what to do.

"Top, baby... over," was all she could pant, but Xena knew what she meant. In a flash, Gabrielle was straddling her lover’s hips, her breasts bouncing up and down in the warriors hands, whose hips rose to meet every thrust above her. The bard wasn't far from coming and she knew Xena was not far behind. The wet sounds of their fucking, with the deep grunts and moans of her lover, were going to put her over the edge. She stopped bouncing and was completely filled, rolling her hips against the soaking wet leather covering her warrior. Xena had already started muttering and biting her lower lip, she was seconds away.

Gabrielle ground herself harder and grabbed Xena's face with both hands forcing her to look into her eyes. "Xena, look... what I'm giving you..." The bard moaned a long "Xena," and began to jerk her hips wildly against her love. "Mine."

Xena's hips surged. She groaned loud and started to shake. She stared into the green depths as she came, her mouth open but no sound coming out. Gabrielle latched onto the parted lips and continued to shudder with her warrior. Finally after many aftershocks passed, Xena was able to free herself from the bard's depths. Unable to resist, she put the tip of the dildo to her lips. When Gabrielle saw this, she joined the warrior in cleaning her juices from the leather. Xena growled and yanked it away from the bard's mouth.

"Please, Gabrielle, I haven't got the strength."

"What?" Green eyes looked innocently at blue.

"If you do that again, I will have to give an encore performance."

Gabrielle nodded. "I see. And that would be bad... how?"

Xena couldn't believe it. She was supposed to have ravished the bard to exhaustion. Surely she must be sore?! "Gabrielle, it might kill me." Green eyes looked down, eyebrows scrunched in thought. Xena was in shock. "You aren't actually considering the options are you?"

"Well, Xena, I haven't tasted you yet. I hardly think that's fair. I let you taste me when I fucked you." The warrior had to laugh. Loudly. This whole night, as intense as it was, didn't phase the little red head. I should have tied her down. I should have used my whip. I should have taken her at the feast... on top of the table... just thrown everything on the floor and the Hades with everyone. Ripped her clothes off and... and... phew, is it hot in here?


"Hmmm." ...and take her right there... making her beg for it...

Gabrielle untied the rest of the warrior’s leathers, threw the boots across the floor, and peeled off the pants. The bard licked her lips as the scent of Xena was allowed to escape the confinements. Mmm, this outfit is a keeper. "So, can I taste you now?"

Xena was astride Gabrielle's face in a heartbeat, and for quite some time after. By the time the sun was high, they had tasted, touched, humped, and rubbed every part of each other. And Xena, fortunately, did not die. Although by the sounds coming from the hut that night, many Amazons would have sworn to it.

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