By D.virtue

“ Xena I didn’t mean to do that, it just slipped out.”

“ Right, but it doesn’t matter, I learned some things about her, that makes me
want to get to know her more, so thank you.”

“ Xena, we didn’t come here for you to find a plaything.”

“ Gabrielle I resent that you would even say that to me, I see your jealousy
is greater than I thought.”

“ I’m not jealous.” Gabrielle said with a slight pout, and denial in her

“ Right. Gabrielle this was a hard decision for me to even think about bedding
with someone else, and you were the reason for that, but now I see you don’t
want me with anyone. What if I told you I wanted to get back with you, what
would you say?”

“ I’d say yes.”

“ Why?”

“ Why what?”

“ Why would you want to get back with me, when it was you who broke up with

“ Because I made a mistake.”

“ Maybe, but I don’t see how you could want me back, I mean I have not changed
in my outlook all that much?”

“ because I want you back.”

“ Well Gabrielle, right now I just don’t believe you, I think you only want me
back because someone else has attracted my attention and you can’t deal with
it, well I’m sorry Gabrielle, while I don’t know where my relationship will go
with Kiara, I am interested enough to find out. I’m sorry if that hurts you,
but it’s how I feel. Gabrielle You have to accept the choices you make in
your life, I didn’t want to ever be apart from you before we crossed over into
a relationship, yet alone lose you as my lover. But I will settle for you as
my dearest friend, if Kiara wants to give this a try, if she doesn’t, which I
would understand considering what she was told and saw initially, Then I will
accept that and we will leave here and go on as the friends we are.”

“ Xena Please?”

“ Gabrielle what do you want from me? I gave you all that was me, and it
wasn’t enough, there’s nothing I can do about that, I’m sorry. Tonight you
will sleep in your own room, if you need me I will come to your room and sit
in a chair and stay with you until you go to sleep. Now I’m going to go check
outside to see if there is a way to get around on foot. I’ll be back in a
little while, if the hospital calls, please tell them to call the on call DR.
if I’m not back before?”

Gabrielle simply nodded her head as tears ran down her face, and when she
thought Xena had turned to leave she fell over on the bed and buried her head
in the pillows.

Xena had a pained look on her face as she had looked back, but now she turned
and truly did leave the room as she shook her head. Xena went to go outside,
but then she ran into Renna and decided to ask her if there were anyway to get
around on ice.

“ Yes, their called ice skates.”

“ So where do I get some of these skates?”

“ In your storage closets.”

“ Storage closets? Why would I have Ice skates in there?”

“ Because I thought that it would be easier to plan for any contingency.”

“ I see, well show me where this storage place is?”

“ Okay.”

“ Is this it?”

“ Yes.”

“ Well get the skates.”

“ I planned on it, seeing how you don’t know what they look like?”

Xena smirked and then held the door as Renna went inside to get the skates.
After a few minutes she came back with two skates, and handed them to Xena.
Xena looked at them and narrowing her eyes she checked the blades on them and
found them to be sharp, but not as sharp as her sword, and she thought the
blades were too long for the ice outside, but she new how to handle that.

Xena took the next 20 minutes to file down the blades, but told Renna, to buy
her another pair just in case.

“ No Problem, here, I thought maybe you would wear them down quickly, so....I
bought more than one pair.”

Xena smiled and took the second pair and threw over her shoulder, then she put
the first pair on that she had filed down and had Renna coach her on how to
use them, after about 5 minutes Xena was whizzing around as if they were her
natural feet.

Xena skated over to Renna and told her to tell Kiara that she would be back in
a while, and also to make sure that Gabrielle and Kiara didn’t get into

“ What do you mean?”

“ Gabrielle is having a little problem with the idea of Kiara and me.”

“ You mean she’s jealous?”

Xena pinched her lips together, and then looked back up at Renna.

“ Yes.”

“ Why, have you and Gabrielle ever been involved?”

“ Yes. Now I don’t want to talk about this anymore right now, just make sure
that they don’t get into anything.”

“ Alright, wow, you are full of surprises. So where are you going?”

“ I’m going to go to some of the curio shops and see if I can find out

“ But you don’t even have a name?”

“ That’s okay, right now I don’t really need a name, just knowing that this
person is into rare things helps a great deal.”

“ But he’s not going to sell such a thing knowing what power it holds?”

“ No, but he may have a friend who doesn’t, but has a shop to store it in, it
has to be in a place that has a constant temperature.”

“ Okay, but even if you find such a place, you can’t take it out in whether
like this?”

“ True, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves, first we have to find it. So
I’ll be back in a while.”

“ Alright, but do you know how to get there?”

“ Yes, I memorized the maps you gave me, I can now get anywhere I want to
go,I’ll see you later.”

Xena then turned and sped down the street at a speed that amazed Renna, she
was going so fast she looked like she had disappeared. Xena made it to the
first curio shop within ten minutes.

“ Hello, may I help you?”

“ Yes I’m trying to see if you have seen anything like this before?” Xena said
as she showed a picture of the stone to the elderly woman.

“ No, I haven’t seen anything like that. Can I ask you something miss?”

“ Yes.”

“ How did you get here? I mean with all of that ice out there?”

“ I skated. How did you get here?”

“ I live above the shop. I opened just in case someone wandered in.”

“ I see. Well thank you, I need to get going.”

“ Well you be care out there. Oh, and about that piece your looking for, try
on 3rd street, Mavis’s shop, she and her husband stay above their shop also,
they seem to have a much larger selection of collectibles. Matter of fact,
wait right there.” The woman said as she turned and went into another door and
after a few minutes came back and handed Xena a piece of paper.

“ What’s this?”

“ It’s a list of the most exclusive curio shops, and their addresses and
computer information, as well as the not so good ones, these shops tend to
work with a lot of seedy type people. It can be dangerous dealing with these
shops, they tend to have...connections.”

“ Connections??”

“ Yes, people who eliminate threats to their business, or themselves. The
shops are run by people who work for someone with a lot of power, but no one
has ever seen the person/s, not even those who work for them. The only thing
that is known about one of them, is that at least one of them is a male.”

“ A Male? “

“ Yes.”

“ Do you know where the headquarters of this one person is? Or where he might

“ No, but Mavis and her husband may know, they’ve been in this business a lot
longer than I have.”

“ Thank you, Thank you.”

“ I hope I helped?”

“ have believe me, thank you again. You said 3rd street right?”

“ Yes.”

“ Goodbye.” Xena called as she went out the door the elderly woman was holding

The woman watched as Xena flew down the street and around the corner almost
like lightening striking. The woman gasped at the sight, and then she smiled

“ I knew there was something special about that young woman.” The woman then
turned and closing the door she went back to what she had been doing.

In the meantime, Xena skated to third street, unhindered by anyone or
anything, the city looked deserved for all intense and purposes. Xena finally
arrived at the shop the elderly woman told her about, but when she went to the
door, she saw the Closed sign up in the window.

“ Damnit!” Xena exclaimed out of frustration, she felt like she had a
legitimate lead and didn’t want to have to wait to follow it up.

With that thought Xena looked into the window to see if she saw anyone moving
around inside, she didn’t see anyone, but she figured that someone had to be
there considering their home was atop the shop, so Xena rung the doorbell and

Mavis and her husband were up in the home looking over some things they had
just gotten two days ago, when they heard the bell.

“ Was that the bell honey?”

“ I think so? But who would be out there on this stuff?”

“ I don’t know, but it must be someone who wants something desperately?”

“ Maybe? It could be some drugged out person who wants to steal from us?”

“ Let’s just ignore it.”

“ But it’s obviously important?”

“ I don’t care, this is the first time we have had a break in more than two

“ Alright then, I hope the persons not foolish enough to stay out there too

“ I hope not either, but it’s their choice, now where were we?” Mavis said as
they went back to what they were doing, and ignored the doorbell.

After three rings of the bell, Xena decided to accept that the people were
either asleep, or ignoring it, so she decided she would come back when the ice
melted, or at least when the roads were taken care of, although the shop was
on a side street, it would probably be impassible for a while.

Xena cursed to herself, and then turned and headed for home, she figured why
go any further with her search, if this one could give her the leads she
needed, so she skated home, not as fast, but still fast enough to make it
there in 30 minutes.

Xena entered into the house and took off the skates, and placed both pair on
the floor next to the door, she then headed for the den where she heard

“ Gabrielle how long had you and Xena known each other?”

“ a few years, we travel everywhere together, literally.” Gabrielle added for
emphasis’s, for Kiara’s benefit, as she answered Renna’s question.

“ How long were you two involved?” Kiara asked.

Xena thought that was the perfect place to interrupt.

“ I’m back! How is everything here?” Xena asked leveling her gaze on

“ Fine, did you find out what you were looking for?”

“ I think so, I have some good leads to follow up on.”

“ Great! Then maybe we’ll get done so we can leave?” Gabrielle said excitedly
at the thought that they would be able to leave sooner than they had figured.

“ Leave? Where are you going?” Kiara asked surprised by the news.

Xena gave Gabrielle another hard look and Gabrielle rendered her a sweet
smile. Xena inhaled discreetly as she calmed herself, she would talk to
Gabrielle later, but right now she had to deal with Kiara.

“ Kiara come with me.” Xena invited.

Kiara stood for a moment looking at Xena with uncertainty in her eyes, until
Xena asked again.

“ Please?”

“ Alright.” Kiara said as she moved to walk with Xena into another area of the

“ So where are you going?”

“ Home.”

“ Why? You don’t like it here? I mean you just arrived, you even bought a
home, and haven’t even started working at the hospital officially yet and your
already about to pack it all in and leave?”

“ I know it sounds unbelievable, but we only came here to locate something.”

“ And once you do, you’ll leave?”

“ We’ll have to.”

“ Why?! Why can’t you stay and send Gabrielle back home with whatever it is?”

“ Because I want to go home as well.”

Kiara turned away and walked to the window to look out as she crossed her arms
over her chest and held herself.

“ Kiara.....I realize this is a big surprise to you, and I’m sorry about that,
I didn’t mean for......”

“ What about us?!” Kiara asked as she turned to look at Xena.

“ Kiara, we barely know each other, you’ll forget me soon enough.”

“ Don’t tell me what I’ll forget or remember. I thought you wanted to see if
we could develop our relationship?”

“ I did, I mean I do, but that takes time, and I don’t think we have that much
of it, and even if we did, maybe it’s not a good idea anyway? I mean with me
leaving sooner or later.”

“ Maybe you won’t want to leave by then?”

“ Maybe? But I would anyway.” Xena stated matter-of-factly.

“ So you would leave me high and dry just like that, just because of

“ Kiara I wouldn’t have a choice.”

“ We always have choices, that I discovered the hard way.”

“ I know, but it’s not as simple as that.” Xena said trying to explain without
explaining the actual facts.

“ Tell me this, would you and her get back together if you went back home?”

Xena pinched her lips as she shifted to her other foot, then she looked at
Kiara and answered her.

“ I don’t know.”

Kiara looked back out the window as she sighed a frustrated breath, then she
asked Xena a question as she continued to look out the window.

“ If I ask you something, will you tell me the truth?”

“ Yes.”

“ Do you love her?”

“ Yes.”

Kiara glanced out the window again without moving her head, and then she
looked over at Xena again the same way.

“ Who’s idea was it to break up?”

“ Her’s.” Xena answered honestly.

Kiara then turned to face Xena squarely, and after a moment or so, she lifted
her eyes to look up at Xena.

“ Do you want to get back with her?”

“ Right now, I can tell you the answer would be no, but I don’t know how I
will feel when I return home, and being in a familiar place with someone so
familiar to me, I honestly don’t know. But....” Xena added as she lifted Kiara
head up to look her in the eyes again. “ But, I know it would take a lot for
us to get back to that love if my feelings for you developed any further,
especially if I fell in love with you.”

“ Could you do that? Fall in love with me?” Kiara asked unsure of her standing
with Xena.

“ Yes. But it would take time, and I’m afraid we just don’t have that.”

Kiara gave a half hearted smile, and Xena returned it with empathy in her
eyes. Xena then kept her gaze in Kiara as she lowered her head to kiss her.
Kiara watched as well until their lips met and she closed her eyes and Xena
increased the intensity of the kiss, and before long the two were moaning into
each other’s throats.

Kiara pulled back after long moments, but Xena wasn’t through so she raised a
brow at her and pulled her back and held her tightly around the waist as she
ravaged the woman’s mouth. Kiara was feeling light headed as a result, and
finally Xena broke their embrace and Both she and Kiara were breathing hard.

Kiara then said through her breathless state, “ Well maybe we can try this
anyway and see what happens?” She then slowly lowered herself down Xena’s
clothes covered body, and slowly running her hands up Xena’s muscular thighs,
she watched Xena’s reaction, as her hands moved slowly upwards.

Xena watched Kiara with desire filled eyes, but also uncertainty, as Kiara
continued caressing her way up between Xena’s thighs.

Kiara’s hand disappeared under Xena’s leather skirt, that was her clothing
from her time, only without the armor, it looked just like any other leather
fitted outfit. Xena’s breathing increased as did Kiara’s as she saw Xena’s

When Kiara’s hands touched Xena’s undergarment and pulled it down with one
smooth motion, both their breaths caught in their throats. Xena turned herself
so that she was now braced against the window. Kiara then brought her hands
back to the soft dark triangle and begun caressing through it.

She moaned at the slickness she felt and her excitement increased so much so
that she ducked her head underneath Xena’s skirt and before Xena knew it,
Kiara had located her peak and was licking and sucking feverishly. Xena
gripped the windowsill with her hands as she leaned back on the window and
spread her legs further apart for Kiara to have better access.

“ Ah......Kiara......your so....zealous...Gods!! “ Xena gasped as Kiara worked
her to a frenzy.

Xena begun moving her hips as Kiara held her position using those same
gyrating hips. Kiara moaned as she felt Xena’s excitement increasing with her
efforts, she slipped her tongue down and into Xena’s blossom, and worked
almost possessively at bring Xena to ecstasy.

Soon Xena’s body stiffened and Kiara felt the contractions of Xena’s internal
muscles as they begun to spasm around her tongue. Kiara forced her tongue to
move during Xena’s orgasm, thus intensifying the effect. Xena held Kiara’s
head there until her orgasm as completely past, not that Kiara had planned to
move anyway, but it was just something Xena always did with her lovers who
pleasured her in that way.

After Xena’s ecstasy had ended, she let go of Kiara’s head and leaned back on
the window sill to rest until she could catch her breath, Kiara in the
meantime came back to her feet as she wiped the excessive juice from around
her lips with her fingers and then slipped it into her mouth and sucked the
digits clean.

Xena watched her impassioned and after a moment to fully catch her breath, she
grabbed Kiara and turned her to against the window and she planted a kiss on
her that made Kiara go weak in the knees, she then used her hands to knead
Kiara’s breast through her clothes, and pinching the nipples somewhat hard,
Kiara yelped and Xena leaned back and looked at her, but did not loosen her
hold on the now tightening peaks.

After a moment, Xena abruptly let go of them and slid her hands under Kiara’s
dress and she pulled off Kiara’s underwear. Kiara gasped and just as she was
about to relax again, Xena unbuttoned the top of Kiara’s dress and lifting up
the bra, she sieged the taut golden peak.

Kiara was breathless already from the kiss and things, now she was panting as
Xena sucked and at times bit hard on her overstimulated nipples.

“ Pleaseee.....Xena?”

Xena lifted her mouth off of the protruding tip and purred.

“ Please what Kiara?”

“ Please take me?”

“ No, your a virgin. “ Xena answered as she went back to enjoying the tip that
was playing around in her mouth.

“ AW!!! PLEASEEEE?? I’m sooo........I need you.......”

“ What do you want me to do Kiara?” Xena asked already knowing what her own
plan was.”

“ I....Pleaseee....?” Was all Kiara could manage through her now overwhelmed

“ Would you like for me to return the feeling?”

“ YES!!”

“ Okay.” Xena said as she sucked for a few more minutes on the peak and then

Kiara was now near delirium as her hips moved her womaness against Xena’s
thigh, that she was straddling, which Xena had positioned there purposely.
Xena felt Kiara’s humidity on her thigh and she let Kiara move against it for
a few minutes, until she thought Kiara was getting carried away and trying to
bring herself to release.

Xena abruptly removed the pleasuring instrument from between.

“ NO!!” Kiara shrieked as she felt the painful lost.

“ Yes, I don’t want you bringing yourself to release, not unless I say that’s
what I want, but right now, I will do that, but not like that.” Xena purred as
she felt the woman trembling as a result of the lost and her words.

Xena then after a moment slowly lowered herself and slipping her hands
underneath the dress once again, she felt the flood of excitement, and she
spread the nethers with her strong fingers and held them apart as she then
used her thumb to tease the nub.

Kiara was moaning and moving against the strong firm provocative thumbs, and
just when she thought she would have no problems reaching the ecstasy that was
right on the edge, Xena suddenly sucked the peak into and out of her mouth.
Kiara nearly jumped out of her skin at the new touch, but Xena held her in
place with her other large hand on her hip.

Xena teased and sucked and caressed the peak until it was pulsating in Xena’s
mouth. Xena knew Kiara was about to peak so she removed her mouth from the nub
and slipped her tongue deep into Kiara’s womaness.

Kiara’s hips begun gyrating uncontrollably, as her womaness was devoured by
Xena’s skilled touches and tongue. Kiara had never felt anything close to the
sensation, despite having been touched there by her ex-boyfriend. Kiara’s mind
went blank as her body stiffened and then shook almost violently as her
ecstasy covered Xena’s flexing tongue.

After a few minutes, Kiara’s body went limp and if it had not been for Xena’s
quick hands, she would have fallen to the floor. Xena laided the panting young
woman on the floor gently and laid next to her and soothe her until her
breathing slowed and became regular.

“ My Goodness Xena, I’ve never felt anything like that.” Kiara exclaimed once
she had caught her breath.

Xena smirked and simply said, “ I have many skills.”

“ And I want to learn all of them.” Kiara sparkled as she looked up at the
smiling eyes of Xena.

“ Maybe you will.....if your good.” Xena stated.

Kiara flashed a coy smile at Xena, who gave a gentle smile in return. After
the two recovered from their encounter. They redressed and straighten
themselves up, although Xena was too concerned about straightening herself,
but she did it for both Kiara’s and Gabrielle’s feelings. She did not want to
embarrass Kiara, but she also did not want to hurt Gabrielle, by the
perception of flaunting Kiara in her face. So, she straightened herself up as

Kiara then casted a gaze at Xena and Xena leaned down and kissed the woman
sweetly. Xena then pulled away and with a seductive voice she asked, “

“ Hmm..yes.” Kiara answered softly.

Xena and Kiara went back to the den where Gabrielle and Renna were still
talking, when the two of them came in, Gabrielle didn’t even acknowledge there
return, instead she kept talking. Xena noticed the shun, but didn’t say
anything at that moment, she figured she would talk to Gabrielle later.

The phone rung, and Xena answered it.

“ Yes?”

“ Dr. this is Dr. Coleman.”

“ Oh, hello Dr. Coleman, what can I do for you?”

“ We didn’t get a chance to meet the other day, and now it maybe a few days
before we do, but I wanted to call you and tell you that I have the new
residents all working at the hospital, covering for the practice, I will be
available to them should they need me, I am here at the hospital right now, I
arrived when it was just raining, and I stayed to be available to the
residents, I realize you will only be working as more of an administrator at
the practice, and then only part-time, but I wanted to call and at least
introduce myself to you and let you know that I have told the answering
service to not disturb you unless I ask for them to. You don’t officially
start at the hospital until next week, so you should at least be free of any
distractions while you get settled with other things. Just know that the
residents are well in hand, and it has been a pleasure to speak with you.”

“ Thank you for calling Dr. Coleman, and it was very nice to speak with you as
well. Thank you for letting me know what the situation was with the residents,
I think it is wonderful training for them. Good job.”

“ Thank you, I’m glad you approve, it is an honor to be working with you
although it is limited, but I’m sure we will get along fine. Have a nice
evening, Goodbye Dr. Xena.”

“ Goodbye Dr. Coleman. If you need me, just call.”

“ Thank you I will, bye.”

Xena then hung up the phone and stood with a thoughtful look on her face.

“ What is it Xena?”

“ Nothing Renna, at least nothing that has to be dealt with right now.” Xena
answered as she strided over to the couch where Kiara was sitting.

Xena sat back on the sofa and crossed her long legs as she spread her arms
along the back of the sofa.

“ Was everything alright with Dr. Coleman?” Gabrielle asked sincerely.

“ Yes, he just called to introduce himself to me and to let me know what the
Residents were up to, he has them working at the hospital during this icing.”

“ Oh, well, I’m glad to hear that.” Gabrielle said as she came to her feet and
went to stoke the fire a little.

“ Kiara do you mind if I ask you something?”

“ Of course not Xena, anything.”

“ Anything....” Gabrielle mumbled to herself in disgust at Kiara’s kissing up
to Xena.

“ What was that Gabrielle?” Xena asked pointedly.

“ Hmm? Oh, nothing, I was just talking to myself.” Gabrielle answered as she
glanced at Xena for a moment and then back to the fire she had finished

“ Fine. Anyway, Kiara have you ever dealt any antiques?”

“ Xena?! Can I talk to you please?” Gabrielle asked anxiously.

“ Is it important?” Xena asked somewhat put off by Gabrielle’s behavior up to
that point and the fact that she thought it was just another ploy of
Gabrielle’s to provide a way to keep her and Kiara from getting together.

“ Yes. Please?” Gabrielle asked more cordially.

Xena sighed and then looking at Gabrielle for a moment longer she finally
decided to see what Gabrielle wanted.

“ Excuse me Kiara, Renna.” Xena then stood up and walked over to the fireplace
where Gabrielle stood with her back to the other two, and her arms crossed
over her chest.

“ Yes Gabrielle?”

“ Xena I know you like her and things, but I don’t think it is a good idea for
you to get into anything about our mission here, with her, no telling what she
will do, especially if she were to find out that we’re not from here. I think
your letting your hormones runaway with you.”

“ First of all Gabrielle, my....Hormones are well in hand, secondly she’s not
going to find out anything that I don’t want her to know about this mission, I
just want to know if she knows anything about antiques, and where she shops
for her’s if she does. So don’t worry.”

“ Well I do, I think your just using any tool at your disposal to get closer
to her, just to get to me. Well if that’s the way you want it Xena, then fine,
do whatever you want, you will anyway.” Gabrielle said in a loud whisper. she
then turned and stormed out of the room without a second glance.

“ Gabrielle! Gabrielle?!” Xena called after her, then she gritted her teeth
and cursed to herself.

Gabrielle stormed out of the room past Renna and Kiara, Renna called after her
in confusion.

“ Gabrielle? Are you okay?”

Gabrielle didn’t answer she just left the room and went to her bedroom and
closed the door and then sat on the bed and cried. Kiara looked after
Gabrielle for a moment, but then she turned her gaze on Xena.

“ Is everything ok Xena?”

“ Yes Kiara, just fine.” Xena said as she sat back down on the couch and
rested elbows on her knees, as she sat forward and rubbed her chin in
frustration at the way Gabrielle was acting.

“ I’m sorry if I upset her.”

“ It’s not your fault, she’s just going through some things.”

“ Yes, I can tell.” Kiara said as she glanced at the empty doorway that
Gabrielle had went through.

That evening Renna offered to make dinner. The dinner was civil enough, but
Xena could feel Gabrielle’s eyes on her, as well as Kiara’s. After dinner
Gabrielle offered to cleanup. Renna offered to help but Gabrielle said she
would take care of the dishes.

Gabrielle took her time cleaning up, so much so that Kiara and Renna had
turned in for the night. Xena on the other hand debated whether to go and talk
to Gabrielle or scold her. She decided to go and talk to her.

“ Gabrielle we need to talk.”

“ I don’t want to talk to you, I just want to get what we came here to do
done, and go home.”

“ Then what Gabrielle?”

“ I won’t bother you anymore, we can go our separate ways.”

“ What are you saying Gabrielle? You don’t want to travel with me anymore
because of what might happen between Kiara and myself?” Xena asked astonished.

“ Yes! I can’t stand the idea of you and her together, I want you back, and I
am willing to do whatever you want me to do to achieve that, but I can’t deal
with the thought of you and someone else, you were absolutely right, I am
jealous, and it’s eating me up inside to admit that to you, but I hate that
she’s in this house and you and her are together during what you and I only
should be.” Gabrielle cried as she dropped her head and let her tears fall
into the cooling water.

Xena stood shocked and amazed by Gabrielle.

“ I can’t believe you would do this to me Gabrielle? You know how I felt, all
of this time since you broke up with me, and yet you never said anything to me,
you let me believe that you truly didn’t want a relationship with me anymore,
despite how long it took for me to even decide to take you as a lover, I
always felt that I wasn’t good enough for you, because of my past, but I
thought you had gotten over all of that, but then you tell me that I’m too
negative in my outlook on life, knowing it’s how I have always looked at life,
I thought if anyone could except and get past that, then it would have been
you, but let me believe you had gotten past it and then one day
we wake up and I’m feeling desirous of you, but you decided to tell me you no
longer want to be with me, and that our relationship wasn’t working, I ask you
not to break up with me, but you had already made up your mind, and then you
just jump up out of our bed and start packing. Do you know how I felt? Do you
realize the pain you caused in me, the scar that you left on my heart that
day? That day you walked out of our home and went back to your parents. I was
lost for months afterwards, I felt every emotion, I wanted to lash out at
something or someone, but I didn’t want to hurt any of the Amazons, so I left
as well I buried the pain of that day, those months deep inside because I
didn’t want to feel anything like them again. When you came back and told me
you wanted to travel with me still, but as my friend, I couldn't refuse you, I
still loved you with all of my heart, and even though I could not touch you
and hold you in my arms, it pained me every time I felt like it and couldn’t,
I still couldn’t turn you away, it was better to have you as my friend than
nothing at all, I accepted that, but I never stopped hoping, not until I met
Kiara, and now you tell me you were wrong, well Gabrielle, your right, you
were wrong, and while I still love you and will always have feelings for you,
I think I am going to focus on Kiara, I’m sorry if that hurts you, I realize
it is not what you wanted to hear, but it’s what I have to do....for me, like
you left me, for you. I hope when we get back you don’t feel the same way, but
I will understand, and although it will hurt to be without you as my friend
walking with me, I will deal with the lost as well, once again. I do love you
Gabrielle, I always have, but I think your being childish and selfish. Now,
would you like me to help you finish with the dishes?”

“ No.” Gabrielle said as her tears continued to roll, but she did not look at

“ Very well then, good night Gabrielle.” Xena said as she turned and left the
kitchen, she did not look back, although she knew Gabrielle was watching her,
and hoping she would.

The next few days Xena and Kiara got to know each other better, and by the
time the ice had melted enough for car travel, Kiara had fallen in love with
Xena. Xena’s feeling for Kiara had also deepen. The moment Gabrielle realized
she could leave the house, she jumped in her car and headed out. She did not
tell Xena where she was going or when she would be back. She didn’t tell Renna

“ Xena I don’t know where she went, I didn’t even hear her leave, she must
have left early this morning.” Renna said as she found her keys to her car.

“ I don’t believe her! Sometimes I feel like just putting her over my knees
and giving her a few good licks, and I may just do it when she gets back,
Damnit!” Xena swore through her teeth, and then she shook her head and focused
on Renna. “ Renna, if you hear from her let me know.”

“ Of course I will, I don’t understand why she would do this?”

“ Because she’s angry at me, but that is no excuse for behaving like a child.
I will see you later Renna, it’s been nice having you stay with us, I’m glad
you decided to, otherwise it would have been really hard on Gabrielle.”

“ Your welcome, it was my pleasure. I can hear it in your voice you do love

“ I do, I don’t want any harm to come to her because of me, I would never
forgive myself.”

“ I’m sure she’s fine, she’ll probably be home later tonight.”

“ I hope your right, otherwise I will have to go look for her.”

“ I believe you would search this country for her.”

“ I would search the world for her, just to ease my mind that she was

Renna smiled sympathetically, and then said, “ I know. Well I have to go, but
if you need me just give me a call or beep me and I’ll call you right back.”

“ Alright, drive careful.” Xena then turned and went back inside.

“ Xena is everything alright?”

“ No, Gabrielle ran off this morning.”

“ Ran off? You make it sound like she ran away from home or something.”

“ I know it does sound like that, but she didn’t leave any note or anything,
and that’s not like her, I’m just worried she might get into something she
can’t handle.” Xena explained as she went and stood by one of the living room

“ Xena she’s a grown young woman, I’m sure she will be alright.”

“ Maybe.” Xena said quietly as she moved a stray strand from her face.

“ Xena, I can’t help but feel like you won’t be able to focus on anything or
anyone until you straighten Gabrielle out, she’s very possessive of you, and I
can’t understand why, she’s the one who broke it off, and now that it looks
like you found someone else who truly cares for you and is in love with you,
someone who accepts all of you, and doesn’t want to change a thing about you.
Xena I love you, and I long for the day when you spend even half as much time
thinking about me, as you do about Gabrielle’s feelings. She made her
decision.” Kiara stated with some disappointment sounding in her tone.

Xena didn’t look at Kiara, but her voice was gentle and caring, despite what
she had to tell her.

“ Kiara she wants me back.”

“ Wh....what?”

“ She wants me back.”

“ do you know that?”

“ She told me the other night.” Xena said as she finally looked at the woman.

“ What did she tell you?” Kiara asked searching Xena’s indigo’s.

“ She told me she made a mistake in breaking things off with me, she said she
wants me back and would do anything to make that happen.”

“ Well.....I see, she’s determined isn’t she?”

“ Yes.”

“ So what did you tell her?”

“ I told her the truth, I told her that I loved her and will always love her,
but right now I had to see where things went between you and I.”

Kiara looked at Xena unsure, and Xena assured her by nodding her head.

“ Oh! I’m so glad Xena, I will not let you ever doubt whether you made the
right decision, you have, and I will do everything I can to prove that to you,
Oh I love you so much! Thank you for trusting me.” Kiara exclaimed as she
wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and kissed her all over the face, and
finally coming to a stop at Xena’s lips where they kissed for long breathless

Xena wrapped her arms around Kiara’s small waist as she let the young woman
take her mind off of things for a while. While the two were up in Xena’s bed,
Xena found herself thinking about deflowering Kiara, she slipped her long
strong finger into Kiara’s ready portal. Kiara arched her back as she gasped
at the entrance, Xena pushed in only so far, then she pulled almost all the
way out, only to repeat the action.

Kiara tried to push herself against Xena’s finger, but Xena pulled out
everytime she did. Then finally she told Kiara why she kept doing it.

“ Kiara, I will take you when I think it is the right time, although I am
tempted to make this the right time, Gods know I want to feel all of you, but
I don’t think this is the right time, so if you don’t want me to stop, I
suggest you stop trying to force your me to deflower you by accident?”

“ I’m sorry Xena, I just want you so badly.” Kiara gasped as she felt Xena
renew her controlled thrusting.

Xena kissed Kiara as she felt the woman’s body stiffen, and then felt the
warmth of Kiara’s ecstasy covering her finger, as the muscles contracted
spastically, against Xena’s finger. Once Kiara’s ecstasy had ended, Xena
slipped her finger out of the young woman’s portal and continued to kiss Kiara
as the woman’s body went limp, and she curled against Xena’s warm embrace.

Xena laid in the bed holding the woman, who too her surprise fit like a glove
in the curve of Xena’s body,just like Gabrielle, the two stayed in bed the
whole day making love to one another, and finally Kiara fell asleep for the
night. Xena however slipped out of the bed and writing a note to Kiara she
dressed and went to look for Gabrielle.

Xena searched throughout the night for Gabrielle and only returned home,
because she did not want Kiara to wake up alone come the morning. After Xena
and Kiara had breakfast, Kiara said that she had to get home to get dressed
for work that evening.

“ That’s fine, I will talk to you later, you have a nice shift.” Xena
whispered to Kiara as she walked her to her car and then just before Kiara sat
down in the driver’s seat, she turned and wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck
once again and planted a kiss on her.

Xena caught her around the waist and held her close as she kissed her back.
Xena then leaned back and looked into Kiara’s eyes and with a smile she gently
told her she had better get going. Kiara smiled back and agreed and when she
had started her car, she let the window down and said to Xena.

“ I do love you Xena, I hope you want change your mind?”

“ I know you do Kiara, get going, I’ll see you later, but give me a few days,
alright? ” Xena assured the woman.

“ Alright, bye.” Kiara then put the car in drive and drove off.

Xena waved after her and then she scanned the neighbor with her eyes, and then
she went back inside of the house.

“ Gabrielle where are you?” Xena asked to the empty room.

That evening Xena went out again to look for Gabrielle and still she had not
found her. Xena went out looking for Gabrielle for the next four days and

“ Zeus!” Xena called out inside of her house, wanting to speak with the God.

“ Xena what is it? Have you found the stone yet?”

“ No, but I have a lead to where it is, but that’s not why I called you, I
want you to make a little change in my career.”

“ What sort of changed?”

“ Rather than me being a Dr. here, make me just a diplomatic visitor here,

“ I can do that, but you will still have the knowledge of a Dr.”

“ Fine.”

“ You’ll still have all the people you have met still know you, but they will
know you as the Diplomat rather than a Dr who has her own practice here in the
states, you are still renowned for your teachings of medicine, but you no
longer have to worry about taking care of any patients, you will be an
observer, but when you speak, others will continue to listen because of your
status. Now what about Gabrielle?”

“ She likes working at the nursing home, I think it should be something that
allows her to continue in that mode, maybe even still at the nursing home, yes
make it at the same nursing home.”

Ok Xena, from this point on you are no longer just a Dr. but a diplomat, you
have no responsibility to the hospital, they only expect you to stop by and
visit their facility while your here, Gabrielle will remain as a volunteer at
the nursing home of the hospital. Your residents are now under the direct
supervision of that Dr. Coleman.”

“ Good, now that gives me the chance to meet more people who may have
knowledge of the thief.”

“ It’s done Warrior.” Zeus said as he sent Xena back.

Xena now decided to go and follow up on the lead she had originally found
prior to Gabrielle disappearing. Xena knocked on the door of the Antique shop
and waited for the owners to come and open it.

“ I think you should take you shotgun and go and check, just in case whoever
it is, doesn’t think no one’s home and breaks in?”

“ Alright, but you stay back.”

“ Okay, okay, go ahead.” Mavis said as she pushed her husband towards their
bedroom so he could go and get the shotgun.

They then eased their way down the stairs that lead to the shop, and just as
they came into the shop Mavis hit the lights and her husband called out to the
person outside.

“ Whoever you are, I warn you, I have a shotgun and I know how to use it!”

“ Sir, My Name is Xena, I am here because I was told you may have some
information that could help me.” Xena explained.

“ Honey open the door, it’s a young woman, she’s probably half frozen out
there.” Mavis told her husband, who still had a reluctant look on his face. “
Open it!” Mavis commanded. Her husband sighed and then went and unlocked the

“ What type of information?”

“ Honey, move so she can come inside, please dear, forgive my husbands
matters, he’s so protective sometimes that he forgets them?”

“ I understand, I am the same way with my love ones as well. Thank you for
opening your shop to me, I know you haven’t opened back up yet.

“ Well is a little strange for someone to come to the shop when it
is closed, but evidently you have a very good reason?”

“ Yes, I’m trying to either locate this item, or find the person who may know
where it is located? I was told that you two have been in this for a while?”

“ It’s true, almost 30 years. So, your looking for this item?”

“ Yes.”

“ Why?”

“ It’s a sentimental thing.” Xena said keeping the truth to herself.

“ Oh, well I understand that, that’s how I got into this in the first place.”
Mavis stated as she looked at the picture again, and then handed it to her
husband to look at it.

“ Well I have never seen anything like it, but I know someone who might know.”

“ Anything will help.”

The woman stepped back a moment and taking a good look at Xena she shook her
head. Xena’s brows knitted at the concern look on the woman’s face.

“ Is there a problem?”

“ Well, there might be, I mean, now that I look at you closely it’s obvious to
see how beautiful a young woman you are, and that concerns me.”

“ Why? what has my looks got to do with any of this?”

Mavis’s husband had walked over to the door to make sure he had locked it and
while he was checking it, he looked out the door window and saw the tags on
Xena’s car.

“ Your a Grecian Diplomat?” He exclaimed when he saw the tags.

“ Yes.”

“ Oh, my dear, then I really couldn’t tell you, it would be too dangerous.”

“ Not to mention a Diplomatic incident, if something happened to you.”

“ Nothing will happen to me, I can more than take care of myself, please if
you know anything, I would really appreciate the help, as will my country.”
Xena said showing a bigger picture.

“ Oh, this is for your country. Well why didn’t you say something?”

“ I thought I did.” Xena said flatly.

The woman smiled, and then begun to tell Xena.

“ There is a man who lives outside the city limits, he stays in a bug house,
you can’t miss it, he tends to know of things that the rest of us don’t, she
has a boss who set her up with the house and her business, and all she has to
do is front for him. She has many rare antiques that only she has.”

“ Her boss somehow accumulates them from places and brings them back to her to
appraise and store for him.”

“ She’s very charming, but as deadly as a snake, her boss is worse.”

“ How does one get into to see this collection?” Xena asked knowing the way
she use to do things in her time.

“ You have to be invited.”

“ Okay, how do I get an invitation?”

“ You have to know someone in order to get in, and the best person to know is
the woman in the house, but if not her then at least one of her close circle
of confidants.”

“ Ok, you wouldn’t happen to know what type of place they visit at times?”

“ Yes, it’s a restaurant down on Madison, it’s about an hour’s drive from
here, it’s real expensive, and very nice. She spends sometime there when she
wants certain company.”

“ What type of company?”

“ She has a taste for.....well let’s just say other beautiful women.”

“ Oh, I see, that’s why the concern look crossed your face. Well don’t worry,
I can take care of myself quite well. Is there anything else I should know?”

“ Not really, just watch out for all of the spying equipment in the
bedchambers as well as throughout the house, everything is wired, and there is
always someone watching everything one does while inside of the house, as well
as all of the guards outside. Just be care dear?”

“ I will, and thank you for the help.” Xena said as she gave the elderly
woman’s shoulder a little squeeze, thanking her for the concern. Xena then
turned and headed out.

“ Oh, honey, I hope she will be careful.” The woman said to her husband.

“ I hope so as well.”

Xena drove back to the house to rest for a bit before she set out to look for
Gabrielle again, and hoping she wouldn’t have to. When her car drove up the
driveway she saw the lights on in the house. Her heart leaped for joy at first
with the thought that Gabrielle had made it home safely.

Xena went inside the front door and was met by three men with knives.

“ Well, well, looky here guys? Isn’t she quite a looker, maybe we can have
some fun, other than just stealing?”

Xena took in a deep angry breath at the thought of the men being in the house
for one thing, and it not being Gabrielle for the other.

“ guys broke into my house huh?” Xena asked with narrowed eyes as she
had already decided in what order she would take the guys out and how quickly
to get finished with them.

“ Why not? You didn’t have any alarm system, so we thought it was perfect.”

“ Well I don’t need an alarm system, now I suggest you GUYS be on your way,
before someone has to get hurt?”

“ hahahahaha, listen to this woman, she’s trying to play super woman. Well
super woman, I don’t appreciate being told what to do, I never have, not even
in the joint, and now that I’ve escaped from there, I’m not about to let some
woman tell me what to do.”

“ Aha, so you guys are not only dump thieves, your stupid ones, well so be
it.” Xena said as she stepped slightly to the side of the doorway.

“ I’ll teach her a lesson she won’t soon forget.” One of the men said as he
charged at Xena.

Xena easily deflected the man’s knife that was aimed at her chest and with
quick touches he dropped the knife to the floor as he went to his knees
holding his hand and wrist in pain, the other two men was stunned by it, but
they were harden criminals so it only made them hesitate for a moment, then
one of the two remaining men begun swinging wildly at her with the knife,
hoping to catch her anywhere.

Xena easily dodged every swing and then when he lunged towards her, she turned
out the way and caught him at the back of his neck and he went down and out
like a log, next to the crying man, who looked through his tears at the fallen

“ Why you.....” The third man shouted as he pulled out a second knife and
begun twirling them in his hands with practiced ease.

Xena recognized that he probably had been practicing, and had probably used
them on someone before and would do it again if given the chance. The man came
at Xena trying to slash her. He shot out his hand once with the one knife, at
Xena’s neck, then the other with the other knife.

Xena dodged all of them and then when the man charged, Xena flipped up and
over him and landed a solid kick to his head as he fell hard into the door,
head first. The man was out as a result and Xena went and got some rope and
tied the three criminals up. Then she went and called the police.

After about 5 minutes the police showed up and started taking the men out of
the house. Xena sat in the living room and just watched the whole scene from
the sofa chair she was sitting in. Her long legs stretched out in front of her
as she sipped on a glass of wine.

While the police was taking the men out and putting them in the cars,
Gabrielle drove up, and jumped out of her car after parking it.

“ What’s going on?”

“ Who are you miss?”

“ Gabrielle, I live here. What happened?”

“ These three escaped convicts broke in and were surprised by the other woman
in the house, she really is something to have taken on these three murderers.”

“ Is she alright?”

“ Yes. I have to get going, good night miss.”

“ Yes, thank you.” Gabrielle called after the police officer.

Then she turned and ran inside of the house to check on Xena.

“ Xena?! “ She called as she threw her coat on the rack and went in search of
Xena. “ Xena?! Where are you?”

Xena sat and watched Gabrielle search for her, as she sipped her wine, and the
anger she felt at Gabrielle for staying away for four days without so much as
a word. Gabrielle finally made it to the living room and when she saw Xena
sitting there as if nothing was happening, she sighed with frustration and

“ Are you alright Xena?”

“ I’m fine Gabrielle, considering you’ve been gone for four days without so
much as a word, no consideration for my feelings what-so-ever, considering
what I thought when I first walked in this house, and found three strange men
here instead of you, it was the only time I was actually relieved that you
we’re here, they would have hurt you, but what do you care about what I think,
you disappeared and didn’t think about it, so why start. I’m going to bed, I’m
tired from all of the searching I did, looking for you, on top of trying to
find the stone so we can get out of here. Oh, and I spoke with Zeus, I’m a
diplomat now just visiting, your still the volunteer, since it seems you were
enjoying it.”

“ Your not a Dr. anymore?”

“ I’m still a Dr., but I have no business practice here, I am just a diplomat
with all of those accolades I had, but I have no patients or interns, and no
responsibly to the hospital, although they expect me to come and visit while
I’m here.”

“ So does that mean....that you and Kiara never met?”

“ You wish. No, everyone still knows me for whatever their experience was with
me, it’s just that now it’s as a Diplomat rather than just a Dr. So, sorry to
spoil it for you Gabrielle. Good night.” Xena sneered as she strided past
Gabrielle and headed upstairs to her bedroom.

The next morning after crying all night, and Xena hearing her, Gabrielle was
up early and had made Breakfast for the two of them. When Xena came down, she
expected to find a disagreeable Gabrielle, but instead Gabrielle, was contrite
and quiet.

“ Good morning Xena, did you sleep ok?” Gabrielle asked with some uncertainty
in her voice, not sure of what Xena’s response would be.

“ Morning Gabrielle, I slept alright, how about yourself?” Xena asked

Gabrielle knew Xena heard her crying, not that she intended for her to, but
with Xena’s hearing she was sure to have heard her.

“ I’ve slept better. Are you hungry? I made breakfast, some of your

“ Why Gabrielle?”

“ Because I wanted to show you that I was sorry for how I have been acting,
I’ve been a real jerk, and you don’t deserve to be treated like that, I was
wrong at every turn and I am truly sorry Xena. I hope you can one day find it
in your heart to forgive me, I just couldn’t deal with the thought of you and
Kiara together, rather than you and me. It’s hard for me to accept it, but if
you can give me a little time, I’m sure I’ll come to terms with it?”

“ Xena Stood on the stairs where Gabrielle met her, she cocked her head at the
young woman in front of her, and seeing the sincerity in Gabrielle’s eyes,
Xena decided it would be better to take one step at a time with everything.

“ Okay Gabrielle, I forgive you, and I do accept your apology, but don’t ever
leave this house again without telling me where your going, do you understand
me?” Xena scolded.

“ Yes, perfectly, and it won’t happen again, I’m sorry I worried you.”

“ You did, and you should be, you know I thought about turning you over my
knees when you got back and giving you a few good licks.”

“ Really?” Gabrielle said as she blushed at the thought of being whipped by

“ Hmm, interesting.” Xena said as she glanced up and down Gabrielle, and the
blush that colored her.

Xena then stepped around Gabrielle and headed for the dining room to eat
breakfast, as she went, she called over her shoulder.

“ Gabrielle?”

“ Yes Xena?”

“ I still haven’t decided whether or not I shouldn’t take you over my knees,
it will depend on you, and your behavior.”

“ Are you serious Xena?”

Xena stopped walking and looked over her shoulder back at Gabrielle.
Gabrielle’s breath caught when she saw the serious look in Xena’s eyes. Xena
realized she got her point across and turned and continued her stride to the
dining room. Gabrielle let out the breath she was holding and finally

Xena sat down in her chair, but Gabrielle remained standing as she begun to
fix Xena’s plate for her, then she handed to her, followed with a small smile.

“ I hope you like it?”

“ I have always liked what you cooked Gabrielle.” Xena answered honestly.

Gabrielle smiled again and then poured Xena some milk to drink with her
breakfast, she then sat down made herself a plate. Xena didn’t initiate any
conversation but she accommodated Gabrielle with whatever conversation she
wanted. Xena was for the most part watching and listening to Gabrielle, she
was waiting for Gabrielle to show what she really was up to, so she just

“ So Xena?”

“ Yes Gabrielle?”

“ Did you find out anymore information on that lead you had?”

“ Yes, but it’s dangerous.”

“ So when has that ever stopped us?”

Xena smirked at the comment and then answered.

“ Never. But we don’t have the type of weapons that they have in this time,
therefore it makes it more dangerous than usual.”

“ But that’s been balanced out by the gift that Zeus gave us, so that we
wouldn’t be hurt.”

“ Maybe, but the risk of being hit by a bullet, will still hurt like all
Tartarus.” Xena warned.

“ Okay, so how will we do this?”

“ Well, first of all we have to get invited to some woman’s house, she runs
the rare antiques collection for a none seen guy of some sort.”

“ Ok, how?”

“ She has a particular taste.”

“ Oh, what?”

“ For beautiful women.”

“ Really? Wow, so how do we go about meeting this woman?”

“ Actually I was just thinking about me.” Xena said thoughtfully as she
watched Gabrielle come out of her chair.


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