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Uber Warning: This story is an Uber. These characters are based on the TV show Xena Warrior Princess.

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23:00 HRS

A Black Hawk Helicopter was coming in for a landing as a camouflaged Humvee pulled up. A soldier leapt out from the helicopter, carrying a satchel. The figure approached the parked vehicle and passed the bag through the passenger seat window, then returned to the awaiting copter. The copter hovered above the clearing for a moment, then turning and exited to the east.

The Humvee drove away with its headlights and disappeared into the darkness.

A lone figure was standing in a clearing aiming a large Stinger missile at the copter. The shooter lifted the five ft. barrel, locking on its target and fired.

The pilot attempted a counter measure and dropped a Chaff flare, which exploded deploying a cloud of tiny metallic fragments. The Stinger missile passed by it ignoring this attempt to attract it and continued onward towards its heat source. Then the pilot attempted a map of the earth, this consisted of hugging the landscape in order to lose any missiles. The Black Hawk passed by another ridge, when the missile struck the body and it exploded. Blowing the chunks of burning metal, the heavy rotor and tail section all to the ground.

09:00 HRS


I reached up, fumbling for the snooze button and finally pressing it. Silence…yes… I curled up into a fetal position and went back to sleep.


I thought I heard something…


“DAMNIT…” I growled, picking the phone up and barked out, “WHAT!”

A female voice responded, “Taylor?”

I was still half asleep and sighed, “Yes, can I help you?”

“It's Valerie, Mike's girlfriend…” the voice nervously stated, “He told me to call you if anything were to happen-”

Waking up instantly upon hearing my brother's name and interrupted her, “What's wrong with MIKE?”

She blurted out, “Well, I know this sounds a bit crazy…but I had this dream…”

“Calm down, Valerie…take a deep breathe and exhale.”

She did as I asked and continued, “I saw his copter go down and there was this explosion.”

“It was only a dream-”

“He went on a late maneuver last night and hasn't came back yet.”

I sighed, feeling a bit relieved. “Well, sometimes maneuvers can take-”

Valerie sobbed and agreed, “I know…but I have this bad feeling.”

“Maybe he's out drinking with his buddies,” I suggested.

“He wouldn't do that without telling me first,” she stated and continued, “He always called me, even if was for only a moment.”

Another voice in the background spoke up, “OH, GOD! Valerie, look at this!” The volume on the TV was raised as a late breaking story aired.

Valerie gasped and her soft whimpering was heard.

I shot out of bed, turning my TV on and changed the channel to CNN. “What's going on Valerie?” I further inquired.

“THUNK!” the sound of her receiver hitting the floor.

“VALERIE!” I shouted out as something from the TV caught my eye.

Footage of the wreckage from the downed Black Hawk was being telecasted. Part of large rotor was wedged between two burning trees. The camera panned closer and revealed the carnage of twisted metals, smoldering seats and finally resting upon a burnt helmet. Fire fighters stepped into the view and were putting the remainder of the flames out.

The female reporter announced, “You're watching live footage from a downed Black Hawk. Reports from witnesses say that they heard a loud explosion before the helicopter crashed to the ground. Repeating for those who just tuned in, a Black Hawk crashed east of the Nellis Air Force Base. Sources say that this type of helicopter carried a crew of three.”

Another reporter inquired, “Are there any survivors?”

The reporter shook her head, “Officials here reported that they recovered the bodies of the three crew members.”

“Do we have to names of the crew?”

“I'm afraid not…they won't releasing the names until the families have been notified.”

I stood there stunned, watching in utter silence, as my gut grew heavy with dread. Until Valerie's sobs jerked me back into reality. I brought the phone to my ear and called out, “Valerie…” Nothing…pick the damn thing up. “Valerie, we'll talk to when I get to town,” I informed, hanging the phone up. I sat the phone down next to a framed picture, then picking the frame up and stared at.

The picture was of us at a paintball tournament. We were both wearing our 1st place medals and jerseys that read 'U.S. CHAMPIONS'. His hair was shaved short and dyed bleach blond. He always wanted to be a surfer. He had his arm draped over my shoulder, pulling me closer for the photo and a smirk to boot. My arm was wrapped around his waist as I brushed back my black tresses out from my eyes. God…that was only six months ago. I laid the picture down, wiping a lone tear from cheek and entered the restroom.

I flipped the light on, turning the faucet on and leaned over to splash some cold water myself. This can't be happening… “Be optimistic Tay…” I muttered to myself, finally looking up and into the mirror. Reflecting the image of a beautifully bronzed, 6ft Amazon, wearing a white tank top with the words 'GIRRLS RULE' and blue silk boxers. My baby blues stared right back at me, revealing the inner turmoil that I had locked up so along ago. You were all I had left- “TAY, get a grip…” I ordered myself, taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly. Focusing on what I needed to do first, which was to get dressed.

“DING DONG!” echoed throughout the house.

My heart skipped a beat as my stomach knotted itself. I grabbed a pair of sweatpants and put them on as I headed towards the front door. I fought back my tears, pulling the door open and solemnly greeted, “Hello?”

Two Army officers dressed in their class D's were standing before me. One was a Chaplin Rogers and the other was a Lt. Colonel Danpart.

My heart stopped.

The Lt. Colonel spoke up, “Can we speak to a Taylor Rineheart?”

I swallowed hard and finally responded, “That would be me.”

“May we enter?” the Chaplin inquired.

I nodded, opening the door then closing it as they entered.

08:00 HRS

A young woman stepped into her office carrying a stack of folders, a large cappuccino and a banana nut muffin. Ah…another day, another evolution! Dropping the folders at on the desk, taking the muffin and the drink over to the window. She stood there feeling the morning rays washing over her skin and popped a chunk of the muffin into her awaiting mouth. It's only been two months since the divorce. She noticed her reflection in the window. Revealing a striking blond with very short hair as her emerald eyes stared off into the distance. I'm starting to get used to-



A brunette entered, carrying a folder and greeted. “Good morning, Dr. Evans.”

She was an average looking woman in her mid twenties wearing a navy blue skirt and a white dress shirt.

Turning to her assistant, “Sally....”

Sally placed the folders next to the computer, “I'm sorry Sam.”

“Have you seen Dr. Andrews?” Sam asked, picking the folder up and glancing through it.

“Not yet,” she replied. “His assistants are in lab# 1 getting it ready for the presentation.”

“Wait…the serum wasn't stable enough.”

“Oh, Dr. Andrews left a message for you…” Sally informed, “Have you checked your messages yet?”

Sam shook her head no.

“Okay,” she said and enlightened, “We have an hour before everyone gets here.”

“Good, gives me some time to go over these reports.”

“Alright, Sam…” Sally said, leaving the room.

Sam sat down behind her desk, turning the computer on and waited for it to boot up.

A black screen appeared and in bold red letters in the center screen it read 'Voice activated'. She spoke into the mike, “Chakram”

Her voice pattern appeared on the screen. The computer searched in its database for the matching pattern and found it. Then it typed, “Good morning Samantha Evans. You have 3 new messages.”

Sam typed her code in and her first message appeared.

19:00 HRS


I performed the final test on the serum DAX 232. I know you wanted to be here, but I thought I'd surprise you. It passed with flying colors, no degeneration of the cells like last time. Anyway, I'll talk to you in the morning.

D. Andrews

22:30 HRS


I know you don't want to see me now, but I really wanted to tell you that…I LOVE YOU and I want to be part of you life. Please forgive me…I've learned my lesson and I know now that you're my soul mate. Please, contact me. I want to talk to you.


“What in the hell?” Sam grumbled, “I knew I should've changed my address…” She struck the delete button and sighed, “Delete this!”

19:30 HRS


I've decided to move the presentation up. I'm having it this morning at 9. I hope you'll see to our guests until I get there.

Thank you,
D. Andrews

I didn't think this would happen so fast…I know the test I did yesterday failed miserably. Something wasn't right. DAX 232 was unstable, it would degenerate the diseased cells and grow new ones but…after five minutes the cells would mutate-

“Sam, we have guests.”

“Great…” she glanced down at her watch and it read 8:30 am, “A bit early…”



“I'm comin'…I'm comin'…” I muttered, wrapping a towel around myself and picked the phone up. “Hello?”

A male voice greeted, “Hey, Taylor…”

Recognizing it as my father's FBI partner and long time friend, “Jack, I see you got my message.”

“My condolences, Sweet pea…” his voice strained, “Mike was good kid and hell of pilot.”

“Thanks…” I said, holding the pain back and finally locking it up. “Did you find anything?”

“Well, it was confirmed that he was on a late mission…” the rustling of papers was heard over the phone and he continued, “They picked up a Lt. Colonel West and transported him to Edwards Air Force Base.”

“That's in California, right?”

“Yes, at 22:30 hrs Black Hawk # 2531 landed safely at the base. The logbook is now missing and the CID is all over the place. They're keeping a tight lid on everything.”

“Thanks…” I revealed, “Jack, my guts tellin' me there's something more.”

“I know, Hon…” he assured, “I'm waiting for some transcripts from the air traffic controller in Las Vegas. Maybe, they'll shed some light.”

“I hope so…”

“I'll do what I can…” he said, “I'll keep an ear out for anything.”

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, “Thanks.”

“Sweet pea, take some time off…” he advised, “I know how hard you work.”

“I will,” I replied, nodding. “I'm going check some things out.”

“Taylor…” he drew my name out, “This is a CID case-”

I nodded, “I know…”

Realizing that who he was talking to, “Well, be careful…okay?”

“I will,” I assured.

“If you need anything, just call.”

“I will, Jack…” I said, “Thanks for everything.”

“Your welcome, Sweet pea.”


“This concludes our tour of Dr. Andrew's Research Lab,” Sam informed, looking over at her two guests. “Do you have any questions?”

The tall man to her left was wearing a dark blue Armani suit and silently stood there. He glared at her for a moment and abruptly stated, “No…”

Great…love that attitude. She turned her attention to the person on her right and finally observed her. Reading the nametag on the General's jacket 'Dakota'. I've never met a female General before- a beautiful one at that. I guess everyone's right… there's something about a woman in a uniform, ESPECIALLY this one. She's my height…a plus. Her legs- hell her body, toned and tanned. Humm…her brown eyes- they seem familiar, yet dark. Sweet Jesus…what am I thinking? “An you Ma'am?” she inquired, praying that she wouldn't be like Mister Attitude.

Gen. Dakota felt the young Doctor's eyes upon her, flashing her a smile and replied, “No thank you, Dr. Evens”

“Sam!” she blurted out. Did I just my shout name?

Gen. Dakota just stared at her.

Shit, I did…now she thinks I'm a psycho. Sam spoke up, “I mean, you can call me Sam.”

She enlightened, “Only if you can call me Liv.”

A smile grew on Sam's face, “Sure, Liv.”

A cell phone rang.

“It's not mine,” Sam informed, looking over at Liv.

The General shook her head, no.

Mr. Attitude stepped away from them, pulling his phone out and answered it.

“Boy, he's not very social…” Sam expressed in low voice.

“Lawyers never really are,” Liv remarked with a smile, “Unless you have money.”

Sam chuckled at her. A sense of humor…WOW. That's three plus's for her.

Liv grinned at her, observing this young creature.

“Liv, would you like some coffee?” she asked.

“That would be nice.”

“Follow me,” Sam said and led her to their break room. She pulled two Styrofoam cups out and poured some coffee in each.

The Lawyer entered the room. He approached the coffee machine and procured Sam's cup. “Where is Dr. Andrews?” he growled, “Doesn't he know that we have schedules to keep?”

“I'm sorry, Mister-”

“Gloom,” he revealed.

“Mr. Gloom, you need to calm down…” she advised, pouring herself another cup. “I'm sorry about Dr. Andrews tardiness, but I have no control over it.”

“That's quite all right…” Liv assured, grinning. “Daniel's entitled to have his quirks.”

“Ditto to that.”

“Maybe for you General…” he remarked, “We're paying your salary.”

Liv stepped forward, facing this idiot and glared into his dark eyes. Full-fledged coward… “Lucky for you that I'm in a good mood…” she informed, lowering her voice. “Or there would be one less Lawyer to deal with.”

He retorted, “I'm not afraid of you.”

She mischievously grinned and decreed, “You should be…all it takes is ONE phone call and OOPS your gone.”

“You wouldn't-”

Liv shrugged, “Mr. Gloom, people disappear everyday…”

He started to say something, but kept his mouth shut and high-tailed it out of the room.

I'd hate to be on her bad side. Sam finally spoke up, “Well, that was interesting…”

“I detest cowards…” Liv uttered under her breathe.

She changed the subject, “So, how long have you known my father?”

“About year and half or so.”


“Yes, two please and bit of half-in-half.”

“Alright,” Sam nodded, finishing with her drink and held it out. “Here you go.”

“Thank you,” she said, taking the hot drink and sipping it slowly.

“Your welcome…” Sam flashed a smile toward her. *FLASH* Wake up! Why would a General want to invest- “I was just wondering-”

Reading the question in the Sam's eyes and explained, “Well, my parents both died from cancer…they left me with a nice portfolio and I decided to put it to good use.”

“I'm so sorry…” Sam gently placed her hand upon Liv's arm, realizing that she had just read her mind. Nah… “I didn't mean to pry.”

I don't know why I'm telling this stranger my life. “Your not…” Liv assured, “It's a logical question.” She placed her hand upon the Sam's and squeezed. “Thank you, for asking.”

A blush overcame her as Liv's hand remained upon hers. Her whole body tingled at the contact and suddenly it was removed. Leaving an essence of such upon me…is that possible? * FLASH* Where is my father anyway?

10:30 HRS

I sprinted towards my gate and prayed that I had made it on time. Damn taxi driver…he was slower than molasses. Keeping my eyes peeled for gate 59 and accidentally passed by it. Realizing my mistake, I skidded to stop and glanced over at the board behind the ticket checkers, which read, 'flight 772 departing 10:55am'. Just made it… I removed my leather jacket and sat it on top of my black rucksack. After stretching a bit, I tucking my gray Henley into my black jeans. Then I retied my bootlace, noticing my reflection upon it and grinned. What one remembers from a military school…

A female voice announced, “Flight 772 for Las Vegas, Nevada is now boarding at gate 59. Please have your tickets ready.”

I passed the gate and entered the long corridor toward the plane. I slipped my ruck over my shoulder and stepped into the cabin.

A cheerful voice greeted, “Good morning, can I help you to your seat?”

“Mornin'…” I said, “No, thank you I can manage.” I passed the short brunette in search of my window seat. I found my isle, placing my bag in the overhead compartment and sat down. After tightened my seatbelt, I used my jacket as a blanket. Leaning my head back against the chair and waited for the plane to take off. Mike, so help me God…I'll get to the bottom of this. Then I closed my eyes for a moment and was out like a light.


Sam placed her white lab coat over her favorite dark green dress. Fits like glove… Feeling an extra pair of eyes on her, she looked over and made contact with familiar brown ones. Well, Liv…humm…I hope she likes what she sees.

Gen. Dakota had a small grin as her eyes lavished this young beauty, taking in all that she could. Until her damn cell phone vibrated. Damn it… She pulled out the phone from its belt case and answered it. “Dakota, here.”

A male voice spoke up, “General, there's been an accident.”

Recognizing the voice as her assistant, “Colonel, what kind of accident?”

“Black Hawk # 2531 crashed outside Nellis.”

“AND?” she growled, “That's why we have CID.”

“Yes, Ma'am…”

She sighed, “Colonel, is there anything else?”

“A Lt. Colonel West has requested a meeting with you.”

She glanced down at her watch and suggested, “Make it for 1500 HRS.”

“Yes, Ma'am.”

The General hung the phone up and placed it in its case. She glanced over at the Sam and apologized, “I'm sorry about that…”

“It's alright…” she affirmed, “Is everything okay?”

“Just fine…” she nodded, changing the subject. “So, will you be doing the honors this morning?”

I wonder what was that all about. She replied, “I guess so.”

Liv gestured for her to go first, “After you, Sam.”

She escorted them into the lab and began her portion of the presentation. “Our goal was to create a vaccine to kill tumor cells and regenerate new ones to replace them. Dr. Andrews sent you both regular updates on our progress and last night he was successful in his latest test. You should know that DAX 232 is a combination of 3-Aminopyridine-2-carboxaldehyde Thiosemicarbazone. ”

A lab assistant brought over a specimen dish and sat it down next to Dr. Evens.

“We were using beta rays to activate the inactive cells, causing them to multiply and devour the tumor. Our criterion for the malignant solid tumor is that it has failed more than one of the conventional treatments.”

Sally approached on Sam's left carrying a syringe of the DAX 232; a neon green liquid.

“Thanks, Sally…” she said, taking the syringe and injecting the tumor specimen. She placed it under the microscope, watching it for a moment and continued with her speech. “Here we have a brain tumor and I've just injected the serum into it,” she stated, “Within a minute we have a reaction.” Sam flipped a switch on the microscope and a small screen lit up, projecting the reaction.

The darker mass was the tumor and DAX 232 the neon green cells. The neon cells surrounded the dark mass, until it was completely covered. The tumor began to break down, within a moment it disintegrated.

Mr. Gloom remarked, “So, it did work…”

Sam nodded, “Of course…the main problem was after five minutes the cells-”

“All we care about it is that it worked,” he revealed, pulling out his cell phone and calling his client.

A gray haired gentleman rushed into the room, wearing a white dress shirt, a gray tie, gray pants and a lab coat. He was fixing his nametag, which read 'Dr. Andrews'. His green eyes instantly made contact brilliant emerald ones. Just like your beloved Mother… “I'm so sorry Samantha,” he said, approaching her. “My car broke down on the way here. I was stuck on highway 25 for last 45 minutes and to top it off I left my phone at home,” he whispered.

Sam turned around, giving him a big hug and whispered back, “Dad, it's alright…I'm just finishing up.”

“Good,” Dr. Andrews nodded, letting his daughter go and turned to his friend. “Liv, looking good as usual…” he greeted, holding his hand out. “I hope Samantha here hasn't bored you to death with all this Medical jargon. Considering it's not as entertaining as Military tactics in war.”

The General grinned at his comment, shaking his hand. “Daniel, your lovely daughter here had me captivated from the moment we met.”

Sam blushed at complement.

“She has the tendency to do that,” Daniel revealed.


Liv reiterated, “So, you said after five minutes…”

“Oh, yeah…” Sam continued on, “The healthy cells would regenerate, but after five minutes they would mutate.”

“Until I figured it out last night…” Daniel remarked, “It was a matter of the right quantity or mixture and too much caused the mutation.”

“So, it's ready for phase 2 then?” Liv inquired.

Daniel nodded, “Yes, human testing.”


Kemper Military School 1978

“I don't wanna go!”

“You have to dear,” a female voice said.

“Where's my Daddy?”

She shook her head, “I don't know, Honey.”

I was sleeping next to my mommy, when I woke up to this strange woman. She said that she knew where my daddy was. “YOU said you going to take me him!” I shouted, tears streaming from my eyes. “You lied!”

The woman apologized, “Taylor, I'm sorry…but this is for you own good.”

“Where's my bubby?”

The woman replied, “Honey, he's staying with a family.”

“Why can't I?”

“Because, you have to go to school.”


“Taylor, calm down…” she assured, “She's in the hospital, Sweetie. Do you remember what I said?”

I nodded, “Mommy's sick and that she was sleeping.”

“That's right…” she said. “Do you remember what your Mommy said to you?”

I sniffled, wiping my nose on my sleeve and recited, “Taylor, you need to be strong for me… okay? And promise me you will.”

“What did you say?”

“I promise…”

“Do strong girls cry?”

“No Ma'am,” I shook my head, wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Come on Sweetie,” she said, holding her hand out for me.

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly as I took her hand. We climbed the stairs and entered the large brick building.


I bolted up, but was held in place by my lap belt. “Damnit…” I grumbled. Great, that's all I need now…memories of Kent. I looked around the cabin and noticed the Stewardess was handing out drinks and some snacks. Good, I'm kinda hungry. I yawned, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and heard her squeaking cart stop at my isle.

“What can I get for you to drink?”

I looked up and my eyes stared into pale blue ones. I swallowed hard as I took in this striking young woman before. She was around 5' 4'', curly blond hair, tanned with an athletic build. Wow… I finally spoke up, “ A Dr. Pepper, please. I don't need a cup.”

“Sure…” she said, pulling out a can and a bag of peanuts. She passed them both to me, then leaned over and whispered, “There you go…if you need anything just call me.”

I glanced at her nametag, which read 'Amanda'. “Thank you,” I flashed a grin, flirting back. “I'll keep that in mind, Amanda.”

“Can I ask-”

“My name's Taylor.”

“Taylor, it was nice talking to you.”


Amanda pushed her cart forward and continued on with her duties.

I leaned my chair back and made myself comfortable as I stared out the window.

To be continued...

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