Lies Among Us

by Mythe



Warning: There are some graphic descriptions in this part, during some violent scenes. There are a few graphic scenes between two women...(Not too too graphic) Reader beware…

Copyright 2000 by Mythe. All rights reserved.



Lab assistants were loading a sedated Adam and Eve into their perspective cages. Armed soldiers aimed their automatic weapons at the creatures and silently watched them from afar.

“I want them examined before we transfer them to the new facility, ” a stern voice announced over the loudspeaker, “And I want the reports sent directly to me.”

“Yes, Dr. Moore…" an assistant replied back.


A middle-aged man in a black Armani suit, observed them from afar. He had short black hair, brown eyes and a stocky build. “Dr. Tepis, you actually accomplished your life's work,” he acknowledged, with a smirk. “Too bad you won't reap any of the rewards.”

“SWOOSH!!!” as a brawny male in a dark suit entered. He focused his blue eyes on the gentlemen before him. His blond hair was shaved and his suit was cut perfectly, revealing his buff frame.

“Well, Agent Turner…it's about time…” Dr. Moore stated and inquired, “How did it go?”

“The General was eliminated,” the man replied, as he approached him.

“Good,” the Doctor nodded and remarked, “Brigadier General Wright will be pleased. Considering that he's been waiting for this opportunity for awhile.”

“Is that wise?”

“The Council believes so,” Dr. Moore responded and added, “Besides, he's has family ties to them and you know how that is.”

“Did you get a chance to look at the DVD?”

“I'm afraid so…” he replied and disclosed, “And I am not happy…I'm waiting for further instructions. Until then, we are to clean up and evac our precious specimens.”


“I can't believe that Liv is dead,” Sam affirmed, wiping the tears from her eyes.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her close to me. Trying my best to comfort her, “I know, Sam…I know.”

“Why now?” she inquired, as she broke down in tears.

“I don't know…” I said, shaking my head and kissed her gently on the forehead. I replayed our last conversation and tried to figure it out. “There are always lies among us,” I repeated, wondering.


“The General said it,” I revealed and continued, “She said I needed to watch my back. Then her last words were someone close.”

“Do you know who she meant?”

I shook my head, no. “But, I believe she found out who it was…” I stated and added, “She was about to tell me, when…”

A female Detective approached them. She placed her notepad in her jacket pocket and disclosed, “Det. Rineheart and Dr. Evans, you may go now. I'll call you if I need anything else.”

“All right, Det. Smith…” I said, nodding.

Sam spoke up, “Thanks, Detective.”

“Come on, lets get out of here…” I suggested and led her to her BMW. I opened the passenger door for her, “After you.”


I waited for her climb in and closed the door behind her. I got behind the wheel, looked over at her once more and started the car up.

“This isn't over is it?”

I shook my head, no. “I'm afraid not,” I replied and shifting it into gear. I pulled out and followed the winding road out of the cemetery. The drive to Sam's apartment was silent one, which by all means was necessary. Considering that we both need to put this whole thing into perspective. I need to call Jack…maybe he'll have some info.


Sam was finally comfortable enough to fall asleep, as a soft snore passed through her lips. I was leaning against the doorframe, watching her body take in a deep breath and releasing it slowly. God, your beautiful…so peaceful. We've been through so much in a short period of time. Out of all this tragedy, I found a loving soul. My cell phone vibrated, taking me away from my thoughts and bringing me back to reality. “Taylor, here.”

“Hello, Taylor…” Jack greeted, “I found some interesting things about General Dakota.”

“Go on Jack,” I said, stepping out of the bedroom and into the living room.

“I had to promise my left kidney for this info.”


“Well, she's been known to affiliated with the National Security Association and her relationship with them was on the verge of a major break up.”

“The NSA?” I repeated and inquired, “In what way?”

“The General was working them over. She was traitor and had been under investigated for the past few months.”

“Investigated for what?”

“Espionage,” Jack disclosed and added, “They believed that she had sold some secrets to another party.”

“What kind?” I probed, wondering of there was truth behind this. “And her motive?” I blurted out.

“She was researching a new type of soldier,” he revealed and remarked, “Supposedly, it had something to do with genetics. There's a lot of money at stake here and money is always a factor.”

“Those damn Werewolves…” I grumbled aloud, remembering the horrific creatures.

“Excuse me?”

“Werewolves,” I repeated and explained, “I killed two of them in Area 51.”

“You gotta be joking, right?”

“No, I'm deadly serious.”

“Does anyone else know about this?”

“Just Sam.”

“Good,” Jack stated and advised, “The less people know of this, the better. Less chance of someone revealing it to the wrong person.”

“What about the Assassin?”

“Nothing much I'm afraid. Just that it was a professional hit.” he informed and disclosed, “Well, the good thing is that you two weren't the targets. If you were…” he paused and finished, “I wouldn't be talking to right now.”

“Well, that's nice to hear…” I sarcastically responded and added, “I'll be sure to tell that to Sam when she wakes up.”

“I'm sorry…” Jack apologized, “I didn't mean-”

I assured, “It's alright, Jack…”

“Now, that Gen. Dakota is deceased, the NSA will be closing the case.”

“Is that so?” I inquired, raising a brow at the sudden closure of it all.

“Yes,” he replied and continued, “There will be an investigation into her assassination of course.”

“I would hope so.”


Dr. Moore was sitting in the side seats, typing into his laptop.

Agent Turner sat down next to him and informed, “The specimens are fine and we're getting ready to land.”

“Good,” the Doctor acknowledged and continued to type. “We're ahead of schedule,” he stated, “The Counsel will be pleased.” His cell phone rang and he answered it, “Hello?” He patiently listened to the caller and finally responded with a nod, “Yes, Sir.” Dr. Moore hung his phone up and placed it back on his belt.

“What is it Dr. Moore?”

“We have a change in plans.”


March 5, 1989

I stood there dressed in one of my Father's black suits, which was one size larger than I usually wear. It looked good on me, as it did on him. After listening to the first five minutes of the Ministers kind words, I zoned out.

I remembered the look on Councilor Cox's face, as she pulled me out of my 5th period English class. “I'm so sorry, Taylor…” she said, handing me a note. “An FBI Agent called a few minutes ago.”

I unfolded the paper and read it aloud, “Miss Taylor Rineheart, I'm Agent Fredrik. I'm your Father's Division Supervisor. I'm afraid that your father, Agent Rineheart has been killed in the line of duty. We will be sending over your father's partner Agent Trebor and a Councilor. He's going to pick you and Michael up from school. My condolences to you both on your tragic loss. Agent Holston.” I just stood there in shock, wondering if this was just a nightmare. Praying that I would wake up and everything would be back to normal.

“Go ahead and grab your books,” Miss Cox advised, “Meet me in front of the Principle's office.”

I silently nodded, knowing full well that I couldn't utter a word, even if I tried. My skin grew clammy. I felt as though a cold breeze blew over my entire body, leaving me shivering in its wake. I guess this is how one feels when they're in shock. Boy, I could do without this thank you.

Mike flashed before my eyes and I gasped, “Mike…I have to tell-”realizing that Agent Holston probably sent him the same generic announcement as mine. “Damn…damn...double damn,” I grumbled, keeping my emotions in check. “Mike, what are we going to do now?”I asked myself, knowing full well that the empty hall I stood in represented our future. Alone and isolated, just like when I was seven.

I suppressed this as I did then and entered the classroom in search of my stuff.


I was silently sitting in the back seat, looking out the window. Agent Trebor drove the Sedan and Agent Lowe sat next to him. Agent Trebor…I should say Uncle Jack, had been around us since I was born, literally. Considering that he helped bring me into this wonderful world.

My Father told me stories about their friendship and my parts within them. Each time he would mention something new, no matter how minuscule it may be. I still enjoyed them nevertheless.

“Taylor…” a gentle voice called out to me. “Wake up.”

“Huh?” I muttered, feeling the gentle caress upon my cheek. I slowly opened my eyes and a pair of Emeralds lovingly stared back at me. “Hey, Beautiful…” I whispered, grinning.

“What's my Warrior doing out here?” Sam inquired and climbed onto my lap. You were so cute sleeping in my chair. It bout broke my heart to wake you from your dreams, but I thought you'd be more comfortable in bed. She grabbed the remote to the Large screen TV and flipped it off.

“I was talking to Jack,” I replied, pulling her body closer to mine. “I was watching inside the FBI and I guess I fell asleep.”

“Awww…” she voiced, kissing me softly on the lips. “And I bet that your back is really stiff right about now, too.”

My body was reacting to the close proximity of my Angel, stirring the growing warmth of my center. I realized that she had said something about my back and I should reply. I hadn't notice the dull ache, until she spoke of it. “A bit…”

She whispered into my ear, “How about a soothing back rub, to take your mind from it?”

A grin grew across my face, “I'd love one.”

“Good,” Sam said, nibbling on my ear.

Suddenly, I felt her busy little tongue outlining my earlobe and the ache in my back dissipated. Leaving another to take its place and this ache needed to be released. My hands slipped under her nightshirt and found what they had sought. Two perfectly round breasts, already freed from their confinements. Good, less work for me. Squeezing them gently, as my thumbs brushed over her nipples and brought them out of hiding.

Sam let out a moan and brought her lips to mine. Her tongue pushed it's way into my mouth taking the initiative and control of the kiss. I felt her hands working on the buttons to my shirt and finding their way to my breasts. She began kneading them through the sports bra that I wore.

Gotta remove the clothes…I can't wait any longer. I removed her shirt and tossed it over my shoulder. Instantly my tongue sought after a hard pink nipple, outlining the ridges around the nub and caused my Love to let out another low moan. Patience my Love…soon I'll release you. Kissing the hard nipple before my lips began to suckle her, as a newborn would. My hand gave the other breast attention as well, squeezing it gently. I wouldn't want it to think I was ignoring it, now would I? I moved to the other breast and repeated my technique, with the same reactions from my Love.

Sam had slipped her hand under my bra and was fondling my very own. “You, have way too many clothes on…” she stated, breathlessly.

I released myself from her, observing her. She removed my shirt and had my bra off in on blink of an eye, tossing it. I chuckled at the wolfish grin she had on her face and the desire in her eyes. God, if it's true that one could fall in love at first sight…then, I guess I'm one of the lucky few.

“Lookie here,” she said and decreed, “Nippy's come out to play…”

Chuckling at this cute phrase and remarked, “They're kind of shy…”

“I guess I'll have to give them my full attention,” she informed, grinning.

“I guess so,” I muttered, feeling my nipple in her mouth and her tongue flicking it from within. The familiar heat from down below spider webbed throughout my entire body. I needed her now. The animal within, wanted me to grab her and toss her to the ground. Taking her over and over, somehow I pushed the urge aside and fell back into the passive position. By now my belt had been unfastened, pants unbuttoned and they lay open to reveal my smile-faced boxers.

She pulled me closer, giving me one searing kiss and our tongues fought with each other for the power of domination. Without warning her lips left mine and she climbed off of me. No…don't leave.

Sam pulled her silk boxers off and stood before me naked as the day she was born. She read this in my eyes and assured, “Baby, I'm never going to leave you.” She kissed me on the forehead, as took my hand in hers. Pulling me up out of the chair and next to her. “Come with me,” she advised, leading me towards the bedroom.


She glanced over her shoulder at me, grinning at the comment. She stopped at the bed and turned to face me. Instantly I was relieved of my boxers and pants. “Cute boxers…” she remarked, pulling me on top of her and pressing our bodies together.

I instinctively blushed, no one's ever commented on them before. “Thanks…” Placing a kiss upon her shoulder and kissed a trail to her lips. Praying that she didn't see me blush.

“My Warrior's blushing,” she expressed, “You're so beautiful…” Sam pulled me towards her awaiting lips and we passionately kissed. She ran her fingers through my hair, as the other caressed my bare back. We broke the kiss for a much-needed breath of air and for a moment we just stared into each other's eyes.

I fell into them and the world around me didn't matter anymore. I needed this Angel, as I much as I need to breathe and to taste every inch of her body. A soft finger outlined my lips and brought me back. Hello, I was doing something…right?

“Whatcha thinking about?”

“How beautiful you are,” I replied, kissing her finger. “And how good it's going to feel, when I'm making love to you.”

This time it was her that blushed, smiling up at me. “Come here,” she ordered, pulling me in for another fiery kiss. We then began the journey towards uniting our two souls into one.

To be continued....

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