Lies Among Us

Part 14

by Mythe



Warning: There are some graphic descriptions in this part, during many violent scenes. Reader beware…

Copyright 2000 by Mythe. All rights reserved.

Thanks: To Sinjenkai…my beta reader and friend. She gave me idea for a scene (hint..hint…wink..wink). Thanks to you my loyal readers! I used my gifts that the Mother gave me to entertain you for a bit. This is the final chapter of the story and I hope you enjoy it.


After an hour or so of getting to know our host Arron and relaxing from the large meal we just had. God, I never had flan like that before! Finally, she revealed a bit her life and her relationship to our mysterious friend. Arron is an artist by trade and enjoys helping her partner out when she can. Her partner hasn't been home in while and she's anxious for their reunion. Humm…she's slipping…I've got to probe her a bit more-

Sam abruptly cleared her throat and apologized, “Excuse me…”

“Are you all right?” Arron inquired, setting her glass down on the table.

“Yes, I'm fine…it just when down wrong.”


Arron stood up, “Excuse me for a moment.” She picked up the phone on its fourth ring and greeted, “Hello?”

I place a reassuring hand upon Sam's back and noticed the tired look in her bright eyes. “Come on…let's get you to bed,” I whispered and rose to my feet.

“I don't want to stop you from-”

I shook my head, “Don't worry…she probably wouldn't tell us any more anyway,” pulling her to her feet as well, “Besides, we've both had a long day and I have a feeling that it's not over yet.”


Agent Tuner exited out of the Cessna plane, wiping the fresh blood from his hands with a handkerchief. A large grin was plastered upon his face, as he approached the Doctor. God, I love this job.

Dr. Moore had been leaning on the sedan for ten minutes now, waiting. How did this change…I'm a Doctor not a foot soldier. I'm supposed to take over Dr. Tepis' project and now I'm here. They better pay me royally for this… His cell phone interrupted his ranting and greeted harshly, “Yes?”

Agent Holston spoke up, “Fredrick, our have plans now been changed.”

“What's going on Robert?”

“You're identity has be compromised and so has mine.”

“Explain yourself…” he retorted, growing annoyed.

“Does the death of Special Agent Rineheart ring a bell?”

“What about it?”

“Someone has a copy of the original profile on YOU and proof that I've been affiliated with YOU.”

“I thought you had taken care of everything!” he roared.

I DID…” Agent Holston growled, “Never-the-less, the blackmailer wanted to meet the both of us.”

“This could be trap-”

“Well, we don't really have a choice now do we?”


Sam had me pinned against the wall, as her hands were busy unbuttoning my shirt. Her lips were upon mine and we were fighting for domination with our tongues. My hands were caressing her body, feeling the smooth material under my fingers and the warm skin underneath it. God, it's getting so hot in here. My right arm wrapped around her waist and my hand slowly moved up her back. Finding the illusive zipper and unzipping it as far as it would go. Feeling the warm flesh of my Angel's back, as my busy fingers unhooked her bra in one quick move.

“No fair…” she pouted, pulling my shirt off. Her other hand had begun to lift my sports bra up. “You have way too many clothes on.”

“I can't help it that you look so much more damn gorgeous in dresses than I do,” I expressed, helping her out of the dress and observing it fall to the floor. Her bra followed suit, as did mine. Sam stood before me in her red bikini underwear and a silky pair of hose hugged her sculpted legs. She still wore her matching high-heeled shoes, as well. “Bless it be…my hearts a pitter-pattering for ya dear,” I gasped, feeling the heat pulsing in my loins. I can't believe I just said that! I pulled her in for a searing kiss, forcing my way into her awaiting mouth. Need her…need her now. My hands were upon her firm breasts, bringing their nipples to attention with a quick brush from my thumbs.

Sam let a moan pass by her lips and she proceed to kneel before me. Her hands slid down to my waist and remained on my hips. She kissed my crotch, taking in the smell of my scent as well. “God, I love your scent Taylor…” she expressed, “Not to mention your taste…I could get off at just the thought of it.”

My God…I never knew she could talk like this- well, I just did. My juices were flowing now, as I felt the moisture moving down my inner thigh. “I need you…” I growled, between breathes. Her hands worked on unfastening my belt and finally they were on the top button of my pants. She leaned over and unzipped my pants with her teeth. Suddenly, my pants and my silk boxers were on the floor as well. I licked my dry lips, awaiting my love's next move and hoping to God that it's going to happen soon. Feeling her hot breath upon my neither regions sent my body a quivering and I had to brace myself against the wall for fear of falling.

Sam evilly smirked, as she purposely teased me. Knowing full well that she had full control over me. Her musky scent is drivin' me crazy-gotta' control myself here. Need to make her beg…yep.

I moved my legs apart, giving her more access to her goal and my need. Feeling her hot breath moving closer to my burning center. I leaned my head back, eyes closed and desperately waiting for her touch. For what seemed like forever, I finally felt the tip of her tongue upon my hard nub. My body gave out and I knew I would've fallen if I hadn't already locked my knees together to begin with. Sam's tongue quickly flicked my pulsating nub and her hand slid in between my thighs, moving slowly up. Letting a guttural moan escape from my lips, knowing full well what that hand was going to do and anticipating it.

“BAM..BAM…BAM..BAM!!” was heard through the door, disrupting our intimate moment.

“DAMNITTOHELL!!!!!” I growled between breaths, trying to focus on what I just heard, “Sam, get dressed!” I grabbed my pants, pulling them up and quickly zipped it. I then, picked up my bra and shirt, throwing them on also. “My gun…” I muttered, under my breath.

“It's in the nightstand drawer,” Sam informed, sliding into her dress. “Can you zip me?”

I removed my holstered gun from the drawer and placed it in the waist of my pants. Rushed over to Sam's aid, zipped her up and kissed her on the cheek. “Are you ready?” I asked, removing my 9mm in one swift move and slowly opening the door.

“I guess so…”

“Good,” I nodded, peeking around the doorframe. I glanced down the hall on my left and then to my right, empty. “Stay close to me Sam,” I advised, moving into the hall.

“Right behind you, Babe.”

I held my weapon out and moved towards the stairs. I slowly descended down the flight stairs, keeping my senses on alert. Glancing around the empty and very silent living room. I found nothing out of the ordinary, as I moved through the room. Too quiet… A gush of wind blew over my body sending shivers up my spine. I looked over and noticed that the front door was standing wide open. I cautiously approached the doorway and observed the splatter of blood on the wall as well as on the floor. “Damn…” I muttered under my breath.

Sam whispered, “Is it?”

“I don't know…” I replied, shaking my head. “Let's hope not.” I took a quick look out the front door and found a trail of blood leading away from the house.

The quarter moon was shone down upon the darken land, revealing sinister shadows everywhere. Glowing lamps lit the walkway path to the driveway. The sedan was parked in the driveway with its tires flattened. A body was laying facedown in a pool of blood on the sidewalk.

I followed the trail and knelt next to the body. Feeling for a pulse on the man's neck and found none.

“Who is it?”

Recognizing the profile of the dead man as our driver and grumbled, “It's the driver.” I've got to get Sam to safety. I looked over at the sedan and suggested, “Lets get to the car.” I finally noticed the tires and growled, “Damnit.”

“What's wrong, Taylor?”

“Tires are flat,” I stated, as another plan formed. “The forest,” I uttered aloud, moving across the lawn and accidentally stepped on something hard. I glanced down and recognized it as a .45 Magnum. I picked the weapon up and placed it in the waist of my pants. I reached over and grabbed Sam's hand and led her into the dark forest.

Sam stumbled and crashed into me. “Sorry,” she apologized, kicking her shoes off. “Now, that's much better.”

After we had entered the safety of the trees, I holstered my .9mm and pulled out the .45. I released the clip, checked the ammo and slapped it back in. Pulling the slide back, which chambered a round then, I held it out to Sam. “You have six rounds-”

“I don't know how to fire one those!” Sam interrupted.


She nodded, “Really…”

“Okay…no problem,” I said, pulling out my .9mm and held the .45 out for her. “Here, a Magnum has a kick…” I enlightened and placed it in her hand, “Take it.”

She looked down at the weapon and repeated, “But I don't-”

“These are your sights,” I informed, pointing to the front sight then, the back one. “You align the front notch with the back one, leveling it and squeeze the trigger. But since it's dark…just aim and squeeze the trigger. Don't pull the trigger. Be gentle with it and keep both hands on the handgrip.” I pointed to the safety and added, “This is your safety. Switch it off when you're ready to fire. Five rounds are in the magazine, which is located in the handle.” I pointed to a button next to the trigger, “This button will release your clip, be careful not to press it when you're firing. Keep the barrel aimed to the ground unless you have a target. I already chambered a round. So, you're ready to go.”

“Can you go over it again?”

“You'll do fine,” I placed a reassuring hand upon her shoulder, “Oh, by the way…”

Sam looked up at me, “What?”

“Don't shoot me,” I decreed, grinning.

“That's nice…” she remarked and pointed the weapon towards the ground.

“BAM..BAM!!” as the two rounds missed my head and struck the tree next to me.

“DAMN!” I growled, pulling her further into the foliage. We passed by a large willow tree and I quickly pulled Sam behind it. “SNAP!” as a branch was stepped on and the fall of footsteps were moving closer. “Stay,” I whispered, peeking out from behind it. Aiming my weapon in the direction of our attacker and patiently waited.

A dark figure rushed out from the shadows, carrying a .45 in hand.

I fired two rounds, “BAM..BAM!!”

The figure dropped to the ground, dead.

I paused for a moment and listened to my surroundings. The creatures of the forest were communicating to one another, but nothing out of the ordinary. Turning to Sam and warned, “We have to be careful…there's probably more Agents lurking around.”

“Okay,” Sam nodded.

“CLICK!” as the sound of Uzi being cocked.

“RUN!” I shouted, guiding her to the left away from our attackers. A spray of bullets followed us, as we headed further into the forest. Chunks of bark and foliage flew into the air, leaving a trail behind us. “Keep going Sam!” I advised, “I'm right behind you!!”

“Oh, God…” Sam muttered to herself, as she hurdled over a fallen log and stepped on a rock. “Damnit!” she grumbled, stumbling.

I leaped over it as well, grabbing my love by the waist and pulled her up. “We've gotta' get out here!”

“They're in sector 3!” a male voice shouted into his microphone.

“I'm moving…” Sam assured, rushing ahead of me. She ducked just as a low hanging branch came into view and continued to lead the way. “Watch out for the limb!”

I quickly turned and fired one round, “BAM!” It missed the Agent and hit the tree next to his head. “Damnittohell!” I grumbled and spun around. As I rushed after Sam, I realized what she had said and ducked just in time. I barely missed it by a hair and continued to follow her. She had entered a denser part of the forest, which only a fraction of the moonlight could get too. I could barely make her form out from the shadowy areas around us. “WAIT UP!!” I called out.

Sam ducked behind some trees and came across another fallen log. She climbed over it and snagged her dress on a branch, ripping it. “Shit…” she muttered, pulling it free. She took a step forward and slipped into a deep ravine.

There wasn't any sign of Sam, as I approached the rotting log. A spray of bullets followed my heels, as I dove over my natural obstacle. “Sonofabich!” I grumbled aloud. Tucking myself into a ball to dissipate my impact once more and soon realized that the ground I sought after wasn't there. “Shit!” I muttered and landing hard, “THUD!!” on my left shoulder, “CRACK!!” The wind was completely knocked from me, leaving me heaving for breath. A throbbing pain erupted from my shoulder, as well as a numbing sensation from my earlier wound. I groaned in pain and realized that I was being chased, “Damn…” Reaching up to touch my shoulder and noticed that my 9mm was missing. I glanced on my right and perceived a few feet away, a shiny glint of metal. “Bless it be.”

“SNAP!!” as a branch broke in two.

I sat up as fast as I could and lunged for my weapon, knowing full well that my attacker was in view. Please…please…let me reach-


The gun was in my hand and I aimed it towards our uninvited guest. It finally registered in my mind at what had just transpired. “Huh?” I questioned, raising a brow.

“THUD!!” as a body fell to the ground.

I turned to her and praised, “Great shot!”

“Thanks…” Sam responded, rushing to my side. She wrapped her arm around my waist and inquired, “Taylor, are you hurt?”

She helped me to my feet and replied, “My shoulder is dislocated.” I glanced around my surroundings and found a perfect tree. “Sam, can you grab the Uzi?” I suggested, “It could come in handy.”


“I'll deal with my shoulder,” I informed and moved over to the tree. I took a deep breath and slammed my shoulder into the trunk, pushing the bone back into its socket. I growled out in pain, as the grinding of my bones overcame my entire being. My legs felt like rubber and I fell to the ground in a heap. “Hellinahandasket!!!” I groaned, trying to control my anger.

“Damnit, Taylor!” Sam called out, rushing to my aide. “What in Gods green Earth are you doing?”

“Putting my shoulder back in place,” I revealed between breaths.

She laid the Uzi next to me and remarked, “You could've asked for my help you know.”

“I know,” I nodded and explained, “I'm sorry…really. Besides, I've done this before.” I climbed to my feet and assured, “I'll be fine…just give me a minute, okay?”

“All right,” Sam sighed, as she picked up the Uzi and held it out to me. “Is there anything else I should know?”

I holstered my 9mm and began to unbutton my shirt. “Well, I kinda' ripped my stitches open. I have a few cuts and bruises, but nothing life threatening,” I enlightened and removed my shirt. I made a sling for my arm with it and tried to tie it, but my wounded shoulder wouldn't hear of it. “Damnit…” I muttered, fumbling with the ends.

“Taylor,” she said, shaking her head. “Here, let me help you with that.” Sam took the ends and tied it tight; making sure that my arm was secure for now. “There, was it that bad to ask for help?” she probed.

“No,” I replied, watching her and soon realized that I was being an ass. “I'm sorry-”

“Don't mention it…that's what friends are for,” she remarked, grinning. “You save me and I'll fix you up. It's a great partnership.”

I smirked at her comment, “So, are you hurt anywhere?”

Sam shook her head, no. “Some minor scratches and bruised behind,” she replied, blushing and removed a leaf from her hair. “Remind me to wear something more suitable when we are being chased in a forest,” she sarcastically remarked.

“Sam, it will be my first priority…” I stated, chuckling at this whole situation and voiced, “I guarantee it.” I heard the sound of a helicopter in the distance and moving closer.


“Come on, partner…” I gestured, “Let's get the hell outta' here.”

“I'm right behind you, Babe.”

A helicopter flew in low, hugging the treetops on its journey past us. The spinning of the powerful rotor and spinning of its large blade disrupted the still night. Leaving in its wake, a mass of violently shaking trees limbs and sending debris into the air. Suddenly, the spotlight underneath it flicked on, bringing forth light to the otherwise dark forest.

“Lets go Sam!”


We silently approached the clearing and to my left was a dirt path-leading out. There was a parked sedan sitting there, with its windows rolled down. I motioned for her to duck down behind some foliage, as well. I began a quick assessment of our friendly NSA agents. I counted a total of seven agents altogether all dressed in black fatigues, four carried Uzi's and the other three I couldn't make out. Two were roaming, another pair stood guard outside the sedan and three were sitting inside of it.

The helicopter circled once over the scene and finally came in for a landing.

Damn…this isn't good. An overwhelming sense of danger enveloped me, as I turned around. An Agent held Sam's mouth closed and a .45 was pointed to her temple. Her eyes revealed the fear that she was experiencing as well as the terror. I was stunned and slowly rose to my feet, “Let her go.”

The Agent ordered, “Drop your weapon, Detective.”

“There, now let her go…” I placed the Uzi on the ground, along with my 9mm.

He ordered, “Good, now turn around and move into the clearing.”

I did as I was told and was greeted by the two roaming Agents. Both men were smirking, as they pointed their weapons at me. I continued to move forward until, I was stopped by a hand that was attached to brawny male. His suit was immaculate and his hair had been cut to regulation. He focused his blue eyes upon me assessing me then, moved over to Sam.

“Ahhh…the elusive Detective Rineheart and Doctor Evans,” Dr. Moore greeted, stepping out from the copter. “It's pleasure to meet the person who took on Dr. Tepis' creations.”

“Fuck you,” I retorted and received a quick punch to my gut by the burly Agent.

“Show some respect,” Agent Turner growled, squeezing my wounded shoulder.

I fell to my knees in pain, gasping for breath. The gut punch numbed to the sensation of my shoulder and I groaned. I tried my best to focus my attention on a rock, as to subdue the throbbing and my body began to tremble.

Sam tried to move to my aid, but was held tight by her captor. All she could do was look on, as tears formed in her eyes. “Taylor!” her voice was muffled by the Agent's hand.

“Forgive my partner,” Dr. Moore apologized, as he stood before me. “I'm afraid that Agent Turner's ways are a little on the barbaric.” He turned and whispered to his partner, “Have Wilson and Ore check out the cabin. I want the DVD and any evidence brought back to me.”

“Yes, Doctor…” Turner nodded then, turned and left

“Watch them,” Dr. Moore ordered the Agents, “I've got some matters to take care of. If they try anything stupid, kill them.”

One of the men spoke up, “Yes, Sir.”

I glanced up and observed the Doctor talking to another man. I squinted a bit and recognized the man as my Father's Supervisor, “Holston…” Without warning, I was savagely kicked in the gut and flipped onto my back. I held my tongue and slowly climbed to my feet. “What the…” I grumbled under my breath, as I stared into the cold eyes of Agent Turner.

“You should've of stayed out of this,” Turner growled, smirking. “I'm going to enjoy torturing you.”

“Well, I'm gonna' love the sound of your neck snapping…” I retorted, flashing my best 'eat shit and die' grin.

The Agent chuckled at the ideal threat. He sauntered over to Sam and gently caressed her check with the back of his hand. “Pretty young thing,” he expressed and revealed, “So, I'll start with your girlfriend.”

“Fuck off!” Sam shouted and spat at him. The wad of spittle struck Agent Turner in the face.

“You BITCH!” he growled, backhanding her.

Sam's head jerked to the left from the blow, splitting her lip.

“BASTARD!” I decreed and took a step towards him. When I was struck in the back of the head with something. Everything suddenly grew fuzzy, as I collapsed to the ground in a heap and soon the darkness overcame me.

“TAYLOR!!” Sam called out.


The two Agents were on their way back from the cabin. Ore, a dark haired man in his late thirties, carried with him the DVD and folder. Wilson, a female with short blond hair and in her early thirties, followed a few paces behind. She was keeping a vigilant eye out for any security breaches, as she scanned the area around them.

A shadowy figure dressed in all black, stepped out from the darkness and pulled Agent Wilson into the shadows. “SNAP!!” the sound of her neck breaking then, “THUD!” as her lifeless body fell to the ground. The figure withdrew a knife from their boot and stealthily approached the other Agent.


“Wake up Taylor,” Sam pleaded, as she gently brushed the hair from my face. “Don't leave me like this. We're partners remember.” She held me close to her and placed soft kiss on my forehead.

The gentle touches of my angel and her loving voice called out to me. God, I don't know what I would do without her. I opened my eyes to a pair of emeralds that were lovingly staring down at me. I tenderly wiped the tears from her cheeks and whispered, “I will never leave you, my love.”

Sam glowed at the news, as a grin formed upon her angelic face. She leaned over and planted a kiss upon my lips.

“Awww…isn't this one of those Kodak moments,” Dr. Moore sarcastically remarked, “And me without a camera.”

We broke the kiss and turned to our spectator.

Agent Holston greeted, “Detective Rineheart, it's a pleasure to meet you again.”

“So, Agent Holston did your honor take you to new heights?” I inquired, as I rose to my feet and helped Sam up as well. “How does it feel to rise up through the ranks and be a traitor? Oh, never mind…” I sighed, “A coward has no honor. You betrayed my Father…” I decreed, taking a deep breath and exhaled. “You might as well of killed him yourself.”

“Really?” Agent Holston probed, “Tell me Detective what you really think.”

“Robert, I get the feeling that she doesn't like you very much…” Dr. Moore mischievously smirked, “Nevertheless, it makes no difference to your fates.”

The familiar sound of a helicopter was heard in the distance and growing closer.

“Another one?” I muttered under my breath.

“Ahhh…they're right on time,” Agent Holston informed and gestured towards his helicopter.

A figure stepped out of the copter with a briefcase in hand. Black fatigues covered the person's athletic build and their identity was covered with a mask. The Agent walked up to Holston and kept the briefcase by their side.

“Thank you, Agent…” Holston whispered, “Be ready.”

The Agent nodded and stood next to him.

Another helicopter descended onto the grassy clearing, just right of the first one. The rotors slowed down, as it's engine died down. The copter's door opened and a blond male dressed in a suit and tie stepped out, carrying with him a briefcase. He approached them and spoke up, “Agent Holston, did you bring it?”

“Yes,” Agent Holston nodded, “Everyone is present and accounted for.”

The masked Agent opened the case, revealing freshly bundled thousand dollar bills.

“Very well,” the man responded, thumbing through a bundle and handed over his case. “It's a pleasure doing business with you,” he stated and headed back his copter.

Holston quickly opened the case and looked inside. There was a thick folder filled with papers, some photographs and a DVD. A smirk formed upon his face and he retorted, “Oh, the pleasure was all mine.”

The masked Agent pulled out his .45, “BAM!!” firing one round into the back of the man's head. Splattering blood and fragments of the man's brain and skull into the air. His lifeless body fell to the ground in a heap, as the rest of the gray brain matter oozed out of the large exit wound. The Agent picked up the case and brought it back to Holston.

The helicopter's engine started up and the rotors slowly began to spin.

Two armed Agents rushed out of Holston's copter and commenced firing upon it. “RAAATTAARATTTAAA!!!” Bullets were sprayed into the cockpit, shattering the windshield and killing the pilot. Smoke bellowed out from the holes in the hull and the engine sputtered a bit then, died.

Dr. Moore cheered on, “Bravo!”

I held onto Sam, as we witnessed this horrible scene. “We have get out of here,” I suggested into her ear.

She simply nodded and gave me a soft squeeze.

A figure-clad head to toe in black, stepped out from the shadows. “Do you actually think I'm that naïve?” the Stranger spoke up in a mechanically altered voiced. “Drop your weapons.”

“What the…” Agent Holston took a step back and inquired, “Who are you?”

“Your worst nightmare,” the Stranger taunted.

“Robert, I think you underestimated someone…” Dr. Moore expressed and shouted, “Kill him!”

The armed Agents turned and began firing upon the dark Stranger. “RAAATTTAARATTAAA!!!”

The Stranger sprinted towards us, as the spray of bullets followed a second behind. Pulling out a .9mm in once quick move and fired two rounds at us. “BAM..BAM!!”

I pulled Sam closer to my body and prayed that it would be a quick death. She didn't deserve to die like this…

The round struck the Agent next to Sam and the other to the Agent to our rear as well. They both instantly dropped to the ground dead.

I sighed in relief and shouted, “Run Sam!” Grabbing the dead man's Uzi and fired it at the remaining Agent, “RAATTTAAA!!!”

Sam bolted into the forest and didn't look back.

The rounds ripped into the Agent's chest, exiting out and splattering his blood around. The impact of it caused him to be thrown back into the Turner, knocking them both to the ground.

I retreated into the safety of the forest, in search of Sam. “Please be all right,” I muttered to myself.

The Stranger fired two more rounds in the direction of the other Agents, “BAM..BAM!!” Then dived headfirst into the foliage and disappearing into the darkness once again.

The Agents reloaded and rushed after their retreating prey.

“When does you plan begin?” Dr. Moore drearily inquired.

Agent Holston turned to the masked Agent and decreed, “Kill them!”

The Agent nodded and squeezed off a couple rounds, “BAM..BAM!!”

I felt something wiz by me, missing me by a hair. “Fuck!” I growled, ducking behind a tree, just as the second bullet struck the trunk. “Damn…” I grumbled then, bolted from my hiding place.

“RATTTAAARATTTAAA!!!” another burst of gunfire echoing through the dark forest. “RAATTTAAARRAAATTAAA!!!”

The Stranger led them further into the forest, dodging the spray of bullets along the way. The figure hurdled over a fallen log at the last minute and disappeared into the shadows.

The Agents split up. One continued after their target, while the other moved into foliage to cut the Stranger off.

Sitting in the shadows was the real hunter. Another person had been silently observing them from a far, waiting. The figure clad in all black, glanced down at their Iron man watch. It read, 23:00 hrs.

The rhythmic sounds of a helicopter loomed in the distance.

The figure unsheathed a knife and threw it towards the Agent. “THUMP!” as the knife hit dead center in the man's chest.


Dr. Moore grimaced, “Tell me this isn't turning out like the Area 51 fiasco.”

“It's not,” Agent Holston assured, “Trust me…I have everything in control.”

“I hope so,” the Doctor muttered, as he observed Agent Turner in the process of removing the body that covered him.

“Doctor Moore, can you please help me with this?” Turner politely inquired, trying unsuccessfully to move the dead weight.

“Very well,” Dr. Moore replied and approached him. “Are you wounded?” he probed, pulling the carcass off him.

Turner nodded, “It's my lower back.”

Dr. Moore noticed the entrance wound in the Agent's lower back and shook his head.

“Everything below my waist is numb-”

“BAM!!” as one round entered Turner's head, killing him instantly.

The Doctor squeezed the grip of his .45 and stated, “Control is relative.”

“I see…” Holston nodded and finally perceived the sound of helicopters in the distance. “I believe it's time for us to get the hell out of here.”

“I agree…”

The Stranger stepped out from the forest and into the clearing. “I really don't think anyone's going anywhere,” an altered voiced spoke up and decreed, “You both are under arrest.”

A spotlight shone down upon the pair and a male voice spoke through a loudspeaker, “THIS IS THE FBI. DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND PLACE YOUR HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEADS.”


Sam ducked behind some bushes in order to catch her breath, when she heard the announcement. “The FBI?” she repeated and grumbled, “Where in hell are you Taylor?” She noticed the bright spotlights lights moving in the distance. “Come on Babe,” she whispered, as thoughts of her Warrior being hurt entered her mind. “Don't think like that-”

A dark figure stepped out from the shadows, grabbed her from behind and pulled her into its lair.

“OMMPPH!!” Sam voiced, as a strong hand covered her mouth. She struggled to no avail, to break free from her attacker's tight grip.


The rounds struck the tree I had been leaning on. “Damnit…” I muttered, trying to catch my breath. About fucking time…FBI took their sweet ass time. God, I hope Sam's okay… I slowly peeked around the tree and noticed that my attacker was on the move. I brought up my Uzi and began firing, “RAATTTTAAATTTAA!!!” releasing a spray of bullets upon my target.

The masked Agent was in the process of ducking behind a tree, when a round struck them in the shoulder.

My weapon jammed up, “God damn it!”


The bullet missed my head by only an inch or so. “Sonofabitch,” I grumbled, turned tail and ran my ass off. This is like totally not happening… I entered into a thicket of trees and underbrush. Branches, thorns and anything else sharp ripped into my flesh as I passed through the natural barrier. Mischievously grinning from ear to ear, as a plan began to form in my mind.


“I don't think so,” Dr. Moore chuckled, as he pointed his weapon towards their uninvited guest.

The Stranger had their .45 aimed at the good Doctor, as well. “You won't get away with this time,” an altered voice stated.

Two Humvees pulled up and parked. Their armed occupants piled out, totaling five men and three women from both vehicles. Each wearing bulletproof vests and FBI letter jackets. They readied themselves and aimed their weapons towards both men.

A female Agent ordered, “DROP YOUR WEAPON!!”

Agent Holston glanced over his shoulder at the Agents behind him. Turning back the dark Stranger and pleaded, “Can't we talk about this?”

“I'm afraid you can't bargain your way out of this Agent,” the Stranger enlightened, keeping their brown eyes focused on the Doctor. “Drop your weapon, Doctor.”


The masked Agent cautiously passed the natural barrier, in search of me. The person moved deeper into the underbrush and noticed my shirt at the base of a large tree. They tentatively approached the tree, keeping an alert eye out and finally picked the shirt up.

I swung down from a branch and kicked the Agent Square in the chest. Knocking the person off their feet and causing the gun to fly out of their hand. My shoulder protested the use of it as a small groan escaped my lips. Releasing my grip on the branch, I dropped down to the ground and was suddenly tackled by the Agent. I flipped the attacker off me and jumped to my feet.

The Agent pulled out a knife and came at me with it. Ducking just in time as the blade passed over. I sidestepped the forward thrust of my attacker, grabbing my assailant's wrist and pulled it forward, off balancing them. My knee made contact with the person's groin, with my other hand I reached out and pulled off the mask.


“Do you actually think I'm going to give myself up?” Dr. Moore decreed, as a bead of sweat formed upon his brow. “We're both dead men anyway…” he revealed, “So, I might as well take out as many people as I can.”

“What?” Holston inquired, realizing what his friend was going to do and lunged out of the way.

Dr. Moore pulled the trigger, “BAM..BAM!!”

The Stranger squeezed off a round, “BAM!!” as they dived out of the way.

“THUD!” as the Doctor dropped to the ground.


I was absolutely speechless at the sight of Jack on his knees before me. My voice finally came back to me, “Why Jack?”

“Would you believe that it's for the money?” Jack nonchalantly replied and threw a handful of dirt at me. “An Agent's salary isn't what it used to be.”

The red clay got into my eyes and I was momentarily blinded. Jack made his move, tackling me to the ground once again. He straddled my waist, as his viselike grip around my throat tightened. My hands were around his throat as well, squeezing tighter and tighter. Choking the life out of one another. Feeling his weight shift to the left, with all my remaining strength I pushed him off me. I gasped out for a much needed breath of air and climbed to my feet. He threw a punch and struck me in the face, spinning me around. I backhanding him in retaliation and knocking him down.

“You were like family…”

“It's nothing personal, Sweet pea…” Jack shrugged, lunging at me with the recovered knife.

I sidestepped his attack, reached out and grabbed his wrist. Slamming it against my knee, causing him to drop the weapon. I instantly twisted his arm around and pinning it behind his back. Throwing him face first to the ground, “THUD!” as we both landed hard. My knee rested on the back of neck, shoving his face into the dirt and my unrelenting pressure on his arm kept him pinned. “You were my Father's best friend,” I decreed, feeling confused and hurt by the one person I trusted the most.

“Greed,” he flatly stated.

Shaking my head his answer, “Jack, I've known you all my life. Tell me what's really behind this.”

He took a deep breath and growled, “Hunter and Rachel were having an affair behind my back.”

Raising a brow to his frankness and retorted, “Jack, he didn't deserve to die!”

“Maybe not…” Jack responded, “I wished that something bad would happen to him, but I didn't kill him.”

“You're hands are as bloody as the rest of them,” I chastised and scolded, “You sold out…for a fucking office with a view and a nice fat paycheck. God damn it, Jack…I LOVED you and TRUSTED you.”

“Do you need some help Detective?” a male voice spoke up.

I glanced back and noticed that two FBI Agents were approaching us. “Sure do. I hope ya brought some handcuffs…it seems that I've misplaced mine.”


The FBI Agents were in the process of cuffing Agent Holston, the wounded Dr. Moore and the helicopter pilot.

“You can't do this!” Holston shouted, as he was being led away. “I'm a division supervisor!”

“Shut up Robert!” Dr. Moore growled, as he was being dragged towards the recently landed FBI helicopter. His knee had a makeshift bandage wrapped around it, as blood slowly seeped through the cloth.

The Stranger approached an Agent and ordered, “Find out what's taking the other Agents-”

The Agents stepped out from forest, escorting a handcuffed Agent Trebor. They lead him towards the copter as well.

I was wearing my shirt, which I purposely left unbuttoned and followed them out. I perceived another person wearing black fatigues and a mask. God…not another one. I scanned my surroundings in search of Sam, but didn't find any sign of her. “Where's Sam?”

“She's safe,” the Stranger replied then, turned to the Agents. “Make sure you get the bodies as well and I'll meet up with you later.”

“I want to see her.”

“Alright,” the Stranger nodded and gestured for her to follow, “Come with me.”

“Who are you?”

“A friend.”

“You were the one that was helping us,” I said, approaching the mysterious friend of mine. “How did you-”

“When I found out about it…I had to warn you,” the Stranger stated and led her down a dirt path.

Nodding, as I walked along side of them. True…if they wanted to hurt us they would of done it by now…besides it sounds logical. Jack was like an Uncle and look how that turned out. I soon realized that we were heading back to the cabin. “So, you're Arron's partner?” I inquired, trying to find out who this person is. “Do you work for the Government as well?”

“Yes, I am…” the Stranger replied, removing the tiny voice disruption box that was secured around their neck. “Actually, we both do.”

Recognizing the voice as someone I thought had died and hesitantly spoke up, “General Dakota?”


I was stunned for a moment and gasped, “I saw you die.”

“Fake blood, a vest, a sniper, some actors and boda boom! A killer death scene.” Finally the mask was removed, revealing a very alive Gen. Dakota. “My name real name is Devin Creed. I'm an NSA Agent in Counter Intelligence.”

“Devin Creed?” I repeated, “You're not a General?”

Devin shook her head, “Nope, it was just a cover to get close enough to Dr. Moore. I've been working on Agent Rineheart's case for some time now. I'm sorry that I had to deceive you, but I had to bring Hunter's killers to justice.”

“I see…how long have you been working on it?”

“A couple years now,” Devin responded, grinning. “But, who's counting?”

“How did you get my Father's case?”

“A co-worker of mine was going through some old case files and found it,” she informed and continued, “I read it once and had this gut feeling that something just wasn't right.”

“Always trust your gut,” I recited, remembering how my Father used to tell me that.


“Devin, I'm sorry for treating you like I did.”

“It's all right,” Devin acknowledged, “I was being a royal bitch at times myself.”

“No, let me finish…” I reaffirmed and added, “My jealousy got the better of me and I was being an ass. Please forgive me.”

“There's nothing to forgive,” she stated and continued, “We all make mistakes. We're only human. Besides, I was kinda' getting too emotionally involved for a minute there.” Devin patted me on the back, “I happy that you and Sam finally hooked up.”

“Thanks,” I said, grinning. “After all this tragedy, I was truly blessed to find Sam.”

“It happens when it happens,” she enlightened.

“Thank you, Devin…” I held out my hand for her to take. “For everything you've done.”

Devin shook my hand, “You're welcome, Detective.”

“TAYLOR!!” Sam called out and rushed towards me.

“SAM!!” I shouted back, wrapping my arms around her and pulled closer to me. Our lips met one another and we passionately began to kiss. Until, the need for air tore us from one another. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, now that my Warrior's here…” she replied, kissing me on the lips. “Is it finally over?”

I glanced over at Devin, who happens to have a large grin on her face.

“You guys make a adorable couple,” Devin revealed, “I'm happy for the both of you.”

“Thanks,” Sam grinned back and thanked, “Thanks, for everything Devin.”

“Sam, you're very welcome…” she replied and added, “It's really over and you're both free.” Devin turned and made a beeline straight to her home.

Grinning from ear to ear at the news, “Did you hear that?” I picked her up and spun her around.

“It's over!” Sam shouted, laughing.

“God, I missed you!” I gasped, planning a kiss on each cheek and one on her forehead. “Sam, I love you…” I whispered, “with all my heart and soul.”

Tears of joy fell from Sam's eyes and ecstatically expressed, “Taylor, I love you too…” kissing me on the lips and repeated, “with all my heart and soul.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for another searing kiss.

We parted again for another breath of air. Gazing into the portals of the other's soul and finding our destiny's intertwined within them. Slowly we sauntered towards the cabin, hand in hand.

“So, what's my angel been up to?”

“Well, I was kidnapped by a person clad in black and it turned out to be Arron…” Sam disclosed and continued, “As I was stitching her up, we had a very interesting conversation.”

“Interesting huh?”


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