Lies Among Us

Part 4

by Mythe



Copyright 2000 by Mythe. All rights reserved.


“What?” I blurted out, “Where?”

“East of the base.”

“Who said this?”

“I heard it from Jenkins…” he said, taking a bite from his sandwich.

“Who's Jenkins?”

“He's a Corporal in my squad,” he said, taking a sip from his drink. “He's a good guy.”

“When did he see this take place?”

Kevin shrugged, “I guess before it happened.”

“Did he say anything else?”

“Not to me…”

I raised a brow and inquired, “Why hasn't he said anything to the CID's?”

“Because, he's scared…” he revealed, “They're all kinds of things that one might see here BUT one doesn't say anything, for fear of repercussion.”

Blurting out, “My brother's dead!”

Everyone in the café turned toward us for a moment.

I glared right back at them and they all went back to their meals.

“Taylor, calm down…”

I lowered my voice, “If someone has any information on my Mike's death…” calming down a bit, “I want to speak to this Jenkins.”

“I'll set up a meeting,” he nodded and continued, “But you have to understand The Black OPS is part of the special tactics team that was created to protect our Government's little secrets.”

Glaring at him and growled, “AND?”

“We wipe them out and remove any traces of our objective. NOTHING is left…all their records disappear as if they hadn't even been born. By some chance if there are any loose ends…they're terminated along with it,” Kevin decreed, focusing on me.


“So, will this be satisfactory?” Liv inquired, finishing the tour of their new home.

“Yes!” they replied in unison.

Liv observed their reaction to this prestigious home. It was reserved only for visiting Generals or high Government official. I hoped that they would like it… “Well, I'm glad.”

“Are you sure this isn't too much?” Sam inquired.

Daniel agreed, “Yeah, Liv this is going overboard.”

Liv shook her head, “No, my friend…it hasn't been lived in for awhile. We only use it for special guests…” she glances at both of them, “which I consider you both.”

Sam and Daniel turn to one another.

Sam spoke up, “I like it…”

“It's more than perfect, Liv…” he enlightened, “Thank you.”

“You're welcome,” Liv flashed them a smile. “I'll let you two settle in.”

Sam stood there silently smiling.

Daniel waved, “Bye, Liv.”

The General turned, exiting the front door and closed it behind her.

“Sam, aren't you going to talk to her?”

Snapping out of her daze, “OH, yeah!” Am I that dense? Sam bolted after her.



Liv halted in the middle of the yard and turned around, “Yes, Sam?”

Sam rushed up to her, stopping to face this fine-looking woman. I can't believe I'm doing this… “Do you have time to talk?” she nervously asked.

“For you, of course…” Liv replied, remembering her driver. “But, let me dismiss my driver, first.” She approached the driver, who was holding the door for her. “Thank you, Sergeant. You're dismissed.”

“Yes, Ma'am.” The Sergeant said, closing the door and stood at attention. He snapped a salute and waited.

The General instinctively went to attention and returned the salute.

Sam stood there watching this interaction, between the enlisted person and the woman before her. God, she must be strong…I wouldn't be able to handle the pressure of so many lives that one must be in charge of. She finally spoke up, “So, where do you live?”

Liv smirked and pointed, “Right there.”

Sam glanced in the direction, noticing the two-story colonel home next to theirs. It was bigger than guesthouse. She was surprised, “We're neighbors?”

Liv nodded, “Yes, is that a problem?”

“No, Liv…not at all,” she responded, “We could have little barbeques…and stuff.”

Liv chuckled at the thought and led her towards the house.

Did Liv just chuckle? She did… Sam arched a brow, “What's so funny?”

Calming herself down and replied, “Me in an apron, cooking over a grill and hanging out with friends.”

“Oh,” Sam pictured it and voiced, “You'd look good.”


I can't believe I just said that…but she's taking it well. She hasn't run away yet…that's a plus.

Liv unlocked the door and opened the door for her guest. “After you Sam.”

“Thanks,” Sam said, entering.

The living area was spacious and open. A large oak table sat in the center of the room as two large candlesticks sat atop it. There were two doorways across the room, one led to the kitchen and another to laundry room. Large picture windows adorn the room as well as the expensive oil paintings that hung on the walls. A huge Persian rug covered the buffed hardwood floor. An elegant winding staircase led to the rooms upstairs.

Sam stood there in awe, “Wow…”

Liv came up from behind and whispered into her ear, “If you like this, you should see my other home in Savannah.”


Kevin pulled up in front of my room, “Here you go, Taylor.”

I released my seat belt and climbed out, “Thanks, Kevin.”

“I'll talk to later.”

“Alright,” I nodded, shutting the door. “Bye…” I watched him back out and drive off. I stood there for a moment, feeling a chill in the air and turned to enjoy the gorgeous sunset. Breathe taking…almost as nice as those emerald eyes. Where in the hell- I felt my phone vibrating against my side. Kinda' feels good…if was a bit lower and to the left- “Get a grip Tay…it's been way too long,” I grumbled, answering it. “Taylor here.”

“Sweet pea!”

I grinned at the thought and greeted, “What's up Jack.”

“I have some info from McMarran Intl. It says here Mike's copter landed North of the crash site.”

I unlocked my door, stepping inside and closed the door. “I heard…” I sighed.

Jack retorted, “From who?”

“Oh, I have a witness-”

“That's good.”

“I haven't spoke to him directly…it's hearsay for now.”

“It's better than nothing.”

“I guess…” I shrugged, remembering. “Oh, Jack can you get me some info on the following; Black OPS, Colonel West, Kevin Becker and Area 51.”

“Alright-” realizing what she had just asked and blurted out, “BLACK OPS and AREA 51?”

“Yeah, is that a problem?”

“Well, The Black OPS are so classified that if one tries to find ANYTHING…they instantly know about it.”

“Damn…and the other?”

“Area 51…” he repeated, sighing. “There is no such place- I mean they test aircrafts there…but the alien stuff….nah, that's in the movies.”

Shaking my head, “I don't know…”


I went to the door and opened it. “Hello?”

“What's up girl?” Malachi was standing there, holding a six-pack of the beast and a cig daggling from her mouth.

“Malachi, come on in…” I said, turning to my other conversation. “Jack, I gotta go.”

“Sweet pea, be careful…” he advised, “Talk to later.”

“Bye…” I hung it up, putting it away and turned to my guest. “Thirsty are we?”

“I thought we could kick back a few…” Malachi revealed, “Cause, we still have a bit to wait. Besides, I like to get to know someone before I go trompin' in the woods with them.”

I grinned at her, “I guess it wouldn't hurt.”

“Come on outside…its a beautiful sunset,” she enlightened, tossing a can.

I caught it, flicking the lid and taking a large swig from it. Damn, 2nd cheapest beer in the US…but it does its job. “Thanks…”

“So, Taylor…” Malachi opened her can and asked, “What do ya think of our fair city?”

“I guess it's alright…” Feeling her eyes on me for a bit and I finally spoke up, “Do you have a problem?”

She broke her gaze and stared at the ground, “Sorry, you look familiar.”

“Oh…” I said, raising a brow. “So, what's the plan?”

Malachi took a drag and replied, “Well, I gotta' park about a mile from the crash.” taking a sip, “Then we hike…I hope ya packed some boots.”

“Matter a fact, I'm wearing genuine government issued ones.”

She glanced down at them and expressed, “They're spit shined too…damn, where you in the Military?”

“You could say that,” I responded, taking another sip. . “So, how many times have you been there?”

She eyed me and responded, “The area in part…is my favorite partying area. Throw in some beer, hot curvy babes and a secluded area for miles. What more do ya want?”

Rising my brow once again as I finished my beer in one large gulp.

“So, Taylor…” Malachi spoke up, tossing another can. “Are ya hitched?”

“No, “ I abruptly replied, catching it and popped it open. “Do you have flashlights?”

“In the Jeep.”

“Good,” I nodded, taking another sip. “We should head out then.”

“Sure,” she said, killing her cig on the soul of her boot. “After you finish your beer.”

I lifted the can to my lips and with three large gulps I downed it. I turned, tossing the can in the wastebasket in my room and closed the door. “Lets go,” I advised, locking my door and approached her Jeep.

“All rightie then…” Malachi uttered and finished the rest of her beer.


To be continued...

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