Lies Among Us

by Mythe



Copyright 2000 by Mythe. All rights reserved.



“I regret to inform you that this is a CID case and NOT a civilian one.”

I tried unsuccessfully to keep my emotions from showing and responded, “So, what are you going to do to me?”

She leaned against the table, staring into my eyes. “Well, from what Lt. Bowers said about you being his best Detective and all…nothing,” she revealed and added, “If I send you back…you'd be right back here on the next flight anyway.”

I raised a brow at her comment, nodding.

Reading this as a surprise Gen. Dakota enlightened, “Considering that your methods maybe iffy…but you do have a excellent record. I like that.”

“Well, that's glad to hear.”

“What I'm going to propose something--lets say it's going benefit both of us.”

Reading her stoic stare, finding the truth behind those eyes and inquired, “What if I say no?”

“Well, if we catch you disrupting a CID case again…you WILL be prosecuted by the proper authorities,” Gen. Dakota informed, “Not to mention that your career will be shot to Hell.”

Raising my brow once more at this small threat, “Fine, go on.”

“You keep up your little investigation,” she stated, “All you have to do is just keep me informed on your progress.”

“First hand knowledge,” I retorted and asked, “What do I get?”

“What do you want?”

“All the files to the case…” I replied, “Transcripts from the Air towers, log journals…everything.”

General Dakota nodded, “Done…”

Raising another brow at her answer, eyeing her. “You're just going to hand me classified files?” I scoffed and probed, “What's your agenda, General?”

“Lets just say that I don't have a lot of faith in our CID's…” she enlightened, “Besides, traitors can be anywhere.”

Ahh…I get it. She's using me. Well, we're both using each other. “Traitors?” I repeated and added, “You don't have much faith in your own people.”

She got up and moved towards the window.

I must have struck a nerve…

“Detective Rineheart, I didn't get to where I'm at on relying on other people…” Gen. Dakota abruptly responded, “My faith in my own abilities brought me here.” She turned around to face me, “Trust is word that don't use around here. I can see it in your eyes…your agenda's the truth and you deserve to find it,” she approached me and expressed, “And if I can do my part in it…then I will.”

I sat there stunned at the frankness of her words. Never thought a General would open up to a total stranger, such as myself. I'm gonna have to keep my guard up on this one.

“So, Detective…do we have a agreement?”

I nodded, “I'll do it…”

“Good,” she acknowledged, remembering something. “Oh, one other thing…no one is to know about this little arrangement of ours.”


Gen. Dakota opened the door and called out, “Lt. Devins, front and center.”

Lt. Devins was before her in an instant, “Yes Ma'am.”

“Lieutenant, I want a Hummer waiting for me outside and Detective Rineheart's possessions.”

“Yes, Ma'am.”


The two doctors were working on some tests of their own. Until a low growing rumble echoed through the silent room.

“Samantha, are you hungry again?”

Sam blushed, “I must be…”

“I swear…that's one trait that you got from your Mother's side of the family.”


He smirked, “Go, have lunch…bring me back a sandwich and some chips.”

“Sure,” she agreed, leaving the room.


General Dakota pulled the Hummer next to my car and placed it in park. “Here you are, Detective.”

“Thanks, General…” I said, climbing out and shut the door. “Oh, what about the files?”

“You'll have them by sundown,” she informed, pulling out a business card and held it out. “Here's my personal numbers…call me anytime.”

I took it and nodded, “Alright.”

The General pulled out and drove away.

I glanced down at the card. Shit…how's she gonna know where to send it-HELLO, she probably already knows where I'm staying. No use in hiding… I climbed into my car and started it up.


Malachi was sitting in the shade with couple of her friends. One was blond with dyed black streaks, a skater type chick. The other was more gothic, her spiked hair was dyed black, multi-pierced face and the trademark black clothing.

The Skater asked, “So, where's this hot chick your always talkin' about?”

“Chill, Meg…how the hell should I know?” Malachi grumbled, taking a bite out of her sandwich.

“I think she's making it up…” the Goth taunted, “Just trying to make her love life sound better than it really is.”

“Falcon, at least I have a sex life…” Malachi retorted, “I don't count my right hand as a partner.”

“HEY!” Falcon jabbed her in the side, “Totally not fair, I'm having a bad streak that's all.”

“Yeah right,” Malachi chuckled, “Keep telling yourself that…” She glanced over and noticed a black BMW drive up, “Lookie over there girls…”

Sam pulled her Beemer into the parking area and stepped out. She pushed her sunglasses up with her index finger and glanced around her new surroundings. Well, this my first time off the base…I guess it isn't that bad.

“Bless it be, we have us a real woman…” Malachi gasped, taking a quick swig from her soda.

Meg muttered, “I betcha' she dyes it…”

“You dye yours!” Falcon decreed, turning back to the beauty.

Sam turned to them and sighed, “Great…I just had to have an audience.”

Malachi bolted to her side and inquired, “Do ya need anything?”

“No, thank you…” Sam uninterestingly replied and approached the station's door.

“After you,” Malachi said, opening the door for her.

“Ah…thanks,” Sam thanked, entering the store.

Malachi smirked, as her eyes lavished the woman's firm ass. “Damn…” she sighed, thinking of the many ways to make this beauty scream out her name.

I watched this poorly acted method of chivalry and abruptly cleared my throat. “Can you be a bit more obvious?” I inquired, remembering. “Oh, I forgot who I'm speaking to.”

“Funny, Taylor…” Malachi drearily responded.

Falcon nudged Meg and whispered, “Hey, isn't that the chick?”

“I hope so…tall, dark and beautiful.”

“Let's introduce ourselves,” Falcon suggested, pulling Meg with her.

Malachi lit a cig up and inquired, “So, what can I do for ya?”

“I'm going to get me a large bottle of H2O then, we can talk…” I said, moving towards the door.

A voice called out, “Excuse me…”

I turned to my right to see who called me. I wasn't paying attention to what's in front of me and I collided into someone.

A newspaper caught Sam's eye as she exited the store. It read, 'Three perish in the Black Hawk crash.' How sad…I wonder where it happened. She collides with what seemed to be an unmovable wall.

“Thud!” as a bag crashed to the ground.

Feeling their body bouncing off mine, I instinctively reached out and grabbed them. “Whoa…” I uttered, steadying them. “I got you.”

“Sorry,” Sam apologized, glancing down at her spilled bag of goodies and knelt down to pick them up.

“Here, let me help you…” I said, kneeling down to pick up a couple packs of Ding-Dong's. “Hey, these are the best.”

Sam was in the process of gathering the elusive water bottles and a bag of cheese puffs. “I know…I love the center-,” realizing that she's talking to a complete stranger, “Thanks, for your help.”

A sculpted leg caught my eye then, they instinctively traveled further up this beautiful creature. Sexy legs…curves in all the right areas. Oh, GOD… firm round breasts. I slowly rose up as I took in this goddess before me. She was an inch or so shorter than me. I've always been fond of shorter women. My heart skipped a beat as I laid my eyes upon her angelic face. She had a touch of make-up on, perfect of course. Her lips-voluptuous…was the first word that came to mind. Her short blond hair was sorta' wind blown. I gotta' say…my second favorite look. The angel's sunglasses were lowered enough for me to catch a glimpse of the most fascinating pair of emeralds that I've ever seen. I do believe that I've died and gone to heaven.

Feeling the my eyes upon her. Sam nervously ran her fingers through her hair and apologized again, “I'm really sorry for bumping into you like that.” She glanced up and made contact with a charismatic shade of blue. Never knew they could be like that.

Realizing that I should say something, “You're an Angel…”

Sam winked then, pushed her sunglasses up with her index finger. “Nah…I'm more of little devil,” she scoffed, smirking. Where in the hell did that come from?

I mentally slapped myself for saying that out loud. Raising a brow at her interesting comeback. “No harm done,” I assured and suggested, “Here, let me get you another bag.” I turned to the cashier, who already held a bag out for me. “Thanks.”

“No problem,” he said.

“You don't really have to do this,” she said, placing her snacks into the bag.

“It's my pleasure…” I expressed, “Besides, I feel bad for making you drop your lunch like that.”

“Oh, no…” Sam corrected, “This is just for my late afternoon munchies.”

“Okay…that's good to hear,” I chuckled, opening the door for her. “After you.”

“Thanks,” she grinned and declared, “Such a gentlewoman…I like that.”

I blushed a bit and flashed her my best grin. What can I say? “Thank you, kindly Ma'am…”

God, she's so beautiful…that smile, she's blushing. My heart's palpating and I'm wondering why there's Butterflies in my stomach. All I can manage to do is smile right back at her.

I finally break the unnatural silence and ask, “So, can I walk you to your car?”

“Sure, that would be nice.”

I followed her to a black Beemer. Nice…a professional…I wonder. I caught a glimpse of her New Mexico plates and inquired, “So, are you here on vacation?”

She shook her head, “No, we just recently transferred here.” She took the bag and sat it on her front seat.

We? Damn…of course, an Angel like her would be taken. My heart sank into my gut as well as everything else. I swallowed hard and asked the dreaded question, “So, you're married?” Good going Sherlock…

Sam closed the door and replied, “I used to be…but I was talking about my father.”

My heart shot right back up as it thumped against my chest plate. A smile grew across my face and my courage shifted up two notches. “Would you like to have lunch with me?”

She lowered her glasses and raised her brow. “Well, I usually don't go to lunch with a complete stranger,” she informed.

DUH…hello, where's my manners. “Sorry,” I said, holding my hand out. “My name's Taylor Rineheart.”

“Samantha Evans,” she revealed, shaking my hand and added with a touch of flirtation. “A pleasure to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” I agreed, feeling a tingling sensation throughout my entire body from that simple touch. What in the… “So, does this mean a yes?”

Sam nodded, “Yes…but I'm not familiar-”

“Oh, me neither…” I informed, “But I know of a Café and it's just down the road.”

“That's fine.”

“Good, just follow my Saturn…” I advised, moving towards my car.

“Okay,” Sam acknowledged as she climbed into her car.


Falcon chuckled, “Malachi, that's strike two…”

“Hey, I'm not out yet!” Malachi whined, taking another drag.

Meg sighed, “Why are the good ones ALWAYS taken?”


“NO, more excuses…” Col. West warned, “The serum must be ready-”

“It will be,” a middle aged man with dark hair responded and plead, “Just give us some more time.”

“You've had four months,” the Colonel growled, grabbing the scientist by his jacket and shoved him against the wall.

“You can't rush this, Colonel.”

“Oh, I can't?” he repeated as his eyes narrowed and threatened, “You can be replaced.”

“God, I know…” the scientist whined and revealed, “But, it's too late in the game to start over. Face it…you need me as much as I need you.”

Col. West glared at him one more time then, let him go. “Fine…you have until dawn, to get the serum working.”

“Ah…” he grumbled, nodding. “Fine.”

“Have a fun tonight, Dr. Tepis.”


Sam and Taylor were sitting in a booth next to large plate glass window. They're both trying hard to look at their menus and not at each other.

A waitress asked, “What would you guys like to drink?”

Sam replied, “Water, please.”

“I'll have a Dr. Pepper.”

“Alright, I'll be back with your drinks.”

I watched her leave us. Alone at last…well sorta. “Samantha, you're here with your father?”

She nodded, “My father is Dr. Daniel Andrews…maybe you've heard of him.”

“I don't know…” I said, remembering. “Oh, I read in Newsweek that he's doing something with tumors.”

“Well, yes in way…” she acknowledged, “He's developing a serum for breaking them down.”

“Oh, I see.”

“I've been helping him for the past six months now.”

“So, you're a Doctor?”

The waitress came back with their drinks and sat them in front us. “So, are you two ready to order?” she asked, taking out her ordering pad.

“I'll have the Veggie burger, baked potato with sour cream and chef salad with Italian dressing.”

A healthy appetite…that's always good. I glanced back over my menu and found what I wanted.

The waitress turned to me, “And you?”

“I'll have the #2 with French fries and glass of water.”

“Alright, be back in few.”

Sam finally responded, “Yes, I just recently graduated from USC with a PhD in Biochemistry with Molecular Biology specializing in Pathology. When he asked me to join him on his research.”

“Well, that's very impressive.”

“So, Taylor…” she took a much needed sip and continued, “Tell, me about yourself.”

“Well, I graduated with honors and first in my class at Regional Police Academy in Kansas City Missouri.”

“You're a Police officer?”

“I'm a Detective,” I corrected, “In the homicide department.”

“Oh, I like that TV show…”

I chuckled, “Yeah, but it's not that colorful.”

“I see,” she said and inquired, “So, what brings a KC Detective to Vegas?”

“An unofficial investigation…” I muttered. Why in the hell am I telling her all this? It's like I have to tell her the truth…

“Really?” she asked, perking up.

“Yes, I'm afraid so…”

“What's it about?”

“Well,” I paused, talking a sip from my soda.

“I'm afraid Detective Rineheart here has said more than enough,” General Dakota decreed as she approached them.

I turned to her voice and sarcastically responded, “General Dakota, a pleasure to see you so soon.”

“Liv,” Sam gasped, grinning from ear to ear. “I didn't expect to see you until later tonight.”

“Like wise, Detective…” Liv replied and explained, “Well, me neither…until I had this sudden craving for a Philly cheese steak.”

Sam inquired, “Is it alright if Liv sits with us?”

I shrugged, “Sure.”

“Liv, have a seat with us…” she stated, sliding over.

“I don't want to impose myself-”

“Liv, your so sweet…” Sam expressed, patting the seat next to her. “Come on, Sweetheart.”

Liv sat down next to her and leaned over to whisper something into her ear. “You look so radiant…I want to ravish you till collapse from multiple orgasms.”

Sam blushed at the comment, placing her hand upon Liv's leg and squeezed. “Oh, my…” she gasped, taking a deep breathe. Feeling the familiar heat rising up from her-own center. Trying to focus on what's going on, “So, you guys have met before…I take it.”

DAMNITTOHELL…Sweetheart? She's seeing her? UGH…she could totally do better. “Yes,” I drearily responded, taking another sip. Calm down Tay…can't beat her up in a public place. Maybe later. A grin formed upon my face at the thought.

“Yes, I met Det. Rineheart earlier in the day…” the General revealed, “We had an interesting conversation.”

“About what?” Sam asked, glancing at both of us.

I disclosed, “Cloak and dagger stuff.”

“Are you serious?” Sam probed further.

Liv glared at Taylor for a moment, reading her. Jealous…huh? She slid her hand further up Sam's leg and spoke up, “Sort of, Sam…we have an arrangement. She helps me out with a little problem and I help her out with hers. Isn't that right Det. Rineheart?”

Sam's hand caressed Liv's as a smile grew upon her face.

Oh, I just want to pick you up and throw ya out the goddamn window… “That's right General…” I grumbled trying not to focus on where her hand was. Flaunting it won't do ya any good…cause I'll win in the end. What's going on? I'm jealous…over a woman who I just met. HELL YES! I took a much need breath and exhaled slowly, calming myself down.

Sam whispered, “I need to use the ladies room.”

Liv nodded, standing up to let Sam out. She sat back down and felt the daggers from the Detective's eyes. “Anger and jealousy clouds ones mind and takes them away from the ultimate goal,” she advised, lowering her voice

I retorted, “If I needed counseling…I'd go to my therapist.”

“Come now, Detective…” Liv suggested, “Lets not fight over Samantha. That's so Neanderthal…I thought you'd be more disciplined than that.”

“She deserves someone better than you.”

“And that would be you?”

I nodded, “Yes…”

Liv leaned over and disclosed, “Well, last time I checked…Sam was an adult and she could make her own decisions.” Taking a sip from Sam's water and continued, “Pardon me for my temporary amnesia…but when did she loose that ability?”

“She didn't…” I retorted, feeling the anger swelling within me.

“Well, that's settled…” she said and reiterated, “Just remember our little agreement Detective.”

“How could I forget?”

Liv looked at her watch and excused herself, “I really should be going…I'll let you two enjoy your lunch. Until later, Detective.”

“See ya…” I spoke up, flashing her my best 'eat shit and die' smile. I watched her make a beeline towards the restroom. GODS, she's going in there for a kiss and a quick feel up. The bitch is taunting me. “Tay, ya gotta' stop thinking like that…” I grumbled to myself, “Hell, that's what I would do.” Breathe…one, two, three- I glanced over at the restrooms, observing the 'Loving couple' exiting together and of course, they each had a smile on their faces. Ugh…why me? I watched the Queen Bitch exit out of the café with her sandwich. Thank you, god…maybe I can salvage this lunch.

Sam inquired, “Our food still hasn't arrived?”

“Ahh…no, not yet…” I replied, staring at this Angel across from me. Suddenly, something unfamiliar replaced all my anger and jealousy. My eyes once again made contact with hers. Realizing that I was falling into them and was totally comfortable with it.

To be continued....


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