Lies Among Us

by Mythe


Copyright 2000 by Mythe. All rights reserved.



“So, Taylor do you have partner?”

I shook my head, “No…” taking another sip and inquired, “How long have you known the General?”

“Two days now,” she replied, “But my father has known her for a couple of years now. Why do you ask?”

“Hummm…” I tried to think of a reason, as it slipped my thoughts. “I wondered if you two were a tight couple?”

The waitress brought back with her their plates of food and began to set them before them.

Sam glanced over at me, reading me. “To be honest with you…no. We're not a couple.”

Oh, bless it be… My heart skipped a beat as my stomach did the jiggy. “Oh, really?” I said as a grin formed.


Dr. Tepis pulled out a bottle of his serum from the refrigerator and injected a syringe into it. He filled it half way, placing the bottle back and walked across the large room. “Damn, Colonel wants this ready…” he grumbled, approaching a large Titanium cage. “I'll give him results.” Then he observed his sleeping creation, smirking. “My very own Werewolf.”

The Creature within in the cage was lying on its side, heavily sedated. This was the first male living wolf-human hybrid in the world. A thick layer of black coarse hair covered its body. His head was a wolf's, pointed ears and large mouth full of sharp gleaming teeth. The muscular body was human-like, standing 7' tall on it's large wolf legs. He had human hands and fingers with a nice set of razor sharp claws.

The Doctor stared down at him, watching his breathing level out and a low snore erupting from the Werewolf. “I've brought you from the folklore into the real world,” he decreed, “You're the first in the new way that is to come.” He jabs the needle into wolf's shoulder and injects the serum into its veins.

Three lab technicians enter the room and two of them stand on either side of the cage. The third approached Dr. Tepis and informed, “The subjects are ready, Doctor.”

“Good,” he nodded, “Take Adam, here to the hunting range. He needs some exercise…”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“And only feed him one…” Dr. Tepis stated and revealed, “Last time he played with his food and made a hell of mess.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

The technicians pushed Adam out into the hall and door slid shut behind them.

Dr. Tepis walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out another bottle, labeled in a bio hazard warning upon it which read; “WARNING: LIVING CELLS HAZARDOUS.” He placed in his pocket, grabbing four syringes and placed them in his other pocket. “Time to make history…” Then he moved towards the automatic doors, which slid open and he exited into the hallway.


“Thank you, for coming to lunch with me…” I said, escorting her to her car.

“Taylor, your welcome…” she revealed, “I had fun…really and I hope we could do this again.”

“I would love to,” I expressed, pulling out my business card and held it out to her. “Samantha, here's my cell number. Call me anytime.”

Sam leaned over and whispered, “My friends call me Sam and I will…” She kissed my cheek and gently caressed my jaw line. “Until later…”

My entire body quivered at her touch, steadying myself on her car as I felt my legs turning wobbly. What in the… Remembering what I was going to ask, “Sam, will you please be careful of the General?”

She eyed me and inquired, “Why are you jealous?”

'I don't know…maybe,” I replied, “There's just something about her.”

She fixed her sunglasses and nodded, “I will and don't worry.”

“Okay,” I said, watching her climb into her car and start it up. I waved one last time and she did the same then, she pulled out of the lot and onto the highway. My heart ached at her leaving me. “God, Tay-get a grip…” I muttered, moving towards my car. “You're acting like you love the woman.” Maybe I do?

LAB 10

Dr. Tepis stood back and waited as the serum took its course. He looked over at his three new test subjects, two male and one female. All three were nude, heavily sedated and bound spread eagle inside of their own metal cage. “Did you implant them?”

“Yes, Doctor…” The technician nodded, “The sensor passed on each one.”

“Good,” he said, moving to the first cage and checked it's chart. He glanced over the subject then, back to chart.

Male # 1 was an average sized tanned male in his mid 20's. He had and athletic build, with noticeable bruises upon his torso and a familiar military type cropped hairstyle.

“He has some superficial bruises…” Dr. Tepis stated, reading the subject's dog tags out loud. “Corporal Eric Jenkins…how nice. Robert, we have another soldier. Lets hope that this one will last a bit longer than the last one.”

“I agree, Doctor.”

The Doctor approached the next cage, smiling.

Female # 1 was average white female in her late 20's. She had long dark hair, full round breasts and perfect childbearing hips. She groaned and jerked her head from chemical changes that were taking place within her.

“Nice…” he expressed, “Adam, needs a mate…she should do nicely.”

Dr. Tepis approached the final cage and picked its chart up.

Male # 2 was above average tanned male 5'7 in height, very athletic, and the familiar shaved hairstyle. He muttered something under his breath as he jerked in his shackles.

“Sergeant Kevin Becker,” he read aloud, glancing over at his sedated body. “It's a pity about these soldiers…” Dr. Tepis expressed, shrugging. “No matter, they will be reborn into a another form.” He turned to Robert and inquired, “Are we filming this?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“Good,” he smirked, “I want proof that my new serum works.”


There were five large screen TV's showing in split screens the live perimeter checks, lab rooms, hallways and all the exit ways. Two B-OPS guards were silently watching the TV's.

“SWOOSH!” The sliding doors opened and Lt. Devins enters the room.

The guards stood up in attention.

“Wait outside until further notice,” he ordered, “Dismissed.”

“SWOOSH!!” the doors opened as they turned and exited the room.

The Lieutenant pressed a few buttons and three screens switched off. The two remaining screens revealed lab 10, in two different angles. He silently stared at the screen.

“SWOOSH!!” Col. West stepped into the room and stood next to him.

“Sir, you're just in time.”

“Good,” Col. West nodded, sitting down. “Go, on Lieutenant…” he gestured for him to have a seat. “It seems that we're going to be witnessing the birth of a new Soldier.”


“That was the best BLT I've had in while,” Daniel expressed, stretching out.

“You should try their Veggie burger,” Sam enlightened, reading over some files. “That's to die for.”

“We had another visit from Colonel West.”

“What did the Colonel want?”

“He asked me if we were ready to start phase 2.”

Sam looked up from her papers, “And?”

“I said we were,” he replied and revealed, “And before you say anything else. While you were gone, I completed another test it passed with flying colors.”


“Yes,” he nodded, grinning. “And after an hour, there still wasn't any mutations.”

She stood up and inquired, “Do you know what that means?”

“It means that we're half way there, Sweetheart!”

Sam hugged her Father and whispered, “I'm so sorry for having my doubts-”

He assured, “No, you were making sure that the DAX 232 was stable enough for us to use.” Remembering his conversation the Colonel, “Oh, he brought us the file charts of our first patients.” He moved over to the folders on his desk and handed them to her. “Samantha, go on…take a look at them.”

She took the folders, opening the first one and began to read over it.

“I read over them twice and believe that they're perfect test subjects.”

“Everything seems in order,” she affirmed, moving to the next file. Something seems odd…almost too perfect. “This one does too…” she muttered then, opened the last one.

“Can't you feel it Samantha?”


” Sam asked, keeping eyes on the file before her.

“My destiny is call me…” Daniel revealed, “Everything's falling into place.”

She closed the file and warned, “Dad, just be careful…my gut is telling me it's too perfect.”

“Samantha, when will you have faith in me?” he abruptly retorted.

“Dad, I'm sorry-”

“No,” Daniel held his hand out and continued, “Listen, I can understand you being cautious…but this is ridiculous.” He began pacing and grumbled, “I've had to endure the negative backlash from my fellow colleagues. I've been doubted and black balled from the beginning.” He stopped pacing and turned to face her. “I'm so tired of the pessimistic views of my life's work. For once, believe in me as much as I believe in myself.” Sighing and continued on, “About it being too easy…well, what if it is? What if it's not? I've got to keep going. If I worried about all that then, I would've started this journey so long ago.”

Sam stepped toward him and apologized, “Dad, I'm truly sorry for upsetting you. I didn't mean to go against you, but when I feel like something's amiss…then I've got speak up.”

“Fine,” Daniel lowered his gaze and advised, “I suggest you go home…relax think about your goals.” He turned to the door and disclosed, “I'm going back to work-” opening the door, “If I need your help…I'll call.” He then left the room and closed the door behind him.

“What in the Hell did I do?” she muttered, sighing. This is so not happening. She grabbed her purse and her jacket then, headed out the door.

To be continued.....

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