by Mythe


Warning: There are some graphic descriptions in this part, during a violent scene. Reader beware…

Copyright 2000 by Mythe. All rights reserved.




“Thanks, Jack I really appreciated this…”

“It's no problem, Sweet pea.”

“I'll talk to you later.”

“Take care….”

“I will, bye…” I hung the phone up, lifting up my bottled water and took a much need sip. I felt the familiar vibration of my phone vibrated in my hand and quickly answered it. “Taylor here…”

“Hi, Taylor it's Sam…”

“Hello, Sam…” I greeted, grinning. “What's up?”

“Can we talk?”

“Sure,” I replied, sensing something. “Are you all right?”

“I'm fine…” she lied, “I just need someone to talk too.”

“Okay,” I nodded, “I'm at the Elysian Fields Inn. Do you remember that gas station we met at?”


“Do you remember where the Café is at?”


“Good, the Inn is between the two…” I informed, “You can't miss it-it has a very unique décor.”

She chuckled, “Alright, I'll be there in a few.”

“Until then, ” I said, hanging my phone up. If that General did anything- “Take a breath Tay…” I assured, “Maybe she's just having a bad day.” Sam's coming here…to my room. SHIT…I've got straighten my room. “Hello, I don't have anything.” A thought formed, “Maybe she would like drink or something.”

I rushed out of my room and towards the office. I made a beeline towards the soda machine, realizing that I needed to pay for a few extra days. “Damnit…” I grumbled, entering the office. After having a short discussion on subtext in TV shows, I finally paid Kelly for a few more extra days. I approached the machine, deposited 75 cents into it and was in deep though on what kind of soda she would prefer. She seems like the diet type…hey maybe she's a Pepper kind of girl. “What the hell, I press the Pepper button and was rewarded with an ice cold can.

“Now, how did you know that was my favorite?”

Grinning as I reached in to pick the can up and revealed, “Lucky guess?” I turned to her, gesturing her towards my room.

“You were right about the décor,” she expressed, observing the inn around her. “It has that Amazon motif.”

“It does…” I nodded, opening my door for her. “After you.”

She entered, “Thank you.”

“Make yourself comfortable,” I suggested, closing the door behind me.

Sam moved over the bed and plopped herself onto it.

I safely chose the chair across the room as I silently observed her.

She kicked her shoes off and lazily stretched herself upon the lucky mattress. A soft moan passed her lips, as did a sigh.

My heart skipped a beat as this Angel relaxed before me. Images of our passionate lovemaking overwhelmed all my senses. I could almost smell her heavenly scent calling me to taste her precious nectar. Pulling her closer to my body as I ravished… I reluctantly pulled myself from my erotic visions and finally broke the unnatural silence, “Sam, what's wrong?”

“I'm having one Hell of a bad day,” Sam grumbled, realizing that she needed to elaborate further and took a deep breath and exhaled. “Well, this was our first day at the lab and it was going great…” sighing, “made out on my desk with Liv-I admit that it was risqué, but fun. Anyway, I continued to work on the DAX 232. Hunger over came me. So, I went to lunch…stopped at a gas station to get some munchies…I was heckled at by some love starved young ladies. Ran into the most intriguing woman…who by the way has the most gorgeous set of eyes I've ever seen. We had lunch together…Liv stopped by…that was fun.” Taking a much need breath and finished, “Went back to work…got into an disagreement with my Father. Who by the way totally went ballistic-I've never seen him go off like that. I mean he could be emotional or passionate at times, don't get me wrong.” Finally realizing that she unloaded everything to a complete- well not totally to a Stranger. She sat up and apologized, “Taylor, I'm so sorry for unloading my problems to you.”

I sat there in awe as my Angel revealed to me that she thought I was intriguing. After swallowing hard, I finally responded, “Don't be sorry Sam…believe me, I really wanted to know. Besides, it's better to get everything off your chest in order to sort it out.” Holding out her soda, “Here, take it.”

Sam reached over and gently placed her hand over mine. “Thank you,” she whispered, taking the soda from my hand.

“Your welcome,” I assured, going over everything that she had said in my mind. Images of the Bitch and my Angel making out flashed before my eyes. I cringed, “Okay, DAX 232 is the tumor serum…right?”


“Alright,” I nodded and inquired, “What started the disagreement between you and your Father?”

“Well, let's start from the beginning…” she said and disclosed, “Liv had invested into my Father's research and suggested that we should move the it to a more secure place.”

“To Nellis?”

“Area 51 to be exact.”

Raising a brow, “Really?”

“Yes,” she affirmed, “So, we're here. Anyway, my Father's research is now in Phase 2.”

“Phase 2?”

“Human testing,” she revealed, “We look for candidates that fit our profile and we inquire about having them be part of our research.”

“Guinea Pigs.”

She silently nodded, “That's just part of the process.”

“I know,” I agreed, 'Go on.”

“Col. West, found us some candidates…perfect ones. A little too perfect for my taste.”

Recognizing the name and repeated, “You've met this Colonel West?”

“Yes, why?”

I started pacing to at this bombshell. My God the mysterious Col. West… After calming myself down a bit I sat back down and suggested, “Sorry, I'll tell you later. Go on please.”

“Okay,” Sam stared at me for a moment and continued on with her story, “He brought in three people and they're waiting in the infirmary at the lab. When I brought up my feelings toward my Father, he freaked.”

“What did he say?”

“Said I didn't have faith in him, like I should.”

“Do you?”

“Yes, of course!”

Holding my hands up and assured her, “Just checking.”

“Sorry,” Sam apologized, “Then he told me that I should think relax and think about my goals.” Lowering her voice a notch, “And that he didn't need me.” She sniffled, wiping some now forming tears from her eyes.

My Angel was now breaking down before me. I don't care if it's her Father…he has no right to hurt her. So help me God… I was instantly at her side, pulling her into my arms and comforting her. This feels so right… “Let it all out, Sam.”

“My dream was to be just like my Father,” she revealed, between sobs. “After my Mother died…I've always wanted to help him.”

Reaching over to grab a tissue and handing it to her. “There you go,” I said and expressed, “It seems to me that you love him dearly.”

“I do,” he sat up, blowing her nose. “My Mother died when I was young from a malignant tumor to the brain-she suffered…” taking a deep breath, “My Father was obsessed with trying to find the cure for it and when I was old enough I wanted to follow in his footsteps.”

“Maybe he's just overly stressed and accidentally took it out on you.”

“You think?” she asked, “Yeah, we really haven't had a real break it while.”

I nodded, “I'm sorry to hear about your Mother.”

“Thanks,” she let a smile pass and expressed, “She would have liked you.”

“Oh, really?” I retorted, “Not many parents like their daughters being with a Cop.”

“A Detective,” she corrected me, with a grin. “Then it's their loss.”

I blushed at her honest comment and kissed her on the forehead, “Thanks…”

She looked up at me and made eye contact with mine.

Feeling drawn into them I reluctantly pulled myself away and sat back into my chair. I felt her sad eyes on me, questioning the distance I had made. “I'm sorry Sam, but I need to tell you why I'm here.”

“Go on…”

I took in a deep breath and exhaled then, I began my story.


“There, all done…” Daniel stated, pulling out his syringe from his patients arm.

“Do you think it'll work?” the dark haired woman inquired.

“I have a feeling I will,” he assured, tossing the used syringe into the Bio wastebasket. “Now, Maggie…just relax and rest.”

“Thank you, Dr. Andrews.”

“SWOOSH!” as the door opened.

Daniel flashed her a smile, taking her chart and glanced back at all three patients as he exited the room. He checked off something on it, glancing at his watch then, wrote the time on it. Now, it's a matter of time… He turned and walked down the hall towards the elevator.


Dr. Trepis stood behind the two-inch thick Plexiglas viewing area. He stared down into the real two-acre forest that they had created for his precious Adam.

The room had high ceilings that held panels of light, which shone artificial light onto the forest below. A large sprinkler system was also mounted from above, which was automated in order to rain in certain intervals. The two-acres were covered in live vegetation, bushes, ferns, trees, small waterfall and a stocked pond. On the other side of the room was a large metal door that the handlers would enter from.

The Doctor picked up a phone that was hanging near bye and ordered, “Put her in.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“SWOOOOOSH!” as the large door slid opened.

A smaller Werewolf rose to her feet and hesitantly entered her new surroundings. She sniffed into the air and caught the male scent. She then howled out a greeting.

Adam leapt down from his hiding place and crouched a few feet from her, watching her. He let a low growl out then, approached her.

“Adam, met Eve…” Dr. Trepis enlightened, smirking.


“I'm so sorry for unloading my insignificant problems to you.”

“No, they're not…” I retorted and explained, “I'm glad you trusted me enough to tell them to me. In a way I'm happy that you did…it kinda takes me way my own problems.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” I nodded, “I need a distraction from it every now and then. Besides I care about you and want to know if something's bothering you.”

“Can I tell you something?”

I sat down next to her and replied, “Of course.”

“There's something about you…I feel so comfortable around you,” she revealed and continued, “It's like I've known you before and when I look into your eyes I'm feel like I'm whole again.”

Grinning at her confession and whispered back, “I feel the same way.”

She turned to me, “Really?”

Nodding as I leaned over and gently kissed her luscious lips. She opened them for me as I explored her mouth and our tongues made contact. My hand went up to her face, caressing her jaw line. We pulled away for a much needed breath as our eyes locked onto each other's. My soul was alive from our kiss, bringing up feelings I haven't felt in a long time. This is so right…I gotta slow down.

“What are you thinking about?”

“That this feels so right,” I replied, “But I don't want to rush it.”

Sam reached up, gently outlined my lips with her finger and pulled me in for another kiss. I have to taste her again… Her lips parted as my tongue entered her mouth once more continuing their intimate dance. After the dance she slowly pulled away to take in this beautiful woman before her. “That's fine…” she said and inquired, “Can we just relax and hold one another?”

My eyes lit up as a grin grew from ear to ear. “I would love too,” I replied, moving behind her and held my arms out to her. “Come here.” She laid down next to me.

“Thank you,” she said, placing her head on my shoulder and laying her arm across my stomach.

“No problem, Angel…” I whispered back, kissing her on the forehead.


“When I first laid my eyes on you…I thought I died, because I looked up and saw this beautiful Angel standing before me.”

“That's beautiful,” Sam expressed, grinning and gave me a quick squeezed.

“Thank you,” I whispered, feeling complete as I closed my eyes.


“SWOOSH!!” as Daniel entered the room carrying his clipboard. The stench of bile and human feces overwhelmed all his senses. “OH GOD!” he gasped, stepping back.

The room was a mess as two trails of bile and blood lead to an overturned bed. While a third trail also had bloody footprints, which led into the restroom. The other two beds were disheveled and had a dark substance that resembled human feces upon it.

“What the?” he muttered, moving towards the restroom and called out, “Maggie?”

“THUMP!” was heard and a low moan came from the restroom as well.

Daniel rushed to the door and opened it. “Maggie?” he called out, entering the room and noticed her on the floor.

Maggie was flat on her face, convulsing. Her gown had been splattered with blood and bile. A low groan passed her lips.

“Oh, no Maggie!” he uttered, rushing to her side and placed a hand on her shoulder. “I'm going to help you,” he assured and started to turn her over, “Take it easy.” Maggie suddenly grabbed his hand and bit into his arm. “NOO!!!!” he shouted, pulling his arm free and shoved her back. He backed into the door, opened it and made a quick exit.

A crunching sound was heard as well a low moan, “Aroolll….” Loud chewing and the occasional slurping was heard from across the room.

“What in the Hell's going on?” he grumbled, holding his injured arm and moved to investigate the strange noises. He slowly reached the overturned bed and was utterly stunned.

Tom one of his assistants was laying in a pool of his own blood. His body had been gnawed upon and his organs were hanging out of a large hole in his stomach. Two figures were hunched over chewing on various parts of his body.

“OH MY GOD!” Daniel shouted, recognizing the figures as his other test subjects. He took two steps back in horror, dropping his clipboard.

The figures turned towards the noise, grumbling incoherently as they slowly rose to their feet.

The Doctor bolted towards the door as it opened, “SWOOSH!!” He rushed out and collided with Dr. Trepis. They both fell to the floor stunned at what just happened. “I'm so sorry,” he apologized, getting up then, pressed a couple buttons on the door panel, which locked it.

He climbed to his feet and grumbled, “You should watch were your going Dr. Andrews. You could've hurt somebody.”

“I'm sorry Doctor…” he repeated and rushed off.

“Crazy man…” Dr. Trepis muttered, reaching into his pocket and sliced his fingers on some broken glass. “What the-” he gasped, pulling out his hand and noticed the blood upon them. He hesitantly looked into his pocket and found the cause. “NO!!!!” he shouted, looking at the broken serum vial and bolted down the hall towards his lab.


“Interesting…” Col. West expressed, leaning back in his chair. “I believe that Dr. Andrews has created something useful after all.”

“Indeed he has, Sir.”


“This must be the good Doctor,” Col. West remarked.

“Hello, this is Lt. Devins.”

“Can I speak to Col. West?” Daniel nervously inquired.

“Yes, Doctor…” Lt. Devins said, handing the phone to him. “Here, Sir.”

“Dr. Andrews, what can I do for you?”

“There's been an accident,” he stated and rambled on, “DAX 232 is unstable…it-it mutated my patients into…flesh eating things.”

“Doctor, you need to calm down…” the Colonel advised, “I want you to go to your office-”

“That's where I'm at.”

“Good, stay there…I'll take care of everything.”

“Alright,” he responded, sighing.

“Once I'm done with that, I'll come up and check on you…” Col. West informed and assured, “Don't worry about anything. Okay?”

“Sure, if you say so.”

“Good, I'll talk to later.”


Col. West hung the phone up and decreed, “I want his notes, the serum DAX 232 and capture those things.”

“Yes, Sir…” the Lieutenant nodded and inquired, “Where shall I put them?”

“Keep them in a holding pen.”

“Affirmative, Sir…” he turned towards the door, “SWOOSH!!” then exited into the hall.

Col. West pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. “Success on both counts,” he revealed and hung the phone up.


Daniel noticed the dark purple ring around the bite as he finished wrapping it. “Damnit…” he grumbled, “Sam was right,” he sighed, picking up the phone and dialed a number.


“Samanatha, I know you're mad at me and you have every right too…” he confessed, “I wanted to say that I wrong and I'm sorry for hurting you like that. Will you ever forgive me?”

“Daddy, I do…I'm so sorry for making you upset.”

“I wanted to tell you that you were right all along,” he revealed, sighing. “I was blinded by my obsession and didn't see the truth.”

“Dad, what's wrong?”

“There's been a horrible accident…”

“Are you hurt?”

“No…not really.”

“We'll be there in few,” she stated, “Stay where you are.”

“NO!” he retorted, hearing the dial tone. “Damn.”

To be continued.....

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