Lies Among Us

part 9

by Mythe



Warning: There are some graphic descriptions in this part, during many violent scenes. Reader beware…

Copyright: The characters of Ryoga and Ranma 1/2 are owned by Rumiko Takahashi, Rumiko Takahashi/Shogakukan, Inc. Viz Comics. No infringement was intended. The rest of the story is mine and I hold the copyright to it. Ryoga was only here for a guest appearance.

Copyright 2000 by Mythe. All rights reserved.




“What's wrong?”

“My Father's in trouble…” she revealed, putting her shoes on. “I think he's hurt.”

“Okay, slow down Sam…” I said, sitting up. “What did he say?”

“That I was right…”

“What does that mean?”

“That DAX 232 was unstable and it would mutate.”

“Alright, lets go…” I affirmed, taking my gun and placing in its holster.

“But, how?” she asked, “They'll card you at the gate-”

Smirking as I answered, “I have an idea.”


I opened the door for her and startled by our new guest. “Hello, General…” I drearily greeted.

Liv replied, “Well, it's nice to see you again Detective.”

“Liv?” Sam inquired.

Liv turned to her voice, “Well, Sam it's a surprise that I'd find you here.”

I growled, “What do you want?”

“I'd rather not give this,” patting to her satchel, “To you in public,” she said, gesturing around her.

“Oh, come in…”

“Thank you,” she said, entering.

Liv glanced around her surroundings and approached the table. She opened her bag and pulled out a large file. “Everything's in here,” she informed, handing the large file to her.

“Thanks,” I nodded, taking it and quickly thumbed through it.

“I heard about what happened earlier,” Liv acknowledged to Sam, “If there's anything I can do, just ask.”

“Thanks, Liv…” Sam let a small smile show, “I appreciate that.”

“Alright, then…” the General turned, moving towards the door and opened it. “Until later.”

Sam waved, “Bye.”


Liv exited, closing the door behind her.

“Are you ready?” I asked, carrying the folder and a bottle of water.

“Yes,” she nodded and inquired, “So, what's this idea you have?”

I opened the door for her, letting her pass and followed right behind. “Okay, it's really simple…”


Sam pulled up to the gate, rolled down her window and handed the guard her ID.

“Good evening, Dr. Evans…” he greeted, handing her ID back and nodded towards another guard inside the gatehouse. “You may pass, Ma'am.”

Sam watched the gate lift and passed through. She drove down the road, praying silently to herself. She rolled down her window for some much needed air and gazed into darkening sky, observing the first star of the night. I just hope my Dad's all right.


Daniel leapt up from his short slumber, feeling pain throughout his body and groaned. “Damn, what's going on with me?” He slowly stood up, approached the window and opened it. “Ahhh…fresh air.” After taking a deep breath, he started to smell something rotting and removed his coat. “Oh, gross…” fanning himself, “What is that?” Smells like spoiled meat or something… “I've got to get my notes…” he grumbled, moving towards the door.


I had just finished speed-reading the entire folder, flicking my tiny flashlight off and the engine turn off as well. I guess we're here…about time. Damn, I need to stretch out…my leg's asleep. Owww…needles… The door slammed shut, hearing footsteps moving closer then, a key entering the lock.

Sam lifted the lid up, smiling down at me. “How are you doing, Taylor?”

“I need to stretch….other than that I'm fine,” I replied and inquired, “Do you see any guards?”

She leaned over pretending to look for her purse, quickly scanned the lot around her and shook her head. “No, all clear…I parked in the darkest part.”

“Good,” I said, smiling.

“We're in building # 2,” Sam informed, brushing her lips against mine and pulled out her purse. “Be careful,” she expressed, remembering. “Oh, almost forgot…our lab is on level 3.”

“Okay,” I nodded and advised, “If you get into trouble find a place to hide then, call me.”

“I will…” she grinned back, lowering the lid.

Grasping the lid's locking before it could lock and silently listened to my Angel's footsteps moving further away. I'll give her five minutes to get there then, it's my turn to have some fun.


Daniel stumbled toward his lab and fell flat on his face.

“BAM…BAM!!” echoed through the empty hall.

“DAMNIT!” the Doctor grumbled, trying to get to his feet. His whole body was on fire, feeling his muscles straining from each step he took. God, what did I do to deserve this? “SWOOSH!!” he slowly entered his lab and growled, “NO!!!”

The room was shambles, papers everywhere and laboratory equipment broken and on the ground. The refrigerator unit was wide open and completely empty.

“MY SERUM!!!!” he yelled, grabbing some useless papers and throwing them down. “HOW COULD THEY?”

LAB 10

Dr. Trepis finished bandaging his fingers and grumbled, “Stupid Doctor…NOW I'm infected!” He wiped his brow and turned to his two remaining caged specimens, laughing. “I created them and now I'll be one soon…” he decreed, feeling his entire body burning from within. Trying to focus on his surroundings, as his eyesight began to blur and a throbbing sensation overtook all his senses. “NO!!!!” he growled, moving towards the cages.


I silently climbed out, checking my surroundings once again and closed the trunk. The coast is clear…so far. Sticking to the shadows, as I approached the large cluster of buildings.


“Daddy?” Sam called out, entering the room and flicked the light on. She glanced around the room and noticed the bloody bandages upon his desk. “What happened?” she asked her self, turning towards the couch and found her Father's bloody lab coat. “No…Daddy,” she muttered, turning off the light and rushed out of the room.


A lone sentry moved across the yard, turned and went back.

I caught a glimpse of two more, one by the front door and the other had just turned a corner, towards the rear of the building. I waited until the first guard had turned his back on me before I bolted from my hiding place. After I passed him, pressing myself against the wall and slowly peeking around the corner for the any other guards. I found none as I reach a window, finding it locked and went to the next one, which turns out to be unlocked. Checking the area again, finding no one and I slowly opened the window. I climbed in and disappeared in the shadowy room.

A shadowy figure silently followed her in tow, hiding in the shadows and watching her every move from afar.

The room seemed to be an office of sorts. I flicked on my flashlight on and scanned the room for anything. I moved towards the desk, noticing the bloody bandages and continued to look around. My elbow knocked over a picture frame, instantly I picked it up. Glancing over it, it's of a beautiful woman with long blond hair. She's holding an infant, as her emerald eyes were lovingly staring back at the photographer. It must be Sam's Mother…she looks just like her. A sudden feeling of déjà vu overcame me and I whispered, “Didn't I dream this?” Shaking my head at the weird feeling and scanned the room once more as I exited the room. I found a bloody lab coat on the couch, realizing that Sam probably found it too and went to look for him. “Damnit…I should of gone with her,” I grumbled, exiting out of the room in search of them both.


“SWOOSH!!” Sam entered the room and called out, “DAD!” She was taken back at the site of the lab, remembering the serum and moved toward the refrigerator. “No…who could've-” she uttered and moved towards the exit.

“Sam…a..nnthaaa…” his voice was ragged and low.

Sam spun around to his voice, walking around a large table and was horrified at the sight. “My god, DADDY!” she gasped, moving to his side.

“NO!” he growled, trying to raise his had but couldn't. “Don't…touch…me.”

Tears were falling from her eyes, as she tried her hardest not to touch him. “But, why?” she asked, “What happened to you?”

Daniel coughed up some blood and slowly replied, “It mutated…them,” taking a in a shallow breath, “I was…bitten by one…of them,” taking another, “I'm…infected.”

“Oh, Daddy…” she sobbed, wiping the tears with the back of her hand.

He turned his head towards his Daughter, trying to see her but all he could see was a large blur. “They have it…” he said and advised, “Get out…while you…can.”

She retorted, “I'm not leaving you!”

“OUT!” he growled, muttering. “The hunger…need to eat-”

“NO!” she cried out, pleading. “What do you want Daddy?”

“Hungry…want you…eat…YOU!” Daniel suddenly reached out to grab her.

“DADDY!” she shouted, jumping back and bumped into a table. “What's gotten into you?”

“Need YOU!” his voice growled, clumsily climbing to his feet.

“No…” she sobbed and moving towards the door.

“Come HERE!!”

“SWOOSH!!” the doors opened and she rushed into the hall.

“NOOOO!!!!” he shouted out.

Sam looked back once more then, turned around and collided into someone. “OH GOD!” she gasped, falling back.

“No problem, Dr. Evens…” Lt. Devins expressed, steadying her. “You look like you just seen a ghost-”

“SWOOSH!!” the door open and Daniel stumbled out. “MINE!!!”

“SHIT!” Lt. Devins shouted, pulling his gun out and fired. “BAM…BAM!!”

“NO!!!” she shouted, pushing the Lieutenant away and growled. “That's my Father!”

The bullets struck him in the chest stunning him, momentarily. He grumbled inchoately as he continued to move towards them.

Pulling away from her and decreed, “SEE, it's not HUMAN!”

“NO…oh, GOD!” she gasped and bolted down the hall.



“WOOOVEEEEESH!!” as the elevator door slid open.

I heard the sound of gunfire and instinctively pulled out my .45, flicking the safety off. Carefully I stepped out of the elevator and moved into the hallway. Damn…damn… “Right or left?” I asked myself and noticed a figure rush around a corner to the right. “Right it is…”

“BAM..BAM…BAM...BAM!!” echoed through the hall.

“Damn,” I grumbled, rushing towards it.

“DIE!” a male voice shouted, firing his weapon. “BAM..BAM..BAM..BAM!!!”

“GROOOOWWWELLLLL!!!!” a loud growl retorted back.

I turned the corner and was appalled at the horrific scene. Blood was everywhere, on the walls, the ceiling and especially on the floor. A Sentry's body laid in the center of the pool. His chest was shredded and ripped apart. He still held his automatic weapon in his right hand.

“NOOO!!!!” the male shouted, “THUMP!” as he was tackled to the ground.

Reaching over to the corpse and pulled the weapon from his death grip. I holstered my weapon and moved towards the scuffle.

Grunts and low growls were muffled, as the victim let out a deathly scream. The ripping and tearing of flesh and bone was heard from around the corner.

I checked the ammo; it was still full as I turned the corner.

A huge Creature was attacking the soldier and it was shredding him to pieces.

“What the fuck?” I muttered, aiming the weapon to the creature's large head and fired. “RATTTTTAAATTAAAATTAAA!!!!”

The bullets hit their mark, disintegrating the thing's head and spraying it's blood everywhere. The Creature's body flew back and collapsed against the wall. Its nerves still twitched its lifeless body.

I rushed to the soldier's body and felt for a pulse, but I was too late. Shaking my head at this tragic scene and wondering what the hell was that thing. God, what if there were more of these things… “Sam,” I gasped, “Damnit!” I checked his body for any clips and found some. I'm gonna need all I can get. I checked my clip once more and rushed off to find my Angel.


Col. West silently observed the death of one of his Werewolf's, finally a sigh passed his lips.

“SWOOSH!!!” as two guards roughly escorted in Sam.

“Hey!” she grumbled, glaring at them and turned to the Colonel. “What's going on?”

“Come now,” he said and taunted, “You're a smart girl…take a wild guess.”

“Liv brought us here…” she spoke up, realizing why. “She wanted to use it as a weapon of sorts.”

Col. West turned to her, clamping as a smirk grew upon his face. “Very good, but don't give the General all the credit…” he stated and revealed, “She actually bought into your Father's psychotic ramblings.”

Sam raised a brow at that comment, “Huh?”

“Did you think that Bitch could really create a plan such as this?”

“Anything is possible,” she shrugged and grumbled, “I guess this is the time you're tell me that I'm going to die, right?”

He nodded, “Of course…”

“Well, at least tell me why?”

“What better of a way to test our little bio weapon and my new soldier.”

“A new soldier?”

“Oh, yes you haven't seen them…” he said, sighing. “Well, that can be arranged…considering.”


“That we have two on the loose.”


“SWOOSH!!” as I stepped into the room and noticed the pool of blood beneath my feet. “What the?”

The room was a shambles and there was a rotting body on the floor. Its head had large chunks blown away and part of the man's brains oozed out onto the floor.

“God…” I gasped, taking a deep breath of rotting flesh and realized whom this might be. “Sam's Dad….damn…damn.” I hurried out the door and headed further down the hall.


Col. West flicked some switches and a panel opened, revealing a DVD. He took it, placing it into a case and stuck it in his pocket. “Time to go Doctor,” he revealed, pushing another button.

“Where are you taking me?”

“To a place safe,” he inform, chuckling.

Sam moved forward, but was held back by the guards. “Let me go!” she growled, struggling.

“Now…now, don't get hysterical…it'll soon be over.”

“FUCK YOU!” she roared, spitting into his face.

The Colonel wiped it off and backhanded her, smirking. “Ah…there's the wild cat, I knew it was still in you.”


“Isn't that job taken?” he sarcastically inquired, remembering who. “Yes, by our very own General-oh, yeah…that Detective too. My…my you've been real busy haven't you?”


“SWOOSH!!” as he exited out the door, laughing.


After making a right, I noticed two soldiers laying in the hallway and rushed up to them. The first one had his jugular ripped open, his arteries slowly pumped his blood out onto the floor. “Damn…” I muttered and moved to the next one. The second soldier was face down and I reached over to turn him on his back. Shit, is anybody alive around here? Suddenly, I was grabbed from behind. Feeling it's cold breath near my throat, as I jabbed the butt of my rifle onto the thing's gut then, swung it towards its head.

“CRACK!” as the butt slammed into its skull, cracking it open.

I stepped back to see what the Hell attacked me and was dismayed at the now crumpled form of the soldier. “How?” I gasped, remembering the other one and spun around.

The soldier was now standing up; its head to the side, broken and his right arm was dangling by a lone muscle. It let out a low groan as it approached me.

Aiming quickly at its head and pulled the trigger. “RATTTATATATAA!” the bullets blew his shredded brains onto the wall behind him. What the fuck was that? I rushed past him and continued on my journey.

“FOOMP!” then a low whistle, “KABOM!!”

“What in…” I uttered, moving towards the explosion.

“RAATTTAAATARATARATTAA!!” another machine gun firing then, a male voice shouted, “MOVE!!! GO!! GO!!”

All the lights switched off and the red emergency ones flicked on.

“Damn…Damn..” I grumbled, peeking around a corner to see a cloud of smoke and debris in the hall.

A Stranger stepped out from the smoke and approached me. He was a bit shorter than me with dark hair and eyes, knee-high boots, black pants, a bright yellow shirt, Leopard printed bandana and carrying a large backpack. This young teen was holding a map in one hand and an umbrella in the other.

“What in the hell?” I muttered, taking a double take on this scene.

The teenager stopped before me and said something Japanese, “Donata desu ka? Tendo Dojo wa doko ni arimasu ka?”

Raising a brow and replied, “I don't understand you.”

He grumbled and inquired in broken English, “Hell am I?”


“Where is the Tendo Dojo?”

“Never heard of it,” I responded, shrugging.

“SAOTOME, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!” he shouted and continued down the hall.

The sprinkler system clicked on, spraying cold water upon everything.

“INTRUDER ALERT…CODE RED…RYOGA IS BACK!” an automated female voice announced.


“Ryoga?” I repeated, recognizing the animal sound. “Was that a pig?” Shaking my head at in disbelief. “DAMN…double damn,” I growled and moved into the hall.

“THERE SHE IS!” a male voice shouted, firing his weapon at me. “RATTATTRATTAA!!”

Diving just in time, as bullets whizzed by me, feeling a quick stinging sensation coming from my bicep. “SHIT!!!” I muttered, sliding across the wet floor and rolled onto my feet.

“HALT!” the voice shouted, “DON'T MOVE!!”

I fired a short quick burst back at them, “RATTAARATTTAA!!!" Two soldiers dropped to the ground and cried out in pain. A smirk grew on my face, as I turned the corner. Suddenly, I was struck in the gut and collapsed to my knees in pain. Dropping my rifle on impact and heard it slid away from me. Someone kicked me in the face and I flew onto my back, heaving.

“Find the other one!” Lt. Devins ordered, “I've got this one.”

“Shit…” I mumbled, recognizing the voice. “Lt. Devins…I was wondering when I'd see you again.”

“Get up!”

I slowly got to my knees, feeling a dull pain in my side and groaned. “Damn…”

“Don't try anything stupid,” he warned, aiming his gun at me.

“Stupid is using a Stinger from your own company…” I retorted, rising to my feet and took in a deep breath, exhaling slowly. “I'm wondering who pulled the trigger. Did you have the balls to do it yourself or did you make one of your peons do it for you?”

“STUPID BITCH!!” Lt. Devins shouted, backhanding me.

My head jerked to the side from the blow, feeling the warm salty taste of blood on my tongue. Reading his dark eyes and finding the truth. I flashed him a mischievous grin and taunted, “You seemed to be the lackey type…”


“KABOOM!!!” as another explosion rocked through the halls and a gun battle ensued.

Lt. Devins glanced towards the commotion, giving me an opportunity. I rushed him and tackled him to the ground, which sent his gun sliding across the floor. We rolled around on the ground, trying to gain the upper hand. I won the first round, as I straddled him and wrapped my hands around his throat. “TELL ME WHY!!!” I growled.

The Lieutenant reversed our positions in one quick move and I found myself pinned under him. “It wasn't personal,” he revealed, “You know the old saying wrong place at the wrong time.” He began to tighten his grip around my neck as a smirk formed. “Time to die Bitch.”

Feeling his weight shifting above me and knew this was my chance. I started to attempt my move when a black blur flew past me, taking the Devins with it. “What the?” I gasped, sliding across the hall towards my rifle.

“NOOOO!!!” he shouted, “THUD!” as he crashed to the ground.

“ERROOOLL!!!” it growled, ripping and slashing at his victim.

Lt. Devins punched and scratched at his attacker to no avail. His screams were muffled then, became loud gurgles by all the blood that seeped into his lungs. The Werewolf savagely tore into his prey's neck, tearing into the soft flesh and swallowed a large chuck of its flesh.

I lifted my rifle at the Creature and fired. “RAATTTTAARAATTTTAAA!!” as the bullets struck the thing in the chest, ripping a large whole into its chest. The thing flew back and collapsed against the wall. Pulling out my empty clip and slapped in a fresh one. “Enough of this shit…” I grumbled, moving down the hall.

“INTRUDER ALERT…CODE RED…ALL PATROLS-” an automated female voice announced again.


Two guards were walking before the Colonel, clearing the way and coming up the rear were two more that pulled Sam along.

Sam remained silent staring into darken corridors, passing a glowing red light every so often. An eerie feeling overcame her as the water continued to shower upon her, soaking her further. Taylor, please be all right…

I paused at a corner, quickly peek around it and spotted some guards, an officer and my Angel. I ducked back, thinking quickly and sprinted across the hall and prayed that they'd followed. “Come to Momma…” I muttered.

“GO!” Col. West shouted, “KILL HER!”

Taylor…she's okay! Sam let out a relieving breathe as a grin spread across her face.

The soldiers rushed after the fleeing figure and cautiously turned the corner, making sure that it was clear. The hall was empty, as they silently moved forward. The one on the right pointed with two of his fingers to his eyes, which meant 'Look' and pointed to the corner on his right, which meant 'I'll go that way'. Then he repeated it with his partner but to his left. The second soldier acknowledged it with a nod.

I turned another corner, slinging the rifle and pulled out my .45.

“INTRUDER ALERT…CODE RED…” an automated female voice announced again.

The soldiers moved closer to the corner, keeping themselves pressed against their own walls. The first man counted with his fingers to three and they spun towards they're chosen directions.

“CLANK!” as a metal object dropped to the ground and rolled out underneath their feet. “PHOSH!” as the canister sparked, spraying out white cloud of smoke.

The soldiers glanced down at the smoke grenade, realizing their mistake too late.

I rolled onto the floor and fire, “BAM..BAM!!” then I rolled until I was safely behind the wall. After finally noticing the smoke enveloping them and mutter, “How?”

“THUD!” as the first soldier collapsed to the ground.

Another figure laid low and fired one shot, “BAM!!”

“THUD!” as second followed suit.

I climbed to my feet and headed back to the others. “Oh, well two down…three to go,” I whispered.


The Colonel grumbled, “What's taking those idiots-”

“Maybe they're dead,” Sam shrugged, grinning.

“And soon you will be too,” Col. West taunted, gesturing to one of the remaining soldiers. “Go and find them.”

The soldier sprinted off to find the others.

I peeked around another corner and observed another soldier had just been dispatched to find me. Grinning as he too will meet the same fate as the others. Will they ever learn?

The white smoke spread further into the halls settling to the floor and leaving a thick knee high layer of mystery.

The soldier turned the corner and carefully walked through fog.

Suddenly, a dark figure leapt up from behind him, broke his neck with one quick twist and dropped back into the fog.

“INTRUDER ALERT…CODE RED…” an automated female voice announced again.

The Colonel perceived the moving fog and pulled Sam closer to him. “Give me you handgun,” he ordered, holding out his hand.

“Yes, Sir…” the soldier responded and handed his gun to him.

Col. West flicked the safety off and placed the gun to her temple. “Keep an eye out for anything,” he advised and shouted out, “DETECTIVE, I suggest you show yourself now…it would be a pity to have too splatter her brains all over the place. It's such a mess in all.”

“TAYLOR, DON'T DO IT!” Sam yelled out.

“Damn…damn…” I grumbled, “ALRIGHT!” Stepping out from my hiding place and held my hands into the air.

“Good,” Col. West affirmed, holding Sam tight against his body. “Now, come on over.”


“I'm sorry Sam…” I said, making eye contact with hers. “I'm not going to risk losing you.”

“Taylor…” she whispered, as tears traveled down her cheek.

“Ahhh…this such a sweet moment,” the Colonel sarcastically expressed and barked out, “Take her weapons and bring her over here.”

“Yes, Sir…” the soldier approached me.

I silently stood there as he pulled off my rifle and removed my .45. He shoved my own rifle into my back and growled, “MOVE IT!” We moved forward, stopping in front of the Colonel and Sam.

“INTRUDER ALERT…CODE RED…ALL PATROLS-” an automated female voice announced again.

“Good,” he nodded, “You two lead…we'll follow right behind you.”

“MOVE!” the soldier barked, shoving the barrel further into me.

“If you shove that into me once more-”


I was abruptly shoved against the wall. My head collided against the concrete wall and I collapsed against it. What the hell happened? “Damn…” I muttered, trying to stop the stars from spinning in my head.

“EERROOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!!” the Werewolf cried out as it leapt at the Colonel.

The Colonel shoved Sam away, aiming his weapon at it and fired. “BAM..BAM!!”

Sam rolled away just in time to see the Creature landing on top of the Colonel. She climbed to her feet and rushed to my side, “TAYLOR!”

“Yeah?” I mumbled, focusing on the big blur in front of me. “Sam, is that you?”

“BAM..BAM!!” the Colonel fired again, as he kicked the Monster off of him.

“We've got to get out of here,” she stated, helping me up.

“Okay,” I nodded, slowly rising to my feet. “I can do this… it looks like a wolf.”

The Colonel climbed to his feet, holding his torn side as he sprinted down the corridor.

The Werewolf howled out a warning then, chased after its wounded prey.

“INTRUDER ALERT…CODE RED…” an automated female voice announced again.

Sam grabbed my hand and led me down another hallway. “Come on, Tay…” she encouraged, “You can do it.”

My eyesight was getting better and I could see that we were running down a long hallway. I recognized the large metal doors before us as the elevator and accidentally ran into her. “Sorry, Sam…” I apologized, wrapping my arm around her waist.

“No, problem Tay…” she replied, pushing the call button.

“Is there a stairwell?”

“I think so…” she replied, “Why?”

“Well, when there's a fire-”

“Use the damn stairs!” Sam finished, grumbling. “It's gotta be around here somewhere.” She suddenly sprinted down the hall away from me. “COME ON!”

“Wait!” I called out, running after her.

“EEEERRROWLLLL!!!” echoed through the halls.

“BAM…BAM!!” then a loud scream followed it.

I rounded the corner into another hallway and focused on the glowing exit sign. HOT DAMN!!!! Noticing that Sam had already entered the stairwell and was now climbing the stairs. I finally entered and started to climb the stairs two at a time, trying to catch up.

“DAMNIT!!” she yelled, pulling on a locked door.

“WHAT?” I asked and finally climbing the last flight of stairs.

“The door is locked!” she rushed passed me and went to the second level door.

I descended down the stairs after her.

Sam opened the door and cheered, “YAHOO!!” She held the door open for me, “Taylor, let's get the Hell out here…”

“I'm with you, Sam…” I agreed, exiting the stairwell and entered into another dark hallway. “Now we have to find another one.”

“Lets go,” she gestured, sprinting down it.

I followed suit, two paces behind her, as we rounded a corner and came to another hallway.

“This way,” she suggested, turning left at the next hallway.


I stopped in my tracks and spun around. That growl…or whatever came from that direction. I instinctively reached behind me for my .45 and found an empty holster. “DAMNIT!” That Creature was moving fast. I turned and bolted down the hall, praying that Sam hadn't gone too far. I skidded to the corner and looked back one more time as a shadow of sorts followed behind. Rounding the corner as fast I could and collided into someone. We flipping over one another and slammed to the ground. Everything suddenly went black, but I could still hear everything.

“TAYLOR!!!” Sam called out, rushing to my aid. “My god what happened?”

“We, collided…” Liv grumbled, pulling off her black mask and rubbed her forehead. She straightened her black OPS uniform and sighed. “She hit her head on impact,” she revealed, steadying herself as she rose to her feet.

“Liv?” Sam uttered, feeling my head and found a huge knot. “Taylor, it's going to be all right.”

“We've got to get of here,” Liv stated, looking around.

“We can't leave-”

“I didn't mean that,” Liv explained, “That Werewolf is gaining…can you support her?”

“Yeah, I think…” she nodded

Liv pulled out her .45 aimed and fired into the hall. “BAM..BAM!!”

My Angel asked, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah…” I spoke up. Sam's trying help me up. I began to stir and opened my eyes, but all I saw was one giant blur. An arm slipped around my waist as the other placed my arm around her neck. I tightened my arm around my Angel's neck. My hand brushed upon her breast and apologized, “Sorry…”

“It's all right,” the gentle voice assured, “I'm going to help you up, okay?”

I nodded, “Sure.”


Sam lifted me with her legs, but I felt my legs give out and all my weight was on her.

“I got ya,” Liv assured and wrapped her arm around me. “Lets go!”

“INTRUDER ALERT…CODE RED…ALL PATROLS-” an automated female voice announced.


“Come on…” Sam informed, “We're almost there.”

My sight was still blurry, but at least I could make out the different blurs as people. “Where are we?”

“Level 2,” she said, tightening her grip around my waist.

A loud blood-curdling scream echoed from behind us.

I glanced up, trying to read a blurry red sign. “Exit!” I blurted out, smiling.

Sam chuckled at me, “Yes, Babe…it is.”

“Do you have her,” Liv inquired, “I need to load up.”

“I do,” she said and whispered, “Taylor, do you think you can walk?”

“Yeah,” I replied, standing up and revealed, “But, everything seems blurry though.”

“You have a concussion, Babe…” Sam revealed, leading me towards the stairwell. “I'll lead you.”

Liv dropped her empty clip and loaded another. She followed right behind us, as she chambered a round. “I'm right behind you.”

Sam led me up the flight of stairs, as we climbed them my sight got a bit better and I could make out the stairs. I started to climb them two at a time again and was now leading her.

“Taylor, your sight?”

“Better than it was.”


Liv shouted, “KEEP GOING!”

“EEERRRRROOOLLL!!” it cried out, echoing through the stairwell.

“I can see the door,” I decreed, ascending the last few steps.

“THANK YOU GOD!” Sam praised, following me.

Pushing the metal doors open and we exited out of that Hellhole. We paused to catch our breaths and rest a moment. I glanced up into the dark sky and observed a shooting star.

“HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!” a male voice ordered.

“WHAT?” we shouted in unison.

The soldier was aiming his rifle at us and ordered, “PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!”

Sighing as I did this and grumbled, “Figures…”

Sam placed her hands on her head and spoke up, “We can explain-”

“SHUT UP!” he growled, grabbing his shoulder walkie and pressed the button. “Foxtrott to base…”


“Base, I have two civilians at stairwell 5.”

The doors opened up and The General came rushing out.

The soldier turned and shouted, “HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!”

“Corporal, take a good look at my rank.”


“What?” she growled, assessing the naive soldier. “You better restate yourself, CORPORAL RANDEL.”

He finally glanced down at her lapels, recognizing the black star and the name. “I-I'm sorry, Gen. Dakota…” he fumbled out, realizing that he's going to be doin' shit jobs for a long time and lowered his rifle. “I didn't mean-”

“Stop, groveling…” the General retorted and stated, “These civilians are with me.”

“Yes, Ma'am.”

“Come on ladies,” Liv gestured for them to follow, “Let's get you two out here.”

Sam spoke up first, “Thank you, Liv.”

“Yeah, thanks…” I said and inquired, “It was you down there-”

“Yes…I was trying to find my own answers,” Liv revealed, “And in doing so, I evened up the odds.” She escorting them towards the parking lot and asked, “Did you find your truth?”

“Yes, I did…” I replied and expressed, “Thanks for helping me…” looking over at Sam and corrected, “I mean US…we couldn't have done it without your help.” I held my hand out for her to take.

She shook it and grinned, “You're welcome, but you did all the hard work.”

I chuckled at her comment and continued to walk towards the car.

“I'm so sorry about Daniel,” Liv expressed, “He was a good friend. If you need anything just ask.”

“Thank you, Liv…” Sam turned and gave her a hug. “I appreciate it…I'm sorry-”

“It's alright,” Liv whispered back, “I'm happy for you.”

Sam kissed her on the cheek and approached me, “Are we ready, Babe?”

“Of course,” I responded, pulling her close to me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and whispered into her ear, “I love you, my Angel.” She grinned, placing her arms around my neck, “I love you, my warrior…” She pulled me towards her luscious lips and we passionately kissed.

I drove through Nellis' exit gate and turned onto the road, leading us back to my motel room. I glanced over at Sam, who had been staring out the window, deep in thought. “It's going to all right…” I assured and placed my hand on her knee.

“I know,” she said, placing her hand upon mine. “Now, that I have you…” she expressed, as a grin slowly formed.

“PHOSH!!!” as a tire blew out.

“DAMNIT!!” I grumbled, pulling the car over.

“Do you know how-”

“I sure do…” I nodded and climbed out. Moving to the right front tire and examined its tread closely, revealing a large gash. “Must have been one large rock.” I headed to the trunk, unlocked it and lifted the tire cover.

“A rock did that?”

“Yeah…” I replied, pulling out the spare tire and setting it down. Remembering to grab the jack and the tire iron, as I rolled the spare towards Sam. “Catch!”

“Oh, thanks…” Sam smirked and caught it just in time.

Malachi pulled up in her Jeep, which was carrying Falcon and Meg as well. All three climbed out and approached us.

“The reserves have arrived!” Malachi decreed and revealed, “We just happened to be in the area…” she winked at me and advised, “Taylor, you work on the jack and I'll work on the tire.” She relieved Sam of her tire and greeted, “Howdy, Samantha.” She then gestured over to her friends, “Taylor and Sam, these are my buds…Falcon and Meg.”

“Nice to meet you,” Falcon grinned, handing a bottle water to Sam, “Here you go.”

"Hello," Sam responded, taking the water. "Thanks, for the water."

“It's a pleasure to see you again,” Meg expressed, as her eyes ravished my body.

“Thanks…” I flashed her a grin and stood up. Turning to Sam and inquired, “Love, can I have a sip from your water?”

“Sure,” Sam replied, moving to my side in an instant and held it out. “There you go, Babe…” she whispered, pulling me close and seizing my lips for her own. The kiss ended and she glared over at Meg with the look of 'SHE'S MINE'.

Meg left in a huff and moved back to the Jeep and stood beside Falcon.

“Thanks,” I said, grinning.

“Anytime, Warrior…” she responded with a mischievous smirk and pulled me back into her arms, fervently kissing me.

“Guys, you can help at anytime…” Malachi whined, as she finished jacking the car up. She glanced up and realized that the pair was preoccupied. “Sorry…” she apologized and began to work on the tire. “I'll just be down here…if ya need me.”

To be continued...

Hello all! I know why you might be wondering why Ryoga made an appearance. Well, all I can tell you is that my Muse told me too and I thought it would be funny, but if ya'll don't think so…I have another version that doesn't have him in it. All ya have to do is email me......K?

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