Life’s Full of Choices

by Teagen2

DISCLAIMERS: Violent Content Warning: This story contains scenes of a violent nature.

Sexual and Alternative Warning: This story contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

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I feel cramped in places like this. The fancy table settings, the real napkins, and the valet parking. Not to mention the menu I can't even read. "Josy, honey, don't put your elbow on the table."

"Sorry, baby." I sigh. Suzanne Patterson. She just moved us to her parents' state, Michigan. I hate it here.

"This is supposed to be a celebration, Sweetheart." she smiles with an energy that is almost annoying. "The wedding rehearsal is next week." Her smile fades. "You've been moping around her like you lost your best friend." Tears began to surface on my eyes. I did lose my best friend, five years ago. She was my friend and my soulmate. "Now...let's eat."

Driving home, I noticed Suzie had fallen asleep. The tears that I managed to keep hidden now fell freely from my eyes. My memories of Annie were beginning to bombard me as the wedding date got ever closer. Fearing for my fiancee's safety, I pull over. Leaning my head on the steering wheel, I close my eyes.
Annie was everything to me. We went to school together back home in North Carolina. High school sweethearts. I wanted to marry her straight out of school. She accepted. One night changed my whole life forever. She didn't come home. She was missing two days before she was found dead. I was told she was beaten to death. I stayed to myself for over four years before Suzie came into my life. She was a cheerleader, an athlete. Her parents own of the biggest cellular networks in the U.S. She's privileged, had everything she ever wanted. Nothing like me. A poor country girl, at least that's how they see me. She was only going to school in North Carolina to be close to her grandmother while her parents traveled through Europe. She has given me the love I have missed. Our wedding is in one month. Annie is constantly on my mind. "Josephine Wallace." I look over, wiping the last tear away. "You're not thinking of Ann are you?" I pull the car back onto the road without a word. "She's gone, Josy."
"Just shut up will ya?" I pull into her driveway that wasn't a minute away.
"Just who the hell do you think you're talking to?"
"Suzie....I'm sorry." She opens the door and slams it. I sigh deeply as I headed off to be alone, leaving her at our home.

Pulling into a gas station, I filled my tank. I'm tired, emotionally and physically. I look around. I hate everything about this town. I can't stand it....and its freezing here. I opened the door, holding it open for the elderly gentleman leaving. He smiles at me in thanks. Walking to the back to the coolers, I found my favorite soda. Suddenly, I felt sick to my stomach. I turned around to go down the medicine aisle. A small woman was crouched in the aisle filling the bottom shelf. I accidentally bumped into her, causing her to spill the contents of the box she was holding. "Oh gosh, I'm sorry." I squat down to help her pick up the small boxes.

"Its okay." Oh my god. I look up from the floor and look at her face.
"Annie." I say breathlessly. Her head suddenly shot up. Her hair was completely different, short and blond. That face was so like Annie's I could swear it was her. "I'm sorry....You just remind me of someone I used to know." She nervously looked back to the floor.
"I've never seen you before in my life." Her voice didn't sound like Annie's. No southern accent.
"Can I get your name?"
"Look I'm not queer or anything.....Get away from me." I was taken aback by her comment. I wasn't used to that kind of attitude. I looked down to her left breast. The name tag said 'Amanda'. I dropped the items in my hand and picked up my soda.
"I'm sorry if I bothered you." I heard the slightest of noises. I could barely make it out.
"Its Ai'ght." she mumbled. I turned around to look at her again.
"No one from Michigan says Ai'ght." I said. She stood.
"Leave me alone." I waited for my opening. Like lightning, I grabbed her arm, pulling her to me. Reaching down, I lifted her T-shirt. "What the hell are you doing you crazy bitch!?" I looked down. I nearly passed out when I saw the birthmark near her stomach. It was a small, dark patch of skin on her abdomen. It was Annie! My knees went weak. She suddenly fought me. "MIKE!" Suddenly, I was pulled backwards.
"Get the fuck off her!.....Call the police!" A man was pinning one of my arms behind me. Throwing my head back, I head-butted the man in the mouth. He let go immediately. I was grabbed again, this time by a cop. The look of shock was plain on her face as she saw the tears in my eyes.
"Annie!" They shoved me to the floor. "Annie...No!" The patrons all looked on as the officer tried to subdue me. "Annie, baby." I cried. She continued to stare at me. I saw the recognition in her eyes that she was trying to hide. I was being yanked from the floor and out of the store.

I heard Suzie's high heels hit the tiled floor. When I saw her face peer at me from the other side of those bars, I felt sick again. "Are you ready to come home, Josy?...Daddy posted your bail." She struck her famous 'crossing her arms' pose. "He is none too thrilled about that."
"Yes." I whisper.
"I hope your not going to go into anymore psychotic rampages over Ann."
"No." I whisper.
"Good. Now.....let's go home."

I stepped outside of the police station. Suzie wrapped her arm around me tightly. As soon as we arrived home, I broke free from her and ran for my car. I knew where I was going, the gas station. I had to talk to this woman, whether it was Annie or not. She was working the counter when she saw me come in. Her eyes widened as they focused on me. Doing something I never expected, she jumped and swung her legs over clearing the counter and made a run for the side door. "Wait! I won't hurt you I promise!" I was afraid she might keep running and never come back. I had to follow. Taking only a second to debate, I ran for her. She was heading for the parking lot. If this was Annie, she was foolish to run. I always caught her. A brief memory of her 20th birthday popped into my mind. I chased her up a white sand beach. Shaking the thoughts from my head, I ran faster. I was gaining ground. My legs were longer. She was not going to get away from me. Just as she stopped at a car, I caught her. Colliding with her, the momentum pushed her into the driver's side door. I grabbed her as she began to squirm away. "I said I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to talk." I strained as she tried to pull way, but I had her firmly pinned.

I looked at the car....and gasped. "A 1967 purple Mustang." I said as if I rehearsed it in my sleep. I turned her around to face me. Tears streaked down her cheek. For the first time, she actually looked me in the eye. "It is you." Looking at the car. "You've wanted 1967 purple Mustang since you were old enough to talk." More tears. Hurt was beginning to replace the excitement of finding my love alive.
"Jo....." she started, but stopped abruptly. That proves it. It is Annie. I let her go. My strength has left me. Backing away, until I touched the car beside it. I slid to the ground, sitting on my butt. All the hurt. All the agony had returned. The roles were suddenly reversed. She knelt beside me as my emotions overwhelmed me. I was shaking as I felt her arms come around me. The act itself brought more tears. "I thought I'd never do this again." she said quietly, as her hand stroked my hair. I made every effort not to embrace her back. I just sat, waiting for this to pass. I haven't had one of these episodes in almost a year. I thought I was completely over her.

After a few minutes, my composure returned. I pushed her away and stood. Anger had replaced every other emotion. "Why?" Her eyes cast down. "Do you know what I went through? I had to go to your funeral." My tears returned. She leaned against her car and listened. "Do you know what I did?" She looked up. "I had them put your engagement ring in with you."
"Oh Jo..."
"I thought you were dead.....Then I walk into a gas station in Michigan five years later and here you are......I mourned you," I wiped my eyes. "for years. I was just getting to where I can talk about you without breaking down. You just made me do it again." I sobbed.
"Jo, please let me explain."
"Explain what? How you were too afraid to marry me. So, you faked your own death."
"That's not it at all, Baby." The statement stopped me cold.
"I am not your baby, Annie." I said sternly.
"I had to. I had no other choice. Please believe me. I didn't want to leave you."
"Then why did you?" She looked back towards the gas station.
"Look, I need to get Jason to take over.......Will you come with me? I'll tell you everything." I sighed heavily.
"All right." I said quietly.

She drove me to a remote location overlooking the city. The type of place that teenagers drive to for a good time, but we were alone. She stepped out of her car and I followed. She sat down on the marble bench, gesturing for me to sit with her. I did, but not too close. I didn't want to touch her. "I wasn't beaten to death." she said quietly.
"I think I figured that out already." I huffed. She ignored it.
"Remember when I told you I was going to Charleston?" A tear slipped down my face.
"I remember everything." I whispered.
"When I got back, I was going to meet Gina like I planned......What I didn't count on was seeing a murder." I looked quickly at her. "I saw the Mafia kill three people in broad daylight." Knowing her as I do, I know that the memories and details were horrifying just by looking at her face.
"That's when you called me to tell me you were staying longer.....Wasn't it?"
"Yes. I didn't want you to know about it. We were getting married. I didn't want to put any kind of pressure on you. So, I made up a story and had my sister back me up. I testified. Put some of the biggest trigger men for the Family in jail for life.....They kept it out of the papers.......I came home to you. What I didn't tell you was they threatened to kill me. They called on our phone, came by our home. I could've lived with the threats, but then it stopped." She looked at me and sighed.
"Then what?"
"They threatened you. They were going to kill you if I didn't 'disappear'. They knew they couldn't kill me. I was the star witness for the state. I had police protection, but you didn't."
"That still doesn't justify you leaving me."

"Jo, they were going to kill you! They promised you would be tortured first and so would every member of your family. I couldn't bare that! I started to have nightmares. Then they killed Jojo."
"They what?" Jojo was my Golden Retriever. My friend since I was a teenager. "You told me he got hit by a car." Tears fell from her eyes.
"I found him the backyard......They hung him by his chain." My breath left my body. If I was standing, I would have collapsed. Jojo was my constant and only companion until Annie entered my life.
"Why didn't you tell me the truth?" I gasped, only imagining what my loyal friend had gone through his last few moments of life.
"Because there was a note attached to his collar. It said, 'Your Jo is next.' I couldn't shake the vision of you ending up the same way. So, I had your dad come over and get him. I told him I didn't know what happened, that he must have jumped up on the doghouse and got the chain tangled." she said quietly. "We agreed we'd tell you he was hit by a car."
"Then what?"

"Remember that time we got mugged at the mall?"
"I was knocked down from behind. I never saw who it was." I said, remembering it as if it were yesterday.
"It was them." A tear slipped down her cheek. "They started beating you while you were unconscious. The leader said if I didn't drop out of sight, you were going to die a horrible death." I knew the story from there.
"Two weeks later, you disappear. The police tell me your body was found in Maryland....Beaten to death."
"I didn't want that, Jo. I was told they would tell you, when it was safe, that I was being protected. They promised me you could come with me after I was settled."
"Why didn't you send for me?"
"Its seems every time I tried, I was told I was going to die. I've moved 22 times since I left you. Now....I'm going to have to move again."
"Why? There's no need in it anymore. I know you're alive." She sighed heavily. "Annie, we can deal with this together........Like we should have done to begin with."

"Its bigger than the Mafia, Jo."
"What do you mean?"
"The cops. Something strange is going on. Every time I contact them to move because I think someone recognized me or every time I tried writing or calling you, I was found again. Someone inside is giving away my location. Jo, get away. Go back home. I don't want this hell I've lived through for so long to be for nothing."
"You missed me?"
"Baby, of course I missed you." She moved closer to me, taking my hand. "I've thought about you everyday. I know why they just didn't kill me."
"Cause this is twenty times worse. Not being able to be with the ones you love." I reached for her. Just as she was embracing me, she stopped abruptly. Grabbing my hand, she examined the ring on my finger. "You're getting married?"
"I'm not so sure anymore." I whispered.

She came the rest of the way into my arms. I kissed her, softly at first, tenderly. I felt her tongue touch my lips. I hungrily opened my mouth and tasted her. I swallowed the moan that escaped her lips. She quickly moved, straddling my thighs. Her soft hands went to the sides of my face as she hungrily kissed me. Then, I felt the wetness fall on my skin. It wasn't mine. Annie was crying. My head began to spin as I absorbed all the information. Annie was alive, running from the Mafia, and most importantly, she was in my arms. Her hands left my head and began to pull at my clothes. Using all the willpower I possessed, I gently pushed her away, breaking the kiss. "Gods, I love you, Jo." She ran her fingers over my jaw.
"I never stopped loving you." I said sincerely. My own tears began to appear. I wiped my face with the back of my hand. I stood slowly. Annie stood to allow me to move."Come on. I'll take you home."
"Where's that?"
"Where ever I drive you to."
"I can't go back." she said quietly.
"Why not?"
"You found me. I have to go to another city before they find me."
"That's ridiculous. How do they know I found you?" She stopped and one of the most serious expressions I've ever seen on her face appeared.
"They know. They always know." The look on her face was enough to convince me.
"You can at least go back and get some clothes and......"
"Okay. Let's hurry."

Annie took so many precautions, I was beginning to get annoyed. I drove around in circles for an hour, passing her house several times. Finally, we stopped. As we entered, Annie scanned her surroundings as if she were expecting to see someone. She grabbed a duffel bag and began to empty her closet. I was surprised at the sparseness of the house. No pictures, no decorational objects, nothing unnecessary. It reminded me of my three years in ROTC An army base looked just as lovely as this house. As she passed me, she saw the questioning look on my face. "I'm used to leaving in the middle of the night. You can't leave clues as to who was here."
"How long does it take to relocate?" I asked.
"I make one phone call with my location. Takes a few hours."
"That's it?"
"Yep. I make up a new name. They find me another place to live."
"What name are you going by now?"
"Amanda Buckman........You know I lived on the campus of UCLA for six months. Actually learned something there." she joked, making me smile. She always wanted to go to a big college, but not like that.
"Where are you going from here?" I ask quietly. "I can't lose you again."
"You can't come with me Jo. Its too dangerous." I looked at the floor. "Baby, I know you. You can't live like this. Moving every time someone looks at you too long."
"I want to be with you."
"What about your fiancee?" I looked at the ring on my finger.
"She comforted me when I needed someone to hold me. She's......Suzie Patterson." Her jaw dropped, as did her the bag in her hand.
"Suzanne Patterson!.....You've got to be kidding me. She's a spoiled brat. Never had to work for anything in her life. You're too proud....."
"I know it doesn't make sense.....but grief makes people do strange things."
"I'm sorry."
"Yeah......I know." I lean down and kiss her softly on the lips. Apologies wouldn't take away the years of pain, but having her here definitely makes the future brighter. "Come on. I'll take you back to our house here. They'll never find you there. That'll give us some time to decide."
"Are you sure its okay?"
"Yeah, I'm sure......Ready?"
"Let's go get your car."
"Leave it. Its not mine."
"Are you sure?"
"Come on."

I took one bag, she carried the other. Opening my trunk, we dumped the bags into it. I unlocked my door, then hers. "Nice car."
"My last birthday present from Suzie." As she got in, I turned around at the sound of footsteps. Before I could see the man, I heard the gunshot. Annie screamed as I reflexively ducked. It came so close, I felt the heat in my hair. I dove into the seat, dropping the keys on the floor of the car. I heard another shot. I pulled Annie's head down and protected her as the driver's side window shattered. Annie managed to find the keys and started the car.
"Go!" I punched the gas. My tires squealed as we sped away from the gunmen.

It was a mile or two later I stopped the car. I rested my forehead on my steering wheel, waiting for my heart rate to slow. I felt her small hand caress my back. "Are you okay?" she asked.
"Great. I was just shot at, barely got away.....I'm fine......I take it those are the guys are who you've been running from."
"Yeah.......Can you give me a ride to the next town? I've gotta get out before they hurt you?"
"I told you, Annie. I can't lose you again."
"At what cost? Your freedom? Your life? Uncle Sam will own you, Jo. Just like they own me." I took a moment to think. All were good points. Could I give up everything for my soulmate? Revisiting the last few years, I know I can't live without her.
"Did you make your call all ready?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Funny." I sighed.
"How they showed up so quickly......I just ran into you."
"That's why you can't come with me. I'm being set up." I started the car and drove us to Suzie's house.

I pulled up to the electronic gate and slid my card. I saw the look of awe on Annie's face as she watched the gate open. I drove the car to the garage to keep Suzie from seeing the shattered window. "Nice place." she commented as we walked towards the side door.
"I'll give it to Suzie's parents. They have great taste. We're staying here unt....." I stopped the thought.
"Until the wedding." I finished quietly.
"Oh." I stopped her.
"There isn't going to be anymore wedding.....except ours."
"No, Jo. Think about what you're saying."
"I have. I love you. I need you." Just as she started to embrace me, the door opened.
"Josie, honey, is that you?"
"You better have a good reason for taking off like that. Mother has been on edge and Daddy said he is not bailing you out.....again." she paused as she realized not only did I bring another woman home, she knew instantly who the other woman was. She should from the dozens of pictures I have of my Annie and the final year of high school we all spent together. "Well, hello Andrea."
"Suzanne." Annie greeted.

Turning her nose in the air, Suzie led the way into the house. "So you aren't dead?" she joked. Annie and I sat on one of the sofas as Suzie took a seat in a chair. "I've had to listen to Josie's rantings that she knew you weren't for almost two years. She finally came to accept it, now here you are."
"Uhhhhh Annie, why don't you go down the hall over there, last door on the left. Its my old bedroom."
"Thank you....Goodnight." We both watched her go. I was bracing myself for the impact.
"Just what the hell are you doing bringing her to our home? How did you find her?"
"I told you, Suzie. I saw her at the gas station. It was her."
"Just where the hell have you been?"
"Talking. She was telling me about what really happened five years ago."
"Just what is that?" I rubbed my temples, trying to stop the headache that was forming.
"I'll tell you everything in the morning." I stood.
"Ohhh no. You're going to tell me now." Suzie grabbed my arm as I attempted to walk way.
"Shut the fuck up, Suzie." I pulled away. I smiled at the gasp that followed as I walked down the hallway. She hates it when I use certain swear words. She hates it even more when I stand up for myself.
"Don't you talk to me that way you stupid Hick!" I ignored her insult. Her true nature is clear when she is angry. She drops the false kindness and its replaced by stubborn ignorance and a huge ego. "You're not sleeping in my bed tonight!"
"I don't plan on it." I said to myself.

I stopped at the door of the room I sent Annie to. Holding my breath, I knocked softly. Before my knuckles touched the wood the second time, she had already opened the door.
"Everything okay?" she asked nervously. I smiled. I looked down and noticed she was only in a T-shirt, my T-shirt. "I found this in the closet. I hope its okay....All my stuff's in your car."
"No, no. Its fine. Can I come in?"
"Sure.....Is this your shirt?" She closed the door.
"Yeah. How'd you know that?" She reached up and pulled my head down, using the collar of my shirt. She whispered into my ear.
"It smells like you. I love that smell." She kisses the side of my neck, softly biting my skin.
"Ohhh." I moaned. I couldn't hide what she still does to me by a simple touch. I felt her pull at the front of my jeans, unbuttoning them. Sliding her hand inside, she rubbed my already swollen flesh. "Ohhhh Annie." She smiled.
"I still excite you." she said softly. "Even after all this time."
"You always will." My jeans slid off my hips, along with my underwear. She stripped off my shirt and bra next. I pulled my shirt off of her small body. She was nude underneath. Grabbing her hips, I picked her up. Her arms came around my neck as I kissed her hard. I placed her on the bed. I propped myself up on my elbow at her side. I ran my hand down the length of her body, starting at her neck and ending at her center. She rolled on top of me, straddling my hips. I began to grind my hips against her, feeling her wetness. The friction against my clit was driving me insane.
"Wait." I stopped. She reached down and fingered the chain around my neck and the object attached. From the look on her face, she had not noticed it until now. "What's this?"
"Its a key."
"I know that, Baby. What is it for?" I sighed. I gently moved her back away from my hips. She was now straddling my thighs.
"Its a key to a storage locker back home."
"What's in it?"
"Everything that you owned."
"What?" I was surprised to see the smile spread across her face. "You mean you kept everything from my parents' house?" I blinked back the tears. "Baby, what's wrong?"
"Its all I had of you. I kept everything.....Your mom wanted to sell it, but I begged her to let me take it.....Its been there ever since."
"And you keep the key around your neck."
"Yeah. I keep it close, just like I kept you in my heart."
"I can't believe you did that for me. I love you, Jo." I saw the glimmer of hope in her eyes, one that wasn't there before.
"Love you, too."
"Now....." She once again straddled my hips. "No more tears." She grinded against my swollen flesh, causing all thoughts to cease. I need her.

I moaned in frustration as she slid away from me, but I saw her head descending. A rush of wetness coated my thighs at the thought of Annie's head between my legs, pleasuring me. I screamed as I felt her tongue caress my throbbing clit. "Oh Annie. Please." Her tongue slid easily into me. Not sure what I was wanting, I pushed her to the side. As if she knew my thoughts before I did, she repositioned herself. Her dripping center was now inches from my own tongue. I felt her tongue move inside me. Grabbing her hip, I extended my tongue, getting my first smell...and taste of my soulmate. Hearing her moan of pleasure, increased my own pleasure. She was hot, wet, and ready. I attacked her flesh with my tongue, devouring all she had to give.
"Ohhhh gods, Jo. Make me come, Baby." That was my ultimate goal. I felt my orgasm rip through me as I buried my face in her cunt. "Jo!" Her flesh pulsed around my tongue as I tasted more wetness. "I love you." she moaned as the last tremors ceased.

I felt the stiffness in her body, even after our lovemaking. She was in my arms, but something worried her. I knew. Like me, she is wondering where we go from here. I know what I want. I want her. She is worried that I will not be able to give up my life. As I told her, I haven't had much of a life since she left. Now that she is back, I can't allow her to disappear. Even if I have to keep her in my sight at all times. My eyes are closing. This very trying day was coming to an end.

We slept until midmorning. I waited patiently for her to return from her shower. I stuffed the last of my clothing into my suitcase. I had made a decision during the night. I was going with her. "Jo? What are you doing?"
"Packing." She placed her hand on my back as I closed my suitcase. "Let's go."
"Where are we going?"
"Jo, no. I can't go back home. My mom, my dad they....."
"They miss you, Love. Come here." I sit her down on the edge of my bed. "Annie, you can't run forever. We're together again and I intend to keep it that way. Think. Where's the last place they'll look for you?" She pondered the question. I answered it for her. "I know. Home. You've haven't set foot in North Carolina in five years, Love. They know you'll never go back there."
"But Jo, they'll find us."
"According to your own words, they always find you. No matter where you are, they'll find you. If we go home, lay low, they may not find us."
"If they do?"
"We'll have the home advantage......We'll have our parents, our family to help us." A tear escaped her eye. I wiped it away with my thumb. I pulled the chain out from under my shirt, showing her the key. "We can put our lives back together....Our home back together."
"I do wanna see Mama again." I smiled as the twinkle came back to her eye.
"She's doing great. She'll love seeing you again."
"Okay. Let's do it."

I was terrified. We managed to get to the airport, without incident. Purchasing tickets under false names, we planned on flying to Virginia and driving the rest of the way home. By the time we landed in Richmond, Annie had all ready made up our new aliases. I know my Uncle, who is incidentally the Mayor of our hometown, will help us settle into new occupations. On the drive home, I pondered the hurdles ahead. I know her family and mine will be shocked to learn not only has my engagement with Ms. High and Mighty has come to an end, but my long lost love is alive. This will have to be handled delicately.

Whatever lay ahead, we will face it together. We'll leave the county if we have to. My life will be what it was meant to be now. No depression, no emptiness. I have my Annie back. I hated to hurt Suzie, but these last few days have shown me what a mistake it would be to stay with her. She never told me she loved me. I don't think she ever did. I believe she was only out for herself. It will be a long road ahead. Danger awaits us. I'm sure of it, but also love. My other half has come home. No matter what, I am whole again.


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