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Here is a list of places for you to visit. We have tried to describe the page
a little to give you an idea of what to expect.

New Links Just Added!

Abenua and Xenia's Fan Fiction Site Two of our German Xenites have their stories in German and English.
Amazonbon's Xena Disclaimers and Dialogue site New page full of one liners from the episodes. Look for some new things from this webmaster.
Are They Lovers? Lots of subtext and home of the Adopt-An-Argo program.
The Australian Xena Information Page MaryD's site full of fan fiction; pics; home to the Xippy Awards
The Bard's Scroll The Bard's Scroll - Are you a Bard? Do you need ideas for a story that you're writing for posting to the internet, or that you're writing just for amusement? If so, this is the place for it. Throw out an idea, and see what get's thrown back. But be ready for positive or negative feedback. If you need character ideas, storyline help, whatever, here ya are! Jump in the water's great!
Bards of the Xenaverse For those of us who don't acknowledge or even think that FIN could actually be the end of Xena: this site is for you. FIN and post - FIN fan fiction is here with Writing Contests! Write a story or Vote for one!
CasaUber - An Uber Only Directory It's a simple directory. A place to find a story by your favorite bard.
Collected Smut of Klancy7 Klancy's own stuff here. Be warned - heavy erotica.
DAx's Obsession Great site for Alternate Fan Fiction, pictures, and some other interesting stuff.
Draggin The Line Art lots of artwork by Maria... all kinds here.
Evy's Xena Page The "Kiwi Kewl" page a great source for lesbian fiction of all kinds!
ForevaXena Colleges, MP3's & postcards
Gemini JD Jenkins' fan fiction
Goldenrod Music A great music online store. Goldenrod Music specializes in lesbian/gay music
The Labrys Library Announcing the Laudate! Awards, given by The Lair of the Web Wizards for outstanding fiction. The awards page is at:
Mindwalker's Refuge Site featuring THE BARD OF THE WEEK and a small section with recommended reading. Interviews with favorite authors. Ever wondered what made them write a book? Read it all here.
Muzza's Fan Fiction Site Home to Muzza's stories, chat line
My Lesbian Resource Site - Resources and Fun Stuff; Entertainment; and Library - Recommended Reading
Nikki's Xena Page Sounds, Images and Biographies. Just added: A Forum.
Original Version: FF in Spanish Fan Fiction written exclusively in Spanish.
Ruger's Xena Page This site is full of stuff. Pics, sound clips &transcripts.
Sharoane's Xena and Gabrielle Page an extensive Xena and Gabrielle site that links to all other sites in the Xenaverse, sorted by category
Sherry's Xena Page Fiction, Games & Quizes,Articles, Greek Mythology, Photo Gallery, and more
Symbiont's Xena Page This page is written in German
Click here for the English translations page ...
English Stories Translations Page
Todd's Xena Costumes Custom costumes, parts and kits. Now a back-mounted scabbard!
The Uber Abode: Updates Index of ongoing uber stories
Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory "We've done a major overhaul of the site and added a new feature - a search engine" - CN Winters
Warrior's Amazon Tales A new page by Warrior offering Amazon Tales, an alt fic listing with summaries of the stories.
Xedra's Xena Page a little bit of everything.
The Xena and Gabrielle Information Page Inside Info, Tons of Pictures; Rare Pictures and Sounds; Character/Actor Info; Adopt a Character and more.
The Xena and Gabrielle Subtext Site artwork, images and fanfiction contests!
Xena Blood and Roses Images and desktop stuff
Xena's ARTifacts Great collection of artwork!
Xena Fan Fiction Characters Portrait Gallery Cool original artwork based on the characters of your favorite fan fiction works. All work done by B. Maclay.
Xena Night at Meow Mix Hot spot of NY's own website.
The Xena Scrolls This site is dedicated to directing you to links where you can either voice your opinion or sign a petition requesting that a movie be produced to end the story in a better way. Contains links to USA Studios, Oxygen channel, as well as serveral petitions. Let your voice be Heard!
XENATRIBE2 Knightwarrior's Xena Site full of galleries and Knightwarrior's fan fiction. Also, Amazon Dolls!
The Xena: Warrior Princess FANtasy Art Gallery JL Peterson's Online Studio. Online Art Magazine.
Xenaerotica LJ's stories. One of our favorites is "Gabrielle Arrows". Alternate Fan Fiction resides here.
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