by hobbes


The story is mine and written by my demanding Muse for your entertainment, but the characters from Xena:Warrior Princess belong to MCA/Universal.

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They walked back into the Amazon village, fully taking in the damage cause by Velasca. Many of the structures were nothing more than charred ruins, the once proud village now nothing more than a skeleton. The surviving Amazons who were not killed or injured during the attack now attempted to clean up the mess and had begun rebuilding.
Gabrielle spotted Ephiny speaking to Solari, giving her instructions for where to start next. She called out her name in relief, glad to see her alive and well. The two women greeted each other warmly, exchanging hugs.

"Gabrielle, are the two of you alright? You were gone so long that we feared that Velasca had killed you. What happened?"

"It’s along story, Ephiny. Right now, let us help out around here. There’s so much to do.", Gabrielle told her.

Ephiny leaned forward, speaking softly with her husky voice, "Gabrielle, we can’t get our hands dirty, as much as we’d like to. It would be considered unseemly. You are the true Queen, and I’m the Queen in your absence. The best we can do is give advice and encouragement."

Gabrielle nodded wearily, understanding her view, but not liking it. She felt responsible for the damage. After all—it was Velasca’s hatred for her that brought this destruction to the village, and the deaths of several good women warriors. Ephiny understood her feelings, and suggested that she and Xena may want to set up their campsite, and join them after a rest. They both looked travel worn.

Xena picked a spot nearby, and unloaded their gear to set up camp. Gabrielle started to help her, and was stopped by Xena.

"Gabrielle! You don’t remember very well! You can’t help me here, I’m sorry. Just sit and look regal or something. Let me do this by myself.", she chided.

The Amazon Queen sighed with frustration. She felt completely useless. Exactly what was she allowed to do!? She felt like having a childish fit, but held on to her dignity. She fought back the tears, and sat down, her posture upright and proud.

Xena didn’t know whether to laugh or give her a hug. Gabrielle had endured so much since she had been wounded by the log trap, and was probably at the end of her emotional strength. She needed a break away from everything, but it would have to wait for a little longer. Xena began humming to herself, as she set up camp. She had just began unsaddling Argo when she noticed that the bard had seemed more at ease. The strain on her features had given away to a sleepy expression. She continued humming softly, glad she could do this small thing for her friend.


Part Two

Gabrielle woke to the gentle nudging from Xena. Her friend looked down at her, an indulgent smile on her face.

"Time to get up. they have a meal waiting for you, and it wouldn’t look good if you let the food get cold.", she teased.

"I'm up. I'm up.", she said

Xena escorted her to the area set up near the center of the village. At the news that the Queen had returned, the Amazons that had been wounded came back to the village from the Centaur town. They cheered as Gabrielle made her appearance, glad to see her safe and well. She smiled at all of them, humbled by their acceptance of her. She took her place at the head of the large setting placed on the ground. She sat and her followers joined her. Gabrielle lifted her cup of wine, and nodded to Ephiny, giving her a show of approval.

The community of women treated this like a party, their feelings high-spirited.

"Gabrielle!", said Ephiny," You said you would tell us about Velasca. Now’s a good time as any.", she suggested.

"Maybe I should have Xena tell it instead!", Gabrielle teased, but it backfired on her. The Amazons looked to the warrior in expectation. Xena looked at them in shock. All eyes were on her, fully believing that it was more in the order of a command than a jest. She smiled sickly and cleared her throat. Gabrielle opened her eyes wide, realizing what she had done. She shot her friend a look that spoke volumes of apology, but knew it was too late. They waited.

"I’m not a bard, but I guess I could give it a try.", she started the story with halting words, unused to speaking like this. It was hard enough when she had to confess her crimes in that town in order to gain Callisto’s help.

She told how they found Callisto, and convinced her to help them out with the promise of ambrosia. How Velasca hunted them from place to place, and how finally, how Gabrielle led them to the rope bridge. Xena began getting into the tale and took a page from Gabrielle, she made the Amazon Queen the hero of the tale, exacting her revenge by changing the details. Now Gabrielle had a reputation to live up to. She finished with a flourish, explaining how Gabrielle forgave Callisto for her sins, and the Amazons cheered their Queen. Gabrielle blushed with embarrassment.

Now she knew how Xena felt when she embellished on her tales. She didn’t want to feel bigger than life, to held up on a pedestal . She didn’t deserve the looks of admiration and praise from the women around her. Xena had been the true hero. Xena winked at her, telling her that she wasn’t too angry and she considered them even.

Ephiny saw the exchange and smiled. She knew very well what had probably gone on, but she’d never voice her opinion. They deserved having a Queen with a reputation for fairness and bravery. She planned on bringing the Amazon Nation to peace, tired of the constant battles of the past. Their numbers were dwindling, and they were in danger of being engulfed by other cultures. Peace was their only hope. She and Gabrielle would talk about it later, making long term plans before she left.

Part Three

The party lasted well into the night, no one wanting it to end. they drank and ate, and told stories of days gone by. Gabrielle was offered many toasts, which were beginning to hit her. Xena noticed the glassy look in her eyes and took the matter into her own hands. She helped the Amazon Queen to her feet and whispered in her ear to tell everyone good night.

"G’night everyone", she said with a silly smile and a wave. Xena pulled her along, keeping a hand on her elbow, afraid she’s take a tumble. Two attendants followed. It would be wrong if they left the care of their Queen to just the warrior. They offered to help prepare her bed, and were appalled that she would be sleeping on the ground in a bedroll. Xena swallowed a laugh, and allowed them to bring over cushions and blankets to their campsite. They set them up as best they could and turned to help Gabrielle undress.

Gabrielle didn’t care for the silly custom, but allowed them to help her into a shift. She dismissed them and yawned mightily before crawling into bed. She wiggled against the unfamiliar comfort, and sighed.

"Are you comfy O Mighty Queen of the Amazons?", Xena teased. Gabrielle was so tired, the words were lost on her. All she could do was mumble a ‘hm hm’ before drifting off.


Days passed, and the reconstruction of the village was well under way. Several new buildings were erected, and Gabrielle, Ephiny, and Xena were given quarters to sleep in during their stay.

Gabrielle spent all her free time with Ephiny, as they discussed the future. Xena kept busy with the rebuilding, grateful for something to do. She hated waiting around. She fell into bed at night, totally exhausted even to dream. She feared the time when her experiences would catch up to her, demanding to be faced. She knew it wouldn’t be long before Gabrielle would also want to talk about it. But at the moment, she had peace.


The days passed quickly, and it came to the point when Gabrielle thought it was time to move on. She hunted down Xena in the new storage building, helping to lift a wall section into place. The warrior grunted from the weight she lifted, her muscles quivering from the strain. Gabrielle held her breath, as three others helped to secure it, giving the signal to Xena that it was safe to release it. She stepped away from the wall and looked at it critically. It wasn’t exactly straight, but it would have to do.

"Xena, could we talk?", she said.

"Sure. What's up?"

"I think we’re about done here. The village is rebuilt and Ephiny and I made enough plans to last for years. I’d like to leave tomorrow if that’s OK with you."

Xena wasn't surprised, she knew it was nearly time. "Fine by me. See you later?"

Gabrielle nodded and gave her arm a quick squeeze before turning to go. Xena stared at her as she left, uneasy about this turn of events.

Part Four

The Amazons gathered around, wishing them a safe journey. Gabrielle spent time with almost everyone, saying good-bye to one and all. She gave Ephiny a hug and gathered her staff and satchel. She waved one last time, and turned away, following Xena and Argo as they left the village.

They walked for almost an hour before the bard sighed heavily.

"Feeling a little sad?', her friend asked.

"Yeah, a little. I never realized how many friends I had made there, until now."

Xena remained quiet, mulling over how to ask, or even if she should. They had discussed it the night before she decided to hand the mask of the Queen to Ephiny, but not completely to her satisfaction. She had to wonder if this was what she really wanted.



"I would like...I need to know something, and it’s important that you answer from your head, not your heart. Can you do that for me?", Xena asked.

"I'll try, but you need to ask first. I'm in the dark right now.", she teased lightly.

"Is this what you really want? To travel with me I mean." , she asked uncertainly.

"Xena! Of course it is. Where else should I be? The Amazons don’t need me as much as you do, and *you* are more important to me. Ephiny will make a great leader, and is much more suitable than I am. This is where I want to be."

"Are you sure? I don't think I could stand it if you really did this out of ...", she stopped suddenly, embarrassed.

"Out of pity or habit or any other reason other than the fact that I want this with all my heart?", she took hold of her friend’s arm, "Xena. I want this with everything within me, with no hesitations. For me, there is no other options. You told me how you felt, remember? You also told me while you were dead that I didn’t have to say anything. I assumed you knew exactly how I felt. You are my home, and I can’t imagine any place I’d rather be than with you.", she smiled at her friend’s discomfort at the mushy sentiments, and put forth a lighter mood. "Besides, I can’t very well leave you to your own cooking. You’d starve within a week.", she teased.

Xena smiled for the first time that day, and relaxed.

Part five

"Gabrielle, I think we need a vacation.", she said with a light-hearted tone.

"A vacation? And do what exactly?

"Oh, I don’t know. We just need to have time to relax. Everything has happened so fast, that we haven’t had time to breathe, much less anything else. We need to splurge a little."

"Splurge? Xena, are you feeling OK? You don't have a fever or anything do you?, she asked with concern.

"Nooo! I just think you and I deserve to a break from it all. No people to rescue. No problems to solve. Just peace and quiet. What do you say?"

Gabrielle looked uncertain, but agreed. Xena smiled like a child on Solstice morning, and suddenly, the bard was glad for her idea. They did need to escape from it all. Maybe Xena was right and this might be their last chance for a long time. She felt a great weight fall from her shoulders, and her steps seemed lighter. She was looking forward to this.


They hashed it over, trying to make a decision on where to go. It had to be close by, or they would defeat the purpose. After suggestions from both, they settled on the coastal city of Mirrhea. It was well known for it’s open sandy beaches and mild weather. It would take about a week to get there, but they thought it would be worth the effort.

"You know, we’ll have to earn some money before getting there. We don’t have alot on hand. If we make stops at all the towns on the way...", Gabrielle suggested.

"...you can tell your tales. Maybe I’ll place some wagers or something. Who knows, it might be fun just to do that too."

"Wagers. Like what?"

"You know. On skills and races or who knows what else. I usually try to avoid them—it’s too much like boasting alot of the times, but it earns quite a bit of money if you win."

"What kind of bets have you placed in the past, Xena?

"Oh... things like horse racing, and arm wrestling, knife throwing, archery, drinking...all sorts of things."

"Archery? I don't think I've ever seen you use a bow before."

" I don't need one. My chakram does so much more than any arrow."

"I'll say. I never did ask where you got it."

"Is that a hint?", the warrior teased. Gabrielle grinned and practiced raising her eyebrow.

"I got it from one of my soldiers. He had fought in some war in the far east. He had seen someone using it, and tried to get the man to show him how to use it. The fool gave him a couple of quick lessons, and died for it. He lost it to me the same way.", she said with regret.

"You killed him for it.", Gabrielle guessed.

"Yes. I wanted it, and took it when he refused.", she became quiet for a long moment, then shook herself back to the present, "Anyway, I learned how to use it. It took a long time, and I had to wear mail gloves at first. If you catch it wrong, you can loose your fingers."

"I can imagine. That's why I don't ask for lessons with it."

"Chicken.", Xena teased.

"And proud of it. And it's *Queen* Chicken to you, Warrior *Princess*.", she quipped.

Xena tried to keep a serious face, but didn’t really succeed. She gave her friend a mock bow with her head and laughed. They both chuckled at their silliness and continued down the road.


Part Six

Xena watched as Gabrielle collected the coins that had been thrown in the basket in front of her. She had been telling her stories for several hours, and needed a break. She joined Xena at their table, and lifted her eyebrows gave her a quizzical look.

"What is that silly grin for?"

"You know. You said you'd wager about something. I want to see you do it."

"Oh, that. OK, if you insist.", she said with a playful whisper. She grabbed Gabrielle's coin bag, and removed several coins.


"I need money to bet with Gabrielle.", she said with a wicked grin.

Xena stood and headed for the side of the room with several men had been wagering about everything in sight. She just stood there, and listened for a little while.

"Five dinars on whether or not you can pin that spider by throwing your knife."

"That little thing? That's a fool's bet. No one could hit it from way over here!"

"I’ll try.", Xena interrupted. Seven pairs of male eyes turned to look at her. Most looked up and down at least once, several with leers.

"Honey, if you can hit that spider from this line, I’ll eat my shoe as well as give you five dinars!", he laughed and the men joined him. Xena smiled mockingly.

"Then show me your money, and tell the cook to get the pot ready!", she said at the same time she pulled out her dagger and tossed it at the wall. The men followed the path of the blade and watched it neatly cut the spider in half. Not a word was spoken as Xena walked up to the blowhard, and held out her hand. He placed the coins in her hand. She lifted one corner of her mouth in a crooked grin.

"Well done or rare?', she teased.


Part Seven

Gabrielle watched from a safe distance, not wanting to get involved with the bets, but close enough to see the action. On occasion, Xena allowed herself to loose small amounts, enough to keep the men betting, but she had made an impressive amount. The newest stupid bet involved tossing olives into a cup. The person who tossed in the most after ten tosses would win twenty-four dinars.

One of the men made an incredible seven into the cup throws. It was now Xena’s turn. One toss after another, she launched them. After eight throws, she had tied him. Her ninth toss miss just barely, and she aimed carefully, as the men stood around quietly. She tossed the olive and watched it land in the cup. Those who had wanted her to win cheered, as the others moaned. Xena collected her money, and looked over at Gabrielle and winked. The bard had a sneaking feeling that Xena could have gotten all ten in.

One of the men followed the warrior's gaze, and looked at Gabrielle.

"She with you?"

"Uh huh."

"She doesn't look like a warrior."

"She’s not, and if you had been paying attention, you would have heard her stories earlier."

"A Bard, huh? Strange couple.", he commented before walking away. Xena rolled her eyes and joined her friend.

"Ready to leave? I think we have enough for our vacation now"

"OK, but can we get something to eat first? I'm starving."

"You and your hollow legs! Let's order it to go, we have to get out of here fast."

"Why is that?"

"I told the cook to deliver a boiled shoe to the idiot and I don’t want to be here when he brings it to him!"


Part Eight


They sat under a tree, eating a cold meal of bread, cheese, and fruit.

"Xena, I’ve decided that you are positively wicked. It would deserve you right if he came after you! Why did you do it?"

"I couldn’t help myself. I feel great! I haven’t felt like this in a long time, and I’m afraid my naughty side just came out."

"I’ll say. I think I had better check my bedroll before I get in tonight, the gods only know what I might find.", she joked.

"Well, there goes that idea!", she said in a hurt tone.

"Xena! Just for that—you can scrub the pots tonight. Maybe you’ll use up some of that excess energy of yours.", she said with a smack to the arm.

"Humph! Not likely—want to find a pond somewhere? Argo can use a drink soon.", her eyes twinkling with mischief.

"Oh no you don’t! Not in this lifetime. You can find some other fool to have a water fight with. It’s winter for Zeus’ sake! Why don’t you find a small army to beat up or something.", Gabrielle said with exasperation.

"You're no fun. I guess I'll have to make my own fun.", she threatened.

"Why don't I like the sound of that?", the bard said sagely.

Xena just tried to look innocent.

Part Nine

They continued down the road, sunset still several hours away. Gabrielle walked behind her friend, not trusting the warrior for a moment. She wasn’t sure she could withstand this side of Xena. Playful was one thing, but this was ridiculous! If she didn’t know better, she’d think Xena was drunk! But she knew that Xena rarely overindulged, because when she did—she was quiet—not energetic.

Xena looked over her shoulder at Gabrielle and smiled knowingly. She really couldn’t blame her, and if she were in her shoes, she wouldn’t either. The warrior couldn’t help herself. Gabrielle’s words had finally sunk in, in the middle of one of the stories she had told. She had listened to them and known them in her mind, but it had taken a little longer to feel them at gut level. Gabrielle truly wanted to stay by her side.

Until today, her experiences since her death had never been fully felt. She had been so busy dealing with her own feelings, that the other woman’s had been only perceived on a unconscious level. Xena had dealt with her regrets of the past, the unwillingness to live any longer, her encounter with M’lila, and the realization that Gabrielle needed her. It was her words that moved her.

Gabrielle’s pleas that she had heard on the other side had hit home. Her heart-felt words has begged her to come back, to return where she was needed. Xena didn’t know until then that she had wanted just that—to be needed. Her life had value beyond her sword and strong arm, that her presence was a gift to another.

Until that moment, she hadn’t recognized how selfish she had become. All she had wanted to do was end her pain, to forget the past and get her life over with. She knew she may never really rid herself of that, but she now knew it was there. M’lila said she had a destiny, and with Gabrielle by her side, pushing her along, she hoped to discover it.

Xena smiled and felt like celebrating. Poor Gabrielle! She was in the dark, and it was her fault. She didn’t have the words to express herself, and just allowed her playful side to emerge. It was the best she could do.

"Xena! Will you stop looking at me like that! You're making me nervous.", she complained.

"Sorry, it's just that..."

"What? Xena, talk to me will you?"

"I should explain something, but as usual, I don't know how."

"Does it have anything to do with the silly mood you're in?"

"Yeah, it does. But I don't know how to say what I'm feeling. The emotions are just bubbling up inside, and I don't know how to express them."

"So instead, you drive me insane. I’m glad you cleared that up.", she told her with a rolling of her eyes.

Xena stopped Argo and jumped down, a soft smile on her face, and then walked towards the wary bard.

"What are up to?"

"I decided to show you instead. Just hold still.", she said to a retreating Gabrielle. Her friend stopped, but was still suspicious. Xena drew closer, and before the bard knew what was happening, was lifted into a huge bear hug. Xena laughed and spun her around a few times before putting her down. The now dizzy Gabrielle grabbed her friend’s arm to keep from falling.

"OK, You’re in a happy mood I believe. Next time you feel this way, just say so. I don’t like my world spinning ‘round and ‘round.", she teased.

"Oh, Gabrielle! It’s more than just being happy. I’m glad about everything right now. I feel like a kid again, and I had forgotten what that’s like.

"You're not *that* old, Xena!"

"No, but I've carried so much inside, that I felt ancient. But today, I feel young, so watch out!"

"Should I buy you a doll at the next town, Xena?", Gabrielle teased.

Xena put her hands on her hips and attempted to look offended. Her ‘look’ didn’t appear very convincing, and only made Gabrielle laugh.

"OK. So maybe not a doll. How about a we pick up some sweets? We haven’t indulged for a long time. Something sweet and sticky and decadent. How’s that sound?"

"Perfect. I'll even let you pay."


Part Ten


They stood at the stall at the market, licking their fingers and giggling. The small container of honey sweetened cakes were well worth the eight dinars they spent. They saved half of them for later and packed them into a saddlebag. They walked around, not looking at anything special. Gabrielle spotted a stall that had a display of bangles and stepped in for a closer look. She smiled at the assortment, but knew she couldn’t afford any.

"Can I let you see anything, miss?"

"No, thank you. I'm just looking."

Xena picked up an item, which surprised Gabrielle. Xena hated to shop.

"What are you looking at?", she asked.

"Xena held up the item. It was a carved cross. Gabrielle didn't get the meaning.

"When I died", she whispered," I found myself hanging on a cross, like the one Caesar had used to crucify me. It just brings back memories is all."

"Good or bad memories."

"Both. I learned something from each of them.", she said softly.

"Then buy it--for a reminder.", Gabrielle told her gently. Xena thought about and it and smiled.

"OK. For a reminder." *Thank you, M’lila. You must have made me see this, just for that reason*, Xena said silently.


Xena stopped and listened. Her whole body poised.

"Trouble?", asked Gabrielle.

"I don’t know. Just be ready." They remained still, straining to hear what was approaching. a muted thunderous roar could be heard. Xena urged argo to the trees, and Gabrielle followed. Within seconds, a party of uniformed soldiers pounded by. Argo tried to shy, and Xena gripped her reins tightly. The dust raised by the horses made them choke.

"Where ever they're <cough> going, it's in a hurry!"

"Usually that means trouble."

"There goes our vacation! You can’t resist following and finding out what’s going on. I know you too well, Xena."

"You do at that. Climb up and let's go!"


Part Eleven

For the hundredth time, Gabrielle wished she had a cushion to sit on when they galloped. Her butt was going to be tender this night, she just knew it. They had been following them for several miles at a full gallop. She didn’t know how poor Argo could stand the pace, but she showed no sign of tiring.

Finally, to her happiness, Xena slowed down and stopped. The bard leaned to the side and looked around. Smoke rose from a tiny village, obviously burned by marauders. The soldiers arrived at the scene ahead of them.

"It looks like they're too late.", said Gabrielle.

"I know. Let’s see if we can help the survivors.", she didn’t wait for an answer, she knew Gabrielle was willing. She urged Argo towards the village, at a steady pace, not wanting to alarm anyone.

They entered the disaster area, and saw few survivors, mostly the old and very young.

"I think it was slavers, Gabrielle. Look at who’s left. Young and old. Everyone that lived and was healthy was taken away."

"You there! The women on the horse.", a man’s voice called out. They stopped and turned around. A soldier walked his way towards them.

"What are you doing? This is no place for sightseers. If you don’t know anyone from here, I suggest moving on.", he ordered.

"We followed your men here. I thought we could help out."

"As you can see, it’s too late for these people. We’ve been trying to track down these raiders all week. They keep dividing up, and we loose them."

"Could you use some help? I’m sure I could track them down, I’m fairly good at finding scum like this."

"I don't know if my commander would allow it. What's your name?", he asked.

"My name is Xena." The man stared at her and nodded.

"Let me talk to him. I'll get back to you.", he hurried off.

They dismounted and Gabrielle pulled out the medical bag. They divided up and helped those they could. Gabrielle found an elderly man, and spoke to him.

"Hi. My name is Gabrielle. What's yours?"

"Lathin. I'm afraid my arm is broken, and my leg isn't too good either."

Gabrielle looked at the blood that ran there, and decided that was her first priority. She took a knife and cut the material of his pants from the wound. She poured water onto it and dabbed away the dirt and excess blood. The bleeding wasn’t too bad, and she bound the wound snuggly. Once done, she gently examined his arm. The break was minor, and she thought she could set it by herself. She found scrap wood and placed it beside her. She told Lathin to brace himself. She took the arm and pulled until the bone moved back into place. She then splintered his arm. he thanked her and she moved on.


The soldier returned and found Xena, helping out a woman with a head wound. She treated her a he gave his commander’s answer.

"He’s willing to take your offer of help. He suggests you leave a trail of markers we’ll provide so we can follow. *Don’t* attempt to take them on. Just find them and we’ll do the rest. Understood?’

"Hmm..Would you mind if my friend stays with your army? I’d travel faster alone."

"That would be fine. I'll have one of my men keep an eye on her if you'd like."

"Thank you. I’ll let her know I’m leaving. I’ll be on my way shortly. Have those markers ready for me in a few minutes." He nodded and walked away.

Xena found Gabrielle and told her the plan.

"Just be careful. We still have a vacation to enjoy, and it's alot more fun when you're in one piece.


Part Twelve

Xena followed the tracks leading away from the village. They couldn’t travel too fast—not while dragging along captives. If they divided up, she planned on following the captives first. Maybe then the soldiers could free them.

She had the red cloth markers hanging from her saddle horn, and placed one ever time the trail grew faint. The tracks said she was only a few hours behind them, and she pushed Argo as fast as she could.


Xena hid her horse in a thick clump of trees and set off on foot. She sensed the raiders nearby, and didn’t want to alert them. She made her way carefully through the trees, making her way slowly as she neared their camp. She hid behind a large bush, and looked into the camp.

She scanned the entire area, and only saw about eighteen marauders. The captives were held by thick ropes and tied to trees on the west side of the camp. As far as she could tell, they hadn’t split up. Perhaps they thought the soldiers had given up the chase.

Xena knew it was too risky for her to fight her way in, and backed away from the camp. She would wait nearby for the troops, and join them in the attack.


Just before sundown, she heard approaching horses. Xena peeked from behind her hiding place, and saw the soldiers getting nearer. She had to stop them before the raiders heard them coming. She rushed out from behind the tree line, and ran up to them on foot.

They saw her coming, and stopped. *Good*, she thought as she got nearer. She walked up to the man who must have been the commander.

"They’re not far away. Hide your men over there.", she said while pointing to the trees, " and I’ll show you where they are. They all seem to be in one place. If done right, the raiders can be caught, and the captives freed."

"Who’s in charge here? Funny, I thought it was me.", he commented humorlessly.

"Listen, if you want to get them—listen to me. If you want to bungle this, I’ll turn around now and go fetch my friend. We had plans that we delayed in order to help. It’s your choice.", she said coldly. The man became red from his indignation, but he kept a civil tongue.

"Very well. Sorinities, you’re with us. We’ll go check out their camp." He got down from his horse and handed the reins to another. The troops made their way to where Xena had pointed. Xena led the commander and his lieutenant to the camp. She allowed them to take in everything on their own, and remained silent.

They retraced their steps, and went back to the hiding spot. "Alright, what's your plan?"


Part Thirteen

Sunrise was just around the corner, and Xena with the troop of soldiers quietly surrounded the raiders’ camp. This was the best possible time to attack. The raiders were either sound asleep or drowsy from their night watch. Xena glanced at the commander and nodded. He gave his hand signal and they attacked.

The sentries never had a chance to give warning because the men chosen to eliminate them attacked them first. They fell to the ground in dying heaps, not knowing what had hit them. The troopers hit hard and fast, stunning the raiders. The soldiers attacked the sleeping men and either captured them or killed them outright. The commander wanted the leaders captured, but it was hard to tell who was who. Within moment, the battle was ended.

The commander strolled through the raider’s camp like a strutting peacock, pleased that it had gone so well. He turned to Xena.

"Thanks for your help. You may go now if you wish.", he said in a dismissing command. Xena pursed her lips and her eyes flashed with anger. The idiot deserved a good beating, but she reined in her need to throttle him and turned around.

She found her way to Argo and headed back to find Gabrielle.


Gabrielle woke tired and filthy. She had helped the wounded all day and well into the night. She borrowed a small tub and heated water for a bath. She had to wash up, feeling grungy and itchy. She heated the pails of water and filled the tub. She crawled in and sighed.

"Just been lounging around while I was gone, huh?", Xena’s voice teased. Gabrielle’ head jerked upright and she twisted around to see her friend.

"That didn't take long. Did you find them?"

"Yep. The raiders are under arrest, and the captives are OK.
They’ll probably be here by tomorrow. if you hurry with your bath, we can get out of here. I’m ready for that vacation.", she half-teased.

"So much for a leisurely bath. Give me a few minutes" Xena grunted and left the room.


"Gabrielle found Xena with Argo. Her hair was still damp, and she looked rushed, but she was ready.

"Let's go--and Xena? If anymore soldiers pass by—ignore them."

"Deal. Let's just hope nothing else happens on the way, like.."

"No! Don’t even tempt the gods, Xena. Bite your tongue and get up on the horse, we got a sunny beach calling our names, and I don’t intend to miss one single minute of it."

"Grouch.", Xena grumbled.

"I heard that." Xena just chuckled.


They managed to arrive at Mirrhea with just a few skirmishes with bandits and the like. The city was everything they had heard, and even the small inn they were staying at was clean and comfortable. After being on the road, it was like a dream.

The two of them were at the beach, trying their hand at fishing with the huge poles they had rented. They didn’t have much luck, but they had fun trying. They spent their time talking, though not too deeply, Xena’s reluctance for dimming the carefree mood the fault. Gabrielle gave up for the moment, and stuck to simple subjects.

"So when are we going to visit your mother, Xena. I think it’s about time you saw her.", Gabrielle said unexpectantly.

"I'm not sure it's a good time. Maybe someday.", she evaded.

"Xena! It's been almost two years. How long does it take to get the courage to see her?"

"Gabrielle! I'm not ready, so just leave it alone."

"She’s your mother for Gaea’s sake—not your executioner. I bet she misses you as much as you miss her. Think about it."

"You don’t understand. I hurt her badly—becoming a warlord. I shamed her, and she could barely stand me the last time I was there. Saving the village from Draco was my only redeeming factor I had then. She tried to understand me, but it was hard for her. That’s why I didn’t stay long last time."

"Maybe, but Torres saw her when he went home. I bet he had alot of good things to say about you. And when you met after switching bodies with Callisto, she seemed happy enough to spend time with you. I bet she’s come around since then. At least give it some serious thought."

Xena remained quiet for most of the afternoon, letting Gabrielle’s chatter fill the empty spaces of silence. She pulled in her line and put the pole down. She walked over to her friend.

"Alright, let's go."

"Tired of fishing? OK, what do you want to do next?", she said while pulling in her own line.

"Go to Amphipolis."


Part Fourteen

Gabrielle didn’t know whether to kick herself or pat herself on the back. Their ‘vacation’ had only lasted two days, but she was glad that Xena had chosen to visit her mother. She felt a *little* guilty, though. She had pushed this idea on her friend, and she could tell Xena had many misgivings about it already. Maybe some levity would help.

"You know, I’ve been thinking.", she snuck a glance at Xena—no response, "and I can’t wait to meet your mother. I want to ask her all about your embarrassing childhood antics."

Xena's attention suddenly snapped alert.

"What? Gabrielle, I swear, if you do I’ll...", she caught sight of Gabrielle’s huge grin, and pointed a long finger in a threatening manner and sent her a snarled look. Her friend laughed.


"Just you wait. You think I’m strong willed? Wait until my mother drills you, then we’ll see who’s laughing.", she promised.

"I’m not worried. If I can deal with you, she should be a snap.", she said with confidence.

"Un huh."


They walked carefully over the plowed ground of the empty fields, trying to avoid twisted ankles. The ground was nearly frozen from the sudden cold spell, and patches of ice sat in between the deep ruts. Amphipolis was quiet, with no one was in sight. They made their way to the tavern owned by her mother.

As they entered the warm building, they loosened their cloaks, and looked around. Xena stood in place and looked for her mother, and saw her delivering a drink to a table near the back. She stood immobile, unsure how her unannounced visit would be received. She couldn’t move, and just took in the sight of strong-willed woman that raised her.

Then, with uncanny ability, Cyrene felt her eyes on her and lifted her own to stare at her daughter. A mixture of emotions flashed across her face. Pain, happiness, resignation, and acceptance. She put down her tray and walked up to her child.

"Little one, come here.", she said and held out her arms. Xena released the breath she didn’t know she was holding, and gratefully embraced her.

"Mother. It's good to see you."

"And it’s good to see you. Come in and sit down. You must be half frozen from the cold. Are you hungry? I can put together a hot meal for you and your friend.", she held up her hand, "No need for a formal introduction. Xena has written several times, and told me about you, Gabrielle. Why don’t the two of you sit, I’ll be back in a few minutes." They watched her enter the back room.

"Wrote about me? I wonder if she keeps her letters...", she wondered aloud.

"Don’t make a big deal about it. I just told her about our traveling together. I’m sure Torres filled her in, too. I didn’t tell her a whole lot...", her mother returned with two platters, one which was double the size of the other. Xena’s mother placed the larger of the two in front of Gabrielle. The bard stared at the two platters, then at her friend.

"Huh huh. Xena, you're a dead woman."


Part Fifteen

"...and she threw the baby right into the air, and clobbered two guards, then caught the baby. Next thing I knew, the baby was flying my way again. She kept care of Nemos, and that ended his little power play. Pandora stayed with the king to keep care of the little boy. I bet they’ve gotten married by now."

"No wonder Vesta never asked you to watch her children, if that’s how you played with them.", she said with a question in her voice.

"Mother, I did not toss her baby in the air...I just ...twirled him a little.", she confessed.

"Xena, you ought to be ashamed of yourself!", Gabrielle teased.

"He liked it! it's not like I did it to be mean or anything."

"Uh huh."

"Give it a rest!", she growled.

"The rest of what?", she quipped.

"Excuse me Mother, I have to beat someone. I’ll just be a minute.", she said, but didn’t really get up. Her mother laughed.

"Are you two always like this? Gabrielle, no offence, but I’m glad you travel with her and not me. Well, I better get back to my customers. I’ll talk to you later. Xena, the back room has a couple of beds. Go air the room out and make yourselves at home.", she ordered.

"Well, we have our orders. Hop to it soldier!", piped Gabrielle.

"Just you wait, Gabrielle."

"Hey! I'm lovin' every minute of it.", she quoted.




"I'm glad I came home."

"Me too. I like your mother. I can see where you got that stubborn streak."

"Strong. She hates the word 'stubborn'."

"I'll keep that in mind."

They leaned back on the beds, both lost in thought. Xena’s mind went back to the time she first saw her mother’s venomous hatred for what she had become, how the shame of her actions had driven her from her mother’s heart. The regret she felt at the loss was almost too much to bear.

For Gabrielle, she thought about how much these two women where. Both proud and stubborn—strong—and both avoid the subject of the past. Every time she even got close to mentioning it, they both changed the subject. It was going to be a long, hard road with these two. They were going to drive her insane with their actions. And to make it worse, they both had a dry sense of humor. She had to stare hard at her mother to tell if her leg was being pulled.

Gabrielle recalled the platter incident, and wondered wryly what else she had said. Her curiosity was screaming at her, but first she had to get a little revenge. Nothing came immediately to mind. She’d have to think about it. Her mind spun in wild circles, then it came to her.

*Perfect*, she thought.


Part Sixteen

The tavern was closed for the night, and Xena had fallen asleep. Gabrielle waited quietly for Cyrene to come to the back. The bard held her finger to her lips, and mimed that Xena was asleep. Her mother nodded and motioned her to follow her to another room.

"It's late. Couldn't you sleep?', she asked with concern.

"No. Can I be honest with you? I’m dying of curiosity. What exactly has Xena told you about me? "

"Not alot—by *your* standards, but by hers—she practically gushes."

"Oh, really? Come on! Tell me, I’m dying to know. Anything I get from her is a battle, and you’re my next best chance.", she said with a hushed plea.

"OK, but it’s not much. She told me how you met, and that you like to talk—alot.", she said with a smile, " You are a bard, and you have an appetite that rivals a small army. that’s why I gave you a large plate, in case you were wondering."

"I figured she was spilling secrets when I saw it.", she laughed.

"I know. I heard what you said to her, and I’m wondering what my poor daughter has gotten herself into."

"Are we talking about the same person? Xena the wall. the woman who drives me crazy with her silences, and grumpiness, and a few other quirks that would drive anyone up a tree? *That* Xena?"

"I guess that was a bad choice of words. May I ask something of you, Gabrielle? You’ve been together along time. How do you feel about her—the person she is now."

"I think she’s the best friend I’ve ever had, and I love her. But at the moment, I want to kill her. You want to help?"

"What's the plan?", she ask with a grin.


Gabrielle stood with the older woman behind the bar. They had gone over the plan carefully, and attempted to look serious as they heard Xena enter the room.

"...and you mix it how exactly?", Gabrielle asked.

"You add a little water to the mixture, not much, but enough to cut it, then you chill it. They never know the difference.", she answered.

Xena looked on in confusion. What was Gabrielle doing up so early? And what were they doing? She stepped closer. It looked as though Gabrielle was getting lessons in bartending.

"What's going on?", she said unable to figure it out.

The two of them looked uncomfortable, and slightly guilty. Xena looked back and forth between the two. Neither looked willing to answer.

"Gabrielle, tell me what's going on.", she said impatiently.

"Well..I..uh, your mother and I were..", she stuttered.

"Just talking.", said her mother.

"About what, exactly?"

"Oh..how to run a tavern. That’s all."she told her daughter, then in a stage whisper, "Tell her Gabrielle" The bard gave her a helpless look.

"Uh, Xena. I have something to tell you, but I..."

"Just spit it out. You're the bard, you can tell me."

"Well, your mother and I stayed up all night talking, and..."

"And what? tell me—because this is too early in the morning for games."

"I’ve decided to stay in Amphipolis and help your mother run the tavern. She’s like to semi-retire and I kinda like the idea of not traveling any more."

"What!?! Gabrielle, tell me you’re kidding.", she said in shock. Her friend gave her an apologetic look, and Xena sat down, unable to believe what was happening. She closed her eyes, and willed herself to wake up, because this had to be a nightmare. Suddenly, laughter filled the room.

Xena opened her eyes, and saw her mother and best friend in near hysterics. They babbled in sputters, and all that Xena could understand was ‘Gotcha!’ She then understood, it had been a joke, and one she saw no humor in. She stood up angrily, and stomped out of the building. The laughter died on their lips, and Gabrielle ran after her.

"Xena, wait!", she said as she ran up to her. She took her friend’s arm and pulled her to a stop.

"Xena, will you wait a minute! I know you don’t like being made a fool of, but I just had to get even for yesterday."

"Just because I didn’t tell you everything I wrote to my mother?", she said coldly.

"When you say it that way, I guess it was pretty petty of me. But, just for once, I wanted to get the better of you in something! I always feel like you don’t completely respect me, because you know I can’t best you at your level. So I took another route. I’m sorry."

Xena didn’t know what to think, but she felt the rage leave her. She had never thought about it before, but she could be right. How often had she shown Gabrielle that she was the weaker of the two? It must have been frustrating to know you were the underdog all the time. Gabrielle couldn’t compete with her physical strength, so her weapon was words.

Xena frowned, and decided she was a humorless fool, complaining about being bested. She placed both hands on top of the bard’s shoulders.

"OK, you got me fair and square. But_if_you_ever..."

"I know, I know. I'm going to pay for it with a dunking or something."

"Worse. When we visit your mother, I’ll tell her all about henbane incident."

"You wouldn't! Xena, that's a rotten way to blackmail someone."

"Hey! All's fair in love and pay backs. Remember that."

"I should have stuck to the idea of painting Argo pink.", Gabrielle muttered.

"Painting my horse?!"

The End

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