Love Bite

by FallNot



This is a Uber Fan Fiction.

Xena and Gabrielle are ©copyright MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures.

My story depicts a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live … go away. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story, but don’t knock it before you’ve tried it.


This story is lot stronger than my first one. I guess you would rate this one an NC-17. Don't say I didn't warn you now.
Some may have a little problem with understanding when I have someone speaking in thought and when they are speaking aloud.
Here are two examples and I hope these cut down on confusions. Enjoy yourselves now.
Thoughts: ' I am just thinking. '
Speaking: " I am speaking aloud. "

Copyright January 2000 by FallNot ( All rights reserved.

Special thanks to: Barb - the story wouldn’t sound as smooth as it does now without you.

LD - for taking the time to read the story and write my review.

Laura walks down the dark street fussing at herself about her car. She could not believe that her car had just gotten a flat tire and to top it all off, the spare was also flat. She walks hurriedly along sidewalk trying to locate a phone. Feeling someone watching her, Laura starts searching the streets around her, but sees no one…only feeling their eyes on her.

Finally spotting a tall, dark figure watching her from a street corner, she doesn’t really feel any fear because the stranger is female. The woman steps off the curb, slowly approaching her. Laura stops abruptly, stares at the woman, and feels uneasiness, but no fear of the dark stranger. The woman appears to be haunting but…beautiful. Fear finally makes its appearance as the stranger continues to stare steadily at her, so Laura steps backward. For every step Laura takes, the woman moves forward, so she stops walking backwards, to fully turn and run down the road. Oddly enough, the figure doesn’t run after her, but slightly increases her steps as if she knows she will eventually catch the running woman.

A police car turns onto the road and relief enters Laura.

"Ma’am…ma’am. Is everything all right? Can I be of some help?" the officer hurriedly asked. Laura grabbed onto the patrol’s opened window.

"Officer, please help me! There’s a woman chasing me! Please help me!" Laura excitedly exclaimed.

The officer turned on his spotlight, and got out of the patrol car to help calm down the woman. He thoroughly surveyed the area, but didn’t see anyone–male or female. He looked at the woman, and tried to assess her sanity. He didn’t spot anything out of the ordinary, though. She was nice looking, medium height, with blonde hair. He noticed with appreciation that she had a nice build. He couldn’t see much with the black dress slacks she had on, but what he could see, he liked.

"Ma’am, do you need me to take you to a phone or something?"

Laura searched around in confusion. ‘I know I saw her. I even felt her presence…her eyes on me.’

"Yes…. Yes, could you please take me to a phone? I need to call someone to come and get me because my tire and spare are flat."

The officer agreed to take her to a phone. As they were driving down the street, Laura turned and searched again. Leaning against one of the building stood the woman, cupping her chin with her thumb and forefinger…smiling.

That evening, the curtain was lightly blowing in the wind. Laura always left her window open at night in the summer. It felt much better to feel nature caressing her skin, rather than the artificial currents of the air conditioning. She felt safe with it open, because she lived on the fourth floor of her apartment building. Living there for almost three years now, Laura never had any problems with anyone making an appearance through that particular entrance.

The lightly moving curtain had a calming effect on Laura. The ordeal earlier that day still bothered her, but she felt so much safer in her own home. Gently lured to sleep by the gentle movement of the curtains, her dreams soon became erratic and confusing. One instant she was walking through a field of daises, and the next instant she could see the mystery woman smiling at her. The woman didn’t seem as frightening to her this time, because she had such a serene smile. Standing very tall in height, her long, softly blowing dark hair almost covered her sky blue eyes.

‘How could a woman as beautiful and peaceful as this hurt me?’ Laura questioned herself. The smile widened, and the woman held a hand out to her. Feeling safe, Laura placed her hand within the woman’s and allowed her to draw herself forward. Laura laid her head on the dark figure’s shoulder and it felt so nice and secure - as if nothing could ever hurt her. Smiling, Laura pulled back to share her feelings about how secure she felt. Raising her eyes to meet the blue ones above her, she jumped in horror, and let out a long scream. The woman’s eyes were no longer blue…pupils tinted red peered back at her.

Laura awakened quickly with a scream rising out of her throat. She swallowed the sound, and sat up in her bed to look around the darkened room.

‘I guess that experience with the strange woman really left an impression with me. That or the Philly cheese with extra onions I ate before going to bed. Hmmm…maybe a couple of Tums and a quick e-mail to mother will help calm me down,’ Laura thought.

The next day Laura made arrangements for her car to be delivered to an auto shop.

"Okay, ma’am you’re all set. Make sure that you check your spare for leaks at least once a month," the mechanic advised.

Shaking his head smiling, he turned and walked away from Laura.

‘What is he smiling at,’ Laura thought angrily. ‘Like it’s never happened to anyone else before. It’s not my fault that stupid spare was flat.’

The mechanic turned around as he was walking away, and observed Laura talking to herself. Laura smiled sweetly back at him. Shaking his head once again, he proceeded back to another car he was repairing before she arrived. If he had turned around at that particular moment, he would have caught Laura sticking her tongue out at him in mockery.

That night, Laura’s vivid dream of the dark woman returned. The scene was exactly the same as before, but when she looked up at her face, she now saw beautiful sky blue eyes.

‘I know that I am dreaming but everything seems so real,’ Laura thought.

The woman smiled in understanding, as if she heard Laura’s thoughts.

Her smile was so gentle that I felt no reason to fear her. I returned her smile, and let her lead me to the nearby lake. It was so serene and quiet in my dream world. Near the lake there was a beautiful picnic laid out upon a blanket. The food was already prepared so we sat down to eat. We watched the ripples made from the swimming ducks form upon the surface of the water. Once we had satisfied ourselves eating, we set aside the uneaten food and stood up. I hated that the dream had to end so soon, because I had never felt happier. She stepped back from me, and slowly removed her clothes. She was shaped so beautifully. I didn’t want to stare, but I thought I should enjoy it while I could.

‘What are the chances of me having a dream as vivid as this again?’ I asked myself.

After removing her clothes, she then turned and slowly walked into the water until it gently cupped her full breasts. Her nipples quickly formed into hardened pebbles, and she beckoned me with her eyes to follow. Removing my clothes, I joined her in the lake where we quietly and intimately washed each other’s body. Once we finished, she captured my hand and led me to the blanket. I reached down to gather my clothes, but was stopped when she eased me to the blankets. My heart started to quicken with desire and fear once I was laid upon my back. She collected a few strawberries from the basket. I was delicately fed them, and started to relax with each berry I was fed. One of the last few berries she held over my mouth, just out of reach. Raising my head up off the blanket, I tried once again to grasp the ripe fruit with my lips. Smiling, she lowered the berry, not to my mouth but to my nipple. Slowly, she rubbed the cold, seed covered fruit onto it, and I moaned when I felt the contact. As she lowered her head to my breast, I closed my eyes and awaited the pleasure that was sure to come. I felt her slowly stroke my nipple with her rough tongue. The sounds of my moans filled the air with every slow, but long, tantalizing stroke.

‘I have never felt so much pleasure before.’

Raising her head once again, the dark woman took a bite of the bruised fruit. She nipped off the tip, and my nipples hardened in jealously. Smiling at my reaction, she leaned over and gently captured my nipples between her teeth. A small scream almost leaped from my throat.

‘Oh goodness! Is it possible to die of too much pleasure? If it is possible, I am ready to die now.’ The pleasure I was feeling…I never wanted to end.

After capturing my nipple, she pulled back, and I could feel it slowly slipping from its wet prison. A soft slow moan escaped me as the nipple was released. She then fed the strawberry to me, and it took effort for me to chew and swallow the ripened fruit. Watching her retrieve another berry, my desire clouded eyes observed her take it, bite off the tip, and smooth it over my breast and nipple. Just the feel of her movements had me slowly moving my head from side to side in uncontrolled desire. Cupping my breast between her two hands, she ate away the pieces of berry that covered me. She paid special attention to my hardened nipple by nipping and sucking it. It felt so erotic feeling the slight pain from the biting and then having it soothed away with the pulling sensation from her sucking. Once she had removed all the residue of the berry, she looked up at me and licked her lips like a hungry lion. I knew I was her prey, and I was ready to be devoured. She grabbed another strawberry, and then I thought, ‘What more could she do?’ Then, I saw her slowly sliding down my body.

‘Oh goodness, is my body capable of receiving anymore pleasure?’

I was about to find out. She reached her desired position, and held the berry up to my mouth. By this time, I knew the routine and bit the fruit in half. She smiled and, after widening my legs, I felt her rubbing the berry over my nether lips and nub. Opening the lips fully, I felt her putting pieces of the strawberry inside of me.

‘Mmmmm, that feels so good. I hope she licks it all off as thoroughly as she rubs it on.’

I was not disappointed. She nuzzled her face between my nether lips, and suddenly I felt a strong suction at my opening. I was moaning and squealing, when I experienced her tongue entering me. My body started trembling with desire. She pressed her tongue strongly against my red swollen nub. I tried to raise my body up to get closer to her mouth. Understanding that I needed more, she slowly sucked my nub into her mouth. I moaned again in pleasure while she let it slide easily back out again before slowly sucking it once more. She gradually increased her speed, and I moved slowly closer to the edge. She firmly gripped my hip, and raised me up closer to her mouth. Pausing, she looked up at me with a twinkle in her eye. My mind was too clouded to understand what would happen next. She grasped my nub between her teeth, and drew it into her mouth one strong time. A scream rose to my throat when I felt my inner muscles tightened strongly in the release that it so long awaited.

Laura awakened quickly once again with a powerful scream leaving her, but this time it was in pleasure. She looked around in confusion.

"Shoot, why do all the good ones have to be a dream?" Laura asked herself disappointedly.

‘Now what did I eat this time before going to bed?’ Laura thought while smiling. ‘I have to stock up on whatever it was.’

Laura got up, and went to the bathroom. When she returned, she noticed a particular aroma in the room. She frowned in denial and then laughed.

"No, it couldn’t be," Laura said laughing.

She lay down under the covers, and noticed how late it was. But what really held her attention was the bowl of ripe strawberries sitting beside the clock.

The End?


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