When Love is Found part 11

by Wildbard

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WARNING! Subtext, YES!! There is some strong language as well. If this bothers you please leave. I write stories in ways that I see them. I try to make it as real as possible, NOT for the ratings of television. So if you’re NOT 18 or older, go read some Barney and have a glass of milk with your cookies.

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The sensation of being clean has never felt so good, the warm water embraced Xena with overwhelming satisfaction. Xena let her body float on top of the water closing her eyes and letting her muscles finally get the rest they deserved. Knowing that Gabrielle was alive was the best thing she felt in weeks, other than the bath of course. Slowly Xena let herself melt under the surface of the water, letting her mind go, enjoying the silence as warm waters ran over her naked form. Powerful arms pushed her through the water letting the momentum rinse the last remnants of soap out of her dark mane. Xena broke through the surface of the water without making a sound. Water cascaded down her face and over her shoulders as she came to rest on the pools back edge letting her eyes soak in the view of Luna’s home. The cave-temple was impressive; whoever designed this was good, definitely a great place to hold up if you were in trouble.

Xena let herself relax a little longer as she continued to look around when her heart stepped into her throat. To the warrior’s surprise her eyes fell on the banner of the Destroyer of Nations. Xena wondered if Luna mentioned anything to Gabrielle about it, or if Gabrielle even noticed it, not like she could miss it, it just screamed her name. Xena lightly shook her head trying not to think about that but stopped as a pair of beautiful green eyes caught her gaze. Xena couldn’t help being pulled into them, her flesh shivered from the excitement, her heart filled with happiness as she smiled back to her friend. Xena didn’t want the feeling to end, but it was interrupted as Luna stepped into her line of vision. ‘Hey!’ Xena yelled to herself but then noticed Luna was bringing Gabrielle breakfast.

The warrior watched the exchange of small conversation between them both; Gabrielle smiled in appreciation of the morning meal. Luna nodded her head then set a second bowl on a small table next to a chair where Xena set her clothes. The last of the conversation was spoken between them and Luna retreated to her table and proceeded with her own breakfast. Xena pushed off the rock with her legs, casually swam back to the steps to venture onward to breakfast.

Luna sat behind her table with a disgusted thump. ‘Oh, being in the same room with her is making me crazy, gods I want to scream.’ Luna was fighting a battle within herself, a battle that would be better won than fought. All she had to do was go over there and place a dagger in her chest and it would all be over, but that wouldn’t be fair to Gabrielle. Luna stopped in mid chew, Gabrielle, what in the world does that kid see in her? That stinkin’ bitch doesn’t deserve a woman like that all she is going to do is hurt her in the long run. Luna finished chewing her food when Xena entered her vision.

Luna continued to shovel in her morning breakfast while splitting her attention from Xena to a book she been reading from yesterday. Several moments passed when she heard soft conversation enter the cave air. Luna couldn’t have looked up in a better time only to see Xena drop her towel exposing her shapely form to the room. Luna couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Gabrielles’ eyes couldn’t stop wandering over the warrior’s form like she’s never seen it before. ‘This is sick.’

Xena slipped on a short sleeve cotton top, which left her mid-drift exposed, then slipped on the cotton bottoms. Gabrielle wasn’t going to deny the warm feeling between her legs, she wanted nothing more than to have Xena curl up under the covers with her and never leave. Gabrielle placed another spoonful of breakfast into her mouth while she watched Xena run her fingers through her wet hair, watching the water droplets fall onto the furs that covered the floor. Her green eyes held Xena’s image with such pride and with so much love she wanted at that moment to tell Xena just how much she loved her, with that thought a smile escaped.

As Luna continued to watch the disgusting emotional festival start, she decided this would be a good time to leave before she puked. Luna marked her page in her book and closed the cover, placed her breakfast bowl into a pot of warm water for cleaning later.

Xena finally sat down in the chair across form Gabrielle and began to eat her warm breakfast. Cinnamon, oats, apple and milk made up her morning meal and it was very tasty too. The attention on her breakfast was broken as the sounds of boots caused Xena to look up from her meal.

"I’ll be back." Luna announced as she picked up her cloak and proceeded down the stairs to the front entrance.

Gabrielle looked at Xena who only shrugged her shoulders. "Is something wrong?"

"Nope…need to see the butcher in town."

"When will you be back?" Gabrielle questioned.

Luna paused in her steps. "Chance." Luna commanded only to be answered by her friends’ obedience. The large dog crawled out from under Gabrielle’s bedding and over to her owner. Luna praised the animal for her good work, then turned and faced the bard. "When you see Chance next you’ll know." Luna locked gazes with the warrior for a moment. Xena felt her chest begin to tighten the longer they looked at one-another; finally Luna turned and walked away.

The silence surrounding them lingered for a long moment. Xena’s eyes lowered and studied the floor feeling the weight of guilt settle upon her shoulders as a heavy sigh left her chest. The hairs on the back of Xena’s neck rose in anticipation to what was coming next, waiting for Gabrielle. Gods was she sick to her stomach.

"Xena." The tone was soft and low, very calming.

"Yes." Xena played with her food.

"Would you come here?" Gabrielle patted the edge of the bed from her propped up position.

Xena felt the emotions building up inside, so much has happened to her that she couldn’t hold it any longer, she needed someone to hold onto. Xena placed her bowl on the table then sat on the edge of the bed in front of Gabrielle, resting her head in her hands. The Warrior Princess was slowly breaking down. The lump in her throat was beginning to hurt from holding in her emotions and she wanted to throw up but she has to know. "Did she tell you?"

Mist green eyes studied the warriors’ form, placing a hand on shoulder, "Yes." Gabrielle watched Xena’s shoulders begin to shake as the breakdown began.

Xena’s guts twisted inside knowing Gabrielle saw the outcome of how evil she could be, how could she face her, ‘how could she love me?’ The walls the warrior would build to keep emotions away came crashing down. Xena couldn’t stop it as long awaited tears came crashing down.

Gabrielle lightly pulled the emotional warrior to her, "Shhh…come here." Gabrielle called softly directing Xena to lie down with her. Without protest the warrior curled up on her side like a little girl and sobbed in the bards arms. Gabrielle moved closer behind the warrior, placing an arm around her and snuggling in, wanting to hold the warrior for as long as she needed. "Shhh..It’s okay Xena …it’s okay, I’m here." Gabrielle whispered trying to hold back her own tears; she hated seeing Xena fighting within herself. Gabrielle curled a little closer and began to rock the warrior, hoping the rhythm would calm her down.

Xena curled herself up into a little ball; sobbing, feeling helpless, wondering if the woman she cared for more that her life could stay with her after seeing what she did. It tore at her soul and stabbed her heart. What a monster she was, she should have just killed herself, her heart skipped, then again she should have sent Gabrielle home too. Home. The word echoed in her mind. Gabrielle was home. Xena slowly relaxed letting the tears fall across her cheeks feeling the bard’s arms around her giving her a sense of safety and peace. Xena felt Gabrielles’ warm breath on her ear as she spoke sending another overflow of tears down the warrior’s face.

Xena laced her fingers in with Gabrielle never wanting to let go. "I love you too, Gabrielle."


"I do NOT believe this happening!" Luna yelled across the barn startling all the animals inside as she pushed over crates and grain bags. Blue looked over to his mistress in confusion. What caused his human to become so angry? "Ahhhgh!! GODS!!"

Luna was mad and all her senses were in overload, her head was pounding from the thoughts that ran through her mind as her heart raced with her temper. The entire situation was insane and she was beginning to come unglued. Luna snatched up an empty sack and moved over to where she last left her victims from this morning. With powerful arms Luna pulled the heavy wood door open letting it slam against the wall silently cursing to herself.

Blue and the rest of the animals remained silent in fear of their lives as they watched the human lose control. Luna placed the last of the animals into the sack then tossed it in Blue’s direction, the mighty horse lowered its head giving the bag a nudge with his nose.

"No Blue that’s not for you." Luna called to the horse as she moved over to the stall with saddle in hand. "Blue my friend, we need to take a little ride into town." Luna continued her chore of saddling up Blue for her ride into town, but continued to toss around the idea of killing Xena.

"Ahh…I just don’t’ get it!!" Luna snapped. "How in the name of the gods did she do it!"? Luna roughly pulled at the last strap on the saddle getting a grunt out of her horse. "Sorry."

Luna slowly turned leaning back on Blue’s gate looking at the interior of the barn wondering how. How could it be possible for a woman, a wicked woman like Xena to get lucky to find someone that looks beyond the past. Xena did nothing but use people to get what she wanted, no matter what or who was at stake. Still to this day she doesn’t get what Borias saw in her, other than she was good at wagering war. Xena wiped out villages, cities, nations and people to get to her so-called Destroyer of Nations title she did nothing but brag about, gods it was disgusting.

For years after she found this cave and called it her home she heard stories of how Xena was marching across the land taking and burning everything in her path, and now people call her a hero? Gods the sound of that word gave her the creeps and inflamed her anger.

"She proceeds to destroy my lousy life only to be called a hero…and then she has to have this …this…woman fall in love with her. How?" Luna’s heavy boots thumped hard against the ground as she moved to open the gate for Blue. The mighty horse walked out of his stall and waited for his mistress. "I don’t know why I didn’t just kill that bitch." Luna climbed into Blues’ saddle. " I don’t get what Gabrielle sees in that murdering whore anyway…I wonder if she used that kid and got too comfortable with her?"

Luna’s nostrils flared thinking about the possible reasons why Gabrielle stayed with the ex-warlord and frankly it made her sick. "Come on Blue before I decide to do something brash." Blue snorted in agreement as she lightly kicked him into motion toward town.


Gabrielle noticed the sun’s rays were past the first row of shrubs noting the early afternoon mark. Slowly Gabrielle crutched her way back over to her bedding and to Xena. The stiffness in her knee was better today, looks like the step routine Luna made her do really is paying off and now that Xena was back, she’ll be doing back flips in no time. Gabrielle retreated to the chair across from her bedding, not wanting to wake the warrior. Slowly she lowered herself into the chair with a grunt from pain. Sitting was a great feeling considering she was on her back or propped up in bed most of the time, but this time she had no complaints. The view was perfect. Soft green eyes drank in the warrior’s sleeping form, watching as her chest rose and fell deeply. All those nights she couldn’t sleep and all the nights she cried herself to sleep wondering where Xena could be were now behind her, but the healing was just beginning. Gabrielle knew their relationship was going to change, she could feel it in her heart, but getting through the walls that Xena built to keep emotions at bay were going to have to come down. She couldn’t complain, Xena has come a long way from the first time they traveled together, getting Xena to talk in general was hard enough. Gabrielle wasn’t going to lie to herself, she did have some questions she wanted to ask Xena about what happened, if there was one thing she learned with her travels it’s that there is always another side to every story. But she wasn’t going to pry into Xena’s past just yet. She would wait until Xena was ready to talk about it.

Gabrielle continued to watch Xenas sleeping form drinking in all the beauty that was presented before her and losing herself in thought. Memories of the first night after Xena returned from the dead filtered through her mind. That first night was so wonderful, she couldn’t stop touching the warrior, always wanted to have one hand on her at all times, and from what she remembered Xena didn’t mind. Ephiny and the others were wonderful to the both of them that night. The amazons fixed up the queen’s hut with water for a bath, a blazing fireplace and a wonderful meal. Gabrielle remembered the long bath Xena took trying to soak all the aches away, being stuck in a box for a few days could really make a person stiff, no pun intended. The best part of that entire day wasn’t just the fact that Xena was alive and breathing, but she had the best nights sleep in days, because she curled up into the warrior’s arms and stayed that way all night long. Even the next day after they woke from a pleasant nights rest, Xena decided to stay in that position with the bard in her arms until Ephiny came knocking on their door for breakfast. Gabrielle smiled at that thought and frankly wanted to do it again. The bard slowly returned to her daydream unaware of blue eyes watching her every move.

"Whatcha thinking about?" The low voice asked.

"Oh…Xena you spooked me." Gabrielle replied with a smile. "How long have you been up?"

"Long enough to wonder where that smile came from." Xena answered as she propped herself up on her pillow. "So how about it?"

Gabrielle could feel her face begin to heat up, feeling nervous and excited at the same time. Now was the time for her to come full circle. Gabrielle raised her eyes to meet the intense blue of Xena’s while her heart pounded and the fire between her legs grew.

Xena waited for the bard’s answer watching her play with the edge of her shirt. Gabrielle’s eyes reminded Xena of the emerald Cecrpos had, breathtaking, and the deepest green the warrior has seen yet. Her breath caught in her throat while the throbbing in her sex continued to build; she wanted to kiss those sweet lips of Gabrielles’ which began to move.

"You." Her voice was soft as a warm breeze.

Xena heard the words but it took an extra moment before her brain understood. "Me?" Xena’s eyebrows rose into her forehead as her voice cracked causing Gabrielle to burst into laughter. Xena felt the warmth emitting off her face cursing herself for loosing her composure, but the truth of it was she was hoping that would be her answer.

Gabrielle’s ribs were beginning to hurt form laughing to hard. Never in the 21/2 years they’ve traveled together has she ever heard Xena’s voice crack like a boy coming of age. "Xena I’m sorry." The bard tried to put on her serious face but couldn’t. The look on Xena’s face was priceless.

"Oh, yeah miss giggles…what was the best part of your little daydream? Hmm?" Xena quipped raising an eyebrow.

Gabrielle stopped whatever giggles wanted to rise to the surface and began to heat up as she was put on the spot. ‘Ooo don’t do it.’ Gabrielle watched Xena raise that one eyebrow and, well, that’s all she had to do it just makes her knees weak. "Honestly?" Her voice was soft and low.

Xena’s heart skipped a beat, several beats in fact. "Honestly."

"Waking up in your arms." Gabrielle couldn’t look at Xena when she answered, she suddenly felt shy afraid that if she looked into those blue pools the warrior would see right through her, but the answer Xena gave her was a surprise.

"Yup. One of my favorites too." Xena confessed, pulling herself into a seated position on the edge of the bed. "So. How about I come over there, take a look at that shoulder and give you a big hug?"

"I’d like that." Gabrielle answered lifting her eyes to meet Xena’s gaze. She always thought Xena had beautiful eyes, but today there was something different in them. They were soft, giving you a sense of peace, they were so blue it captured you not wanting to let you go drawing you deeper and deeper into their hold. Gabrielle wanted to keep the feeling that was washing over her; the energy she was feeling was so incredible that it was making her nipples hard.

Xena continued to keep eye contact with the bard at all times. Those soft pink lips called her name, but she had more concerns then letting her hormones get the better of her; Gabrielle’s health came first. Xena closed the distance between them lighting another set of candles giving her better lighting to look over her bard. Xena smiled to herself, her bard, she like the sound of that, alot.

"Okay, ready?" Xena waited a moment looking into Gabrielles’ eyes wanting to make sure she was up for this. Gabrielle nodded for Xena to proceed. Xena started with the bruising on Gabrielles' cheek, noting that it was healing, but couldn’t imagine the force it took to give her that bruise. The warrior’s finger lightly brushed across the bards battered cheek letting her emotions finally show.

"How long were you out of it?" Xena asked as she began to look over her friends shoulder. The warriors face contorted in pain, not physical pain, but pain that her heart was giving her wincing at the fresh scaring and deep purple bruising.

"I was out for a while." Gabrielle paused to think a moment. "A week I think she said. I’m still blurry on a lot of things." Gabrielle looked to Xena then her shoulder.

"Any headaches?"

"No they stopped a few days after I woke up…Ouch!" The pain shot across her shoulder blades.

"Gabrielle I’m so sorry." Xena cursed herself for not thinking that she would be stiff with this injury. "Is it real painful?"

"No, not really." Gabrielle rolled her shoulder under Xena’s hand. "I just can’t seem to lift it. It’s like my shoulder is really tight, more like a bad aching feeling, why?"

"Because I can fix that."

Gabrielle’s eyebrows met her hairline. "How?"

"Well what I can tell is that since you’re not able to use it it’s freezing up and we need to thaw it out." Xena flashed a smile at the bard causing her to giggle." So we’ll work your shoulder in a similar manner as you have your knee."

"Lem’me guess, hot spring?"

"Yup." Xena knelt in front of the bard pressing her knees slightly apart, catching the sound of Gabrielle’s breath being quickly inhaled. Xena didn’t want to give it away that she heard her, replacing the silence with a question. "So how is your knee feeling today?"

Gabrielle acted pained at the question. "Sore." She looked to Xena giving her a painful smile. "Really sore."

"Do you think you can straighten it out for me? I would like to try and tell if you did anything to the inside." Their eyes met and hung onto to one another for a moment then Gabrielle nodded letting Xena know it was all right to proceed. Xena placed both hands on the bard’s knee as Gabrielle flexed it for Xena. The bards skin was soft under her callused fingers, the sensation sent waves of pleasure between the warrior’s legs. Xena let her eyes wander up along side the bard’s shapely thighs wanting to explore that forbidden place. Xena stopped her present thought and focused on the wound. "Okay that’s enough."

Gabrielle watched Xena stand at her full height; sorry the contact had to end. "Where are you going?"

"I’m going to make something that will help relax your knee." Xena placed a brief hand on the bards shoulder then proceeded to Luna’s worktable where she kept most of her herbs for healing. Xena looked over several shelves of labeled jars and canisters. Many items she recognized others she has never even heard of before. ‘What’s she into here? Voodoo?" Xena asked herself, placing a handfull of eucalyptus leaves into a bowl and placing it onto the table then returned back to the shelf of herbs.

Gabrielle watched Xena work her knowledge of herbs from her comfortable position, still feeling the warrior’s hands upon her skin. The feeling was exciting and frightening at the same time. Gabrielle closed her eyes reliving that moment remembering Xenas’ touch how soft and gentle it was and watching Xena was the best part about it. Gabrielle grinned at the fact that she caught Xena’s eyes looking elsewhere other than her knee. Footsteps padded closer to her causing her to open her eyes, which focused on the approaching warrior.

"Tired?" Xena asked, taking her place in front of the bard, placing the bowl next to her.

"No. I’m just really comfy right now." The scent of eucalyptus floated through the air catching Gabrielle’s senses tickling her nose. "What is that? It smells nice."

Xena tilted the bowl so Gabrielle could see its contents. "It’s a rubbing salve to sooth and relax tense muscles also helps with swelling…and your knee has plenty of it."

The face Xena made caused Gabrielle to giggle. "Does it do anything else?"

Xena’s brow creased. "Well like I said if I mixed it correctly, you’ll feel your knee heat up."

"Heat up?"

"Yeah, like you’d feel if I wrapped it up with a warm compress, but this stuff goes a lot deeper than a compress would." Xena gave the mixture a final mixing then placed a small amount into the palm of her hand. " Now if any of this starts to hurt, let me know and I’ll stop, okay?" Gabrielle nodded for Xena to continue. Xena relaxed onto her heels, rolling the salve around in her palms. "Just relax." Xena’s voice was a whisper.

Xena covered the bard’s knee with her hands, making sure the entire surface was covered with the special mixture. Xena slowly massaged the knee, using her fingers to rub the sides as she rolled her thumbs across the top of the knee. Feeling the bard’s skin under her slick hand sent jolts of pleasure through the warrior’s entire body.

Gabrielle closed her eyes the moment Xena placed her hands on her, the touch was exhilarating sending chills up her spine making her scalp tingle, not to mention that it made her hotter than Hades. ‘Oh, it’s hot in here.’ She felt Xena changing position and opened her eyes still keeping her mind on what Xena was doing. She watched the warrior work her fingers, watching her muscles flex as she worked the salve into her knee, the heat felt really good, and so did Xena’s hands. How much she wanted to do with those hands, she wanted Xena to touch her. Touch her in ways that she only dreamt about.

Xena continued to work on Gabrielle, but thoughts of kissing the bard ran rampid through her mind. Her heart was pounding so hard she thought for sure Gabrielle was going to hear ‘Gods, is it hot in here.’ Xena tried to keep her focus but is was a lost cause; she was enjoying herself too much, enjoying the feel of soft skin under her fingertips. Gabrielle’s legs have lost the baby fat she had when they started to travel together, now they were shapely and strong. Ever since that kiss she has been on fire for Gabrielle wanting so badly to address the subject but was always afraid to or wasn’t sure what to say.

Xena looked up from her work catching Gabrielles' eyes. Xena stopped the motion of her hands and focused on those beautiful green eyes. Gabrielle looked back into those baby blues’ she fell in love with, stayed there for a moment then glanced at the warrior’s hands then back to those blue eyes. Xena raised an eyebrow understanding what the bard was telling her and slowly began her work once more.

Xena placed her other hand on the other knee and continued to massage both knees this time, but this time began, moving up Gabrielles' thighs. The new sensation caused Gabrielle to close her eyes as the warrior continued to move toward the edge of her linen shorts, lightly making circles with her fingertips. Gabrielle kept her eyes closed wanting to feel every bit of what Xena was doing, the touches were causing a flood in her panties and her nipples screamed for satisfaction.

Xena pushed off her heels wanting a better position for this, wanting to feel every inch of the bard’s legs. Blue eyes watched the bard as the assault on soft skin continued, eye’s closed mouth slightly open taking in quick little breaths. Those soft pink lips called her name, gods how she wanted to kiss them, kiss them and make them hers. Xena was beginning to sweat, her heart was pounding and her sex was screaming for release. Xena continued further up the bard’s shapely legs till her fingertips brushed against the edge of her shorts. Xena was testing to see how far Gabrielle really wanted to go with this, not wanting to over step any boundaries. Patience.

Gabrielle could feel the flood building between her legs the longer Xena kept pushing forward, she was so lost in the warrior’s touch. Fingers danced over her skin, she has never felt anything like it, even with Perdicas. Xena’s hand traveled to a place making Gabrielle open her eyes sucking in air quickly.

Xena stopped. Their gaze met for several heartbeats as Xena’s hand lightly rested on Gabrielle’s inner thigh; both women found it very difficult to breathe.

"Xena?" Gabrielle whispered.


"Can I kiss you?" Soft green eyes looked at Xena, filled with lust.

Xena’s heart skipped several beats, she was glad she was on her knees or otherwise they would have given out on her. A devilish smile spilled across her face as she moved closer to the chair and further between the bard’s legs making contact with Gabrielle’s soft skin making her sex throb.

Gabrielle slowly leaned forward, closer to the destination she so badly wanted. Every inch of her skin was alive, tingling with every touch, and the aching of anticipation grew in her chest, and having Xena between her legs was driving her crazy, wanting to feel the warrior against her. Both women could feel the heat radiating off their bodies as their breaths mingled with one another; their noses were practically touching. Xena waited for Gabrielle to make her move not wanting to push, but hoping she would do something soon before she exploded, literally.

Gabrielle wanted to cry. Her emotions took over her very being. She wanted to scream, but feeling Xena so close to her gave her that extra strength she needed. Deep green eye’s looked into crystal blue as she cupped Xena’s face in her hands, leaned forward and pressed her lips against Xena’s. The bards lips lightly nipped and kissed Xena’s lips. Gabrielle pulled back to look into Xena’s eyes once more.

Blue eyes were soft, filled with emotion, begging for more and being the warrior princess, she was going to take it. Xena leaned into Gabrielle turning a light kiss into searing passion wanting more access to the bard’s mouth. Gabrielle gave into the warrior feeling the soft wet texture of her tongue against hers. Xena couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped into the bard’s mouth. Xena pushed under Gabrielles' shorts grabbing onto her shapely ass pulling her to her, Xena felt the warmth between the bard legs as she pressed against her stomach.

Gabrielle let her emotions go, running her hands though Xena’s dark mane as she kissed the warrior, feeling her tongue, tasting her, Gabrielle wanted more. The feeling of Xena’s body pressed against her caused her to whimper into Xena’s mouth causing her to break away. Xena quickly began kissing her neck, licking and sucking driving the bard insane. "Oh, Xena." Gabrielle breathed into the warrior’s ear. Gabrielle felt like she was floating on a cloud. Both women became lost in one another, kissing, touching, and hugging blocking out everything around, if a giant walked by they wouldn’t even know it.

The situation was growing hot; Xena continued to kiss the hollow Gabrielle’s neck wanting to take the bard right there, right now. Wanting to kiss her from head to toe wanting to taste her…wanting to make love to her. Gabrielle pulled Xena’s face to her once again kissing her with passion wrapping her arms around her never wanting to let go, never wanting to stop.


"Ouch!!" The unexpected noise caused Gabrielle to jerk crying out in pain.

Xena’s attention snapped alert. "Gabrielle, you alright?" Her voice was concerned as she watched the bard grabbing her shoulder lightly stroking it.

"Oh… that really hurts." She moaned leaning back into the chair. "Forgot I can’t move like that."

Xena’s brow crossed. "Looks like Luna’s back." She glared at Chance who was happily wagging her tail. "Thanks pal." Turning her attention back to Gabrielle. "You okay?"

Gabrielle smiled back rubbing her hand over Xena’s arm. "I’m alright." She answered raising her eyebrows. "So now what?" She asked licking her lips.

Xena drew in a breath smacking her lips. "Well I guess I should try to talk to her." Her eyes grew dark with thought. "At least try and make amends."

"What if she doesn’t want to listen to you?"

Xena rested in between the bard’s legs, her arms and hand resting on her thighs. "Guess I’ll just come back in here." A grin grew. "Maybe finish what was started?" Her tone was light ending on an up beat.

Gabrielle smiled. "Just be nice when you go and talk to her, okay?"

Xena pulled herself up on her feet, leaned forward kissing Gabrielle. "Okay."

Gabrielle touched Xena’s face feeling the soft skin under hand. "Okay."

Xena turned, squared her shoulders, pulled her cloak around her shoulders and headed toward the entrance. Xena’s boots echoed softly off the walls as she descended down the steps leading out, Blue eyes caught a glimpse of something lying on the edge of the fire pit, Xena titled her head a bit to get a look. "Humph." Xena stopped in her tracks. "Gabrielle."

Gabrielle looked around the back of the chair. "What’s the matter?" Her green eyes looking for Xena to answer instead saw the warrior holding an axe.

"She wasn’t lying." Xena commented dryly then placing the axe back where she found it. "Be back soon."

Gabrielle watched Xenas tall figure disappear in the dark corridor hoping things wouldn’t get out of control.


Luna pushed the creaky wood gate shut behind her as she finished caring for Blue. "There you go boy." Briskly she rubbed his nose then moved toward the workbench placing a small sack that clanked as it connected with the table. Luna busied herself unloading arrowheads she picked up in the market today placing them over in her workshop. The table was cleared of any mess, everything was in its place, mallets, hammers, metal pliers, clams and other little knick-knacks to help with her trade. Luna continued to busy herself with labors that have gone undone since the arrival of her guest.

The barn was relatively quiet, most of the animals were outside in their pens eating and running around, but Blue decided he wanted to stay and keep an eye on his mistress, who has been showing a lot of distress the last couple of days. Many people say animals haven’t a clue when it comes to human emotions, but that wasn’t the case with Luna and her animals. They knew her, they understood her and lately all the emotions that were buried deep inside were bubbling to the surface and it was no wonder they were jumpy, well most of them.

Luna dumped another sack of grain into a rather large holding container sending dust up her nose causing her to sneeze several times. "Ah, shit." She sniffed a few times until the urge to sneeze again was gone.

"Bless you."

Luna looked over the top of the container to see who was there. Her eyes landed on Xena’s unwelcome form. The older woman looked over Xena’s tall form noticing the pensive look. "So what do you want?" Her voice was cold and void of emotion.

"To talk." Xena squared her shoulders and continued forward.

"HA!" Turning to face the warrior. "Why?"

Xena forced her feet to move. "Gabrielle didn’t really think that you would talk to me." She stopped short of the container.

"Well she was basically right, I really don’t want to talk to you let alone look at you." She turned walking to her worktable.

"Basically? What’s that supposed to mean?"

"It means since your little friend is still here, It’s not like I can just talk to her and ignore you." Luna rubbed her nose with the back of her hand. " Or didn’t your mother teach you any manners?" Luna folded her arms across her chest watching Xena’s temper begin to build, just a bit.

"I didn’t come in her to fight with you, I just wanted to.." Xena lost her voice as her stomach-jumped into her throat.

"You wanted to what…Thank me for saving your little friend?" The questioned hissed out form Luna’s lips.

Xena’s brow creased as she looked into Luna’s eyes seeing the anger that was behind them, seeing the pain in them, seeing the rage of wanting to kill. Maybe Gabrielle was right, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. "I wanted to say I was sorry for what I did to you."

"Oh my gods!! Just get the fuck out!’ Luna turned walking back toward a storage room.

"Look, just hear me out." Xena called to the retreating woman.

Luna spun around surprised at the warrior. "What? You want me?" Pointing to herself as she stepped back in Xena’s direction. "To listen to you, what are you stupid or just suicidal?"

" Little of both." Relaxing her shoulder just a bit. "Luna listen.."

"No YOU listen!" Her voice was loud dripping with hatred. "Since I found this place I have done nothing but think of things I would love to do to you if our paths ever met." Her eyes burned deeper into Xena’s. " And now that you’re here, I can’t do a damn thing about it." Slamming a bag onto the table making Xena jump.

The warlord in her made an appearance hoping to get an answer. "Why not?"

"Because it would hurt Gabrielle’s feelings." Tilting her head slightly. "And she hasn’t done anything to me, so why should I do something that would hurt her?"

"Why didn’t you just kill her when you found out she knew me?" Xena knew how Luna operated in the past; she usually killed the husbands and wives of her enemies, causing fewer problems later.

Luna emptied another bag of arrowheads onto the table. "Because it’s against my healing ethic, you know that. I taught you enough on the battlefield, didn’t I? or did you forget that?"

Luna was correct about one thing; she did have a policy that if she started to heal a person she would finish the job, regardless of whom they were. "No I haven’t. I have put your teaching to good use."

Luna shot her a side-glance. "What, you want to kiss and make up? Xena I really don’t care what you have to say, can’t you understand that?" Luna studied Xena’s still form for a moment. "You tried to kill me because Borias liked my plan better then yours." Ending the sentence with a finger in Xena’s face.

Xena’s stomach was in knots ready to expel her breakfast. The weight of honesty laid it’s ugly hands upon her shoulders, Luna was right she was pissed off that he liked her plan better. Xena shuddered at the thought about her past, but Luna had a reminder of that past everyday of her life. She spoke before she thought. "You’ve been here ever since?" Xena’s voice was low with a heavy heart.

Luna huffed placing her hands on her hips. "Yes considering no one has been able to light my fire quite like you could."

Xena cringed at the statement remembering the smell of it, hearing Luna screaming while she was being burned. "I know I did a lot if things in the past, and I regret a lot of them." Xena stepped forward moving to the other side of the table. "But if I could change this I would."

"Oh stop it. I really don’t care. look at me." Luna waved her arms out to her side." This is what you did and I have to see it every time I pass by a mirror. " Luna waiting, hoping she wasn’t going to pass out from the rage that was boiling through her veins. "I don’t want you here just as much as you don’t’ want to be here. So let’s just get over the "I want to say I’m sorry" routine and go about our separate ways."

Xena looked at the hostile woman with pensive eyes wondering when the blow was coming cause if it was the other way around she would have hit herself my now. Xena opened her mouth to answer but the sound that carried to her ears wasn’t hers.


Luna snapped her head in the direction of the voice. "Not now Don." Luna turned catching Xena’s curious gaze as a young man entered the building.

"Why not?" Don stopped in his tracks when his eyes landed on the warrior’s tall form causing his mouth to drop open.

"Don I told you not now." Her tone was firm.

"So you’re Xena." Disgust dripped form his words as he spoke.

"That’s right." Trying to play off in one of her best I’m in control voices.

"So did you come in here to finish the job?"

"Don!! That’s enough." Luna was enraged at his outburst, quickly stepping in front of him pushing him back to the door he came through.

Xena wasn’t going to deny it, the comment stung, like being slapped across the face, that young man hated her, she could see it in his eyes, cold and angry. Xena turned folding her arms across her chest leaning back against the table wanting to just curl up and disappear. That kid couldn’t be any older than Gabrielle, how many other people like Don hate her so? Xena placed her head in her hand letting her fingers rub her temples form the pounding headache. Footsteps stopped behind her.

"Never stops does it?’"

Xena turned looking into eyes of a past she wanted to leave behind wishing it want’ true. "If I was that same person."

"He would have been right." Luna quipped.

"Gabrielle and I will leave in the morning." Xena headed for the door. "I’ve done enough damage to your life, I don’t need to do anymore."

"Too late."

Xena stopped turning her head slightly to listen. "How’s that."


Xena stilled her emotions and her chest tightened as she turned to face Luna. "What about her?"

"You destroyed countless nations, killed hundreds and thousands of people with you armies for what you wanted, but you got a second chance at life." Her eyebrows raised into her hairline. "But now you’re hailed as a hero and you’ve managed to capture the heart of an angel." Luna’s eyes softened. "You don’t deserve her."

Xena chewed her lip feeling the tears begin to well up. "I know."

Luna exhaled with frustration. "When you’re ready you can take what supplies that you need, but I want the two of you gone in the morning."

Xena nodded her head in agreement but was stopped short by Luna’s voice once again.

"I don’t ever want to see you again Xena." Their eyes met and the feeling between them was like to two warlords agreeing to battle.

The time was right to ask a question she needed an answer to. "If you knew who she was when you found Gabrielle’s body," (Heart beat) "would you have left her there to die?"

"Yes." There was no hesitation.

Luna left Xena to deal with the answer that she was given. Xena replayed the answer over and over in her mind; she couldn’t get it to stop. She needed to get outside and breathe to try and clear her head before she headed back to Gabrielle. As the door opened, the sun blinded her for a moment, but the heat from the sun and the cold of the winter air created a pleasant mix helping with her headache. She stopped holding her head and tilted back soaking in the sunlight letting the cold soak into her skin. The sensations rolled over her as she pushed her arms out stretching all her muscles waking up all her senses filling her lungs with fresh crisp air and exhaling towards the gods. Xena opened her eyes noticing the beauty of the land around her for the first time, gods it was incredible. She did have a second chance in life and she was going to take it and enjoy it. Xena smiled to herself feeling her heart fill with happiness. And she was going to enjoy it with Gabrielle. She may not deserve her and no matter the reason ‘how’ all she knew was that she loved her.


"What the HELL were you thinking?" Luna’s voice was angry causing Dons’ stomach to ache.

"I don’t see why you care what I say to her. Zeus Cricket she set you on fire." Aggravation settled in his voice. "You hate her and I’m not one of her biggest fans either."

"But that doesn’t justify doing what you did. You need to be a bigger man than that." Luna rested a hand on Don’s shoulder. "There is a difference between what I feel and what you feel. IF you give into that that you become what she use to be, what I used to be and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you start on that path. Been there done that. And look where it got me." Luna patted her burned face with her hands.

Don knew he was wrong for what he did, but he still didn’t like her. "What about Gabrielle?"

"What about her?" Turning to the barn hoping Xena finally left. Luna looked back to see Don looking at her with a lost look in his eyes. "She loves Xena Don." Luna said shrugging her shoulders then entered the barn leaving Don there to deal with the situation on his own, she couldn’t help him with this one.

Don stood there frozen to the spot. "She loves her?" Hearing his voice didn’t make it sound any better. "Why?" Don was truly beside himself he couldn’t believe that this lovely woman could be in love with a cold-blooded murderer. His feet finally started moving, where they took him he really didn’t care he had other things on his mind and needed to air them out.


Gabrielle sat in her chair writing in her journal while Chance kept her feet warm by lying on them. The fire popped as it continued to devour its fuel source. Gabrielle decided to start writing when she started worrying about what was going on between Xena and Luna trying to take her mind of the subject. But after a few moments her thoughts were back on the warrior and she was worried. She felt like she was going to throw up. Gabrielle leaned forward placing her head in her hands rocking a little to help fight the urge of bring back breakfast. "Xena I wish you were back already." The bard mumbled into hand not daring to move.

A breeze floated through the room. The cool air brushed over the bards skin sending waves of goose flesh down her arms. The breeze felt wonderful finally cooling her hot skin bringing the rumbling in her stomach to a rest. She filled her lungs with fresh air and catching the scent of something very familiar. Gabrielle inhaled the sweet smelling air, bringing her head out of her hand and letting her finger tips lightly brush against her lips. ‘Xena.’ Her thought turned quickly to what happened earlier. "Mmm gods." She whispered settling back in to her chair remembering Xena’s lips kissing hers. Xena’s strong hands touching her body feeling Xena pressed between her legs making her sex ache. "I need to think of something else. Wow." Fanning her face giving her fury friend, who’s wagging her tail in earnest. "Whoa, it’s hot in here."

"No it’s not."



Gabrielle and Xena looked to the animal and chuckled. "See look. You spooked her too, don’t do that." She playfully slapped Xena on the arm.

Xena sat down heavy on the bedding in front of her looking at the floor. "We’re leaving in the morning." She told the floor.

"Didn’t go very well?" Their eyes met. Gabrielle saw pain. "Did it?"

"No it didn’t." Xena eyes dropped to the ground distant in thought.

"Xena she couldn’t even stand being in the same room as you." Gabrielle stated sitting down next to the warrior placing am arm around her waist.

"I know, but she wasn’t the real problem." Xena rubbed a hand over her face exhaling what air she had in her lungs.

"Xena." (looking for blue eyes) "What happened?"

Gabrielle’s voice was so gentle it was always that one thing that always kept her focused, even when things were really out of control. Her voice to Xena was the voice of peace. "Did you ever meet Don?"

"Briefly." Her brow creased, concerned at the silence coming from the warrior. "Why."

"He asked me if I came to finish what I started." Xena rolled her eyes. "It kinda stung."

Gabrielle was thrown off by Xena’s honesty about her feelings. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t talked in the past it just always took a lot of prodding to get out of Xena what was bugging her. "Ouch."

"Tell me about it." Xena turned to face her better. "I’m used to the adults, but coming from him? He’s younger than Lila, Gabrielle." Tears welled up in her eyes. "I Didn’t expect that."

Gabrielle smiled at Xena’s honesty, cupping her cheek and catching a lone tear with her thumb. "You expected to get hit."

Xena chuckled surprised at the bard. "Yeah." Xena smiled back enjoying the connection, then decided she wanted more and pulled Gabrielle in for a hug.

Their bodies melted together, Xena buried her head in the bard’s shoulder and stayed there for a long moment. Xena kept a firm but comfortable grip on the bard. Gabrielle lightly stroked her hair letting Xena do what she needed to do.

The warrior’s shoulders were tense and Gabrielle knew she was holding something back, something in. Gabrielle placed her lips close to the warrior’s ear and gentle whispered. "I’m not going anywhere." She felt Xena expel the breath she was holding. "Ever." For several heartbeats the warrior cried letting some of the hurt and frustration out.

Gabrielle continued to whisper soothing calming her friend. "Hey?"

"Huh?" The voice was muffled.

"Hey…look at me." Gabrielle took her hand and softly guided the warriors face up to hers. "Feel better?"

Xena sniffed wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. "Thanks." Giving Gabrielle a big hug. "I love you." Gods did that feel good to say not to mention holding Gabrielle for more than a few seconds.

Gabrielle returned the hugs happily enjoying the feel of Xena’s arms wrapped around her drinking in all the scents and touches. "I love you too." Expelling a sigh of relief. "Gods that was nice."

Xena pulled back to look at Gabrielle. "What was nice?" Her blue eyes danced over Gabrielles' face memorizing every curve, every line, mesmerized by the color of her eyes, they were beautiful. Xena couldn’t’ suppress a smile.

"Finally being able to say that to you." Gabrielle traced the side of Xena’s face with her fingertip. "But most of all seeing you happy." Gabrielle kissed Xena lightly on the lips; the touch sent a jolt straight to her sex.

"Ya know Luna said something to me and I now know why she said that." Xena repaid the soft touch to the bards face. Gabrielle kept her focus on Xena’s face and words seeing her eyes light up. " She said I won the heart of an angel."

Gabrielle’s was stunned by the comment. "She said that?"

"Yes." Xena stood scooping the bard up in her arms.

"Whoa!" The sudden movement caused her to cry out.

"You know what?"

"What?" Gabrielle answered breathlessly. Their eyes met, gazing at one another feeling the heat build between them. Gabrielle’s arms draped loosely over Xena’s shoulders her fingers idly making circles against her exposed skin wanting more.

"She was right." A sole tear escaped Gabrielle’s eye and Xena was there to kiss it away. Lips melted into one another and tongues danced leaving the women breathless. Gabrielle ran her fingers through Xena’s dark mane feeling the soft hair run through her fingers wanting to have more. The fire between her legs was becoming urgent as she whimpered in to the warrior’s mouth and caused the warrior to moan into hers. Xena pulled Gabrielles' body closer into hers wanting to feel more of the contact making her sex throb with such fury there was no stopping the building fire.


Luna sat on a crate of some kind with her back against the barn watching the sunset across the horizon. "Pretty isn’t it Jasmine?"


Luna patted her friend on the head. "I just don’t get it. What does she see in her? What?" Scratching her head the folding her arms. "Why is it she always seems to get all the breaks."?

"What breaks?"

"Oh. Hi Don. Are you feeling any better?" Luna moved over giving the young man some room.

"Yes, I guess. So what did you mean by breaks?"

"Well let’s see. She told me about how Caesar double crossed her, tied her to a cross and broke her legs."

"He did?"

"Yes and she lived too." She answered disgusted. "Some woman saved her life. That’s one thing Borias told me. This Loa Ma woman healed her legs that…"

"That Caesar broke." He cut in.

"That’s right, but she was pissed off at Borias so she said to hell with this woman and went back to Greece to continue her battles."

"And found Gabrielle huh?"

"Sure looks like it and that’s what I meant by ‘breaks’. Hades if it were me I would have died on that cross."

"Did she ever tell you why that woman helped her?"

"Nope. Didn’t care to know. Still don’t." Luna watched Don look around running through the information he was just told.

"Would you really have killed Gabrielle down by the river?"

"What?" Luna was taken off guard by the question.

"I heard the end of the conversation between the two of you." He waited for Luna to say something, but she kept still. "I don’t think you could."

"Look boy!" She was pissed. "I killed people for less in my day, how dare you…"

"Luna face it!" His voice was deep sounding every bit the man that he was becoming. " Look you’ve changed a lot from what father has told me so who is to say that Xena couldn’t change. Did you ever think of that?"

Gods she hated his father for raising him so well.

"It’s getting late, I’ve got to get back." Don stood turning to leave when a hand caught his wrist.



"Thanks." Luna smiled patting the boy on the arm. "How is it that you ended up being to smart?"

"I had a good teacher." Don rubbed the back of his neck. "So we’re even, right?"

"Right." Luna gave the boy a hug then sent him on his way home. The sky was clear and the moon was going to be full tonight. "Want to go for a walk ole girl?"


"Let’s go."


Xena carefully lowered Gabrielle onto the furs careful not to hurt her; the firelight caressed the bard’s body casting shadows making her look even more beautiful.

Gabrielle pulled Xena down to her kissing her deep letting the passions weave their magic wanting to feel all that she could with Xena. Her heart was beating so fast she thought it might attack her if it went any faster. Gabrielle felt the heat from Xena’s skin against her running her hands over her shoulders and back feeling the muscles under them. This was bliss.

Xena was slightly on top of Gabrielle kissing her and pulling at her wanting to deepen the contact between them. Xena ran her hand along Gabrielle’s side feeling the curves lightly brushing against Gabrielle’s breast causing the bard to break the kiss and whimper.

"Gabrielle?" Xena whispered watching green eyes open glazed over with lust. "We don’t have to do anything." Making sure she was ready for this.

"Xena?" Gabrielle felt Xena hold her breath. "Make love to me."

No hesitation. Xena kissed Gabrielle like she has never been kissed before. Xena let her lust for the bard take over kissing her deep letting her hands roam freely.

Gabrielle ran her hands under the warrior’s shirt felling the soft skin under her hands. Xena’s muscles flexed as she continued with her own adventure. Her sex was throbbing and her panties were soaking wet. She wanted more contact, she wanted Xena to put her hands on her.

Xena felt the bard squirm under her touch, the dampness between her legs was growing. "Lift your knee a little." Xena whispered feeling the bard raise her good knee a bit placing it between Xena legs. Gabrielle moaned deeply as she felt the wet warrior grinding against her thigh.

"Oh gods Xena." Gabrielle began to rock her own hips unconsciously.

Xena trailed kisses along the bard’s neck to her breast line wanting to kiss them but was hindered by the bard’s shirt. Green eyes widened with a smile as Gabrielle removed her shirt exposing large beautiful breasts that were calling the warrior’s name. Xena looked to Gabrielle for permission, once receiving approval from misty eyes Xena moved slowly toward her goal, never breaking contact with the bard. Gabrielle watched what Xena was doing, watching the warrior lick her lips causing her nipples to harden making it easier for the warrior to wrap her lips around them. Gabrielle began to pant the closer Xena got to her nipples until she closed her eyes to the sensation of Xena’s tongue licking around the erect nipple.

Xena watched as Gabrielle’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. Gently she sucked, nipped and licked both nipples making the flood between Gabrielle’s legs bigger. Xena continued down Gabrielle’s stomach feeling her muscles contract under every kiss, every touch. She always did like looking at her tummy, especially when they went swimming. Xena began to kiss around the top of the bard’s shorts licking under the edge wanting permission to enter.

Gabrielle was in the Elysian fields. Xena’s lips traveled down to her belly button where she spent some time licking and kissing it. Her hand traveled upward massaging her breasts rolling her nipples in her fingers. The feelings were sent right to her sex making her rock her hips a little harder against the warrior who was now settling her self between her legs. "Gods." She breathed as Xena ‘s tongue snaked under the edge of her shorts. Gabrielle opened her eyes to look at Xena’s head almost between her legs, but almost wasn’t enough.

Gabrielle placed her hands on her hips showing Xena she was ready. Xena smiled rising up pulling Gabrielles' shorts off exposing soft blonde wet curls. Xena disrobed and settled herself between the bard’s legs pushing them a little further apart, careful not to hurt her injury. Xena gave the bard one last look, seeing the love in her eyes Xena pressed her lips against Gabrielle’s sex. Gabrielle trusted her hips forward wanting more. Xena opened her mouth and began to lick and suck her hard clit. Gabrielle’s hips started to rock with the rhythm Xena was keeping with her tongue. Gabrielle intertwined her hands in Xena’s dark mane pushing her sex further into her mouth. The firelight cast wonderful shadows over her body as she watched Xena feast between her legs bringing her closer to her release. Xena placed a hand on one breast rubbing and pinching her nipple. "Oh gods Xena…Ooo don’t stop."

Xena moaned with a mouthful of Gabrielle feeling her own release building wanting so much to hear the bard’s before her own, but just hearing Gabrielle is almost as good as having her. Xena sucked onto Gabrielles' clit and flicked it with her tongue causing the bard to stiffen up. "OOO Gods!!" Xena felt the warm liquid run down her chin as she tried to lap every bit up as Gabrielle’s orgasm rocked through her body. Xena looked up licking her lips Gabrielle’s eyes were closed. Xena crawled up to the bard kissing her lightly on the cheek to see if she was all right.

Green eyes focused on blue as a devilish grin appeared across Gabrielle’s face. She could smell herself on Xena’s face, making her nipples hard. "Your turn."

Xena smiled kissing Gabrielle letting her taste herself. The act of kissing the bard with her own juices turned Xena on. "Do you think you can spread your legs?"

Gabrielle smirked. "I can spread them, I just can’t bend them." Gabrielle moved her legs apart giving the warrior a view of all views, Xena sat there for a heartbeat admiring the view. "I want to hear you."

Xena moved in further a she made her way between the bard’s legs placing her hands on either side of her head letting her tits dangle in front of the bard’s face. Xena moved her cunt onto Gabrielle’s sending hot currents of pleasure thought her body. "Oh gods." Xena growled from deep within her throat.

Xena began moving her hips. Gabrielle spread her legs a little further increasing the contact and rhythm. Xena was panting as sweat dripped off her on to Gabrielles' already misted body, her tits bouncing with Xena’s every thrust. Xena’s cunt rode on Gabrielle’s working closer to her climax. Knees on furs, hands held her upper body up; Gabrielles' legs in the air, cunt buried in cunt. Hips go round and round, up and down, as Xena continued to fuck Gabrielle. Whimpers and moans were constant between the two women as they worked themselves into frenzy. Desire burned as hot as fire below, increasing as the tempo increased.

Fire grew in her belly, in her throat, in her sex. "Xena I’m gonna come."

"So am I." Hot waves of pleasure rolled over and over making every inch of the warrior’s body scream. Each thrust drove bolts of sexual pressure to eat up her desire, gaining release. Xena relaxed on her side, draping an arm across the bard’s stomach.

"I love you Xena." Gabrielle whispered from behind closed eyes. Gabrielle placed her hand over Xena’s.

Xena pulled the furs over them then interlocking her hand with Gabrielle. "I love you too Gabrielle."


Xena awoke long after morning and Gabrielle was still asleep. She watched her friend sleep, remembering parts about last night, glad to wake up and know it wasn’t’ a dream. Xena let her eyes look over the cave seeing that Luna never returned last night. Her brow creased in thought. Xena slowly disengaged herself form the bard, pulled an extra blanket around her shoulders and headed to the entrance.

The fresh air felt great against her face helping wake the senses. Things were going to be different from here on out; Gabrielle was going to be the happiest woman in the world.

"I wanted to kill ya, ya know?"

Xena jumped out of her skin at the unexpected sound of Luna’s voice. "Fuck me!!"

Luna stopped what she was doing and shot Xena a grin. "Didn’t Gabrielle already do that?"

"Very funny." Xena hissed. "And watch your mouth."

"OOooo. Just because you fucked her doesn’t mean you have to get so possessive about her. Relax." Luna finished fixing an axe handle and set it aside. "Look." She stood and moved toward Xena. "I have to give you credit for what you tried to do back in the barn."

Xena watched in disbelief at what she saw was happening.

"I don’t know many people who have that kind of strength. Now this doesn’t mean that I forgive you or anything but people do change if they really want to."

Xena hesitated at first but smiled anyway. "Yeah some do."

"Argo’s packed and ready to go when you are." Luna walked past her and mounted Blue.

"You’re not going to say good bye to Gabrielle?"

"It’s hard enough to see her with you." Luna looked into Xena’s eyes; her mouth opened to say something but changed her mind.

"I will." Answering the unspoken question. Xena watched as Luna rode off down the road until her figure disappeared form view.


"Okay careful." Xena helped Gabrielle up into Argo’s saddle and then climbed behind her.

"I wish I could have told her in person." Gabrielle looked back toward the entrance.

Xena wrapped an arm around her friend. "At least you left her that scroll and she’ll know how you felt, just in a different way that’s all." Xena waited a few heartbeats until she thought the bard was truly ready to leave. She watched Gabrielles' eyes look over everything so that she could to remember this place and time. "Ready?"

Gabrielle tilted her head to see Xena, kissing her on the lips. "Yeah I’m ready."

"Okay Argo lets go." Xena kneed the mare into motion.

"So where are we going?" Gabrielle settled back into the warrior’s arms.

"Well there is this little inn called Broody’s I found, nice place. I figure we could hold up there until you’re feeling like your old self again. What do ya think?"

Gabrielle laced her fingers in with Xena’s. "If the food is good and the bed is soft you got a deal."

"Woohoo! Let’s go."

Argo carried her precious cargo down the snow-covered road into a new beginning.


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