Of Mars and Moon: A Bump In The Road

by Cecily Hawkins


Disclaimer: This is a not-for-profit fanfic containing characters inspired by copyrighted characters. No damage is intended. This story may contain same-sex romantic and sexual relationships. This is part 2 of an ongoing series. Oh, and love and kisses to Shandryl for beta-reading these things. :)

"Hiya, Audrey, you big nasty monster you. Caught any good flies today?" Since the person she had come to see was currently tied up on the phone, not quite literally, Terry was lingering near the door of the office, holding a deep conversation with a Red Dragon Venus Flytrap. Most people thought the regulation stating that carnivorous plants were the only pets allowed was just a joke, but at least one had taken it seriously. "Want to run away with me? I could use someone to keep the bugs out of my apartment."

The phone clicked into its base. "Stop flirting with my plant," Mimi said as she untangled herself from the cord. Mimi Charis was a frizzy-haired blonde with oversized glasses constantly sliding down her nose who generally looked and acted much younger than she really was. "Sometimes I think you like him better than me."

"Of course not. He doesn't pay me." Terry walked up to the desk.

"First timecard of the semester, huh? Where does the time go?" Mimi took the paperwork from Terry's hand and barely glanced at it before signing it and dropping it into a plastic filing slot. She shoved her glasses back up into place. "Aren't you a little lightly dressed for January?"

Terry looked down at her t-shirt and shorts. "I just don't get cold easily. Hot-blooded, I suppose. Besides, it's not that bad out."

"True enough. Enjoy the climate while you're here, you've only got, what, another year yet?" Terry nodded, and the phone rang again. "I'll send you the first batch to grade soon!" Mimi said, waving her away and spinning around in her desk chair, winding herself into the cord.

The Computer Science building was conveniently located near a bus stop. There was already a group of people waiting, but a look into Terry's blue-violet eyes convinced them to step quietly aside and let her move to the front. In that position, once the bus arrived, it was easy to snag a seat, where most of those behind her wound up crammed in standing and clinging to poles for support. Bus rides were an unavoidable annoyance if one wanted to get to classes on time. During off hours they were fairly comfortable, but in the day they were crowded with swaying pole-riders jostling around more or less skillfully to keep their feet as the bus made its rounds. A popular rumor claimed that one careless young man had lost his grip and managed to fall against the doors and out into oncoming traffic, bringing an abrupt end to his undergraduate career.

Still, Terry thought as the bus's motion sent a standing passenger's legs brushing against hers, it wasn't all bad. It had been far too long since she'd been able to get intentional physical contact. She had never been one to make friends easily, and despite the playful banter with her computer acquaintances, there was no one she was truly close to. Her looks were enough to win her some attention at the local gay-friendly clubs, but the "relationships" she'd had were such disappointments that she'd given up dating altogether, trusting instead in fate to bring the right person along.

Just then the bus took a sharp turn, clipping a bump in the road with a jolt. The more experienced pole-hangers weathered the buffeting with only a rock of the heel, but others went skidding into each other. "Oh!" The woman standing in front of Terry lost her balance and fell into her lap.

Terry stifled her response at the pleasant sensation of softly rounded buttocks against her thighs. "Are you all right?"

"I'm so sorry..." She pushed herself back up and turned to look at the person she had fallen onto, and Terry received a second surprise. It was Shaye. She blinked. "Don't I know you?"

"I'm Terry. We met in the computer lab the other night." She grinned crookedly, as if beautiful but completely unattainable females fell into her lap every day.

"Oh, right." Shaye clutched for an overhead bar as the bus approached another stop. "I'm so sorry, I'm not usually this clumsy, really. I didn't hurt you?" She was dressed in a skirt and blouse, with the same little gold cross winking.

"No, I'm fine." Well, there is this one thing you could help me with, Terry thought wryly. But somehow I don't think it's your style.

The blonde blushed. "I'm sorry I rushed off so quickly the other night. I was late and I really needed to get home, I should have thanked you and said goodbye properly."

"No harm done." If you'd only stayed gone and let me forget about you. Terry cast about for a way to end the conversation and gratefully recognized the bus' location. "The next stop's mine," she said, and yanked the signal cord above her head.

"Oh, really? Me too! You have class on North next?"


"I guess we'll be running into each other a lot here then," Shaye smiled.

Just my luck. "Guess so."

"Great!" The bus stopped, and the two of them exited. "Well, it was really nice seeing you again. Talk to you later." Shaye hurried off.

Didn't that girl ever just walk at a normal pace? Terry wondered fondly, then caught herself. "It's stupid and you know it," she warned herself sternly. "You will get over it. Maybe we can be friends, but nothing more. And you will accept that."

Besides, she thought as she shouldered her bag and headed for her own class, I don't even know her. It's only physical attraction, it will fade. There could never be anything between us. Not if she knew the truth about me...


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