Of Mars and Moon: Prologue

by Cecily Hawkins

Disclaimer: This is a not-for-profit fanfic containing characters inspired by copyrighted characters. No damage is intended. This story may contain same-sex romantic and sexual relationships. This is part [0, intro] of an ongoing series.

"Greetings, brother."

"Still here? Still watching over those miserable mortals?"

"Millenia pass and you're just as charming a conversationalist as ever."

"I only wonder why you bother. Your chosen people are long since dead. No one even believes that they existed. Nothing but myth and legend. You have been forgotten. But as long as there are humans alive, the forces of War will prosper."

"Ah, but do any of these warriors speak your name?"

"What is done to my ends *is* done in my name."

"Look again, brother. There may be no more Amazons walking the earth, but everywhere there are men and women spinning circles to my name."

"Witches. A pitiful minority that has been on the brink of extinction for hundreds of years."

"If you say so. I say a new age is dawning, an age in which our champions will rise and walk again."

"And I suppose you hope that this time your champion can become the queen she was named, and bring peace to the earth? Just remember the influence that *my* champion has always had on her."

"Brother, dear brother... I remember. I'm counting on it."


[Author's notes: Welcome! This is my first attempt at doing an ongoing series. It will be released in lots of little chunks, but hopefully that way I can keep them coming quickly. I have a lot of things planned out for where the storyline will go, but I *need your feedback*. Particularly with the minor characters that pop up. Who do you like, who do you want to see again, who do you wish would be crushed under a truck, who do you think should make a cameo? Please send your comments to mudlick@geocities.com and expect some surprises in the weeks to come!]

Part One: One Wintery Evening


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