Perfect Massage

By FallNot


Xena and Gabrielle are ©copyright MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures.

My story depicts a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live … go away. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story, but don’t knock it before you’ve tried it.



I want to dedicate this story to a friend of mine who once said that she had read all of the first-time Xena stories. I promised her that I would find a story that hadn’t been read by her, even if I had to write one myself! If it weren’t for her, this story would not have been written as soon as it was. Thanks for the inspiration LilTrain. : )

Copyright November 1999 by FallNot. All rights reserved.

The beginning remise of the night was starting to settle in. Gabrielle sat by the fire she had just started for the dinner that Xena was hunting for. She had their bedrolls set up side by side as she arranged them every night. It had taken a while but over the months, their bedrolls had moved from across the fire from each other to side by side. Many nights they would just lay back and gaze at the stars. Faintly, Gabrielle heard the sound of Xena returning to camp.

Xena and Gabrielle had just finished eating when Gabrielle noticed Xena gently rubbing her shoulders.

She smirked to herself, "Xena, are your shoulders really aching or are you just trying to get me to give you a massage to help you relax?"

Xena just looked at her, smiled and commented, "Gabrielle, you know that your massages help me relax and sleep better."

"Yeah but, if you want me to massage your back and shoulders, all you need to do is ask me. You know I don’t mind."

Gabrielle looked at Xena smiling and slightly shaking her head.

‘I love when she acts so embarrassed. She always looks so cute but she would never believe me if I told her though.’

Xena started to remove her armor.

"Xena, let me help you. You know you can’t do that all by yourself." Gabrielle started helping Xena with the hooks.

"You know Gabrielle," Xena said teasingly. "I used to do this by myself."

"I know … I just like helping you."

When Xena was standing in her shift, Gabrielle asked her to lie down on the bedroll.

She went to lie down in a comfortable position on her stomach and closed her eyes waiting for the pleasure from the backrub to begin. Gabrielle started with Xena’s neck and applied pressure and rotating her fingers in circular motions. Xena moaned in pleasure and turned her head into a better position so Gabrielle could easily reach portions of her neck. Gabrielle slowly started rubbing down to the shoulders.

"Xena … I could reach your shoulders better if you took off your shift."

Xena rose to her knees, removed the shift, and returned to the bedroll. Even though Gabrielle had seen Xena’s nude body many times before, she still loved to see the firm and muscular body of her friend. And actually touching her in any form sent flutters to her stomach. She slowly placed her hands on the stiff and tired shoulders and started to firmly mold the muscles. The more Gabrielle massaged Xena, the more the rubbing turned to caressing. If Xena noticed, she gave no reaction to the change in touch. Gabrielle slowly moved the motion down from the shoulders to the back.

‘I love touching you, Xena but I’m too afraid to show you how I feel. Would you return my love or would you distance yourself from me?’

Gabrielle returned her thoughts to the massage that she was giving her best friend. As she approached the lower part of Xena’s back she slowed and then stopped her touching.

‘Should I continue and massage lower or just…’

"Gabrielle … why did you stop, you were relaxing me so well?

Xena made the decision for her …

‘Oh my goodness, this has to be a dream!’

She returned her hands to her friend’s body and slowly but nervously touched the soft incline of Xena’s bottom.

‘No, this can’t be a dream because dreams don’t … no dreams can’t feel this good!’

She continued with the massage but with a different intent in mind.

‘If this is the only way for me to be able to touch you in this way Xena, then I will just have to be satisfied with it.’

She could hear Xena groaning from the pressure of her hands and the relaxing muscles. Gabrielle massaged down to Xena’s thighs and could feel the taut muscles in the back of her legs. She could not resist the temptation of moving and caressing toward Xena’s left inner thigh. The aroma of Xena’s sex slowly reached her. Gabrielle inhaled deeply to enjoy and surround herself with the fragrance. She could still hear Xena moaning and groaning from the pleasure.

‘Oh Xena, how I wish I could experience those sounds in a different setting … in a different moment.’

She moved farther down her friend’s leg. Even though Xena hadn’t commented on her wandering hands, Gabrielle didn’t want to draw more attention to her actions. She moved the massage down to the calf and then the foot. At that time she noticed that she didn’t hear any more sounds from Xena.

"Xena … Xena? You awake?"

Gabrielle leaned to the side and peered at her.

"She must have gone to sleep then. I thought that she looked pretty tired. I guess the massage worked then."

Gabrielle smiled at her best friend lovingly and continued to massage Xena’s feet.

"Xena, I love you so much. We’ve been through so much together and you’ve saved my life so many times. I know that sometimes you get tired of my talking so much. You still listen to me and most of the time, you don’t complain."

Gabrielle smiled to herself while remembering the times she could recount that Xena just wanted peace and quiet but she wouldn’t let her get it. She went back to massaging her friend and moved to her right foot and calf. The more she massaged the legs, the more she thought about how much she loved her friend.

"I wish I could touch you like this when you are awake Xena. I desire so much to caress, kiss, and hold you close in my arms."

As Gabrielle moved farther up Xena’s leg, she grew bolder and moved her hand so close to her sex that could feel the heat andinhale Xena’s womanhood.

"Mmmmm, I would love to give you the intimate kiss that I desire, but I am scared that you will wake up."

Gabrielle noticed that Xena’s breathing changed slightly so she froze.

"Xena … Xena?" whisper Gabrielle as slowly removed her hand. "Are you awake?"

She leaned over and peeked once again at her friend but didn’t notice anything different.

‘That was close,’ thought Gabrielle. ‘I think that I should stop before I awaken her and have to explain myself.’

"I’m glad that you didn’t hear what I was saying before Xena. I love you and wish that our friendship could change to something more but…"

Gabrielle’s voice trailed off when Xena turned over onto her back. A gentle smile gradually appeared on her face as she slowly held out her arms to Gabrielle.

"Were you awake the whole time of the massage Xena?"

Xena winked her eye at Gabrielle, as her smile became wider.

Gabrielle was so embarrassed but glad that she no longer had to hide her feelings. Xena held her arms wider, welcoming Gabrielle … welcoming her love.

Gabrielle went to her friend and gently laid down beside her, laying her head upon the swell of her breast.

"I love you Xena."

"I love you too Gabrielle, I always have."

Gabrielle laid upon Xena thinking, ‘I’ve finally arrived to my true home.’

The End

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