Mel and Janice Meet an Amazon Princess

by Croaven

Part three
December 31, 1999

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Janice opened her eyes to the rising sun. She walked to the cockpit and
climbed into chair next to Diana.

"Good morning" Diana said with a smile.

"Hi, how are things going?" Janice asked.

"Well if you look down there you can see Paradise Island, my home."

Janice looked out the window, she could see the island, it was covered with
trees. The lower the plane got, the clearer she could see. There were animals
on the Island. She could see people down there, women.

"It's beautiful," She said.

The plane descended to a small open space. Janice was impressed with the way
it landed. The plane didn't need a lot of room to run.

Janice went to the back and woke Mel. Diana opened the hatch and the three
got out of the plane. A few women came to welcome their princess home.

"Princess Diana" they cheered.

"It's beautiful," Mel said as she looked at her surroundings. It was like
being in a gigantic garden. Flower in bloom everywhere. There were bunnies
rabbits all over the area. "How long have you been here?" Mel asked.

Diana looked at her and thought. "Well, I'm about two-hundred years old, and
my mother is about five, we came here after Queen Penthesilea lead the
Amazons to Anatolia, Armenia, and Bactria. We were eventually pushed out of
the areas after the continuous battles with patriarchal warriors. It was
Artemis who found this island and she granted us immortality as long as we
stay on its land."

Mel and Janice stood gaping with astonishment.

"Your immortal?" Janice asked.

"Only when I'm here, as soon as I leave the island, I am vulnerable to aging
and death like everyone else. When I wear the Wonder Woman regalia, I have
certain protection. My belt and bracelets were gifts from our goddess" Diana
informed the duo as they walked toward the Queen's house.

The house, Janice noticed was Ionic in architecture. She looked up at the at
the pediment to see a grand statue of Artemis. Columns surrounded the house
holding the entablature in place. The frieze showed a great battle of the
Amazon women and their victims, patriarchal warriors that lay dead at their
feet. Mel stared in disbelief. They were actually looking at a structure of the
Hellenistic period that was intact.

"Daughter" the approaching woman called. She was about as tall as Janice was.
Her hair flowed golden to the bottom of her back and she wore a long violet
tunic with no sleeves. Her Green eyes shown with love and admiration as she
embraced her daughter,

"Mother" she replied.

"You've brought visitors I see" The queen said.

"Mother this is Janice Covington, and Melinda Pappas" Diana introduced.

"Janice show her your marking" Diana said.

Janice looked at Diana and Mel. They both nodded. She unbuttoned her blouse
and pulled her bra down.

The queen saw the crescent moon and clasped her hands together, then laughed.
She looked at Mel in question, waiting to see if she was going to show her a
crescent also.

"Mother, Melinda is a descendant of Xena" Diana said, knowing her mother's

"Oh Xena" she was Gabrielle's champion. "One of the greatest warriors of all

"Her champion?" Janice asked. "How do you know all of these things?"

"Come inside" the queen welcomed.

Inside the house there were marble statues of various women. Janice was in
awe of the pieces. They were made of marble and complete. Greek statues were
usually missing body parts. Mel walked over to a pair of statues that caught
her eye. Janice heard her gasp.

"What?" Janice walked over to see what Mel was looking at.

"It's you," She said.

"No, it's Gabrielle" the queen informed.

The statue was a life-size portrait of Gabrielle. She was holding her staff
with both hands. Her body was slightly shifted to one side in a contrapposto
style. The resemblance between the statue and Janice was remarkable. Diana
knew now why Janice had looked so familiar to her.

"She's beautiful" Mel stated.

"No she's beautiful," Janice said turning to see the statue of Xena. The
warrior woman had her sword in hand at her side as if she had just defeated
an army. Her stoic expression was caught with perfection.

"Magnificent" was the only word Janice could gather.

The women went into the library and sat at a circular table. The queen walked
to one of the shelves and pull out a golden box. Inside the box were a bundle
of scrolls. She took one out and unrolled it. She handed it to Janice.

Janice' eyes widened. "What is it?" Melinda asked.

"It's a scroll written by Gabrielle." Janice said.

"Really" Mel's eyes widened.

Janice' handed it to Mel and she began to read.

After Xena had the baby, we decided to go back to the Amazon's. Xena wanted a
more stable life, she wanted to settle down. The moon would be full tonight
and a celebration would be going on. Xena didn't like rituals at all, so I
was surprised when she told me she wanted Artemis to bless our joining. It
was one of the happiest days of my life. The ceremony was so beautiful Xena
sang and I cried.
We spent the rest of the night in each other's arms.

Mel dabbed at her eyes to wipe the tears. Janice still couldn't believe she
was holding a scroll written by Gabrielle.

The queen handed the box to Janice and told her to go through them, she would
be able to find out more about Gabrielle.

Diana turned to talk to Mel.

"You know I am also related to Xena" Diana said.

Mel looked confused, "how are you related to both of them?" she asked.

"It was said that Aphrodite put Xena into the body of a little girl that had
been ill. Xena was going to help her get stronger. Gabrielle wasn't too happy
about it because Xena was pregnant at the time. She was pregnant with her
second child, which is where your bloodline is directly from Xena. Her first
child, Solan was killed a few years before. Anyway, after she and Gabrielle
were joined, Gabrielle asked Aphrodite for a favor. They were going home to
Amphipolis to see Xena's mother and brother Toris. Gabrielle asked Aphrodite
with Toris' permission to switch Xena and her brother for one evening. With
the blessings of Artemis, Gabrielle had become pregnant. She had a daughter,
and every daughter born up until now was taught the ways of the Amazons. That
is my bloodline."

"What about Janice, how come she isn't an Amazon?" Mel asked.

"Toris died a year after that. Gabrielle wanted another baby, so she and Xena
asked Iolaus if he would impregnate her. She had a boy. Gabrielle allowed her
children to choose their own paths when they got older. Her daughter decided
to stay on with the Amazons, she still had rite of caste. Her son became a
traveler. That would be Janice' heritage.

"So then your related to both of us" Mel asked trying to understand the
consanguinity of their relationship.

"Yes, something like that" Diana replied.

"You two go ahead and look at the scrolls, I'm going to visit with my mother
and my sisters. I'll have some food sent in." Diana said as she and the
queen turned to leave.


Night had fallen upon the island and stars surround the sky. Diana's younger
sister Drusilla came in to see that Mel and Janice were escorted to their
room, to prepare for dinner.

"This is so incredible," Mel said as she got ready. There were two tunics
lying on the bed waiting for the women. One was a lavender color and the
other was a pale peach. "These are beautiful," she said as she picked up the
peach colored one.

Janice picked up the other one and snorted. "Yea, right."

"Oh come on Janice put it on, you know, when in Rome" Mel chided.

"Alright" Janice said as she undressed, then slipped the tunic over her
shoulders and let it fall covering just below her knees.

Mel stared with watery eyes.

"What's wrong?" Janice asked when she saw Mel's face.

"You're just so beautiful" Mel whispered. "When I look at you, my heart feels
like it's gonna just burst."

"Come here" Janice called. She held out her arms and Mel walked into her
embrace. Janice rubbed her back working her hand up to Mel's neck. When she
had her palm on Mel's neck she pulled her head down so that she could kiss
her. Mel let Janice have control as she sighed into the kiss.

Mel could feel Janice' tight body through the thinly covered tunic. Her hands
began to roam, first along her back, then coming toward the sides she could
feel her breasts. Janice broke from the kiss and looked over at the bed.
Mel's eyes followed in agreement.

Janice took Mel's hand and led her to the foot of the bed. She slowly began
to unbutton Mel's blouse. She could see Mel's chest rise and fall with an
increasing rapidness. As the blouse opened, Janice reached her hands inside
and encircled Mel's chest and back. She used her fingers to unfasten the back
of Mel's bra, then pulled it forward. Janice moved both her hands inside the
loosened bra and cupped Mel's breasts. Mel gasped at the sensational touch.
Her head fell back and Janice leaned into her neck, where she placed little
kisses along her apex. Mel's legs gave and she sat down on the bed. Janice
removed Mel's blouse and bra. Leaving the raven-haired beauty in only her
skirt, nylons and shoes.

Mel kicked off her shoes as Janice pulled her skirt off her legs and down to
the floor. Janice placed her hands on Mel's leg and very slowly removed the
nylon. Mel could feel her body begin to tingle as Janice' fingertips brushed
along her calve. She moaned. Janice moved to the other leg and repeated the

"Oh Janice" Mel called.

Janice looked down at the now laying Melinda, she was completely naked save
for her white panties. Janice grinned.

Oh god what is she up too Mel thought.

Janice placed her hands on Mel's dangling legs. With her thumbs, she slowly
moved up the inside of Mel's legs until she could feel the heat rising from
Mel's center. Her thumbs traced along the panty line out toward Mel's hips
and with her forefingers, she hooked the panties and pulled them down. Mel's
breathing was rapid, her heart was pounding out of her chest. Janice pulled
the inhibiting garment off and flung it over her head.

She leaned down over Mel's center and inhaled. A moan escaped Janice's lips.
"Move up" Janice said as her voice dropped a couple of notes.

Mel raised one leg and scooted back toward the head of the bed.

Janice put her knee on the bed and in a cat-like crawl placed her body over
Mel's. Her head hovered over Mel's breast. She leaned down and with her
tongue flick her nipple. She could hear Mel groan. "You like that huh?"
Janice teased.

"Yeesss" Mel hissed.

Janice began to suckle Mel's breast, she tugged at the erect nipple and then
ever-so-gently bit down.
Mel made a sound that wasn't a groan and wasn't a scream. Janice smiled. She
moved on to the other nipple not wanting it to feel neglected. Her hand
grabbed Mel's and as their palms joined their fingers entwined with each
other. Her other hand began to move down lower, over Mel's abdomen, down
lower to Mel's hip, she grabbed hold of it and brought her knee up to Mel's
center. The animalistic sounds that came from Mel made Janice swoon as her
legs began straddling Mel's thigh

Janice followed the trail her hand had made earlier, this time she used her
lips and tongue. But instead of going toward the hip, she detoured to the
darkened triangular volcano that was on the verge of eruption. Her tongue
danced in ritual around the outer rim before making it's offering to the
burning center.

"Oh god" Mel screamed as she was on the verge of release. "Janice please."

Mel looked down and watched as Janice took her finger and put them in her
mouth wetting them. She placed the tips into the spreading center, entering
one finger at a time.

Mel's hips rocked with uncontrolled passion. Her cries were so loud and wild,
that the moon goddess herself could possibly hear.

Slowly the quake began, it got harder and Mel cried louder. Both Mel and
Janice rocked in unison.
Mel sucked in her breath as she released. Janice could feel the muscles
around her fingers contract, as the molten lava poured from its core. Janice
lay her head down on Mel's stomach.

"Janice" Mel gasped in a convulsive effort to breathe, "come here" she pulled
Janice up with their still locked hands.

Janice came up to face Mel. Mel raised her head up to kiss the lips of the
woman she would love for the rest of her life. The two held each other
tightly for what seemed like forever.

A knock at the door brought them back to the present.

"Dinner will be served in fifteen minutes" an unfamiliar voice called.

"Janice do you think anyone heard us?" Mel asked thinking it was odd how they
hadn't been disturbed while expressing their love for each other.

"I think they heard you Mel" Janice laughed.

Janice got up off the bed and noticed her tunic was all ruffled and wrinkled
and, well it wasn't wearable.
She grabbed a pair of pants and a shirt from her bag.

Mel however decided to wear the peach colored tunic.

"Wow, you look incredible" Janice said as she wiggled her eyebrows. "How long
do we have?" she questioned.

Mel walked over and kissed her, "after dinner, I'm going to make sure
everybody hear you Janice" she whispered. Janice' ears began to turn red
followed by her cheeks.

"That's right love," Mel said as she kissed the tip of Janice' nose.

Janice busted up laughing.


The table had a beautiful setting. Bowls with fruit sat within reach of
everyone. There were goblets for wine, and the main course was venison.

Janice and Mel were the only guest of the queen and Diana this evening. The
four sat and began to serve themselves. The queen wanted everything to be
simple for the evening. She wanted the ladies to feel comfortable without
having to put on airs.

Diana walked around the table and filled each goblet.

"I hope you are finding your stay enjoyable?" the queen asked.

"Oh yes, we are, we really are" Mel responded.

Janice started laughing.

"So I see" the queen replied.

As Janice was taking a drink, the queen asked "how long have you two been
Janice spit the wine up and started coughing.

"Mother!" Diana yelled.

"Diana, you know we don't keep secrets here, I'm just curious" the queen
petitioned with a devilish grin.

"Maybe they don't want to talk about it" Diana interjected.

"Are you ashamed?" the queen asked the duo.

Janice and Mel looked at each other, they hadn't really thought about it.

"I don't know" Mel answered, "we just figured it out yesterday."

"Really?" the queen was surprised.

"I've always had feelings for Mel, but I never thought it would be possible"
Janice answered.

"Why?" the queen asked.

"This type of love isn't really talked about" Mel added.

"Really" the queen said again. "This man's world, I just don't understand
it," the queen finally added.

I like her. Janice thought to herself.

Dinner became very comfortable for the foursome.

"So Diana, what about you and the Major?" Janice had to ask.

"Steve!" Diana looked surprised. "There's nothing between us" she answered.

"You keep telling yourself that dear, and maybe one day you'll believe it"
the queen nodded.

"What's this?" Janice asked.

The queen told Mel and Janice how Diana rescued Steve and wanted to be the
one to take him back. She told them how Diana wore a mask to hide her
identity so she could compete to become Wonder Woman.
The duo listened to stories until the moon shone at its highest point.

"Well that was a fun evening" the queen said as she rose from the table.
"I'll let you two get to sleep. well to bed at least" she grinned.

"Mother" Diana interrupted.

Throughout the evening the queen had noticed a grin on Mel's face. It was an
uncontrollable grin, the kind that attaches itself to one's face when a
thought of something previously done settles itself in the middle of the
brain. They must have had some time earlier. The queen thought to herself.
She remembers many a grin that she couldn't hide.

"Goodnight then," the queen spoke, "Diana's room as well as mine are on the
other side of the house, so we wouldn't possibly hear any noises, should you
decide to make them." the queen winked at Mel.

"Busted" Janice laughed and watched as Mel's face turned three shades of red.

"Why don't you two roam the island tomorrow, I know you'll love it" Diana
added before she turned and walked away.


When the ladies returned they were surprised to find a steaming bath awaiting
them in their a-joining room. The tub was filled with bubbly water that
smelled of lilacs and spices. There were two little tables on either side of
the tub. One table had a bowl of fruit, grapes, apples, oranges, and pears,
and a pitcher filled with wine on it. While the other had various bathing
utensils, a luffa, washcloths, little soaps and jars of scented liquid

"Oh my!" Mel said upon entering the room. "How ever did they get this thing
in here?"

"Wow" Janice followed. " I really like the queen" she grinned.

Janice immediately began undressing. "Come on Mel, I mean we wouldn't want to
disappoint the queen, you know she went to all this trouble."

"You know Janice I really like it here, they are so honest and content, I
mean they're not really as innocent as one would imagine. The queen, she
seems to know how things are yet, they live their lives so peacefully. What
with all this talk of war and destruction going on throughout the world."

"Yea, yea, come on get in" Janice interrupted.

"Janice your not even listening" Mel stood with her hands on her hips as she
watched Janice sink into the steaming water.

"I heard you, war, destruction, content, come on get it" Janice re-iterated.

Mel unclasped the tunic and let it fall to the floor. Janice looked up with
complete admiration.
Placing her body behind Janice' She slowly descended into the water, taking
in the heat, letting her body adjust to the warmth that climbed up her legs
toward her center, then slowly submerging into the water just above her erect
nipples. Mel groaned as she felt Janice ease her body back into place up
against her.

"Oh this is bliss" Janice sighed.

"Hmm" Mel agreed.

Mel picked up a little soap bar from the table and rubbed it on her wet hands
creating lather. She brought her hands up to Janice' and began to message the
soap lather into breasts. Janice groaned. Mel sank down a little allowing
her legs to spread more openly around Janice' lower back. She could feel her
center attach itself.

Janice leaned her head back into Mel's shoulder. She could feel Mel's hot
breath on her ear. She could feel her heartbeat increasing. A pulse that
turned into a throb deep within the underwater canal that lies within reach
of the now submerging tentacles that were working they're way toward the
cavern opening.

If the tub were an ocean, then tidal waves would be sweeping over every port
and beach front that surrounds the waters. The lovers rocked and swayed and
pushed until the floor was soaked with their unspent desires.

It was Janice' sounds that echoed the halls this time. Her concupiscent
longing, her prayers, her needs finally answered by the love that sat mere
inches from her.

Both were tired and completely spent as they dried off and prepared for bed.
There really wasn't much to prepare for since they decided to sleep in
destitute of covering.


Early morning had come and gone as the lovers lay sleeping in each other's
arms. It wasn't until midmorning when laughter heard outside the window
stirred the slumbering pair.

Mel woke first. "Janice" she called.

"Hmm" Janice mumbled.

"Janice wake up" Mel shook.

"Hmm Mel" Janice moaned as she embraced the taller woman.

"Hmm Janice" Mel responded. "Get up" she tried to shake off her own desires.

Suddenly a knock at the door brought two pair of eyes wide open.

"You two sleepy-heads up" Diana called from the other side.

"Diana" come in Janice happily invited.

Diana opened the door just as Mel was covering both their nude bodies with a

With Janice not being the modest type it didn't make a difference to her, but
Mel covered her just the same.

"So what do you two want to do today?" Diana asked.

"I don't know, what do you suggest" Janice replied.

"Well, mother suggests you should explore the island on your own. She feels
that since I brought you here with no intentions, then it should be like a
holiday" Diana proposed.

"What are you going to do?" Mel asked.

"I've been away for a while so I have to bring mother up to date with what's
going on around the world."
Diana replied. "We'll be here for about five or six hours before it's time to
head out."

"Well then we'd better get started" Janice excitedly stated.

The island was incredible, Mel and Janice climbed atop the hillside that
the queen's house sat up against. It gave them a chance to see a big portion
of the island. There were some smaller houses spread out across the land.
Women could be seeing farming the area. The ocean was vast and had no other
landmasses in sight.

"This is just amazing" Mel found herself saying.

"It's incredible, imagine these women have lived here for over five hundred
years" Janice added.

>From down below, they could see some of the women waving to them. The two
found themselves waving back as if they were old neighbors out and about.

They continued to walk the island, stopping and talking to various amazons,
greeting them with sisterly hugs. They were continuously being offered fruit
and drink. It was wonderful.

As the sun began to slowly drop along the deep blue skies. Both Janice and
Mel could feel sadness, as the thought of leaving became apparent. They had
found a place of comfort here on the island. A place where they could walk
hand in hand and no one thought to differ. One elderly amazon told them their
future. "A love that will transcend all of time" she said. "The look you two
have for each other is unique and beautiful, don't ever loose it," she added.

It was the queen who gave the women their sense of belonging, she held this
tribe together and when man fell upon their land she sent her daughter to
fight and protect their home.

"Thank you so much for bringing us here" Janice said to Diana.

"I think it was meant to be" Diana replied.

"Yes I think it was" the queen added. "Artemis watches over her children,"
she said as she looked at Mel.

Mel who had prayed for Janice' love, who had prayed to one day find herself
wrapped in a lover's embrace, and who one day prayed that Janice would love
her back. "Thank you Artemis" she whispered.

"You are always welcome here my sisters" the queen spoke as she handed Janice
a box.

Janice opened it and found three scrolls. Her eyes widened in question.

"These are Gabrielle's, they are some adventures she had with her amazon
sisters. Diana told me what happened with the scrolls you found earlier. I
hope these will help you with your work at home" the queen smiled then
embraced the duo, bidding her farewells.

"Are you going back to Washington?" Diana asked.

"Yea, from there we're gonna head out to Melinda's home in South Carolina"
Janice said.

"Do you want me to drop you off there?" Diana suggested.

"Really" Mel asked.

"This plane can go pretty much anywhere" Diana grinned.

"Even to the moon" Janice chided.

"Oh yea" Diana said.

"Really" both Mel and Janice said in harmony.

"Maybe next time" Diana winked.

Mel's back yard was large enough for Diana's plane, heck it was large enough
for a squadron of planes to land on. The plane landed in silence.

"I can't believe we're home" Mel sighed.

"Thank you for everything Diana" Mel said as she hugged the woman.

Janice looked at the pair and noticed for the first time that they had many
similarities. Both were very tall, their blue eyes oceans deep, long dark
hair covered there heads, Diana's was a bit shorter and had a wave to it but
nevertheless, she thought if Xena could see them, she'd be very proud.

Mel looked at Janice and for some strange reason told her and Diana that if
Gabrielle could see them now, she would be very proud.

Janice embraced her friend, as they needed no words to understand their

"Diana, please come back and see us sometimes. Since you have this marvelous
plane, it shouldn't take you but a minute to fly here for dinner" Mel added.

"You're on" Diana said as she disappeared into the plane that was invisible
in the back yard.

Janice grabbed Mel's hand and headed into the house.

The end.

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