By Shadowland

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This story takes place right after the episode 'Bitter Suite'.

She comes to me in the middle of the night. The moonlight falling softly on her face as she timidly approaches. The raw emotions of our time in Illusia are still fresh in my mind and body.

"Xena," she calls shyly.

I watch the mixture of fear and desire in her eyes betray her thoughts. Betray...what an interesting choice of words.

I open my arms and she stretches out beside me, the scent of her hair takes me back to another time and place, to a time before Britannia. I move back through time to when we first made love and the joy of that moment floods my body again. A soft kiss on my cheek pulls me out of my reverie and back to the confusion that penetrates my thoughts. The feel of my love beside me ignites the fire in my loins, but the loss of Solan and the part she played in it still haunt my soul. I know she has forgiven me, as I have her, but the feelings of anger and guilt still lurk in the back of my mind. Struggling, I push the thoughts aside and pull my love closer.

I can feel the heat from her body and my desire increases. I realize we have not made love in a long time. Though I desperately want to take her here and now, I am afraid to move. The Warrior Princess is a feeling I have experienced too much of late.

Slowly I turn my head and gaze into the green eyes that are watching me. Love, hate, guilt and fear are all present in those beautiful pools of liquid green. I sigh heavily and watch the look on my love's face turn to one of questioning. I shake my head and hold her tighter.

I tip my head so that our foreheads are touching and my lips brush hers. Gods they feel so soft and inviting. Tentatively I taste them and realize they are salty. I pull back slightly to see a tear tracking down her cheek. I reach out to brush it away but she buries her head in my shoulder.


"I am so sorry, Xena...about everything!" she sobs into my leather.

I raise her face to meet mine and kiss her gently. My body screams at me to continue but I pull back. Gabrielle leans in quickly and kisses me and I am taken by surprise. I kiss her back and try to ignore the warning flags in my brain.

Many things were resolved in Illusia but it will take time to get back to some semblance of normalcy. I don't want to mess things up by moving too fast! I feel Gabrielle slide on top of me and I know that I can no longer resist my desire to be with her.

I kiss her back and she responds with a harder kiss. Her hips grind against mine and a soft moan involuntarily escapes my throat. I am not used to my bard being this aggressive. Suddenly I realize what she wants. She wants to know that we are ok. The warning flags and my body fight each other to gain control. I don't know if things really are okay between us. So much has happened and I have not had time to sort it all out. I know I love her, but because of her daughter my son is dead! I feel a hand run down my thigh and I quiver with desire and anticipation. My decision has been made for me. Gently I take her face in my hands and push it away slightly. I smile and look at her as lovingly as I can. Tenderly I pull her back down and kiss her eagerly.

I slide my hands down her back. I pull her harder against me and thrust my hips into hers. Our lips part as Gabrielle pulls away and sits up, straddling my hips. Slowly, deliberately she unties her top and tosses it by my armor. The luscious curves of her body are captured by the moonlight. I raise my hand and cup one breast. Her body reacts to my touch and I can feel her nipple harden against my palm. With my other hand I fumble with her skirt. Once it is removed I wrap my arms around my love and sit up with her still straddling my lap.

With my leathers removed I pull my bard on top of me and let my hands freely roam over her hard body. With ever increasing passion our intertwined bodies become one.

Animal lust drives me to fulfill my own need and I have to remind myself not to hurt the woman I love. With great restraint I resist the urge to bite on the nipple I hold so delicately between my teeth. I tease it with my tongue and opt for sucking on it instead. I move down my lover's stomach planting soft, wet kisses as I go. My desire for her is overwhelming and I fight the need to take her hard and fast. I remind myself that this is about satisfying both of us and not just me.

My chin brushes against soft curls and I know I have reached my destination. A low moan from my love and I know she is ready. Her scent drives me wild and in a frenzy I plunge my tongue deep inside of her. A guttural cry fills the air as Gabrielle lifts her hips to meet my mouth. My own body explodes in desire as I dip in and out. Harder and faster I match her pace until she screams in ecstasy. She arches her back as she tightens around me and I drive further in and momentarily pause before thrusting again. Her climax drives me over the edge and waves of erotic pleasure wash over me. Slowly I withdraw and kiss my way back up her body. Lying side by side we rest in each other's arms and let the cool of the night dry our sweat-soaked bodies.

All through the night we make love. At first it is fierce and hard as it has been a long time, then later it becomes softer and sweeter as physical needs yield to passion and love. Every kiss and touch is now gentle and loving as we strive to show each other the deep welling of emotion we are now feeling.

As dawn approaches I hold her in my arms. Her slow, even breathing tells me she is asleep. Her head is on my shoulder and her free hand rests just beneath my breast. As the ripples of pleasure fade from my body I begin to relax. My mind drifts and random thoughts dart in and out of my head. So many things have changed recently. My thoughts turn to Solan and my heart begins to ache. A single tear trickles down my cheek. At least he finally knows who his mother is...the thought fades as an image of Gabrielle being dragged behind Argo replaces it. I cringe at the memory.

Gabrielle stirs and I wonder if she felt me shudder. I close my eyes and see myself holding her above my head as I prepare to throw her over the cliff. The tears increase and I bury my face in her hair. A hand reaches up and tenderly wipes the tears from my face. I feel Gabrielle move and open my eyes to see her concerned face.

"I love you, Xena," she whispers as she leans in to kiss me before resting her head on my bare shoulder again.

"I love you too, Gabrielle."

Silent tears trickle down my cheek and I pull my bard in closer. Maybe, just maybe, everything will be all right.

As the sun peeks over the horizon I finally drift off to sleep, content with my love by my side.

The end.

This is my first attempt at a story like this. Please let me know what you think.

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