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Comments can be sent to MaryEic@AOL.com Now on with the story, which starts out sometime after "Ms. Amphipolis" "Destiny" and "Quest. It's about that kiss - the other one, at the beauty pageant.

It was a glorious spring afternoon, turning toward evening. The two companions strolled along a row of vendors, but having shopped, were more intent on their conversation than their surroundings. The sun languished westward. Birds chirped. Fragrant breezes frolicked at the long ebony and golden tresses. Xena, eyebrow arched, sensed their conversation heading into troubled water. Gabrielle drove in.

"She kissed you!"

"Gabrielle." Xena's voice was a mixture of contrition and amusement.

"You let her kiss you - on the mouth."

Xena gave that trademark crooked half smile as she stepped closer to the fuming young blonde. "It wasn't what you think."

Gabrielle threw her a vicious look and turned her back. "Unbelievable! She buses you in front of an entire city in a single episode. While I have to wait two and a half years to get a kiss and even that is delivered by Autolycus in a dark forest. She gets lips, tongue, tonsils and cheers. I get a mustache and someone's - it's never been entirely clear whose - hand on my butt. Go figure!"

Xena stepped behind the last building, thrust out an arm and grabbed the bard by the front of her BGSB pulling her off the street. Dodged the arms flailing in the air, the warrior princess slipped her own arms about the woman's slender waist intent on bringing the discussion to a close with another kiss, one that would reassure her young friend of the warrior's true affections.

"Don't even think about." Gabrielle warned, stiffened righteously at Xena's touch. "I know where those lips have been."

But Xena held firm, caressing her bard with warm hands and tender blue eyes. "Gabrielle, 'she' is really a 'he'. Remember?" She explained with an affectionate smile.

Gabrielle tilted her head to one side momentarily puzzled. "And you knew that - then - before the kiss?"

"Me and the MCA/Universal censors."

"Oh, and like that makes it better." Gabrielle frowned at a fresh realization. "Now besides worrying whether or not you love me, want me, or will ever tell me, I have to worry that you've gone back to men again. It's too much."

Releasing her cherished companion from the bear hug, Xena placed her hands gingerly on the girl's flushed cheeks and drew her into a searing, soul melting kiss - which, fair enough, definitely included tongue and tonsils. Gabrielle swooned, her agitation momentarily forfeit to the delicious sensations Xena was lavishing upon her mouth.

"Gabrielle, I will always be here." The warrior reminded her once they had come up for air.

"Get your hand off my butt." Gabrielle chided her, knowing that question was finally answered but not wanting Xena to get out of the current situation without suffering at least a little more. "Did you like it?" she demanded to know, pulling back enough to scowl.

"Um hum." Purred Xena. "I adore kissing you. I like it even better in my own body."

"No, I mean did you like her/his kiss. You looked like… you…ah, did." Reclaimed by Xena's strong embrace, Gabrielle was distracted by the feel of Xena's lips nuzzling her earlobe, jaw line and pressing downward along the sensitive neck.

"No one could compare to you, my sweet." Xena whispered as desired moved through her being like the crest of an unstoppable wave.

"Did-you-like-it?" The young woman enunciated.

"It was pleasant." Xena distracted by the taste of her heart's desire answered carelessly, instantly regretting her choice of words. 'Oops.' Gabrielle straightened her back and froze in Xena's embrace.

"Pleasant?" queried the bard sarcastically. "What in Tartarus does that mean?"

'Damn!' Xena considered drawing the chakram across her own wrist. It would be back to the wrong side of the fire for her tonight, she knew. No subtexty dialog or adoring glances. No touches or ambiguous clenches. Just hot flashes and cold feet. And she had been so close. Her hands fell away from the icy amazon and hung at her sides, fingers twitching. "It means I'm an idiot." She muttered walking off.

Gabrielle sank back against the rough wall and listened to Xena's footsteps trail toward the impending sunset. With evening falling, the unfamiliar village seemed gray and foreboding. 'She'll be back.' The bard assured herself. 'She can't live without me.' To make matters even worse, Gabrielle felt consumed by a hunger in her loins that demanded to be satisfied, would have been satisfied, she suspected, if she hadn't taken things to far. Her breasts heaved wanting to feel Xena pressed warmly against them. Her lips felt cold without Xena's warm breath and soft kisses. She was horny, having disintegrated in a matter of moments from wanting the upper hand to wanting Xena's hand… 'What a woman!' she sighed. "She'll be back."

An orange flash erupted a few yards away and Ares stepped forward smugly fingering the elaborate pattern of beard on his manly cheeks. "Don't count on it. Xena had plans for you two this evening. But, well, not anymore. Personally, I think you blew it big time."

Gabrielle scrunched up her nose as if something smelly had wafted past. "Fat chance, god of war. I'm more her type than you are and I kind of like knowing that annoys you. Go pillage a village or something. And make up your mind about the facial hair, will you? You're beginning to look like a doily."

"You ARE an irritating blonde, aren't you." He growled. "Listen, you want me to take you to Xena or not? I figure I owe you one 'cause of how that Chin thing turned out. And the cave of memories, oy, that went badly. So how about it, bardie. Want to let me help you out?"

Gabrielle bristled at the idea of more "help" from the big bad god. "Thanks but every time you help, Xena or I end up hurt, pregnant, dead or doing a musical. I'll handle my own problems. But hey, if you see Aphrodite, please send her my way."

Ares folded his arms across his chest and shook his head. "Well, the way I see it. I'm really your best bet. I want you two to get it on. Let's deal with this subtext thing like adults. You two need to get it out of your system so that you can think straight, and I do mean straight. Once she's had you, she'll be able to focus on the real prize. I mean a cheeky little twerp like you versus a big virile hunk like me. C'mon.
It's tease against sleaze. And I know which way mortals go in that contest."

The glint of an idea burned keenly in Gabrielle's electric green eyes. Suddenly she knew precisely how to wreck her revenge on Xena's wandering lips and satisfy her own throbbing libido. Enough with the teasing, teasing, teasing. For two years that's all she had gotten to do. Subtexty dialog and adoring glances. Touches and ambiguous clenches. Xena had all those warlord years of sowing wild oats to keep her warm at night. What did the bard have - smutty scrolls most of which she still didn't quite understand. Not that she could bring herself to ask Xena to explain them. It just was not the same as taking Xena into her own two hands and….

"Hey, I'm on a schedule here." Ares interrupted her thought train. "Say pretty please and I'll zap you where you want to be. Well, to the campsite anyway."

Poof. Splat. Gabrielle's butt hit the ground as she unceremoniously materialized in a clearing in the woods. She could hear Ares chortling as he disappeared in an amber flame. Jumping to her feet, she
Began ransacking their gear for the items she needed to put her plan into action. Bedrolls, candles, tankard of port, scarves and one frilly pink garment. Check. Once everything was arranged just as she wanted, Gabrielle stepped into the brush to hunt up supper and change into her costume.

Xena had hoped to use the evening air to cool her carnal urges. The motion of the horse beneath her countermanded the effect, however, and Xena moaned as the unquenchable lust tore through her gorgeous body. She grabbed her crotch, feeling the wetness that her constant craving produced whenever she touched her beloved little companion. Having kissed her, the yearning was nearly unbearable. If only she could take the bard into her arms and have her way with her. If only fanfiction was possible in prime time.
(Oh yeah, I second that thought. Sorry. Back to the story.)

Argo galloped toward the campsite beneath Xena's insistent prodding. She'd go back for Gabrielle as soon as she cooled down. For the moment, Xena was focused on the motion of the horse against her smoldering center and mental images of Gabrielle busy, very busy massaging Xena's lovely, lusty nipples. Mercifully, the images and rhythmic motion were working; not to mention the adept finger work she was employing on her aroused bud. She was nearing the edge (albeit somewhat slowly), approaching that delectable moment in self-gratification when your senses are peeked, your body cooperating and you suddenly hear someone coming - and you pray that it's you. Nearly there, nearly there. The warrior's head was thrown back ready to shout GABRIELLE when, not if, her orgasm would occur. Poised. Focused. Consumed with desire. Nearly there. Then unexpectedly there - as Argo stopped abruptly having reached the campsite and Xena crashed forward ramming her swollen sex into the base of the saddle horn. "OOOOWWWW!"

Xena performed a sore, slow sliding dismount and jerked the reins as payback. "You and Borias have this interuptus-on-horseback thing down pat." She sneered, straightening the leather skirt and rubbing her aching mound. It took her half a dozen steps to get her swagger back and become aware of the changes in the campsite. Two parallel rows of candles led from her bedroll to the brush beyond. Her bedding was neatly arranged into a quite inviting looking lounge with a tankard of port position beside it. The fire was roaring and warmed the area with a red-yellow glow. The sky was indigo and stars were emerging in a splendid velvet canopy. Dinner waited in a pan beside the fire. Spit roasted rabbit and mushrooms. And wafting through it all was the unmistakable scent of the one she loved most in this world. Xena's eyes widened in awe. "Gabrielle?"

The brush stirred mysteriously at the end of the candlelit runway and Xena's hand reflexively closed about her chakram. "Gabrielle?"

"WARLORDS OF ALL AGES." A loud yet familiar voice asserted. "The festivities are about to begin. Please take your seats.

Xena stumbled backward, sinking into the soft fur-covered bedroll provided for her. Eyes wide and mouth agape, she riveted her attention on the dark area just beyond the candles searching for the unseen announcer.

"Remove your boots, armor and all leather, please. Weapons must be deposited to one side."

The warrior complied immediately and a salacious grin lit her rapt face. Settling back comfortably, dressed only in her tunic, Xena began to hope for the very best of things to come. Which is why she had removed her breeches although they weren't leather or, technically, armor. Her supple body, aglow from the firelight, flushed with eager anticipation. Her eyes filled with deep, primal desire.

Gabrielle emerged from the brush like a vision from the other world. Her hair, adorned with holly leaves and red berries, was ruffled and tossed wildly about her beautiful face. Her green eyes shown like emeralds before a candle, drawing the warrior princess far within them to promises of passion and lust. Her body undulated as it moved ever so slowly down the runway, hips swaying beneath the billows of silk that swirled about her reveling tantalizing hints of the sensuous body Xena burned to possess. Gabrielle used her arms to mesmerize her victim, stretching them forward in longing then pulling them slowly back to let her hands run along the surface of her swaying breasts and thighs.

Xena felt her center roil with desire. Her own body quivered as she watched the beautiful woman before writhe with seduction. A shaky hand lifted the tankard and Xena drew a sip of port to steady herself lest she leap up and ravage the delicious creature drawing ever closer. "By the gods, Gabrielle. I want you." She whispered in a husky voice.

An eyebrow arched lasciviously, Gabrielle savored the warrior's reactions. The air was cool, but her skin felt on fire and she had to will herself to keep dancing rather than rush to Xena's arms.

For her part, Xena knew she was being driven mad in the most pleasurable of all possible ways. Leaning back on her elbows, she stretched her long legs out in front of her, then bent one up at the knee just enough to display her dark curly patch and glistening folds at the apex of her thighs - her dripping desire sparkling in the candlelight. 'Great idea removing the breeches." She congratulated herself. Gabrielle's eyes took in every inch of the display and she felt herself grow weak in the knees. But she danced on, nearer and nearer to her victim, her prize, her magnificent warrior. At last, the young woman was close enough for Xena to feel the breeze stirred by the scarves swaying to the rhythm of Gabrielle's undulating hips. The gentle drafts of air embraced her, flowing over her heated skin in currents that caressed her with the sweet musky smell of her little bard. It nearly took her to release, so tantalizing was the sensation.

"Ga-bri-elle." Xena rasped. "Oh, please, Gabrielle." She was powerless to move a muscle, her body filled with an aching desire to be touched by the vision above her. Xena closed her eyes and let her head loll backward. The soft silk veils flitting over her bodice, neck and face. Her hips rose off the fur blanket and arched toward her lover. Gabrielle delighted in the warrior's predicament. Xena's reaction had surpassed her most optimistic expectation. The luscious, invincible warrior was hers for the taking. Savoring victory,
Gabrielle simply stopped. Hands on her hips, an evil smirk upon her shining face, Gabrielle looked down at the gasping warrior princess and announced dispassionately. "And that concludes tonight's entertain. The management thanks you for coming. Do come again."

Xena's eyes popped open. "But…but I…d-didn't cum…" she stuttered. "I will. I'm there, BELIEVE me. Oh, Gabrielle. P-PLEASE!"

"So, warrior princess. Did you like my little performance?" The little blonde irritated standing just out of reach. "Would you say it was, oh, I don't know. Pick a word. How about: PLEASANT?"

Xena collapsed, surrendered really. "Beyond pleasant. Beyond…beyond description." Her chest heaved with pent-up frustration. She was going to die, she thought. At least that would end the torment of wanting what she could never, ever, ever have - even in syndication. The incredible blue eyes dimmed in defeat.
'The life of one terrifying warlord turned do-gooder was ending in a heap of twitching, unrequited lust.'
She capitulated. 'Who'd have guessed?' Her best friend had berated her for kissing a guy everyone thought was a girl. Her own body had resisted her best advances. Her horse had nearly terminated her ability to have sex ever again. And then, seemingly redeemed by Gabrielle's intoxicating seduction, it had all crashed down around her. Zip. Butkiss. Nada. Surely Tartarus couldn't be worse torment.

And as she lay there, dissolving into the morass of sexual frustration, a pair of beautiful green eyes took pity on the comely, suffering warrior. Then so did a pair of warm, loving hands and soft, yearning lips. Gabrielle was upon her with tender comforts and sensuous gestures of love. Xena felt her body return to life, animated by the touch of the woman who had so long ago stolen her heart. In the tumult of arms and legs and lips that followed, Xena's tunic disappeared and Gabrielle's pink frilly veil outfit went flying. Hands found breasts, lips claimed nipples, and fingers stroked soft, wet velvet folds. Everywhere there was passion and pleasure, want and need, as the two lovers abandoned self and blended into one perfect being. Their moans and sighs carried them to the Elysian Fields and back again. Their climaxes cascaded one upon the other, delighting both the loved and the lover. They drank of each other's passion and pressed their very souls together. And so they remained occupied in the sublime, sensual pursuits of lovemaking until dawn crept blushing to spy upon their sated bodies.

"I'm sorry about letting that fellow kiss me, Gabrielle." Xena admitted to her beloved young friend, tenderly enfolded in her arms.

"Good, Xena." Gabrielle forgave her with a nefarious chortle. "The whole episode was a real drag."

"You've been dying to say that."

"I have."

They laughed as lovers do when all is perfect in their intimate little world, tears of happiness rolling down their well-kissed cheeks.

"But one question still puzzles me, my sweet." Xena cuddled adoringly. "How do you get to places ahead of me all the time? It's beginning to undermine my ego."

"Worry not, my warrior." The bard softly replied. "Remember I talk in my sleep. You'll figure it out. Oh and Xena, darling. Don't kill anyone named Hope for a week or two, okay?"

Xena groaned. "Oh, not again. I hate that. Gotta get a hind's blood knife. Gotta kick Callisto's ass and listen to those oh so clever one liners. Then there's that look-alike business. What's up with that anyway?"

"Well, what's up with the three other Xenas: Meg, Leah, Diana? Kind of a shallow gene pool here in Greece, isn't it?"

"And the three naked Gabrielle's." Xena's face began contorting into a curious, somewhat sinister, somewhat salacious grin. "Not that I really object to…"

"Don't go there, Xena." Gabrielle elbowed the warrior's ribs. "It wouldn't be pleasant."

the end

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