To Take of Miss Amphiboles

by Mystic Dragon

Disclaimer: The characters Xena and Gabrielle are the sole property of MCA/Universal and no copyright infringement is intended. This story is written purely for our sick minds and I do not expect monetary gain.

This tale is based on the assumption that Xena and Gabrielle are already lovers and is written as a much needed behind the scenes look at the Miss Amphiboles pageant. If the thought of two women engaging in sexual activity offends you…what the hell are you doing here?? If you are under 18 and reading such material is illegal…don’t read it (yeah right).

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Gabrielle entered the room to see Xena leaning seductively against the bed with her beautiful legs extended in an inviting position. Rendered speechless by her lover’s luscious body, the bard could only stammer out a few incoherent stutters.

"Xena" she said at last, "Do we really have time for this? I mean, you’ve got to find the guy who is sabotaging the pageant don’t you?"

"Lock the door Gabrielle" was all Xena replied.

"By the Gods, you are an animal!" replied Gabrielle unable to resist the charms-- or legs, of her beautiful companion.

Deftly removing her clothes, Gabrielle rushed to kneel before Xena taking her delicate feet in her hands. She gently massaged Xena’s feet while slowly lowering her head to devour Xena’s scrumptious legs. Kneading her way her lover’s muscular thighs, Xena parted her legs in response. The intoxicating scent of the excited Warrior wafted over Gabrielle. Xena rolled her head back letting out a low moan of sheer pleasure. Gabrielle traced her hand to the inner part of her lover’s thighs causing both women to moan at the nearness.

Abruptly Gabrielle withdrew from Xena’s legs, rose before her ready lover, and forced her back on the bed.

"You’re mine now Miss Amphiboles" she said with a fierce hunger in her eyes.

"Be gentle" Xena mocked in the maiden character of the beauty queen.

"Oooooh, I’ll be anything but gentle my sweet" replied Gabrielle with a feral grin on her once delicate features.

The bard ripped the delicate fabric from her Warrior woman’s body saying, "You know this really doesn’t suit you Xena." Xena was too enchanted by her domineering bard to reply.

Gabrielle peered over her lover’s deliciously naked body and felt herself becoming wet in anticipation. "Xena you are so beautiful. How did I get so lucky?" she said. Xena just looked up into the bard’s green eyes and smiled. "How did I?" she replied.

Overtaken again with desire, Gabrielle reverted into her dominatrix mode and sneered "Well, does the beauty queen want to get fucked?"

Thrown suddenly to a world of carnal desire, Xena cried "Gods yes!!"

Moaning, Gabrielle deftly sank her fingers in Xena’s wet center and began pumping her hand, while moving her head down to suck on Xena’s erect nipples. She positioned her free hand to rub Xena’s ready clit. At the contact Xena threw her head back and bucked her hips up wildly. Revealing in every second, Gabrielle moaned in response to her writhing warrior lover beneath her. Xena’s need was becoming greater. Gabrielle increased her speed to keep in time with her now delirious lover. Xena’s hands clawed at her lover’s back as her need increased with every second. In response, Gabrielle inserted another finger and pumped her harder while biting at Xena’s hardened nipples. Xena was thrown into a world of ecstasy as her body began to quake. With a sudden climactic scream, she threw her head back as the orgasm ripped through her body. Her nails dug into the bard’s back drawing a bit of blood.

Smirking at her ability to please her lover, Gabrielle stroked her princess until her body calmed. Gently she removed her fingers dipped them greedily in her own mouth – tasting the essence of Xena. Afterwards she moved up to devour her lover’s lips and allow Xena to taste herself.

Renewed with desire by the taste of Gabrielle’s succulent lips drenched in her own juices, Xena grabbed Gabrielle’s shoulders and threw her on her back. Hands roamed the ready body now beneath her own. Needing to feel her lover’s wetness, Xena ran two fingers between Gabrielle nether lips. The bard moaned at the contact and thrust her hips into Xena’s hand – begging for more.

"Xena please!" she begged. "I need you!"

Without further permission required, Xena lowered her head to begin devouring Gabrielle’s neck. Her fingers slid easily into her lover’s wet opening. Gabrielle moaned and pushed on Xena’s head, directing it to exactly where she needed. "Yes Xena!" she cried, writhing above her "Please!"

Xena moaned and slid her tongue around Gabrielle’s raging center in maddening circles. Gabrielle, now bucking wildly, cried "More Xena. More!". Shocked by her lover’s insatiable desire tonight, Xena inserted two more fingers and began pumping her harder and faster. Gabrielle’s moans got louder and her body began to quake. Soon she was screaming in ecstasy as rivers of sweetness poured into the waiting mouth of Xena. She continued until Gabrielle’s body calmed and her succulent juices ceased.

Returning to her lover’s lips, she allowed the bard to taste herself. Grateful, Gabrielle passionately kissed Xena allowing her tongue to roam inside her mouth taking in all of her princess.

Finally the two women calmed their desires, with bodies’ content, and lay in each others arms. After a moment Xena looked down at Gabrielle and said "Do you think all the sponsors treat their women so well?"

Chuckling, Gabrielle responded "Probably not, since they all want you! Little do they know you’re already taken my dear." In mocked astonishment Xena replied "Ahh, what would people think!?"

Smiling, both women kissed and held each other, reveling in the love they shared.

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