by Marion D Tuttle


Standard Disclaimers apply I don't own any rights to Xena, Gabrielle or any
of the Gods of Olympus. I just invited them out to play in the arena that
is my mind, hope you enjoy.

This story depicts a sexual relationship between two women that are very
much in love.

There is a touch of violence in here nothing too graphic though but it was
an necessary part of the story

The sounds of the busy village reached out to greet the two travelers
that were heading down the path. Xena and Gabrielle normally opted to sleep
out under the stars, but tonight the were in the mood for a hot bath and a
meal that wasn't cooked over a campfire. Although Gabrielle didn't know it
Xena had some definite plans for their stay at the Inn, what Xena didn't
know was so did Gabrielle.
It was breaking Xena's heart, but she planned to leave her friend in
this village and never look back. The past few months had become a never
ending torture for the warrior. Just when her feelings for Gabrielle had
moved beyond those of friendship she couldn't say. It wasn't any one moment
she realized, it was a slow evolution until she noticed that it was
becoming increasingly difficult to be near the bard without wanting to
make love to her.
The idea of being with another woman was not what upset her. Loving
another woman was not new to Xena, she had been with more than her share of
partners both male and female. What had her near to trembling in fear was
if she made her feelings known to Gabrielle and she rejected her, it would
crush her.
As the entered the Inn Xena went first, as was her practice to make sure
it was safe. The thought hit her ' This is just one of the little things
I'm going to miss' She led her friend over to a table by the fireplace
and suggested "Why don't you order us some dinner while I stable Argo?" and
left Gabrielle sitting there with a bemused look on her face.

Gabrielle had accidentally over heard the conversation Xena had, had
her mother last week when they were in Amphiolis. The first thing she had
felt was an overwhelming sense of rage. How could Xena just decide to leave
her without so much as discussing it with her. But after talking with
Cyrenne she had gained some insights into what was going on in the warriors
Now she knew what she had to do she just wasn't sure how she should go
about it. One thing was certain, she didn't have much time. Her thoughts
were interrupted by a light tap on her shoulder. Gabrielle turned to see
Aphrodite standing behind her.
"To what do I owe the honor of a personal visit from the Goddess of
Love?" the bard asked
"Be mellow babe, I'm here to help."
"Help with what, I can't think of anything I would need your help with."
"As if, every one on Olympus has been watching you make cow eyes at Xena
when you don't think she's looking. And what's more most of us, except for
few who shall remain nameless, want you two to get together."
"Why?" was the skeptical response.
"Because most of the Gods have a soft spot for love, The truth is its
not very often we find two people that have the level of love, devotion and
commitment you two have. Unfortunately you've both been too pigheaded to
admit it to each other."
Gabrielle took a moment to consider what Aphrodite had said, she finally
decided that the Goddess was being straight with her. "Well whatever the
reason I'm glad to have you on my side in this. But what do I do Aphrodite?
I finally got Cyrenne to admit what Xena had told her, but she is
determined to leave me behind. She's afraid is she tells me how she feels
I'll reject her. I don't know why she would think that, and if I tell her
how I feel she will probably think its some kind of trick just to stay with
The bard was at a loss she couldn't see any way out of this. The next
question took Gabrielle completely by surprise "Are you a good flirt?"
"It's a simple question, are you a good flirt?"
"I....I don't know I've never really tried."
"I've got an idea that will bring the warrior princess out of her
shell...just follow my lead." With that the Goddess of Love turned into a
tall beautiful brunette with heart stopping Grey eyes.
"They fastest way to get someone to admit that they love you is to make
them think that someone else is interested." Aphrodite explained.
"I don't want to trick Xena or use any spells to make her say she loves
me Aphrodite."
"Chill babe, we're just going to let the warrior princess see what
could happen if she does leave you here. Anything she says or does will
come straight from her own heart, I promise."

As if on cue Xena entered the common room, it had taken her longer than
usual to stable Argo, but she had been very distracted. She noticed the
beautiful stranger sitting with Gabrielle and felt a little shiver as the
hair at the base of her neck perked up, she decided to stand back and watch
for a while."
Aphrodite had seen Xena come in and step back into the shadows upon
seeing her. Casually she reached over and gave Gabrielle a little squeeze
while she whispered in her ear. "Don't look now but we have a very
attentive audience of one, just follow my lead and everything will be
"I don't know about this...."
"Trust me."
Xena had a very clear view of the table, and while her eyes had never
betrayed her before she was convinced she was seeing things now. The
brunette sitting with Gabrielle seemed to be making some very steamy
overtures, and it looked like Gabrielle was responding.
Walking over to the table Xena felt a range of emotions surge forward.
The one at the fore front was jealousy. This both shocked and annoyed the
The bard looked up into eyes that looked like blue ice, she tightened
the grip she had an Aphrodite's hand. The Goddess sensed as well as felt
the tension in the young woman. She knew she would have to take the lead
here. Extending her free hand she said "Ah, you must be Xena. Gabrielle has
been telling me all about you. I'm Dana. Gabrielle and I went to the
Academy in Athens together."
So they were old friends, why didn't that make Xena feel any better? She
clasped Dana's hand briefly before sitting down. She noticed that the other
hand never stopped touching Gabrielle.
"Dana is it? How long have you and Gabrielle known each other?"
Gabrielle felt she needed to step in and say something before Xena
became suspicious."
"Dana and I met at the Academy about a week after I got there, but we
hit it off right away."
The deity smiled at the quick thinking bard. This was going to be so
much easier than she had thought at first. She could already see
the banked fire burning in the warriors eyes. Deciding to push Xena just a
little closer to the edge. She leaned over and kissed a startled bard full
on the lips. After breaking contact she stood up to leave. "Well I'm a
little pressed for time right now Gabrielle. Can we get together for a
while tomorrow?"
"Sure I'd like that."
"Great I'll see you later then." And with a smile and a wink she was
Xena regarded Gabrielle's flushed features, fighting to Keep the anger
out of her voice she said "Gabrielle I didn't think you knew anyone around
"I don't, Dana just happened to passing through She's on her way to a
spring festival."
Xena couldn't help the sneer that came out in her next words "Oh what a
coincidence that she should show up here today of all places."
"Xena! are you insinuating that Dana and I had some sort of secret
rendezvous planned? We Just ran into each other. I don't plan things behind
your back!" the last part had a little more sting to it then she had
planned, but hey where did Xena get off questioning her motives any way?
"Are you saying I do?"
Gabrielle was visibly upset now the words were out before she had a
chance to think "I accidentally over heard part of your conversation with
your mother, I know exactly what your planning." With that she ran upstairs
to there room, slamming the door behind her. The noise from that seemed to
shake the whole building.
Well way to go Xena, she thought to herself you've certainly made a
lovely mess of this. Than another thought occurred to her, just how much of
that conversation had Gabrielle overheard? Did she know everything or had
she just overheard the part about leaving and then left without knowing
Xena's reasons?
She sighed inwardly to herself "Oh well not much point in putting it off
any longer" Draining the last of her port Xena headed for the stairs,
thinking she would rather be going almost anywhere else in the world right
now. She expected to find a very agitated Gabrielle pacing around the room,
what she found was a very quite subdued bard gathering her belongings and
preparing to leave. It was in the moment Xena came to realize that she
could never let Gabrielle go.

"What are you doing?" Xena asked trying to keep her voice level.
"I can't go on like this Xena. ...I just can't do it. If you don't want
me around anymore I'll make it easier on both of us and just leave."
"Who said I don't want you around?"
"You did!"
When you were talking to Cyrenne I heard you tell her that having me
around was getting to be too hard, I was hurt...I planned to leave right
then, but your mother stopped me. She told me I needed to give you some
time even if you stated acting strangely. like trying to push me away."
Xena looked at Gabrielle with narrowed eyes "My mother talked to you
about our conversation? What did she tell you?"
"Apparently not what I thought, at first she was very reluctant to say
anything at all until I told her that if you wanted to be rid of me I at
least wanted to know why. Then she told me that was the last thing that you
wanted and you were struggling with some feelings you didn't even
understand your self, and I should just give you some time."
Gabrielle sank down into a chair and let her shoulders slump forward. "I
guess I read what I wanted into it and ignored the reality. I can't ignore
it any more though not when it's all but slapped me in the face.
It was Xena's turn to be confused. "What reality is that?"
"Don't make me say it."
"I think you better Gabrielle I'm beginning to think we're both way off
the line of reality here." Comprehension was starting to dawn on the
warrior princess, and she felt like she was holding her breath waiting for
her friend to speak.
"I know after that little scene downstairs that you are never going to
return the feelings I have for you."
"What do you mean?" Xena didn't dare hope she was really hearing what
she thought she was hearing.
"Downstairs Ap....Dana was all over me, but you couldn't have cared
less. It was then I knew that you could never love me the way that I love
Xena had to remind herself to breath. "You think that didn't effect me?
It just about tore my heart out."
"Well you couldn't have proven it by the reaction I saw!"
"What did you want me to do? Challenge her to a duel over your honor? It
looked to me like you were enjoying yourself !" Trying to regain her
composure and control Xena walked over to the fire place and gripped the
mantel with both hands . Gabrielle recognized the signs and waited for her
friend to speak. It didn't take long. "I don't know what to do anymore

Walking back and fourth I few paces in front of Gabrielle and finally
sat down in the opposite chair. Reaching across the space that separated
them and took Gabrielle's chin in her hand, tilting her face up so that
green eyes were forced to look into blue ones.
"Gabrielle we need to clear the air, first of all I never wanted to leave
"But you told Cyrenne.."
"I know what I said but that doesn't mean that was what I wanted. You
only heard part of what I told my mother. I was afraid if I stayed with you
the truth would come out and you would hate me for it. Or even worse I
would lose control and do something to hurt you, I'd never be able to live
with that."
Gabrielle was growing more confused by the minute. "Hurt me? Hate you for
the truth? What are you talking about Xena?"
The pain Gabrielle say in her friends eyes went through her like a
lightning bolt. The next words out of her mouth nearly knocked the breath
out of the bard. "What if I had raped you Gabrielle? What would you have
you thought of me then?"
"Xena you could never...."
"Oh no? I almost did.. on more than one occasion. That's why I felt like
I had to get away from you....." She dropped her hand from Gabrielle's
face, she mistook the look in Gabrielle's eyes as one of loathing. Thinking
her worst fears had been realized she said "I can't do this..." and was
gone from the room before Gabrielle know what was happening..

The bard was left staring at the open doorway Gods why could things never
be simple, just once? The realization hit her she loves me, but now she
thinks I hate her. she was bought out of her musings by a brilliant flash
of light "Aphrodite I've made such a mess of things, Xena's gone and I
don't know when she's coming back your even if she is."
The Goddess of Love looked at the young bard with tenderness, she could
defiantly see why Xena was so far gone on her, if things were
different...Oh well see was here to bring these two together. "She won't be
back Gabrielle."
The bard could have sworn in that instant she could feel her heart
breaking. "Then its over." she whispered.
"I didn't say that, but if you want her you have to go get her."
"I don't even know where to look!"
"Follow your heart little one, it will take you were you need to be."

Xena had pushed Argo to her limits, she had saddled her trusty warhorse
and left the stable on a dead run. She didn't know were she was going and
more to the point she didn't care. It wouldn't have made a bit of
difference in the world to her if she had fallen off the edge of the earth
at this point. Her heart was in pieces and she didn't think it would ever
be whole again. Gabrielle had started by saying she loved her and her heart
had filled with joy. But when she saw that look in her eyes after telling
her about how close she had actually come to forcing the bard. She knew
Gabrielle hated her now for even thinking of committing such a brutal act.
Raining Argo in she threw herself off the horses back her legs folded
under her and she landed on the ground flat on her back, she didn't even
have the will to move. Her inward thoughts were interrupted by a sneering
voice "I can't believe this the mighty warrior princes reduced to tears
over an insignificant little piece of fluff."
"Ares, you aren't even fit to breathe the same air as someone like
Gabrielle much less judge her worth!" Some of the fire had returned to her
eyes in her defense of the bard.
"She doesn't want you Xena! Do you need to be struck by one of Zeus'
lightning bolts to get the message?"
"I know that Ares, but that doesn't mean I'm going to let you malign Her
"Xena you know were you belong, why do you fight it? You're destiny is
to conquer the world and rule at my side. You were meant to be a Goddess,
my Goddess, accept it."
A voice came into Xena's mind she remembered back to the words Gabrielle
had spoken to her so long ago, "If something happens to me I want you to
promise me that you well not become a monster....promise me." the words
repeated themselves over and over again. Nothing had happened to Gabrielle,
and even though they were no longer together Xena knew she could never go
back to the way she was...could she? As a warlord she had felt nothing
outside of the thrill of victory and a driving bloodlust that blocked out
everything else. Gabrielle had restored her humanity and taught her how to
love, but that love been destroyed by Xena's own darkness, she saw again
the last look in Gabrielle's eyes. Maybe Ares was offering her a way to
lose that memory, to lose the pain. She looked up again at her old mentor,
the God of War. the coldness she saw there shocked her back to her senses.
She would never go back. Ares sensed the internal battle Xena was wageing
with herself, he also sensed he was going to come out on the losing end.
"Make a choice Xena, you know what you should do, what you have to do."
"Yes Ares, I do."

Gabrielle was trying desperately to follow Aphrodite's council, she
tried to free her mind of all the distracting thoughts that were rampaging
through her mind, and to just listen to what her heart was trying to tell
her. Suddenly in one moment of vivid clarity she knew where Xena was. As
much as she disliked riding she went to the stables to see about the use of
a mount, now that she knew where Xena was she had to get to her as quickly
as possible.
She knew whether Xena was even aware of or not she would go to the
shores of the lake where they had woken up after the torment the had
suffered in Illusia. It had been there that the had stayed after the had
overcome so much to find there way back to each other. They had done it
once, they could do it again.

Xena stared at the God of War with a cold dispassionate appraisal, the
blue in her eyes like chips of ice. "You know I always wondered why you
were so intent to get me back when there were so many other warriors so
willing to follow you."
"None of them can hold a candle to you."
"I'm flattered" she sneered, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "I finally
got it though, if the world sees that the fierce warlord Xena, Destroyer of
Nations, cold heartless bitch that I was, could be gentled by love, then
you lose a lot of power over people, don't you? Well Ares I may have lost
Gabrielle, but I will not betray whatever feelings she may have had for me
by becoming your chief blood spiller again."
He looked at Xena with undisguised hatred "Oh you are smart Xena, too
smart for your own good." He drew the sword from his scabbard "If I can't
have you back then no one is going to have you."
She fought him but her heart wasn't really in it. The truth was she
wasn't sure she wanted to live knowing that Gabrielle would no longer be a
part of her life. She lowered her sword standing before the one God she
could truly say she felt hatred for and told him. "I have no more fight
left in me Ares, just end it."
":I never thought I would say this but you are a coward. you don't have
the nerve to fight me now and you didn't have the nerve to stay to hear
that irritating little blonde tell you that she loves you." It was the
wrong thing for him to say, the fire leapt back into Xena's eyes.

Gabrielle charged onto the beach to see Ares standing with his sword
poised at Xena's heart, rushing headlong towards them she screamed "Get
away from her Ares!"
The momentary distraction was all Xena needed to whirl away from Ares
and take a defensive posture. "Gabrielle stay back!" She neatly flipped out
of the way as Ares charged her and landed on her feet behind him. Their
swords rang together several times before she leveled Ares with a round
house kick to his head. He was back on his feet before she could press the
A wide arc of his sword connected with her upper arm drawing blood. the
emotional strain and the punishing pace of the fight combined were starting
to take there toll on the warrior. She had to maintain control, if she
started to panic now she was done for. Using the deeply buried reserves of
strength she made one final attempt to push the War God back. With a
strength born of love Xena push Ares back and knocked the sword from his
hand. "I will never be a part of your world of destruction again Ares Leave
me alone or I swear I will find a way to make you regret it."

Aphrodite appeared behind Xena's shoulder. "She's made her choice Bro.
you know the rules let it go. It's over."
Begrudgingly he sheathed his sword "You are a meddlesome problem sister
"Maybe so brother, but I represent the one force you and all your little
war mongers can never defeat." In that instant both women witnessing this
divine exchange gained a whole new respect for the Goddess of Love, she
wasn't quite the flake every body thought she was.
Ares departed in a flash knowing that the warrior princess was forever
out of his grasp now. Aphrodite took Xena by the hand and led her over to
Gabrielle she used her other hand to bring up one of the bards and placed
their hands together. "You two babes need to talk, more importantly you
need to listen to each other. Try to get it right this time huh?" she
kissed them both on the cheek and disappeared.

Still holding Xena's hand in her own Gabrielle began "Maybe we should
start from the beginning."
All Xena could manage was a mute nod, the bard felt a smile tug at the
corner of her mouth "Okay I'll go first, you always were the strong silent
type." That at least got her a smile from the warrior. I've been thinking
about what you said back at the Inn and I want you to know something, Xena
you could never hurt me, I know that. I have now fear of you at all, the
only thing that scares me is the thought of losing you...I couldn't stand
"No let me finish I love you Xena you have become my whole world,
without you I have no reason to be. I will not let you leave me. Especially
when I knew you want the same thing."
"But what if..."
"I don't want to hear about your dark side Xena, you proved today you
can and have beat it when you turned away from Ares. You are stronger then
he will ever be I known that. You just need to know it."
"I do know it...now, I wasn't sure before Gabrielle. No matter how
much good I did it never seemed like enough There was always that fear in
the back of my mind that something would turn me back. But that is not
going to happen. When Ares was taunting me, trying to get me to join him
all I could think of was the promise you made me make about not going back
to my old ways. Your love has saved me Gabrielle."
"I do love you Xena you know that now don't you? Please tell me you
feel it too."
Xena looked down into the eyes of the one person in this world that
had ever touched her this deeply none before could compare. Marcus had held
a special place in her heart but she knew now it had been more of a deep
abiding friendship than anything else. Hercules had made her see she could
be so much more than a ruthless warlord and she would always feel a certain
closeness to him for that, but they had never been in love. deep respect
and admiration, but not love.
Gabrielle was the light in her life The guiding force that had taught
her the over powering strength of love. Gabrielle felt herself being drawn
forward and soon she was wrapped in Xena's strong arms "I am so in love
with you Gabrielle that I think you have become a part of me, if I ever
lost you I'm not sure I could go on. The truth is When I thought I had lost
you I was ready to surrender myself to Ares' blade. I did not feel like my
life had any meaning."
Tears had begun to form in the bards eyes as she looked at her
beautiful warrior. She wound her arms around a strong neck "Please kiss me
Xena." she whispered.

Xena was afraid if she tried to speak her voice would fail her, so she
took the only other course of action available to her she lowered her head
and captured Gabrielle's lips in a kiss that left them both breathless. "I
want to make love to you Xena. I need you..."
Xena breathed a one word answer of "Yes" before she sank down to the
sand bringing Gabrielle with her. She laid back with the bard stretched out
on top of her They bought their lips together again in a searing kiss. Xena
had the oddest sensation of her skin feeling like it was tingling from cold
and burning at the same time. She knew from the flushed expression on
Gabrielle's face that the bard must be feeling the same things.
For Gabrielle's part her heart was hammering so hard she acutely had a
moment of fear for her ribs, the bard decided this would be as good a time
as any to put some of the things Aphrodite had told her to use. She slowly
pushed at the leather straps on the warriors shoulders. "I want to touch
you Xena, help me get this leather out of the way." More than happy to
comply Xena sat up and helped Gabrielle pull her leathers off.
"What about you?" Xena laughed "I don't want to be the only one with sand
in highly personal places."
Gabrielle tried unsuccessfully to hold back her own laugh "I didn't
think laughter was supposed to be a part of making love."
"It can be anything we want it to be Gabrielle."
Pushing Xena back down onto her back Gabrielle found one taunt nipple
with her mouth drawing a ragged moan from her lover. "Yeees Gabrielle that
feels so good!"
She felt the heat spreading down to the very core of her being. Xena's
hands reached to untie the laces that held the front of Gabrielle's shirt
together Exposing breasts to the cool air that were begging for a loving
caress. Grazing the back of her knuckles lightly against the bards
sensitized flesh bought a shuddering response. "Xena I want....."
"Tell me Gabrielle."
"Lay back and let me love you .....please."
"How could I refuse such a lovely request? I'm all yours."
Gabrielle lowered her lips to blaze a trail of fire across Xena's body.
Everywhere her young lover touched with her hands and mouth bought a
melting sensation to her. Reveling in the feel of naked flesh against naked
flesh. She pushed gently downward on Gabrielle's shoulders her breathing
was ragged now "Gabrielle ...would you please...love me with your
tongue...I need your touch."
"Whatever you want my love." She found her way down to the center of a
very hot and wet warrior. She decided to do a little teasing. Brushing her
fingers against Xena's opening "Do you want to feel my tongue right here?"
"Do you want to feel my fingers inside you?"
"How about my hand pushing you over the edge?"
"Do you want me to make you come?"
"Oh Gods please yes!!!"

Gabrielle knew that Xena couldn't take much more of this sweet torment
her own desire was raging out of control just from touching her lover. She
fastened her lips to Xena's clit and sucked for all she was worth, at the
same time plunged three fingers into the warrior hard and fast. The bard
felt tight muscles gripping her fingers she kept the pressure up until she
heard Xena screaming her release.
She moved back up and held the warrior while the after shocks of her
shattering climax quieted. As her breathing slowly returned to near normal
she rolled Gabrielle onto her back. She smiled down at her "My turn."

They made love long into the night until they were both so exhausted
neither one of them could move
"Xena you do know that Dana was really..."
"Aphrodite? Yeah I kind of figured that one out"
"I never want to have another misunderstanding with you again"
"Well my bard we will just have to be sure to make ourselves clear to
each other."
"No more holding back?"
"Never again"
. As they finally feel into a dreamless sleep the Goddess of Love looked
down from Mount Olympus a warm smile on her lips "It's about time you two,
it's about time."


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