Poetry - by Amazon Moon



by Amazon Moon 1998-9 C.

Najara sat quietly inside her prison, the heavy silence humming in her ears. Bright moonlight the
colour of brillant white silverdust scattered its beams about her, illutminating her from her dark prison surroundings.

"Najara..." An echo of a whisper drifted around the cold stone walls.

Najara fluttered open her eyes. Was it... "Gabrielle?"

"Najara..." the soft appariation of the young woman gradually appeared kneeling before her.

"Gabrielle," Najara whispered as the bard rested her golden head upon her shoulder. She could
almost smell the familiar intoxicating scent of fresh jasmine flowers from the blonde one's hair. Najara raised a hand to stroke the soft locks and a painful smile eased upon her lips. She felt so good. And she missed her so much. "Gabrielle..."

"I hate myself for doing this to you,"
Gabrielle whispered as she pressed herself against Najara.
"...loving someone else besides you."

"Oh Gabrielle," Najara wept silently as her fingers brushed the cheeks of the beautiful woman.

"It causes me sadness
and tears moisten my eyes
when I realise how much
it'd hurt you.

The pain would drive you insane
I worry you might kill yourself
I can't have the thought
of your pure innocent blood
on my hands...
My hands.
No one knows this but me."

Gabrielle whispered as tears slipped down her cheeks. Najara's heart heaved as she wiped them
dry. The bard continued.

"I stand at crossroads,
not knowing which to follow
I have no idea about the journey
I have to take
and I fear the dark cloak
of night which is here to come."

Najara kept her silence, wishing the bard to just continue to say what she had come to say. She took joy in her heart for the chance to hold the woman she so loved safe in her arms. Gabrielle shook her head sadly.

"The whole world
seems so silly sometimes
with all the hoo-haa
for material possessions
I don't understand the world
and its ways
Come to think of it,
I don't know myself sometimes."

Najara whispered as she brushed away her lover's tears.
"Simple questions,
innocent to the world
But answers which are complex
may arrive from it."

Gabrielle closed her moist green eyes wearily.
"I wonder if the gods really care
If they do,
do they hold the key?
The key to our future,
a glimpse of our hopes
Or is it just us
in this lonely world?"

Najara held Gabrielle closer to her as a sudden dread filled her heart. Gabrielle touched her face and whispered.

"I'm back at crossroads,
unsure of which
lane to take
Each has his personal journey
and this is mine
A choice I have to make,
a chance I have to take
The one I walk on
may bring me sorrow
or the other hand,
much joy..."

"Gabrielle...," Najara whispered, the fear of her lover leaving drumming in her heart.

"The other one I wouldn't know
for I hadn't walked its road
Life itself is strange to me;
how each and everyone of us
is knitted together."

Gabrielle gazed deeply into Najara'a pleading eyes.
"This road may take me
to my journey's end
or take away my
sorrow and my pain."

Najara's tears started cassading down her cheeks when Gabrielle slowly vanished, disappearing like mist in her arms. The lonely woman wailed, crying out for her lover to come back... come back... but it was another night.

Another night where her Gabrielle would come and then leave. It was just never meant to be.


Callisto's Hurt

by Amazon Moon 1998-9 C.

Does love exist?
If so for others
Then what about for me?

It brings joy and hope
but when it leaves,
causes depression and pain

The pain of death
which stinks up the
essense of life

Hope is gone
Joy has vanished
Love has left

All which remains
is a broken heart
inside a poor old body
with a badly crushed soul

A soul of darkness;
one with no light
no smiles
no joy
no hope
no laughter

Love is a trap open for fools
Don't ever let it happen to you.

Callisto closed the pages of her private scroll and tilted her face up towards the shining moon. Wet
trails of tears marked her fair skin. She never should have given her heart to Xena. But could she
stop her feelings?

Her love for another had caused her pain. The pain from the happiness of the two together. But was
there hope?

The blonde warrior blew out the candle and watched the flame disintergrate into grey smoke which
rose up in a thin mist. None. There was no hope. No hope for love.

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