Bondings (A New Beginning part 2)

by Mythe


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This story contains a relationship between Xena and a lost love. Gabrielle is in it, but they're best friends only.

This is part 2 to 'A New Beginning'.

The Amazon camp was alive with the impending bonding of their Queen. Amazons were putting up decorations and setting up the feasting tables for the celebration the following day.

Two Royal Guards were walking toward their assigned post.


The sun's slowly setting on the horizon as the day came to an end.

Sierra's sitting upon a large boulder next to a beautiful rolling stream, feeling the rays wash upon her body. She was deep into her evening meditation session as the negativity energies left her and began flowing down stream.

A Bass leapt out from the stream and swallowed a large dragonfly.

Humm...where's Xena? Sierra intuitively listened as a grin formed upon her lips.

Xena rose slowly from the stream as the sun's rays glistened off of her naked body. She mischievously grinned, lustfully ravishing her lover with her eyes. This time...there will be NO interruptions.


Ephiny was inspecting the decorations and making the final preparations, for the ceremony. “Excellent job, everyone!!” she expressed, clapping to her fellow sisters and adding, “There're gonna love this...”

Gabrielle rushed up to her, pulling her to the side and whispered, “I think we have a problem.”

“What is it Gabrielle?”

“Promise me, that you won't get mad...”

Ephiny raised a brow and nodded, “I promise.”

“Xena's not in her hut-”

“Excuse me for a moment,” Ephiny calmly spoke and gestured to her friend, “Eponin...”

“Yes, Ephiny?”

“We have a slight problem...”

“Xena is missing!” Eponin gasped, “Faith...Rashia...follow me!” She then bolted toward her Queen's quite area.

Rashia whispered, “We're going after XENA?”

“May the Goddess bless us...” Faith whispered back.


Xena was straddling Sierra as she nibbled upon her Lover's earlobe. Her hand was safely within the Queen's shirt and caressing a firm breast. She softly whispered, “ I've missed you...”

“And I you...” Sierra revealed, running her fingers through her hair.

“I need you...”

“Be ready for anything...” Eponin warned, “Keep your eyes on Xena...”

They nodded, “Yes, Captain...”

Eponin, Faith and Rashia rushed out from forest and stopped a few paces from the lovers.

“In the name of Artemis...STOP!” Eponin ordered the lovers then, gestured toward her counterparts.

Xena sighed, “WHAT?”

“Huh?” Sierra questioned.

“I am here to protect my Queens virtue...” Eponin decreed, “No physical contact between you and our Queen.”

Rashia's dark eyes gazed upon Xena naked body and fumbled out, “P..P..Please get off our Queen.” Oh...please, don't do anything rash...I just graduated from boot camp.

Xena glanced over at the young warrior and raised a brow, “What are YOU going to do?”

Faith stepped forward and retorted, “Fight you, if need be!”

Xena laughed as she stood up, “Do you really think you can stop me?”

“We'll die trying...” Rashia retorted, taking a step closer.

“Okay...” sighed Sierra and growling, “ENOUGH...” She rose to her feet and turned to her Captain, “Eponin, what's going on?”

“My Queen, we're here to keep you two apart.”

“On whose authority?”

Eponin respond, “Ephiny's and--”

“Mine...” Artemis revealed, appearing on Xena's left.

“The Huntress...” Eponin acknowledged and fell to one knee.

“ARTEMIS!” Rashia gasped as she did the same and lowered her head.

“Bless it be...” Faith vocalized.

“Mother?” Sierra said as she fixed her shirt.

“Xena...” Artemis' eyes glanced over at her nakedness, “Just in time, I see...”


“Mother, please-”

Artemis hushed her with one word, “RAI...” She stared at her daughter for a moment and gestured, “Walk with me.”

Sierra silently glanced over at Xena and followed her Mother downstream.

“Sierra--” Xena called out, taking a step forward.

Eponin blocked her path, “Please, Xena...”

Xena glared at Eponin and her young companions and growled, “Fine...follow me to the training field and bring them along.”

Eponin nodded, “Alright.”


Gabrielle assured, “It's going to be all right...”

Ephiny was silently pacing back and forth.

“They might have been just talking...” Gabrielle elaborated, realizing what she had just said and shrugged, “Or having wild passionate --”

Ephiny looked over at her, “Wild se--”

A fully clothed Xena marched past them and headed toward the training field. Eponin, Faith and Rashia silently followed in tow.

Gabrielle greeted her best friend, “XENA!”


“Are you all right?” Gabrielle inquired as she walked along side of her.

Xena replied, “I'm going to be just soon as I work off some PENT-UP energy.”

Ephiny greeted, “Eponin?”

Eponin stopping, turning to her and revealed, “Training Queen.”



Artemis was walking long side of Sierra. She finally broke the uneasy silence and scolding her, “Rai, your not acting as Queen should...”

But, Mother...I haven't done anything wrong. Sierra nodded as she looked away from her Mother's eyes, not wanting to argue with her.

“Giving into your carnal urgings...counts,” Artemis replied to her Daughter's thoughts and explained further, “One must be a Queen at all matter where you are. Your sisters look up to you for honor, guidance and strength. Without these...your tribes will crumble apart...”

“Mother, it's not that bad...” Sierra shrugged and retorted, “I did no wrong--”

“The wrong is on your honor as a Queen....” Artemis affirmed and continued, “The bonding ceremony is a very sacred tradition, that shouldn't be played with lightly. There're myths to the ceremony which goes back hundreds of winters ago.”

“I didn't know of any myths...”

“One deals with the Queen and her chosen one...” Artemis revealed and warned, “If a Queen/chosen one gives into the temptation during the bonding, the tribe will suffer and will be no more....”

“WHAT?” Sierra gasped and added, “Why weren't I informed of this earlier?”

“I didn't think it would come to this...”

“Come to what?”

Artemis blurted out, “You and Xena are running around like HORNY banshees!”


“Well, it's the truth...” Artemis sighed and whispered, “This reeks of Aphrodite's...she's involve in this somehow...I just know it.”

“HEY...little sis, I heard that!” Aphrodite decreed as she appeared next to Sierra. She turned to her niece and pinched her cheek, “RAI, your such a Cutie!” She nudged her and whispered, “Great catch...I was wondering who'd capture Xena' heart.”

Sierra grinned and began to blush, “Awww...aunt Aphrodite...”

“Aphrodite, if you're mixed up in this---”

“Chill, sis...” Aphrodite assured, “I've been hangin' with Sappo--”

“Yeah right, and I'm a griffin...”

Aphrodite threatened, “Well, THAT can be arranged!”


“You put some kind of spell on my BABY!”

“LIKE NOT!” Aphrodite retorted, taking a step closer toward Artemis.


“WHAT!!!” Artemis and Aphrodite shouted in unison, turning to her and glared.

Sierra took a step back, raising a brow. “Alright...sorry...”

Artemis turned back to her sister and growled, “Don't raise YOUR voice to my baby!”

“WHAT?” Aphrodite gasped, “You're totally LOSING it, sis!”

“I'm outta here...” Sierra informed, turning around and headed back to the village. This isn't good...


Xena blocked all of Eponin's punches and adding a few of her own. Eponin tried to block them but wasn't fast enough and suffered some gut blows as a result.

Rashia and Faith tried to attack Xena from behind and received a fist to the gut also. They doubled over and another fist struck them in the face. The Amazons flew back, winded, dazed and confused.

“Oww...” Gabrielle winced at the slaughter, “That's gotta hurt..”

“I wonder where Sierra's at?” Ephiny inquired. She noticed Sierra running towards them and waving, “Sierra!”

Sierra ran up to her and greeted, “Ephiny, what's going on...” Noticing a large group of Amazons circling around a sparring session.

“Umm...Xena' been--”

“Havin' some fun...huh?”

Ephiny nodded, “So, how are you?”

“Fine as one can be...” Sierra shrugged and informed, “Mom and aunt Aphrodite are discussing whose at fault...”

“THIS isn't good....” Ephiny revealed, “If the Goddess's don't agree to the bonding...”

Sierra shouted, “THIS IS JUST GREAT!”

Xena was distracted by her Lover's upset voice. She instantly glanced over at her and left herself open. Eponin's fist struck her in the gut and quickly swiped Xena' legs out from under her. Xena realized this and kicked Eponin in the chest.

She flew back and landed hard onto her back. Eponin gasped, “Medusa's TIT'S!” She slowly got to her feet, just in time to see Xena get to hers also.

“YIYIYIYIYIYIYIYI!” Xena bellowed out as she somersaulted over Eponin and landing behind her. Before Eponin could move away, Xena placed her in a headlock; that one could not get out of.

Eponin acknowledged her loss and growled, “Mercy...”

“You almost had me there...” Xena whispered to her, “Thank you...” She let her go and patted her on the back.

“Your welcome, Xena...”

Their audience began to clap and cheer, “Good job, Xena!”

“We got our ass' kicked...” growled Rashia as she dusted herself off.

Faith got her feet and replied, “But, we're alive!”

Xena walked up to them, “You ladies have heart and courage...” She continued on, “And in time, you two will become great warriors.”

“Thank you, Xena...” they retorted in unison.

“Sierra,” Xena called out.

“Great job, Hon...” Sierra expressed as a grin crept upon her face.

Eponin and Ephiny stepped in front of their Queen and blocked Xena' path to her.

Xena noticed the worry in her Lover's eyes and politely asked, “Rai, can we talk?”

Sierra placed her hands on their shoulders and turned to Ephiny, “We'll meet you at the dinning hall, okay?”

Ephiny nodded, “All right,” She turned to Gabrielle and whispered something inaudible

Gabrielle blushed and elbowed her, “Hey!” She giggled as she turned to Xena, “We'll meet you guys there!” They headed toward the hall, arm in arm.

“Eponin, you can follow us...” Sierra advised her and added, “You did an excellent job...”

Eponin grinned, “Thank you, my Queen...” She took a few steps back and watched the lovers greet one another.

Xena fell to one knee and lowered her head, “My Queen, I am so sorry for getting you into trouble.” She looked up as her crystal blues confirmed her heartfelt sorrow. “Can you ever forgive me?”

Sierra glanced to those eyes and her entire being turned to mush. “Hon, there's nothing to forgive...” she replied and expressed, “We're in love...and love makes us do what our hearts tells us.”

“How true you are...”

Sierra held out her hand, “Now, let's have some dinner and we can talk some more.”

“As you wish, my Queen...” Xena smiled as she took it, then rose to her feet, “May I hold you hand as we walk?”

Sierra shook her head and slowly withdrew her hand from Xena's, “I'm afraid not...but at least we can talk...”

“As you wish...” Xena respond and smiled over at her, “Then, I will enjoy every moment that we have.”

Sierra blushed a bit and whispered, “Humm...I love the way you say that...”

“You are my Queen and soon you will be my wife...” Xena revealed and pledged, “And I would give my life to protect you.”

Sierra blushed even more, “Thank you, your such a gentlewoman...I guess we should get going...”


Sierra and Xena exited the dining hut, along with Eponin in tow. They slowly stroll toward their huts, not wanting to leave each other so soon.

“So...our big day is coming...”

Sierra nodded, “Yes, it is...” She glanced over at her and asked, “Are you having second thoughts?”

“HEAVENS, no!”

“Good,” Sierra acknowledged with a sigh.

“I just don't know what to say...” Xena shrugged, “I'm just nervous, I guess...”

“Me too...” Sierra replied, leaning over and whispered, “Personally, I just want to ravish you till one of us passes out...”

“Rai!” Xena gasped and her heart skipped a beat at the thought. “I'm having one Tartarus of a time keeping my hands off you....”

“Aye, tis the same for me lassie.”

Suddenly, a flash of light and Artemis was standing in front of them. “THAT'S enough...” she ordered, “RAI, go to your hut.”

Eponin fell to one knee and whispered, “The Huntress...”


“Did you not hear me?” Artemis repeated.

“Why are you treating me like a child?”

Artemis stated, “Because, YOU'RE acting like one!”

“WHAT did we do wrong now?” Xena growled.

Artemis glared at Xena and threatened, “I will DEAL with you in a moment.”

Sierra stepped between the two and shouted, “ENOUGH!” She turned to Artemis and examined, “Mother, why are you acting so strange?”

“There's nothing wrong with me...”

Another ball of light appeared and Aphrodite stepped out. “Like, your TOTALLY not yourself...” she acknowledged and remarked, “I know your also the Goddess of chaste but, this going TOO far!”

Artemis turned to her sister and growled, “At least I'm not UNCHASTE!”

“HOW dare you!” Aphrodite roared, “I am the goddess of LOVE remember?”

Artemis shrugged, “And?”

“At least I'm getting some...”

“AHHHHH!!!!” Artemis shouted, “ONE must be pure in heart and soul...”

Storm clouds began to form overhead as streaks of lightening flashed across the sky. The rumble of thunder was heard in the distance and getting closer.

Aphrodite commented further, “HELLO, not all mortals can be as pure as YOU!”


“LIKE, miss PRUDE!”

“STOP IT!” Sierra bellowed, “YOU'RE acting like children!”

Artemis turned to her and repeated again, “Why aren't you in your hut?”

Xena asserted, “If you have a problem with me--”

“GO!” Artemis roared at her daughter, then at Xena. “I DO...”

“AHHH!!!” Sierra threw up her hands and grumbled, “For the love of Zeus...”

“My Queen...” Eponin called out as she followed her away.

Rashia passed by, carrying some wineskins as she bumped into Sierra. “Oh, I'm so sorry my Queen...” she apologized and bowed to her, “I didn't mean--”

“It's alright, Rashia...” Sierra acknowledged and noticed the skins. Wine...sounds good right about now... “Mind if I take a couple?” she inquired.

“Of course, my Queen...” Rashia replied and handed two skins to her, “If you need a refill just call me.”

Sierra slightly grinned and respond, “Will do...and thanks.” She took the cap off, lifting the skin to her lips and took a large gulp. The sweet tasting nectar quenched her of her thirst. this is better... She continued her journey toward her hut and let the arguing goddess' to each other.

“Sierra, did nothing wrong...nor did I!” Xena bellowed and continued, “I don't know what your problem is but, your GOING to LOSE your daughter if you keep this up.”

Artemis declared, “What is it to you?”

“She's my WIFE!” Xena retorted and decreed, “I won't stand here and watch you hurt her.” She took a step forward and warned, “And I don't care if your a goddess or not...”

Artemis gasped, “She wouldn't...” Realizing that Xena might be right she abruptly disappeared.

“I've never seen her act like this...”

“Me neither...” Aphrodite acknowledged and revealed, “We argue all the time...but I've never seen her treat Sierra like that...”


“I'll get to the bottom of this...” Aphrodite affirmed and advised, “ with Sierra and enjoy the last night of being a single woman.”

“Thanks...” Xena nodded and suggested, “If you need--”

“I know...” Aphrodite gestured, then disappeared leaving heart shaped confetti in her wake.


Sierra's sitting on her roof and staring at the stars above. She took another swallow of wine and felt it ease her nerves and release the tension. “Eponin, I remember when I was child...looking up and wondering if someone was looking down at us.”

“Really?” Eponin sighed, “Well, I tried counting them...” She took a sip from the wine skin, then handed it back. She turned back to the stars and stated, “But they kept multiplying...”

A fit of laughter caused Sierra to spit out her wine onto her shirt. She wiped her mouth off with her sleeve and let the laughter within her out.

“My Queen, are you all right?”

Sierra took a much needed breath and replied, “Yeah...I'm fine.”

“Well, I'm happy that I made you laugh...”

Sierra took her shirt off and felt the soft breeze caress her skin. “Thanks...I REALLY needed that,” she revealed and suggested to her Captain, “Why don't you take the rest of the night off and celebrate.”

“My Queen, I'm here to make--”

“I know...” Sierra sighed and shrugged, “Besides, my Mother seems to be watching me anyway.”


Sierra took another swig and patted her on the back. “Eponin, I order to have some fun...” she commanded and added, “You have nothing to worry about...I'll be on my best honor tonight.”

Eponin nodded, “As you wish, my Queen...”

“GO, be with Solari...” Sierra nudged her and winked, “Don't have too much fun...”

“Thank you...”

Sierra watched her climb down, then disappear around the corner. Well, at least someone should have some fun... She lifted the wine skin to her lips, finishing the remaining swallow and muttered, “Well, onto another...”

The wind picked up chill and blew it upon the land as low fog rolled in from the west.

A lone Sentry was patrolling near the huts as her counterparts were well hidden within the trees.

Sierra rolled her pant legs, up to her knees and felt the wind caressing them. The image of Xena' hands upon her flashed before her eyes which caused her heart to skip a beat or two. She took a large sip from her wine and tried unsuccessfully to keep her mind clear. “It's been too long...”

Not wanting to disturb her, Xena remained standing in the shadows, observing her lover. She noticed Rashia approaching Sierra's hut. Realizing that this young Amazon had that glow of longing for her Queen. Not another one...

I wonder if she's all right? Rashia took a deep breath, then walked up to the Queen's hut. She noticed her sitting on the roof of her hut, silently drinking her wine. Gods, she's so beautiful...ugh...I shouldn't think like this.

“Yes, Rashia?”

“ Queen, will you join us by the fire?” Rashia shyly inquired and added, “It's warmer there...”

Sierra took another sip and replied, “I realize that...” She glanced down at the young Amazon as a familiar vibe of attraction emitted from the lass. “Why do YOU want me there?”

Rashia was silenced by the question and glanced away from those dark eyes.

“Be honest...”

Rashia revealed, “My Queen, I would like your company...”

Sierra stared at her for a moment, then felt another's upon her. Xena... She finished her wine and expressed, “Very good...your words are true.”


Sierra leapt off the roof and landed a few paces from her. “I can see it in your bodily actions...little one,” she unveiled.

“I'm sorry if I offended you...” Rashia said, lowering her head.

“You didn't...” she shook her head, “I'm flattered though...” Sierra greeted toward the shadows, “Hello, Xena...”

“Xena?” Rashia gasped, turning around.

Xena stepped out from the shadows and greeted, “Rai...Rashia...”

“I...I...didn't mean...”

Xena gestured to her, “It's all right...I'm not going to hurt you.”

“Forgive me...”

Sierra suggested, “Rashia, why don't you fill these skins and meet us by the bonfire...”

Rashia nodded, “Yes, my Queen...” She took the skins and disappeared.

“My Queen...where's your shirt?”

Sierra glanced down at herself and shrugged, “Oh...I spilled some wine on me.” She turned and headed toward the celebration.

Xena walked along side her and enlightened, “It's getting a bit nipply...”

“Aye...” Sierra agreed and revealed, “I'm glad you noticed...”


Aphrodite appeared and glanced around for any sign of her brother. “ARES!” she called out to him, “Where are you...”

Discord appeared to her left and growled, “He's busy...can I take a message?”

“LIKE, no...” Aphrodite retorted and advised, “Why don't you go and fetch him for me.”

“LIKE fersure...miss bleached blond--”

Aphrodite growled, “At least it's real...”

“WHAT are you saying?”

Aphrodite calmly observing her nails and whispered, “Honey, your roots are showing... ”

“AHHHH!” she huffed and tackled Aphrodite.

“HEY!” Aphrodite shouted as they flew over a table and landed on the other side. “GET OFF!” she shouted with a swift kick to Discord's face.

“NOOO!!!” Discord yelled, landing hard on her back with a loud, “THUMP!”

Aphrodite rose to her feet and glanced down at herself. She noticed a rip in her favorite nightie and roared, “You HARLOT...”

Discord slowly got to her feet, “You cheap floozy!”

“THIS is totally UNFAIR!” Aphrodite gasped, “Is this like...pick on Aphrodite day?”

A ball of light was forming in her hand as Discord agreed, “You betcha...”

A ball of light appeared within her hand as well. “You want a piece of me?” Aphrodite taunted, “COME on, you S & M reject!”

“THAT DOES IT!” Discord shouted and threw the ball at her.

Aphrodite threw hers as well.

Another larger ball of light engulfed the two and disappeared. “ENOUGH!” Ares roared then, appeared between both of them.

“She started it!” whined Discord.

Aphrodite sighed, “Your such a flake...”

With a wave of his hand, “Okay,” turning to his sister, “What brings you here, Aphrodite?”

“Did you do something to Artemis?”

He replied, “No, why?”

“She's totally not acting like herself...”

“Why would I disrupt my daughter's-”

Discord chuckled, “Oh, the bonding thingy!”

“Because, you want to win her over...” Aphrodite flatly stated.

“True...” Ares nodded and revealed, “But, it's not me this time...”

“But who...” Aphrodite sighed and turned to his helper, “Discord...”


Aphrodite decreed, “Ares, you owe me one...”

“Fine...” Ares agreed as he glared over at Discord.

Discord took a step back as they came toward her and plead, “Guys...come on...I didn't mean--”


Ephiny stood on the edge of the clearing, enjoying a clear view of her sisters at play. She turned and stepped into the darkness.

Sierra was leaning against a log watching the flames engulfing the wood. She noticed that her sisters were laughing and enjoying each other's company. I wish I could be that carefree...

The Lore master, using her staff as a crutch, slowly walked by the Queen and sat down upon another large log. She brushed aside her long gray hair from her green eyes, glancing upon the next generation of Amazons. She remembered a time when she played the role of a younger, stronger one.

A few noticed the Lore master taking a seat and whispered amongst themselves, “Oh, here comes the fairy tales...” They chuckled and laughed at themselves, continuing to drink.

“Mind me little ones...every tale has been live by your Elders, Mothers, Aunts and Sisters,” the Lore master advised.

Two sisters got up and grumbled to each other, “Childish tales...”


I passed by them as I took another sip from my wine. Eponin instructed me to keep an eye on Xena and our Queen. My Queen seems to be in deep thought...almost sad.


Xena came back with two large bear hides. She walked up to her Lover and wrapped one around her.

“Thank you, hon...” Sierra said and informed her, “Your just in time to hear some tales...”

Xena wrapped hers around herself and sat down right behind her. “Oh, really...” she muttered and suggested, “Rai, lean back against me...”

Sierra leaned back and relaxed against Xena's chest. Noticing that something was missing and voiced, “Your--”

“I didn't think I would need it...”

Sierra grinned, “Good...”


I was startled by someone's hand upon my shoulder as I glanced up I noticed the most gorgeous emerald eyes I've ever seen. “Hello, my Queen...” I greeted.

“Hello, Faith...” Gabrielle replied, then asked, “Have you seen Ephiny?”

“She was talking with the Queen earlier...”

“This story began many of winters ago...” the Lore master revealed.

A few more Amazons got up and muttered under their breaths, “Tall tales...”

I watched them leave and noticed that Gabrielle was drawn into the Lore master's words. She sat up against a tree and took out a scroll, then began to write. This woman was so beautiful...I've stayed up late wondering if a creature like this would ever enter my world. I shook my head and tried to keep my mind free from the visions. I've got to focus...Xena... I glanced over at them, noticing that they were cuddling for warmth. I guess they're not breaking any's kind chilly now. They were whispering to each other. If I had learned to read lips. They seemed to be focused on each other.

I turned my attention back to the Lore master and her story.

“Along time ago, a warrior, named Natasha, was out on patrol. When she came upon a wounded woman, named Yenti, laying on the ground. This woman was barely alive to have noticed Natasha--”


Xena inhales deeply, the scent of her Lover and whispered, “I love the way you smell...” My hungers growing as my body reacts to your every breath you take. “Lover, I need to touch you...” she revealed.

Feeling the familiar hunger growing within her soul and suggested, “Close your eyes, hon...and listen to my voice.”

“All right...” Xena said as she did what she was told.

“We're both sitting on the beach watching the sun set and feeling the gentle breeze upon our skin.”

“Naked, right?” Xena enlightened. My heart skipped a beat at the vision that was before me.

“Of course...” Sierra affirmed and continued, “My lips gently kiss upon yours as our tongues explore one another. My hands roam over your bronze skin...”

“My kisses become more passionate as my hunger for you grows...” Xena revealed and illustrated, “My hand instinctively glides toward your breast as I outline it. It moves past your stomach and pauses on your inner thigh.”

She sighed at her touch, swallowing hard and continued on, “I open them whole-heartily as my fingers brush upon your hard nipples.”

Xena took a deep breath and illustrated, “My kisses grow harder and faster as my hand travels toward your inner self.” Her breaths become more rapid as she elaborated further, “I feel the heat erupting as my fingers come in contact with your sweet nectar.”

Sierra shivered, feeling the wetness grow between her legs, “Gods...” she groaned, “My hand trembles as it makes it's way toward your inner vessel...”

“No, Lover...” Xena whispered and revealed, “This ones on I nibble on your earlobe. My fingers spread your inner lips as they find my prize...” Feeling myself becoming moist and very aroused...



“In time, they became lovers. Natasha felt as though Yenti was keeping something from her. Yenti would never bring up her past, nor would she acknowledge it. This bothered Natasha deeply as nothing in her world mattered except for her sweet, sweet Yenti.”


It's very romantic... I took a swig and glanced over at my Queen. They seemed to enthralled in the story...envisioning the Lovers of the past. I turn toward Gabrielle's direction and sighed. This creature stopped writing and too, was enveloped within the story. “By the gods...” I whispered, “give me strength...”


“Yenti entered the forest late one night. She held her hands up to the heavens and called out to someone, “MOTHER!” She glance toward the starry sky and decreed, “I'm here...” she begged and fell to her knees, “Please, don't make me leave...”

“What?” Natasha said and continued to watch her from afar.

“You can not change what you really are, child...” a soft voice respond.

“But...I love her!” she revealed as tears fell from her dark eyes, “I don't want to go...”

“Child, I gave you what you desired the”

“But...” she whispered and realized that it was true. Yenti broke down and began to weep.

“At least you had one...” the voice decreed.

A bolt of light fell from the sky and engulf Yenti.

“NO!” shouted Natasha as she cried out, “YENTI!!!” She leapt out from her hiding place and ran toward her.

“NATASHA!!!” Yenti yelled and revealed, “I love you!”

“Please, don't go!” Natasha pleaded, “Yenti...”

"I am so sorry, Nat...” she gasped as her body began to transform.


Xena purred, “Yes?”

“I want to taste you...”

Xena grinned, “All in good time, index finger glides over and enters you. I feel your muscles tighten around my finger...”

The sensation of her touch, overwhelms all my senses. It feels so....real. Sierra gasped, licking her lips, then shuddered on contact.

“I go back to your nub and rub it gently at first, then faster. I stare at your beautiful face, watching you begin your journey.”

Sierra leaned back into Xena's chest as her breathing grow shallower.

“I kiss your exquisite breasts, then I lick a trail from them to your sensuous lips,” Xena revealed and decreed, “I must taste you...have you...give me all you have my Love.” My juices escape, down my inner thigh. She groaned, “Ahh...Rai...”

“By the gods...” Sierra in advertly placed her hand upon Xena's and squeezes. “I raise my leg up a bit...” she revealed, “for you to lean back, hon...”

Xena trembled as her body gave in too, struggling for breathes, she continued, “I...a...lean against...feeling you thigh rubbing against my...swollen nub...” A moan escaped from her lips. An inner eruption was taking place. “GODS...” she swallowed hard, “hold on, Rai...not...yet...”

Sierra reached her no turning back point she mumbled, “HUH?” My body shook and spasms at the vision.

“I...kiss your neck...feeling your into my loving touch...” she revealed as her breaths grew harder. I begin my journey toward ecstasy. “Babe...hold....on a bit longer...Love...” she advised.

“Xena?” Sierra gasped, “Your...driving me crazy...” She slowed her breathing a bit. I feel Xena's juices running down my thigh.

“I continue to rub and enter you...trying to take you further over the edge,” Xena continued, then reveals, “I'm almost there...I take your free hand and place it between my thighs.” I gasped, then quivered from the contact.

“I caress your very swollen nub...feeling the geyser about to erupt within you...”

Xena spasms and growled, “RAI...” taking deep breathes, “my body releases everything and I collapsing on top of you.”

“Xena...” Sierra sighed. My body continued to quake and spasm for a few moments.

“I hold you tight, not wanting this moment to leave...” Xena whispered, “I love you, so much...” The tremors in my body overwhelmed me...

“I wrap my arms around you,” Sierra expressed and whispered, “Xena, I love you...”


“Since then, Natasha waits and watches the sky for any sign of her Lover. One day she will leave this place and enter the heavens. She may even be a star, just like Yenti and be forever more a guardian,” the lore master revealed as she glanced into the sky. A lone tear fell upon her cheek, she quickly wiped it off and turned to the few that remained. “Thank you for listening to an old woman's tale...”

“That was very interesting tale,” Gabrielle acknowledged as she walked up to the lore master. “Here, let me help you up...” she advised and held out her hand.

“Thank you, my Queen...” she spoke, “Your so kind...”


I turned my attention toward my Queen and Xena. There seems to be a some kind of glow around them...hum...maybe it's love. I continue to stare at them as I finish my drink. Love...something I've never had the pleasure of--


“We have an admirer...”

Sierra looked up from the flames and noticed her. “I see...” she nodded, “I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.” A yawn overpowered her, then felt her body growing tired.

“I wore my Queen out...” Xena whispered, then got to her feet.

Sierra grinned, “You could say that...”

“My Queen, take my hand...”

“Why thank you...” Sierra said and took her hand.

Xena pulled her to her feet, “Your very welcome...”

“Medusa's tits!” Sierra growled, then wrapped the skin tighter around her, “It's colder than--”

Xena chuckled, then took her skin of her and placed it around Sierra. “Is that better?” she inquired as they continued to walk towards her Lover's hut.

“A bit...” sighed Sierra and asked, “What about--”

Xena hushed her and said, “I'll be fine...besides if I get sick, you can nurse me back to health...”

“That's a promise...”

Artemis appeared before them and roared, “GO to your hut!”

“I don't know what's wrong with you...” Sierra stated and enlightened, “but I don't have to take this anymore.”


Xena stepped forward and added, “NO, she won't.”

Artemis' eyes turned red with anger and growled, “STAY OUT of this...”

“Mother, please...” Sierra whispered, then put her hand upon her shoulder. She took a step toward her Mother and calmly informed, “Calm down, Mother--” A slap across the face, abruptly silenced Sierra.

“Don't ever tell me what I should do...”

Xena mumbled something, then attempted to pounce upon her. Until, a gesture from her Queen halted her in her tracks.

“Mother, I'm warning you...”

Artemis slapped her again and warned, “Don't ever take that tone with me!”

How dare you... Xena's muscles tensed up as her hands balled up into fists. Waiting for the signal from her Lover to pounce.

I tried to fight the anger, that grew inside me. I focused on the ground as if that would help me. I kept repeating, She's not herself...she's not herself...” I felt the anger slowly dissipating...

“I should have punished you more often as a child...” Artemis revealed and added, “You were a mistake--”

“YIYIYIYIYIYIYIYI!” Xena cried out, then leapt into the air towards the goddess. With a wave from her hand, Xena was thrown fifty feet back by unseen force. Artemis' eyes turned dark as she laughed, “Your no match--”

A red ball of light struck her in the chest and sent Artemis flying into the trees.

“Tartarus!” Xena growled as she got to her feet.

“Oh, but I am...” Sierra decreed as another ball of light formed within her hands.

Aphrodite appeared to Xena's right and uttered, “This isn't good...”

Xena turned to her, “Huh?”

“That's my little girl!” Ares cheered as he too appeared, holding Discord by the arm.

Discord grumbled, “Oh, brother...”

Xena looked over at her and mumbled, “What the?”

“Don't ever lay a hand on me or Xena again!” Sierra shouted and threw another ball of light towards Artemis.

Artemis dodged it just in time as it disintegrated a tree into a thousand tiny pieces. “How could you!” she growled, then slowly rose to her feet.

“That's easy, Mother...” Sierra replied as her eyes glowed fiery red, “I am part of you...”

Artemis pointed to her daughter as a bolt of light shot out. It struck Sierra in the chest and sent her flying back.

“NO!” Xena roared as she pulled out her sword.

Aphrodite placed her hand upon Xena's shoulder and said, “No, Xena...let us deal with this.”

“But...” Xena uttered, then growled as she impaled her sword into the ground.

“You know I'm right...” Aphrodite acknowledged and turned to her brother, “Lets get this over with...”

“'s getting good now!” Discord whined.

Sierra was blocking all of her Mother's blows with ease and delivering a few of her own. Artemis blocks them too and leg swiped her, which sent her daughter to the ground. Sierra leapt to her feet and flips back for some much needed space.

“Come on...” Ares grumbled and pulled Discord along.

Artemis kicked Sierra in the chest which sent her flying into Aphrodite's arms.

“I got ya, Cuttie...” Aphrodite said, then wrapped her arms tightly around her.

“NO!” Sierra yelled as she struggled to get free, “Let me go!”

“Good, Aphrodite...” Artemis chuckled, “Don't let her go...I need to teach her some discipline.”

“ARTEMIS!” Xena bellowed out.

Aphrodite shouted, “Artemis, Xena...NO!”

“Let me at her!” Sierra growled and lunged for her.

“Discord, do it...” Ares ordered, then grabbed Artemis from behind and held her close to him.

Artemis struggled, then grumbled, “Ares, you'll to pay for this!”

Aphrodite shouted, “Hurry!”

“All right!” Discord growled, then silently began to chant.

Artemis' eyes began to glowed as a field of light engulfed her and hurled Ares back. She pulled out her sword and charged toward them.

Xena grabbed her sword and cried out, “YIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYI!”

“Auntie, I want to help...” Sierra whispered and revealed, “Please, I don't want to hurt her either...”

“XENA, DON'T!” Aphrodite warned as she let her niece go.

Sierra unsheathed her sword and surged forward.

Aphrodite rushed Xena and tackled her to the ground.

Discord finished her chant as a green ball of light left her hands.

“What the--” Xena growled and notice the light.

Artemis' blade came down upon Sierra's. The green ball struck them both, creating a flash of light which blinded everyone for a moment.

“In the name of --,” Xena's eyes adjusted and noticed that they were gone.

“Discord...” Aphrodite called out.

“WHAT?” Discord replied.

Ares grumbled something under his breath as he dusted himself off.

Xena inquired and took a step toward her, “Where did they go?”

“YOU'D better fess up!” Aphrodite decreed, then grabbed Discord by her arms and shook her. “If you hurt my little...” she growled.

“GIRL...” Ares finished as he glared down at her.

“ALL RIGHT!” she shouted and revealed, “I sent them back to one of Artemis' fishing spots. That's where it all began...”

Ares advised, “Lets go...”


Artemis was holding her baby close to her. When she cried out, “What did she do to my baby?” Tears were streaming down her beautiful face, she begged, “I'm so sorry...little one, please forgive me. I didn't mean--.”

Sierra mumbled, “Mother...?”

“My baby!” she said and hugged her tighter, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I guess...I got a pounding headache thou...” Sierra revealed and sat up.

“Here let me get some water--”

“Nah, I'll get it...” Sierra said, then crawled over to the enchanted stream and took a much need sip. She stuck her whole head into the water to relieve the pain. She opened her eyes and noticed her reflection. It's me as a man...unshaven man... “WHAT IN TARTARUS!” she gasped and fell back.

“I don't know what happened...”

“I'm a MAN?” Sierra uttered as she leaned over and stared down at her reflection again, “HOW?” She touched her cheek and felt the new growth of a beard. This isn't happening... She glanced into her shirt and her breast were gone. In their place was well developed set of pec's and a washboard AB. “By the gods...” she sighed and realized something. She grabbed her crotch, felt a large bulge and roared, “THIS ISN'T FUNNY!”

“Honey, calm down...” Artemis assured her, “We need to figure out what to do.”

“My bonding ceremony is..” she muttered, then slammed her fist into the ground.

Artemis walked over to her daughter and placed a reassuring hand on Sierra's shoulder. “It's going to be alright...” she whispered.

Aphrodite, Discord, Ares and Xena all appeared behind them

Discord affirmed, “See, I told you...”

“ART?” Aphrodite called out and asked, “Is it really you?” She took some hesitant steps toward her sister.

“Aphrodite!” she called back as they embraced, “I'm so, so, sorry for treating you so badly. I don't know what came over me--”

“Don't worry sis...”

Xena noticed her Lover kneeling next to the stream and inquired, “Love, are you all right?”

Sierra's heart grew heavy as she stared at the male image of herself. Gods, Xena...she shouldn't see me like this... She lowered her face into her hands in utter hopelessness. “Hummm....sort of...” she whispered.

Xena took a few steps toward her and replied, “I can't hear you, sweetheart...”

Sierra rose to her feet and grumbled, “Well, there seems to be some complications...”

“What's wrong honey?” questioned Aphrodite.

Xena shook her head, “I don't understand...”

Ahhh....TARTARUS! Sierra took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Well, I'm seem to be a man...” she revealed, then turned around to face her. She silently stared at Xena and waited for her reaction.

Xena stared back at the male version of her wife and was utterly speechless.

Aphrodite gasped, “LIKE, oh my GOD...”

Discord revealed, “I never thought it would work....”

Aphrodite mumbled, “This isn't good...”

“DISCORD!” Ares bellowed out, then lunged for her.

Discord disappeared in a flash and decreed, “I'm outta here!”

Artemis stepped forward and affirmed, “She did this?”

Aphrodite nodded, “I'm afraid so...”

“DISCORD!” Ares roared and disappeared after her, “YOUR MINE!”

Sierra averted her eyes from the confusion in Xena's eyes. “I understand...” she acknowledged, then turned and walked away.

Xena spoke up, “Wait...”

Sierra stopped for a moment and glanced back, “It's all right...I need to be alone.” She continued into the dark forest and disappeared within it.

Xena noticed the hurt within her Lover's eyes and felt her heart break.

Artemis stated, “Discord's not that powerful...”

“I know...” Aphrodite agreed and suggested, “Maybe we should try and change her back.”

Artemis shook her head, “I've tried...”

“We can't leave her like this...” Xena affirmed.

“I know...” Artemis acknowledged and turned to her, “Xena, I'm sorry--”

Xena responded, “It's all right, Artemis...”

“Thank you...”

Aphrodite suggested, “We should find something to reverse this in Athena's library.”

“Xena, you can stay here as long as you want,” Artemis revealed and continued, “If you want to leave here, all you have to say is home. It'll take you back.”

“Thanks, Artemis...”

“Lets go sis...” Aphrodite gestured as she departed.

“All right...” Artemis replied, then disappeared.


“That was freakin' close...” sighed Discord as she appeared in a dimly lit study room. She ran her fingers over ancient book and slowly opened it. “Let's see what else I can do...” she purred.


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