Night Moves

by Ponyhead


Xena's thought's drifted. She was alone once again in her own silence and visual
nightmare. The bodies, the blood, the screams from innocent victims.

The trees were bare of their leaves. Dusk settled upon the land. The air was crisp.
It felt cold against her skin. Chills peirced through her body.

She felt a warm hand reach up and touch her on the knee. Unstartled, she glanced
down at her friend. "Xena, come lie down beside me, you've been standing there
for the longest time." "Oh,yeah guess I Have." Xena flashed a smile.

Gabrielle moved over to make room for her under the blanket. After much tossing
and turning, a comfortable position was found. Gabielle pulled the warrior
closer to her. Xena faced away from her.

Gabrielle really didn't like this position much. She felt that Xena wasn't really
listening to her when she talked.

" Xena what are you thinking about ?"
"Oh, things in the past and the hurt I caused."
"Do you want to talk about it?"
Gabrielle could see Xena's face that told her,her answer. "Of, course not."
muttered Gabrielle.

She moved away from her friend. Gabrielle had hoped Xena would say something
romantic and surprise her. She knew that would be few and far between....without
the right circumstances....almost impossible! Gabrielle pulled the blankets tighter
to her chest.

Xena turned over toward Gabielle. She pulled her to her. She slowly stroked
Gabrielle's theigh. The bard fought hard not to respond but was soon betrayed.
She was overtaken by the feeling building within her,she let out a sigh. She
raised up slightly to met Xena's hand.

"Just keeping my hand warm Gabrielle." Xena cracked a half smile and laughed.
Gabrielle grunted and hurriedly pulled the blankets off Xena. "Gabrielle, it was
a joke. I didn't mean it." The two tug-o-wared playfully with the blanket.

Xena sat on top of her, she was out of breath. She staddled Gabrielle's hips. She
leaned down and kissed her friend softly on the lips. "Oh, Alright." She offered
Xena the blanket again. They settled in to fight the cold air of the night.

Two Chakrams later......a noise in the leaves awoke Xena. Startled, she reached
for her sword. Her eyes serveyed the surrounding area. She did not see anyone
or hear anything move toward her.

"Must be an animal." said Gabrielle sleepily. "No,no I feel it." said Xena.
"Probably just the wind...ya know the wind does funny things in these parts....
why just yes...terday."
"Gabrielle! Please!." said Xena irritated. "I wonder how Valaska is getting
along.....such an evil spawn..." Xena rolled her eyes at Gabrielle.
Xena listened intensly for another sound,to no avail.

Half a Chakram later, deciding her friend was right she put the sword down.
She pulled the blanket high around herself, though it didn't make her feel
any more secure. Xena laid awake unable to rest.

Gabrielle felt warm. Xena's cold body startled Gabrielle awake.
Xena's hand found Gabrielle's waist and she pulled herself nearer to her. Xena
moved one leg up and staddled Gabrielle's theigh. She kissed her lightly on the

Xena whispered in her ear. "Let me go crazy on you."
Gabri-elle heard her and turned to face the woman she loved. They lie face to
face,staring into each other's eyes. Gabrielle inhaled deeply. Xena's lips
brushed hers ever so slightly. She shuttered and licked her ups awaiting for

Gabrielle placed her hands on Xena's shoulders and drew her closer to her.
Xena rolled over on top of her,her breath ragged and palse racing. Gabrielle
tilted her head back and exposed her neck. "I know exactly what you need."

Xena gladly accepted her offer. She devoured her neck with passion. Gabrielle
felt the tingle run from her spine to her center. She was so aroused by this
woman that she orgasmed as Xena slurped the blood from her neck.

With each beat of her heart Xena felt her own passion swell to boiling point.
She sucked her lover's neck and she brought herself pleasure. She rubbed her
liquid soft center onto Gabrielle's leg. It took only seconds to reach her final
explosion point. Her body stiffened and she released her teeth from her lover's
neck. She collasped in a pool of weiryness and exilleration.

"I love you Xena."
"I love you too!"
"What do you love me for Xena?"
"I love you for keeping me alive with your sweet flowing love, Gabrielle."
"Xena that's the most romantic thing you've said to me all day."

Xena smiled. Brightness shines through the window of her ever beating heart.
Dawn breaks and brings forth the promise of a new day.


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