No Title

by BS Barber

This has no title, it has no names. If you feel the need to add them, be my guest. We all have our own dreams. If you would like to make comments, just don't melt my system, and I won't melt yours.

Are you the one? To hear my tales and understand. That I can show myself to without fear.

I have seen my dark side - come face to face with it, in the blackest part of the night, with no-one there to protect me - or save me.

I've seen it staring from the mirror - my eyes, my face, my soul. I know what it is, what it can do, what I have done.

One hand reaches to push your innocence away, to save you somehow. The other reaches to draw you near, to share the pain, and the hunger.

For my past is what has made me as I am. My choices were my punishment, for what sins, I was never sure.

My scars tell the story of my life, each a reminder of a mistake I will not make again. A tapestry of love and hate, of pain and bliss. Memories that wake me screaming in the night. Or sobbing at the loss of a rare beauty.

If I had not seen the darkness in my heart, would I have known the light for
what it truly was?

Are you my savior?

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