Of Karma, Kismet, and Finding the Way

by Rescuewarrior

For disclaimers, see part 1

Part Six

The two women stood staring at each other for long moments. Each now placing where they had seen each other the day before. A quiet, unspoken, curiosity that accompanied the silence, as each stood frozen in time. Blake held the doorknob firmly, and fixed her eyes on the clear deep blue ones. To be honest she was scared to blink, lest the vision before her be gone in the millisecond it would take to clear her line of sight. An oddly ironic smile graced the corner of her lips as she realized her search was now over. Her warrior had found her.
Chase's eyes had widened with recognition the second the woman had come into view. 'What did he say her name was again?' She struggled internally, her brain trying to convey her surroundings and her heart and her soul fighting to take what they instantly perceived as theirs. She noticed a slight smile on the face of the other woman and returned one in kind. She could look into those eyes for eternity. A quiet clearing of a throat, brought Chase and Blake back to the present time. Blake shook her head slightly and looked to Ray, her brows raised in silent question. “Detective Hunter is here from Virginia, she wanted to talk to you about that parchment paper I bought for you last year.” He then looked to Chase. “You two know each other from somewhere”?
Chase looked to Ray, a slightly confused look graced her beautiful features and she shook her head slightly. “Umm, no….I saw…..we saw…err well…” She shrugged, and grinned sheepishly. How do you explain to someone that this is the woman you dream about every night in sleep and then you see her in an airport and can't get her out of your head? Who writes love letters of a search on parchment that's as heavy as the feelings she has in her heart?
Blake was thankful at least that the detective's explanation had been better than the one she would have come up with, had the question been addressed to her. She nodded a silent thank you to the detective and then turned to Ray. “I guess you two are looking for some answers?”
Ray took this to mean that he wasn't going to get an explanation for the 'It's you.' comment, and nodded towards the other chair in front of his desk. “Yes, it seems that the parchment has ended up in the Norfolk area, and they traced it back to me. Detective Hunter is looking for a connection with a serial killer case there.”
Blake's eyes widened with surprise, and more than a little fear, as she replied. “A serial killer?”
Chase, after finally finding her voice again, decided to try locution again. “Yes, we are currently searching for connections to a group of killings in Virginia.”
Blake noticed the slight twinges of a southern accent in the detective's pleasantly contralto voice. She took the seat, offered to her by Raynor and looked expectantly at the detective. “What do my letters have to do with the killings?”
Chase tried to ignore the butterflies created by the proximal location of the young author next to her. After all this time, wondering what the woman who wrote the letters would look like, she was pleasantly shocked to find that she was indeed a true vision of beauty. She looked at the oval face, and slightly upturned nose and found herself wondering what it would be like to kiss that very nose. Huh? Earth to Chase? Hello? Chase, serial killer, letters, author, business. You can play kiss that body part later…….hello. Chase shook her head in a tiny gesture as to not draw attention to her head clearing activity. “One of you letters was found with the last victim, ma'am. We are following up on all leads; this was the first time we had a break in this case. So here I am.”
Blake paled slightly at the thought of one of her letters turning up with a dead woman's body. She felt goose flesh appear on her arms and couldn't stop the slight shiver that rolled up her spine. “You're here because one of my letters was found with a woman's body?” She repeated.
Chase noticed the slight pallor to the author's skin and then saw the tremor run through her body. She turned in the chair so she could face the young woman and nodded her head gravely. “I'm sorry Miss Hudson, but you are the only link we have to this killer right now. The letter was found with the last victim, about three days ago. This is the first real break we've had on this case.”
Blake blinked suddenly realizing that if a detective from Virginia were here, they had to think there was a substantial link with her letters. She had been hiding from a stalker for several months and there were people getting killed because of the letters she'd thrown into the ocean. Tears welled in her eyes as the seriousness of the situation she had caused weighed heavily on her shoulders.
Raynor, ever prompt to fill every need, stepped quickly around the desk with a tissue in hand. He laid a supportive hand on Blake's shoulder as he looked to Chase. “Perhaps you should tell us more about this case detective.”
Chase nodded and offered her hand to the young author. It was a gesture meant only to give comfort. However, the tingling sensation that traveled up her arm when their hands met had very little to do with comfort at all. Blake took the offered hand and squeezed lightly in gratitude, and noticed the same tingle. She tried in vain to ignore the sensation as Chase spoke. “About ten months ago, a woman was found on the beach dead. At the time, we thought we had a random rape and murder case. Then a month later there was another one. Until recently, there had been one a month. This time our perp waited only two weeks between killings. We've had no other leads in this case. Until now.” She added the last part quietly, and making direct eye contact with Blake.
“So you think the letter is the link?” Blake asked the question quietly.
Chase thought about it momentarily. If her and Abby's suspicions were right, the letter was one hell of a link. The fact that the woman described in the letters was a carbon copy of Blake Hudson made her think they were right on track. She looked at Ray, still holding Blake's shoulder, then back to Blake. “After seeing you,” she stated confidently, “I'm certain of it”.
“Why do you think the letter is the link?” The question, though asked by Ray was the same one on the mind of the young author as well.
She looked at Blake then at Ray, “The letters were very detailed as far as body type and builds. The details included sizes, hair color, eye color, and skin tone.” She paused momentarily, waiting for Ray to catch up, Blake already knew about the prose. “You are a dead ringer for the woman in the letters, and we think our killer is probably a dead ringer for warrior you wrote about in those letters.”
Blake took this moment to speak up. “Well, that's where you're wrong at detective.” Then noticing the confused look on Ray's face she looked at him sympathetically. “I'm sorry Ray, would you excuse us for a few minutes? Please?”
Ray looked from Blake to Chase, then back to Blake. After a moment of clear hesitation he silently nodded and took his leave from the room.
The click of the door echoed in the large office and Blake suddenly found herself alone with the woman of her dreams. She looked around nervously as she wrung her hands together. Then looking back and meeting the clear cerulean gaze of Chase Hunter, she decided to take a chance. “You are wrong about the dead ringer thing detective Hunter.” She began nervously. “You are wrong because YOU are the dead ringer for the warrior in those letters. The one I see every night in my sleep,” she laughed harshly, “Hell, half of the time I see you in the daylight as well.” Her face instantly turned a deep rich rose color that proceeded over half of her neck.
Chase could feel her own blush at the author's confession. “I know.” She said softly. Then noticing the look of confusion on Blake's face she explained. “I see you too. I think I knew who you were at the airport yesterday. But when your girlfriend showed up, I didn't know what to do, so I left.”
Blake could feel her jaw drop open as she tried to comprehend what the detective had said. “My girlfriend?” Then the realization hit her, “Oh my god. You mean Brigitte.” She waited for the detective to nod in affirmation before beginning to laugh. She closed her eyes against the tears that fell from her eyes as she continued to laugh.
Chase was truly confused now. She looked at the younger woman who rocked back and forth in her chair wiping tears away as she continued to laugh. “Is something I said funny?” She asked, finally frustrated with not being in on the joke.
Blake finished wiping her tears as she turned to look at the detective again. “Oh my. Woooo. Sorry about that.” She took a deep breath and continued. “I love Brigitte to death but not because she's my girlfriend. She's my little sister.”
Chase caught on immediately and began to laugh in relief as much as in embarrassment. “Oh I get it. She's your sister?”
“Yep, she is.” Blake confirmed. “Although she did tell me last night that she wouldn't be embarrassed to be my girlfriend if she was not my sister and if she weren't straight.”
Chase smiled again as the laughter died down. “I get it now. Thank you for clarifying.”
“No problem at all.” Blake waved her hand in front of Chase as if to wipe away any misunderstanding. Then she turned more serious. “Listen, I really want to know more about these killings and more about what I can do to help. But I'm here for an editing of my new book. They've already gotten started, so I need to go see what else needs hammered out. I'd also very much like to see you again.” She added the last part softly and in such a sincere way that Chase had to remind herself to breathe. She waited patiently for Chase to respond.
Chase finally caught her breath and focused on the woman in front of her. “Umm, I'd like that too. I do have other questions for you about the letters. I'm staying here in Manhattan at the Hyatt. I could go down there take care of some other business and meet you back here if you'd like?”
Blake blinked, “Did you say the Hyatt?” She waited for Chase to nod her affirmation and then continued. “Umm, actually Brigitte and I are at the Hyatt too. I could just call you when we get done here?”
“That'd be great.” Chase agreed, “I'll see you later then?” She asked as she stood from the chair and extended her hand for the young woman. As she helped Blake up from the chair she noticed the tingles that seemed to flow up her arm again. Blake rose with her and they walked toward the door together. As the door opened up a fiery redhead nearly fell into the office.

Brigitte had been standing outside the door ever since Raynor had come back to the meeting without her sister. He brought her to his office and told her she could wait in one of the chairs. Instead she had tried vainly to listen to the conversation inside. When the door suddenly opened she found herself just a little over extended and got a close up view of what she'd been trying to see.
“Brigitte?” Both women said at the same time. Then they looked at each other to see why each knew the woman. “You know her?” They asked each other in unison.
Blake laughed again as she nodded her head. “Yeah, this is my kid sister Brigitte.” Then looking up at Chase she asked, “How do you know her?”
Brigitte had managed to compose herself slightly and stepped forward to engulf Chase in a hug. “Nice to see you again detective. Did you find what you were looking for?” She asked with a wicked gleam in her eye.
Chase returned the hug and let Brigitte go. “I did. But it seems what I was looking for was your sister.”
Brigitte squealed with delight as she clapped her hands together. She turned her attention to Blake momentarily. “Ha! You shoulda come to the bar with me last night sis. Look what you missed.” Then she splayed her arms out to show off Chase like a model on The Price is Right.
Blake, continuing to roll with the roller coaster day, just nodded tiredly. “So you two met at the bar last night?”
“Ayup.” Both replied in unison.
“Well, I truly do feel left out then.” Blake acquiesced.
Chase nodded and Brigitte crossed her arms smugly over her chest. “Told ya sis.”
“Yes, you did. I'm going to get back to my meeting then.” Turning to Chase she asked, “Would you like me to call you when I get back to the hotel?”
Chase smiled and gave Blake a card with her name on it. “I'm in room 1634.” She watched as Blake scribbled the number on the back of the card and turned to Brigitte. “I'm off, what are you planning on doing for the rest of the day?”
Brigitte immediately formed a pout on her face as she replied. “Jeremy is gonna be working with you all day. So I'm kinda all alone.” She continued to pout and to look from Blake to Chase with big sad eyes and extending her lower lip out farther than necessary to enhance her pouting.
Chase, deciding the young woman indeed felt in need of a rescue, intervened. “How about you come with me today?”
Blake's eyes widened in surprise at the offer, she looked to Brigitte, whose lip had miraculously shrunk in size. “Really Chase?” She asked.
Chase looked to Blake who still looked slightly surprised, “If it's okay with your sister, it's okay with me. Blake?”
Blake nodded meekly at Brigitte's obvious excitement. “Sure, if you don't mind having her tag along with you all day. I'm not sure how long this will take, but I think Ray's got afternoon appointments. I'll catch up with you both at the hotel.”
Brigitte clapped her hands together in glee as she squealed. “Good, sounds like a plan. See ya later sis.” She said hastily as she grabbed Chase's arm and quickly pulled her from the office. Chase merely shrugged and waved slightly as she winked at Blake. Blake smiled as her younger sibling drug the tall detective down the hall to the waiting elevator bank.
Trying to shake off the feeling of jealousy that had taken a grip on her heart, Blake shook her head and walked down the hall to the conference room. She'd have her time with Chase tonight. Oh yeah, Detective Hunter. You are mine this evening. A smirk took up residence on her face as she began to form a plan to ditch her little sister for the evening. As she entered the room, she found Jeremy pounding away on a laptop computer and pulling up piles of printed sheets, scowling at not finding his quest. “Oh Jeremy?” She asked in her sweetest voice. When the young editor looked up he saw the most sickeningly sweet look he'd ever seen on Blake's face. And it made him nervous as hell. He swallowed audibly before replying. “Yeah?” Blake leaned down until her hands resting on either side of him on the chair, her face inches from his. "What are you doing tonight?” She purred.

Meanwhile, Chase and Brigitte were out taking Manhattan. Chase had stopped by the hotel and talked to Travino, then called Abby at Quantico. After talking with both, her mind began forming a plan of her own. She got both to agree to send extra information on the case, since most everything was on hard drive; the download to Chase's e-mail had been relatively quick. After that she had turned herself over to Brigitte, who had willingly taken the lead.
Chase was sure they'd been to every boutique, clothing store, and specialty shop and accessory shop in Manhattan. And there was a hell of a lot of them. They had grabbed a bite to eat in a small bistro just north of the hotel and Brigitte had been on full speed from then on out. Now several hours later, Chase was getting tired. Her feet hurt, her back hurt hell her wallet hurt and she hadn't spent a dime in this godforsaken city. With arms loaded with packages from every place you could think of, they wandered back into the hotel lobby. Chase was exhausted and thirsty and Brigitte was bubbling with energy regarding the soon to be trial run of her new purchases. As they finally reached the concierge's desk, they were relieved of their burdens by a bellhop. They rode the elevator up to the fourteenth floor, where Chase and Blake were staying. The bellhop made quick work of depositing Brigitte's purchases near the chair, then turned and took his tip from her and quietly exited the room.
Chase looked at the accumulated wares from the day and sighed loudly. Looking from Brigitte to the packages, she groaned. “Please tell me your sister doesn't shop like you.”
Brigitte giggled as she began rifling through bags, “Nope, she hates to shop.” Looking up to Chase from her spot on the floor she added. “Blake knows what she wants, she goes to the place she knows has it, finds her size and leaves. The whole shopping experience with Blake is mundane and boring.”
“Thank Goodness!” Chase exclaimed as she fell backwards on the bed nearest her. She stretched and moaned slightly as she felt her spine crack in protest. “Oh, that felt good.” She closed her eyes briefly and listened to the silence of the room that was occasionally interrupted by Brigitte's mining for treasures in their paper-concealed treasure chests. Chase finally lifted her head when a triumphant, 'Ah ha' was heard coming from the younger woman. “Ah ha what?” She asked.
Brigitte turned to her tall horizontal companion and smiled. “I found what I was looking for.” Then holding up an elegant cream colored silk blouse and a rust colored skirt she looked in the mirror. “Do you think this will get Jeremy's attention?” She made the same pouting face she had on earlier in the day when Chase gave in to take her with her.
Although she had no idea who this Jeremy was, she instantly felt sorry for him if he was going to have to look at that pout at all in his lifetime. Deciding this probably wasn't the best thing to tell Brigitte, Chase merely shrugged in reply. “I think it will turn heads. I don't know who Jeremy is, but if he doesn't notice you in that skirt, he doesn't deserve the time it took to put it on.”
Brigitte looked down in the mirror, her eyes meeting Chase's blue ones in the glass. “Thank you Chase, that was sweet.” Then she turned quickly and raced into the bathroom to try the outfit on. “I'll be right back.” She exclaimed as the door closed.
“Take your time.” Chase yelled to the door. She closed her eyes and placed her hands behind her head. Soon she was dozing off, enjoying a colorful fantasy that involved Blake Hudson, her, a bottle of whip cream and a bowl of strawberries. A blissful smile graced her face as she slept on Blake's bed.

It was nearly six o'clock before Blake used the card key to open the hotel room door. She realized that while sober, the door opened much easier. At this particular moment in time though the only thing she wanted to think about was a long bath, a cold drink, and Chase Hunter. The day had been distracting to say the least, but progress had been made and the final cuts should be completed by tomorrow. Jeremy said he'd be at the hotel lobby around seven thirty to meet with them for dinner. Now all she had to do was get a quick bath, call Chase and get Brigitte ready to go to dinner. As she entered the room, she noticed a pair of leather loafers attached to an extremely long pair of legs stretched out on her bed. Brigitte looked up from a chair in the corner and immediately placed a finger to her mouth indicating Blake should be quiet. Blake nodded mutely and proceeded into the room and immediately felt her heart swell. Stretched out on her bed was Chase, sleeping soundly. Blake took in the length of khaki material that covered incredibly long legs. Sweet Jesus, she's got legs clear up to her ass. She continued to survey the detective in silence as Brigitte smiled knowingly. Green eyes traveled the length of the legs across a taught silk covered torso, pausing slightly to appreciate the gentle swell of Chase's breasts. Then she continued her inspection up to the chiseled face and high cheekbones. Bronze skin with an olive hue looked incredibly dark in the dim lighting of the hotel room. Blake found herself wanting to sink onto the bed next the detective and stay there forever.
She tore her eyes away from the goddess on the bed and looked to Brigitte with a raised eyebrow. Brigitte merely shrugged and whispered, “She's not a die hard shopper. What can I say?”
Blake smiled, then looked sympathetically at Chase. She'd been on a couple of 'shop til ya drop' marathons with Brigitte. Blake could truly understand Chase's exhaustion. If she were to rank experiences for not to do over, shopping with Brigitte would rank right up there with root canals and pap smears. Feeling quite weary herself, she looked back to Brigitte, “She gonna be up for dinner?”
Brigitte got up from her chair and walked up to her sister, she smirked as replied, “She'll be up for dinner and anything else you have planned tonight sis. As long as it entails spending time with you, she'll be fine.” Her smirk became wider as she watched Blake blush furiously. “You wanna wake her up, or shall I?”
Blake frowned at the thought of her sister touching her warrior. “I'll do it. Jeremy will be here in about an hour or so to meet us for dinner.” That should get rid of her. True to form, Brigitte squealed and ran into the bathroom to get ready.

Chase stirred at the sound of familiar voices and forced open one cerulean orb to the sound of a squeal from Brigitte. Another lazy orb joined forces with the first at the sound of the bathroom door being slammed. She focused her eyes at the foot of the bed and noticed the subject of her dreams standing there looking at the bathroom door. She shifted her weight slightly and waited for the blonde to turn her attention to her.
As blue met green, an almost instantaneous bond formed, the two women smiled at one another. Chase scooted over slightly on the bed in invitation for Blake to sit down. As she sat down next to her, Chase looked at the beautiful face in front of her. “What time is it?”
Blake held her breath momentarily. The sound of Chase's voice, burred from lack of use during sleep, sent a tremor through her body. As she exhaled she looked at her watch, “It's a little after six.” She saw Chase nod in reply. “Guess Brigitte wore you out shopping, huh?”
A wry grin settled on Chase's finely chiseled features and a slow smirk appeared. “You knew it was going to be hell didn't you?”
Blake held her hands up feigning innocence. “I had no idea you were going to take her shopping.” She smiled down at Chase and asked evilly, “Weren't you ever in the military?”
Chase looked slightly puzzled, then shook her head no. “Why?”
Blake laughed and replied, “Rule number one in the military is 'Never volunteer'.”
Chase laughed with Blake at the joke and nodded her head in defeat. “I'm officially reformed.” She watched Blake's face for a few moments, relishing the sound of her laughter, secretly delighted that she could share in it. “How was your day?”
Blake's smile softened, “It was long and drawn out and it got a hell of a lot better about ten minutes ago. Thank you for asking.” She looked to the bathroom door then back to Chase and added. “I'd ask you how your day was, but finding you passed out from exhaustion on my bed tells me how your day went.”
Chase immediately went to sit up. “I'm sorry, would you like to lie down?”
Blake's smile turned slightly evil as she replied, “If I laid down now, I wouldn't get up. And the only way I'd want to lay down if it was with you.”
Chase blushed and Blake decided she immediately liked the effect it had on the quiet detective. As she quickly recovered her obvious discomfort, she replied softly, “Thank you.”
“You are positively adorable when you blush Detective.” Blake stated matter-of-factly. “And you are most welcome. I'm not usually this forward, but I feel so connected to you. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”
Chase was quick to reassure, “No, it's not that. It's just that, well, I'm kinda new at this. I haven't had a serious relationship with anyone for a long time. But I can tell you that the feeling of connection and attraction is mutual.”
“Good, I'm glad to hear that.” Blake decided. “Now, can I interest you in dinner with Brigitte, Jeremy and myself?”
Chase let out a huge groan, “As long as it doesn't include passing a mall, a boutique, or any other kind of shop, you're on Ms. Hudson.” She grinned slyly, “You could've warned me you know.”
Blake nodded as she pursed her lips in thought. “Yeah, but then I would have had to take her shopping. And that puts me in a really bad mood.”
Chase stood and crossed over in front of the author, “Well, we can't have you in a bad mood, now, can we?”
She was standing close enough that Blake could smell the spicy mix of a soft musk and leather. The combination was nearly enough to make the young author swoon. She leaned forward slightly, and felt her nostrils flare as they took the scent in and filed it to memory. She leaned back to her upright position as soon as she realized how foolish she must look. “Um, we've got about an hour before Jeremy gets here. Do you need to go get ready or anything?”
Chase merely nodded, then slowly passed by Blake as she moved to the hotel room door. “I'll go get a shower and check in at the office. I'll be back here within the hour.” As she turned toward the door, she looked back to Blake. The look of want in the woman's face was almost enough to make Chase want to go kiss her senseless. “Do I need to wear anything in particular?”
How about nothing? Blake thought to herself, instead she replied. “No, we're going casual, well Brig probably won't. But I'm wearing dress slacks and a blouse. I've been dressed up all day. I'm going for comfort tonight.”
Chase nodded silently and took her leave.

Brigitte emerged from the bathroom, clad in only a towel, she marched over to her new purchases and began choosing and eliminating outfits quickly. She had been talking for a full minute before Blake tore her eyes away from the closed door and acknowledged her sibling.
“Yo, earth to Blake?”
“What?” She turned dazedly to her sister.
Brigitte smirked knowingly. Maybe she would have some private time with Jeremy this evening after all. “What's on your mind sis?” She teased lightly. “Tall, dark and gorgeous?”
Blake made a face at Brigitte and turned to the bathroom. “None of your business.” With that she entered the bathroom and proceeded to fill the tub with hot water for a short soak.

Fifty-five minutes later, there was a knock at their door. Chase and Jeremy had run into each other on the elevator and both stood waiting patiently for their perspective dates. Jeremy was dressed in a pair of navy Dockers, a rich blue oxford shirt and a yellow tie with navy polka dots on it. The outfit contrasted his fair skin well, and he looked slightly older than his twenty-three years.
Chase on the contrary was dressed in tight fitting black chinos, a white long sleeved silk shirt with a thin black bolo centered with a Celtic knot in it. The shirt contrasted perfectly with Chase's olive complexion and brought out the sharp blue of her eyes. She wore her hair in a loose braid to one side. A small belt made up of gold links, and simple diamond studs completed the ensemble. Brigitte blinked twice at the pair at the door and momentarily debated on which was the luckier Hudson. “Wow, you two look fantastic.”
Jeremy let a relived sigh pass his lips and Chase merely smirked at the young man. Amateur. She thought to herself. She was thinking about telling him so when Blake appeared in the doorway. Oh my god. Chase thought as her eyes widened.
Blake was dressed in a casual pair of khakis and had a hunter green silk blouse that was loose at the sleeve cuffs. The top three buttons of the shirt were undone, allowing a teasing hint of the full bosom hidden therein. Her hands were bare of decoration, and a small pair of gold hoops graced petite earlobes, and a thin gold chain hung loosely at her neck. Breathe Chase, breathe. Her mind ordered softly. Her body responded to the command and she felt herself exhale. She allowed herself to make eye contact with verdant depths, made darker with the color of the blouse, and smiled gently. “You look wonderful.”
Blake opened her mouth to reply but was cut off by Brigitte's instant interjection. “Hey. What about me?”
Jeremy stepped up and extended his arm in invitation. “You look positively radiant.” He stated smoothly.
If it hadn't been for the thin layer of perspiration on his upper lip, Chase would have thought the kid was a professional charmer. She smiled in kind and agreed with his assessment of Brigitte's attire. “You both look radiant.” Then she turned her eyes back to Blake, “Are you ready for dinner?”
Blake's eyes darkened slightly and she nodded. As she and Brigitte went back into the room for their purses, Blake said under her breath. “How about dessert first.”
Brigitte stifled a giggle and shoved her sister back toward the door. The foursome left the hotel for dinner.

Dinner was a wonderful affair. The food was wonderful, and the company, just as good. Chase could honestly not remember the last time she'd had such a wonderful time. She sat next to Blake at the table and had thoroughly enjoyed the proximity of the young woman. At about nine thirty a band took the small stage, Brigitte was excited as they began playing a moderate dance tune. She looked at Jeremy with her famous pout and the guy was had. “Would you like to dance?” Brigitte smiled almost shyly as she nodded in the affirmative. Chase tried not to laugh as Blake rolled her eyes at her sister's behavior. As the two took their leave from the table, Blake scooted her chair over closer to the detective's so that she could talk to her.
Chase looked around the restaurant and smiled at Blake. “I'd ask you to dance, but I don't think I can do that with you here.”
Blake blushed and smiled as she lowered her head. “I was just thinking the same thing.”
“Would you like to go someplace else?”
Blake paused momentarily to process the invitation. She honestly hadn't thought the detective would be comfortable with any sort of public display of affection, but after seeing the way her eyes had darkened at the mention of leaving she turned around looking for their waiter. Ever prompt, the young man appeared and Blake politely asked for the check.
Jeremy and Brigitte returned to the table at the end of the song. As they sat down, Blake informed them that she and Chase were leaving. “If you two want to go someplace else, there's a nice little dance bar about three blocks over.”
Brigitte smirked at her sister and then turned to Jeremy. “How about it Jeremy?” She leaned over the table closer to him, exposing a close up view of her cleavage.
Chase smirked again at the young man as she heard his audible gulp. She leaned over toward him and whispered, “Careful, kid, she's liable to kill you.”
Jeremy swallowed again, and took a sip of his water as he stood from the table. Leaning back towards Chase he smiled wickedly, “Yeah, but what a way to go.”
Chase and Blake both laughed as Brigitte grabbed the young man's hand and they took their leave. As Blake signed the check, Chase stood and helped her out of her chair. “Are you ready to go?”
Looking up into stormy blue depths, it was now Blake's turn to swallow. “Absolutely.” She replied with more confidence than she felt. Chase took her elbow and gently guided her out of the restaurant. As they exited out onto the street, Chase looked down at the author. “Where would you like to go?”
Blake tipped her head back and looked at the reticent detective. Making up her mind that she needed to get to know this woman better she took a deep breath and said, “Let's go back to the hotel.”
Chase felt the air forced from her lungs with Blake's words. Surely, she didn't hear her. She shook her head and looked down into green eyes, now dark with desire. She searched for long moments for any sign of hesitation. After seeing nothing but trust and desire in those verdant depths, Chase nodded slowly and hailed a cab.

To be continued….

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