Passions Fulfilled

By D. Virtue

Disclaimers: This is an alternative story. So if you aren't at least 18 years of age, go away! Come back when you are old enough! This piece would come under the heading of: Plot? What plot? It is purely for entertainment purposes and is not related to any of my other stories.

"Amy I have been VERY patient with you. I have waited long enough! When I return this evening I will have you, do you understand?"


"Good. Then I will see you this evening, oh...and I expect to be met at the door with you either nude, or only wearing a robe. Clear?"


"But what?"

"But what if someone stops by during the day, and especially just before you get home?"

"During the day, when I am not here, you may wear whatever you want. But when it is near time for me to walk in this door, I expect to be greeted the way I just told you. I wonít except any excuses. You understand?"

Elizabeth watched Amy struggle to accept her role in their relationship, despite Amy ís objections. But she knew just as Elizabeth did that she didnít have a chance to succeed in any physical confrontations against Liz. She was taller, much stronger and she had specialized training in warfare to back up her confident behavior and manners. For some reason Amy was drawn to the woman like a moth to a flame.

Amy and Elizabeth had met when Liz stepped in and handled a disrespectful mechanic who was giving all of the clients a hard time about their complaints. So when Amyís turn came she told the man that her car still seemed to be making the same scraping sound whenever she went over any type of bump, he told her it was probably just the way she drove.

" is not how I drive, it is the fact that it was not fixed like you said it replaced the shocks in the front, which I didnít think needed to be, but I figured since you;re supposed to be the professional and I donít know anything about cars except for taking them in for annual maintenance, then you knew what the problem was...or at least, I thought you knew what you were talking about."

"It was the shocks!"

"It obviously was not."

"You donít know what you're talking about, but if you want to bring it back in I will check it out and then repair whatever it is that I find.""Youíve got to be kidding? You think I am going to pay twice for your mistake or misdiagnosis?"

"Well Iím not going to do it for free!"

"I want my car fixed."

"And it will get fixed when you bring it in and pay for any and all repairs."

"I donít believe you."

"Believe it baby...why donít you just leave the car stuff to us who know and weíll leave the having babies to cuties like you." The man stated condescendingly.

Amy flinched at the statement, and just as she was about to say something else, a woman stepped up to the counter and began dealing with the disrespectful man.

She stood towering over him looking down at the chubby cheeked man.

"Now I am only going to say this once, and then Iíll take it up with your boss and have your condescending short ass fired so fast it will make your head spin. You will repair this womanís car, since it was your mistake, and you will NOT charge her a second time, and just to let you know...I just happen to have friends in the Attorney Generalís office who specifically deal in fraud, and what you are attempting to do is to defraud this young woman as you have already done with the other women whom I have stood and watched you cheat. You wonít cheat her. So...I suggest you do as your policy on the wall states..."customer satisfaction guaranteed, or weíll make any and all repairs at our expense." Well, sheís not satisfied, so...make the repairs!" The woman levelled a gaze on him that made him so nervous he went to stack some papers and instead dropped them to the floor. After he had picked them up he stood up and looked at the woman who had not taken her eyes off of him, and then he nervously shifted them to the younger woman who had up to that point not taken her eyes off of the tall woman, and then she looked at him. Both were stunned and speechless.

"Fine. Bring your car in tomorrow and I will make the repairs."

"At NO expense!"

"Yes! No cost."

"Good boy. " The woman said giving a pat to the manís cheek as if he were a child that had just been scolded.

"Ok." The young woman replied, and then finished her dealings with the man and then turned to address the tall woman who towered over her 5í5" slim built frame.

The woman had stepped away from the business area of the desk so as to let the other customers proceed with their business. Amy had stepped over to her, and with a somewhat shy, yet curious glance at the woman, she cleared her throat to speak to her.

"Um...thank you. I appreciated that...although it really wasnít necessary, I was about to tell him about the policy as well before you stepped in. But...I must say I am...well...impressed with how you handled him. "

The woman studied the younger woman not realizing she was not much younger than herself, but she looked all of 20. Amy stood uneasily under the womanís bold gaze, and then finally Elizabeth spoke to her.

"You're welcome. I saw a damsel in distress and I couldnít allow it to continue."

Amy blushed at the womanís reference, and lowered her eyes slightly. The woman stood watching Amy and smirked at the response. It was then that she made her move.

"Join me for lunch." Elizabeth stated. It was more of a demand than a request.

"Well I..."

"No, no excuses. It is the least you can do to show your appreciation for my help."

"Ok." Amy said quietly, as she glanced up at the womanís piercing blue eyes.

"Great! Give me the key to your car."

"What? Why?" Amy asked her brows knitting in confusion.

"Just give it to me. Amy handed her keys to the woman, and told her which one was which. The woman took the extra key off of the ring and handed the others back to Amy , she then walked back to the business area of the desk and got the manís attention. "Start on it today. Now."

"But maíam I have..." The words died in the manís throat when the woman levelled a look on him. He took the key and told her it would be ready by the evening."

"Very good." The woman then turned and walked back over to the open mouthed young woman and literally turned her and walked out with her arm over her shoulders as if she were the young womanís protector.

>From that day on...Amy and Elizabeth had been together. But they had yet to do anything more than kissing and some light petting. But...this evening, all of that was about to change. It had been months since Liz had been with anyone, and she was ready to make her claim on Amy.

"Iíll see you later. Remember, this evening you are mine. Completely. I will take you however I please, and you will accept it. " Elizabeth then turned and went to the waiting car and was gone.

The evening came quickly, and the very thing that Amy had said would happen, happened. Some friends of theirís had come over an hour before Elizabeth was to arrive home. But even so, Amy did remember to prepare herself for her return home. Their friends wondered why she had changed into her robe, but she evaded the question and eventually the conversation was focused to other things. Elizabeth ís car pulled up, but Amy did not hear it due to the laughter that was going on within the house. Elizabeth noticed all of the cars in the driveway and she cursed to herself as her temper was now about to make an appearance. It had been a long day and all she wanted to do was fuck Amy senseless.

She walked in the house and straight to the living room where she saw Amy engaged in conversation and laughter with the men and women who had come to visit them. Elizabeth noticed that Amy was at least wearing the robe, but she was very displeased at not having been met at the door.

"Aíhem." Elizabeth cleared her throat, thereby making her presence known.

Amy ís eyes were instantly captured by Elizabethís and she slowly stood up off of the edge of the armrest of the chair and began moving slowly towards the irritated looking woman, as she spoke to Liz.

"Oh, hi...I...I didnít hear you drive up." Amy offered. Nervously playing with one of the cuffs of her robe.

"Obviously." Was the simple yet meaningful reply.

"Oh...yes...well they came over about an hour ago to visit." Amy said noticing the irritated glance at all of the guests and then Liz's eyes once again locked on Amyís.

"Well then...since they have all visited, now they can all leave." Liz ís eyes never leaving Amyís, yet everyone in the room knew, to NOT do what Liz said meant having to try to deal with her temper. Each of them have already been down that road and didnít want to go again. There had been one confrontation with one of their guy friends. He thought he could man handle Liz, but, he found out soon enough after having his but kicked and his arm broken that she was not the one. Since that day everyone tried to avoid any and all confrontations with their friend.

"Yes, well we have to get going anyway." One of the guys said as he stood and was followed by the others.

"Good. You can see yourselves out. Amy and I have very important things to take care of...NOW!" Liz then grabbed Amy by her arm and physically pulled her out of the living room, and didnít let go until they were in the bedroom and Amy was naked and lying on the bed. "Stay there and DONíT move!" Liz turned went into the bathroom and after getting cleaned up from the day, she came out nude with a look of lust and all intentions of carrying out what she had thought about all day. Amy saw her intentions shining in her eyes, and it unsteadied her.

Liz sat on the bed, gestured for Amy to get up and come to her. Just as she came near, Liz pulled Amy over her lap and proceeded to lay 10 very painful swats to her behind. Amy struggled and cried, as she tried to get loose, only to fail due to Lizís strength. Liz held her across her lap without much effort and then when she finished, she allowed Amy to get up. With tears rolling down her face, Amy quickly moved away from Liz and went to sit, but found it a bad idea.

"Why did you do that?! Amy cried as tears rolled down her face.

"Because you didn't do what I had told you to do."

"I did so...I was in the robe like you told me to be!"

"Yes, but you didn't greet me at the door like you were supposed to, now did you? And all of our friends were over here, you knew what I had planned...they should not have been here."

"I told you they came over about an hour before you got home...time just got away from me." Amy protested.

" time you won't let it, now will you." Liz reasoned.

"Fine." Amy said finally giving up the argument, seeing how she didn't think she was going to win anyway.

"Of course it is, now come here." Liz ordered. Amy shook her head and looked away, but Liz was not in the mood for her pouting, so she told her again.

"Either you come here now, or I come and get you and I do it again."

Amy knew Liz was serious, so realizing she had no choice, she moved to where Liz now sat back on the bed waiting for her. Liz caught Amyís arm and pulled her to her and without any further words she began kissing her. She flipped Amy over so that she was now laying on her back and her overtop. She ravished Amy ís mouth and heard Amyís soft whimpering from what she was doing to her, and the fact that she knew Amyís behind was probably really hurting now that she was on her back on the bed. Liz brought her hands up to Amyís DD size breasts and she kneaded the ample bosoms in her hands and moaned when she slid her palms acrossed the erect nipples and Amy trembled in response to the touch. Liz lifted her lips away from Amyís and with heavily lidded eyes she kissed her way to Amyís ear and once there, after sucking and nipping at the lobe for a bit, she whispered... "I am going to burn you with my passion." With those words and Amyís resulting gasp and rapid increase in her breathing, Liz kissed and sucked her way down to Amyís breast, where she immediately sucked one of the taut tips into her mouth and began sucking with abandon. Amyís chest arched upwards responsively as she moaned from deep inside her throat. Liz was impassioned and she was needful of Amy. She was focused on nothing but the thorough enjoyment of Amyís body. Lizís other hand, in the meantime, had kneaded and caressed the other breast, then her fingers caught the tip and she could not help it...she pinched the tip between her fingers and Amyís breath caught in her throat at the duality of the sensation, both pain and pleasure. Liz heard Amy and she twirled and pulled at the other nipple that was within her finger's grasp, and then she bit down on the one that was in her mouth and Amy was now squirming from the impulses shooting through her body from the bite. Liz laid her body down on Amyís to hold her in place as she continue to ravish Amyís nipples. At times, Amy would cry out for Liz to let go, or at least ease up, but instead, Liz would respond by biting harder until Amy stopped trying to tell her what to do, and when she would stop. Liz would ease back on her pinching and pulling and biting on the now tender tips, and without realizing it, Amy was learning who was in charge once again in yet another arena of their life. Eventually after Amy had orgasmed a few times from just the manipulations to her breast, Liz finally moved the hand that was on the other breast, downward to Amyís very wet and ready slit. She allowed her fingers to enjoy the slickness of Amyís shaved womanhood.

A moan escaped Elizabethís lips despite them still feasting on the delectable nipple within her mouth. Amy was moaning almost continually as Liz explored her body, finding and stimulating to climax, every erogenous zone Amy didnít know she had.

Suddenly Lizís fingers moved to Amyís open flower, and using her knees between Amy ís already open legs, she spread them further. Amy now stiffened, and Liz felt it when she did. She raised her head up from Amyís very taut and tender nipple that Liz seemed to have taken to and just enjoyed being there during the exploration part of their lovemaking.

"Relax... I am just going to put two in first, and then Iíll go from there. With that she kissed Amyís neck and moved her head back to the nipple and Amy gasped at the reconnection of Lizís ravishing mouth upon her already tender nipples.

Liz then slid her fingers down and before Amy knew it, she slipped two of her long fingers deep inside of Amy, and Amyís body reacted to it as she gasped and subconsciously tried to pulled back, but Lizís weight held her in place, and soon Liz was thrusting with abandon and sheer pleasure into Amyís tight womanhood. Amyís mind went blank as her body responded to Liz ís fucking of her.

Liz was now moaning and talking more to herself than she was to Amy, as she thrust deep and then withdrew almost completely, only to thrust deeply again. Then without warning she added a third finger and Amyís body soon accepted and formed around the added addition. Liz, in the meantime, was completely enraptured in what she was doing and what she was hearing and receiving from Amy. The only thing was that Amy was distracting her with her own hands as they kneaded and caressed Lizís breasts, and then catching the nipples in her own fingers she repeated Lizís actions upon her own. And although it felt wonderful to Liz...she wanted to have Amy first, completely and undistracted. So she suddenly lifted her head up and using her arm that had been holding Amy around her tender behind, she caught Amyís hands, one at a time and with passioned filled eyes, she lifted them up and behind Amyís head.

"Keep them there!" She ordered breathlessly, and then immediately went back to what she was doing. Amyís eyes opened at the sudden stop, and the following order, and she went to bring them back down, only to have Liz give a swat to Amyís bare thigh, that sent the message to Amy to keep her hands where they had been placed. Amy, inspite of her breathing being labored and uneven, with intermittent gasps and moans and crying out due to a firm touch or bite by Liz...she took hold of the head rail and held onto it so Liz now had no distractions.

Liz unexpectedly let go of Amyís nipple when she felt Amy nearing another climax. This time she moved down and without warning she captured Amyís clit in her mouth and as if it were another nipple, she began sucking. First it was gentle, and as Amyís body shuddered she thought it would be alright to bring her hands down to caress Lizís head, and to hold on to some part of Liz so as not to feel like she was being consumed. But she found out that she was wrong. Liz laid another painful swat to Amyís thigh, never breaking her rhythm, yet making her point. Amyís hands flew back up to the rail as she both whimpered at not being able to touch Liz yet, and the pain of the swats to her thigh.

Liz continued to thrust and curl her fingers deep inside of Amy, and when she felt her climaxing, she pushed deeper inside to feel the core of Amyís orgasm, which only intensified the feeling and Amyís body shook uncontrollably as a result. Liz was in Nirvana. She was thoroughly enjoying Amy, and she had yet to feel the least bit tired, although she could tell from Amyís voice that she was exhausted. Her voice now hoarse, yet Liz didnít allow her rest...she was too needful still, so she hungrily feasted on Amyís womanhood, kissing and sucking the shaved soft lips into her mouth. Liz moaned her pleasure of it. Then her tongue would tease and tantilize Amyís throbbing clit, then slide down to where her fingers were still buried and pumping into Amyís soaked nature. She slipped her tongue deep inside, and proceed to feast from within Amyís flower. Amy tried weakly to get Liz to stop, only to have her increase her efforts, and before Amy knew it, she was once again thrown headlong over into Orgasmic dreamland...

Finally, Amy was allowed to catch her breath for a moment when Liz began licking around and between Amyís nether lips, clit, and open flower.

"Please.... Liz?" Amy pleaded weakly. Her arms now feeling like weighted stones, they laid weakly on the bed over her head. Her breathing labored and shallow. Her voice hoarse, from crying out...whether in esctasy or pleading, it was now gone for the most part.

But...despite Amyís plea, she only received one word from Liz. She crawled up Amyís hot flushed body and looking her straight in the eyes with focused meaning, she answered Amy.

"No." Amy whimpered and then she was suddenly turned over onto her belly.

"What..what are you doing?" Amy asked, hoarsely, her breathing now shaky, but less labored.

Liz didnít answer at first, instead, she leaned over and opening one of her bedside drawers she pulled out a rather large looking object. Amy could not tell what it was at first, but when Liz rubbed it against Amyís soaked womanhood, and then slowly inserted it into was large, and Amy groaned at the initial discomfort.. But soon her body adjusted to it and Liz began thrusting once again. She twirled and turned it within Amyís nature. Amy moaned and inhaled and exhaled sharply with each thrust. After a bit....her body stiffened and she again was washed over by her orgasm. Her body showing the whole effect through the shaking it did as she peaked. Once again she was limp from the experience.

Liz smiled a strange, yet curious smile, but Amy did not see it. Liz repositioned herself, and after putting a pillow underneath Amyís hips to elevate them upwards. Liz now sat between Amyís spread legs, one of her hands on Amyís back and she caressed along Amyís spine, leaving goosebumps in the wake of her provocative fingers. Meanwhile, Lizís other hand still held the phallus that she had just brought Amy to peak with. She pulled it slowly out of Amyís womanhood, and Amy groaned at the loss, but then Liz slowly brought it up to her rosebud. The moment Amy felt it on her virgin door, she tensed up. But she thought she would just be able to tell Liz that she didnít want that and that would be that. But, what Amy failed to remember was that Liz, had already told her her plans, which was to have ALL of her, the way she wanted to have her, and she was not one to change her mind. So...when Liz saw Amy tense up, she told her to relax.

"No Liz, I donít want to do that...itís going to hurt to much. Plus, I am already exhausted....arenít you tired yet??"

"No, not by a long shot, and we are going to do this...and now."

Amyís eyes went wide when she saw Liz meant it.

"Liz, I donít want to." Amy said now anxious as she felt the phallus once again against her rosebud. Her hands went to try to move it away, and when she felt it move from her rosebud she thought she was successful, but instead, Liz had simply put it down and taking first one, then the other of Amyís hands, put them underneath her so that she was now lying on them. Liz then went back to what she was doing. Amy struggled to free her hands from underneath herself, but found her weight plus that of Lizís would not allow her to. Amy tensed up and out of just reflective response, her rosebud tightened more also. But Liz had no intentions of not having all of Amy. She leaned forward over the struggling smaller womanís body and whispered in her ear yet again.

"I love you. I want to share this with you, please let me love all of you. You said I could...did you lie?"


"Then prove it." Liz interrupted.

"Thatís too big Liz, itíll hurt really bad." Amy now said with tears rolling down her face.

"Ok, I wonít use it for now." Liz felt Amyís body instantly relax. She put the phallus down, and using her finger, she first slid it along Amyís wet flower as she spoke to her in loving tones. Then she dipped inside and covered first one, then two, and then three fingers with Amyís nectar, Amy moaned at the sensation and Liz allowed her to relax for a moment, before she once again pushed against Amyís rosebud, and Amy again tensed up. "Relax." Liz whispered into Amyís ear, and despite Amyís effort she couldnít, but just as she was about to say something, Lizís finger slipped inside and Amy instantly tried to move, but was held in place. Liz at first was slow with her actions, but once she felt Amy was coping with it, she began thrusting into her. Liz had large, yet very soft hands, with long fingers that matched her height. But this did nothing for Amyís comfort. she struggled to get free, but could not budge from the hold Liz had on her.

After a while with just one finger, and despite Amyís crying, Liz inserted a second finger. Amy was now crying and pleading for Liz to stop, but Liz was once again impassioned and so she simply kissed Amyís back, or stroked it as she held Amy in place, now using her free arm wrapped around Amyís waist. Amy struggled but to no avail. Liz continued inspite of Amy calling and pleading for Liz to stop, telling her it was enough, and how painful it was. Finally, when Liz felt like stopping she pulled her fingers out of Amy ever so slowly, and Amy groaned and sobbed into the bed as her rosebud once again retracted back to itís tightened state. Liz cooed at the effect it all had on her, and then crawled back up Amyís shaking body. She kissed her and then rolled over and brought Amy with her into her arms. Liz squeezed Amy to her as the sheer enjoyment of it all washed over her time and time again, and she needed something physical to ground her, and Amy was the closest and best thing for that purpose.

Now Liz felt the affects of her ardor, and pulling Amy to her, she kissed her tenderly, and despite Amyís tears and the pain she felt not only from her punished backside due to the unexpected spanking, but also, the deflowering of her rosebud, Amy still responded to Lizís kiss. In fact, she began kissing Liz despite not being able to move easily, she pretty much just slid her body along that of Liz ís. Liz supported Amy on top of her, as Amy moved downwards to her full breasts. Once there, Amy let her tongue graze over a tighting nipple. She teased the top, licked and curled her tongue around the sides of the nipple, then finally, with Liz ordering her to, she took it into her mouth and sucked on it. First just familizing herself with the sensation of having a womanís nipple in her mouth. Then...when she found she liked the feel of Lizís in her mouth, she also discovered just how much she liked it, and before long she was sucking hard on it. A part of her did it because she liked the feel of it in her mouth, and Lizís response to what she was doing. But she also discovered an oral need to comfort herself. Her body was sore from stem to stern and the feel of Lizís nipple in her mouth seem to help soothe her. She sucked and licked at them and at times she would squeeze them together and take both into her mouth at the same time. Liz sighed in response, and lifted her chest to allow Amy better access as her hands went to caress Amyís sore behind. Amy tried to move away from them but found Liz intended to touch them and was irritated at her for trying to move away, to where she caught and squeezed each of them in her strong hands. Amy whimpered and cried out through her teeth for Liz to let go, but again, Liz was the one in control, and she once again showed that to Amy when she pushed one of her fingers back inside of Amyís rosebud. Amy yelped and let go of Lizís nipple as she tried to move up and away from Lizís fucking once again. But by moving upwards, it allowed Liz better access to Amy ís backside and soon Liz held her against her as she fucked Amy for over a hour, and all Amy could do was cry and try to get free of the strong one armed hold Liz had on her. Finally, when Liz finished this time, she sighed in contentment, but also, with lidded eyes...she told Amy to now continue, and to not try to move away from her again. Amy laid shaking and crying on top of Liz, and after a few minutes, she eased down and took one of the nipples into her mouth again. She once again loved it, but also allowed herself to be comforted yet again by them. Finally, after a bit, Amy let go of the nipple, and with an effort to move, she kissed and sucked and nipped her way down Lizís long firm body. Finally, she arrived at Lizís soft, hair covered, nether lips.

At first she was tentative in her actions, but when she heard Liz encouraging her, and even ordering her to continue, she became more confident that she could please the more experienced and demanding woman. Amy flicked her tongue over Liz ís clit, and heard a resulting gasp. A smile curled her lips, and it was at that moment, she put her painful backside to the back of her mind and focused on doing nothing but pleasing her love.

Amy sucked the peak into her mouth and using her hands she spread the nethers so that she had better access. Liz spread her legs further apart willingly, allowing even greater access to her womanhood. Amy bit down on the peak ever so gently, but firmly enough to hear Liz call out " Yes!!" and begin saying other encouraging words that showed her obvious enjoyment of what Amy was doing. Amy used her tongue to lick between the spread nethers, and then would tease over Lizís now throbbing clit. Amy enjoyed the feel of it in her mouth and she sucked, first gently, then harder on it as a result of the throbbing she felt within her mouth. Amy then slid one hand down to Lizís opening, and she explored the slickness even more so because it seemed to be more prevalent in that area, and she slipped her exploring fingers inside, not realizing that she was now at a point of no return with Liz. When she heard Lizís breath catch, she removed her mouth to look up and see why, but Lizís hand immediately went to Amyís head and she lowered it back down. Amy caught the hint, and once again focused on pleasing the woman. Liz was quite audible in her enjoyment, and as Amy thrust into her using three fingers, while at the same time sucking and licking at the now constantly throbbing peak, Liz suddenly stiffened and her body arched up, but she kept Amyís mouth on her and told her to suck harder on her clit, which Amy did...Liz coached Amy as she climaxed, and Amy feasted on Lizís nectar as if it were the finest thing ever. Amy stayed there for over two hours, just enjoying Lizís orgasms one after then other, as a direct result of what she was doing to her. Amy at times would move her mouth so that it was completely covering Lizís opening as if she were french kissing Lizís lips. She did so with Lizís womanhood...she buried her tongue deep inside and used the muscles of her tongue to fill the opening and her tongue waved inside of Liz ís womanhood and the feel of the moving tongue deep inside of her once again caused Liz to grind against Amyís kiss, and after a bit...Liz would verbalize her thorough enjoyment followed by yet another forceful orgasm. Finally, Liz pulled Amy up from her nature, and when Amy groaned, Liz smiled and said in a very lascivious yet loving tone of voice.

"Donít worry kitten...youíll be back there soon enough. But for now, I need to rest since I have to get up in two hours to get ready for work. " With that, Liz brought their lips together and they kissed for long passionate moments. Then, Liz went to settle to sleep, but Amy, instead of settling within Lizís arms where she was, she slid down a little so that she was at Lizís breast, she looked at the now rapidly drifting woman sleep, then she smiled a warm smile, and then lowered her head down took one of the nipples in her mouth and closing her eyes, sucked on it until she fell asleep. Even then, she still sucked intermittently. But what she didnít seem to realize was that the moment her mouth covered Lizís nipple, Liz was awake, and despite being asked what she was doing, Amy just mumbled something but did not stop. After a few moments, Liz realized that Amyís oral fixation was stronger than she thought, and a wicked, yet loving smile came to Lizís rapidly flushing face from the unintended stimulation that Amy was once again bringing about.

Liz laid there unable to sleep due to being lit up again, but she didnít want to wake the exhausted young woman up, since she planned on having her again later that day and wanted her ready. Liz knew that Amy would not be able to walk for a day or two because of what she did to her backside, but that was not going to stop her from having her again the way she wanted to have her. Finally, Liz decided to just lay there and allow Amy to suck on her nipple for as long as she wanted, as she slipped her hand under the covers and between Amyís legs she slipped two fingers deep inside of Amyís flower. Amy gasped in her sleep, but did not wake. Liz kept her fingers still until she was sure Amy was still asleep, and then she kept them there the whole time until she had to get up to go to work. Every now and then she would curl her fingers and Amy would moan, but then Liz would stop. She felt that if she had to endure the stimulation of Amy sleeping with her nipple in her mouth, then Amy would have to deal with her havin
g her fingers buried within her womanhood throughout the night., which as their relationship developed they both found that they were getting very little sleep, until exhaustion would just finally claim them.


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