Passions Fulfilled - Part 2

by D.Virtue

Disclaimers: Please see part one for all disclaimers.


"Liz I am going to go visit Stacie today, ok?"

"What Stacie? The one who lives 4 and a half hours away from here?"

"Yes, thatís the only Stacie I know." Amy answered in a playfully sacrastic tone. But she didnít notice the look of disbelief on Lizís face she got in return, when she said it. Amy was preparing dinner for the evening for Liz since she would not be home in time to cook anything for her, and she wanted to make sure Liz ate right, otherwise she would eat some empty calorie foods.

"And you're expecting me to accept that right?"

"Yes, why wouldnít you?"

"Since when have you gone anywhere by yourself since we have been together?"

"Well, I havenít. But thatís only because you insist that someone go with me. Which is fine. I donít mind. Ok, I donít have a problem with the driver taking me and bringing me back."

"You're not getting it. You are NOT allowed to go that far no matter who is taking you, unless it is me."

"What do you mean? I can go wherever I please."

Lizís eyes narrowed to slits as she glared at Amy.

"Is that what you think?"

"Liz now come on, you canít control me like I am some pet or something! I have been driving places by myself before I met you, so I know that is not your concern, so what is it?"

"My concern is that you will be 4 hours away from me, and if something happens to you, I wonít be able to get to you in time. You can not go!"

"Well I understand your concern, but you donít have to worry. I will be fine, plus I am not driving."

"You're not going, and thatís final."

"I am. Sheís expecting me."

Liz turned back around and walked slowly over to the cooking counter. Putting her hands on the side she was now leaning forward on, she held Amyís gaze as she spoke through her teeth.

"Donít defy me on this. You wonít like my response to it." She then leaned back, turned and walked out of the kitchen to her gym to work off the anger she felt at the idea that Amy would disobey her.

Amy meanwhile had stopped what she was doing and stood stunned and shaken by Lizís orders to her. The idea of being pulled over Lizís powerful thighs and spanked, was not something she relished at all. She thought once whether she should leave, after having been pulled over, but when she looked at the rest of their lives together, Amy realized that this was just a way that Liz used to get her point across. She was not much for a lot of talking, especially when she has already made a decision about things. Plus the fact that Liz was a wonderful woman. She was loving, and caring, and generous, and although it seemed she was confrontational, it was always in defense of someone who either couldnít or wouldnít defend themselves.

Even after thinking about all of that and deciding that she could deal with those things she didnít necessarily agree on with Liz, she made a decision that she WAS going to her friend's house.

"Sheíll be mad, but sheíll get over it. Yes, itíll be fine. " Amy finally said aloud not talking to anyone but herself. Trying to convince herself that it would be alright.

Amy finished making Lizís meals for the day and then she went to their bedroom to get dressed. The driver was to be there soon. When the driver arrived, Liz was still in her gym working out. Amy thought to go and tell her that she was leaving, but decided to just leave her a note letting her know that she had gone. She didnít want to get into another argument with Liz. So
after writing the note she left the house and got in the car and was off to see her friend.

After Amy had been gone for over 45 minutes, Liz came out of the gym and went to their room to get cleaned up. At first she didnít noticed that Amy was not there, she just assumed that Amy was still in the house, most likely in the kitchen still or in one of the other rooms. So she went ahead into the bathroom and got herself cleaned up. She came out and not seeing or hearing Amy she began to wonder. Liz was just about to go to the kitchen to find Amy when she saw the pink folded paper.

She picked it up, read it quickly, and then cursed and called the airport to have her private plane readied. She then sent for a car and after thirty minutes she was on her way to the airport. Meanwhile, after the four hour ride, Amy arrived at her friendís home.

Amy got out of the car, went to the door, rang the doorbell and waited for her friend to answer. Stacie came to the door after a few minutes and with a bright smile and a big hug she greeted her longtime friend.

"How are you Amy?! Iím glad you're here!"

"So am I, I missed you. So...whatís on the agenda for today?"

Stacie and Amy were walking to the livingroom where they could sit and talk and also Stacie wanted to surprise Amy with a guest who had come to meet her at the house.

They came around the corner just as Stacie told Amy to close her eyes because she had a surprise for her. Amy closed her eyes and Stacie led her into the livingroom and straight over to stand in front of the surprise guest. The guest was standing with her arms crossed over her chest as she wore a casual expression so as not to give anything away, especially the feelings she was having.

Amyís nose crinkled as she tried to think of where she had smelled the perfume she was smelling now, and just as Stacie said for her to open her eyes, Amy figured it out.

She opened her eyes, and they were instantly locked on Lizís whose expression did not change except for a raise of her brow and a slight cock of her head. Amyís mouth fell open at Lizís presence there.

"Surprise!! Are you surprised?" Stacie asked unsuspecting of the silent exchange that was going on between the two women, she assumed Amy was surprised by the visitor, considering her expression.

Amyís mouth was closed by Lizís fingers, as she lifted Amyís chin up a little more than it already was. Giving Amy a meaningful gaze and then dropping her hand from under Amyís chin, Liz turned her attention to Stacie. As she now stood and leaned against the mantle of the fireplace in the livingroom.

"I think we surprised her quite well Stacie, wouldnít you agree Amy?" Lizís gaze cut back to look at the still stunned younger woman. Amy shivered at the undertone of Lizís voice.

Amy just nodded her head in response. Stacie laughed, and then hugged her.

"Come on, letís have a seat. You have got to tell me how you met this incredible woman?!"


"How did you meet Liz? I could not believe when she showed up at the door and asked if you were here. I told her you hadnít arrived yet and she said "Great, I made it before her, good, my Babe, will be surprised." I asked her who she was and she told about shocked as hell, I could not believe you never told me about her!"

"Well weíve only been together for a few months." Amy explained.

"How many? I know it at least had to be no more than 4 months, because itís been about that long since Iíve seen you?"

"Actually, it was just about the same time."

"Ah...well that explains why you hadnít been in touch, youíve been busy getting to know each other. So...howís it going? And by the way Amy...she is beautiful." Stacie stated with a wink at her friend.

Amy blushed and then said with a nervous look at Liz who was sitting next to her, reclining slightly on the back of the sofa, with her body facing towards Amy.

"Yes, she is, isnít she?"

"She certainly is!"

The three of them talked and even laughed, and were even joined by friendís of Stacieís, which as the evening went on it turned more into a social gathering than just the two of them getting together, as Stacie and Amy had originally planned. No one seemed to mind, and whenever Amy would catch a glance of Liz, she noticed that she seem to be enjoying herself, although
at times, when their eyes would meet, Liz gave her a strange type of look. Not quite a smile but neither was it a frown. Amy wasnít sure of the look, as she had never seen it before, but she filed the thought in her mind so that she could ask Liz later.

An hour later Liz walked over to where Amy and Stacie and another woman were standing and talking, and leaning over she said in a voice low enough only for Amyís ears to hear.

"Time to go."

"Oh, ok. Let me go tell Stacie. Stacie, excuse us for a moment Tammy, I just need to speak with Stacie for a moment."

"Oh, no problem, I have to go talk with Jerald for a moment, heís been acting like at jerk lately, and I want to find out why."

"Thank you."

"Whatís up?"

"Stacie itís late and Liz and I really need to head back."

"Oh, ok, no problem, both are more than welcome to stay here for the night if not the weekend?"

"Um...well.... let me ask Liz, ok?"

"Ok. It would be great having you two here, and then the three of us could just sit and talk and get to know each other."

"Well, let me see what she wants to do first."



"Um...Stacie...Stacie just asked if we wanted to stay the night, and maybe even the weekend, but at least the night, that way we wonít have to make that long drive back home tonight."



"I said NO. Now go and tell her and letís go."

"Alright." Amy said with disappointment in her voice.


"She said "no". I think it is because it has been a long day for her and she canít sleep in strange beds."

"Well let me go talk to her, alright?"

"No. I donít think thatís a good idea, she isnít the type to have other people try to change her mind about something, it just annoys her more."

"Oh, ok. " Stacie conceded and then smirked and said "So she has a temper huh?"

" have no idea to what extent." Amy stated with a slight curl to her mouth.

Amy and Stacie hugged goodbye and Amy waved at everyone else as she and Liz went out to the waiting car. The driver headed out, but instead of heading for the road that would get them home in four hours, they took the road that led to the airport, where Lizís private jet was fueled and ready to return to itís home airport.

"So thatís how you got here so fast!" Amy stated with a flash of understanding. But rather than getting an answer from Liz, she gotsilence.

When Amy looked over at Liz she saw her looking out the window on her side of the car. She also noticed that Lizís brow on the side that she could see, was somewhat furrowed. Amy didnít know what it was and she didnít realize it was about her. She put if off to being something to do with work, so she went on talking, but after a while of not receiving any responses from Liz, Amy just finally thought to ask. By then they had arrived at the airport in their town, and were getting into the waiting car that would take them to their home.

"Liz?" Amy queried.

Liz looked over at Amy and just raised a questioning brow, as if to ask her what she wanted.

"Is something wrong?"

Lizís eyes narrowed at the question, and she started to say something, but then, just as quickly as she thought it, she decided she would wait until they were home. Instead of answering Amyís query, she shook her head slightly and just said in a meaningful, yet tight tone, "Weíll talk when we get home." then turned her head once again to look back out the window, only
thing different was the scenery.

Amyís brows now knitted in confusion, and she slid over to where Liz sat and shyly began stroking Lizís hair. Liz swatted Amyís hands from her hair gently, but she made her point that she was not in the mood.

"You're mad at me....arenít you?" Amy finally asked, assuming she knew the answer but hoping she was wrong.

Liz didnít answer she just continued to look out the carís window, but she did seem to pinch her lips tighter, as if trying to keep herself from going against what she had just told Amy.

The driver pulled up into the long circular driveway, and came to a stop in front of the house. Liz waited for the driver to open the door, and once he did, she stepped out, and then reached back and took Amyís hand and helped her out. Liz then spoke to the driver for a moment while Amy walked on up the stairs to the house, opened the door and went inside.

Liz followed a few minutes later and rather than stopping anywhere else in the house, she headed straight to their bedroom to get cleaned up. Amy had gone to the kitchen to tell the cook to prepare them something light to snack on, since it was so late in the evening.

By the time she went upstairs, Liz had cleaned up and was wearing a robe.

"Go get cleaned up for bed." Liz said as she dried her hair, and let it hang loosely down her back as she waited for Amy to finish cleaning up. Liz went to stand by the window as she waited and thought about the whole evening and despite enjoying the unplanned day and evening at Stacieís, she could not get past the fact that Amy just blatantly defied her. The thought made Lizís brows furrow deeper, and every now and then she would look back at the bathroom door. She was tempted to tell Amy to hurry up and get her ass out of there, but...she held her tongue for the moment as she continued to wait, and think.

Meanwhile, Amy somehow sensed that Liz was waiting for her, so rather than hurrying to get done cleaning up, she purposely took her time, she was not looking forward to the scolding that she knew was awaiting her. Amy somehow had thought that Liz had gotten past her anger with her for disobeying her, at least it had seemed like she had during the time they were at Stacieís.
But now she saw that Liz was simply biding her time until they got home. Amyís stalling was only upsetting Liz more, but Amy didnít realize that. Finally she had done everything she needed to do in the bathroom and she had no choice but to go out.

Liz heard the bathroom door open and she cut her eyes over to look at it as she continued to lean against the wall nearest the window. Her arms were crossed over her chest, and her robe hung open. Amy eased out of the bathroom, her eyes captured by those of Liz, she was also wearing a robe, but she had tied hers.

"Are....are you ok?" Amy managed to ask, despite the tightening in her throat.

"Do I look ok Amy?!" Lizís tone was sharp and to the point.

Amy flinched as a result of it and at first she thought maybe Liz was just going to glare at her for a bit, but she soon found her assumption was wrong.

"Iím going to whip your ass. I fuckin told you that you could not go there!! But your hard headness is definitely going to make your ass soft. Come here!" Liz ordered as she moved to the bed and waited briefly for Amy to move towards her.

Amy however was breathing somewhat rapidly. Her heart seem to be racing to keep up as it nearly pounded out of her chest at the thought of being whipped by Liz again.

"Iím....Iím sorry Liz, I wonít do it again." Amy stated, her tone contrite in itís sound. But Liz was not ready to let it go that easy.

"Oh, Iím sure you, but you should have thought about that before you disobeyed me. Now get your ass over here."

Amy was now feeling the effects of her adrenalin, with a racing heart, pounding wildly in her chest, her eyes becoming moist from the look Liz was rendering on her. Out of the two options available to her, either fight Liz, which was NOT an option at all, or flight, to get away from her, Amyís eyes quickly glanced over at the distances of the door to the room and Lizís distances, and decided, she could make it out the door before Liz could get a hold of her. But as Amy looked over at the door and then back at Liz, Liz had already figured out what Amyís plan was.

"You think you can make it to the door before I catch your little ass?"

Amy was stunned for a moment at the fact that Liz had read her thoughts as if she were looking right at them. Amyís eyes widened and glancing once more at the door and the distances, and then back at Liz, she took a deep breath, and let it out slowly as her shoulders seemed to drop as well, as if she had decided that she couldnít make it after all. This gave Liz a false
impression, because she now thought Amy had come to her senses and would not try to run from her.

"Good. Now come over here right NOW!"

Amyís eyes once again locked on Lizís. She started to head towards Liz, then suddenly broke for the closed door, swung it open and dashed out. Liz was momentarily caught off guard, but then she took off after Amy, cursing to herself, and then yelling for Amy to stop, telling her it was only going to go worse for her if she didnít.

Amy raced into one of the other bedrooms, and locked the door just as Liz came upon it and was trying to open it. Liz pounded on the door for Amy to open it.

"Open this damn door!!"

"No. Not until you calm down." Amy sobbed as she used her back to hold the door closed along with the lock on it. Amy was now scared, because she was beginning to see just how strong Liz was. Every strike to the door with Lizís fist, radiated through the door and struck against Amyís back so hard that it literally lifted her off of the door at times.

"Amy Babe, you have to the count of three to open this door, or I swear I will break the fucking thing down. If you open it now, I will only give you 10. BUT! If you donít, and I have to break this damn door down, I am going to wear that little ass of your's out! Now open the damn door!!"

Amy then heard Liz start to count, and she immediately moved away from the door, and backed up until she was against the furthest wall in the room. She didnít know whether or not Liz could actually break the heavy door down, but for some reason, she didnít think it would be a good idea to stand near it just in case she was wrong.

Suddenly there was a loud bang, followed by the crashing of the door to the floor. Liz had not only broken it down, she knocked the hinges out of the door frame. Amy stood awed by what she saw. Her body was unable to move, yet it trembled so hard it made her teeth rattle in her mouth. Then Amyís eyes shifted slightly and as if in slow motion, she saw first Lizís bare leg step on the downed door, through her robe, and then following it upwards, she slowly saw all of Liz appear in the doorway, heading towards her.

Liz had a determined look on her face and Amy could only assume she knew what it meant....Liz was going to really carry out what she said she was going to do. Liz saw the fear in Amyís eyes, and while she knew what it was from, she wanted to make sure that it wasnít for some other reason.

Amy watched Liz draw closer and closer to her, and just as Liz was within a few steps of her, Amy went into a barrage of apologies.

"Iím sorry! Iím sorry Liz, Iím sorry!" Amy then dissolved into sobs as she covered her face with her hands.

Liz didnít say anything, she just simply stepped up to the sobbing young woman and lifting her hand to Amyís chin. She lifted her chin as Amy slowly removed her hands from her face. Amyís eyes slowly and nervously lifted up to look Liz in the eye and seeing the concern on Lizís face, Amyís browís knitted deeply in wonder as to itís meaning. Liz just watched as she lowered her head so that she could take Amyís lips. Amy closed her eyes, and a shuddered sob escaped her lips as they were covered with Lizís warm mouth.

Liz felt a deep tremble radiate from Amyís body, and she wrapped her arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Amy seem to respond to Lizís embrace and her trembling seem to ease, as Amyís kissing seem to increase in intensity. Liz recognized what Amy was trying to do, and although she wanted to oblige her, she couldnít let what happen earlier go so easily. So inspite
of wanting to make love to Amy the rest of the night, she had to let Amy know that she didnít appreciate what she did earlier, because the next time, something bad could happen, and Liz was not willing to take that chance.

So...Liz pulled her lips away from Amyís, and Amy tried to follow her, but was held in place as Lizís eyes looked into the bewildered eyes of the young woman.

"What...what is it Liz?"

"Babe, I love you, and I want to just make love to you every hour of the day."


"But I cannot and will not let what happened earlier go unpunished. I wonít have you thinking it is alright for you to just disobey me, itís not! And I certainly didnít appreciate it.

"I know. I was wrong, and I wonít do it again."

" I know you mean that now, but I also know, down the line, something is going to happen that you believe it would be alright just the once, and I want you to know, it wonít be."

"But Liz..."

"Come here." Liz said as she saw the tears start to roll down Amyís cheekís once again. She pulled Amy close to her and held her as the girl began to sob. Amy buried her head in Lizís chest, and just held on to Liz.

Liz led them back to their room and removed Amyís robe. Reaching in the drawer for one of the items that she would need shortly, she placed it on the dresser beside the bed and then removed her own robe. She crawled onto the bed and positioned herself so that her back was resting against the stacked pillows. She lifted her hand out for the still sobbing younger woman to
take, and at first Amy hesitated, but with a meaningful gesture of Lizís hand, Amy lifted her shaking one and Liz caught it and pulled Amy over her lap. Amy began sobbing hard again, but Liz simply leaned over and whispered to Amy, telling her how much she loved her, and inspite of Amyís tears, and her current position, she knew it was true. So when Liz asked her if she
believed her, Amy gave a shakey nod of her head, and Liz placed a kiss to the top of Amyís head. After a moment, she began to lay very painful swats to Amyís bare behind. Amy was screaming after the first two, for Liz to stop, but Liz held her in place as she continued on for another very painful 13 swats. Finally, after the last one, Amy was finally able to break free, although it was really a matter of Liz letting her go. But it didnít matter, Amy climbed off of Lizís lap as quickly as she could considering the pain to her behind, and positioned herself on her belly letting the wracking sobs claim her small frame.

Liz rolled down and positioned herself on her side, as she draped one of her legs over Amyís legs, which brought Lizís sex against Amyís hip.

Liz balanced her head on her arm as she faced the sobbing young woman. Liz caressed Amyís back and hair every now and again, as she spoke quietly to the crying woman, telling her how much she loved her and would always love her no matter how upset she got with her. After a while, Amyís sobbing began to subside, and eventually changed to intermittent sniffles. Amy, hesitantly at first, slowly turned her head to face Liz.

She received a warm smile and a quick kiss to her nose, and Amy sniffled again and gave a faint hearted smile. Liz smiled again, and she recognized what Amy was going through, so she leaned forward slightly and placed a tender kiss to Amyís trembling mouth, and soon felt the return pressure of Amy kissing her. The kiss continued for long moments as just a way of Liz
reassuring Amy of her love for her.

Liz then leaned away, and saw intermittent tears gliding down Amyís cheeks, and she whispered to her as they faced each other.

"I love you Amy."

"I love you too, Liz. Iím sorry." Amyís voice contrite and cracking between her sniffling as she continued to settle down from the spanking.

Liz kissed her again on the lips then rose up off of the bed and reached over on top of the bedside dresser taking the scented baby oil off of it. She positioned herself so that she was straddling Amyís thighs. Liz sat down on them and pouring some of the oil in her hand she then rubbed them together and started rubbing oil at Amyís lower back just at the juncture of where her back ended and the curve of her behind started. She slowly moved her hands downward over Amyís tender behind.

Amy flinched at the contact, and then cried into her pillow when Liz began kneading the two tenderized cheeks. Liz heard Amyís groaning, and seeing and feeling, Amyís body shaking underneath her only served to turn Liz on more than she already was. She leaned forward over Amyís tender behind as she continued to knead them in her strong hands.

She kissed Amyís neck, and then her shoulders, and on down to her upper back, and then she just laid herself flat along Amyís stretched out body. Liz kept her hands on Amyís behind and continued to knead and caress the two cheeks. Amyís body was trembling more and more, but now it was not only from the pain of Lizís grip on her sore butt, but also because of the white heat that she was causing to shoot to her centre.

Liz sighed into Amyís neck, and then began sucking on it as Amy squirmed underneath her. Liz slowly slid her powerful thighs between Amyís legs, opening them so that Amy was now more vulnerable to whatever Liz decided to do first. Liz lifted her own hips so that she could slide one hand down between Amyís spread legs, and sliding into the sleek wetness that she had
hoped and even expected to find, she played there for a while, just sliding between Amyís nether lips and every now and then forward to stroke that little throbbing button of Amyís. This caused Amyís breathing to deepen more than it already was. Amy was now taking in deep shuddering breaths, as Liz continued to stroke her as only Liz could.

Liz slid her hand back towards Amyís soaked opening, and without warning, she buried three long lusty fingers deep inside of Amy. Amyís body clamped quickly around them as Amy exhaled a lung full of air from her mouth, due to the force behind Lizís penetrating fingers. The sensations Liz was eliciting in Amy had her both moaning and crying at the same time. In between those
she would plead with Liz not to stop, but to bring her to release, which Liz was not ready for Amy to do. Right now she just wanted to get Amy ready for her, it had been a few days since Liz had had Amy in that special way, and she was not about to let another day go by without having her in that way first.

Lizís thrusting fingers suddenly pulled out, and the loss was almost painful to Amy, whoís body shivered as a result.

"Li...Liz please??? I need..." Amyís voice barely a whisper, despite her breathless state.

"Shhh...donít worry Babe, you know I wonít leave you needing, but I have to have you my way first, you know that. Itís been so long." Lizís breath warm caressedon Amyís ear, as Liz reached for her favorite toy, the dual phallus. She slipped it between Amyís legs and slid it between and along her nether lips. Amy moaned at the sensation, and moved against the phallus. Liz then slid the phallus towards Amyís sultry opening, and slipped it inside, but only for a moment, she then pulled it out and positioned it on herself. Then she once again located Amyís heated opening, and slipping inside she started a slow, penetrating rhythm within Amy, as the same rhythm was duplicated within herself.

Lizís body shivered as she wrapped her arms around Amyís trembling waist. Liz sighed at the feel of Amyís body molded into herís as she leaned over Amyís smaller frame. Amy trembled and wrapped her own hands over Liz's arm, as she met Liz's thrusts, thrust for thrust. She began to near her peak as Liz plunged the phallus deep inside her again and again. Just as Amy felt she was about to peak, Liz abruptly pulled out of Amyís drenched nature.

The loss was so painful for Amy that she cried out and then tried to get loose of Lizís strong hold on her. But Liz held her tightly and leaned completely over on Amy to hold her in place until she stopped struggling. Amyís body shook as she sobbed into her pillow. Her need for Liz was achingly painful, and she was already feeling somewhat uncertain of Lizís feelings for her, despite Liz telling her how much she loved and needed her.

"I know Babe." Liz whispered. Her own voice straining to remain somewhat composed, due to the effort it took for her to stop and pull out. Her breathing was labored, but more controlled than Amyís. Meanwhile, Amy finally stopped struggling to get loose and Liz kissed her neck, and shoulders, and upper back, as she felt Amy sobbing beneath her. She loved that her Babe
needed her as much as she needed her. "I love you Amy." Liz whispered, as she now brought the well lubricated phallus up to Amyís tight rings, and once again, Amy felt the familiar pushing against her behind, and subconsciously she tried to move away from it.

Liz continued to push against Amyís rosebud, with a steady pressure, one that allowed the other end of the phallus to push further up inside of her wet nature. Amy was sobbing, begging Liz to stop for a moment because it was hurting, but Liz whispered softly in Amy's ear, and simply held Amy tighter around her waist as she continued to push, and felt Amy trembling underneath her. Suddenly, the phallus slipped in and Amy screamed while Liz sighed deeply and continued to push deeper inside. Her own body was now trembling from theintense white heat that was slamming into her groin, as she was lit with passion that she was having her Amy once again the way she needed to have her. Once Liz had the phallus deep enough inside of Amyís behind, she brought her hands up to Amyís breasts and caught hold of them. One in each hand, and her fingers caught hold and pinched the nipples.

Lizís breathing was now shakey as she pulled Amyís body back towards her, so that her thigh was against Amyís behind. Liz then began whispering words of love to Amy as she rode her. Lizís thrusts were powerful and penetrating, each one causing Amy to exhale sharply. Liz rode Amy with wild abandonment, squeezing and pinching Amyís nipples hard, thus sending further impulses racing to Amyís soaked center. Amy was so wet, that her juices were gliding down the inner part of her thighs. Liz sensed it and letting go of one of Amyís breasts, she brought her hand down and between Amyís spread, kneeling thighs. She buried two fingers deep inside, so much so that she could feel Amyís core. Amyís body shuddered at the multiple sensations Liz was eliciting in her.

Liz now not only was pumping into Amyís behind with abandon, she was now also thrusting into Amyís soaked nature with the same abandon. Her thumb stroking firmly against Amyís clit, as Amy met each thrust with more and more zest. Her head popped up from the pillow as she pleaded with Liz not to stop.

"Never!" was all Liz managed to say, before Amy screamed "I love you!!!" and then her body went stiff, as her orgasm wreaked havoc with her mind and body. It was so powerful that Lizís fingers were having a hard time moving inside of the gripping nature, but...being Liz, she did not let that stop her. She pumped harder and deeper into Amyís behind, almost as if possessed by some force. The only words on Lizíís lips were a litany of "YESíS" as her own orgasm drew nearer and nearer as a result of the tremendous one Amy was having. Suddenly, Lizís buried fingers thrust deeper inside of Amy and stayed there, and Lizís hips, almost in a spastic way, pumped against Amyís behind, as her orgasm struck her, sending flashes of white light sparkling in front of her closed eyes. Her other hand had a grip on Amyís breast and nipple, and Amy had reached back and had a tight grip on Lizís thigh, as she held Liz against her, despite Liz suddenly thrusting intermittently deep inside of Amyís behind. Liz was pushing her fingers still deeper inside of Amy, touching and reveling in the feel of Amyís core, still experiencing mini orgasms. Liz had not made a sound for long moments, and then with a final push into Amy and a long exhaled breath, she pushed them both down flat on the bed. Liz collapsed on top of Amy, the dual phallus still buried within both of them, Amyís behind and Lizís nature. Both out for a moment, their breathing labored and shallow, but easing up moment by moment, until
finally becoming more regular.

A few minutes passed as the two just laid there like that, and then it was Liz who moved first. She did not move to pull out of Amy, but instead tightened her hold and pushed into her more. This time she ground her wet center against Amyís behind, as she moaned deep in her throat. Her body was still trembling with the need she still had for Amy, and despite Amyís slow awakening, she was soon wide awake when Liz began pumping into her again, as if the fire had never been touched. Liz took Amy a few times more in her special way, before she finally allowed Amy to turn over and slide down between her legs, where she immediately locked onto Lizís clit, and sucked hard on it. So hard that Liz pushed herself into Amyís mouth so that Amy would not suck her clit off.

Amy brought her hands between Lizís legs also, and she used one to insert three fingers inside of Liz heated nature, where between sucking and licking and biting, she probed deep inside. She heard Liz encouraging her, telling her how much she loved her, and needed her, she felt Lizís nature contract and then release. She knew she was near and Amy did not want to miss tasting any of it, so she removed her mouth from Lizís clit and slid down further so that she could now remove her fingers and bury her tongue within Lizís center. At the same time she found and inserted the two fingers inside of Lizís behind. Lizís breath caught and her body shook as she climaxed. Amy brought her other hand up to Lizís breast and she pinched and twisted the hard nipple in her fingers, as she sucked and licked and probed Lizís contracting, drenched nature. When Lizís orgasm ended this time, she rolled off of Amyís face and laid down. She pulled Amy into her arms and began kissing her face that still had Lizís essence on it. Then Liz kissed Amy a final time and whispered in an exhausted yet content voice.

"I love you Amy, I will never leave you."

"I love you too Liz, please donít ever leave me? I would miss you so much. The two then cuddled closer together, face to face, and soon they drifted off to sleep in each otherís arms.

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