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This story contains a dab of subtext, a touch of violence, and alot of explicit love between two
women. If this offends you, stop reading now.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is only my second attempt at alt. fan fiction so please be kind. I hope that
you will find it an improvement over my last story. After all, if each story is not better than the last,
then it's time for the author to quit. (Just my humble opinion!)


It was early afternoon as the warrior and the bard entered the small town of Myrmidos. It was
mid-summer and Apollo had been especially cruel today. Gabrielle could feel her tongue melted to
the roof of her mouth. Her stomach grumbled with complaints as they had not yet stopped for lunch.

"Xena. I feel like I've been through the desert. My mouth is so dry that a cactus couldn't grow in
there. And I'm starving! Can we please stop for a cold drink and something to eat? Please?" Xena
caught the bard's emerald eyes pleading with her. She couldn't resist giving in to Gabrielle's every
whim. She noticed that her own throat was dry and decided that the bard's request was a rather
good idea.

"Sure Gabrielle. It has been a scorcher of a day and I'm getting kind of hungry too. Let's see what we can find."

They came upon an inn in the middle of town. Xena tied Argo's reins to the hitching post and the two women proceeded through the front door. A friendly old gentleman, who introduced himself as the owner of the establishment, greeted them warmly.

"What can I do for you ladies?", he asked. "Perhaps a room and a nice bath?"

"We'll settle for something cold to drink and a hot meal", Xena replied.

"Ahhh, you're in luck then. The wife has just finished cooking a venison roast and we have a wide
variety of spirits...or cold tea", he added, looking in the young bard's direction. "Follow me ladies."

The innkeeper led them into an ajoining room that appeared to double as a tavern and a dining area.
There was a bar all along one wall and a dozen or so tables with chairs spread throughout the room. The old man guided them to a table across the room near the bar. Xena, as usual, sat with her back to the bar so she could keep a watchful eye on the entrance to the room. It was a habit she had learned long ago. "I'll get the misses to bring out that roast. What can I get you to drink?"

"I'll have a mug of ale and my friend here will have the tea." Gabrielle shot a fiery look at the warrior. It irked her that Xena still treated her like a child at times. "Coming right up", the old man said as he toddled off.

Xena noticed two scruffy looking men sitting at a table near the other end of the bar. Between them
was a bottle of whiskey that was nearly empty and the two were arguing over who was going to get
the last drink. Except for the two men, Xena and Gabrielle were the only guests in the room.

Soon a short, stout, gray-haired woman appeared carrying a tray. She sat two plates filled with
venison, vegetables and fruits in front of the warrior and the bard. She also placed their drinks and a
basket of sweetbreads on the table. "Is there anything else I can get you ladies?", she asked. "No
thank you...this is great!", Gabrielle answered as her mouth began to water.

The two women sat in total silence and relished every morsel of food that passed their lips. When
they were almost finished with their meal, Xena caught a glimpse of one of the men from the corner
table moving towards them. When the man was directly behind Gabrielle, he leaned over the bard's
shoulder. "Aren't you a pretty lil' thing", he said. Xena could see the lust in the man's eyes. Gabrielle
could smell the stench of whiskey mixed with road grime. She jerked away from the man so quickly
that she almost toppled over in her chair. The warrior's movement was swift and fluid. She shoved
her chair back and rose to her full height. "I strongly suggest that you take this elsewhere. We're not

"What's the matter? Ya not interested in a lil' loving honey?"

"First of all...I wouldn't call what you're looking for love. And secondly, if I were looking for certainly wouldn't be with you!" Xena was beginning to find it difficult to control her urge to teach this cad some manners.

"XENA! Look out!", Gabrielle screamed as she jumped up and grabbed her staff from the floor.
While the warrior and the bard had been preoccupied with the drunk, his companion had slipped
behind the bar and come up behind Xena. She was in mid-turn when the chair came crashing across her back. The warrior staggered and slumped to her knees while the two men roared with laughter.

"Not as tough as you appear to be huh? What a shame...I like a fiesty lady", said her attacker. "You
want feisty? I'll show you feisty!", the bard exclaimed as she began to wield the staff. Xena's fury
raged and blocked out any pain that she should have been feeling at that moment. She sprang to her
feet and jabbed two quick fingers into the neck of her attacker as the bard whacked the drunk in the head. He fell face down on the floor and Gabrielle wasn't sure whether it was from her blow or if the man simply passed out. Xena stood tall over her victim, who was trying desperately to breath. "I should let you die like the rotten scum you are", she spat. "Xena!", was all the bard had to say. The warrior gave her attacker another quick jab and he gasped for air. Xena couldn't resist one final blow which rendered the man unconscious and he fell to the floor.

The innkeeper and his wife had been watching the action from the doorway. Only when they felt sure the attack was over did they approach the warrior and the bard. "Sorry for the mess", Xena said. "How much do we owe you?"

"Three dinars for the meal. When these guys come to, they can settle the rest of the bill."

Xena paid the innkeeper his three dinars and turned to her friend. "Let's get out of here Gabrielle."


Several hours had passed since the altercation at the inn. Xena seemed to be in a somber mood and
the bard thought it best to keep silent. The warrior was replaying the attack over and over in her
mind. She tried desperately to figure out how the man had managed to sneak up behind her without
her knowledge. Scenes like this had been happening more and more frequently. She had been so
intent on helping Gabrielle that she had not been paying attention to her surroundings. Each time the
bard was in trouble, Xena developed tunnel vision...thinking only of how to rescue her companion.
And each time, Gabrielle had been the one to snap the warrior back to reality. Gabrielle had been the one having to protect Xena lately. This thought both disturbed and strangely excited the warrior.

Xena turned to look at the woman walking beside her. When had she grown up? She wasn't the
same timid, naive little girl that Xena had first met in Poteidaia. She had developed emotionally as
well as physically. She had become quite familiar with the ways of the world, yet still possessed that
certain innocence that caused her to be so endearing. Xena could feel the desire growing from deep
within her and decided that she should think of something else.

" did pretty good with that staff back there." Xena was trying to lighten things up a bit. Both women began to chuckle.

" wasn't much of a challenge really. The guy was having trouble standing on his own two feet even before my help." Gabrielle appreciated the warrior starting a conversation. She hated those long hours of traveling in silence. She noticed that the warrior began to roll her head from side to side and rub her neck and shoulders.

"How's the back?"

" neck is starting to hurt a little."

"Xena, why don't we start looking for a place to make camp and call it a day. Once we get settled in, I can take a look at that injury for you."

There was still an hour or so of daylight left but Xena was too tired to argue with the bard. The
warrior lifted her head into the air and her nostrils flared as she drew in a deep breath. "This way",
she said as she led Argo off the path toward the thick brush. "There's a river not far from here.
Smells like it's full of trout for our dinner." The bard was constantly amazed at Xena's keen senses.
They emerged from the brush into a small clearing. "The river is just beyond those trees Gabrielle.",
Xena said pointing to the other side of the clearing.

"I'll get Argo settled then i'll catch us something to eat."

"Xena, don't worry about dinner tonight. We ate late today and we have enough provisions to last a
few days. You can fish tomorrow when you're feeling better. Besides...I'm not hungry."

"YOU'RE not hungry! Gabrielle...are YOU feeling okay? This is a first!", Xena quipped.

"Very funny Xena. I'll go gather some wood for the fire while you take care of Argo."

Xena removed Argo's saddle and began brushing her mane. She paused for a long moment to admire the bard as she headed for the edge of the clearing. When Gabrielle disappeared into the trees and was out of earshot, the warrior turned to her trusted steed. "She is beautiful, isn't she girl?" Argo bobbed her head up and down in agreement. "Guess I just have a thing for blondes." Xena laughed to herself, patted Argo on the rump and resumed her brushing. "You won't tell on me will you girl?" The horse shook her head from side to side. "I knew I could trust you."

Xena had set up camp by the time the bard returned with the last armload of wood. Gabrielle
arranged the the pile as Xena had taught her and within minutes she had a nice fire going.

"Okay is done. Now, let me have a look at your neck."

Xena had already removed her armor and wore nothing but the shift that she was accustomed to
sleeping in. Gabrielle knelt down behind the warrior. She pulled the neck of the shift away from the
warrior's back and began to examine her skin. There was a little discoloration, which would probably be a bruise by tomorrow, but no visible cuts. The bard ran her soft hands over the warrior's neck and shoulders.

"Xena! You're muscles are so tense. They feel like rocks." Gabrielle started to knead the warrior's
tight shoulders. Xena could feel her entire body stiffen even more. In a few minutes, she began to
relax and enjoy the bard's touch.

"I almost forgot! I have just the thing to fix you up. Xena...where did you put my pouch?"

"It's over there by your bedroll Gabrielle. What are you looking for?", she asked as the bard
rummaged through her belongings.

"Ah ha! Here it is." Gabrielle returned to Xena's side with a tiny clear bottle.

"What is that?"

"It's a magic potion. I bought it months ago when we were in Thessaly. I dropped it in my pouch and forgot it was there. I guess I never had a need for it until now."

Xena gave the bard a dubious look. "And just what is this 'magic potion' suppose to do?"

"I'm not exactly sure, but I'm going to rub it on your back and hopefully it will take out some of the

"I thought you said it was a potion, not a salve."

"Xena...just hush and take off your shirt." The warrior did as the bard commanded and pulled the
shift over her head.

"You know Xena, if you would lie on your stomach, it would make this much easier." Again the
warrior obeyed and stretched herself out on the mat beneath her. Gabrielle straddled the warrior and sat herself lightly atop her buttocks. She softly brushed Xena's raven hair to the side. The bard
poured one drop from the bottle onto each of the warrior's broad shoulders.

"At least it smells good", Xena commented as the honeysuckle fragrance hung thick in the air. The
warrior was making a futile attempt to concentrate on something other than the beautiful woman on
top of her.

Gabrielle began to rub the oil into Xena's skin...gingerly at first and then with more force.

"God's, that feels good." Xena wasn't sure whether she had actually spoken or not.

Gabrielle raised herself to her knees. Still straddling the warrior, she began to rock her body up and
down as she stroked the length of the warrior's back with the heels of her hands. The bard's
movements were driving Xena into a frenzy. Gabrielle's touch lightened as she changed to her palms
and ran her hands down the warrior's sides. She grazed Xena's breasts and the warrior let an
appreciative moan escape from her throat.

Gabrielle brushed her lips tenderly over the back of the warrior's neck before moving to nip at her
ear. Xena was showing no signs of protest, so the bard moved southward planting soft kisses along
the way. The warrior's excitement built with every new touch of the bard's tongue. As Gabrielle
reached the small of Xena's back, she raised to her knees and rolled the warrior over to gaze into her eyes. Crystal blue met emerald green and the passion in both women overwhelmed them.

Xena could play the submissive role no longer. She sprang to a sitting position and tore wildly at the
laces on the bard's top. She ripped it from the bard's body and flung it into the night. Gabrielle arose as Xena pulled her skirt to the ground. She quickly removed her boots then returned to her previous position astride the warrior.

Xena ran her tongue around one of the bard's nipples. Instantly, it hardened and Gabrielle threw her
head back in delight. She felt the pounding in her chest quicken and the pulsing between her legs
swelled. Xena brought her mouth up to Gabrielle's ear. "I have to know that this is really what you
want", she whispered.

Gabrielle reached around Xena's neck and pulled the warrior to her chest. "Do you hear that Xena?
I've wanted you for years my warrior. Please...make love to me", the bard's voice huskier than Xena had ever heard it before.

The ecstatic warrior needed no further affirmation. She laid the bard down on the mat and situated
herself between her lover's open legs. She started a journey with her hot, moist tongue. She wanted
to taste every inch of the bard's sweetness. The warrior licked her way to the valley between
Gabrielle's breasts. Every stroke of the warrior's tongue sent new shivers through the bard's body.
She moaned her approval as her lover brought a hand to her breast and flicked the nipple.

Xena ran her free hand down the bard's side to her hips and then to the inside of her thighs. She
paused for a moment, then traced the edges of her lover's mound with her finger. The warrior parted her lover's folds and slipped one finger into the amazing wetness. She rubbed her thumb over the bard's swollen nub. Gabrielle's back arched as her hips rose to greet the pleasant intrusion. Xena began a rhythmic thrust with her finger. The bard's hips moved in perfect sync.

The warrior knew that her lover wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. She could feel the
muscles of her sex starting to tighten around her finger. Xena started a path with her tongue from the
bard's breast, down her stomach, to the wet place between her lover's legs. She withdrew the finger and replaced it with her probing tongue. She moved her hand over the peak of the mound and started to work on the bard's swollen nub again. Xena's tongue plunged in and out of her lover's opening as her fingers worked on Gabrielle's most sensitive spot. The bard's body stiffened as the volcano erupted within her. "Xeeeeeeenaaaaaa!", she cried just before she went limp.

The warrior gathered the bard into her strong arms and held her tightly until the tremors subsided.
"Xena...I never knew it could be like this. That was so wonderful that I have no words for it."

"Magic?", the warrior questioned.

"Yes! Yes it was magic my love!"

"Xena. It's my turn to make you feel as loved as you have made me feel." Gabrielle's throaty voice
had returned. The warrior was amazed at her new lover's stamina. She gently placed herself on top
of the warrior's athletic body. Their bodies seemed to molt together from the warmth of the rising
passion. Gabrielle lowered her lips to meet her lover's. Both women's mouths parted and they
explored frantically with their tongues. The bard could taste the remnants of her own juices in her
warrior's mouth.

She moved to scatter soft kisses over the warrior's neck, shoulders and throat. Xena moaned with
delight. Then she shifted to the warrior's breasts. She stopped to admire the fullness and firmness of
what she saw. The bard took a soft pink nipple into her mouth and gave it a quick nibble. She
engulfed the warrior's unattended breast with her hand and began to squeeze. Xena felt the fire within her burning out of control.

The warrior grabbed the bard's golden hair and gently urged her downward. Gabrielle trailed her
tongue down to Xena's navel and dipped it in for a quick taste before moving on. She continued until she discovered the spot that her lover most wanted her to find. Xena held her breath as the bard massaged the nub with her tongue. She shifted her tongue and began to delve into the warrior's opening. Xena's body began to tense as the bard took her to heights she'd never known. The bard greedily lapped at the warrior's wetness. Gabrielle removed her tongue from the warrior's sex and inserted her fingers. She moved back up to look into her lover's eyes.

"Xena, pull your knee up my love. I want us to do this together." The warrior swiftly complied and
the bard repositioned herself over her lover's angled thigh. Gabrielle started to rub her curly mound
over the warrior's leg while keeping perfect tempo with her fingers. The rapturous couple reached the apex of their love making in unison. A united "Gabrieeeellllle" and "Xeeeeeeenaaaaaaa" rang through the stillness of the night. The bard collapsed onto the warrior's chest. Each woman held the other tightly until their quivers ceased and their breathing returned to normal. Gabrielle lifted herself from atop her lover and rolled to lay beside her.

The couple lay snuggled in each other's arms...totally exhausted but completely satiated. Both had
eyes closed and were drifting to sleep when Xena lazily spoke..



"We need to get up early in the morning and head back to Thessaly."

"Why, Xena?"

"I want to buy a vat of that magic potion."

The End


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