Power and Passion
by lynka


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"I'll get you for that one." Gabrielle grinned at the teasing warrior as she jumped on Xena knocking her backwards. Gabrielle sat up straddling Xena's hips. "I got you now." she said rocking her hips against Xena. She closed her eyes while she continued to rock. Xena grabbed the bard by her hips pushing her down into her. The warrior began to rock her hips pushing them up closer to meet the bard's.

Gabrielle stopped as quickly as she started. With a grin she jumped off Xena much to the warrior's dismay. The bard backed up taunting the warrior.

"Tease me will ya?" The warrior grinned back jumping at the bard. Gabrielle anticipated her move and stepped out of the way just in time to see the warrior sprawled on the ground. Gabrielle began to run to the lake stripping off her clothes as she went. Xena bolted after her. Flipped in the air and stood before a partially nude bard completely naked. "But…but..How did you?" The bard looked at her lover.

"Another one of my many skills." She simply said helping the bard out of the last of her clothes.

Xena put her arms around the bard pulling her close. She lowered her lips to Gabrielle's and passionately kissed her forcing her tongue into her mouth. Xena bent down and picked up the bard in her strong arms carrying her to the lake. Not breaking the kiss she stepped into the water, twisted herself slowly towards the shore and tossed the bard into the water.

Xena stood hip deep in the water waiting for the bard to surface. After what seemed a long moment Xena dived into the water to look for Gabrielle. She couldn't find her. She looked until her lungs felt like they would explode. With a bolt she surfaced to take in much-needed air. Gabrielle was sitting on the bank smiling when she saw Xena surface. "What kept you?" She asked batting her lashes at the warrior.

"How did you get there without me seeing you?" The warrior demanded.

"One of my many skills warrior." The bard grinned from ear to ear.

"You scared me to death." Xena growled

"That will teach you to toss me into the lake."

Xena stepped from the lake and lay down next to the bard on the soft grass. The sun felt good on her skin. She thought she could stay there all day. Gabrielle scooted closer and put a hand on Xena's belly. Rubbing slow wide circles around her stomach up to the bottom of her breasts to the top of her dark curly patch..

"Gods Gabrielle that feels so good." Xena sighed closing her eyes to the ecstasy. Just then a cold mug of water was poured on her stomach. The bard was in the water in an instant before the warrior knew what had happened.

Xena sat up looking at the teasing bard with a raised eyebrow and an evil grin.

Gabrielle recognized that look and knew she was in trouble. She swallowed hard "Oh Oh!" She said out loud watching an advancing warrior. She put her hands up in front of her. "Now Xena, lets talk about this." She tried to reason while backing away from her lover.

"I'm coming to get you Gabrielle and there is no escape for you this time." The warrior growled trying to sound menacing but failing. She knew as well as the bard did that there was no way in tartarus she could ever hurt her bard.

Gabrielle turned and tried to swim off but was grabbed by the warrior before she could even take a stroke. "Now. I got you." Said the laughing warrior.

Gabrielle tried to give her one of her most innocent looks. "Think that will work on me bard?" Xena growled looking at her through squinted eyes.

"Never know, it's always worth a try." She said trying to get away.

Xena smiled at her looking into her eyes. "I love you Gabrielle," she said. "I want to make love to you, right here, right now."

"Hum Xena. Remember the last time we tried to make love in a lake? I almost drowned." The bard remembered.

"Got that taken care of." Xena said smiling walking towards shore. "Here." she handed Gabrielle two empty water skins.

"What are we supposed to do with these?" The bard questioned.

"Here I'll show you." The warrior took one and blew into it then the other. She tied them end to end. Grinning she handed them to Gabrielle.

"Okay." The bard, said with a quizzical look on her face.

"Here, put these behind your neck and shoulders. They will keep you afloat."

Gabrielle tried them and had no problem floating on her back. "See, I told you that would work." Xena beamed looking at the floating, bare body of her lover.

Xena separated the bard's legs and stepped between them placing the palm of her hand on Gabrielle's golden curls and the other hand on her buttocks. She took a deep breath. Seeing her bard in this position made the warrior's juices flow. Xena stepped in closer wrapping the bard's legs around her stomach and massaged her breast walking slowly out into deeper water. Every few steps she adjusted the bard's legs higher on her body. When the bard's center was touching her breast she stopped for long moments rubbing her breast into the bard's center. All Gabrielle could do was moan. Xena could feel her bard getting wetter by the moment as her own juices flowed unhindered. Finally, Xena couldn't stand it any longer. She continued to walk into deeper water waiting impatiently for her prize.

She was almost there. Another step or two and she would have the bard just where she wanted her. Xena lowered her mouth to the bard's center. Took one long, slow, lick. Made another step and fell into the lake. Gabrielle looked down in surprise as Xena surfaced spitting and sputtering. "Nothing like losing the mood." The warrior complained wiping the water from her eyes.

"You're right Xena. These do keep me afloat." The bard laughed as her wet warrior pulled them both to shore.

When they were halfway there, the warrior moved along side of the bard. She leaned down and kissed her. Nibbling on her ear she carefully reached up and yanked the waterskins out from under Gabrielle. She straightened up putting her hands on her hips and roared with laughter as the bard surfaced spitting the unwelcome water from her mouth and rubbing the water from her eyes. "What's so damn funny?" The bard spat.

"Laugh at me huh?" She said grabbing her sides as she continued to laugh.

"I owe you for that one warrior. And don't think I will forget. I will get you when you least expect it." Gabrielle said pointing her finger at Xena for emphasis.

"Oh, I'm sooooo scared." Xena said shuddering.

"Well you should be." The bard said walking onto shore and dropping on the ground limply. She closed her eyes and didn't move.

"Gabrielle? Gabrielle? Are you alright?" The warrior asked when she saw Gabrielle fall without bracing herself.

"Gabrielle?" The warrior yelled picking her up gently in her arms. "Gabrielle. What's wrong?" The warrior tried gently shaking the bard.

"Oh Gods Gabrielle wake up, tell me what's wrong. Come on love, you're scaring me." Xena's eyes filled with tears.

Gabrielle opened one eye slowly. Groping the air she looked at Xena. Trying to smile as the warrior held her tight she said. "Got ya!" and jumped up out of a very stunned warrior's grasp.

"Why you low down……," Xena said running after her. She let the bard get close to camp then tackled her on the bedrolls. "So you want to tease huh?" Xena smirked at her. "Okay bard but just remember you started this." The warrior raised her eyebrow while she lowered her lips to Gabrielle's. The kisses as filled with passion, a long slow kiss. Xena pulled back far enough to run her tongue over the bard's lips stopping in the middle waiting to be invited in. Without hesitation Gabrielle opened her mouth and they both moaned in unison.

Xena's hand roamed over the bard's body coming to stop on her breast. She massaged then squeezed it in her hand feeling the nipple harden against the palm of her hand. She opened her hand and rubbed the palm over the hard nipple. "Gods Gabrielle, I love the way that feels." The warrior whispered.

"Xena please touch me. Touch me everywhere. Do what you have always wanted to do to me. I love you and fell in love with you for many reasons. I know you have been holding yourself back all this time."

The warrior interrupted. "I never want to take the chance of hurting you."

"I'm not as fragile as you might think. One of the things I love about you is your power and the passion that goes with that power."

Xena looked at her lover with a glazed look that Gabrielle didn't remember ever seeing before. "If we do this, you will forever be mine." Xena said trembling.

"I already am." The bard answered in a whisper pulling Xena closer.

Xena kissed her with a fever, refusing to come up for air or let the bard breath. She entered her mouth with her tongue. She did not ask for entrance she merely took it.

Gabrielle reached around the warrior only to have her hands grabbed and held above her head. "You will only touch me if and when I want you to. Do you understand me?" Xena growled holding the bard's chin in her hand.

"I want to feel your tongue on me." The warrior said stepping over the bard's face and lowered herself to be in easy reach. Xena rocked her hips slowly back and forth. Gabrielle drank from the delicious warrior juice she was offered. Xena suddenly moved out of her reach and straddled her hips rubbing her juices on the bard's patch of curly hair. She placed her hand on her own sex soaking the palm then moved down and placed her juices on the free flowing bard's. When their juices mixed Gabrielle groaned along with her warrior. Xena continued to rub the palm of her hand over the bard's sex. Gabrielle tried to rock her hips but the weight of the warrior kept her in place.

Xena removed herself from the bard and sat against a rock with her legs stretched out in front of her. "Over here bard. I want you over here on my lap." Xena growled and the bard complied. Facing her she sat down straddling her lap. Xena reached around grabbing the bard's backside with both hands roughly pulling her as close to her as she could until she felt the mingled juices against her stomach.

"I'm going to take you right here bard. I'm going to suck on your neck when you explode. I'm going to put my fingers inside you and rub that swollen nub of yours until you come." Xena said cupping a breast bringing it to her mouth making Gabrielle arch her back. She squeezed the other nipple hard making it harden immediately. "Oh yeah." The warrior said looking at the hardened nipples. One hand went down the bard's belly to her curly hair and beyond. Xena couldn't believe how wet she was. "So, she likes the power huh?" She thought to herself filing the information away for later..

Xena forced two fingers into the bard's opening. Flexing her arm muscle with the force of her entrance. Gabrielle's head went back and her hips raised slightly at the intrusion, but quickly found the warm wonderful feeling of the warrior's pumping. Xena slid her fingers in and out more forcefully with each stroke. Suddenly she pulled her fingers out forcing a whimper from the bard. She placed her fingers in her mouth and kissed Gabrielle forcing her freshly coated tongue into the bard's mouth. Gabrielle could taste herself on the warrior's lips and tongue. Her juices were dripping into the warrior's crotch. "Oh Gabrielle." Xena groaned.

Xena replaced her fingers inside the bard pumping harder and harder. She could feel the bard was on the verge. She removed her fingers and began rubbing the bard's very swollen nub. Unable to be gentle at this point Xena rubbed her hard. Gabrielle pressed herself onto Xena's hand for even more pressure she rocked her hips frantically. Xena clamped down on the bard's lower neck by her shoulder. Gabrielle's juices flowed unhindered into Xena's crotch. Xena pumped her hips with the bard. One last flow of juice touching her sex sent the warrior over with her bard. They both lay there resting against each other trying desperately to catch their breaths.

"Wow!" Xena finally managed to say. "I've never felt you that wet before."

"On of my many skills warrior." She said smiling rubbing her neck.

"Oh, sorry about that." Xena said looking at her lover's neck. "I got a little carried away."

"Hummm….chomp..chomp…" the bard said grinning at the memory

Xena laid the bard down on her back and crawled over her to lie on top. "I love you." She whispered into the bard's ear.

Gabrielle ground herself into the warrior. She knew the evening was not over yet. Xena kissed her with all the want and passion she always had bottled up inside of her. "I want you Gabrielle. I need to feel you touch me." The warrior confessed. It wasn't often she asked the bard to make love to her but tonight was one of those rare times.

"Come over me. Let me run my tongue over you and in you." Gabrielle whispered into her lover's ear. Xena moved to kneel over the bard's face.

"Slow my love. I want a long slow climax." Xena groaned as she gently rocked her hip back and forth. She could be vulnerable only with Gabrielle. No one else had ever seen this side of her. She wanted only the gentlest of touches and was capable of giving the bard anything she desired.

Gabrielle bent her legs putting her knees into the air and spreading her legs. She slowly moved her hand down to touch herself as Xena watched. Another favorite activity of the warrior. She loved to see her bard touch herself but always finished what the bard had started and Gabrielle hoped this would be no exception.

Gabrielle drank in all the warrior juice that was offered to her while she continued to rub herself. Xena leaned forward placing her hand on the bard's moving both out of the way and replacing the hands with her tongue. She licked and licked finally coming to rest on the bard's swollen nub sucking hard and Gabrielle softly sucked the warrior's, moving her tongue over it. Xena bucked back and forth wanting to feel more of her. Gabrielle clamped on the nub and sucked hard pumping her fingers in and out of the warrior.

The warrior was close but continued to hold on until she got her bard where she was. She liked nothing better then to come with her lover. Harder and harder she sucked and rocked. Feeling her bard close to the edge she let herself relax and enjoy the impending climax. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm." She mumbled still attached to her bard as her climax took over. Gabrielle felt Xena go over the edge and that brought her over with a force she couldn't have ever imagined.

They both collapsed unable to move for a few moments. Then Xena moved off Gabrielle who she had pinned under her and laid beside her. Taking long deep breaths. Xena looked over at her love. "You always continue to amaze me. Just when I think I can't go any higher you bring me up another notch. I have never felt anything like this before."

Gabrielle smiled feeling her heart swell with the love she has for her warrior. "I love you Xena." She said putting her hand on the side of the warrior's face. Xena closed her eyes wanting to feel every touch her bard gave her.

Gabrielle scooted close putting her head on the warrior's breast licking her nipple and feeling Xena's sharp intake of breath. "You never get tired. Do you?" Xena, asked chuckling to her herself hoping Gabrielle's answer would be no.

"Nope, why? Do you want me to stop?" She asked not picking her head up.

"Never my love. Never!" Xena confessed.

The night was long and filled with the love of these two women. Artemis shone down upon them and smiled as they finally drifted off to sleep.

Gabrielle whispered so low only her warrior could hear her. "I love my warrior."

"And I love you my bard." Were the last words either spoke that night.


The End For Now

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