The Queen's Pleasure
By: Teagen2


Alternative and Sexual Warning: This story contains scenes of a sexual nature between women. Possibly considered NC-17. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Timeline: Takes place after “To Helicon and Back.”

Author's Notes: Decided to write one without much of a plot. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to

The distant chants of my tribe still can be heard at this distance. I shiver. Its cold out, but I wanted to be think. I want to cry. We've been living with the Amazons, while Xena recuperated from a broken foot. Our relationship, as it was when Eve was born, is gone now. I assumed she's moved on. She has not spoken of or made any advances towards me since Eve was three weeks old. Prior to that, it had been four months. I blamed it on the pregnancy, but I believe she only me wanted afterwards because she was scared for Eve's life and wanted to ensure I'd be there for her. I would have been regardless.

Gentle hands came around my shoulders, putting a cloak over them. “It's freezing out here.” The voice startled me. She smiled. “I never thought I could sneak up on you.” Varia said, taking a seat next to me.

“I thought you were Xena. She tests me like that all the time.”

“Its dangerous to assume.”

“Oh I didn't assume.........When you cut across the leaves over there. I heard the leather bindings on the side of you boots clink. Xena's wearing boots like that tonight for the ceremony.” She looks down at her boots and back up to me.

“Wow, maybe I can learn a thing or two from you.”

We both turned away, almost embarrassed by the thinking the same thing it would seem. “Why are you out here? I don't see your scrolls.”

“Just thinking. Wanted to get away.”

“I'm sorry. I'm intruding.” I place a hand on her thigh as she starts to stand.

“Sit. I could use the company.”

“You wanna talk about it.”

“Its Xena.”

“What about her?”

“Its personal.”

“Ohhhh. You guys aren't together anymore huh?” She saw it in my eyes.

“I don't think we really have been in a long time.”

I felt her hand on my cheek. I turned, looking her in the eye. She is beautiful, young, and strong. A little hardheaded at times, but so is Xena. She caressed my cheek with the tips of her fingers, as if memorizing the contours. “She's a fool.” I didn't know what to say. My heart skipped a beat as her hands cupped my face. I leaned in and kissed her softly. Her lips were so soft. “Mmmm.” she moaned as she opened her mouth. My tongue slid quickly inside. I stood and straddled her lap. Her strong arms came around my back. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders. After several seconds, I felt a cold wind blow, making us both shiver. When I pulled back, I saw a beautiful smile on her face.

“Come on. Let's go back.” I stand.

“What about Xena?” I gave her a questioning look. “Won't she wonder why you're with me?”

“Yes, but she won't voice it.” I take her hand and lead her back to the queen's hut. We met no one. Just about everyone was in the center of the village for the ceremony.

We both move inside. The hut was illuminated by the center fire. Looking around, Xena was nowhere to be found. Her saddlebags were in the corner, along with her breastplate and leathers. She looked positively hot in her amazon outfit. Xena brushed me off when I told her. In fact, she has said little to me all week. I turn to Varia. I put my arms around her. Sometimes I just love to be held and she sensed that. Placing my head on her chest, I could hear her heartbeat. It was rapid. I look up into her eyes. “What's wrong?”

“Nothing.” she says shakily. “Why do you ask?”

“Your heart's beating pretty fast. Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“Far from it.” she smiles. “I.....I've always thought you were beautiful, my queen.”


“Gabrielle.......I...just haven't found the words to tell you.”

“You just did.”

“Its just.....I owe Xena so much.......but....”

“Go on.”

“I can't deny my heart.” She's a warrior. I can understand that better than anyone. “But if Xena isn't treating you right....then I think you”

“You?” I ask. I smile at her bravery. “It took a lot of courage for you to come right out and say that.”

“I know......I've been wanting to for a long time, ever since I started to notice how you were drifting apart from Xena. I figured you guys would work it out.”

“I wish we could have.” I sit down next to the fire, pulling her down with me. I move over and wrap my arms around her, placing my head on her chest. “I've given her every opportunity, but I guess she doesn't want me anymore.” I tried to stop the tears, but they came anyway. I felt Varia's fingers combing through my hair, as she gently rocked us back and forth.

It seemed like an eternity. Varia broke the long silence. “I want you.” she said softly. I looked up into her eyes. I smiled when I saw sincerity and love reflecting in her eyes. I kissed her again. I pushed on her shoulders, forcing her to lay back. I straddled her thighs. The heat from the fire is going to have to compete with my own. She smiled as I pinned her wrists with my hands. I teasingly licked her lips. She tried to kiss me, but I pulled back with a smile. “Please, my queen.” I chuckled at her begging. I was getting intoxicated by the power I held over my warrior. I pushed her top up, revealing her hardened nipples to the cool air. As I began to tease them with my tongue, I removed my own top. She carefully reached up and cupped my breasts, making me groan.

I began to rock my lips. Varia nearly screams, biting her lip to silence herself. In the back of my mind was a voice. A voice I couldn't quite understand.......until it was too late.

“Hey, Gabri.......” Xena called as her and Eve walked in, without warning. Her mouth froze in mid-sentence. Varia and I stood quickly. Varia adjusted her top and handed mine to me. I simply held it in my hand as Xena bore holes into me. Eve backed away, knowing it was not her place to say anything. “What the fuck is going on here?......Never mind, I can tell what is going on.” I slipped my top back on.

“Xe.....” Varia started.

“Shut up.” she hissed. “You keep your trap shut, little girl.” Xena warned. Varia's stern face, matched Xena's. Two warriors, one queen. This could easily turn violent. “You are mine, Gabrielle. How could you do this to me?”

“I've been trying to tell you for months that I've been unhappy with us. You haven't paid much attention to me since Eve was born.”

“That's bullshit, Gabrielle.......So, you fall in bed with the first Warrior Princess wanna- be you find?” Varia advances forward. Xena moves to meet her silent challenge. Eve pulls Xena. I pull Varia, keeping them separated.

“I love you, Xena. I love Varia, too.”

“How can you love Varia? She tried to kill you.”


“Mother........” Eve said.

“Stay out of this, Eve.” Varia warned.

Everyone began to yell, trying to intimidate each other. I couldn't talk over them, nor could I filter out who was screaming at who until Varia screamed an Amazon call. Two of her warriors entered, weapons at the ready. Everyone froze, except Xena. Taking offense, she drew her sword. As she began to advance on the girls, I spoke up.

“Stop, Xena.” Surprisingly, she did.

“These two entered the queen's hut without announcing themselves.” Varia spat. “Take them out.”

“I'm the queen's champion.” Xena hissed. “Gabrielle is my partner and I don't need to announce myself.”

“Alright!!!” I screamed. My head was spinning with emotion. “Eve, could you please excuse us?”

“Yes, Gabrielle.” she smiled. I love that girl like my own daughter.

“Guards, leave.”

“Yes, my queen.” they say in unison.

After all outside intrusions were gone, Varia and Xena once again turned on each other. They began to stare each other down with barely a foot between them. I smiled, my plan had come together nicely. Not that what I told Varia was a lie, it was just part of a bigger picture. “My champion.” I smiled at Xena. “My second.” I smiled at Varia. I love Xena with all my heart and we will always be together. She knows this. She sees the predatory look in my eye. Xena smiles as my nails rake down her cloth covered back. I reach over and kiss Varia, then Xena. Varia realized why she was here and her smile widened. I just took in the sight of my two warriors together. The physical similarities between the two were too numerous not to notice. Both tall, both dark. Strong, skillful. Their personalities, however, are a different story all together. One younger, more exuberant, action before thought. The other cunning, brilliant, superhuman, wiser in the ways of life, love, and war.

I moved to them, rubbing my left hand down Xena's back and my right down Varia's, causing them both to turn to me. I removed Varia's top. She started to almost hide herself from Xena, but didn't. I motioned to Xena, who began to remove Varia's boots. I pulled, ripping the last of her thin clothing. Her body was strong, as well as beautiful. I motioned for her to come to me. She did, wrapping her arms around me. I felt Xena's hands on my back as Varia lifted me. I wrapped my legs around her waist. I turned my head and latched on to Xena's mouth. Varia's fingers massaged my ass as she began to walk backwards toward my bedroll. I grinded my hips against her center. Her entire body shook. She gently placed me on my furs. “By right of the Josha, your wish is my command.” Varia said.

A look came across Xena's face. She knew what the ancient custom of Josha was. In fact, our first and only other Josha was with Ephiny. Josha was the right of the queen to have a champion, who is her mate, as well as another lover. It was most often her second, but not always. It often occurs after a big battle, just like Helicon. A way of thanking her second for a job well done or simply to comfort the queen in times of uncertainty. You can refuse an advance by the queen, but with her last comment, Varia has accepted. “Its not just the Josha, Varia.” She smiled sweetly at me. It was not just hormones that were driving me, but she knew she could never come between Xena and I.

I was scared, plain and simple. I needed the Josha right now. Who better to protect me than my two best warriors. Varia placed her head on my stomach and waited for her commands. With a simple glance, Xena knew I needed her. She dropped to her knees and hugged me, kissing me softly on my cheek. She rubbed Varia's head softly before sitting back. Xena placed her arms on her knees and waited. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath. I knew Xena and Varia could smell my scent by now. My cloth, which was very thin, was soaked. I felt Varia's body weight on top of it. All she would have to do is move it aside to expose me.

I removed my top, motioning Varia up. She latched onto my right nipple. With a glance, Xena moved over, taking my left. I looked up to the roof of my hut and smiled. Looking down, I saw dark hair. Two pairs of eyes, one blue, one brown. Xena could see it in my eyes. She smiled against my hardened flesh. Releasing my nipple, Xena stood. Turning Varia's head, we both watched as Xena disrobed. I could feel a hot breath on my skin from the younger warrior. As Xena carefully removed her left boot, I saw her foot was firmly wrapped. I marvel at what she can ignore and continue on as if nothing has happened. I know that foot must be hurting. Now both my warriors were naked, in all their glory. This scroll is writing itself in my head, I smiled. An interesting scroll this will be too.

Reaching down, I unbuckle the belt holding my final piece of clothing to my body. Pushing Varia's head down, she began to lick her way to my center. Xena's thighs were glistening. Someone was aroused before she entered my hut tonight. I unconsciously licked my lips. Xena smiled and moved forward. Seeing a nude Warrior Princess on all fours next to you, is enough to make anyone throb and it has. I kept eye contact with Xena as Varia's tongue forced me to moan. Xena dropped down onto her stomach, placing a hand on my cheek, smiling warmly at me. I groaned as Varia took my clit into her mouth. Propping up by her forearms, Xena stayed put, kissing me softly on the cheek. I began to groan louder. I never took my eyes off of Xena and vise versa. “Varia.” I moaned. Xena looked down briefly, to catch a glimpse of Varia pleasing me, before returning her attention to me. “Varia!” I felt my orgasm rip through me. “I love you, Xena.” I whispered to her as the tremors rocked my body.

“I love you, too.” she whispered back, brushing my hair back.

Varia rested her head on my stomach, awaiting my next command. I smiled at my mate. She was ready to explode. I smiled. She pushed herself up on all fours once again. She knew what I wanted. Xena straddled my face. I pulled her center to me, inhaling the scent of my warrior. I thrust my tongue inside her. She nearly screamed, but kept it a small groan. She began to ride my face. She screamed her climax. She slowly moved away.
“Thank you, Gabrielle.” Another custom of the Josha. Any pleasure given by the queen must be thanked. I heard her breath catch slightly.

“What's wrong?” I see her stand and limp. Her injured foot was hurting her. “Oh love, I'm sorry.”

“Don't be. I enjoyed it.” she winked. After stretching her leg slightly, she returned to my side.

I sat up, pushing Varia onto her back. I straddled her thighs, as I had done earlier. This time, I teasingly ran my wet center up to hers and to her stomach. She moaned. Sitting on her stomach, I grabbed her right hand. She needed no further instruction. Varia slid her hand between us. As I impaled myself on her fingers, her body shuttered. I felt Xena just behind me, using her expert tongue on my younger warrior. Varia came easily, but Xena refused to stop until the young woman came twice more. When my orgasm ripped through me, I suddenly felt exhausted. Xena and Varia both sensed it. They coaxed me to lie down on my furs. I haven't slept well in days and it is catching up to me with this physical activity. I felt Xena lie down next to me. I moved my head to her chest. My last sensation was Varia's warm body slipping underneath the furs on the opposite side. She ran her fingers through my hair before settling at my side.


I laid there, staring at the roof of the hut. I was soon going to be out myself. “Xena?” Varia whispered.

“Mmmm?” I turned my head to see her lying on her side next to Gabrielle.

“Do you know why she called the Josha?”

“I'm sure she was scared.” I said softly. Varia nodded. “She was so close to dying on that beach and many of her tribe didn't make it back.”

“I'm so sorry, Xena. It was all my fault for getting captured.”

“It couldn't be helped. Bellerophon would have gotten you one way or another. He was
that obsessed.”

“I hope I pleased her.” I smiled at her.

“You did.”

“That was quite a scheme she had going.”


“Oh, one of my warriors tipped me off that the queen was talking to the healer about the Josha today. When she told me how she felt unappreciated, I knew she wanted me in her hut tonight.”

“I thought there was something funny going on when a guard told Eve that I had to go see the queen immediately.”

“Then why did you blow up when you came in the door?” she smiled.

“Had to make sure didn't I?” We both chuckled. “She probably does, Varia.”


“Feel unappreciated.”


“Well, I kind of did get caught up in Eve when she was born. Then when Eve redeemed herself, it started all over again. I have to admit sometimes I don't pay her a lot of attention, but she's always there for me.”

“You're very lucky, Xena.” Gabrielle began her soft snoring. We both smiled.

“And so are you and your tribe.”

“I know.....The stories that were passed down said that Queen Gabrielle was a queen like no other. She was...or is.....full of compassion and understanding, but still rules with a stern hand.”

“That combination is rare.”

“I know, Xena. I know that once she was going to stay and be queen. Do you think she'll ever do that?”

“Yeah.” I looked down at my love. “She will.....some day.” Varia laid down and cuddled up to Gabrielle's back as I closed my eyes.


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