The Question
by moonwarrior

"IYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIY" Xena yells bringing Argo to an abrupt stop, flipping over her mares head and landing directly in front of Gabrielle.

"Xena" Gabrielle yells smiling and running into Xena’s waiting arms.

"I’ve missed you so much."

"I’ve missed you too!" Xena says holding Gabrielle’s face in her hands. Her eyes clouded over as she looks into the deep green of the bard.

Xena leans forward and kisses Gabrielle on the lips.

Gabrielle moans. Xena pulls back.

"If this isn’t what you want or you don’t feel this way, please tell me now." Xena’s voice is just above a whisper.

Gabrielle looks into those beautiful blue eyes she adores. "Xena, I love you" is all she says.

Xena pulls her into a tight hug. "I love you too!"

Xena releases her and hands her a bunch of flowers she picked about a mile back to surprise her friend with.

Gabrielle smiles thinking to herself ‘one of the many reasons why I love this woman’ "Thank You" she says stepping closer, turning her head upwards to meet Xena’s.

Lips touch lips, tongues touch tongues as Xena parts Gabrielle’s lips with her own. They both press themselves into the other. The kiss deepens all the passion they feel for each other bubbles to the surface. Xena finally has no choice but to break the kiss. She takes a long deep breath. "I felt that all the way to my toes." She smiles at the bard running her fingers along her jaw.

"So did I" Gabrielle says taking several short deep breaths. "I had always thought about what it would be like to kiss you."


"It was so much more then I ever expected. I never thought my knees would go weak and my toes would curl." Gabrielle blushes at her confession.

Xena holds her tight and smiles a crooked grin. She walks Gabrielle over to the bed roll and pulls her down to her knees.

Xena kisses her forehead, her eyebrows, her eyelids, the bridge of her nose then covers her mouth with her own. For the first time she runs her hands over Gabrielle’s back and down her sides, then up to cup her breast through her top. She squeezes and gently moves her hands over the already erect nipple.

Xena breaks the kiss and pulls back much to the dismay of the bard. "Please don’t stop" she looks at her with all the passion she feels.

"I’m not planning on stopping. I just want to get some of this stuff out of the way" she says as she finds herself fumbling with the laces on Gabrielle’s top.

"Let me help" Gabrielle guides Xena’s fingers until the top falls loose. Xena then helps Gabrielle remove her skirt.

Xena sits back on her heels admiring the bard. The firm flesh of her body and the defined muscles is enough to bring Xena to a state of near climax. "You are so beautiful" Xena’s voice is low and raspy.

"I want to see you" Gabrielle deliberately removed piece by piece slowly only fueling the fire between them.

They both sat for a moment drinking in the beauty of the other, Xena held her arms out and Gabrielle fell into them. They both moaned in unison at the sensual feel of skin against skin.

"I love you Gabrielle" Xena whispers as she lowers her head to capture her lips.

Xena gently lays Gabrielle back on the blanket and lays on top of her careful not to rest all her weight on the bard.

"I want you Gabrielle. I want to make love to you. Please……Open yourself to me." Xena whispers into the ear she is nuzzling.

Gabrielle separates her legs for Xena who lays herself between them. She adjust herself so her curly dark center rest against her lovers curly mound.

Gabrielle takes Xena’s nipple into her warm mouth and feels it harden on contact.

"Oh yes…" Xena says as she moves her other breast over the bards mouth to feel the same sensations as her lover gave the other nipple.

Xena pulled herself up out of reach and pressed her hips into Gabrielle.

"Xena……I’ve never….." Gabrielle started to say.

"I know……" Xena said softly reassuring her bard as she laid her body back on top reveling in the sensations of there naked body’s meeting.

"Gabrielle if we do this, for me it will be forever," Xena says looking deep into those passion filled eyes of the bard she loved.

"Xena, I have never wanted to be touched like this by anyone but you. My heart and soul belong to you. I trust you to keep it safe as I will your."

A small tear fell from Xena’s eye and splashed on Gabrielle’s cheek "I will keep it safe." She lowered herself to claim the bards lips once more.

The kiss was passionate, expressing all the love, want and need they have for each other.

Xena moved to kiss her shoulders and her chest. Slowly she moved to kiss Gabrielle’s breast. Kissing and nipping all around the pink nipple. She moved her cheek over the nipple feeling the hardness of it. Gabrielle arched up trying to press her self into Xena’s feather like touch.

Xena took the nipple into her mouth, sucking on it while her hand massaged the other nipple and breast.

Gabrielle’s hips pressed into Xena’s "Xena please, I….I…need you to touch me…..please."

Xena placed her hand on Gabrielle’s curly mound. Slowly slipping her fingers between the folds. She was amazed at how wet her bard was. She just held her there as she kissed into the top of Gabrielle’s thighs.

Xena began moving her fingers slowly rubbing Gabrielle’s swollen nub. She ran her fingers down to her opening and stopped. She looked up at Gabrielle with a question in her eyes.

"Yes" was all the bard said as her hips moved urging Xena on.

Xena’s tongue took over where her fingers had been on the swollen nub. Gently she slid her tongue from side to side and took it into her mouth and sucked until she thought her love couldn’t take much more.

Gabrielle moaned, moved her head from side to side and grabbed at the blanket that laid beneath her.

When Xena felt her starting to stiffen she slid one finger into her. At that moment she knew the bard was truly hers.

Gabrielle stiffened and cried out, partly in pain. Partly in pleasure. She knew her first time would hurt but she felt very little pain. Xena remained still until the quakes stopped. She then moved up her lover kissing her all the way to her waiting lips.

"Are you okay" Xena asked with concern in her eyes and in her voice.

Gabrielle takes a much needed deep breath. "You could of warned me, I never knew I could feel anything like this. I can’t even move. And the other" Gabrielle blushes "yeah, I’m okay. I do love you warrior."

"I know" Xena held her tight reassuring her bard of the love she feels for her.

Gabrielle rolled the warrior on her back. She sat up and straddled her hips. Hands slowly moving up Xena’s stomach to her breast. Gabrielle cupped them both looking at them with a sense of wonder. How long she dreamed of touching Xena in just such a way.

"Xena" Gabrielle said softly rocking her wetness on Xena’s curly mound and squeezing her nipples to hardness. "How do you want me to love you?" she spoke shyly unsure of where to go from here.

"Your doing just fine so far" Xena looked into those deep green eyes she would give her life to be able to see everyday.

"Lay on top of me "Xena softly instructed while spreading her legs to make room for her bard.

Gabrielle did as Xena asked taking a very hard erect nipple into her mouth. Xena moaned when Gabrielle’s lips circled her nipple.

Xena cupped the sides of Gabrielle’s head and pulled her gently to her waiting lips. She let Gabrielle take control. She loved the tentative touches.

Gabrielle parted her lips and traced her tongue along Xena’s lips wanting to taste her everywhere. She parted the warriors lips and slowly slipped her tongue inside. When she met Xena’s tongue she couldn’t help but moan in her mouth. She broke the kiss and looked at Xena who was smiling at her.

Xena pulled Gabrielle to her gently kissed her and moved her to her neck. Gabrielle found that quiet enticing she nibbled and kissed her way around from one side to the other. Xena put her hands on Gabrielle’s hip guiding her slowly down. Gabrielle was more then willing to comply with her warriors wishes. She nipped, nuzzled and kissed first one breast then the other. Xena withered and moaned beneath her bard. "Oh yes" was all that could escape her throat. She put her hands on Gabrielle’s face and pulled her up. "Will you…I mean… I need you too…..Please"

"Anything my love anything. Just tell me what you want" Gabrielle said looking into those passion filled eyes of her warrior.

"Your tongue, would you love me with your tongue?" Xena feeling suddenly shy.

"I had planned to. I want to taste you as you did me." Gabrielle moved herself down Xena’s body until her shoulders came to rest between the warriors legs.

Gabrielle had never seen a woman’s most intimate place before, She had often touched herself many of those times thinking of making love to Xena.

She gently placed her fingers on the warm wetness she saw. As she explored more she let her fingers slip between the folds. She moved them all around until Xena jumped then she froze.

"Did I hurt you." she asked with concern.

"No my love, you just found my most sensitive spot. Move your tongue over it…please….Oh yeah……that’s it……oh…….your fingers……Yes, oh yes ."

Gabrielle had inserted two fingers into Xena’s opening slowly sliding them in and out.

Xena’s hips moved faster trying to press herself into the bards touch harder.

Gabrielle moved her tongue and fingers in tempo with Xena’s hips. She pressed harder into her and slid a third finger into her.

Xena’s hips raised, she grabbed at Gabrielle’s hair every muscle tightened as ………

Gabrielle brought out of her memories and she thought she heard a noise, no she felt Xena near. "XENA, XENA, I’M HERE" she screamed against hope. She knew that no matter how loud she screamed no one would hear her. She was going to die, here, buried alive in this coffin and alone. She began to weep heavily "Oh Xena I love you. I will see you again someday. Until then, please my love keep thinking of me."

What Gabrielle wasn’t thinking about was Xena’s extraordinary sense of hearing. She had heard Gabrielle screaming and began digging furiously. Uncontrollable tears were falling down her face. She dug with her hands wiping tears away. Her hands began to bleed from digging into the hard dirt and rock. She finally hit what she was looking for. Wood. "GABRIELLE’

"Xena" Gabrielle called not sure if she was dreaming or not, her air was running out and she was on the brink of unconsciousness. But it was enough for Xena to hear.

"GABRIELLE, I’M HERE, HOLD ON I’LL HAVE YOU OUT IN A MOMENT." Xena wiped both cheeks of tears. Gabrielle had to be almost out of air. She took a deep breath concentrated on the piece of wood she had uncovered and hit it with the hilt of her hand. It cracked, another blow just below it and the wood gave way. It wasn’t a large hole only about six inches wide but it would be enough until she could uncover more of the casket that held her lover and allow her to breath.

"Gabrielle," no answer "GABRIELLE" she yelled.

Xena listened. She heard Gabrielle take in a few deep breaths. She let out her own unaware at the time she was holding her own breath.

"Gabrielle" she said "Please answer me."

"Xena" was all the bard said.

Xena began digging again this time using her dagger to loosen the dirt.

"I’m almost there my love" Xena said a tears once again stained her face.

"Xena, oh thank the gods you found me."

Xena soon had a place big enough that if she broke the wood she would be able to help Gabrielle crawl out of her intended coffin. Within minutes she was pulling the bard free.

Gabrielle sat back on her heals with her hands on the ground taking several long deep breaths. It felt so good to breath again she thought. Xena was kneeling beside her with a protective arm around her shoulder holding her until she was able to look up.

"Xena?’ Gabrielle said with surprise as she looked at her warrior. Her face stained from crying mixed with the dirt from her digging and the blood from her hands. "Xena?" she repeated looking at the warriors eyes. Eyes she never thought she would see gain. She put her hand on Xena’s. Xena jumped only then aware of the condition of her hands. They were raw and bleeding from digging. "Oh Xena’ Said the bard as she gently cradled those hands that hold her in her own. "Come on lets get those cleaned and bandage" she said softly.

Xena looked at her, smiled and shook her head from side to side. ‘gods I love this woman’ she thought.

"Gabrielle wait" her warrior said. "You’ve been kidnapped, buried alive, I bearly found you in time, another five minutes and it would of been to late and your worried about me?"

"I love you Xena, and it was that love that kept me alive. I knew you would find me. I’m fine only a splitting headache but you my warrior are not fine. Now come with me and let me take care of you." Gabrielle stated firmly rising to her feet pulling her love with her.

"I love you too!’ Xena said softly but it was loud enough for Gabrielle to hear and brought a smile to her face.


That night at the campfire after all the chores had been done and dinner eaten Gabrielle insisted on checking the warriors bandaged hands to be sure no infection was starting to set in.



"How did you find me?"

"The man who buried you brought me to were you where."

"But why? He put me there."

"I persuaded him too."

"Xena?" Gabrielle asking the question ‘how and why’ without asking not knowing for sure if she really wanted to know.

Xena recognized that look and thought it best not to tell her the story or how anybody would talk if they were being skinned alive with the promise of finishing the job if Gabrielle was dead.

Xena just shrugged her shoulders "I asked him." Was all she said.

Gabrielle looked at Xena knowing there was more to it then that but decided to let it drop. She knew if Xena chose not to share details with her that no matter what she said or did wouldn’t change her mind.

They settled down to hold each other and hopefully get some sleep. Gabrielle turned on her side so her warrior could curl up behind her as always. Gabrielle noticed that Xena was holding her much tighter tonight.

Xena nuzzled up to the bards ear "I love you bard"

"I love you warrior" they both drifted off into a fitful sleep, both jumping and startling the other awake off and on all night.

Morning couldn’t come to soon for the lovers. They bathed in the stream. Gabrielle wrapped Xena’s hands again pleased that everything looked good. Gabrielle caught some fish and prepared breakfast. She was trying to feed Xena like she did the night before but the warrior would have no part of it until she dropped her fish in her lap. "Now will you let me help?" Gabrielle said with a hint of amusement in her voice. Looking at her warrior with a plate of fish resting upside down in her lap. Xena looked at Gabrielle and scowled. Then she looked at her lap, back to Gabrielle. They both began to laugh at the sight of smelly fish on the warriors leathers and Xena’s expression of pure disgust knowing she would smell like fish for days.

Gabrielle cleaned it up and wiped the leathers with soap and water, then off to the stream to catch another fish.

After breakfast Gabrielle began to pack up camp and get Argo ready.

"Gabrielle what are you doing? We can’t go anywhere until I can take these bandages off."

"Yes there is someplace we can go, someplace safe until you heal." Gabrielle said lifting Argo’s saddle onto the mare.


"Amazons" Gabrielle stated. "We are only a days ride from there boarder. So come on Warrior. Get a move on" Gabrielle smiled as Xena got to her feet kicking dirt into the fire pit.

"Ready" Gabrielle said to her puzzled warrior who was deciding on the best way to get on Argo.

Gabrielle mounted first and held he hand down to grab Xena’s forearm to help her up. Xena wasn’t to sure about this new turn of events. Being taken care of and waited in hand and foot. However, she supposed if she thought about it very long she may get to like it. ‘No it’s just not me’ she said to herself.

It was already dark when Xena and Gabrielle was being escorted into the village by the warriors that met them at the boarder. Word had already been relayed of there arrival. A feast was being prepared in honor of there returning Queen. Ephiny was waiting outside the food hut to greet them.

Gabrielle jumped out of the saddle and gave Ephiny a quick hug then helped Xena down. Her hands were sore and throbbing but would not say a word to Gabrielle about it.

Gabrielle noticed how Xena winced when she barely touched the bandages so she hooked her arm in Xena’s and led her off to the healers hut not giving Xena a chance to protest.

Gabrielle paced back and forth in front of the hut. Ephiny tried to calm her down. "How did this happen?" Ephiny questioned her Queen.

As Gabrielle was finishing up telling her the story the healer appeared at the door.

"There was some infection starting to settle in the deepest cuts. I think I got it all cleaned out. I had to open them back up so Xena won’t be using her hands anytime soon. She has a slight fever from the infection but I expect it to be broke by morning. Go now and let her rest" the healer waved her away.

"Did you see that, she just dismissed me" Gabrielle bellowed at Ephiny.

"Gabrielle" Ephiny put her hands on her shoulders turning her around to look into her eyes. "Xena will be fine you did the right thing in bringing her here. Now come the feast is waiting.

Gabrielle started to protest. She was in no mood to celebrate. "You have to eat. If I know the healer at all she has given Xena something to help her sleep. She won’t wake until morning."

"I just want to be with her. I thought I had cleaned the cuts good enough. Xena never said anything."

Ephiny put her arms around Gabrielle who more then willingly fell into them and began to weep. Ephiny held her until she stopped.

"I promise Gabrielle if Xena so much as twitches her big toe you will know about it okay." She whispered into her Queens ear.

Gabrielle nodded in wiping her tears. She held Ephiny’s hands and simply said "Thank you" Ephiny smiled, squeezed her hand and led her off to the waiting feast.

Later that night Gabrielle woke with a start. "Xena" she cried out. It took her a long moment to remember where she was and more importantly where Xena was.

Gabrielle dressed and started out of her hut. A member of the royal guard stood at the door. Gabrielle just walked past her without a word. She approached the healers hut. Pacing outside she finally exhausted herself and sat down propped against the door frame.

The guard that was assigned to look after her that night followed her. She continued to watch over her Queen. Another amazon walked by and the guard whispered to her. Within moments she was bending over the queen covering her with a blanket.

"Thanks" was all the grateful Queen said but it was enough that the guard knew how her Queen appreciated it.

That morning Ephiny was knocking on the door to the Queens hut. ‘No Gabrielle, no guard What’s going on’ She quickly crossed the compound to the healers hut where she saw the guard standing and a bundle in the door way.

"Gabrielle, Gabrielle" Ephiny gently shook her awake.

"Xena" Gabrielle said startled bolting up to her feet.

"Calm down, Its me Ephiny"

Gabrielle focused her eyes and saw a smiling Ephiny.

"Xena?" Gabrielle said softly

Ephiny knocked on the healers door, it opened almost immediately.

"Come in my Queen" the healer said slightly bowing to her "Xena’s fever broke sometime last nigh. She is resting comfortably now. Her hands will be sore for a few days and I had to put a few stitches where I drained the infection but she will be fine. She should be awake soon. If you like I will send someone for you when she does wake."

"That won’t be necessary. I’m not leaving. I want to be here when she opens her eyes." Gabrielle stated looking at he healer waiting for an argument, one that she would not stand down from.

"Yes my Queen."

Gabrielle looked at her startled. Was this the same woman that so abruptly dismissed her the night before she wondered.

Gabrielle walked into the room where Xena was sleeping. She saw a large chair beside the bed, a blanket in the chair, a mug of water and a scroll beside a candle still burning.

She turned to the healer. "You sat beside her all night?"
Gabrielle questioned.

The healer nodded.

Gabrielle walked up to the woman that so very carefully watched over her lover and put her hands on hers. "Thank you" she said smiling to her.

Gabrielle sat down to wait. Ephiny had a large tray of food brought over knowing the Queens appetite but Gabrielle pointed to a table in the corner and asked it to be sat there. She wasn’t very hungry.

A few moments later. "Are you going to let our breakfast get cold?" Gabrielle looked up from cradling her head in her hands and stared into those beautiful blue eyes she loved.

"Oh Xena, I love you. Everything is going to be just fine." She said kissing her forehead.

"Help me up. I’m hungry" Xena said light heartily

Gabrielle propped Xena up and retrieved the tray. She began feeding Xena who was more then willing to except what her bard was doing for her.

When they devoured everything on the tray Xena asked Gabrielle to help her up. She had to get out of that bed and stretch.

The healer walked in watched Xena stretch her back and smiled.

"Can I take her home?" the Queen asked

"Only if you allow me to come check on her later in the day."

"Agreed" Gabrielle smiled at the healer, then at Xena who was already walking out the door.

"You know what I want" Xena said, then answered her own question "A nice hot bath."

"Anything you want my warrior is yours."

"Anything?’ Xena asked raising her eyebrows.

"Anything" Gabrielle said

"I’ll remember that" Xena said grinning from ear to ear.

Gabrielle suddenly felt nervous ‘oh, oh what did I just get myself into’ she thought.


Three days later the healer removed the bandages and admired her work. The stitches were small and would not hardly be seen.

To Xena it felt so good to have the bandages off she could finally stretch her hands and wiggle her fingers. A feeling she always took for granted until she couldn’t do it anymore. What she missed most was touching her bard, feeling her soft skin under her fingertips.

"Now Xena take it easy for the next few days, no sword practice or anything. We don’t want the stitches to break open. If it looks good by morning I will remove the stitches." The healer warned.

"She’ll be careful, I promise." Gabrielle said to the healer while looking at her love.

When the healer left, Gabrielle went into Xena’s out stretched arms. Xena has wanted to touch Gabrielle’s body, she wanted to run her finger tips on Gabrielle’s cheek. Gabrielle let Xena hold her tight but when her hands began exploring Gabrielle stopped her.

"Soon my love, first we need to be sure your hands will be okay. Remember what the healer said, no unnecessary movement."

"What makes you think this isn’t necessary" she asked with the twinkle returning to her eyes.

"Come. Lets go for a walk" Gabrielle leads her warrior out locking arms with her.


Its been four days since the stitches were removed and Xena’s hands are beginning to get back to normal. Gabrielle comes through the door carrying a tray of food, a flask of wine and two very exquisite glasses.

"Xena, I have something to ask you"

Xena sat quietly waiting, watching the bard pace in front of her.

"Out with it" Xena finally said

"Xena, would you… I mean… can you…..can we…. Well…."
Gabrielle blushed searching for just the right words but all attempts failed her.

Xena stood and took her bard into her arms and looked at her. Gabrielle was about to speak again when she felt a finger over her lips that silenced her.

"Gabrielle, you know I love you with all my heart." Gabrielle nodded, "Will you join with me and be my heart and soul forever?" Xena searching the deep green for her answer.

"Yeah" Gabrielle said without hesitation. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly ‘that wasn’t so heard’ she mumbled to herself raising her face to meet Xena’s.

They made love that night for the first time since Gabrielle had been kidnapped by the now dead warlord Flavian.

"You don’t know how much I’ve missed not being able to touch you the way I wanted." Xena whispered in her bards ear while squeezing a nipple between her thumb and forefinger bringing it to immediate hardness.

Gabrielle was bordering on sleep after there lovemaking, feeling completely spent she uttered "I’ve missed it too. I love you warrior" she drifted off to sleep. Xena laid looking at her and whispered "I love you bard" She closed her eyes and drifted into a peaceful protective sleep.


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