Sex: yes and very ALT.

This is my first Uber story.

My name is Jamie and I live with my wife Brie in our three-bedroom beach house on Mandaley bay in Oxnard.

My wife insisted we buy this house because she loved to go swimming at night in the ocean. So we did.

Anything Brie wanted I got her.

We meet ten years ago I was 18 and she was 15. She used to follow me around a lot. I really didn't mind. Truth is the first time I saw her I was in love with her.

I remember looking into her green eyes and just wondering what she saw in me sometimes. I was very tall for my age and had long black hair, blue eyes. We had nothing in common. She had long blond hair green eyes and she was very short for her age. She was miss cheerleader captain all four years in high school and I just went to school and did my work.



One day after school I was talking to some friends and she came up to me, she asked me if I had change for the phone.

"I need to call my mom. I forgot we got out early today."

"What’s your name?"

"Gabriele but you can call me Brie."

"You a freshmen?"

"No I’m a sophomore."

"My name is Jaime."

"I know I've seen you around. You’re a senior aren't you?"


"Hey Jaime, picking up on the freshmen now?"

"Shut up Karla she is a sophomore dummy!"

"Still a little young if you ask me!"

Karla started to laugh at me. She was one of my closes friends we did a lot together even went out a few times.

"Nobody asked you!"

"Damn! I just remembered my mom is in LA for the day she won’t be back till 4p.m."

"You need a ride home?"

"Thank you but I don’t think I should go."

"Look My friend was just kidding. I just wanted to help out that's all!"

"I didn't mean that! I kind of think you’re the hottest senior in this school! It’s just that I have cheerleading practice at 2:30 and will have to come back."

"Thanks! I can bring you back if you want!"

"Tell you what, how about you and me go to lunch? And then I can come back in time for practice."

After that day we became really good friends not long after that we started to see each other.


Five weeks later…

"Brie you getting a ride with Jamie after practice?"

"Don’t I always?"

"You think she can drop me of at home?"

"Ask her."

Jaime was walking to the practice area. Brie walked up too her and gave her a light kiss.

"Hey babe how was detention?"

"I still can’t believe you didn’t get one too!"

"My teacher likes me and I ran in just as the bell rang."

"Well I’m not walking you to class anymore, One more detention and my mom is going to have to sign a paper."

"Smile Jaime it’s Friday!"

"I need a nap!"

"You can sleep after you take me home babe!"

"Jamie can we give Marty a ride on the way?"

"Sure it’s on the way anyway!"

"Thanks Jamie my mom had to work today."

"Brie is your mom working today?"


"Just wondering if I’m going to get my nap!"

"Funny Jaime really funny!"

Brie hit Jaime in the arm and started to walk away. Jaime didn’t know if Brie was mad for what she just said so she ran up to her and hugged her really tight till Brie started to kick her.

Brie knew Jaime had every right to tease her. Every time Jaime drove Brie home, Brie would have Jaime come in and they would start messing around on the couch. After about an hour of kissing and touching they would end up having sex. Brie was always the one that would start it.

"Put me down you over muscled giant!"

"First kiss me!"


"Kiss me or you stay up there!"

"Fine but put me down first!"

Jaime put Brie down and Brie started to run to Jaime’s truck.

"BRAT!" Jamie said to Brie.

"Come on Marty lets get out of this place."

"I’m with you Jaime."


After Graduation was over I talked to my mom about going to community collage for a couple years till Brie graduated, then we would apply to the same collage. My mom was a little upset but she finally agreed with me.

I had just gotten my first apartment with the help of my mom. She had a friend in a management company and was happy to help me out. My mom put up the money to get in and would help me with the rent when I needed it. She wanted me to keep going to collage and keep my dream of becoming a lawyer. To do that I had to go to school full time and work part time with my mothers company. My mother loved it, she was able to keep an eye on me and make sure I came to work and go to school.


Summer was right around the corner and Brie and I started to spend more time together. She was 18 now and I was 21.

"Mom I told you I’m staying with Jamie tonight remember what we talked about last night?"

"Honey I just want you two to be safe!"

"Mrs. Bradford I won’t drink and drive I promise!"

"Thank you Jamie."

Mrs. Bradford pulled Brie aside when I walked out of the door to talk to her. We were going to some pre graduation parties and her mom didn’t want us drinking and driving.

"I love you honey I hope you two have a good time.

"Thank you mom and we will!" Brie told her moving her eyebrows up and down.

Brie’s mother was very open minded and she had no problem with our relationship. She was the one who talked to Brie last month when we had that fight when Brie thought I was messing around on her.

I remember we came to my apartment after the football game. Brie was a varsity cheerleader her senior year at Oxnard high school and we had just won the game. She and some of her friend had gone back to the locker room to change.

During that time I think she got high with them because when she got in the car she was all over me and her eyes looked very small almost closed.

"Stop it Brie your high!"

"I’m just showing you I love you!"

"Well I hope you don’t have to get high just to show me!"

"Can we go back to your apartment Jamie?"

She started to kiss me on the neck knowing that was one of my sensitive spots.

"Babe your mom will be waiting up for you."

"I can call her from your apartment Jamie!"

She started to suck on my neck; it was all I could do to get her in her seat belt.

"Okay lets get going people are starting to stare at us."

"Well… you are very sexy looking tonight love!"

As I was helping her with the seat belt on of her friend started to knock on the window.

"Hi Jaime! Brie I need to talk to you."

"Hi Ashley. Brie and I are just leaving!"

"Brie can you call me later then?"


She said bye to Brie but did not walk away from the truck. Seeing the way she was looking at Brie really made me mad so I turned to Brie and started to kiss her. Brie put her arms around my neck and started to moan. Ashley just stood there staring at us. I finally let Brie go and with the biggest smile on my face I told Ashley bye.

We got back to my apartment and she was looking in my refrigerator for something to eat.

"If you want I can order pizza for you!"

"Make sure it has extra cheese babe!"

I sat on the couch ordered the pizza and the next thing I know she is sitting in my lap and checking my tonsils with her tough. Now true Brie and I made out almost all the time but Brie was down right horny tonight!"

"Baby I want you so much!"

She had her hand in my shirt rubbing my nipple and kissing and sucking on my neck. I know I’m going to have a hickey their. For some reason she likes to mark me. Tells me it’s to tell every one that I belong to her.

"I just want to eat you up Jamie."

My libido was on over drive and I started to give in. I pulled her top open and pushed her bra out of the way. Next thing I know I have her nipple in my mouth and I’m rubbing her pussy with my hand over her jeans.

"Jamie umm…that fells so good!"

I started to bite down on her nipple then I move up and started kissing and sucking her neck.

"Uhhh… Jamie fuck me!"

I kissed her really hard and we both started to lay down, her on top of me. She had tried to unbutton my 501’s but was having trouble so she started to rub me too. I moved her hands and grabbed her waist with both of mine pushing her down and rubbing her back and forth hard.

" OH YESSSS… That is so good uunhh…

The next thing I know the door bell rings and I jump up with her falling to the ground.

"Fuck Jamie!"

"Sorry baby I think that’s your pizza."

Brie gets up and goes to the bathroom. I fix my shirt and grab the door.

"Thank you how much do I owe you?"


I walk over to the TV and get $20.00.

"Keep the change!"


I shut the door and Brie comes out of the bathroom.

"Jamie my mom is going to kill me if she sees this on my neck again!"

"You started it!"

"And I plan on finishing it too!"

Just then the phone rang and Brie answered it.


"Can I talk to Jaime?"

"Who is this?"

"Look let me talk to Jaime!"

"Who is this?"

"Who are you?"

"I’m her fucken girlfriend!"

"Brie give me the phone!"

"Look who ever…."

Jaime pulled the phone from Brie’s hand and started to talk.


"Jaime it Amy."

"Amy what do you want?"

"Jaime who is that rude bitch?"

"Brie shut up!"

"Jaime I need money!"

Brie was so mad that she took her jacket and walked out the door before Jaime could finish talking on the phone.

"How much do you need and why?"

"Promise you won’t tell mom Jaime?"

"Fine what?"

"I think I’m pregnant!"


"I missed my period."

"Fuck Amy what were you thinking?"

"Look Jaime you're no virgin ether so don’t preach to me!"

"Yeah but your just 16 years old!"

"Are you going to help me or not?"

"Meet me tomorrow at the mall okay Amy?"

"Yeah okay. Bye sis."

"Bye Amy."

Jamie hangs up the phone and starts to look for Brie.

"Brie are you in the bathroom? Brie… Fuck, just what I need right now!"

Jamie sits down on the sofa and starts to eat the pizza hoping Brie will come back.

An hour later her phone rings again.


"Jamie this is Mrs. Bradford, Brie just got home and she looks funny and she is also mad. What happened between you two?"

"I don’t know, I was on the phone with my sister and when I got off she was gone!"

"Well I tried to talk to her but she wont open the door to her room."

"Can I go over and talk to her?"

"Please, I would really like that Jaime!"

"Brie honey let me in!"

"No go away!"

"What happened to you Brie? Why are you crying?"

"Go away you cheating bitch!"


"Get out of my house!"

"Brie open the door!"

No answer.

"I think I should go she won’t listen to me!"

"Thank you anyway Jaime."

"Have her call me when she calms down."

Ring… Ring…


"Jamie can I see you?"

"Brie do you know what time it is?"

No answer.

"Fine I will be there in 10 min."

Brie was waiting out side on her porch.

"Brie why did you leave?"

"I thought…."

"I know what you thought Brie."

"My mom explained it to me and I’m sorry."

"Brie why would I cheat on you?"

"Look can we just forget about it?"

"Come over and give me a kiss!"

We started to make out on the porch. Brie had her hand in my jeans and was trying to fuck me while kissing the living day light out of me.

"Brie, Oh god… what if your mom comes out?"

"My mom knows we sleep together Jaime, I’m 18 your 21 you think she is stupid!"


"Nice to see you two made up! But do you have to do it on my porch!"

I have never seen Brie move so fast! She pulled her hand out of my pants and moved to my side before I knew what was happening.


"Look you two I ‘m going to bed I think you two should get inside before you give the neighbors something to talk about!"

"Yes Mrs. Bradford."

"Jamie call me Kim please. You have been seeing my daughter for three years and you still call me Mrs. Bradford, it makes me fell old!"

"Yes M…. Kim!"

"Another thing Jaime I know that you love my daughter and all but can you please stop leaving those awful marks on her neck!"


"Well they are awful!"

"Yes ma’am!"

I started to laugh after she went inside.

"Told you she would get mad!"

Anyway back to the pre graduation parties. Brie and I ended up at one of the other cheerleader’s house. Beth I think her name was. Now she was a peace of cake. We started to play some drinking games and I had told Brie that we would take a cab home. Beth was talking to Brie about her date with some guy.

"So we started making out and man was I turned on!"

I was sitting in a chair with Brie on my lap. I had my arms around her waist and was rubbing her stomach from under her blouse. Every now and then I would kiss her neck or put my hand on her breast. We were both wasted and every one was use to seeing us together anyway so no big deal.

"So how was he Beth?"

"Shit Brie we didn’t even do it, He could not get it up!"

We started to laugh.

" That’s fucked up Beth!"

"Shut up Brie!"

"Sorry but it’s funny."

"What do you think I should do? Maybe I should dump him! What would you do?"

"Brie doesn’t have that problem with me! Do you babe?"

I started to kiss her neck again and she started to move around to get me to stop.

"Jaime stop I’m trying to talk with Beth!"

"I can’t help it babe you taste so good!"

"God you two! Get a room!"

We started to play quarters and as luck would have it every one would pick me to drink so after a while I sat on the couch and started to fall asleep. I woke up an hour later and started looking for Brie I knew she was beyond drunk; she was a lightweight.

I found her in the bathroom with Beth they were both smoking pot and trying to stop laughing at each other.



"I thought you didn’t do that anymore!"

"Let her have fun it’s a party Jaime!"

"Let’s go home Brie."

"Jaime I’m having fun."

"Brie, NOW!"

Both her and Beth started laughing.

"Come here babe."

I walked over to Brie; she was sitting on the sink. I stood right between her legs just as she was taking a hit. She gave the weed pipe to Beth and put her lips on mine and blew the smoke in my mouth. When she was done I got a hold of her ass and started to kiss her.

"Damn! I’m getting hot just watching you two."

We didn’t even hear her. I just keep kissing Brie. After a while Brie wrapped her legs around me and started to kiss me on the neck, I tried to move back but she would not let me go.

"Baby we have to stop or I’m going to fuck you right here in front of Beth!"

"Don’t mind me!"

"Get out Beth!"

"Jaime it’s my bathroom!"

Brie started to open my shirt and was rubbing herself on me; it was all I could take. We did it in the bathroom with Beth in the tub getting high.

Brie was buttoning my shirt up for me when Beth’s mom walked in the door.

"What are you two doing in here and were is Beth?"

"Um… We…"

"Get out now! Brie, Jaime I will be calling both your mothers!"

"Yes Mrs. Jones."

The next day I took Brie home and boy was her mom mad.

"I think you two need to start talking and fast!"

"Mom I can explain!"

"Brie, Mrs. Jones told me you two were smoking pot. Is that true? Jaime?


"Mom it was me, I was smoking pot. Jaime wanted to take me home but I did not want to go."

"And what about you two being all over each other in the bath room!"

"That was my fault ma’am, we got a little carried away."

"I would think you two had a little more control! Jaime I think you and Brie need some time apart. Brie you are grounded till further notice."

"Mom I’m 18 years old you can’t ground me!"

"Brie listen to your mother."

"No! I’m an adult now and can do what I want!"

"Gabriele you are grounded and that if final!"

I knew she was in trouble when her mom used her full first name.

"Yes mother."

"And Jaime you are to see Brie only when I’m around and only at the house she is not to go any place till further notice."

"Yes ma’am."

"Now your mom called earlier and want’s you to go to her house."

"Thank you ma’am."

Brie was grounded for about two weeks. We saw each other but nothing ells. It was kind of lonely now that Brie was not able to stay over at my apartment but rules were rules.

Two months later Brie spent the weekend with me. I would be going to UCSB soon to finish my studies and would have to move to Santa Barbara. Brie got a job with the local paper and would be taking classes at Ventura collage so we would not be seeing much of each other.


During the year I was gone Brie would write me and I would come down to visit her. When I moved back I got another apartment and started working with a small firm.

Not long after that Brie and I got married she had turned 21. We went to Hawaii for the ceremony; it was great both our moms’ were happy for us.

"It’s about time they got married wouldn’t you say Kim?"

"Yup! Brie never stays at home anymore she was always at Jaime’s apartment!"

"Jaime told me about the job offer she got from my firm and I think she is going to take it!"

"That means the girls will be living in Oxnard!"


"Brie wanted to talk to the news paper and find out about the editor job opening up."

"I think our girls will be very happy!"


Well Brie and I started our new jobs and we did what any newly weds would do, We spent a lot of our time making love.

Two years later we got the house of our dreams. That was when I started to see the change in Brie.

"Jaime I’m going to do some things at work this morning so I probably wont be home till 3pm."

"Honey it’s your day off remember what those are, you haven’t taken one in so long!"

"Fuck Jaime, just once. Would you just once shut up!"

"Fine go to work on a Saturday see if I care!"

She got up and dressed and just left like that. I didn’t know what to do every day we would argue about stupid things then she would walk out the door and come back late and drunk.

"Brie it’s two in the morning do you know how to use the phone?"

"Not now Jaime I just want to go to sleep!"

"Brie why are you doing this?"

"Jaime I just had a few beers with my friends!"

"Are you seeing someone Brie?"

"Jaime I’m tired."

"Answer me Brie!"

"No Jaime I’m not. Can I go to sleep now!"

"Talk to me Brie. What’s happening to us!"

"Jaime not now!"

Me wife turned over and fell asleep without saying another word. In the morning I made coffee and sat at the kitchen table waiting for her to get up, She never did so I decided to see what her mother knew about Brie.


"Jamie she came over yesterday about noon."

"She was talking about Marty, Do you remember her?"

"Yes, What did she say? Is she having an affair with her?"

"NO. No Jaime! Marty is having a baby and Brie was telling me that she was talking to her. Marty asked when she was going to start a family."

"Shit not that again!"

"What again?"

"Well two months ago Brie had a friend at the office that had a baby. Brie went to the hospital to see mother and child and fell in love with the idea of having a baby!"

"Brie told me about that and she also told me that you didn’t want one!"

"I just want to wait for a while! Is that wrong?"

"No honey but you need to sit down with her a talk!"

"I will!"


I had no idea this would affect her this way all she wanted was a baby. As you can tell I have issues about this whole baby thing.

On my way home I started to think about what to tell her. This was obviously not going to go away.

"Brie are you up yet?"

"I’m in the kitchen honey!"

"Good afternoon to you love."

"Sorry for sleeping so late Jaime."

"It’s okay Brie. How do you fell?"

"Like shit!"

"Talk to me Brie."

"Jaime I…"

"What baby. Say it, what do you have to say!"

"I know we talked about this before but … Jaime I want a baby!"

"Brie I need to tell you something too!"

"Tell me."

"I felt like if you have a baby you won’t have any time for me, for us!"

"Jaime that is not true you will be a part of it too."

"But the baby won’t be a part of me Brie and I just don’t know if I can handle that!"

"Honey we can look into this. I know someone that had artificial insemination and she used her partners egg and a sperm donor. The baby was a part of both of them!"

"Can they do that?"

"We can find out babe."

"I can deal with that!"

"Honey no mater what I will always have time for you!"


We made an appointment and a week later Brie and I started to select a donor. It took six months before Brie finally got pregnant.

"Ms. Reed you have a phone call."


"Meet me for diner at the bay."

"Okay what did you do now?"

"See you at eight on the nose."

"Brie! Brie! Damn she hung up!"

I drove to my favorite restaurant at the bay wondering what was up. Brie only meet me at the bay when she wanted something or she did something wrong.

"Do you have a reservation madam?"

"Reed party please."

"Yes, Mrs. Reed is waiting for you."

"Thank you."

"Okay Brie out with it"

"Can’t I have diner with my wife every now and then?"

"What gives Brie?"

"I just miss you honey!"

The waiter came and got our drink order.

"I’ll have the white wine she will have the same."

"No better give me some decaffeinated tea please."

" What, my lush wife is saying no to a drink!"

"HA… HA… Very funny! And no your lush wife is not refusing a drink but your pregnant wife is!"

"MY… Did you say Pregnant?"


"When? Why didn’t you tell me honey?"

"I found out this morning!"

"I’m going to be a mommy!"


"We have to tell our mothers!"

"We will at Sunday brunch."

" How do you fell? Are you tired? You need to quit your job!"

"Now hold on Jaime lets take this one step at a time honey!

That night when we got home I wanted to just hold Brie in my arms.

"I hope he has your hair and eyes Brie."

"Jaime I hope this baby looks like you, SHE will be the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!"

"Well anything that is going to come from your body will be beautiful my love!"

Brie and I started to get ready for bed. When I walked out of the bathroom she was staring in the mirror with her shirt up moving side to side.

"What are you doing?"

"Trying to see what I will look like when I’m very pregnant!"

"You will look absolutely gorgeous!"

"Jaime make love to me."

I took my wife to bed and made love to her like it was the first time.


We were having Sunday brunch with both our mothers.

"So what have you two been up to all week that you can’t call your mothers?"

"Well Brie and I have something to tell you two!"

"And what would that be Jaime?"

"Mom Brie and I are going to have a baby!"

"Oh my god Jaime! I’m going to be a grandmother!"

"Yes mom you are!"

"Kim did you hear that we are going to be grandmothers!"


"Yes mom. Grandmothers!"

Kim was on the cell phone faster than we could stop her.

"Mom who are you calling?"

"That dame bitch of a neighbor?"


"She told me when you and Jaime first started seeing each other that I was cursed, and when you got married she told me she felt sorry for me because I would never have grandchildren!"

"That is an awful thing to say!"

"Well now that bitch can eat her words!"


Brie is two months along now; She has morning sickness relay bad I don’t know what to do for her.

"Let me get you something to drink."

"No Jaime I fell okay just give me a little time and then I can get ready for work."

"Just go back to bed honey I called you in sick."


"Brie you look tired and you have got to rest."

"Jaime the doctor told us that I would get sick. It’s a part of the whole thing remember?"

"Yea but you look so tired."

"Jaime I’m going to work today okay?"

"Brie you don’t have to work you could stay home and just take it easy. I make more than enough money to support us!"

"Damn you Jaime, what do you want me to do sit on my ass till the baby is born?"


"Look if I start to get sick at work I will come home okay!"



My wife is six months pregnant now and the morning sickness is gone. Now she gets really moody.

"Jaime why are you late from work?"

"Honey I had to meet someone from one of my cases and the meeting was longer than I thought."

"Well you could have called to tell me. Now your dinner is cold and I am not going to heat it up!"

"I’m sorry I can heat it up my self."

"I’m going to bed my back is killing me!"

"I will be in as soon as I eat honey."

"Don’t bother!"

"Shit not again!"

I was in a no winning battle with my wife. If I eat my food then she will say I don’t love her because I let her go to sleep by her self. If I don’t eat my food she will say I don’t like the way she cooks anymore! What to do, what to do!

"Honey can I sleep with you in the bed?"


I got in bed with Brie and turned over on my side away from her. The next thing I know she is rubbing my breast.

"Brie what are you doing?"

"What do you think I’m doing it has been a while but I’m sure you remember!"

I turned over and she started to kiss me we had not had sex in almost a month and I was kind of in the mood. I moved her on her back and started to move her nightgown up so I could get at her.

"Jaime slow down I’m not going anyplace!"

"Sorry babe."

I started to kiss her stomach and moved up her body to her breast (god I miss you guys!) I put one in my mouth and started to suck on it.

"Brie you have milk!"

"Umhu…That fills good!"

I moved over to the other breast and that had milk too. I was so into what I was doing to her that my hand traveled up to her opening and I put two fingers in her with out warning.


I was pumping her so hard and sucking on her just as hard. I was going to cum just from doing this I was so turned on.

"Jaime stop!"

I let go of her nipple when she hit me.

"Fuck Brie!"

"Jaime what the fuck was that!"

"Brie we haven’t had sex in a month I’m fucken horny!"

"Well shit Jaime why don’t I just lay here and let you rape me,


"Brie I’m sorry really I am, stop crying, we don’t have to do this."

"But if I don’t take care of your needs then you will find someone who will!" (More crying)

"Honey is that what you think? (Laughing)

"Stop laughing at me Jaime I bet you already found someone to fuck you!"(Now she is mad.)

"Babe you know you are the only one for me!"

"Just leave me alone!"

"Goddamn it Brie!"

She turned over and ignored me.

"Fine play that way then!"

I got up took my pillow and went to the couch to sleep. It was not the first time I slept on the couch and not the last. In the morning I could hear her in the kitchen making breakfast, from the sound of things she was still mad at me.

"Morning honey can I help you with anything?"

"Jaime who is she?"

"Who is who?"

"The bitch you are sleeping with!"

"Brie I have not slept with anyone but you!"

"Don’t lie to me Jaime!"

"Brie… Fuck this shit!"

I could not talk to her when she was like this so I got dressed and left to work. When I came back that night my suitcase was on the front porch and the door was locked.

"Shit I forgot my house keys! Brie open the door!"

"No Jaime!"

"Brie open the fucken door it’s cold!"

"Go sleep with your whore!"

"There is no whore Brie!"

I went to the back door and gave it a good kick. It just popped open.

"Brie what the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Get out of my house!"

"I will not go it’s my house too!"

She started to push me and by this time I was really mad I grabbed her hands and she pulled away. She started at me again so I slapped her. This was the first time I had hit her. She just held on to her face and looked at me.

"Brie I’m sorry!"

"Is this what you are into now!"

"Brie I did not mean to hit you I’m sorry!"

She ran up to our room and slammed the door.

"Damn you Gabriele!"

I went to The Pit; Amy had been running it for the past two years.


"So what brings you over to the side of town?"

"Give me a shot of tequila."

"What’s the matter sis?"

"Brie and I had a fight and she threw me out so now I’m going to get drunk!"

"Anything you say sis!"


Two hours later…

"Hey Chris how many have you given her?"

"Let see… She drank eight Coors lights four shots of tequila and now she is drinking a shot of Peppermint Schnapps!"

"Fuck, that’s it for her Chris no more!"

"She ain’t bothering nobody Amy! If anything she is kind of cute!"

"Hands off Chris she happens to be my sister!"

"What I ain’t good enough for your sister?"

"Chris she is my MARRIED sister!"


Jaime starts to stagger up to Amy and Chris and falls down.

"Shit help me get her up Chris!"

"Jaime you need to sit down for me!"

"I… I… I NE… need to talk to Brrrieeee!"

"You can’t talk to her now she is at home!"

"Call her for me Aaamyyyyyy!"

"No Jaime!"

"Fine I… I’m going home!"

"Fuck Jaime! Give me your keys!"

"Call Brie!"

"Okay I’m calling her! Just give me your keys!"



"Brie it’s Amy, Sorry about calling so late um… Brie I… Jamie is here and she wants to talk to you!’’


"Brie she is really drunk and starting to get loud."

"Fine I’m on my way."



"Amy I can’t live with out her!"

"Jaime what happened!"

"Brie I missed you honey!"

"Amy help me get her into the car please."

"Hey everyone this is my wife, and she is having my baby!"

"Jaime how much did you drink?"

"Maybe one two three…"

"She drank more than I have ever seen her drink Brie."

"Baby are you still mad at me? Amy she thinks that I’m fucking some one!"


"But I’m not, I love her and she will be the only one for me!"

"Jamie I’m sure Brie loves you too!"

"Yes I do let’s go home honey you are going to hurt in the morning!"

They got her in the car and when Brie started to put Jaime’s seat belt on Jaime started to touch her breast.


"Babe I want you so much! I miss them can I kiss one?"

"Jaime be good!"

"That’s all I have to see my sister and sister in law getting it on in the parking lot!"

Amy started to walk back to the bar.

"Thank you Amy for calling and for your help!"

"No problem!"


Brie got Jaime to bed and started to go to sleep she was thinking about what Jaime was saying.

"Jaime I know you are drunk but I need to know are you sleeping with anyone?"

"No babe! You are the only one I want to fuck!"

"You are definitely drunk my love!" Brie giggled.

"Can I still get some?" Jaime told her as she was kissing her covered breast.



The next morning Jaime got up throwing up.

"Please kill me!"

Brie moved on her side to see Jaime come out of the bathroom and saw the damage from last night.

"I think you are going to want to kill me!"

"Brie get me something for my head please babe."

"Honey lay down and go back to sleep I will get you something to drink."

"God my head is going to pop!"

Brie got out of bed and started to pick up her robe.

"Damn babe! Did I do that to you?"

Jaime was pointing to the marks on Brie’s neck and breast.

"Babe I hop I didn’t hurt you last night!"

"No honey you were wonderful!"

" I haven’t done that to you in god how long has it been?"

"Jaime we had sex a month ago smart ass!"

"No not that. The hickeys!"

Brie was back with the pills for Jaime in a flash and made her drink them down with some juice.

"I remember now! It was when your mom told me not to give them to you because they looked awful!"

"Well you didn’t put them on my neck anyway!"

"Boy lucky she never walked in on you dressing or in the shower!"

"Yeah she would think you never ate before and were feeding of me!"

"Babe rub my head please!"


The week Brie was to have our baby I was out of town. She was so scared that I was going to miss the birth.

"Babe I’ll be back tomorrow I promise."

"Jaime if I have this baby by my self I’m going to kill you!"

"I love you honey I will see you tomorrow night."

"I love you too, bye."


I got home and nobody was there. I called her mom nobody was home I called my mom same thing.


I called the hospital that Brie was registered at.

"Yes I’m calling to see if Mrs. Gabriele Reed has been admitted in the hospital. The maternity unit."

"Yes she came in about an hour ago."

I hung up the phone and got to the hospital.

"What room is Mrs. Reed in?"

"Are you family?"

"She is my wife now please what room!"


I ran to the room and saw my wife she looked very tired.

" Jamie!"

"Are you ok babe?"

"I’m about to have our baby what do you think?"

"Can I get anything for you honey?"

"Just stay with me."

Seven hours later we had a beautiful baby girl. She had the blackest hair and she had blue eyes. We named her Raven Bradford Reed. Brie and the baby got to go home the next day.

Three months later…

"Brie are you going to leave Raven in the nursery or is she going to sleep in our room tonight?"

"Jamie she has to learn to sleep in the nursery! Every time we put her down and walk away she starts to cry and you pick her up! She has you wrapped around her little finger!"

"I can’t help it Brie she sounds so sad when she starts to cry!"

"Tell you what! Let me feed her and then I will put her in the nursery! As long as she doesn’t see you she will be fine."

"Can I sit with you while you feed her that’s my favorite part Brie!"

"You my love just like looking at my breast!"

"Something wrong with that?"

"No not at all!"

I sat with Brie and watched as my daughter ate off of Brie.

"Man she eats just as much as you do!"

"Funny! Let me burp her and put her down. You go on to bed I will be in after she is settled."

Brie had just gotten Raven to sleep when I walked in.

"Is she asleep yet honey?"

Raven started to cry when she heard my voice.

"Damn it Jamie, If she keeps this up we are never going to have a sex life again!"

"Let me hold her for a bit maybe she will fall back to sleep."

"Fine I’m going to bed!"

"Are you giving your mother a hard time sweetheart?"

I sat down on the rocking chair and started rocking her to sleep after a while I guess I must have fallen asleep myself when I woke up it was 4:30 in the morning.

I put my daughter down and walked into my bedroom Brie was fast asleep so I just got into bed and fell asleep.

I woke up with my wife all over me.

"Honey make love to me!"

"Anything you want my love!"

"Well in that case haw about you just fuck my brains out!"

"That I can do!"

As soon as I got between her legs and started to taste her Raven started to cry.

"Let her cry Jaime I want you!"

I started to fuck her but Raven started crying louder.

"Brie we need to get her maybe she is wet."

"Fine Jaime but you and I are going to finish this later!"

"Babe when I’m done with you, you are going to have trouble walking!"

That was two weeks ago and we still haven’t had sex.


"Jaime I’m taking the baby to your mom’s house."


"She wants to spend so time with her and give us some time alone."

"Brie I hope you haven’t been talking to my mom!"

"Jaime we need time alone!"

"Say bye to mommy Raven."

"Let me drive you guys over then."


I came out of the bathroom with my robe on she was already naked in bed.

"Brie honey I have been thinking about us and … well."

"What is it honey?"

"Baby can we try something new? If you don’t like it we can stop!"

"What do you want to try."


I opened my robe and all she could do was stare at it.

"Jaime it’s so big!"

"Babe I know you have never done this, But I really want to try it."

Later that night…

Brie had me on my back and she was giving me a blowjob. Just watching the way her head was moving up and down on our toy was driving me crazy.

She was putting it deep down her through. I could feel it moving in me.

"God woman you can sure use that mouth on me anytime!"

Next she moved her tongue up and down it until she got to my pussy and she would bite down on my lips very slowly. Then she was moving her tongue around my pussy at the opening around our toy.

"Jamie you like this don’t you? You like my going down on you when you have this on!" She grabs it and starts to sit on it.

"Uhng… God baby that feels good!"

She is riding me hard and talking at the same time.

"Fuck me babe, treat me like your whore!"

I could not take anymore I turned us over and started to thrust hard into her she was screaming my name with every thrust telling me to go harder.

"Come on Jaime uh… fuckmehardbaby!"


I turned her over and started to drive into her pussy from behind. She loved it; we made the bed make so much noise I had to make her hold the headboard.


"That’s it babe take all of it!"


"Come for me baby!"

"Oh yes… yes… yes…"

I had my arms around her waist as she was bent and was pushing herself in to me. I moved her up as I sat on the bed and was moving her up and down hard on me. She let out one final scream and sat on me till she could move off of me.

We lay side by side on the bed.

"God babe that was wonderful, I had no idea it would be that intense!"

"Yea well don’t go finding some man to do it with cause I don’t think a man could keep it up that long baby!"

"You my love are very good to me!"

"I think we just broke some kind of record for the longest fuck in history!"

"You want to try and break it?"

"Babe you have one hungry pussy!"

"But you like my hungry pussy don’t you!"

"Very much so!"



"Mommy said I could have it."

"Raven where is mommy at?"

"Mommy’s sleeping."

"Come on Raven you can watch T.V while mom has a talk with mommy on what you can eat in the morning."

"Is mommy going to get a spanking?"

"Believe me it will be a long time before mommy ever gets one of those from me!"

"Now sit down and I will be back in a minute baby."

I walked in to the room and see Jaime with the covers over her face.

" Jaime wake up! Our daughter was in the kitchen with some cake and ice cream ready to eat it for breakfast!"

"Oh Brie let her eat it! It has milk and egg in it right!"

"Jaime she is going to get a bad stomach ache from that!"

"Brie my head is killing me and you where at work so I figured why not."

"If you had not drank so much at Ravens 7th birthday party you would not feel like shit my dear! Now get out of bed and take us to have a good breakfast!"


"NOW Jaime!"

"Yes dear!"

That’s what I get for trying to show my sister I could drink her under the table.

"Raven let’s get you showered so mommy can take us to eat honey."

"Cool can we go to IHOP mom please?"

"Yes honey but first let’s clean you up!"


"Mommy mom said you are taking us to IHOP!"

"That’s fine brat now get in the car."

"Grouchy are we love?"

"Brie don’t start with me!"

"I love you and Raven loves you too!"


"Raven stop playing with your food it will get cold!"

"Mommy why are you mad?"

"Honey I’m not mad just tired."

"Why was mom screaming last night?"


I could not remember anything from last night past putting Raven to bed. I hope Brie and I didn’t get into a fight, she would have told me by now.

"Raven I wasn’t screaming last night. Mommy and I were playing a game!"

‘Ok monkey;

No more questions. Time to eat."

We ate our food and went home. I wanted to take Raven to the movies latter but Brie told me my mom was picking her up to go shopping. I sat on the couch in the living room and grabbed my daughter as she ran past me.

"Come over here monkey. What did mom say about running in the house?"

"I wasn’t running, I was walking fast!"

"Give me a kiss brat!"


"What did you do that has your mother is yelling out your name!"

"Raven get up to your room and pick up your toys before grandma comes for you."

"Oh Mom! I can pick them up later when I come back!"

Brie started walking down the stairs when she heard our daughter’s remark of picking them up later. Raven tried to move away and make a run for it but I had my arms around her so she could not move. Brie was standing by the couch when Raven and I looked up and she was mad.

"Raven Bradford Reed you are going to pick them up now not later! Do you understand me?"

"Yes ma’am!"

Raven got up and went to her room to clean up the mess she made in her room. I stood up and hugged my wife to me.

"Babe why don’t you go to bed and take a nap. I can get Raven cleaned up for grandma."

"Just make sure you tell your mom no more toys for Raven please."

"Will do love."

"Grandma Carol just came up the drive mommy!"

"Raven did you pick up your things like I told you to?"

"Yes mom."

"Wash your hands and brush your teeth so you can go with grandma."

"Jamie I’m going to get her jacket."

"I’m getting the door babe."

"Hi mom how are you?"

"Fine, How are you today? Still in one piece I see!"

"Raven is washing up, she will be down in a minute mom."

"Hi mom!"

"Hi honey, I thought you had to work this morning?"

"I did. I went in at 4am and got off at about 10am.

" Grandma Carol!" "Grandma Carol!"

"Look at you honey, your so big now!"

"Mom you just saw her yesterday."

"See how fast you grow Raven!"

"Mom told me I’m going to be as big as mommy!"

"That you are honey!"

"Let’s go honey we have a lot to do and your mom looks like she can use the quiet time. Jaime I will bring her back about 8:00 so you two have fun!"


Brie and I were both on the couch I was sitting and she was lying with her legs on my lap.

"So are you going to tell me why you were screaming at me last night?"

"I was not screaming at you Jaime."

"What happened last night?"

"Let’s just say you started to try and fuck me with your sister still in the room.


"You my love wanted me so bad last night. We almost didn’t make it to the room!"

"Where did that come from?’

"You and Amy started talking about baby’s and she wanted to know if you and I thought about having another one."

"What did I say?"

"You told Amy that we had our hands full with Raven. You had me on your lap and your hands found their way under my shirt. Then you told her that as much as we fuck you kind of where glad that you could not get me pregnant because I would get pregnant every time we would fuck!

Amy started to say that as old as you are she was surprised you had sex at all!"

"That little bitch. I’m going to kill her!"

"Anyway she started to tease you about how I needed more sex because I was younger than you. And how you would probably hurt yourself if you had to do me every night. You got mad at her and me; you grabbed hold of my crotch and started to massage it up and down with your thumb.

You told Amy that I knew what a sex machine you really were and that I was the one that could not keep up with you."

"Was Amy watching me feel you up?"

"My skirt was over your hand but you could tell what you where doing to me. At one point you got in my underwear and put a finger in me telling me that if I was not a good girl you would fuck the living daylights out of me in front of your sister."

"Was Amy the only one here at the time?"

"Yes. Thank god for that! Jaime at one point you put me on the couch and started to take off my shirt! Amy told you that Raven was crying and you started to go up to her room that's when we told you she was in our room and when you opened the door I ran up to push you in.

When I started to come back down you opened the door and started to tell me I was trying to get you to sleep so your sister and I could sleep together!"

"Where did that come from?"

"I have no idea Jaime!"

"Did she say something to make me think that you or she would do something like that to me?"

"Jaime I don’t know I was putting Raven’s cake away and cleaning up the kitchen!"

"So what happened next?"

"Amy told you she was going home and she would call tomorrow. You grabbed me and told me that you and only you had what it took to please me and if I was going to fuck around you would beat the shit out of me and my lover!"

"Damn Brie I must have been mad!"

"Well after that you pulled me into the room and tried to fuck my brains out!"

"What do you mean tried?"

"Well after an hour or so you past out on me."

"I’m sorry Brie!"

"Don’t be I had to work this morning and I needed the sleep!"

"Brie you know I love you and would never do anything to show you different?"


"I just want you to know that I’m glad I’m with you and I hope you feel the same way."

"Jaime you are my life you and Raven are the most I could ever want. I love you Jaime Reed."

"I love you Gabriele Bradford Reed.

The End

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