by Marion D Tuttle


Discalaimers: I do not own any rights to the charecters dipicted here they
belong to Universal Studios the story idea however is mine it picks up were
Sacrifice II left off

Sex: Yes there is a loving relationship between two women here if you find
that offensive then this may not be the story for you

The temple was filled with smoke and the smell of burnt flesh hung in
the air. The warrior princess stood in the waning light her, arch enemy
Callisto finally dead at her feet, Ares had disappeared and the only other
person left was Joxer. He sat with a grief-stricken look on is face, unable
to move.

Xena stood rooted to the spot next to the well, right where she had been
standing when she saw Gabrielle tackle her Demon child caring them both
over the edge into death. Her sweet loving Gabrielle, the woman that had
bought light into her life and helped her to keep the darkness of her
former self at bay was gone. She cold feel the coldness invade every part
of her body, she wanted to howl with rage. But at who, should she rage at
Caesar for making her so blind in her quest for revenge? Should she take
her frustration out on Ares for turning his back on her and allying himself
with Hope? Could she blame Callisto, who was finally at peace? Should she
blame the other Gods for their lack of help? None of these questions had
any meaning left for her, she knew who she held responsible, herself.

If her desire for revenge against Caesar had not been so all consuming
she never would have taken Gabrielle to Britannia, and she never would have
been exposed to the evil that was Dayhock. It was all her fault and there
was nothing she could do about it now. Her dark lust to make her enemy
suffer had cost her the ultimate price, Gabrielle.

She was left with a hollow feeling in the reign that her heart used to
be, She could not get the last image of Gabrielle out of her mind, the look
in those beautiful green eyes that said "I can't let you give up your life
Xena" That image would be forever burned into her brain. Showing an
uncharacteristic strength of character and compassion Joxer collected
himself and came to stand beside her. he placed a gentle hand on her
shoulder and lead her towards the door. "Xena, come on outside. Standing
here is just going to bring you more pain, and it won't bring Gabrielle
The warrior nodded mutely, she let Joxer lead her out into the
sunshine. What did it matter if she was outside or inside, her life no
longer held any meaning. She knew that she was still breathing, and her
heart was still beating but it was all her body's own function, if she had
to will these things to happen she would have died right there when she saw
Gabrielle fall.

Joxer led her into the clearing were they had left Argo and started to
set up camp, Xena still hadn't said a word. her eyes stared blankly ahead
taking in her surroundings but seeing nothing really. Joxer was starting to
get worried, he felt grief over Gabrielle's loss as well, but he was
starting to fear for Xena's sanity now. He had heard stories of people
being driven mad by grief and he was afraid that was what was happening to
Xena. He knew he had to find a way to break through and bring her out of
the despair she was in . The longer she stayed this way the more likely it
was she would never get over it. He came to sit beside her on the fallen
log and offered her the waterskin and some bread he had found in one of her
saddle bags. "Here Xena," he prodded "You have to eat something."
She acted as if she hadn't even heard him, he tried again and this time
was met with an icy blue stare and the first words that she uttered since
Gabrielle's death "You eat it, I don't want it."
"Well how about some dried meat?" he asked. and again was met with the
same chilling stare. He got up and paced around the camp, he knew he had to
reach her somehow. It was true, he did not know her as well as Gabrielle
did but he could tell by looking at her that the darkness was starting to
take hold of her. If he didn't do something and soon it was very possible
that Xena could slip back in to her old warlord ways and then the entire
world would be in serious trouble. The idea of Xena on a rampage at the
head of an army trying to bury her pain over Gabrielle's loss was not a
pleasant thought.

What Joxer didn't know was that at that very moment Xena was wageging a
private battle of her own. Her first reaction was to do exactly what Joxer
had feared, Assemble an army and just go out and kill everything in sight
until she could dull this pain that was almost like a living thing within
her. But from somewhere deep inside herself she heard Gabrielle's voice
recalling an old promise she had made to the bard. "If some thing happens
to me promise me you will not become a monster, Xena promise me."
"I promise Gabrielle."
It was those few words spoken so long ago that kept the warrior
princess from returning to the ways of death and destruction. After what
seemed like an eternity Xena raised her eyes to Joxer he was watching her
with a worried look on his face. she tried to speak to let him know that
she was going to get through this with out her old slash and burn tactics
but all she could do was look at him, slowly the tears started to fall down
her cheeks.
' Thank the Gods' he thought to himself 'At least she's letting it out
in some way, if she holds it in like she has been it will drive her
insane.' not quite certain of what he should do next Joxer did the first
thing that came to mind he moved closer to Xena and put his arm around her
shoulder in a show of support. He held is breath while he waited for her
reaction. He was more than aware that she could throw him across the
clearing if she choose to. He was surprised when all she did was lower her
head to his shoulder and release the torrent of emotion she had been
holding back. Sobs wracked her body as she felt the pain of Gabrielle's
loss rip through her. At that point in time she didn't know how she would
go on , she only knew she would find a way. She would not disappoint the
little bard that had given her back the joy in her life by becoming what
she once was.
They sat like this until the sun had slipped beneath the horizon
eventually Xena's cries slowed in their intensity until she just had a case
of severely red eyes and a few sniffles. She raised her tear stained face
to Joxer and said simply "Thank you."
"Anytime Xena, I owe you a lot you know." he didn't know why he said
that he was just looking for a way to keep the warrior talking now that she
had started. What he really wanted to do was to keep Xena from sinking into
an irretrievable depression. He searched for the next thing to say that
would help to keep Xena talking. "Do you think we should..." he cut himself
off before he finished. He couldn't believe that he was going to say
something so stupid.
"What Joxer?"
There was no going back now he may has well finish the thought "I was
just thinking that we should go tell Gabrielle's family before the hear it
from someone else." he waited for the storm to erupt, he was surprised by
the calmness she responded with the only thing that betrayed her reaction
was the spasm of pain that crossed her face.
"Yeah your right, Gabrielle wouldn't want them to hear about her death
from some street peddler. Let's go now." She rose from her position on the
log and started to saddle Argo.
"I meant in the morning Xena, we don't have to leave now. Why don't you
try to get some sleep first?"
This was the wrong thing to say "Sleep? Do you honestly think I can
sleep in the shadow of the building where I lost Gabrielle?" Seeing the
shocked expression on Joxer's face bought her temper back down. "I'm sorry
Joxer I know you loved her too. I would rather just leave now, you don't
have to come if you don't want to."
"No Xena I want to be with you when you tell Gabrielle's family,
besides I don't think you should be alone right now."
Xena gave him a weak smile, he may be a bumbler but he had a good heart
and he had always tried to do the right thing. "Thank you Joxer you are a
good friend."

They rode on for hours in silence each lost in there own memories of the
loving bard that had been torn so crully from their lives. As they
approached the village Xena felt a lump rising in her throat as she saw
Lila running towards them, this was not going to be easy. As she came
closer she saw the confused expression on Lila's features. "Xena where is
Xena only wanted to explain this once she didn't think she had the
strength to do it more then that."Lila where are your parent's?" Fear
showed on the young woman's face "What's wrong Xena, tell me!"
The warrior didn't even try to deny that thee was a problem she didn't
have the strength for diplomacy right now. "I will but I want everyone
together first." She dismounted Argo as Lila led them into the house.As
soon as Hecuba saw the warrior enter the house she knew. "It finally
happened didn't it?" She was close to hysterical before Xena even said a
word "Following you has finally gotten my daughter killed, hasn't it?"
Xena just stood frozen taking the barrage that Hecuba was heaping on
her as she lunged at her, her hands curled into fists. She just endured the
blows that the distraught mother rained down on her , finally reaching her
hand back she slapped Xena so hard across the face it snapped her head
back. The warrior bought twin orbs of blue ice to look at the woman that
had just left a handprint on her cheek. "I am going to let that go for two
reasons, One you are Gabrielle's mother, two after everything that is
happened I deserve whatever you want to do to me. But know this if you ever
do anything that foolish again I will react, and you won't like what I do."
She turned and started to walk away until she heard the voice behind her ,
a voice so like Gabrielle's in that instant that it threatened to bring a
new flood of tears to Xena's eyes
"I'm sorry Xena, please tell me what happened." for the briefest
instant looking into Hecuba's blue green eyes Xena could have sworn she saw
Gabrielle looking back at her, begging her to help her mother through this.
She started to tell the story but the further she got into it the harder it
became for her to speak. Joxer came to her rescue by picking up the thread
of the story , Xena cast a look at him from lowered lashes, when had he
turned from such a bumbling fool into a competent man that could handle
this situation with such grace, it must be true that adversity brings out
the best in some people.
The warrior's mind began to wander and she wasn't paying close attention
to what Joxer said until he made a comment that fully captured her
attention "....I wonder if the Gods know what Xena and Gabrielle did for

It took a minute for the full impact of what he had said to hit her, but
when it did she wasted no time in acting. She jumped up and headed for the
door "Joxer your a genius." she exclaimed.
"What are you talking about Xena?"
By this time she was half way to the stables as she tossed back over her
shoulder "I think I know how to get Gabrielle back!"
"But she's dead.."
"Maybe not." By now she had saddled and mounted Argo "You've given me an
idea, I need to go find Hercules." She left Joxer, Lila and Hecuba staring
after her wondering if grief had finally made her lose her mind.

Xena's mind was racing the words Joxer had spoken rang in her ears The
Gods owed her a huge debt and she planned to collect. Fortunately she knew
just where to find Hercules he was fighting Dayhock's evil dominion in his
own way, trying to release all the innocent people Ares had herded together
as sacrifices to pave Dahock's way into the world on a bloody path. Xena
rode up just has the mighty Demi-God and his best friend Ioulus were
helping the last of the people out of the pit the had been held in. Xena
leapt off Argo landing directly in front of him. "Hercules!" she said "I am
so glad I found you!"
"Xena what are you doing here?"
The sadness crept back into her eyes "I need your help."
"You know I'll do anything for you if I can."
Xena never being one for small talk just blurted out the truth
"Gabrielle is dead." the pain evident in her voice "She died stopping
Hercules pulled her into his arms "I am so sorry Xena." he knew his
friend was in pain at the loss of the bard.
"I appreciate that Hercules, but I am here because I need a favor." Too
late Xena remembered the fact that Hercules had suffered a great loss of
his first wife and children and then his second wife Serena, the Golden
Hind. and that he had been unable to convince Zeus to bring them back. But
neither one of them had made the ultimate sacrifice that not only saved the
world, but the Olympian Gods as well. She did not want to bring any painful
memories to her friend, but she needed his help in order to get Gabrielle
"Hercules, I have an idea on how I can bring Gabrielle back but I need
your help."
He looked at her with a confused expression on his face "If she has
already crossed over..."
"Listen Hercules I know it may not be fair to ask this of you, with
everything you have lost but the fact is Zeus and all the other Gods owe
their very existence to Gabrielle. She is the one that kept Dayhock from
entering the world by throwing herself at Hope and knocking her into the
Lava. I intend to ask Zeus to grant Gabrielle passage out of the Elysian
"Xena if I thought it would help..."
"He has to do it !" she exclaimed and then said more quietly "He has
to, I don't think I can go on without her."
Hercules did not think it would do Xena any good to go to Zeus, but
he didn't have the heart to tell her that. Besides he thought to himself if
anyone can make my father break his hard and fast rule about interfering in
the mortal time line it would be the warrior princess. "Alright Xena I will
do whatever I can to help. What did you have in mind?"
"I want you to take me to Mt. Olympus so I can talk to Zeus in person."
He couldn't hold back his surprise, he thought she would ask him to
summon Zeus he never dreamed she would want to confront the King of the
Gods on his own turf. "Are you sure you want to do this Xena?"
"I don't have a choice it may be the only chance Gabrielle has."
He saw the look in her eyes and he knew that he couldn't refuse her
request "Alright Xena if that is what you want, I'll help you."
"Thank you." She breathed a sigh of relief she hadn't realized until
just now that she had been holding her breath waiting for his answer. She
would have gone with or without him, but it would be much easier with his
help. "How soon can you be ready to set out?" She asked him.
Hercules looked at the warrior it was obvious that she was exusted "We
will leave first thing in the morning." He could see that she was getting
ready to object and he raised his hand to stave off the stream of reasons
as to why they should leave right away "You will never be able to present
Gabrielle's case if you fall flat on your face from lack of sleep. Get
some rest and we will leave at first light."
Knowing it would be useless to argue she nodded her agreement, maybe
she could sleep for a little while. Now that she had a plan of action she
felt a sense that everything would work out, it had to. She hugged Hercules
again and turned to go towards the stables with Argo "I'll see you at first
light then."

As the sun made it's first appearance over the eastern horizon Xena was
up and ready to go when Hercules emerged from the small hut he had stayed
in. "Well I guess I don't have to ask if your ready," he said.
"I am more than ready to go, we can't get there soon enough for me." She
was in a hurry to get to the King of the Gods and ask for his help, she was
not in the habit of asking any of the Gods for help but if it meant getting
Gabrielle back she would humble herself. They began the long trek to Mt
Olympus by Hercules' estimation they should have been able to reach the
base of the mountain by late afternoon, he hadn't taken into consideration
the breakneck pace Xena was going to set. It was just past high noon when
they reached the bottom of the mountain "Well we're her." Hercules told her
"I'm going to ask you one more time are you sure you want to go through
with this? If Zeus won't..."
He was met with a steely mule gaze "He will." she said in a level voice
"I won't accept anything less." with that she turned and began the arduous
task of climbing the mountain. She didn't get very far before she was met
with a blinding flash of white light accompanied by a loud clap of thunder.
Before her eyes stood the King of the Gods himself. "What mortal would be
so fool hardy as to enter my domain?" he boomed.
Xena was about to step forward , when Hercules intervened on her behalf
"Father this mortal has done you a great service and wishes a boon of you."
"What could she have done for me?" Zeus asked although there was no
arrogance in his voice, it was a genuine question. Xena knew this was no
place to have an attitude standing before her was the one hope she had of
getting Gabrielle back she would do whatever it took to make that happen.
If that meant bowing in respect to Zeus she would do it. She stepped
forward doing just that she knelt before him in a show of respect. When he
recognized who she was he reacted with surprise. " So the mighty warrior
princess is willing to humble herself before me to secure a favor. It must
be something of great importance."
"It is." she told him with out looking him directly in the eye. "It is
for Gabrielle, I want to get her back from the other side."
Zeus regarded her with a dispassionate glare "Give me one good reason
why I should grant this request."
"You owe Gabrielle you very existence! If it were not for her Dayhock
would have come into the world through Hope and all of the Olympian Gods
would have been destroyed!"
His voice thundered out "Gabrielle is the one that bought Hope into
this world! If it had not been for her, the treat of Dayhock would never
have existed."
Xena could not believe what she was hearing,. Did Zeus really think
that Gabrielle had wanted what had happened to her in Britannia. The
warrior had come to realize that if it hadn't been Gabrielle it would have
been some other innocent that had been sacrificed to be Hope's mother. The
fact that it was Gabrielle had haunted her, but she would not allow anyone,
even the King of the Gods himself to place any of the blame on Gabrielle.
She struggled to control here temper she knew that a show of anger right
now would gain her nothing. "Gabrielle is not at fault in any of this, her
only crime was being so innocent that thoses fanatics picked here to be
their sacrifice to Dayhock."
Zeus looked at the warrior princess, he could sense her thoughts and
feelings. He knew that wat she truly wanted to do was rage at him but she
was clamping her emotions down with an iron will he sensed anger,
frustration and pain in her. But she also sensed an overwhelming love in
her for the young woman in question. For all his faults Zeus had always had
a soft spot for love. Still he felt he was stuck in a spot, standing in
tha shadows was his favorite child, his half mortal son. Hercules had lost
two women he loved and married to the other side and Zeus had refused to
intervene. How could he grant passage to this woman when he had denied his
own child.
Almost has if he had sensed the inner turmoil within his father Hercules
stepped forward. "I will bear you no ill will for helping Xena father,
Gabrielle does not deserve to have her life cut short because of evil
wanting to make it's way into the world. Besides I don't want to give that
victory to Ares."
At the mention of his turn coat son's name Zeus made his decision "I
will grant you passage Xena but the choice as to wether your Gabrielle
wants to come back with you or not is completely up to her, you will have
one days time to come back, other wise you will remain on the other side
for all eternity.But not with Gabrielle"
Xena was taken a bit aback to have ger desire granted so easily she had
expected a far larger problem in convining him. At first she did not
comprehend all that he had said. Slowly she became aware of the
implications. "Of course Gabrielle will want to come back with me."
"If I can offer you one piece of evidence Xena it would be this, never
take anything for granted." With a wave of his hand Xena and Hercules were
transported to a lush green field in front of a portal that led to the
other side. "This is as far as I can go Xena."
"I know." she started towards the portal and just before entering she
turned to Hercules "Thank you for everything you have done, I will never be
able to repay you...."
"Just bring Gabrielle back and both of you live happily and I will be
repaid." he told her. He stood and watched as she entered into the light
and then as she and the portal disappeared from view "Good luck my friend."
was the last words he spoke as he turned to leave.

Xena stepped through the portal into a valley of green grass and rolling
hills, she was surrounded by an incredible sense of peace. She could now
understand why people would strive to attain a place like this while the
were alive so that they could spend eternity at peace. She had to bring her
thoughts into focus, she had one purpose for being here and that was to
bring Gabrielle back. She knew that when the bard's true time came she
would be able to accept it if Gabriele did go first, now seeing what Hades
had planned for her friend, and she could only hope she could do enough
good in her life to balance out the evil that had once held her in such a
tight grip. But every fiber of her being told her that it was not
Gabrielle's true time yet. She had a brief moment of doubt, a small voice
nagged her "Are you sure you aren't here for your own selfish reasons? What
if Gabrielle doesn't want to go back? What will you do then warrior?" She
shook her head to clear it of all the thoughts that were working to
distract her she called for Hades to appear. "Hades! I don't have a lot of
time here."
The God of the Underworld appeared before her "I have never met a mortal
with so little respect for the Gods." he growled at her.
"I did not come here to debate the issue of my respect or lack there of
for the Gods I am here for Gabrielle."
Hades gave her a sneer that would have frozen anyone else's blood in
their veins. "I don't like this..."
"But you have no choice." she finished for him "This comes as a direct
order from Zeus himself."
"I don't need to be reminded of Zeus' habit of interference. You know
the rules I trust you have one full day from now until this time tomorrow.
And Gabrielle must leave with you of her own free will.
She looked at him with something akin you disgust "Of course Gabrielle
will want to leave with me. What would make you think otherwise?"
"Xena you of all people should know better then to take anything for
"I've had enough of this talking in circles and I don't have a lot of
time here, take me to Gabrielle now."
He nodded his agreement and motioned that she should follow him, He led
her along a brook until they came upon a couple that was sitting on a river
bank looking out over the clear water, she could tell from a distance that
the woman was Gabrielle and she felt her heart leap in her chest. But who
was the young man sitting with her? It was so like Gabrielle even in the
after life to attract people to her. The sweetness of the bard had aiways
attracted people to her even death had not seemed to detract from that. She
came closer to the couple and her heart sank as quickly as it had risen
when the young man reached over and kissed her friend... Perdicus!
Hades stood behind Xena he acutely felt sorry for the pain that was
taking over the warrior princess' body "Why put yourself through this Xena?
It would be better for you if you just left, Gabrielle's place is with her
husband she knows that. Why torture yourself?"
"No Hades, I have to at least say goodbye to her."
She walked towards the couple I can do this she said to herself I can't
just leave her without at least letting her know that I ...
"Her thoughts were interrupted by Gabrielle's voice as she turned
around "Xena! What are you doing here?" as she was speaking the young bard
had run into the warrior's arms a look of concern passed over her face
"Your not......"
"No Gabrielle I'm not dead." Xena thought to herself 'How much of the
truth should I tell her if I tell her I came here for her will she leave
out of guilt? I don't want that I want what is best for Gabrielle if she
wants t stay here with her husband then I can't take her away.' "I just
came to say good bye."
The bard could sense that there was more then what her friend was
saying but before she could respond the angry voice of her husband
interjected itself into their conversation "How dare you! Xena can't you
give Gabrielle any peace even in her death?"
Gabrielle sent her husband a withering look, she turned back to the
warrior "Tell me why you are here, the truth!"
Xena looked into the bottomless sea green eyes of the woman she had lost
her heart to she would spend the rest of her life regretting that she had
not told Gabrielle about the depth of her feelings while she was still
alive. Should she tell her now? She decided she had no choice she had to be
honest with her friend she owed her that much.
"Your right Gabrielle I'm here for two reasons first I need to tell you
that I love you."
"I know that Xena you have told me that before in Chin, after we left
Rome, in Thessaly a number of times I always knew that."
The warrior smiled slightly at the innocent look on Gabrielle's face
still amazed even now at how completely the little bard had captured her
heart "I mean more then that Gabrielle I mean that I am in love with you,
not like family but as in I want you as a lover, but that may never be
Gabrielle's face registered shock "Xena..."
What she was going to say was cut off by Perdicus "Don't listen to her
Gabrielle! she is just trying to confuse you." he turned to Xena "How can
you have the nerve to cross over, I don't understand how even you managed
that, and tear Gabrielle apart with something else you couldn't keep her
safe when she was alive! We are both dead because of you, if it hadn't been
for you and your life of destruction we would both still be alive and
raising a family. You robbed us of that Xena!"
"Perdicus, shut up!" both her husband and the warrior looked at an
irrate Gabrielle "You have know right to blame Xena for what has happened!
The fact is she did everything she could to try and save you Callisto
killed you not Xena. And as for me I made my own choices. I could not stand
by and watch you sacrifice yourself Xena for my mistakes, if I had listened
to you in Britannia..."
Xena tried to calm Gabrielle down "Gabrielle we have been through this,
you can't blame yourself for what happened you saw her as your child you
couldn't see her then for what she was."
"I know I'm just trying to make a point if there is anyone here that is
be blamed for Perdicus' death it's me."
Both Xena and Perdicus exclaimed a loud "No!" at the same time.
"It's true, although not in the way you think." She turned to her
husband with a gentler tone in her voice "Perdicus, part of the anger you
directed at Xena was that she robbed us of our life together, the chance to
have a home and a family."
His eyes were like chunks of black ice when he looked at the warrior
and then his wife. "That's right, if it weren't for her bloody past...."
"No that is not right, the truth is that although I was sorry and will
always regret your death at Callisto's hands it did not take my long to
realize that our marriage was a mistake."
"Gabrielle your just saying that out of guilt...."
She cut him off her anger starting to rise again "It has nothing to do
with guilt I did love you but not the way a wife should love her husband,
more like a brother. When you asked me to marry you I was looking for
something that I thought I could never have. I knew that I was in love with
Xena but I never believed that she could feel the same way. I felt alone
and confused and there you were offering my the stability and love I so
desperately wanted." She turned to Xena "I waited Xena,I hoped against hope
that you would do something to stop the wedding I thought that it might get
a response from you . When you wished me well and kissed me goodbye I
thought my heart would break."
"I never knew." Xena whispered almost to herself
"You couldn't have I never said anything, I should have told you how I
"We should have told each other Gabrielle."
All three of them stood quietly for a moment before Gabrielle asked
the next question "You said you came here for two reasons what was the
Xena knew the choice was to be Gabrielle's and she wasn't sure if her
heart was still beating when she said "I came to take you home with me."
"Yes Gabrielle back to the land of the living."
Perdicus flew at Xena in a rage "No you don't you took her from me
twice before I will not let you do it again."
The sudden blinding light and resounding clap of thunder stopped them
all where the stood. When they were able to focus their eyes again they saw
not only Hades standing before them, But Zeus himself. Enough!" he boomed,
coming to stand before Gabrielle He gently cupped the bard's chin in his
hand seeing the love that radiated out of those beautiful eyes he could
easily see why Xena was so completely entranced, giving himself a mental
shake he bought his mind back to the matter at hand He saw the confusion
in the deep green eyes "Gabrielle Xena came to me with a request to come to
the other side to bring you back. I granted her one full day to come to you
and see if you wanted to go back, You are free to go back but you should be
aware of the ramifications of your choice. If you choose to stay here with
your husband you will never see Xena again. You will in fact forget ever
having known her,it will be the only way that you will find peace here.
However if you choose to leave with Xena you will live your life to it's
natural end and when you cross over again you and Xena will be destined to
be together in the after life, it will be as if you marriage to Perdicus
never happened. I know it is an enormous decision to make but you must make
it now, Xena doesn't have much time left here and once she is gone you will
no longer have a choice you will have to remain here.".
Gabrielle looked at Perdicus, she could see the pain in his eyes she
raised a hand to his cheek. "Perdicus
you will always be special to me, but I know now that I never should have
married you. I was running away from my true feelings and I used you. I'm
so sorry."
He knew now that she was forever lost to him "I will always love you
Gabrielle." with that he turned and walked away
Turning back she was met with Xena's open arms she fell into the embrace
and raised her lips to meet the kiss that the warrior offered her. It
started sweet and slow but quickly became more demanding Xena finally broke
off the kiss "Gods I have wanted to do that for so long."
"No longer than I have wanted you to do it."
They were lost in their own world when Zeus' voice bought them back to
their circumstances "I guess your choice is clear." he said to her "Live
each day to the fullest and always be honest with each other." With a wave
of his hand he transported them back to the mortal plane. once they had
faded from sight he quietly said "Thank you both."

The next thing that the were aware of was standing in the yard in front
of Gabrielle's parent's home the first person to see them was Joxer as he
came from the stables, he had stayed behind thinking that Hecuba and Lila
should not be left alone right now Gabrielle's father had been away and has
of yet still knew nothing of the events that had happened. At first he
thought he was seeing things he rushed over to where both women were
standing. Words failed him all he could do was stare,. Gabrielle was the
first one to take pity on his plight she gave him alight smile and reached
her hand out to touch him. "Your not seeing things Joxer it's really me."
"But how?...."
"Xena went to Zeus and got permission to go to the other side and bring
me back." She saw no need to enlighten him about the conversations that had
taken place involving the man that as far as the fates were concerned was
no longer her husband.
As he moved to embrace her to assure himself that she was in fact real
Xena stepped slightly to one side to allow him access to Gabrielle, for
once not feeling the slightest bit of annoyance at his attempt to touch the
bard. She saw ot for what it was, a gesture of thankfulness that Gabrielle
had returned from the dead.
Besides after the support and help he had given her during the dark
hours when she believed Gabrielle to be forever lost to her, Xena was sure
she would never see Joxer in quite the same way again. He had proven
himself to be so much more than just a useless thorn in her side, he was a
trusted and valued friend.
Upon hearing the commotion in her yard Hecuba came out from the house.
When she saw Gabrielle she dropped the clay pot she had been caring. She
rushed towards her daughter with her arms open wide. Tears were streaming
down her face as she finally reached Gabrielle. "I never thought I'd see
you again." she cried into the bards shoulder as she held her "Xena said
something about bringing you back but we all thought she had been driven
mad by grief."
When she was able to pull back slightly from her Mother Gabrielle smiled
at her "No Mother, not Xena she has "many skills" " She threw the warrior a
quick smile "Not the least of which included bending the King of Gods to
her own will."
Gabrielle was starting to feel the strain her trip across the barrier of
death had drained her, that and she desperately wanted to finish the
conversation she and Xena had started when they were on the other side.
"Where is Lila and Father?" Gabrielle asked
"Lila is in the village at the market place, we needed a few things and
I thought it would be best for her to get out. She has hit very hard by the
news of your death. Your Father thank the Gods as been away for the last
fort night on business, he never heard about any of this and now thankfully
he will never have to.
Xena could see that Gabrielle was fading and moved to stand behind her
placing an arm around her for support. Hecuba's only reaction to this was a
slightly raised eyebrow, she had, had her suspicions that there was more
then a feeling of friendship between her daughter and Xena. But she had
never felt it as strongly as she did right now.
Over the years her resentment of the warrior had lessened to the point
where she actually liked Xena. True she had berated her and blamed her
when she had bought them the news of Gabrielle's death. But after she had
the time to think it became clear to her that her daughter followed the
warrior and stayed with her of her own free will, and there was no one that
could have kept Gabrielle from what she wanted, even as a small child. The
next move Hecuba made surprised everyone, she turned to Xena and wrapped
her in a warm embrace, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "You have returned
our daughter to us, I can never thank you enough. As far as I am concerned
you are a member of this family now."
Xena returned the hug and said to Hecuba "Do you know when Lila is do
"She will be back early this evening, What happened ? How did you come
back Gabrielle?"
The bard looked to the warrior for reassurance, she knew her family had
questions, but she didn't have the strength to tell the story more then
once. "Mother I know you are anxsoouios for answers, but I am really
tiered could we do this all at once when Lila gets home?"
"Of course Dear. I just thank the Gods that you've come back to us. You
will stay for a while won't you?"
Before she could answer Xena took control of the situation "Of course
we will Gabrielle has been through a lot and she needs time to recover."
The bard beamed at Xena feeling a wave of love wash over her, she knew
that Xena was not fond of staying in one place for any length of time, but
she was putting her welfare before her own desires. That was just one of
the things she loved about the warrior princess. Looking towards the
stables she said to Xena "Why don't we get a little rest before Lila gets
"Are you sure you don't want to stay in your old room?" Hecuba asked
Gabrielle knew if they stayed in the house they would have little or
no privacy, and she wanted nothing more then to be alone with Xena right
now. "The stables will be fine Mother We're used to it."
"Alright then I will send your sister to find you when she gets home.
Xena thank you again." With that Hecuba turned and headed for the house
leaving Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer alone in the yard. Joxer shifted
uncomfortably looking for a graceful way to excuse himself. "Well maybe I
should try my hand at fishing for something for dinner." he finally said
Both women smiled at him and Xena said "Yeah Joxer fish sounds like a
good idea."

They went into the stables and they had no sooner closed and bolted the
door then Xena pulled Gabrielle into a strong embrace and claimed her lips
in a scorching kiss, teasing the bard with her tongue until she felt
breathless and the only thing that kept her standing was Xena's arms "I
wanted to give you a proper welcome home." Xena told her between kisses.
Gabrielle clung to the warrior feeling the love that overflowed from
her heart "Xena I should have told you, we wasted so much time."
"We should have told each other Gabrielle. There is no one to blame,
let's just be thankful things worked out and we are together now." Xena
looked into warm green eyes that reflected her own love, passion and
desire back to her, she couldn't believe her good fourtune, she would have
been happy beyond words just to have Gabrielle come back from the other
side just to be her friend. But to have her admit that she was in love with
her and had been all along was almost to much for the warrior to take. Her
breathing became labored as she lowered Gabrielle onto the fresh straw
Although she had nerves of steel in battle she found that her hands were
actually shaking as she reached for the laces that held the front of
Gabrielle's top together "Gabrielle I want you so much." she sighed against
the bard's throat, her hand reaching up to cup a now exposed breast. She
felt the bard's sharp intake of breath on first contact. Lowering her head
she captured a nipple that was already rock hard and suckled on it until
she felt Gabrielle clutch at the back of her head and try to pull her
"Xena I feel so..."
"I know love, I'm right here with you." She kissed Gabrielle deeply
while removing her wrap around skirt and under garment. Her hands freely
explored the now naked body of her lover, she could feel her own flood of
wetness as Gabrielle began pushing her leathers down over her arms and down
to her waist. "Xena take this off." she told her "I want to feel you all of
Sitting back on her heels Xena finished drawing the leathers down over
her hips and off, all the while her eyes never left Gabrielle's. Once she
was as naked as the bard she lowered herself back down into Gabrielle's
waiting arms, laying full length on top off her love Xena marveled how well
their bodies fit together, despite the obvious differences in height,
almost as if they were made for each other. The first contact of bare skin
against bare skin had an impact like a bolt of lightning through both
woman. For a brief moment neither one of them could move, they were so over
come with emotion..
Surprisingly it was Gabrielle that broke the spell with a gentle kiss
that rapidly turned into a burning need that had to be fulfilled. With a
strength even she didn't know she possessed she flipped Xena over onto her
back and set about the process of driving the warrior princess out of her
mind with her hands and lips. A moan escaped Xena's lips, coming so deep
from the back of her throat it sounded almost like a growl. Gabrielle
paused at the warrior's breast and lavished attention on both of them,
making Xena feel as though she were about to burst just from that contact.
She arched her back trying to push as much of herself into the warm cavern
of Gabrielle's mouth as she could. While still keeping contact to Xena's
nipple with her lips and one hand, her other hand started a maddeningly
slow descent down Xena's body come you rest her palm with a firm pressure
against the very heated center of the warrior.
"Gabrielle please..." Xena begged, now there was something she had never
thought she would hear, Xena begging. She decided she liked this new found
power she had over the most fierce warrior in all of Greece, but she would
never misuse that power or be cruel.
"Please what Xena?"
Xena raised her hips while asking at the same time "I need to have you
inside of me right now!!"
Plunging two fingers into hot welcoming flesh Gabrielle gasped at the
heat she felt there "Gods Xena your so wet."
"Only for you love" were the only words she could manage to gasp out.
Xena was so ready for the bard, this wasn't going to take long at all, She
had felt the tension building the moment Gabrielle had taken control. She
had thought briefly about regaining the the upper hand in their love making
until she realied two things there was no upper hand they were both equals
wanting to give each other as much pleasure as possible and the truth was
what Gabrielle was doing to her felt too good to stop.
She shifted her position slightly so now she had one thigh raised
between Gabrielle's legs and applying pressure, instinct took over as
Gabrielle began to rock herself against Xena's muscled thigh, keeping time
with the rhythm of her fingers as the plunged faster and faster in and out
of Xena.
Xena's climax claimed her seconds before the same shudders started to
race through Gabrielle's body, both of them hanging on to the other for
dear life.
"Gabrielle... oh yes!!!!!"
"Gods Xena what you do to me!!"
The both laid in each others arms basking in the after glow of their
love making, their berating slowly returning to normal Xena pulled
Gabrielle to her for a tender kiss "Where in the world did you learn to do
that?" Xena asked her. It wasn't a question based in jealousy just pure
"I told you I have been in love with you for a long time and I am a
bard we are known for our imaginations you know. besides..." she couldn't
stop the blush that stole up her cheeks.
Xena Cocked a familiar eyebrow at her "What?" she asked, a hint of
amusement in her voice.
Gabrielle got up and went to their saddle bag, coming back to sit
beside the warrior she drew out a small bundle of scrolls. Xena did not
recognize these as the type that Gabrielle normally wrote on. She handed
them to Xena still blushing, Xena unrolled on and began to read it her eyes
growing bigger with every word. "Where did you get these?" she asked trying
to keep the shock out of her voice that the bard had been reading about
things Xena hadn't even heard of.
With a sheepish grin she replied "The last time that we visited the
Amazons, I had a heart to heart talk with Ephany I told her how I felt
about you, but what I didn't know what to do about it. She suggested that I
read these scrolls. She said it would clear up any doubts I had in my
"And did it?" There was a gentle teasing tone in Xena's voice now, she
had never seen Gabrielle blush before and it just added to her charm.
"About the act itself, yes. But I still didn't know how to approach you
with my feelings."
Xena pulled Gabrielle even closer, lightly kissing her on the forehead
"I don't ever want either of us to have that problem again love. From now
on let's both agree that we will always be honest with each other no matter
"Sounds like a plan to me." Gabrielle agreed as she snuggled closer in
the warriors embrace. Her heart was fuller then it had ever been she was in
love and loved in return. by the most incredible woman that had ever lived.
They both felt more complete then they had ever had in their life.

They both got up and got dressed as much as they wanted to lay in each
others arms for the rest of the day and into the night, they knew that Lila
would be arriving home soon and that they would be called for. Their
instincts were right they no sooner finished dressing when the barn door
swung open and Lila was standing there tears brimming over her eyes with
joy at seeing her sister alive. Gabrielle rushed to embrace her sister both
women feeling the emotions overwhelm them.
"Gabrielle what happened? Xena and Joxer came here and said you were
dead and then when I get back from the village today Mother tells my your
out here with Xena."
"Let's go into the house with Mother Lila and I'll tell you both
everything, she glanced at Xena well maybe not everything she smiled to
herself thinking of the afternoon she had just shared with the warrior.
Sitting down at the table with the women of her family Gabrielle began
to recant the tale of how she had made the sacrifice of carring her evil
daughter over the edge of the pit to a firery death. And how Xena had
gotten permisson from Zeus to cross over to the other side and bring her
back, she was debating leaving out the conflict with Perdicus, not really
sure how to tell her family she had chosen Xena's love over spending
eternity with her husband as they would have expected when Lila bought up
that very subject. "Did you see Perdicus when you were on the other side?"
Hecuba saw the obvious discomfort her daughter was in "Of course she
must have seen Perdicus he would have come to greet her after all."
"I'm surprised he let you go." The remark Lila made was innoccent
enough but it still struck a cord deep within the bard and the warrior
Xena was prepared to answer to save her lover from the tight spot she was
in when everyonr was surprised by Hecuba saying "Isn't it obvios that
Gabrielle came back because she still had things to do and she knew the
people here loved her and needed her." They couldn't be sure but they
thought they saw a slight wink as Gabrielle's Mother looked at them.

They stayed long into the night as Gabrielle told them all some more
stories about the adventures they had shared, just after they had finished
dinner Gabrielle's father had gotten home he had heard vauge reports that
something had happened to his oldest child in his absence but nothing
concreate, however upon seeing Gabrielle whole and well all questions were
dismissed as useless rumors. They sat and laughed enjoying just being
together, even the old tensions her family used to feel around Xena seemed
to be gone.
When they finally retired to the stables for the night they were
beginning to feel the toll of the last few days. They setteled down into
the straw pallet that had been the sight of their intense love making
earlier in the day, both feeling the exhustion in their bodies.
"Xena can I ask you something?"
"When did you know you loved me."
"The first time I saw you. Today we experienced the reserection of your
body, but on that day when you looked in my eyes I experienced the
reserection of my soul."

The End

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