Search For Truth

by Marion D Tuttle

Disclaimers: The characters in this story do not belong to me they are the property of Universal Studios but the story is mine not written for profit but solely for fun and to allow my mind a place to wander

Sex between two women: Yes most defiantly you will see a loving relationship between two women
depicted here if that bothers you then this is not a place for you to be..

She could not tear herself away from the window of the tower, but there was nothing now to see. The coastal road stretched into infinity, the rider and horse long gone. There was not even the faintest hint of taupe dust on the horizon to indicate their passing. She had no idea how long she had stood there before the window. The gray light of dawn had long since given way to the bright yellow sunlight of mid morning.
The insects in the trees had begun to hum and sing, a certain sign of hot weather, and yet she was cold. Her face felt wet. Reaching up she realized she was silently crying. She had not wept since she was a very small girl, she thought, surprised. Tears were not an intregal part of her personality.. She stared for a long moment at the evidence of her sorrow shining damply on her fingertips. Then she rubbed her chest, for it ached almost unbearably. Her eyes scanned the road again, straining in the vivid light, seeing nothing, she was gone.

With this reality hammering in her brain, Xena, the Warrior Princess turned from the window and sat down heavily on the only chair in the small room.. She was numb with the pain of her great loss Gabrielle her beautiful, loving bard. Torn from her side by a cruel twist of fate. The ache in her chest grew and deepened, and Xena did not know if she could survive it. Gabrielle, Gabrielle, Gabrielle.. Her name pounded in her head, and her senses swam dizzily.

When she came to herself again, she was amazed to find that it was night once more. Moonlight
silvered the room where she sat in painful desolation. Her mouth was incredibly dry and, despite the heat of the season, she was still cold. Xena tried to Marshall herself. She knew that her solitude would not last much longer. She had not spoken to anyone since Gabrielle's message had been delivered to her, and she knew that Ephany would be coming for her in the morning. Laying on the bed with her arm thrown across her eyes she gave in to exhaustion and let sleep claim her body. Praying to whatever Gods that would listen that she would not be haunted by dreams.

Morning found the warrior princess staring out the window with red rimmed eyes. Ephany entered the room slowly calling from the doorway, even in her disheveled state Ephany did not wish to risk surprising Xena and being on the wrong side of those lightning fast reflexes.
"Xena, may I come in?"
"This is your village, you can go anywhere you want." Xena replied numbly.
Ephany regarded the warrior with worried eyes, in all the years she had known Xena she had never seen such a look of utter pain and despair on her face. She was beginning to have serious fears for Xena's sanity. Walking over to the warrior she asked her "What was in the message that upset you so much?"
With a wave of her hand she indicated the rolled up parchment on the table "It's right there, read it for yourself." Xena was having a hard time keeping the bitterness out of her voice. The Amazon Regent reached for the missive, slowly unrolling the parchment she read the carefully scribed words.

I know these words will cause you pain and for the sake of the friendship we have shared I do regret
that. But the events that have taken place over the past several months In Britannia, Chin and Rome are just to much. I tried to make peace with it I tried to convince myself after Illusia that we could work through anything.. I told my self that I loved you and that you were not the monster you once were. But you have proven time and time again that the violence and darkness are ingrained in your soul, they are a part of who you are and I know now that you can never change that, and I could never love a cold blooded killer.
I can no longer stay with you Xena when our views on what is right and wrong are so far apart. If you ever cared for me at all, you will not look for me, I have no further wish to see you. Please move on with your life and forget about me.


Ephany felt the breath leaving her lungs as she reread the note, the words were there in front of her in black and white. Still her mind refused to register what her eyes had seen. "Xena there must be some mistake!"
A laugh escaped Xena's lips but their was no mirth in the sound. "Mistake! I don't think there's a lot of room for misunderstanding in that. I think Gabrielle has made her feelings quite clear." Xena paced the room walking between the window and the door, she didn't dare to touch her sword. When she had first read the message from Gabrielle she had considered falling on her own sword and ending the pain, but she was a warrior and that would be the cowards way out.
The Regent took a deep breath she knew something was wrong here although she couldn't put her
finger on it instinct told her Gabrielle had not written that note, or if she had it had been against her will.
She also knew Xena was too consumed with pain to see things clearly. Taking another look at the
warriors disheveled appearance she made a decision. When Gabrielle had confided this information in her she had extracted a promise from her that she would say nothing to Xena, but given the circumstances she was sure her Queen would forgive her.
"Xena sit down I need to tell you something."
"Look Ep I'm not really in the mood for a heart to heart talk right now."
"Good, you don't need to talk, just listen. First I need to tell you a few things that happened here after the ... incident.."
Xena felt the cold disgust she did every time she thought back to what had happened "Don't sugar coat it Ephany, after I tried to kill Gabrielle."
Feeling some of the tension dispel at Xena's statement She knew this was a horrific memory for Xena but she had to get through to her. "Well yes after that you were considered an enemy of the Amazon nation, the truth of the matter is given the opportunity at that moment I would have had you executed on the spot." She had to admit she was a little surprised by Xena's reaction.
"I would have expected no less."
"Any way after we heard that you and Gabriel had made your peace there were still many Amazons
calling for your head, you have to understand Xena none of us knew the whole truth." She paused to give Xena a chance to digest what she had heard so far. "When you headed back here Gabrielle sent a message ahead saying that you were with her, and that she wanted to speak to me about everything that had happened." Ephany had know that the Queen had never let Xena know about this in concession to her pride as well has not wanting to bring the painful memory back to Xena. That was half the problem with these two they spent so much time trying you protect one another that sometimes they created more problems then they solved.
Xena looked at Ephany with confused eyes "I never knew she sent a message ahead."
"It's a damn good thing for you that she did, or you would have been dead the moment you stepped foot on Amazon land." For the briefest moments she saw the flash in Xena's eyes that looked like the warrior's normal fire.
"When you and Gabrielle got here she told me everything, and I do mean everything. She explained
what really happened with Hope and Solon, how you had gone through Illusia and had come to terms with all that had happened. She told me that she finally realized that she loved you. as much more them a friend and traveling companion she was going to tell you the day she disappeared, does that sound like a woman that doesn't care?"
Xena had to admit that things were not adding up right, she had never known Gabrielle to run away from a problem before. If there had been more issues it would have been more like Gabrielle to force Xena into a conversation about what their feelings were. But if the note was a fake that bought a whole new set of problems to the foreground, if Gabrielle hadn't left her on her own then someone had her. The first and most important question was who and why?
The warrior's senses started to function on a more normal level now the information Ephany had given her starting to sink in. Pain at the loss of her friend was rapidly being replaced by fear for her safety and a cold deadly rage aimed at whoever might be behind this. She picked up her sword swearing vengeance if there was so much as a hair out of place on Gabrielle's head when she found her. Turning to Ephany her voice came out cold and deadly, "Come on, we have an Amazon Queen to find." The warrior princess was back.

Gabrielle looked up at her surroundings, she could not ascertain where she was the damp cell had no outside light just a faint glow from a stump of a torch stuck in the wall, casting an Erie glow around the inside of her area of confinement. She raised a hand to the bump on her head, she had faded in and out of conciseness every since she had been bought here. Her last clear memory was of walking in the woods just inside the Amazon perimeter, thinking of the words she would use to tell Xena of her true feelings. She had known for some time of the way she felt, but she wasn't sure of how she was going to brooch the subject with her friend. Fear of the reaction she might get had held her silent for a long time. The events that had taken place over the last few months had pushed all her feelings to the surface and now she knew she had to be honest with the warrior.
These were the thoughts that had been playing through her brain when she had been struck from behind and felt the pain explode behind her eyes as blackness enveloped her. She sat up now trying to get her eyes and her mind to focus. as the haze started to clear from her vision she was greeted with the last sight in the world she ever expected to see.
The evil eyes gleamed back at her, awaiting a response. "Well I'm glad to see your finally awake. I'd hate for you to miss the show I have planned starring your beloved warrior princess."
Gabrielle knew what her eyes were seeing but her mind told her it was impossible "By the Gods! Hope!"
" That's right Mother dear." her evil half God, Half mortal daughter told her. "Did you really believe that your pitiful mortal attempts to eliminate me would be successful? Did you really think you had the power to kill the daughter of Dayhock?"
Trying to keep control over emotions that were rapidly spinning away from her Gabrielle responded to the taunting comments. "You are my daughter as well Hope, I know that you can fight you dark side..."
Hope waved a disgusted hand to silence the woman that had given her life. "Your daughter! You don't seem to understand what you have done. You could have ruled the world by my side through my Father's power. But instead you deserted me not once but twice for your precious Xena. You have out lived you usefulness Mother and once I have Xena I will allow you to watch her death before I send you to join her."

The bard dropped her head, this nightmare seemed now to be never ending. She had finally accepted the fact that Hope was evil after Solon's death when she poisoned her. But looking into eyes that blazed hatred back at her she didn't know how she could have denied it for as long as she did. Being able to hear her Mothers thoughts the demon child glared at Gabrielle. "There it is again, that sickening sentiment that there is good in everyone and that if they dig deep enough they will find it." "I'll believe that until I die, Hope."
"Well you won't be believing it very much longer Mother Dear."

Xena and Ephany had scoured the area that Gabrielle had last been seen in, they could not find the
slightest hint of a struggle or disturbance. The last tracks that they found that looked like they belonged to Gabrielle just disappeared into thin air as if the bard had been lifted out of her footprints. The more they looked into this the more questions arose but they still had found no answers. Xena looked to the Amazon Regent her concern and worry growing by leaps and bounds. "We need to find that messenger, he may be the only chance we have of finding Gabrielle."
"I agree, but where do we look."
"There is only one way, I am going to make an offering to Artemis if there is any help to be found it will come from her Gabrielle is her chosen Queen after all." With that Xena mounted Argo and headed towards the Moon Goddess' temple.

The warrior princess rode as fast as she could push Argo her mind tripped over all sorts of possibilities, guilt gnawed at her gut, although she could find no specific point she should feel guilty about. Just the fact that she was convinced now that Gabrielle's sudden disappearance was not her own idea, and Xena couldn't be sure if the time she had spent wallowing in her own self pity had put the bard in even greater danger. She gave herself a good mental shake, giving in to self doubt at this point would accomplish nothing.
Entering the temple she called for Artemis to appear "Artemis, Patron Goddess of the Amazons I
bescheech you to appear before me, if not for my sake then for the sake of your Amazon Queen
Gabrielle." A voice almost like the breeze through the trees asked her. "What do you bring in the form of an offering Warrior?"
"All that I have to offer is my life and I would gladly give that if it would ensure Gabrielle's safety."
A flash of light and Xena was greeted with the sight of Artemiss herself standing in front of her. "Rise before me warrior and tell me what it is you ask in the name of my chosen Queen."
Xena rose and stood before the Deity, under normal conditions she would never ask any of the Gods for help, but for Gabrielle she would shallow her pride. Her voice seemed to catch in her throat as she prepared to speak. Never being one to beat around the bush Xena went for the straightforward style she was accustomed to. "Gabrielle has disappeared Artemis, without a trace, some one has gone to an awful lot of trouble to make me think it was her own idea to leave.. But the more I think about it The more I think there is a lot more at play here than anyone knows."
The Goddess regarded Xena, she knew that the warrior would lay down her life to protect Gabrielle if necessary, and for that reason alone Artemis would do anything to help the warrior in this quest. She guided Xena towards the alter. "Look into the crystal and tell me what you see Xena."
Xena gazed into the crystal and saw Gabrielle bound and scared in a dank cell, the fear she felt
emanating from the crystal was almost a tangible thing. an evil presence seemed to flow from the image in the crystal. another image moved into her field of sight to stand in front of Gabrielle. Just the feelings coming from the image told Xena what she needed to know, before the image even turned to where she could she her face, she knew it was Hope."
"How is this possible? Gabrielle poisoned her I saw it! I saw her body burn! this can't be!"
"Xena you have had enough dealings with the Gods to know that even a half God can not be killed by mortal means. Hope's powers have developed to the point that you can not kill her without divine help The warrior felt all the frustration and rage boiling just under the surface, she struggled, for control unleashing her anger at Artemiss would do nothing to help her cause, and she needed her help. Sensing the internal war that Xena was wagging Artemis stood back, giving her the space she needed.
It was true that there were not many mortals that the Moon Goddess had patience with but she did hold a soft spot in her heart for Gabrielle, being her chosen Queen, and the devotion that Xena showed to the little bard had won her a place in Artemis' heart as well.
At last being able to gain some small measure of control Xena asked, "How do I free Gabrielle?"
"There is only one way, you can not kill Hope, but you can trap her as you did Callisto. The only
problem with that is she is much stronger than Callisto ever was so before you can lead her into a trap you must weaken her, and there is only one thing that can do that." Xena waited expectantly for Artemis to continue, when she didn't Xena pressed forward "Well?'
"Tell me Xena, do you love Gabrielle?"
"You know I do!"
"No I don't now that, I know you care for her, respect her, are concerned for her safety, as any good friend would be. But do you love her?"
Xena finally understood what was being asked of her she slow expelled the breath she had been
holding before giving her answer "Yes I do with all my heart and soul." was the whispered reply.
"I knew it." Artemis remarked "I just needed to make sure you knew it. The truth of you love is the only thing that is going to weaken Hope enough for you to trap her and free Gabrielle."
Xena could feel her throat closing up she had held this a closely guarded secret for so long, for fear of Gabrielle's reaction. Oh they had told each other 'I love you' but it had been in the spirit of friendship, family not as lovers. What would Gabrielle think if she knew Xena felt that way about her. Than Ephany's word came back to her ' She was going to tell you she loves you when she disappeared.' Was it possible that Gabrielle felt the same way?
Finding a new strength pour through her she focused all her energy on the task at hand "I can handle
the truth part Artemis, but how do I trap Hope it's not like another lava pit is going to conveniently present itself for me to toss her into?"
"That's where I come in." she gave the warrior a gentle reassuring squeeze in the shoulder, she could feel the uncertainty of the strong woman before her. Once again she did something she would do for very few mortals, she tried to reassure her. "Xena I understand that you dealings with my brother have left you very leery of all the Gods, but we're not all like Ares. I want Gabrielle safe too, and the daughter of Dayhock is very strong we need each other, neither one of us can free her alone."
Blue eyes surveyed the divine being standing before her, she wanted so desperately, just this once to believe that there was no hidden agenda in the help being offered from Olympus. Taking a leap of faith she decided to trust in what Artemiss said. "Alright you've convinced me, I think I recognize that." She said pointing at the image still showing clearly in the crystal. "It's an hold abandoned castle just a few hours ride from here." Xena turned to leave the temple to get Argo.
"Where are you going?" Artemis asked
Hiding her exasperation Xena turned back, "Unless I miss my guess, that is the castle just south of her it's been empty for years.... ever since my Army raided it." She finished on a softer note.
"That's fine Xena, but come back here and take my hand. We'll travel my way it's a lot faster and you may not have any time to lose."
The blade of guilt twisted in Xena's heart again if she hadn't spent those two days feeling sorry for
herself she would probably already have Gabrielle back. Artemis picked up on Xena's thought's "Now just stop that none of this is your fault for whatever reason Hope wanted you to be delayed, but I feel like she wanted to make you suffer for a while before she executed her plan. But I have no doubt she planned to make it known to you."
"Your right and we're wasting time, let's go." Both Goddess and warrior disappeared in a shower of light, only to reappear seconds later at the gates of the castle that Xena had seen in the crystal. "This is the place, I can feel Gabrielle's presence here." Artemis was amazed at Xena's perception, she had felt the bard was here and still alive but she didn't expect that a mortal would be able to pick up on the vibrations she had picked up using her powers. "For a mortal Xena you are a little too good."
Xena just shrugged her shoulders at the observation, her only concern at this point was getting to her friend and setting matters straight between them. she raised her eyes to a small window "There" she said pointing in the direction of the window "That's the best place to go in." Xena moved on silent feet towards the window she turned to see the Goddess was not following her. "The next part is up to you Xena, I can not help you there. but when Hope has been weakened by the love you show her Mother I will be there to help you trap her."
"Big surprise there." Xena mumbled under her breath. she took hold of the ledge and sung herself up onto the window ledge. Easing herself down into the front chamber of the castle she pressed herself back into the shadows to scan her surroundings. For a few moments she began to doubt she had the right place, the entire castle seemed deserted the only sounds were those of the wind as it rattled the branches of the trees. Taking a deep breath to regain her calm she stretched her senses out to see if she could detect Gabrielle's presence. After a few moments of intense concentration she heard the faint sound of two voices, and one of them belonged to Gabrielle.

"It's almost time Mother dear, it won't be long know before your warrior princess makes her move." Hope spat out with distaste.
"What makes you think Xena will come for me, you said yourself you sent her a note....." Gabrielle
couldn't finish the sentence, she was unable to push words past the lump in her throat when she thought about the pain and betrayal Xena would feel when she read the words Hope had forged in her hand. "That was just a self indulgence for me, I wanted a way to make her suffer, and she did. Would you like to hear about the pain she went through? Would you like to know how she felt the heart had been ripped from her chest when she thought that you hated her?"
Tears started to fall down the bards cheeks at the thought of Xena in pain because of Hope's lie's. She had to find a way out of this she couldn't let Xena be killed by her demon child, and she had to tell Xena the truth, to let her know that she did love her as more than a friend. There had been to many secrets and deceptions between them lately and Gabrielle knew it had to end.

Xena clamped down with iron control the impulse to charge into the room and put an end to this, but she knew that would accomplish nothing. she lifted her self up to the to the small opening above the door to the room she molded herself into the small space, from this angle she could see Gabrielle bound at the wrists and ankles. She cold also see bruises where Gabrielle had been beaten, she swore that whoever had dared to mark Gabrielle would pay dearly for ever Bruise on the bard's skin.
At that moment Gabrielle looked up catching sight of the warrior princess, Xena motioned to her by
placing a finger against her lips that she should remain quite. Scanning the room and seeing no one but Gabrielle inside Xena slowly lowered herself into the room, where was Hope? Xena was sure she couldn't be to far away.

The warrior slowly made her way to were Gabrielle was bound she whispered to the bard "Are you
"As alright as I can be given the circumstances." Gabrielle answered her. She looked up at Xena's face while she was working to free her from her bounds, noticing the dark circles and red rimmed eyes. In a voice so low she wasn't even sure she spoke out loud "By the Gods Xena what have you done to yourself?"
"We have time to talk about everything later Gabrielle, right now my concern is getting you out of here and having you safe."
Just as she cut the last of the ropes holding Gabrielle in place a flash of fire illuminated the room, when the smoke cleared Both women were faced with the demonic expression of Gabrielle's daughter. "Xena, we met again. to bad for you this will be the last time." She sent a bolt of lightning from her fingertips in Xena's direction, jumping straight into the air and twisting into a somersault so that she landed behind Hope she taunted her. "You'll have to do better than that if you think your going to take me out." Xena sneered. They exchanged several volleys, Hope throwing sparks and lightning bolts while Xena ducked and dogged hoping to where the demon child down.
Arteims' words came back to her 'the only thing that will weaken Hope is the power of love' Xena knew then that the only way she might be able to save Gabrielle and herself was to admit all, open her heart and put her feelings for Gabrielle out for all to see. She waited for her opening, seeing Hope look towards Gabrielle Xena captured her attention again. "Hope give it up, there is no way I am going to let you hurt the woman I love!"
The bard's jaw dropped at Xena's declaration was this just a ploy or was that the way Xena truly felt.
She didn't have time to get to lost in her musings has she noticed Xena was pressing Hope back with a series of moves and the her daughter's strength seemed to be waning with every word Xena uttered. "That's right Hope the love I have for Gabrielle is stronger than any evil you can create, even the death of my son."
Gabrielle paled at the memory of the pain that had torn through her friend at Solon's death and the
suffering they had both gone through as blame was flung back and fourth between them. But they had gone through hell together and come out of it stronger then before.
Her attention returned to the two combatants. Xena was pressing the advantage now Taunting Hope with every backward step "That's right Hope you can't win against the power of love. In the face of that type of power you have no power left." She could feel Hope growing weaker and weaker as she let the love she felt for Gabrielle flow freely from her heart. "Artemis, now!"
A bright flash of white light appeared behind Hope she was holding what appeared to be a small vile of oil in her hands she threw the contents of the vial over Hope, Xena and Gabrielle stood watching transfixed as the witnessed hope's body start to grow ridged, turning to Artemis she demanded "what have you done to me?'
"It is the curse of Medusa with a variation, you hatred and violence was overcome by love the only force on earth that could have beaten you. And as your heart was hardened in hatred so shall your body be as long as you are surrounded by the forces of love and light."
As Artemis spoke the last words Hope's entire body turned to solid stone. The Goddess turned to both woman she spoke to Gabrielle first. "Xena finally giving voice to her love for you was enough to weaken Hope so that she could be trapped, but if she is to be forever kept from the world you must now tell Xena the truth of what is in your heart. Never let uncertainty and hatred come between you again, what you to have is a once in a lifetime thing, never take it for granted." With those last words the Goddess disappeared.

Xena came to kneel before Gabrielle gently taking the raw wrist in her hands and trying to sooth the
flesh. Green eyes filled with unshed tears looked into clear blue eyes that held all the love she felt for the bard. "Xena did you mean everything that you said? You love me?"
"More than anything in this world, what I need to know now is how do you feel? Do you love me?"
The tears were flowing unchecked down her cheeks now as she threw herself into Xena's arms she
planted soft kisses along the column of the warrior's throat. "Oh yes Xena, I know that I have said I love you many times before but I am in love with you I have been for a long time now I was planning to tell you...." She couldn't finish the sentence as sobs of relief wracked her body.
Xena held her closer while she waited for the torrent of emotion to subside "Ssshhh It's alright love, it's alright. I'm right here, hold on to me your safe, I've got you." She lowered her lips to claim a kiss from the bard, the sweetness she found there was overwhelming to her. She didn't want to rush Gabrielle but knowing that her friend felt the same made her desires feel like they were raging out of control. "Gabrielle I need you... I want to make love to you so much...please..."
The bard laid back and pulled Xena down on top of her "Yes Xena.. I want you too... I need too feel you."
Both women tore at each other's clothes until they were completely naked Xena was nearly trembling with her need she blazed a trail of fire with her lips and hands "Oh yes Xena..." she used her hands to pull the warrior as close to her as she could her breathing was harsh and ragged everywhere Xena toughed felt like it was being consumed by a roaring fire When she laid claim to the bards breasts with her lips Gabrielle arched her back to increase the contact. Her hands trailed down to find an ocean of wetness waiting there for her. She slid her fingers in and out of her in a rhythm as old as time itself. She felt Gabrielle tightening around her fingers with her approaching orgasm "Xeeennnaaa" she screamed out as the waves of ecstasy washed over her. Xena held her as she came back to herself, she was surprised by the stamina of the bard when she pushed Xena onto her back and started with a slow massage of her breasts.
The warrior was so close to the edge already that she knew the slightest of touches would be enough to put her over the edge. "Show me what you need Xena."
"Give me your hand Gabrielle." She guided her friends hand down to her hot center "I need to feel you inside of me Gabrielle" The bard gave her lover what she needed Pumping her harder with each stroke of her hand. Xena's climax exploded with such force it left her unable to move and hovering on the edge of conciseness.
They laid wrapped in each others arms waiting for there strength to return, they both fell into a
contented sleep secure in each others love. When they awoke the full moon was high in the sky and
even though it was night they decided that with the trail being as well lit as it was they should head back to the Amazon village before a search party was sent out for them. They rose and dressed, mounting Argo headed off to let Gabrielle's Amazon sister's know their Queen was safe.
When they reached the borders of the Amazon territory they were met by a very relived Ephany who ran to greet them. "Gabrielle, Xena thank the Gods you both safe."
"How did you know we were coming? Gabrielle asked
Ephany regarded both women something was different but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.
"Artemis appeared to us, she told us that Hope had been defeated and that you were on your way
"Did she tell you anything else?"
The blond Amazon warrior looked from one woman to the other until she noticed that they were holding hands, a smile spread across her face as she asked indicating their interlaced fingers she asked "Does this mean what I think it does?" Both women answered "Yes" at the same time. Xena dropped to one knee in front of the Amazon Queen and said "And if Gabrielle will have me we will have a major announcement to make to the council in the morning."
The bard drew Xena back up to her feet to stand before her "Xena nothing in this world would make me happier than to become your wife." She pulled The warrior to her and kissed her with all the love that was filling her heart


As Xena and Gabrielle rode through the clearing on the to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their official joining a shudder passed through Gabrielle's body as the passed by the opening of the cave where the stone figure of Hope had been standing all these years.
Xena felt the tension in her wife's muscles "It's alright Gabrielle she can't hurt us anymore."
Artemis appeared in front of them "Xena is right Gabrielle as long as you and Xena are true to the love you feel for each other Hope will remain forever imprisoned her. As long as that love lives on in you she can never escape." She disappeared as quickly as she had come leaving both women with an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness knowing that they had found their homes in each other.


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