Second Generation
Part 2

by Victoria Traw

Disclaimer: These characters are mine; although they very well may resemble a certain Warrior Princess and bard we all know and love.

Love/sex warning: Yes, there is a loving and sexual relationship between people of the same gender. If this offends you or is illegal where you are, please grow up or move on. If you are under the age of 18, go away and play with your toys until you're old enough.

Violence: There is reference to rape, though no graphic depiction.

Dedication: This story is dedicated to my Sandra, you complete my soul beloved.... always remember.

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Angela woke in the predawn hours feeling warm, content and a little bit tender from her night of love with Elise. They had explored one another's bodies until both had fallen into an exhausted sleep. As Angela lay on her side with Elise tucked tightly against her, she inhaled deeply. Angela's eyes closed as the scent of their lovemaking wafted up stirring memories of the previous night.

Elise's mouth kissed down Angela's throat then to her chest where she spent long moments loving Angela's breasts. Soon, Elise kissed and left small bites farther down Angela's body until she reached the patch of dark curly hair at the apex of the long legs. Elise spent moments, eyes closed, as she rubbed her cheek against the soft springy curls and inhaled the scent that was uniquely Angela. The scent caused Elise's heart rate to increase and her mouth to water in anticipation and made her own sex moist with desire. She placed a kiss on the apex of the soft mound, before she insinuated her shoulders between Angela's thighs parting them. With her thumbs, she parted the soft lips of Angela's sex and simply looked at the gift she had opened. The look of utter wonder and love that came over Elise's face as she studied Angela's most private area caused tears to form in Angela's eyes. Elise raised her eyes to Angela's and whispered, "Beautiful, Angel, you are so beautiful" then she lowered her mouth to the soft, damp area that beckoned her.

The taste of Angela burst across Elise's tongue and caused her to moan in pleasure. At first her tongue was tentative as it moved against Angela's clitoris, but as she felt Angela's hips move against her mouth and heard Angela's moans of delight, her strokes became bolder. She used the flat of her tongue to lathe over the entire clitoris, then using only the tip she stroked one side then the other. She alternated strokes and small bites on the swollen nub, loving the feeling of the silky soft skin that surrounded it. Else was so lost in her enjoyment of tasting Angela that Angela had to gently tug on her hair to get her attention, "El," begged the dark-haired woman as she writhed under the attentions of her beautiful lover.

As Elise looked up, her green eyes blazed with determination and a feral smile covered her lips. "Gods, yes!" she gasped as she brought her fingers to Angela's warm, soaked entrance. She entered Angela and thought that her heart would burst from the love and wonder she felt as the soft, strong walls of Angela's vagina gripped her fingers. Elise stroked her fingers in and out of Angela as she matched the rhythm set by Angela's thrusting hips. Her fingers moved and explored the new territory until she curved her fingers and touched a soft, spongy area deep inside Angela. "GODS, El, yes, yes, yes, right there!" screamed Angela. Elise's heart raced as she realized that the spot she had found inside Angela was sending her over the edge of ecstasy. As Elise concentrated her thrusts against that spot she chanted her love for Angela until she felt her fingers gripped in a vice-like hold as Angela screamed out her name and combined it with a few deities as well as declarations of undying love. Elise was delighted to feel that after the initial spasms of orgasm calmed, Angela's body continued to tremble with small spasms of aftershock.

Angela held her arms out to Elise, "Come here, I need to hold you." As Elise settled against the sweaty side of her lover, Angela whispered, "Thank you, thank you, thank you..."

"Oh, baby, no, thank you." smiled Elise, "How can I tell you how that felt? Touching you, loving you, so far surpasses any fantasy I've ever had, I have no words...".

As Angela reminisced about the love she had shared with Elise, her hand stroked the soft skin cuddled against her. Simply thinking about how Elise had touched her caused moisture to flow anew between her legs and made her ache to make love to Elise again. She leaned forward and began to kiss the naked shoulder beneath her lips and her hand slid down the muscled abdomen of her blonde lover. Elise reacted innately to Angela's touch as she tucked her bottom more snugly into Angela's groin and moved rhythmically against her. Angela's began to alternate kisses with bites against Elise's soft shoulder and neck as she allowed her hand to move further south on the Elise's luscious body.

The kisses, bites and insistent touches finally roused Elise from her slumber and she rolled onto her back and wrapped her arms around Angela's neck. She pulled Angela's face in to her own for a long, sensuous kiss then husked, "what a way to wake up, gods, Angel, touch me."

"I am", answered Angela in a low sensuous voice as she went on to demonstrate the many and varied ways she had dreamed of touching her love.


Later that morning, Angela awoke to the feeling of pressure in her bladder and slipped out of bed to use the restroom. After washing her hands and splashing water in her face, she looked up into the mirror and studied her countenance. She looked different, she was sure of it. A bright smile broke out on her face and then she smirked at herself for being such a sap. 'Guess I don't mind being a sap as long as I'm her sap', she thought.

After she returned to the bedroom, Angela strolled back over to the bed. She stood for long moments, purely studying her sleeping lover. Although Angela was wide-awake, she saw that Elise was sleeping peacefully so she decided to let her rest. She leaned over and pressed a soft kiss into the strawberry-blond hair and whispered, "I love you" and smiled when a soft mumble of "Love you, N'gel" emanated from under the covers.

Angela made her way downstairs and into the kitchen and snooped until she found where Elise kept her coffee, then started a pot brewing. As she glanced at her watch she was astounded to realize that it was well after ten o'clock. Angela smirked at how late she had slept then smiled brightly at the reason she had needed the extra sleep. She poured herself a cup of coffee then picked up the phone and dialed Bonnie Covington's phone number.

"Hello? Covington Residence, Ellie Popodopolus speaking" answered a young voice.

Angela beamed at the mature way her small daughter had answered the phone. "Hey love, how's my big girl this morning?" she inquired.

"Hi Mom!" squealed Ellie into the receiver. "Grandmama, it's my Mom." Angela held the phone away from her ear as she heard her daughter holler.

"Hey, young lady," she said sternly, "You know better than to yell when you're on the phone."

"I'm sorry Mom, but Grandmama's out in the kitchen and I'm in the den so I had to yell," explained Ellie.

Sighing, Angela said, "We'll talk about this later, I am in too good a mood to argue with you right now."

Hearing her mother's words and the happy tone of her voice, Ellie silently mouthed, "Yes!" because she was sure that her mother would forget to bring up the yelling incident and that she would be spared any further punishment.

"Soooooooo, Mom, did you have a good date with Angel's Mama?" Ellie giggled.

Angela couldn't keep the smile off of her face or out of her voice, "Yes, Ellie, I had a wonderful date. How was your time with Angel and Mrs. Covington?"

"Oh, Mom, it was GREAT!" beamed Ellie. She then proceeded to give an almost non-stop narration of the events of the previous evening. She told her Mother how good the dinner was and that Angel and Gradmamma Covington had taught her how to eat with chopsticks and that she had only dropped a little bit of food on to the carpet, but that Grandmamma hadn't gotten angry. She then told Angela a blow by blow account of the movie they had rented and about taking a walk on the beach before going to bed.

"Wow, baby, that sounds like a great evening!" commented Angela.

"It was the best!" Ellie sighed.

"Honey, I'm so glad you had a good time! Now, I'd like to speak with Covington, will you please take the phone to her?"

"OK Mom, Hey, when are you coming to get us?" inquired the little girl.

"That's what I need to discuss with Grandmamma Covington."

"Oh, ok, just a sec" said Ellie. A few moments later Angel heard her daughter say, "Grandmamma, it's my Mom, she wants to talk you."

Angela heard a mumbled "Thank you, Ellie" then a much clearer, "Hello, Angela, and how are you this mornin'?"

Angela could hear the smile in Bonnie Covington's voice and couldn't help the blush that rushed up into her face. "I'm fine, Mama."

"Mmmm Hmmm, I'm sure you are, and how is my beautiful daughter?" the teasing tone continued.

A deeper blush colored Angela's face and before she could answer the question, she felt a pair of hands circle her waist and felt Elise's warm, still sleepy body snuggle up beside her. She snaked an arm around Elise's body and quickly placed a kiss on her lips before answering in husky tones, "She's wonderful."

Bonnie laughed outright into the phone as she heard the dulcet tones of her daughter's lover. "Glad to hear it! Now, what are the plans for today, do you know yet?" she asked.

Angela was finding it difficult to pay attention to Mrs. Covington's questions because Elise's hands had found their way inside her robe and her lips were leaving a trail of kisses up Angel's neck.

Even after taking a deep, cleansing breath, Angela's voice shook as she said, "uh, no, we haven't discussed it yet this morning."

Elise reached up and took the phone out of Angela's hand, "Mama, we'll call you in a few hours," she spoke into the receiver before promptly hitting the off button.

"Elise, you just hung up on your mother!"

"I told her we'd call her back so I didn't hang up on her, now...where was I?" Elise commented as she stripped the robe from Angela's body, pushed her onto the nearest flat surface, and proceeded to ravish the tall beauty on the kitchen table.

It was early evening by the time the new lovers arrived at Bonnie Covington's house.


In the weeks that followed Elise and Angela's first official date, the women spent as much time with one another as was possible. Many evenings were spent together at one or the other of their houses, which pleased the younger girls to no end. The evenings they were forced to spend apart were agony for Elise and Angela because their hearts ached whenever they were separated.

On one such evening, Angela needed to meet with a prospective client for her security consulting business. It was unusual for her to meet clients in the evening but the people in question were planning an extended trip out of the country and their original security consultant had botched their home system so badly that it was worthless. The extra fee they were willing to pay Angela in order to have her do an inspection and then install a state-of-the-art security system on their property was too good to pass up.

When Angela had called Elise to tell her that they wouldn't be able to spend the evening together, Elise had been disappointed but she understood Angela's reasoning. "Angela, you absolutely need to do this. If these people like your work I'm certain they have friends and business contacts they will refer to you," soothed Elise.

"I know, but Baby, we've missed seeing each for the past three nights and I'm going nuts!" complained Angela.

"Love, I miss you every bit as much as you miss me...if not more..." started Elise.

"Impossible! I miss YOU more." countered Angela.

"Oh, no...woman, we are not going to get into this again!" Elise laughed.

Having broken the seriousness of their earlier conversation, Elise decided to broach the question that was on her mind, "Hey, my Angel, what will you do with Ellie when you're at your meeting?"

Angela grinned as she admitted; "I was kind of hoping that she could go stay with her best friend. You see, I have an 'in' with her best friend's Mama so I thought I could persuade her to watch Ellie."

"Oh, you did, did you?" Elise chuckled in response.

A quiet, almost subdued voice answered, "Yeah, what'cha want in trade?"

"Mmmmm, I'm sure I'll think of something," purred Elise.

The purring tone of Elise's voice sent a shot of desire directly to Angela's core, "I'm willing to pay whatever price you name" she growled.

Elise answered, "I'm counting on it."

At 5:30 that evening, Angela arrived at Elise's to drop Ellie off. When Elise opened the door, her breath caught in her throat at the stunning woman on her doorstep. Angela wore a blue silk turtleneck beneath a crisply tailored black suit. The blue of the shirt and the expertly applied cosmetics set off the blue of her eyes in a way that caused Elise's heart to pound out of her chest and sent a rush of heat to her core.

"By the gods, you are beautiful" gasped Elise.

Humbled by her love's exclamation, Angela smiled softly. "Elise Melinda, you are the beauty that lights my heart."

Green eyes gazed into blue for long moments until, at last, Elise stood on tiptoe and placed of soft kiss of promise against Angela's crimson tinted lips.

"You need to get going if you're going to make it to your meeting on time, but oh, the things I would do to you if we had time"

Angela's eyes closed at the rush of passion Elise's words induced, "Believe me, if I could, I would carry you up those stairs right now and love you until neither of us could stand."

A low moan escaped Elise, "how late will your meeting go?"

Sighing, Angela answered, "I'll be very late. My potential clients, the Richardsons, are going out of the country early next week so if the meeting goes well I'll start my assessment tonight." She then held up Ellie's small overnight bag with a shy grin and a single arched brow, "As a matter of fact, I figured I'd be late enough that if you don't mind..."

Smiling and shaking her head Ellie took the bag from her lover's hand, then looked down at Ellie, "Well, Ms Ellie, it looks as if you're spending the night tonight."

"YAY!" beamed Ellie as she ran past Elise to find Angel.

Both women laughed at the child's exuberance, and then Elise pulled Angela into the house and beside the doorway so that she could press a proper kiss on Angela's lips. When the kiss broke, Elise pointed at Angela, "Stay right there."

Angela saluted, "Yes Ma'am".

Elise disappeared for a moment and when she returned she took Angela's hand, turned it palm up, and placed an object in the center, she then curled Angela's fingers around the cool piece of metal. Angela uncurled her fingers to look at what had been placed in her palm. Tears filled her eyes as she looked at the shiny house key lying in the palm of her hand.

"Whenever you're done with your client, you come back here and let yourself in. Then, you come upstairs into my bed where you belong."

With a grin, Angela once again saluted, "Yes ma'am, whatever you say." Then she sobered and looked into shining green eyes, "El, I don't know what to say, I may be out until early this morning."

Laying her hand on Angela's arm, Elise assured her tall lover that no matter how late, or how early, she finished with work that she was expected between Elise's sheets. "And Angel, that key isn't just for tonight. I want you to keep it always. No more knocking on this door. I am so in love with you and whenever you want to be here, I want you here."

Angela stared at her beloved, moved beyond words. Once she found her voice she uttered, "I'll treasure this, I treasure what it means. I love you, El."

The petite blonde glanced at her watch then raised a brow to her lovely companion, "You need to go. Please drive safely, I know you're going to impress the stuffin' out of those people so I won't expect you back until early in the morning."

Grinning, Angela remarked, "How can I lose when I have my very own cheering section?" She leaned down and placed a parting kiss on Elise's lips, "I'll be home as soon as I can."

As Angela drove away from Elise's house she looked into her rear-view mirror, 'Home', she thought, 'this is home, she is home for me.' She continued on her drive with a grin plastered on her face.


As predicted, Angela's work kept her out until the very early morning. It wasn't until 2:00 am that she used her new key to let herself in to Elise's house. The simple act of unlocking that front door with her own key caused her heart to swell. The knowledge that Elise trusted her enough to give her free entrance into her home, that she wanted her there, effected Angela deeply. Upon entering the house, Angela noticed that lights had been left burning for her in the entry way and in the upstairs hallway. She smiled 'El's lighting my way home' she thought as she extinguished the foyer light and headed up the stairs.

Angela walked quietly to young Angel's room and checked on the girls. She placed soft kisses on each forehead and pulled kicked-off blankets over the small sleeping forms. As she stood looking down upon the two girls, her entire being filled with joy, love and deep contentment. She turned and left the girls' room and walked to Elise's door.

Being as quiet as she could, Angela entered her lover's bedroom. Elise had left the bathroom light burning and the bathroom door was open a crack so that a small amount of light illuminated the bedroom. Again, Angela smiled at her lover's thoughtfulness. She walked over to the side of the bed and looked down on the sleeping Elise, then hurriedly turned to use the restroom. As Angela stripped out of her business suit, she saw that Elise had left wooden hangars on the counter with a post-it note attached. "So that gorgeous suit doesn't get ruined..." it read. Angela was suddenly overwhelmed by the multitude of small, incredibly thoughtful things Elise did for her. 'She is so good to me, I don't deserve it' she thought, 'I will accept this, and I'm going to do everything I can to make sure she feels just as cherished'.'

After brushing her teeth, with the toothbrush Elise had left for her, Angela turned out the bathroom light and padded over to Elise's bed. As she slipped between the sheets, Elise stirred, then moved to cuddle against Angela, her head tucked against Angela's shoulder, "You're home" she sighed.

Reaching down to place a soft kiss against Elise's lips, Angela whispered, "Mmmm, yes, I am."

"I take it you got the job?" Asked a groggy Elise.

"Yes, I got it. I'll tell you about it tomorrow, I am so tired can barely keep my eyes open." Pulling Elise closer into her body she went on, "Good night El, I love you."

Elise raised her head to place another kiss against Angela's lips and murmured, "I love you." Within moments both women were entwined in one another's arms, fast asleep.

Much later that morning, Elise woke twenty minutes before her alarm had a chance to go off. She planned to turn the alarm off to allow Angela to get as much sleep as she could. Before reaching over to turn off the alarm, Elise snuggled into the warm body that was behind her. She relished the feel of Angela's body spooned against her back. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she ran her hand up the arm Angela had wrapped around her. The couple lay on their left sides, Angela's right arm surrounded Elise, and her right hand was cupped around Elise's left breast. Elise covered that hand gently, and savored the feelings of love, desire and safety the embrace instilled in her.

Elise finally reached over to turn the alarm off then, as gently as possible, slipped out of Angela's embrace and out of the bed. As she extricated herself, Angela stirred and, knowing Angela's propensity to wake easily and immediately, Elise quickly whispered that she would be back. She leaned down and stroked Angela's ebony hair and placed soft kisses against her temple whispering for her to stay asleep. It tore her heart to leave the warm cocoon, but the two little girls down the hall were not going to get themselves ready for school.

Elise walked down the hall to Angel's room. She walked over to the bedside of the two sleeping girls then sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed first one girl then the other girl's back, urging them to wake up. Elise smiled when she saw that Ellie woke almost the moment she touched her. The little girl's blue eyes popped open and she sat up, looking wide-awake and ready to move. 'Just like her Mom,' thought Elise as her heart swelled with love for both of the dark-haired females in her home.

Elise leaned over and placed a kiss against the dark hair, "Good morning, Ellie mine."

Ellie's eyes brightened, "Good morning, Ms. Covington!"

"We need to wake up sleepy-head here," said Elise, nodding toward the lump that was Angel.

Ellie made a rude noise, "good luck! I tried to wake her up when we were at Grandmamma's and it was impossible."

With a rueful look Elise answered, "I have to go through this every day. We've worked out a little routine. Why don't we see if it will work this morning, hmmm?"

"Ok, what do we do?" asked Ellie

Elise uncovered her daughter, and then she scooted up onto the bed so that she was leaning against the headboard. She then picked up the sleeping form and held the warm body in her lap. She rocked Angel and placed kisses on her hair, her cheek and her eyes. After a few minutes, Angel's green eyes opened slowly and she actively snuggled into her mother's arms. Elise looked over at Ellie, "She responds to a gentle wakening better than she does to an abrupt one."

A tender look came over Ellie's face and she reached out to stroke Angel's hair as Elise had done. "C'mon, Angel, you gotta wake up. We're doing show an' tell today, remember?"

Angel's green eyes began to blink more rapidly and finally managed to stay open. She reached up and took the small hand that stroked her hair and held it in a gentle embrace. "I'm awake, I'm awake" yawned Angel.

Elise shifted Angel to sit on her right side then pulled Ellie in tightly against her left side. She gave both girls a nice long good morning snuggle, then kissed the top of each head. "Ok, girls, time to get up and get ready for school. I'm going downstairs to get breakfast ready. I'll expect you in the kitchen in 15 minutes."

"Yes, Ma'am" agreed both girls.

As Elise got up off of the bed she turned back, "Please be very quiet as you get ready."

"Is Pop still sleeping?" asked Angel.

"Pop?" asked Elise.

Angel blushed, and looked as if she'd been caught at something, "Um, uh, Yeah, I mean Ms. Popodopolis".

"Mmm Hmmm" Elise answered, "We'll talk about this downstairs while you eat breakfast."

The girls looked at one another conspiratorially and then hopped off the bed and began to ready themselves for school.

Elise was aware there was something up with the two girls but decided to let things slide until breakfast time. She went downstairs to start breakfast and to make lunches for both girls.

Fifteen minutes later she heard two sets of small feet coming down the stairs and turned to see two, almost identically clad, little girls bounce into the kitchen. Both girls wore blue jeans and sneakers, Each girl wore a solid colored T-shirt tucked into the jeans, Ellie's shirt was blue-green and Angel's was green-blue. The colors were similar, yet the subtle difference in hue was perfect to bring out the color of each girl's eyes. "You two look wonderful!" complimented Elise.

"Thanks!" chirped the two girls as they looked at one another proudly.

As Elise set the girls' breakfast in front of them she looked at Angel and asked, "All right young lady, what was that 'Pop' comment about?"

The girls looked at one another and Elise could see a short, but silent, communication flow between the two. Then she saw a small nod from both girls before Angel answered, "Well, Mama, we've been talking" began Angel, looking at Ellie then back to her mother, "You and Ms. Popodopolis are um, well, um, you're better than friends, right?"

Elise couldn't keep the blush from her face, "Yes, we are better than friends."

"Right," Angel went on, "Ellie and I thought that since you guys are kinda like, well, like together, and since we just know that we're gonna be family that me calling Ellie's Mom Ms. Popodopolis and Ellie calling you Ms. Covington just felt too..." The girl paused as if looking for the right term.

"Formal," supplied Ellie.

"Yeah! Too formal, thanks El" Angel smiled at her best friend, "Anyway, Mama, we came up with family names for you guys and started using them. Until I blew it this morning, we've only used them when it's just Ellie and me, but...maybe we can use them with you guys now too?"

Elise had to concentrate on her daughter's quick words to catch them all. Taking a moment to allow the words to sink in and to let her mind process what her daughter was saying, she then said, "So, the name you came up with for Ellie's Mom was 'Pop'?" two small heads nodded. "How did you get that and what did you come up with for me?"

"We got Pop from their last name," Angel beamed, thinking that it had been very clever of she and Elle. Since the first letters of Popodopolis was a parental nickname, it seemed perfect to them.

"Ok, I get that, what about me?" asked Elise

Ellie spoke up, "We just figured we could both call you Mamma since I call Mom, Mom."

Both girls looked up expectantly into Elise's face, hoping to get permission to use their special names for the parents.

Elise's mind was reeling. She hadn't realized that the girls had been discussing their future, much less figuring out special names for both her and Angela. Part of her was excited, almost ecstatic that the girls were accepting the relationship between their mothers, yet another part was cautious about jumping in too far, too fast.

"Girls, I love that you've put so much thought into this. I think you came up with some really good ideas." Elise paused before going on, "But I think we need to talk about this when Angela is here."

Two little faces fell, breaking Elise's heart. "Aw, babies, you're breaking my heart here. I tell you what, I'll talk with Angela and we'll figure out a time for all of us to talk very soon, ok?"

Both girls sighed with resignation, "Ok".

Elise looked at her watch, then handed each girl her lunch bag. "Right now, it's time to catch your car pool." She walked the girls out to the front of the house just as the car pool minivan pulled up to the curb. Elise leaned down and hugged Angel, "Have a good day, Munchkin." She then turned and hugged Ellie, "You too, Punkin'," she smiled into the young blue eyes.

The girls looked at one another, and then ran to the minivan as they loudly declared, "Munchkin and Punkin!! Great and mighty warriors, righter of wrongs, defender of the downtrodden, boldly going where no one has gone before!"

Shaking her head and laughing outright, Elise returned to the house. She quickly rinsed the girls' breakfast dishes before she put them in the dishwasher. Once the kitchen was cleaned up, she made her way back upstairs and went directly to her bedroom. She shed her robe as she walked toward her still occupied bed As Elise slipped beneath the covers, warm arms reached out and captured her. She was pulled into a tight embrace and kissed thoroughly.

After parting from the kiss, Angela smiled into Elise's green eyes, "Morning beautiful."

"Morning gorgeous", answered Elise. "Did the girls wake you?"

"You mean, 'Munchkin and Punkin!! Great and mighty warriors, righter of wrongs, defender of the downtrodden, boldly going where no one has gone before?'" Angela answered with a laugh, "Yeah, our little warriors' battle cry would wake the dead!"

"Oh, love, I'm sorry. They had been so good up until then," sighed Elise as she felt a warm hand slide up her thigh and over her hip.

"I've had enough sleep," Angela answered, and then her voice dropped to a husky grown before she said, "I am hungry though."

The tone of Angela's voice sent sensual shivers throughout Elise's body. "You are, are you?" she asked on a sigh.

"Oh yeah" sighed Angela as she moved in to kiss Elise's soft lips.

That kiss turned into many kisses, then Angela moved her kisses down Elise's neck as her hands caressed Elise's curves. She cupped soft breasts in her palms then moved down to take one taut nipple between her lips. She suckled first one breast then the other, and then placed kisses across both breasts. Her kisses turned more passionate as she heard Elise's moans. In her excitement, Angela straddled Elise's thigh. She rubbed her swollen femininity against the firm appendage. "Gods, El, I can't get enough of you!" she gasped.

Elise pressed her leg more firmly against the slick heat of Angela's sex, then pressed Angela's head more tightly against her breast, "You feel so good, Baby" she gasped, "kiss me harder, my Angel, mark me."

"Oh, gods, yessssssssss", Angela groaned deeply, as she lost control and left several love bites on Elise's breasts. "Baby, I need to taste you," Angela moaned as she kissed down Elise's body.

"No, Angela, wait," panted Elise.

Concerned blue eyes met desire-filled green, "what Baby?" asked a concerned Angela.

"I want you too," panted Elise. "I read...I've read stories where..."

Angela realized what Elise wanted and slowly moved back up to kiss Elise's lips passionately, "Yes," she whispered, "but I think you need to be on top baby. I'd be too heavy for you."

Losing her patience, Elise flipped the two of them so that Angela was beneath her, then she turned her body and placed her mouth over the swollen wet lips between Angela's thighs. She felt Angela's mouth close upon her and then both women were lost in giving and receiving pleasure. The women used fingers and mouths; they took turns with one another. When Angela felt too overwhelmed by Elise's mouth, she paused her loving of Elise just long enough to fully experience the attention being lavished upon her. Once Elise brought her to wave after wave of orgasm, Angela resumed her loving attack upon Elise's body. She parted the soaking lips and lovingly stroked the extended clitoris. She felt Elise's hips gyrate against her and felt the moans that came her love. As Elise's hips increased in their movements, Angela brought her fingers up to enter her.

"YES!" gasped Elise against the thigh she grasped.

Angela scooted up farther on the bed so that Elise's legs were at her waist. She looked down at Elise's beautiful bottom and the treasures exposed between the open thighs. With unfettered passion, she moved her fingers in and out of Elise, allowing her thumb to graze over her swollen clitoris. She soon felt the walls of Elise's body grip her fingers as Elise screamed out her release."

"Stop, baby, stop," Elise finally gasped. Turning back to face the same direction as Angela, Elise wrapped her body around her taller lover. "I swear I left my body ust then. It's like went somewhere 'out there' and met in a perfect place of love."

"You felt that too?" asked Angela.

"Gods, yes, it's perfect," sighed Elise as she placed a soft kiss against Angela's lips.

The women held one another for long moments while they delighted in the closeness they shared until they finally decided to rise and start their day. After a lengthy shared shower, the women dressed and moved downstairs to feed their grumbling stomachs. While they ate their late breakfast, Elise told Angela about the conversation she'd had with the girls. She told her about Angel calling her 'Pop' and the story behind it.

"What do you think we should do?" Elise asked.

Expelling a breath, Angela answered, "Wow, I don't know. I understand that calling us Ms. Popodopolis and Ms. Covington is a bit formal for our situation and neither of us believes it's proper for children to call adults by their first names, so..." breaking off to ponder the possibilities, Angela took Elise's hand, "I guess it comes down to whether it's too early for the girls to call us names that show we're a family."

"Yes, I think that is what we need to decide," countered Elise. Taking a deep breath and continuing, "Angela, as far as I'm concerned, we are a family. I never want to be away from you again. I loved you when we were children but that was nothing compared to the way I love you now. I couldn't love Ellie more if she had come from my own body." Elise looked into shining blue eyes, "So, I guess it depends on how you see things." Elise's heart pounded as she waited for Angela to answer.

Angela stood up out of her chair and moved to Elise's side where she dropped to one knee then captured Elise's hand, "Elise, you are my family. You and Angel fill the hole I've had in my heart for so many years. The moment Ellie was born, I fell in love with her. But there was still an aching left that only you can fill. I never want to be parted from you either El. I feel a connection with Angel that is as strong as the one I share with Ellie." Pausing, she placed a kiss against Ellie's lips, and then continued, "Even in death, Elise, I will never leave you."

Tears streamed down Elise's cheeks as she slid out of her chair and knelt in front of Angela. "I love you, Angel mine."


To be continued

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