The Seduction Of Xena
By D.virtue

“ Who is that?”

“ I don’t know but who ever it is, they got nerves just riding in here as if
they owned the place.”

“ Maybe they don’t realize who’s camp this is?”

“ That could be, but their sure going to find out the hard way.”

“ Yeah, I would hate to be that poor sap.”

“ Yeah me too.”

The hooded person heard all of the comments but never stopped the stride of
her horse for any reason until she made it to where she figured her ultimate
goal laid.Once the rider made it to the largeset tent the rider figure they
had arrived. The hooded person dismounted off the horse and walked towards the
tent with the guards posted outside.

“ What is your business here?”

the hooded person did not answer.

The guard repeated his question and when he did not receive an answer again,
the owner of the tent happen to hear the question with the following silence
and the tent’s owners voice came out to them.

“ Send whoever it is in! I’ll get the answers!”

The hooded figure trembled at the voice and then was let past.

“ It’s your funeral pal.”

The guard remarked. the hooded figure stepped past the guard and entered into
the large tent to find it decorated with such taste it was almost easy to
picture one’s self in a castle. The tent had several men gathered about
talking and one woman who stood to her full height as the hooded figure
entered and went straight toward her.

The hooded figure was stopped by one of the soldiers and when the hood looked
back over the shoulder of the soldier, The woman thought she saw two eyes
asking for permission to approach.

“ Let them past.”

the hooded figure once again resumed their path to the woman on the otherside
of the table. once there the hooded figure stopped directly in front of the
Warrior Woman.

“ Who are you?”

The Warrior asked. No answer, the hooded figure just seem to be looking at the
Warrior woman. Who no was about to lose her temper.

“ I asked you a question and I expect an answer!”

The warrior shouted as she pulled the hood of the figure before her. She and
the men in the room gasped them more so than her, to all of their amazement it
was a young woman.

“ She’s beautiful.”

“ By the Gods no doubt.”

“ She has to be, for someone to be that beautiful.”

Xena heard the comments but her eyes never left the young woman’s before her.

“ Is that true are you by the Gods?”

The woman shook her head slowly indicating no.

“Are you from here?”

again a shake of the head.

“Are you mortal?”

this time a nod of the head, indicating yes.

“ Are you immortal?”

a shake of the head was the response.

Xena smirked at the situation and found it to be quite amusing.

“ What do you want here?”

the woman slowly raised her hand with the palm facing towards the warrior, and
she placed it over the warriors armored breastplate, right where her heart
would be.

“ My heart?!”

Xena’s eyes narrowed and her gaze became piercing.

“ What do you mean you want my heart? Are you saying you want me dead?”

The warrior asked bluntly. the young woman looked as though she had been
slapped across the face. She shook her head vigorously.

“ I don’t think she’s here to kill you Princess.”

“ So it would seem. What do you want?”

Xena started back where she had left off. again the hand was place against her
breastplate and this time the woman placed her other hand against her own

“ My heart for your heart?”

a nod of the head.

“ I don’t understand?”

the woman then walked up closer to the warrior to where she was literally
right next to her armor, she then looked up into the eyes that’s brows were
knitted together in confusion.

“ Your offering yourself to me?”

The young woman bowed her head slightly to indicate yes.

“ Really? Why?”

the young woman stepped back a bit and made a sweeping gesture with her hands
taking in all of the room and the people and then she walked back up to the
warrior and this time she placed her hand on the hilt of the Warriors sword,
to which Xena’s hands covered the young woman’s hand that was on her sword.

“ That’s dangerous.”

Xena informed the young girl. The young girl suddenly nodded her head
vigorously. pointing to the sword and Xena’s lip.

“ The danger brought you to me?”

again a vigorous nod of her head.

Ha! She likes what we do, isn’t that funny?”

the young girl shook her head and locked her gaze on the warrior to which she
then raised her hand once again and point first to herself then to the

“ You like what I do?”

a nod of the head. Xena stepped back away from the young girl for a moment to
assess her.

“ Do you know who I am?”

a nod of the head.

“ Who do you think I am?”

The young woman went into a short show.

she pointed at the warriors sword and Xena shook her head and then she said,

“I don’t give my sword to anyone. lt give her your sword.”

The lt did as her was ordered and gentlely handed the young woman the sword
expecting her to drop it or at least struggle to lift it, but instead, she
cocked her head at him and then turned and with a smile for the Warrior she
deftly twirled and parried and leaped and landed behind in front and between
different soldiers. After a brief exhibiton, she tossed the sword to the
soldier who had given it to her where it landed at his feet just mere cm’s
from his toes.

He gulped audibly and Xena laughed out loud.

“ Ok so you do know who I am, why would I want you?”

the young woman blushed at the question, Xena smirked and watched the blush as
it traveled to the woman’s cheeks.

“ You blushed?”

the woman un fastened the clasp of the cloak from around her neck and she let
it fall to the ground. Xena stood stunned as did the men who were in the room.
The young woman wore only a sheer outfit that had slits around the genie type
pants, that hid only her soft curls in the front and a small strip for her
backside. her waist was bare, with tight abdomens, she had long shapely legs
that peaked out of the slits as she moved, her breast had a bra type blouse
but it hid nothing from the warrior’s gaze, at which point the young woman
blushed again.

Only this time Xena saw where it originated and she followed the blush up her
long legs up her thighs, up her firm abds up toher breast where Xena’s breath
caught in her throat when she saw the effect the blush had on the young
woman’s nipples. Xena continued to focus on the nipples and let the blush
continue on it’s own. Xena saw the nipples as they grew tighter and tighter
and more delicious looking.

“ Finally after a few minutes the young woman stepped back up to Xena and with
a coy smile placed one of Xena’s hands over her taut nipples. Xena fianlly
breath but it was to swallow hard, as she felt the nipple tighten more and

“ By the Gods!”

Xena exhaled as she looked into the young woman’s eyes. She then suddenly
snatched her hand away and stepped back away from the young woman.

“ You said you weren’t a God?!”

The woman raised her hands and shook her head indicating she wasn’t a God.

“ If your not a god, or an immortal, you must be a witch or sorcerer or

Xena accused. the young woman shook her head vigorously and walked back up to

“ Can you be killed?”

Xena asked to see if the young girl would tell her, so as to know hoow to
finish the young girl off if she indeed was one of those things.

a nod of the head indicated yes, Xena saw in the girls eyes there were no
hidden lies underneath the surface.

“ How?”

The young woman raised her hand and without flinching she reached down into
the warriors cleavage and retrieved her breast Dagger, she then turned it and
handed it back to Xena, who had not moved but now had her sword pointed at the
young woman’s exposed belly.

Xena took the dagger and sheathed her sword and putting the dagger against the
young woman’s neck she asked,

“ Do you bleed?”

The woman nodded her head.

“ really? Maybe I don’t believe you? Maybe I should find out for myself?”

The young woman slowly raised her hand and took the dagger from Xena’s hand
and she pointed to her neck and shook her head.

“ You don’t bleed there?”

again the woman shook her head a bit more vigorously.

“You do, but you don’t want to be cut there?’

the woman nodded her head and Xena arched her brow.

“ Why not ?”

The young woman then turned and walked to one of the soldiers and putting out
her other hand she pointed to the dagger and then pointed to the soldier. He
knited his brow not uunderstanding. xena saw and said,

“ She wants another dagger.”

“Oh, here.”

he handed a dagger to the young woman and she then turned and with the
soldiers dagger she placed it against her shoulder facing away form the men so
that they could not see the end result, but Xena would. She then cut herself
deeply withthe dagger. She opened her mouth but nothing came out tears fell
from her eyes and she locked her gaze on the Warrior who now stood stunned
once again. the men all gasped and some even threwup at the thought that
someone so beautiful would be marked for life.

“ Now what little one?”

Xena asked as the blood flowed from the young womans arm, she tore a piece of
clothing from her already hardly existing clothing and held it over the site
until it stopped bleeding once it had she removed the material and Xena
watched as the wound started to heal, and after a moment it had completely
healed with out a scar.

Her mouth dropped open, the young girl put her fingers to Xena’s lips and
shook her head. Xena nodded her head and then she said,

“ ok now what about my Dagger?”

The young woman turned the other shoulder to the warrior after covering the
first shoulder so as not to be seen by the men in the room. She took a deep
breath and This time xena did not flich at her cutting herself, but instead
she watched as the young woman again placed a piece of material against the
wound to let it clot, and then she removed it and once again Xena saw the
wound heal itself, but this time there was a small scar let where the wound
use to be.

“ I see.”

Xena said simply.

“ Come here.”

The warrior ordered.

“ What is it exactly that you want from me?”

The young woman walked up closer to the warrior and rising to her toes deftly
she leaned in and kissed the warrior on the lips, ever so tenderly.

“ You want me to bed you?”

the young woman jiggled her hand slightly and crinkled her nose while not
quite shaking her head no but not quite nodding yes. xena understood the

“ You don’t want me to bed you, you want to be my Lover? is that it?”

another slight jiggling but more nod.

the men who were still in the tent stood in awe as Xena held a conversation
almost effortlessly with the mute young girl. And the boldness of the girl.

“ You want to be more than that to me?”

a solid nod was given.

“My ...Consort? mate? something like that?”

Xena received a vigorous nod of the young woman’s head.

“ Now what makes you think for one thing I want you as even a lover?

the young woman cocked her head and smirked. Xena bit the inside of her cheeks
to keep from losing her composure.

“ Ok, yes you do have a very...desirable body. But that does not mean you can
please me in bed?”

The woman nodded her head vigorously indicating that she could please Xena.

“ is that right? would you be willing to make a wager?”

the woman nodded her head and then raised her shoulders.

“ What?”

a nod.

your life. if you can not please me with just ....I’ll make it easier than
I’ve made it for others who have tried and failed, You please me to where I
climax one time and I will make you my life partner. “

the young girl beamed at the thought, Xena gave a but wait type of look to the
excited young girl.

“ But if you are unable to do that then I will take your life.”

the girl shuddered at the thought but then she smiled a wry smile and nodded
her head.

“ your so sure of yourself? How can that be you look so young, all of 16 I
would say.”

a shake of the head.


a shake.


a nod. The young woman then held up four fingers.


a nod.

“ Ah...good I would feel a little bad to have had to kill such a young girl,
but now I see your the age of consent. Good. When would you like to start this
little wager?”

The young woman put her foot down where she was standing and Xena interpret
correctly once again.

“ Now?!”

a nod.

“ Your anxious to die aren’t you?”

a shake.

“ ok, let’s see what you have?”

the young woman started towars Xena and then stopped and with a shy glance
behind her she looked at the soldiersw and then at Xena who understood.

“ Leave.NOW!”

the soldiers all snapped out of their trances and turned and in rapid
succesion exited the tent.

Guard I don’t want to be disturbed for any reason unless I call for you is
that clear?”

“ Yes Princess.”

the guard exited and then closed the flaps to the tent .

The young girl then removed her blouse and then her pants as she wlaked
towards the warrior. Xena back purposely away from her leading her towards the
bed. the young girl followed. Xena undid her armor and shedded her clothes as
she too was now naked . the young girl soon came to stop in front of the
warrior, who openly gazed at the young woman’s body and could not help but
admire the beauty before her.

“ You are a rare beauty, I hope this works out the way you want, becasue it
will truly be a waste to have to kill you.”

The young woman put her fingers to Xena’s mouth to silence her and then she
slowly and effortlessly leaned forward and brought her lips to the tip of
Xena’s nipple that was now firming up even more. This was of course to Xena’s

“ Hmmm... interesting, you may just make it out of this.”

the young woman looked over her brow up at the towering woman and without
warning so much she put her lips upon the peak and slowly opened her mouth and
her tongue came out to caress the tip and xena shuddered at the sensation.

“ Oooo....ok.. that was good.”

the young woman then slowly sucked the peak into her mouth and Xena shuddered

“ Ohhh that feels sooo.....”

Xena’s word were cut off as she was pushed back onto the bed. the young woman
never let go of the nipple she held captured in her mouth. Xena moaned and the
young woman’s pace picked up she soon was sucking hard and with ardor on te
taut sweet peak.

the young girl soon let go of the nipple and kissed and nipped and bit her way
down Xena’s neck and shoulders and chest and finally abdomen on down to the
soft forest of thick downy hairs of Xena’s paragon. Xena was breathing rapid
and ragged,her skin was flushed from her arousal.

“ Godsss...what’s your name?”

Xena asked through her overstimulated body.

the young woman parted Xena’s swollen labia and placed her lips against the
pulsating peak that was her clit. she then ran one of her hands up to Xena’s
abdomen and proceeded to trace her name on Xena’s abdomen.

after a few tries Xena finally figured it out, it was Diana. It took her so
long because she was being distracted by the most incredible tongue she had
ever felt in her life.

“ Goddddssss.... Diana.... If when I come I expect you to take it all, not a
drop is to be spilled is that clear?”

the young girl nodded her head where she was without removing her tongue and
Xena felt the movement and fell back onto the bed and let the sensations she
was feeling wash over her. Finally after a bit Xena’s back arched so much that
it seemed as though she would bend in half.

She cried out her ecstasy as wave after wave after wave of the wonderous
sensation flowed through her, her ecstasy lasted for what seemed like over 15
minutes, after it had finally subsided she fell to the bed exhausted. The
young girl climbed up the long sensual body and Xena took her in her arms and
held her against her nakedness, she then whispered into the young girls ear
who shivered at the feel of Xena’s breath against her ears.

“ I have never felt such a tremendous climax in my life , your now stuck with
me Diana, for life.”

Diana then turned her head and leaned into Xena’s ear and she whispered to
Xena’s shock.

“ I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you, you are so beautiful, my
heart aches at the thought of not being near you, so...I came to be near. I
hope I’ve pleased you?”

“ You can talk? we’ll talk about that later.... in the meantime. You have and
will continue to please me My Consort, for the rest of our lives. “

“As you wish .”

The end
By D. virtue

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