part 3

By Azurenon & Savanna Mac

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Chapter 3

Gabrielle awoke slowly. Her eyes fluttering open briefly, then shutting once again. Her mind was struggling to make sense of the sound she heard and the sensations she felt close to her ear. She sighed and moaned, as warm air caressed her ear, neck and cheek. A snuffling sound brought her eyes open once again.

The bard was a bit surprised, when her mind finally registered what her senses were trying to tell her. The warm air, as well as, the sound she was hearing, were coming from the sleeping warrior who lay right behind her; Xena’s head resting against the side of Gabrielle’s, her warm breath tickling the bard’s ear and sending a flood of unique sensations coursing over her body. And with each breath, the bard’s conscious awareness grew and so too did the intensity of the sensations. Until she soon felt as if lightning bolts were shooting from her ears down to the pit of her stomach. When the warrior moaned softly, the bard groaned, feeling an especially strong bolt of lightning explode in her lower abdomen, sparks flying off in all directions.

Gabrielle shivered involuntarily, then attempted to get up. Yet, the warrior’s right hand was around her waist, the weight of it, holding her down. She also realized that her own right hand would not move, either; for, Xena’s long strong fingers were interlaced with her own. Deciding to move only her head, in order not to disturb her friend, she then noticed Xena’s left arm underneath her own neck. The bard quickly concluded that she didn’t wanna move, after all. She chose instead to endure and enjoy the sensations flowing over her. For, how many chances like this would she get? she wondered, her mind now registering just how good it felt to have Xena’s warm body and strong arms surrounding her.

If only you’d do this when we were awake, the bard thought. If only I could find the courage to... tell you how good this feels. How safe I feel in your arms. And how much I long to wake up in them like this, every morning; basking in the glow of the love we made the night before.

These thoughts, coupled with all the other sensations going on, had the bard stimulated beyond her wildest dreams. The intense ache in her groin made her want to move the hand on top of hers much lower. Yet, the bard did not want to take the chance of waking her friend and breaking this special union.

Oh Xena, she thought, if only you knew how I long to make love to you. Feel your naked body against me. Your luscious lips pressed against mine. To know you desire me in the same way I desire you.

With these thoughts came the urge to roll over towards the warrior and experience all that she longed for.

Get a grip, Gabrielle, she scolded herself. This will never happen. The most you can hope for is what you have right now.

Suddenly the bard realized part of the ache in her lower abdomen was due to the fact that her bladder was full. And the stimulation in this particular area had obviously had more than one effect.

I can wait, she told herself, because I don’t dare move right now. This feels too good to give up. This moment may never come again. I want to enjoy it. And remember it always.

Contrary to the bard’s desires, however, her body had needs of its own and made these known in the form of constant pressure. And after a few more minutes, Gabrielle knew she’d have to get up and take care of nature’s urgent call. She sighed heavily, as she started to raise up once again. This time, not only did the weight of the warrior’s arm hold her down, but this same arm pulled Gabrielle even closer, as if reluctant to let her go. The warrior’s lower abdomen was now pressed tightly against the bard’s backside; warm bare legs touching the back of Gabrielle’s thighs and calves.

"By the gods," the bard whispered, as an especially strong lightning bolt struck her lower abdomen, causing her body’s need for relief to become an urgent demand. "Xena," she finally said aloud, seeing no alternative to waking her friend. "Xena," she added a bit louder.

"Hmm?" the warrior mumbled, nuzzling her face closer to Gabrielle’s.

"Wake up."

"Um-um," the sleeping form responded, as if saying no.

"Xena!" the bard said forcefully, trying to move at the same time.

"Huh? Wh-what?" the warrior replied, jerking awake. "Hmph," she grunted, after obviously surveying their present positions. She quickly let go of Gabrielle’s hand and attempted to roll over. But, she didn’t go far however, for the sides of the hammock style bed were pulled tight around them.

Gabrielle was struggling even harder now to extricate herself; raising up slightly, only to find she was unable to go any further. "How’s ‘bout giving me a push," she suggested to her friend.

"Where you going?" the warrior asked.

"I need to... use the potty."

"Oh," Xena acknowledged, pushing the bard into an upright position with the arm that had been under her neck only moments before. Then she supported the bard with this hand, while her friend manuevered her legs off the side of the bed.

"Push," Gabrielle requested.

Xena obliged and the bard shot to her feet. Gabrielle paid little attention to the grunts coming from behind her, as she made her way towards the chamber pot. She’d actually been stifling a laugh at this situation, afraid she’d lose control of her bodily functions, if she dwelled on the fact that they had been stuck in bed together.

"Hmph," Xena grunted again, louder this time. "Looks like I need to work on the bed again," she said, as Gabrielle quickly lowered her underwear and eased into a squatting position over the chamber pot. "Uh,... when you get finished there," Xena continued, "how’s about giving me a hand over here."

Gabrielle glanced over at her friend and nearly lost her balance, as she burst into uncontrollable laughter at the site of Xena tightly surrounded by the sides of the hammock style bed. The warrior was wrapped up almost like a cocoon; her feet the only part of her body not confined.

"It’s not that funny," Xena said.

"Wh-whatsamatta... has the... big strong warrior princess been... swallowed up by her own invention?" Gabrielle teased, through spurts of laughter.

"Ha Ha, very funny," Xena retorted. "I’ll have you know all good inventions need... a little fine tuning."

"You can say that again," Gabrielle acknowledged, realizing that Xena’s creative endeavor with the poles, one of which had come untied during the night, was the very thing that had her trapped now. For, the poles had raised up the sides of the top of the bed so much so that when they slid together, on account of Xena’s weight, they held her firmly encased between them.

When the bard finished, she slowly approached the bed with a wide grin on her face. "Need my help, huh?" she prodded, watching Xena through the webbing.

The warrior grunted and sneered at her. "Gabrielle, get me outta here."

"Patience, patience," the bard teased. "This is the first time I’ve seen you all... wrapped up and needing my help."

"And you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?"

"Oh yes, most definitely. It’s quite... enjoyable actually... seeing you helpless and..."

"I’m not helpless," Xena interrupted, "I could force my way out, but I’d tear up the bed and... I don’t think either one of us wants that, now do we?"

"No," the bard responded.

"Then.. help me up," the warrior suggested. When Gabrielle made no move to do so, Xena added, "Or I will tear up this bed and when I get my hands on a certain bard who wouldn’t..."
"Don’t go getting your undies in a wad," the bard interjected, as she reached over and pulled back the sides of the bed and held one, while grabbing hold of Xena’ hand.

The warrior then pulled herself up using the bard’s arm like a rope. When Xena was nearly free, only one leg to go, the bed suddenly tilted and both women soon found themselves sprawled on the floor. Gabrielle was knocked down by the force of Xena hanging onto her arm, while she was being flipped out of the bed. The bard let out a loud groan, as the warrior landed spread eagle on top of her.

"Are you alright?" Xena inquired, quickly scrambling to raise her upper torso off her friend.

"Oh yeah... loving every... minute of it," the bard quipped, while Xena hovered over her, the warrior’s hair falling around the two of them like a cloak.

When their eyes crossed paths in the semi-darkness, their gazes locked.

Definitely loving every minute of this, the bard thought, as the warrior’s crystal blue eyes slowly began to take on an intense look that Gabrielle had seen once before. Yet, this time, Xena wasn’t crazy. Although, it was quite possible and probable that the bard was dreaming.

Just kiss the girl, a voice inside Xena’s head suggested. One kiss and it will answer all your questions.

As the warrior started to relax and do as the voice suggested, there was a knock at the door.

"Xena!" a male voice called out.

"Yeah," Xena replied, with a jerk, as if she’d been shot from behind.

"Captain wants to see you on deck," the voice answered.

"Coming," the warrior responded, then quickly scrambled to her feet and headed for her weapons.

Gabrielle raised up on her elbows and watched as Xena gathered up her weapons, while she herself pondered the previous incident. Obviously I’m not dreaming, she thought, so.... surely I didn’t see what I thought I saw. Did I? No, couldn’t be. It was... a trick of the light or something. Xena couldn’t have been looking at me with hunger in her eyes. No. No way she wanted to kiss me. No, I couldn’t have seen that.

"You coming?" Xena asked, over her shoulder.

"Uh... do you think there’s trouble?" the bard queried, coming out of her reverie.

The warrior turned towards her friend and frowned. "I don’t know."

"Right behind you," the bard responded, scrambling to her own feet, at the thought of Xena walking into danger alone.

"What’s going on?" Xena asked of a crewman, as they rushed up on deck.

"School of fish," the man replied, "We’re stopping to cast the nets."

"No trouble?" the warrior queried.

"No trouble, miss, just a fine day’s fishing," he responded, starting to walk away.

"Is that all?" Gabrielle grumbled.

"What kind of fish?" Xena called after him.

"Snapper," the man called over his shoulder. "Fine eating tonight."

"Wanna help?" Xena asked Gabrielle.

"Not really," the bard responded, thinking of the special moment that had been lost forever... and for nothing. "Not without my boots at any rate," she added, noticing her cold bare feet.

"Then take this below for me," Xena requested, handing the bard her scabbard and sword, which connected onto the breastplate she didn’t happen to be wearing at the moment. "And bring me my boots when you come back, hmm?"

When Gabrielle returned with Xena’s boots and a plate of food, the warrior was casting a line with a large fishing pole.

"What are you doing?" the bard asked, as she approached her friend. "I thought they were casting nets."

"They are. But, I’d rather fish this way. Want a pole?"

"No thanks," the bard responded. "I brought your boots and some breakfast," she added, extending boots and a plate of rice, bread and oranges towards her friend. "Which do you want first?"

"Pretty hungry," the warrior responded, licking her lips. "How’s about holdin this, while I put my boots on first, though?" she asked, referring to the pole in her hands. "My feet are freezing," she added.

"Sure," the bard responded, putting down the boots and swapping the plate for the pole. "Any bites yet?"

"Nawh... not yet," Xena replied, pulling on her boots. "Probably too much activity at the other end of the ship. But... I can be patient."

"You... patient? This I’ve gotta see," the bard commented.

"You know I’m patient when it comes to hunting and fishing."

"Yeah well, I have no patience for fishing," the bard announced, "I’d rather cast nets."

"Well, when I get finished here, you can go join the men."

"Yeah right," the bard grumbled. "I’m content to watch, thank you very much."

"Suit yourself," the warrior sighed, as she attempted to peel the orange. "How’d you... get this skin off?" she asked, after only a few seconds of trying, in which she’d only peeled off a small section of the rind.

"Here, swap back and I’ll show you," the bard offered.

Xena got to her feet and did as her friend requested.

"See," Gabrielle said, digging her thumbnail into the skin and then peeling it back with her index finger. "You just need to be patient," she added.

"Hmph," the warrior grunted, looking away.

"Here," Gabrielle said, as she pulled off one section of the fruit and offered it to her friend.

Instead of reaching for this, Xena leaned over with her mouth slightly open. The bard gently popped the section in her friend’s mouth.

"Umm... good," Xena commented, around a mouthful of pulp. "I... love these... things."

"Want another one?" the bard asked, liking this new experience of feeding her friend.

"Umm-hmm," the warrior nodded, as she leaned towards her. "Thanks... Gabrielle... I was... really hungry."

"I can tell," the bard commented, as Xena took the next piece with her teeth.

Gabrielle could not help but admire the warrior’s full supple lips and wonder what it would be like to have these against her own. While feeding Xena the next piece, she found herself opening her own mouth slightly, mimicking the warrior.

"You... ate... yet?" Xena queried around a mouthful.

"Uh... no, I... I was going to wait for you."

"Umph, then... feed your... self,... while you’re... at it."

"Don’t... worry about me, I’ll eat soon enough. I just... I’ll just take care of you, right now."

"You always... take good... care of me...," the warrior mumbled, as she smiled broadly, those blue eyes flashing with merriment.

"Not always," the bard said, as she thought about Chin and dropped her head.

"That’s in the past," Xena said, a few moments later, as if reading her mind. "I’m not gonna dwell on it, and neither should you. We’re here together now and that’s all that matters."

"I’m glad you... see it that way now."

"I’ll always see it that way, Gabrielle. Now gimme some more of that orange. I’m still hungry," she added with a smile.

After feeding Xena and eating herself, Gabrielle watched her friend fish for awhile, then moved on to the men casting their nets, She soon got bored with both and wandered back to their cabin. She thought she could use this time alone to write in her scrolls. She needed to think things through on paper. And talk herself out of this crazy assumption about what she’d seen in Xena’s eyes just before they were interrupted. As well as, convince herself that the way she had awaken in the warrior’s arms was only an accident, borne of Xena’s collapsed invention with the poles. For, they’d been thrown together, that much was evident, so Xena had no more say in how they ended up, than she herself had. She was almost sure of this. Yet it had been... enjoyable. Too enjoyable; for, Gabrielle wanted more... much more.


Gabrielle’s hand was tired. And she wasn’t any closer to talking herself out of what she felt than she had been before she started writing. The latter had only seemed to produce more questions.

Wonder what Xena’s up to? she thought, putting her scroll and quill away. Still fishing?

"Yep, still at it," the bard mumbled a little while later, as she came up on deck behind her friend, seeing Xena struggling with the pole in her hand. "And it seems she has a bite," she further acknowledged.

Yet, what was on the other end of the line was not of much concern to the bard, for her attention was riveted on Xena, who was pulling back on the pole, seemingly with everything she had. Muscles in the warrior’s shoulders and arms flexed and rippled with each subtle movement, while long sculpted thigh muscles bulged and quivered, as the warrior strove to maintain her balance and pull the fish in towards the ship.

"Must be a big one," Gabrielle said aloud.

"Oh... Gabrielle, cum’mere," Xena requested enthusiastically "I could use... your help. Hurry."

"Twice in one day," the bard mumbled, "Gotta put this in my diary," she added, as she rushed to her friend’s side. "What... can I do? You know I can’t hold that fish if you can’t."

"Grab the pole," Xena suggested. "Maybe together... we can pull him in."

The bard did as the warrior suggested. "But I... I can’t get a... good grip like this," she commented.

"Hang on tight," Xena said, as she let go of the pole with her left hand and quickly moved this arm around Gabrielle’s shoulders, pulling the bard in front of her, then returning her grip to the pole.

The bard was dumbfounded to find herself surrounded by the very same strong arms she’d just been admiring.

"Pull, Gabrielle!" Xena ordered.

"Oh yeah, right." the bard commented, shifting her attention to the matter at hand.

"Good girl," the warrior complimented, as they took a step backwards, seemingly gaining an advantage over the fish. "Turn that knob on the pole and reel in the line," she further suggested. "You have to hold it tight now."

"By the gods!" the bard gasped, as a very large fish, almost as long as Gabrielle was tall, rose up out of the water; its long sword shaped snout darting to and fro, as it tried to rid itself of the hook in its mouth.

"Ooo -who-whoo!" Xena cried with glee behind her. "He’s a big one, alright. Hold on, Gabrielle!"

"Hmph!" the bard grunted, as the large fish fell back in the ocean, sending up a wave of water that splashed up on the deck and sprayed the bard’s lower torso, nearly knocking the pole out of her hand. "Great Zeus! How in the world... do you expect to... get this thing... on board?" she questioned, while struggling to maintain her balance.

"We’ll... cross that bridge... when we come to it. Pull, Gabrielle!"

The bard did as she was told and once again, the large fish erupted from the water. The large mouth opened wider this time and the sword like snout whipped back and forth more vigorously, before the fish descended once again, with a great splash. The spray once again came up over the railing and this time hit the bard square in the face, drenching herself and Xena from head to toe. But, Gabrielle held fast to the pole.

Then suddenly, the line gave way and both women stumbled backwards. Xena lost her footing on the slippery boards, as Gabrielle bumped into her, and they both hit the deck, behind first, with a loud THUMP! The bard fell back against Xena’s chest, her behind encased between the warrior’s long legs.

"Are... you okay?" the warrior asked, near her ear, as she struggled to stifle a giggle.

"Oh yeah. Just another... bruise to add to my collection," the bard responded.

Xena then burst out laughing, as did Gabrielle. The warrior released her grip on the pole, opting instead to put her arms around her friend. They rocked back and forth with laughter; Xena’s face now pressed close against the side of Gabrielle’s.

"Did you... see the size of... that thing?" the bard asked, turning towards her friend slightly, as she let go of the pole.

"It was HUGE!" both women said simultaneously, then busted out laughing again; the bard’s head now resting against Xena’s shoulder, her face against the warrior’s neck.

"Oh Gabrielle... I haven’t had this much fun in... years," Xena announced still laughing and glancing down at her friend.

The bard looked up at the warrior, those crystal blue eyes dancing with mirth. Their gazes locked once again. Their laughter slowly began to subside, as they stared into one another’s eyes. Each looking for what they longed to see.

"Gabrielle..." Xena began, upon thinking she saw what she wanted to in those sea-green depth, "I...."

"That was quite a show," a male voice said from in front of them.

Both women glanced up at the source of this interruption. A blonde, bearded ruddy complexioned face, with dark brown eyes, stared down at them. It was evident by the semi-clean appearance of his clothes, that he was a man of some rank. The captain, as it were.

"Never saw two women give one of those such a fight," the captain continued, "Quite impressive. You nearly had him too. Too bad he cut the line," he added, gazing down at the deck where the severed line lay curled up beside the forgotten pole. "Wanna try again? I’ll get another hook."

"No, not me," Gabrielle answered rather quickly, as she raised up, Xena’s arms falling from around her. "I believe I’ve... had my fill of fishing for one day."

"Me, too," Xena added, hesitantly, hating this interruption even more than Gabrielle seemed to; for, she just knew she’d seen what she so wanted to, in her friend’s blue-green eyes.

The captain then offered the bard a hand up and Xena felt a quick stab of jealousy. "Well, I expect we have enough fish anyway," the captain said. "The cook will be pleased to see that. Fresh fish stew for supper," he added, licking his lips.

Gabrielle merely grunted, as she tried not to watch Xena get to her feet.

"How are you two at cleaning fish?" the captain inquired.

"Xena cleans’em, I just cook’em," Gabrielle answered, without thinking.

"Well, I doubt the cook would let you anywhere near his grill, but... sure could use your help cleaning them."

"I’ll help," Xena offered, straightening her outfit.

"In that case, I’ll go see about talking the cook into letting me help him," the bard announced, as she turned and walked away.

"Good luck," the captain called after her.

"He doesn’t stand a chance," Xena mumbled, watching the bard’s swaying hips as she strode away.

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