part 5

By Azurenon & Savanna Mac

Please see part one for all disclaimers.


Chapter 5

Gabrielle awoke to find herself pressed against the warriorís back, her arm around her friendís waist. I love you, Xena was her first thought. And her second: But, I know I can never have you the way I want. And with this thought, her mind was then flooded with the hopes she had harbored deep inside for so long. Tears sprang into her eyes, as the guilt over her feelings threatened to overwhelm her.

What is wrong with me? she wondered. Why do I want this woman the way I should want a man? Is there something... evil inside of me? For surely this can not be normal. Iíve never heard of women mating or... living together as mates before. So why do I want this?

And oh yes... how very much I do want this, she added, her olfactory senses stimulated beyond reason by the sweet feminine odor emanating from the shoulder her face was pressed against. By the gods, just the scent of her makes me ache all over to be near her, to touch her, to.....

The bard slowly rolled over, interrupting her own thoughts, as she fought back the lump rising in her throat. Oh Xena, she thought, as she raised up and eased her legs off the side of the bed. How can I go on like this? What will this do to our friendship? I canít lose you! she screamed in her mind, as she burst into tears.

"Ga-Gab-bre-eille?" Xena murmured, as she rolled over towards the whimpering sound that had awaken her. "Whatís... going on?"

"Nu- no-thing," the bard mumbled, burying her face in her hands.

"Whatís... wrong?" the warrior further queried, concern in her voice now, as she sat up in bed. "Why... are you crying?" she questioned, moving closer to her friend. "Another nightmare? Perdecus?"

"No... no... nightmare. Not... Perdecus," the bard shook her head.

"What then?" Xena asked, softly, moving over behind her friend and touching her shoulder lightly.

Gabrielle lept to her feet, as if Xena had touched her with a hot poker. "Itís... nothing... Just... go back... to sleep."

"But... Gabrielle," Xena said, manuevering herself to the side of the bed and getting to her feet, as well. "I... wanna help," she added, suddenly afraid to touch the bard again, yet unable to keep herself from doing so. She placed her hands lightly on the bardís waist. "Please... talk to me."

"Xena, I... I canít!" Gabrielle blubbered.

"Yes, you can," Xena retorted softly, wrapping her arms around the bardís waist. "You know you can tell me anything," she whispered into her friendís soft blonde hair. Then placed a kiss where her lips had come to rest.

"You... you donít... under... stand," the bard whimpered.

"Then make me understand," the warrior urged, reaching up and taking hold of Gabrielleís arm, in order to remove one hand from her face, so that she might make eye contact.

The bard glanced around at her friend, their eyes meeting only brieftly, the bard seeing the concern in those blue depths, right before she spun around and wrapped her arms around Xenaís neck and blubbered against her chest.

Slowly, the warrior led her friend back towards the bed, where she eased down, bringing the bard with her; Gabrielleís behind fiitted against her inner thighs.

"Please, tell me whatís wrong, Gabrielle. Nothing can be so bad that you canít tell me. Weíre... best buddies, remember?"

The bard eased back and wiped her eyes. "I... I canít.... Xena," she mumbled. "I just... canít."

"Why on earth not?" the warrior queried, reaching up and catching a tear with her fingertip.

Gabrielle glanced up at her friend and their gazes locked. "Itís... about... you," she whispered.

"What about me?" Xena asked softly, "Have I... said something to hurt..." The bard shook her head. "Done something that...."

Gabrielle shook her head once again. "No, havenít done... anything. Itís..." the bard paused, wiping at her eyes again. "Itís... my feelings... for you."

"Your feelings...?"

"Theyíre... not right, Xena," Gabrielle said, dropping her head in shame.

"Not right? I donít under..."

"I know... thatís just it. I... I know youíre gonna hate me... and I donít blame you, if you do, but..." the bard paused, considering once more what she was about to reveal. Yet, she couldnít stop now. "Xena... I love you," she admitted.

"Well, Gabrielle... I love you, too," Xena said, pulling her friend closer and kissing the top of her head.

"No, Xena..." the bard mumbled, pushing back and turning her face away. "I mean... I... love you like... a woman... should love... a man."

Xena was dumbfounded. She didnít know what to say. Sheíd never expected this to be something that would upset Gabrielle so bad. But, then again, why wouldnít it? For the bard was not worldly like herself. And after all, this was bothering Xena, too.

"Gabrielle," the warrior said softly, as the bard started to get up and Xena held her down. "Gabrielle, look at me." When the bard made no move to do so, Xena reached over and brushed the long blonde hair back from her face. "Look at me," she said again, as she placed her hand on the side of the bardís face and turned it towards her. "Youíre not alone... in how you feel. Oh no," she paused, her eyes darting back and forth searching the sea-green ones before her, which were now wide with wonder. "Not alone at all. Iíve felt the same way for... a long time now. A very long time," she added, lifting the bardís chin and slowly leaning in closer.

Gabrielle could not close her eyes if she wanted to this time. She watched every minute progression, as the warriorís face grew closer to her own; Xenaís lips quivering ever so slightly the closer they got.

When their lips finally met, for only a brief moment, Xena moaned and Gabrielle gasped.

"By... the godís,... Xena," the bard whispered. "You donít... know... how long Iíve waited for this moment."

"Too long," Xena murmured, as she leaned in to taste the bardís soft, supple lips once again.

Gabrielle sighed, her lips parting slightly, offering Xena the opportunity sheíd hoped for. Slowly, she eased her tongue between the bardís parted lips. Gabrielle moaned and seemingly welcomed this contact by opening her mouth a bit wider.

The warrior wasted no time in taking full advantage of this situation. She teased the bardís tongue with her own, enticing it into a dance borne of instinct. Lightning bolts were striking the pit of Gabrielleís stomach, sparks flying off in all different directions. This is not the reception sheíd anticipated to her admission, in fact, it was far better than sheíd ever dared dream of.

Iíve got to be dreaming, she thought, as the warrior turned her head slightly and resumed their kiss from a different angle. The soft luscious lips sheíd so admired and wanted so desperately to kiss were now gliding over her own, eliciting sensations sheíd never experienced before. Oh please, donít let me be dreaming, she prayed.

This is so much better than my dreams, Xena thought, as she felt her groin muscles tighten; her lower body beginning to ache for some form of physical contact.

By the godís, my ears.... are on fire, Gabrielle thought, feeling the heat of her own pent up passion, as it searched for an outlet.

Suddenly, Xena broke away and looked down at her. "Címere," she said, in a deep husky voice that Gabrielle had only heard a few times before, when the warrior had been out of her mind, to be exact. Xena then eased back on the bed taking Gabrielle with her.

After a few moments of maneuvering in the small swaying bed, the bard found herself laying nearly on top of her friend; her left leg crossed over one of Xenaís long silky thighs and inching its way toward the inner apex of those thighs, as the warrior pulled her even closer. Gabrielle could feel the warmth of Xenaís desire even through the fabric of her pants leg.

"You donít know how long Iíve wanted you like this," Xena said in that same deep voice, the tone of which only served to intensify the bardís desire.

The warriorís hands came alive now and began roaming over Gabrielleís back. "Umm..." she murmured, thinking about how close she was to fullfilling her own dreams. The only thing between her hands and Gabrielleís bare skin being this soft, silky material.

The bard could feel the warmth of Xenaís hands through the silk. The warriorís long fingers tracing patterns on her back, as they moved from one area to the next, inching their way ever downward.

"Hmp..." the bard squeaked, as Xenaís hands reached her behind and lightly squeezed.

"Let me show you how much I want you," the warrior murmured near her ear.

"Y-yes," Gabrielle heard herself agree, as Xena shifted slightly beneath her, turning her head, so she could reach the bardís lips with her own.

The warrior then attacked her lips, as if she sought to devour them. Gabrielle relaxed into this kiss, giving Xena total control to take whatever she wanted. The bard then whimpered softly as the warriorís hands slid beneath the edge of the shirt and touched her bare skin.

"You feel... so good," Xena murmured against the bardís lips; the warriorís bottom lip caressing Gabrielleís with each uttered word. "Ummm," she whimpered, as her lips resumed their previous task of massaging the bardís; her tongue eagerly seeking out Gabrielleís to continue their instinctive dance.

Xenaís hands roamed over the bardís back with a will of their own. Taking in every subtle change in texture and firmness. Following the indention of the bardís spine, her fingertips traveled downward. Upon finding a patch of soft fine hair, they lingered here. Xena whimpered once again, the sensations this elicited traveling the length of her torso and exploding in her lower abdomen. Before she even thought twice about it, she was rolling the bard over on her back.

Her right leg crossed over Gabrielleís left, gliding across the silky material and slipping between the bardís thighs, which opened to receive it. Feeling the warmth and dampness through the silky fabric, Xena pressed herself closer. She moaned against the bardís lips, the sound reverberating in her own ears.

"Umm... this is so much better than my dreams," she gasped, as she broke away from their kiss; her heart pounding, excitement mounting far beyond anything sheíd ever had the pleasure of experiencing to date.

The stranger was right, she thought, burying her face in the bardís silky blonde locks, this fruit is ripe for the picking and... Iíve gotta have it! she added, her right hand involuntarily roaming underneath Gabrielleís left hip and pressing their bodies even closer together. Oh, but... youíve got to slow your warrior butt down, she admonished herself, as Gabrielle moaned beneath her; the bardís arms feeling tight and stiff against Xenaís sides. No matter how badly you want to take her right this very minute, youíve got to be patient. Thereíll never be another first time for the two of us, so... Iíve gotta make this perfect for her... and for myself, she added, slowly removing her hand from the bardís hip and sliding it up her side, instead.

Encountering the bottom edge of the silky shirt, her fingers ached to inch beneath it, to the soft warm skin she knew theyíd find there. No, she told herself, you have to take this slow. Very slow.... and easy!

Her hand skipped over the shirtís edge, a groan emanating from her throat at the sheer force of will it had taken to pass up this opportunity. She opted at that moment, to kiss the bardís neck instead, as her fingers flexed against the silky fabric between herself and what she desired.

Gabrielleís insides felt as if they would melt, when Xenaís lips touched the side of her neck. Her own hands then sprang to life, starting to roam over the warriorís back with an agenda of their own devising.

I wanna feel her bare skin, she thought, as her hands searched for that very thing.

And suddenly, they found it, near the top of Xenaís left hip, where the undergarment had rode upward.

"Umph," the bard whimpered, her fingertips touching bare flesh, while at the same time a large hand engulfed her left breast through the shirt.

Xena moaned as well, and began raising up, planting kisses from the bardís neck to her lips.

"Oh.. Xena," the bard murmured, when the warriorís hand caressed her breast, her thumb lighting brushing back and forth over her sensitive nipple.

The warrior made several soft whimpering noises, her lower lip massaging Gabrielleís at the same time, in a manner that made the bard feel she was asking a question.

"Umm-hmm," the bard agreed to whatever the question had been.

Xena then attacked her lips once again, while her hand quickly moved from the bardís breast, to the buttons of her shirt. Her hand quivered slightly, fumbling with the loops and buttons. The warrior started whimpering once again, as her fingers touched Gabrielleís bare skin.

Slow down! Xena cautioned herself, feeling her groin muscles tighten and her throat elicit a series of small squeaky noises, sheíd never heard come from herself before, while her fingers sought out the next button. I canít slow down anymore than this, she answered her own self, as this button came free with relative ease. Her hand, now able to feel more bare skin, forgot about the task of the previous moment, and began inching its way towards its intended destination. She then broke away from their passionate kiss, when her fingers found what they sought in the form of a taunt, erect nipple. She heard herself whimpering, once again against the bardís neck; her lips quivering with the desire to taste what her fingers could only feel.

"For the love of Zeus," she said aloud, as Gabrielleís hand suddenly slipped beneath her undergarment and roamed over her bare cheek.

How can I possibly take this slow when I want her so badly I could... rip these clothes off her right this minute, she thought. By the godís if Iíd known this was going to happen, Iíd never have given her any clothes to put on.

"Oh... Gabrielle," she said aloud, as she buried her face in the bardís hair, while a hand squeezed her left cheek and she felt her own hips begin moving rhythmically against her friendís leg.

Itís been too long, she thought, sucking on the bardís neck. I canít wait any longer. I have to... feel her next to me... taste her... make her mine! she added, as the bardís hand roamed freely over her bare bottom, heightening her passion. She started moving down the bardís neck to her shoulder, pushing the shirt collar out of her way as she went.

As Xenaís lips progressed downward, her whole body moved in the same direction, as well, causing Gabrielleís hand to trail along, pulling the undergarment up even higher. Soon the bardís hand was at the base of the warriorís spine, her little finger briefly slipping into the crevice it found there, before it was forced to move on.

"Hmm-mm," Xena whimpered, her fingers working buttons loose as fast as she possibly could, while her lips inched ever downward, her face nuzzling between the shirt and the bardís bare chest, like a child seeking sustenance.

When the last button came loose, Xena eagerly pushed the sides of the shirt apart, her hand caressing the bardís waist, while her lips sought out and finally found the small erect nipple it searched for.

"Gre-eat Zeus... and all the gods!" the bard gasped, as Xenaís lips surrounded her sensitive breast, her tongue ever so gently caressing the protruding bundle of nerve endings at its center, sending a thousand small lightning bolts careening straight to the very heart of the bardís passion.

Gabrielle gripped Xenaís back, as the warrior moved from one breast to the other, sucking and nibbling gently, all the while eliciting those soft whimpering sounds of enjoyment.

When the warrior finally worked her way back up to Gabrielleís lips, she paused for a moment, staring down at her friend, the soft, tender look in those blue eyes causing the bard to reach up and place her hands on the sides her face.

"Tell me Iím not dreaming, Xena," Gabrielle whispered, her thumb stroking the fine hair on the side of the warriorís cheek.

"Youíre not dreaming, Gabrielle," Xena responded, nuzzling her face against the bardís hand.

"Tell me Iím not gonna wake and find..." the bard paused, as her lower lip quivered. "... this... never really happened."

"Itís real, Gabrielle, believe me," the warrior soothed, reaching up and taking the bardís hand in hers and lightly kissing the palm.

"Xena, I couldnít stand it if..."

"Ssh," the warrior said, quickly placing her index finger against the bardís lips. "Youíll have proof positive by morning, I promise," she added, as she then removed her finger and replaced it with her lips.

Once again, Gabrielle felt herself melting into Xenaís passionate kiss. All her worries and fears subsiding with each subtle whimper and moan emanating from the warriorís lips, as they caressed, massaged and embraced her own in varying ways.

Xenaís hand roamed down once again to the bardís left breast, cupping it gently, before moving on. The nerve endings of her fingertips registering the bardís arousal and sending shockwaves throughout her system. When her hand came in contact with the silky material of the bardís pants, Xena knew this just wouldnít do. These have got to go, she thought, her fingers inching their way beneath the waistband, her thumb catching the latter and pushing it down as far as it would go. But this wasnít far enough for her tastes.

She groaned and broke away. "Take... these off," she heard herself say in a low growl against the bardís cheek. "I need... to feel you next to me."

"Um-hm," the bard agreed, raising her lower body slightly and tugging on the pants along with Xena.

Once the pants were below the bardís knees, the warrior pulled them off rather quickly and dropped them off the side of the bed. She gazed down at Gabrielle, who was watching her intently. Her eyes fell to the bardís small round breasts, the light pink aureoles and dark pink nipples bathed in lavender moonlight from the porthole opening.

"Lovely," the warrior breathed, as her hand reached out to touch what her eyes were feasting upon. "Get rid of this too," she suggested, her fingers encountering the side of the shirt, as she caressed the bardís breast.

"And you... get rid of this," Gabrielle suggested, her index finger gliding beneath the strap of Xenaís undergarment.

The warrior raised up, as did the bard. In one quick, swift movement, Xena pulled the undergarment over her head and tossed it off the side of the bed. Gabrielle, however, was still in the process of removing her arms from the sleeves, which Xena eagerly helped her with.

"You are... so beautiful," Gabrielle murmured, her eyes riveted to the warriorís chest. Moonlight bathed Xenaís olive skin in lavender light, which only served to highlight her light brown aureoles and darker erect nipples.

Without thinking, Gabrielle reached out with her left hand and touched her friendís chest, her hand quivering slightly, as it slid down over the round firm mound of flesh; the taunt protruding nipple gliding between her outstretched fingers.

Xena braced herself with one arm, allowing the bard to take her time with her own exploration, which the warrior could tell from the look in Gabrielleís eyes was exactly what she wanted and needed right now.

Gabrielle glanced up at her friend, as her thumb massaged the warriorís nipple.

"Umm," the warrior commented, letting her friend know that she was doing this just right.

Xena waited with baited breath, seeing the bardís lips part slightly and her face begin moving towards her own chest. Tentatively Gabrielle planted a series of kisses around one light brown aureole, watching as the skin grew even more taunt and the darker nipple rose higher. Slowly flicking her tongue out, she lightly grazed against this erect protrusion and was pleased and excited when this elicited a deep rumbling moan from her friend. Feeling braver now, she surrounded the nipple with her lips and sucked lightly.

Xena released a series of whimpers that sent lightning bolts careening over the bardís body, each one eventually landing in a central location. The warrior then placed her hand on the back of the bardís head, gently forcing her even closer. Gabrielle assumed she should suck harder and did so.

"Ah-h-h," Xena moaned, then elicited a growl that sent shivers down Gabrielleís spine, causing her to stop and pull back. "Did I... hurt you?" the bard asked.

"Umm, no.... far from it," the warrior responded, as she quickly reached out and lifted the bardís chin upwards, where her own lips eagerly awaited those of her friend.

Xena then attacked the bardís lips with a fervor that Gabrielle had never encountered or even dreamed about before. The warriorís left hand held Gabrielleís head close, her fingers intertwining themselves in her hair, as she elicited those soft little whimpers and moans that the bard had come to adore.

"Gabrielle," Xena breathed, as she finally broke contact and rested her cheek against the bardís. "I... want this to be... so good for you. So very good. I want to please you in everyway I can. I just... I donít know how much longer... I can wait," she added, with a slight growl deep in her throat, which Gabrielle had come to realize was a sign of Xenaís passionate arousal. "I wanna take you... right now and... make you mine."

"What are you waiting for?" the bard whispered.

Xena eased back and gazed down at her; the warriorís eyes darting back and forth, as if she were still asking a question.

"I want you, Xena," the bard whispered, as she reached up and took the warriorís face in both her hands, then began easing back, pulling Xena down on top of her.

When their naked bodies touched at long last, Gabrielle felt the air rush out of her lungs in one great powerful WHOOSH! She could hear Xena whimper and moan, as well as feel her adjust her position, but she could not move even one muscle. By the gods, I really am going to die, she thought, right here and now. Iíve dreamed about this moment and losing my breath, but I never actually believed I would die from the immense pleasure of it all.

"Xe-na!" she gasped, feeling the warm dampness of the warriorís desire, as the latterís lower body pressed against her leg. "Oh-h-h," she shuddered and sucked in great lungfuls of badly needed oxygen, when Xenaís leg touched her own aching desire.

"Umm-hmm," Xena groaned. "You are... so wet!" she hissed, near the bardís ear, the very thought that the bard was this aroused by her, intensifying her own passion.

Before Xena knew it, her hand had caressed her friendís breast almost roughly, then moved downward rather quickly. Slo-ow do-own!! she admonished herself, noticing her hips rhythmic movements against the bardís leg, as well. Take your time. Seize the moment, yes, but... savor it, as well! "Stop and smell the flowers," she heard Gabrielleís voice say in her mind, as her handís movement slowed to a crawl.

The warrior kissed the bardís neck gently, willing herself to be patient and savor these moments. How long Iíve wanted you, she thought, her lips slowly working their way towards the bardís. Wanted to make you mine, she continued, her fingertips taking in every subtle change in texture of the bardís bare skin. She could feel the hardness of Gabrielleís ribs, the rise and fall of her chest with each rapid breath, the fine downy coating of hair on her firm stomach. Xena paused long enough to savor the change in thickness of this hair, as her hand encountered the center line of the bardís body, whose trail she knew led directly to her ultimate destination. She lightly circled Gabrielleís navel with her index finger, finding longer more course hair directly beneath it. She groaned, knowing she would soon encounter much more of the same, yet forcing herself not to pursue this destination quite so quickly, even though her fingers literally ached to do just that. To distract herself, she refocused her attention on the bardís lips and the subtle movements of Gabrielleís tongue as it caressed her own.

Gabrielle felt Xenaís finger slowly circle her navel again and again, the sensations this elicited going straight to the core of her desire. Never had she felt so aroused, so hot, so hungry for another person to touch her in that most sensitive of areas. And yet now, she couldnít wait for Xena to do just that.

Oh, how much better this is than any of my dreams, she thought, feeling the warriorís hips moving against her leg, the dampness between those firm thighs pressing against her own time after time, heightening her own passion with each subtle movement. She involuntarily pressed down on Xenaís lower back with her left hand, desiring closer contact with this warm, oh so moist area. I actually ache for her touch, she thought, as Xenaís hand inched lower, ever so slowly.

Gabrielleís hips arched of their own accord, as Xenaís fingers reached the very top of her desire. The warriorís subtle movements, as well as the soft whimpering sounds she was making, causing the bard to want a much more intimate form of contact, further down.

"Umm-mph," the bard whimpered herself, as Xenaís fingers brushed across the top of this area, once, twice and then moved lower.

"Yea godís... above," Xena murmured against the bardís lips, her fingertips encountering the course, yet soft mass of curls alongwith the extreme silky smooth dampness.

The heat of passion now rushed over the warriorís body like a wind blown fire. Iíve got to have her now! she thought, her fingers easily sliding between the silky folds.

"Oh-h-h!" Gabrielle gasped, as the warriorís fingers touched that most sensitive area, which so hungered for contact.

Xena broke away from her lips now, as they each elicited little whimpers and moans of passion, while the warriorís fingers stroked the bardís desire ever so slowly.

"Oh-h Xe-na," Gabrielle gasped again, her hips arching, urging her lover even closer. "By the... gods!" she groaned, as one of Xenaís long fingers slowly penetrated her inner sanctum.

"Am I... hurting you?" the warrior breathed near her ear.

"Um-um," the bard responded, with a slight shake of her head, while her hips arched once again, as if in answer to this question.

"Ye-s-s," Xena hissed, feeling the bardís body extend an open invitation to her gently probbing finger. "Umm-hmm," she murmured, the silky juice of the bardís desire now coating her palm.

"Oh-h yes-s Xe-na," Gabrielle breathed, as even more of her lover filled her inner most sanctum.

Xena whimpered as her loverís hips arched again, the tight muscles releasing, then gripping her fingers, urging them deeper. "Youíll... tell me if... I hurt you, want you?" she whispered, then nibbled on the bardís ear, while her handís movement began mimicking that of her hips.

"Um-hm," the bard agreed, her own hips moving to a rhythm that matched that of Xenaís, stroke for evermore pleasureable stroke. "Umm-mph," she whimpered, turning her face towards her loverís; her lips desiring physical contact, as well.

Xena seemed to know instinctively what she needed; for, she quickly covered her lips with her own, her tongue slipping inside the bardís open mouth and probbing in the same rhythmic manner as her fingers.

"Hmm-mph" Gabrielle whimpered, her own tongue closing around Xenaís of itís own accord and stroking it.

Xenaís rhythm increased now to match the bardís tongue strokes, then slowed with them, as well, as if instinctively knowing her lover was communicating what she needed and wanted from her.

"Umm-hmm," the bard whimpered once again, gripping Xenaís back.

She needs more," the warrior thought, and so do I. Iíve gotta taste her.... I need to make her mine completely. Xena eased away from their passionate kiss and rested her face against the side of the bardís. Sheís never experienced what I want, she told herself, or at least, I donít think she has. So, I should tell her somehow, shouldnít I? I donít want to scare her after all. Or could she know about this, just not experienced it?

"Gabrielle," she whispered, pausing with uncertainty about what she should say. "I want... to... make you mine," she continued, hesitantly. "Will you... let me... claim you as my own, the way... I want?"

"Y-yes," the bard stammered slightly. "Make... me yours, Xena," she added, with a shuddering sigh.

Xena raised up then and once again began devouring the bardís lips. "I wanna... taste you," she murmured, a few moments later, as she moved from Gabrielleís lips to her chin. "Taste every inch of you," she added, continuing down the bardís neck.

"Um-hm," the bard agreed, as her loverís lips once again surrounded her senstive breast and sucked lightly.

"Oh-h yes," Xena murmured, a slight salty, musky flavor tantalizing her taste buds now. Her groin muscles tightened at just the thought of the way in which she wanted to take her friend and make her, her lover.

The fine hair at the center of Gabrielleís body tickled the warriorís lips as she made her way down, following the same path her hand had, not long before. Pausing for a brief moment in her travels, she encircled the bardís navel with her tongue several times, then buried it in the center.

"Oh-h-h," Gabrielle murmured, never having felt anything quite so pleasurable.

The center of her desire spasmed and twitched, sending a message to her brain about how much it would enjoy this form of contact. The bard groaned again at this unsolicited and entirely forein thought. Youíve got to be dreaming, she cautioned herself. this couldnít happen in real life.

Well, if this is a dream, I hope I die before I wake up, she told herself, as Xenaís tongue inched lower, the warriorís body proceeding it, the warmth and dampness of her loverís desire sliding over the bardís leg.

Gabrielleís hand slid up her loverís back, feeling the hard muscle tone along their route and then encountering the warriorís long hair. Claim me, Xena, she thought, her passions aroused to fever pitch now, as the warrior continued the slow rhythm with her fingers, while her tongue and lips left a trail of dampness over her lower abdomen.

The bardís hand tightened on Xenaís hair, feeling the warriorís warm breath tickle the fine hairs at the apex of her greatest passion, while at the same time, she felt Xenaís left breast skim across her leg, as her lover settled her upper body between her thighs.

Is she really going to do what I think.... Her question was interrupted and then answered rather decisively when her loverís tongue gently brushed against that most sensitive part of her anatomy.

"Gre-reat Zeu-us!" she gasped, her hips arching to meet the warm, wet, gently probing tongue.

"Umm-m-m hmm-m-m," Xena murmured, tasting the sweet, yet slightly salty juices of her loverís desire. Her own heart beat reverberated in her ears; her loins burning with pent up passion.

"Oh-h-h Xe-e-na," Gabrielle whispered, unable to believe what was happening and how awesomely wonderful it all felt. She never dreamed anything could feel this good! "Oh Xena," she breathed again, unable to stop calling her loverís name, as her passions rose to heights far beyond her realm of experience.

"Oh no,.... oh yes..." the bard hissed, as Xena felt her loverís already taunt muscles tighten around her fingers even more; the bardís thighs coming together and squeezing the sides of her head.

"Umm-hmm," the warrior murmured, slowly extracting her fingers and replacing them with her tongue. Stay with me love, she thought, wrapping her arms around Gabrielleís hips and holding her loverís thighs apart to relieve the pressure on her head. I know itís your first time, but... oh please stay with me, she continued, her upper lip caressing that most sensitive node, her head starting to move from side to side. Because I want it all. Everything you have to give, she added, her tongue probbing ever deeper, feeling the bardís inner muscles spasm. I want you to remember this moment. for the rest of your life!

Gabrielle felt as if she no longer had control of her own body. Xena had the reins now and was taking her to heights she had never in her wildest imaginings even considered possible.

"Oh Xe... oh XE... OH XE-E-E-na!" the bard exclaimed, muffling the last syllable with her own hand; her screams of passion reverberating in her own ears. "Um-um-um-ummm" she mumbled, her head feeling like it might fly off her shoulders, while her lower body burst into flames. She felt her desire convulse and spasm as wave after delicious wave of breathtakingly beautiful sensations flowed over her body and throughout her entire being. "Uh-uh-uh," she grunted, her legs trying desperately to close, as her body sent messages to her brain that it could stand no more strokes from her loverís tongue. "Oh Xena... please, " she murmured, her fingers tightening in her loverís hair.

Xena paused in her ministrations and soon felt the throb of her loverís released passions, almost as rhythmic as a heartbeat, against her own lips. She kissed the inside of each of the bardís thighs, wanting to linger here a while longer. For, never had she been so aroused by making love to anyone else. She wanted desperately to take the bard again and again. She couldnít get enough of her loverís sweetness; the slightly musty odor of the bardís love juices tantalizing her olfactory senses and taste buds.

Iíve gotta have her again, soon she thought, her own loins burning in response to this thought. But, Iíll just have to be patient and wait, she added, redirecting her focus to making her way back up her loverís body.

She paused at the small round breasts, giving each the attention she still longed to express on another part of the bardís anatomy.

"Umm," she muttered, as she finally glanced up at her lover and found her watching intently.

Gabrielle smiled sweetly with tears in her eyes. "Oh Gabrielle," Xena murmured, as she quickly moved up to her loverís face. "Did I.... hurt... oh no, I didnít mean to..."

Her apologies were quickly cut off, as Gabrielle reached up with both hands and pulled her face towards her own, the bardís lips seemingly eagerly awaiting her.

"Umm," Xena murmured once again, as she relaxed on top of her lover, the bardís gentle kisses consoling her fears of having hurt the one she loved most in all the world.

"Why... the tears?" she finally asked, when she came up for air.

"I... donít know," Gabrielle answered, seeming a bit embarrassed. "All I do know is... you didnít hurt me," she said, caressing the sides of her loverís face. "You... pleased me... far beyond... my wildest dreams."

"Good," Xena murmured, as she tenderly began kissing away the tears on her loverís cheeks. "I want you... to remember this... for a... long time," she uttered against the bardís cheek. "I... wanted to... make you mine, Gabrielle. And... now you are."

"Yes, Xena," the bard responded, nuzzling her face next to Xenaís, as the warrior trailed kisses from her eyes to her neck, following the path of her tears. "All yours. And soon, I wanna make you mine," she added, instinctively wrapping her legs around her loverís hips without thinking twice about it.

"Ah-h-h," the warrior moaned, feeling the incredible dampness of the bardís inner thighs, which she herself had contributed to. Just thinking about making love to Gabrielle again, inflamed her passions like oil on smoldering embers. "Umph," she grunted again, as her hips began moving ever so slightly..

"Umm," Gabrielle murmured, her right foot traveling down the back of the warriorís leg and stroking her calf.

Xena loved the way this felt and growled deep in her throat, her passion starting to override her senses now. Gabrielle kissed her at the base of her neck, while at the same time she stroked up and down her calf. A little more of this and Xena was soon running on pure raw instinct. Feeling the soft, damp curls pressed against the apex of her own aching, throbbing passion, her hips went into motion once again, her own internal rhythm taking over. Her hands quickly moved beneath both of the bardís hips and lifted, pressing their lower bodies even closer together.

"Ah-h yes-s-s," she hissed, against her loverís neck, as she felt the undeniable heat of direct contact with her loverís desire.

"Oh-h ...Xena," the bard murmured, as she felt the warriorís hot passion, press against her own. Her legs instinctively tightened their grip around Xenaís hips, her own desire wanting far more of this intimate contact.

"Ar-r-r," Xena growled, her lower body feeling as if it were on fire. "Yea godís above... what you do to me," she gasped, feeling the bardís legs pushing rhythmically against her buttocks, matching and enhancing her own rhythm.

"I never thought... this was... pos-sible," she mumbled, feeling her passions mounting towards that fever pitch explosion. "Aw-w.... yes-s,.... Gab... Gab-brie-elle!" she exclaimed, then quickly buried her face in the bardís neck, muffling the remainder of her screams of passion by sucking vigorously on the bardís neck. "Umm-m-m," she moaned one last time and shuddered, her hips movements slowing to small jerking spasms, while the rest of her body went weak; the resounding waves of pleasure washing over her from head to toe.

Xena felt blissful. And awestruck, as well. Never had this happened to her before. Not with male, nor female lovers. At least not in this particular position. Matter of fact, even though sheíd been told this was possible, she never really believed it would ever happen to her. And yet, it had. There was no denying that fact, for her own center was still throbbing from the enormously intense, explosive release. I always dreamed Iíd one day meet someone who could arouse me to such heights, she thought, but I never truly believed Iíd actually find them.

"Umph," she groaned aloud, feeling as if there were something she was overlooking; something niggling at the back of her mind, trying to break into her consciousness; like a word on the tip of your tongue that you just couldnít verbalize.

"You... okay?" the bard finally asked, sensing the limpness of her loverís body as it lay atop hers.

"Umm-hmm-m," Xena answered, drawing out the latter syllable; her thoughts interrupted for the time being and suddenly replaced by the sound of her own heart pounding away in her ears.

"I want... to please you, too," Gabrielle said, instinctively running her foot over Xenaís calf.

"Umm, I love... the way... you do that," the warrior commented a bit breathlessly, her passions still inflamed, yet her body too weak to even move at the moment. "Believe me, you have definitely pleased me," she added, lightly kissing her loverís neck.

"You mean.... Umm," the bard commented , just now realizing the results of what had transpired between them. "I love you, Xena," she added, lightly kissing her loverís shoulder.

"And I love you, Gabrielle," the warrior responded. "So much," she continued, nuzzling her face into the bardís sweet smelling hair, then sighing heavily. "I think Iíve loved you.... for a long time," she added, the warrior herself not quite understanding why she was admitting this now, but feeling deep inside that the words were true.

"Umm," Gabrielle murmured. "And I have loved you from... the moment I laid eyes on you, I do believe."

"And you waited this long to tell me," Xena said, her tone soft, low and teasing.

"Um-hm. But you tell me,... how do you tell a warrior princess you love her?" she asked.

"Umph," Xena grunted, as she reluctantly removed her hands from beneath the bardís hips. "Very carefully," she answered, slowly raising up on her elbows now to face her lover.

"And how come you never told me?" Gabrielle queried, reaching up with her right hand and brushing her loverís long hair out of her face, then continuing to stroke the side of this beautiful face, with its fine layer of downy white fuzz along the chin line.

"Itís not easy telling an... Amazon Princess, either," Xena responded with a sly smile, her smooth, engorged lips quivering ever so slightly.

"Umm..." Gabrielle said, pulling those quivering lips down to meet her own eager ones, which longed to do more than taste these particular lips, yet would make themselves content with these alone, for a while, at least.

"Umm," Xena murmured, as Gabrielleís tongue gently caressed her own., then pursued it back into her own mouth. "Umm-hmm," she added, as the bard began her own internal exploration.

"Ah... youíre so... sweet," Xena commented a little while later, as she broke contact with the bardís lips and relaxed against her loverís body. "Am I... too heavy?" she suddenly thought to ask.

"Uh-uh, not in the least," Gabrieller responded. "I love the way this feels. I wanna go to sleep... just like this," she said with a little sigh.

"Then we shall," Xena responded, as she felt the bardís foot once again stroke her calf. "But weíll never get to sleep, if you keep that up," she whispered in her loverís ear.

"Who needs sleep?" the bard murmured, a teasing tone to her voice.

"Umm, what have I gotten myself into?" the warrior teased.

"More like, what have you created?" Gabrielle corrected.

"Hmm, and what have I created, hmm?" Xena inquired.

"An insatiable lover," the bard responded, continuing to stroke her loverís calf.

"Ar-r-r," Xena growled playfully, as she raised up and looked down at Gabrielle. "Oh, I do want you again," she said, her look suddenly turning serious, her eyes going from teasing to hunger. "And again... and again," she added, a smile slowly turning up the corners of her mouth, as Gabrielle arched one light brown eyebrow. "But... I think we both could use some rest, for now, hmm?"

"I still want to... claim you as mine," the bard said, her tone quite serious.

"Hmm, Iím already yours, believe me," Xena responded, as she kissed the side of her loverís face, then lay back down, her body feeling completely drained.

Not entirely mine, Gabrielle thought. Not until Iíve had you the way I want. And I will have you, Warrior Princess. Maybe not right now, but soon....

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