The Sirens Calls Pt 2a

by D. virtue

“ My Lord! My Lord!” Charli called as she ran into the dining hall, followed
by the others.

Charli stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Elain.

“ Elain?” Charli said unsure of what she was seeing.

“ CHARLI!!” Elain cried as she jumped from her chair and ran and wrapped her
arms around her loves neck. The two young girls embraced each other tightly
and Charli was so overcome with joy she couldn’t speak.

The others who had followed Charli into the dining hall, all came up and
welcomed Elain home, but then Solari turned her attention to Xena and the
others at the table.

“ My Lord, we have news about Queen Ephiny!”

“ Is she alright?” Questra asked.

“ She’s fine, she’s awake and talking and has no ill effects. It’s like a
miracle, but The Amazons realize it was all of you who brought it about, Thank
you My Lord, Diana said that you and Lord Questra and Princess Gabrielle would
find a way to bring her back, and you have, May Artemis bless all of you.”

“ Your welcome Solari, and send our greetings to Queen Ephiny.” Questra said
as she noticed Xena was in deep thought.

“ Thank you, we will, we need to get back, but as soon as Queen Ephiny is up
to it, I’m sure she will come to thank you herself.”

“ Very good.”

Solari and the other Amazons all bowed and then turned to leave, but it was
Eponin who stopped and noticed one person who was absence.

“ My Lord?”

Xena looked at her, but did not say anything, which made Eponin wonder even

“ Where is Her Highness?”

“ She’s away.” Xena choked out.

“ Oh, will she be back soon?”

“ Yes.” Xena answered, looking away from the soldier, to hide her pain and

“ Oh, well, when she does return, will you tell her thank you for us?”

Xena simply nodded her head without answering, and Eponin and the others bowed
again, but they all had perplexed looks on their faces. Questra noticed the
tension in Xena’s jaw and so she told Gabrielle to go ahead and eat, but she
needed to speak with Xena about something, and she would join her in her
chamber later.

“ Alright Questra.” Gabrielle said as Questra kissed her thoroughly,
recognizing how much she loved her. Then Questra turned her attention to Xena.

“ Lord Xena, may I speak with you alone please?”

“ About what?”

“ Well, I ‘ll tell you that when we are alone.”

Xena nodded her head and then she and Questra stood up and walked away from
the table leaving Gabrielle to eat alone, which did not seem to be a problem,
she ate as if she had not eaten in days.

Meanwhile Xena and Questra went to Xena’s Chamber and Xena threw her things
onto a chair and waved off the servants. She then went and poured herself
something to drink, and stood by the patio doors. Finally she glanced back at

“ Xena...what’s going on? Where is Diana?”

“ She’s away.”

“ Away where?”

“ She’s back in her time.” Xena lied.

“ Why are you lying to me Xena? What’s happened to Diana?”

“ What makes you think anything happened to her?”

“ Because of the way your acting. Your tense, you look like something hurts,
but yet I see anger in your eyes as well. Why?”

Xena gave her an irritated type look and looked away, there was a long awkward
silence, then Xena cut her eyes back to Questra.

“ Xena you need someone to talk to, and it’s obvious you don’t want it to be
Gabrielle for some reason.”

Xena turned slight to face Questra more, as she thought about what she was

“ What do you remember about the Seductress?”

“ Everything, except how we got back.”

“ Hmm...well that’s because your memory was altered slightly.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ Where was the last time you saw Diana?”

“ In here, waving goodbye.”

“ Well actually the last time you should have remembered seeing Diana was when
she was standing next to the Seductress, telling her to erase all of our
memories about where she was.”

“ Why would she want to do that?”

“ Because she didn’t want to cause us any pain.”

“ But She has to realize to do that would cause just that?”

“ Well she didn’t.”

“ So why isn’t your memory gone?”

“ Because I told her I wouldn’t forgive her if she did.”

“ So she let you keep yours?”

“ Yes. I didn’t think it was right for her to have to suffer through this
alone like she did the last time, so I maintained my memory.”

“ Then why are you upset?”

“ Because she had no right to volunteer herself like this again.”

“ Is she going to die?”

“ No, she’ll just be getting.....fu....Bedded! By The Seductress as often as
the Seductress wants to.” Xena seethe through her teeth, as the distaste of
the whole idea caused her to clench her fist.

“ I see, Xena I’m sorry to hear that, I know it must hurt to think of Diana,
your mate with anyone else for any reason, but I know you wouldn’t have let
her stay there if it were not for a good reason?”

“ Yes.”

Questra studied Xena for a moment, and then it dawn on her.

“ That’s how we all got back, and how Ephiny got better?”

“ Yes.”

“ Wow, Xena, what you and Diana are doing is no less than a formidable thing.”

“ Questra I recognize the immenseness of all of this, but that does not help
how I feel, I want my Consort back, I don’t want her bedded by anyone, yet
along Seductra!”

“ I understand that, I would feel the same way, but you see it’s for all of
mankind right?”

“ Of course I do! Otherwise I would not have allowed her to stay there.”

“ How long does she have to stay for, or is it forever?”

“ Tartarus no! If it were going to be forever I would not have allowed it.”

“ How long then?”

“ One year.”

“ A year? Wow, well it’s only a year, it could have been longer, right?”

“ Yes.”

“ So what will happen after this year is over, what will the Seductress do?”

“ She’ll be out of our lives for a couple of centuries.”

“ Then what?”

“ Then she’ll come for Diana again.”

“ What?”

“ If Diana is around at that time.”

“ Well, isn’t that something. Xena come on now, a year will go by fast, all
you have to do is keep busy.”

“ Busy is not going to do anything for my needs.”

“ True, but I know you’ll think of a way to handle those?”

“ Yes.....I’ll wait for Diana, and then I will take her away for a year and
makeup for lost time.” Xena stated factually.

“ hahahahaha, I’m sure you will.” Questra smiled, and Xena relaxed more and
then the two spoke throughout the evening about everything that had happened
and why Gabrielle could not be told.

The next months were busy, and stressful at times for Xena, especially when
Xena saw others cuddled together, but Gabrielle and Questra, as well as Ephiny
and the others kept Xena company, thereby providing some distractions.

One night while Xena was unable to sleep because of her uncomfortable state,
she heard someone calling her name.

“ Xena? Xena?”

“ Diana?”

“ Who else?”

“ Kitten! where are you?”

“ I’m still here with Seductra, but I have my own room and things.”

“ Can I see you?”

“ Yes, if you get the mirror, I left it in the top drawer, underneath the
healing cream, all you have to do is follow my voice, also once you get the
mirror, place it against the wall, in front of the bed, that way you’ll be
able to see me in my full size. Then just run your hand over the top of it and
it’ll activate.”

Xena jumped from the bed and flew to the drawer and located the mirror. She
placed it where Diana told her to and running her fingers over the top of it
she went and sat back on the foot of the bed.

After a few moments, the image started to appear. Finally it cleared and there
was Diana, lying on the bed naked. Xena’s eyes immediately locked in on
Diana’s eyes and she noticed they were a brilliant Sapphire. Xena’s heart
clenched at the thought that the Seductress caused Diana’s eyes to change.

“ Xena love, how are you?”

“ Not so good, I miss my kitten.”

“ Hmm....I know the feeling, I miss you so much.”

“ Right.” Xena stated with skepticism.

“ What? You think I don’t miss you?”

“ Not as much as I miss you, especially when it comes to certain needs.”

“ Well, your wrong, I mean Seductra does cause me to have orgasms, it’s not
the same, I mean I’m turned on like a light, so much so that my hair has
actually become streaked with ruby coloring. See?”

Xena looked at Diana’s hair and instantly saw the red streaks. Xena’s eyes
narrowed at the site.

“ So what do you think?”

“ I think someone else has made a lasting impression on what belongs to me.”
Xena said flatly.

Diana heard it and gave a small smile of understanding Xena’s feelings.

“ I’m sorry.”

“ You should be.”

“ Well I am, and hopefully it won’t change any further.”

“ So how is she treating you outside of that?”

“ Fine, she’s really very nice Xena, she’s showed me so many things, and told
me things about the Sirens and how they came together, it’s almost like a
synchronous relationship. She is so wise, and....”

“ Consort, did you contact me to talk about how wonderful Seductra is?” Xena
asked angrily.

“ No love, please don’t be angry with me?”

“ How am I suppose to feel? I haven’t seen you for months, and when you
finally decide you miss me enough you contact me, only to talk about how
wonderful Seductra is to you?!”

“ Xena you have no reason to be jealous.”

“ Really? Sounds like MY Consort has fallen in love with someone whom she said
she wouldn’t.?!”

“ Xena....I’m not in love with Seductra.”

Xena heard something in between the lines and she asked bluntly, with her eyes

“ Do you love her Consort?”

“ What?”

“ You heard me.”

“ Yes, I heard you Xena, but I don’t understand why your asking me that, when
I just told you I’m not in love with her?”

“ Exactly! Your not in love with her, but you do love her.”

Diana sat up on the bed and a thoughtful look came into her eyes as she
thought about what Xena had said, and the distinction between.

“ I.....I haven’t thought about that Xena.”

“ Well think about it!!” Xena commanded.

Diana chewed her lips, and Xena came to her feet and begun pacing the length
of the room as she glared at Diana.

“ Admit it Consort!!” You love her!” Xena accused.

“ Xena....I can’t deny that. I guess it is true.”

“ Damnit! Diana!! You promised me!! You said you wouldn’t fall in love with
her!! Now look, you’ve gone and done just that! Your My Consort! My Mate, and
I will not tolerate you having divided affections! Do you understand me?!!”

“ Yes. But Xena, I’m not In love with her, it is only you that my heart
belongs too.”

“ I don’t want you loving her at all!!”

“ But Xena....? How am I suppose to do that?”

“ What are you talking about?!”

“ Xena, you have to know that the first time Seductra came to me, I
experienced all sorts of feeling, fear mostly, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be
able to help myself, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep from falling in
love with her, and then you would hate me because of it?”

“ I could never hate you.” Xena interjected.

“ hm...well I’m happy to hear that, but after that first time Xena, I
discovered that despite me not wanting to be here, if I had to be, then I
would need to find a way to deal with being bedded by a stranger, despite the
bigger picture of why I was doing it. So when she invited me to take walks
with her, I took the opportunity to get to know her, to know the person behind
the Goddess.”

“ What did you find?”

“ A woman who has been heartsick every time people had t be brought before
her, A woman who regrets having had to kill so many Sirens as well as being
responsible for for the deaths of those who past away in their unconscious
sleep, because of the lost of their souls. Xena I felt sorry for her, and with
those feelings, I was able to stop looking at her as someone who took me away
from the only woman I will ever love with my soul, regardless of it being a
year, it’s a lifetime as far as I’m concerned. When we’re together, her and I,
the only face I see is yours, the only hands I feel are yours, I always feel
your soul, I’ve watched you all all of these months, and I didn’t contact you
sooner because Seductra didn’t want me too, because she thought it would be
too painful for you, I agreed so I didn’t, but I couldn’t sit by any longer
and watch you no sleep because of being so uncomfortable, I asked her if it
were a way for me to come back to you, at least for one night, she said no,
the deal was for me to stay here for the whole year, but she said I could
contact you, sooo, that’s what I’m doing?”

“ Well....I’m not happy with a lot of things, but I understand why you had to
go the way you did. But remember this Consort, when you get back, I don’t want
to hear not one word about Seductra, or the Sirens, you can talk to Gabrielle
and them, but Not when I’m around, or when we’re alone, clear?”

“ Crystal.”

“ Very well then.”

“ Xena?”

“ Yes kitten?” Xena answered moving back on the bed to make herself
comfortable as she spoke with Diana.

“ Make love to me?” Diana purred.

Xena cocked her head at her Consort, and then with a bright and anticipatory
gaze, Xena then narrowed her eyes and answered Diana’s request.

“ Alright Consort, close your eyes, and lay back , and think about only my
voice,and when I tell you to open your eyes, that’s what I want you to do. “
Xena then waited for Diana to do as she had been told.

“ Now, wet your fingers with your mouth, and then slide your fingers out and
slowly feel my hand and fingers glide down over your chin, down that long soft
neck, and on down to those voluptuous sweet breast. I love the feel of them,
as I knead and caress your fullness. I wet my fingers again, and then return
them to your breast as I take the soft nipples in my fingers, and as I give a
gentle yet firm squeeze to them, I feel you tremble, as I feel those glorious
nipples begin to tighten under my expert caress. My excitement grows more as a
result and I begin to squeeze them harder, as I notice your breathing becoming
more rapid. I knead the whole breasts, while I still tweak and pull and pinch
at the nipples, my own breathing has increased as I feel your nipples harden
under my caress, I want to place my hand over each of those delicious peaks
and change my palms so that I can lavish them with the addition to my
Xena watched as Diana placed her hands as she normally would and then Xena
heard the gasp. “ Has my kitten developed a new ability?” Xena asked in the
same seductive voice she has been using.”

“ hmm....y.e.s.....” Diana purred as she let her nipples be taken into the
small mouths that now graced her palms. Xena then placed her own hands over
her taut peaks and changed them.

Xena then continued. I now feel your excitement, as your body trembles more,
and that wonderful blush covers your whole delicious body, and my excitement
is complete, as I feel those peaks in my true mouth, as the tongues wrap
around each peak, I pull and then I allow them to slide free, I then truly
begin to suck on them....hard, pulling them as you moaned and squirm, and you

“ X.e.n.a.....” Diana answered before Xena could finish, truly in the passion
Xena was eliciting in her.

Xena smiled as she watched through heavy lids her Consort responding to her as
if she was there and it were her hands on Diana’s deliciously blushed body.

“ Yes....kitten, I now remove one of my hands from one of your peaks, and

Diana groans at the lost, and Xena’s ecstasy continues to near as a result.
Xena continues in a huskier voice yet even more seductive.

“ I glide my hand down the firm chords of your abdomen, and I caress over them
for a brief moment pleased how well fit you keep yourself for me. I then slide
my hand to your flower, and I revel in the wonderful silkiness I feel.
Ah....kitten, always ready for me....I whisper in your ear. “ Xena hears Diana
sigh as a result. “ I then stroke the peak there, with my fingers, I pinch and
tweak it as I had done with the other peaks, where I still have a palm on the
nipple that is now quenching my raging thirst.” Diana then raises her chest
up so that her palm can ravish her breast and the nipple. Diana moans and
calls Xena’s name softly as Xena continues. “ I now place my other palm over
the slick peak of your flower where I once again take it into my other mouth.
My Tongue delights in your flavor. The pulsating beat of your racing heart ,
I feel in the mouth, I am now lost and I suck hard on it......I.....ah.....I
then abruptly remove my hand from it and move to my ultimate destination,
where I waste no time, I whisper in your ear, Reform My Little Shield, and you

Diana gasped, and through her panting breaths, she pleads. Please X.e.n.a....?
Don’t make me?”

“ Do it kitten. I want to feel every fiber of your deflowering, I slide two
fingers into your flower, and I feel the tightness of the muscles as they try
to hinder my advancement, but I am not deterred, I push on, further and
further, until.....”

Diana inhaled sharply as she touched her shield, she starts to withdraw her
hand, but Xena sees it and continues.

“ No Consort, you are mine, and I will claim you. I push back inside the tight
flower, and I contact my goal, I begin to push with a steady pressure, I heard
you moan and groan, at the discomfort. It’s alright kitten, I love you, I want
to claim my heart again, I hear your breath catch and hold as I push, I feel
the fibers bend to my will, I feel your muscles begin to spasm against my
invasion, but you I see, the dubiousness of your behavior and their twin
sounds, you whimper for me to stop or hurry, but I am Xena Your Lord and
Ruler, and I will not be told how to claim what is mine. So I continue my own
set course, and you begin to try to move away from the discomfort, but I
whisper to you, don’t move away again, and you hear my meaning, and so you
stop, your heels are digging into the bed, but you do not move away, I feel
the fibers, I know I will soon be through the resister. You begin to cry as
you plead with me to hurry, your whimper to me that it hurts, but I am lost to
your submission and I don’t hear your pleas, I suddenly feel the resister
surrender just as it’s master has surrender to her Lord, ecstasy to my claiming, as I hear your dubious
scream. I am enraptured at the sound and I begin thrusting deep inside of your
flower, I feel your muscles quivering, I know you wanted to release at that
moment as well, but your mind does not let you accept, so as I thrust in and
then draw almost completely out, only to thrust in deep again, you move
against my strong fingers, I then set a deep haunting rhythm within you and
you respond in kind, you now move under me, as I coax and encourage you to now
take what I have to offer, and your body and womanhood respond, your body is
blushing with such fierceness, that even your nipples have a hue of red to
them. I feel the quivering has become continuous, I know you are ready, but I
feel your doubt, you worry if I will allow you to release your cream or not,
the very thought excites you more, I feel the quivering intensify, I.....”

“ Gods.....X.e.n.a....... Pleaseee....?”

“ I hear your plea, I debate whether I am ready to release you, I feel the
tremors begin to turn to shakes, I hear your labored breathing, I taste the
sweet wine from your breast. I hear your breathing change, and I hear your
breath catch intermittently in an irregular pattern. I am ignited at the
thoroughness of your whole bodies response, and I am pleased by it, and I
decide to allow you release, in fact, I encourage you to give me that which is
your essence, I begin to pull your ecstasy from you, as I again release mine.
Our breathes have caught in our throats and we must let our ecstasies hold
take it’s course as I continue to thrust hungrily into your now cream filling
flower, which I absorb with my gifted fingers, I taste the fruit in my true
mouth and I am lost to our twin the time it is over, we both
collapse , and I slip my fingers from within their warm embrace, and I feel
the coolness of the air in contrast. You moan at the lost, but you continue to
try to catch your breath while I catch mine. but just as you think I am
through, you realize, I have only just begun, and you gasp at the thought and
plea with me to let you catch your breath, but I of course my sweet kitten
have other plans, and so....I once again begin my seduction of you.” Xena then
proceeds to seduce Diana once again, and by the time they finished, they were
both exhausted.

“ I love you kitten.” Xena whispered.

“ And I love only you My Goddess.” Diana then closed her eyes and within
moments she was asleep.

Xena laid back on her’s and Diana’s bed and a quiet contentment overcame her
fear, and replaced it completely with trust in Diana, that she would always be
hers. Xena watched Diana sleep for a while, and then with a final smile and a
whisper of love, Xena went to turn the image off, although she wanted to leave
it for as long as she could, she didn’t want to take a chance that The
Seductress would come in and see her, so she reluctantly went to turn it off.

But just as she was about to Xena saw The Seductress slip into Diana’s room,
Xena saw she looked at Diana’s nude and still blushed body. Seductra leaned
over and took a nipple in her mouth and began sucking on it. Diana moaned in
her sleep and then lazily opened her eyes to find Seductra feasting on her
breast hungrily.

“ Seductra?!!” Diana gasped in both surprise and passion.

Seductra didn’t stop what she was doing, but instead she simply looked up over
her brows and over the voluptuous breast she was enjoying and she simply
spread Diana’s thighs and begun lowering herself down between.

Diana inhaled sharply as Seductra seized her peak in her mouth and begun
sucking hard on it. Diana tried to close her thighs but Seductra simply made
restraints appear on each of Diana’s ankles and then when Diana went to use
her hands to slow The Seductress’s ardor down, her wrist were then restrained.

Xena watched as The Seductress made love to her Consort. Seductra made the
restraints widen Diana’s legs as she moved in closer to Diana’s flower, until
she could go no further. Diana was panting and Seductra was feasting, and then
the Seductress extended her tongue within Diana’s flower and it connected and
then slipped inside of Diana’s core and Diana screamed and Xena jumped and
Seductra moaned and before either of them knew what happened Diana released
with such force that all of the muscles in her lower body spasmed all at once
and Xena could hear Diana calling her name.

Xena sat back on the bed with relief written across her face, as she continued
to watch Seductra ravish her Consort. When it was over Diana fell asleep once
again, but Seductra kept her hand where it was, clasped over Diana’s flower
possessively, Xena sneered at the sight and swore, but then when she looked at
Diana, she remembered that in the throes of her passion, she called her name.

Xena then smirked her satisfaction, and this time she truly turned off the

“ Good morning Xena, how are you feeling?”

“ Much better, thank you.” Xena replied with a satisfying smirk.

“ Really? Well, you do look more relaxed and at ease.” Questra stated with
some surprise at Xena’s now relaxed state. “ Well Gabrielle and I are on our
way to my Palace, we’ll be back later today, if you need us, just give a

“ I’ll be fine, you two go and take care of what you have too. “

Another few months had gone by and Xena was once again on edge, the morning
was rainy and and overcast, Xena was not in a very good mood and rather than
sitting on her throne holding court she would have rather been in the master’s
chamber working off some of the pent up energy.

“ My Lord Will you hear the next case?”

“ Proceed.” Xena said with an indifferent wave of her hand.

Questra and Gabrielle had gone to Athens to see an art exhibition. The weather
there was beautiful. They invited Xena, but she had to catch up on some of the
cases, she was determined to see as many as possible before the end of the

“ Proceed.”

“ My Lord, thank you for hearing my case.”

“ Your welcome, proceed.”

“ Well My Lord, my son was trying to sell some wares down at the market place
in Forsum, and the next thing I hear is that he’s been arrested.”

“ Did you ask your son why he was arrested?”

“ He said he didn’t know why.”

“ Where is your son?”

“ He’s here my lord. Torrence.” The woman called as his son a 6 ft tall young
man stepped forward.

Xena raised a brow at the young man, but said nothing, just studied him for a

“ Yes Mother?” The young man said with some sharpness to his voice.

“ Our Lord wants to speak to you, she wants to know why you were arrested .”

“ I already told you that I don’t know!” The young man shouted somewhat
harshly at his mother for asking him again.

“ I know! But Our Lord wants to know.” The woman shouted back. The young man
turned around to face his Lord, and with contempt in his eyes, he glared at

Xena sighed, and then covered her mouth to cover a yawn.

“ So....the merchant didn’t want to buy your wares, Why?”

“ I don’t know!” The young man said indignantly.

The Guards started to move towards the young man, due to his tone. He saw them
and a flush of embarrassment came to his face as soldiers now all leveled
their gaze on him. Xena raised just her hand without raising her arm to halt
the soldiers advances.

Xena noticed how the young man looked when other men confronted him, and yet
he seem to be loud with women. Xena reasoned that the young man was a coward,
and only bullied those he thought he could get away with it on and they not do
anything about it.

“ Tell me Torrence was the merchant you were selling to a male or female?”

“ Female!” The man hissed.

“ I see. And the soldiers who arrested you, were they female as well?”

“ Female!”

“ So, your the one who gave my guards a hard time?”

“ Well they shouldn’t try to be something they aren’t meant to be.”

“ How old are you?”

“ 22, why?”

“ Well at 22 I would think that you at least have been at the age to
understand things for at least 14 years. You seem to have a problem with women
telling you what to do, or disagreeing with you?”

“ So.”

“ So, you forget to whom rules this Realm, it is a woman. Now tell me what
happened that the Merchants called for soldiers.”

“ I didn’t do anything, I just dropped a few of her glass wares, then I
accidentally bumped into some others.” The man grinned.

“ Purely by accident, right?” Xena stated knowingly, and bored.

“ Yes, that’s right.” The young man agreed to a more plausible excuse.

“ Where is the Merchant?”

“ I am here My Lord.”

“ Step forward and tell me what happened.” Xena watched as a 5 ft nothing size
petite woman stepped forward.

“ Tell me what happened.”

“ This guy wanted to sell me knives, and I told him I wasn’t interested,
especially considering I sell glassware. He got upset and started yelling. I
told him to leave, and he said, We women think just because there is a woman
ruler, that we think we are equal to men and he was going to show me my

“ And what place was that?”

“ He broke expensive glasses and vases, and then lifted up one of the tables
and just tipped all of the glassware that was on it off onto the floor, there
was glass everywhere. I told him he would have to pay for it, but he started
yelling at me, and so I ran out of the my store and went to get the
authorities, by the time we came back he was gone. My Shop was completely
destroyed, I have nothing but a empty store with only broken glass

“ I’ve heard enough. Torrence, you will pay the Merchant the money you owe her
for her wares, and you will also do some charity, you will go to the hospice
and help for free tending to the needs of the sick, for 6 months, you will go
everyday for four hours, I don’t care if it is doing the day or evening hour,
but you will go, if you miss one day for no good reason, which I will be the
one to decide if it is a good reason, then you will be returned here and you
will be whipped, and made to work as a servant on one of my realms animal
farms, and if I hear of any further problem from you then I will personally
deal with your disrespect and rude behavior you have shown to not only Me as
the Ruler, but also to your mother, the merchant, and my Soldiers, and you
won’t like the way I deal with you, I can assure you. Do you understand?”

“ Yes!” The man answered with distaste.”

“ Take him.” Xena ordered and the guards stepped forward escorted him away.

“ My Lord, are you ready for the next case?”

“ Enough for today.” Xena said ending the court sessions.

When she arrived back in her chamber, she went and changed out of her royal
robes and bathing she then dressed in a light robe and feeling somewhat
restless she went to sit in the sitting room on the sofa, with her legs
stretched out along the length of it.

After a while of sitting and reading, she put the scroll she was reading on
the small table next to the sofa, and stretching her arms and muscles, closed
her eyes for a moment to rest them, while she was resting her eyes, she heard
a knock on the door, and the guard called that someone wanted to have and
audience with her,and that it was very important.

Xena didn’t answer for a moment, and then sighing deeply, out of just wanting
to try and relax, she decided it wouldn’t hurt to listen to the person for a
few moments, especially since the person had come to her personal chamber.
Xena finally sighed and then called to the guard to send the person in.

“ Come.” She did not move from where she was trying to relax, she didn’t even
bother to open her eyes, she just rested back against the armrest of her sofa
and putting her hands behind her head she waited for the person to come in.

Xena heard the door open, but she did not open her eyes, she just spoke as she
tried to relax.

“ So what is so important that it could not wait until I held regular

No answer came, and Xena asked again.

“ Well?”

Still no answer, Xena opened her eyes to look at the person who had
interrupted her rest, only to stand mutely when spoken to. Xena’s Breath
caught in her throat, the person who stood by the door, looking with pure love
and a demure elegance back at her with mirroring eyes. Both women just
remained where they were at first, both unsure if what they were each
experiencing was real, both for different yet the same reason.

Finally Xena found her voice as she rose from the sofa she had been reclining

“ Diana?”

Diana smiled warmly at the sound of her name on the only person’s lips she has
ever loved with her being.

“ Yes.” Was the simple reply.

Xena’s emotions were everywhere all at once, so the only thing she could
manage was to open her arms. Diana strided over and wrapped her own arms
around Xena, as Xena enclosed Diana with her own strong arms. Diana buried her
head in Xena’s neck, as Xena did the same. The two women didn’t kiss or
anything, they just stood holding each other, just melting into one anothers
embrace, their tears flowing freely over each others dark hair.

Finally after a while Xena once again was the one to speak, albeit with a lump

in her throat.

“ Diana, wh......what are you doing here?”

Diana smiled and then smirked at Xena as she stepped back and cocked her head
at Xena, and with humor in dancing in her eyes, she realized Xena didn’t

“ You didn’t want me to come back?” Diana asked feigning hurt.

“ Of Course I did!!” Xena stated with hurt registering in her voice.

Diana heard it and went back into Xena’s arms and kissed her cheeks and
forehead, and pecks to her lips as she soothe the stress brows on Xena.

“ I was joking love. I shouldn’t have done that to you. I’m back because a
year has past, and that was the deal.”

“ A year? Kitten it’s only been 6 months?” Xena said with distress at Diana
possibly having broken her agreement with Seductra, and the ramifications of
that breech.

“ It’s only been six months here Xena, but there it’s been 1 year.” Diana’s
eyes now sparkled glee as she saw Xena catch what she was saying.

Xena pinched her lips as she tried to keep from showing Diana had got her,
eventually a smirk made it’s way to her lips and then Xena pulled Diana back
into her and this time they did kiss.

After Xena ordered the Sentries to not tell anyone that Diana was back for the
next week, Xena lifted Diana into her arms and carried her into their bed
Chambers, where the two spent the next seven days making love.

While Diana was still asleep after their last encounter, Xena rolled over onto
her side and at first she casually perused Diana’s soft sweet body, but then
her inspection became purposeful. Xena inspected Diana’s body from head to
toe looking for any changes to Diana’s physical body.

Xena knew there was core changes to Diana as a result of pleasing The
Seductress, and receiving the gift that only The Seductress could give. Xena
started with Diana’s hair where she had noticed the red streaks earlier, but
now she was able to see them and feel for any difference in the texture, Xena
looked at Diana’s whole face with the new highlights, and although she hated
the idea that Diana had been affected with such an obvious change, Xena
decided she could get past it, and in fact it was still beautiful on Diana.
Then Xena looked down Diana’s neck, and on to her breast, and eventually Xena
had made her way over Diana’s whole body, including her back and backside, as
she rolled her over.

Okay so there are three new things to what belongs to me on you Consort, your
hair, miniature marking of a woman with a gift in hand, and people reaching
out for it, the emblem of The Seductress. Xena really didn’t like that,
especially with where it was located, right inside of Diana’s Nether lips.

Then there was the final indication of Diana’s experience with The Seductress.
her eyes now had a crescent moon faint marking on the sapphire ring that
encircled Diana’s chestnut color pupils.

“ Okay, now we’re going to talk about this one.” Xena grumbled to herself. “
Wake up Consort!” Xena finally stated with no patiences left.

“ Hmm....Xena....I want to sleep, I have no energy left, I can’t even lift my
arms....see?” Diana said as she tried to move her arms.

“ Good, that way you can’t run.”

“ Run, why would I want or need to run?” Diana asked still sleepily.

“ Because I want to know why your eyes are marked?”

“ My eyes? Xena I’m too tired to think about that right now, so I’m just going
to get some more very needed sleep, so that I can regain my strength, for
our next active session, okay? Okay.” Diana yawned and still lying on her
belly she closed her eyes and was going to go back to sleep.

Xena however was looking at Diana as if she couldn’t believe that Diana would
think she would just drop something like this, so narrowing her eyes for a
moment, Xena looked at Diana’s slightly covered backside, and with a brow now
arched up, she slipped the silk sheet from the rest of Diana’s behind and
with a hand quicker than the eyes, Xena laid two firm swats to each of Diana’s

“ OWWWWW..... GODS!!!! Xena?! What was that for, For Gaia sakes, that hurt!!!”

“ I asked you a question Consort, but you were still sleepy, well....are you
awake now?” Xena asked curtly as she cocked her head at the now fully awake

“ Yes.” Diana sighed with a pout.

“ Good, I’m glad, now answer my question.” Xena stated sternly.

“ I don’t know what your talking about Xena?”

“ Really? Well right now, as I look into your eyes, I see, three things, one
your natural eye color, two, the identifying color that matches my eye color,
and the third is a crescent translucent colored moon, that is within the
sapphire color of your eyes, of course I don’t think anyone else would be able
to see it, but I can see it clearly, and I DON’T LIKE IT! I want to know why
it’s there!!”

“ I don’t know Xena!”

“ Diana it’s a marking, a way of identifying! Tell me you are not in love with

“ First give me that elixir so I can at least sit up.”

Xena glared at Diana for a moment, and then she jumped from the bed and
stormed over to get the vile. After giving Diana a drop of it on her tongue,
Xena paced the room waiting for Diana. Finally Diana spoke.

“ Xena, I am not in love with Seductra, nothing has changed from what I told
you before, I am only in love with you, you are the only person for me, now I
don’t know why my eyes are marked the way they are, but I can promise you, it
is not because of identifying with anyone else. My eyes only see you.”

Xena stood studying Diana for a few minutes, then she pulled Diana to her, and
leaning down, she placed a tender kiss to Diana’s lips, then she whispered in
no uncertain terms, Your lucky I believe you Consort, otherwise, I’d have to
whip you.”

Xena then leaned back to show Diana just how serious she was about what she
was saying. Diana shivered as a result, and then Xena pulled Diana into her
again and wrapped her arms around her. Despite Xena’s warning, only a moment
ago, Diana sighed at the comfort and security she felt from being back in
Xena’s arms.

“ By The Gods Xena, I missed being here.” Diana said sighing again.

“ And I missed having you here kitten. Especially like this.” Xena purred as
she begun caressing Diana’s nude body, then she slowly lowered herself down as
she kissed and nipped at Diana’s glowing body. Diana moaned as her breathing
begun to increase once again the way it had done many days and nights before.
Soon Xena was reveling in the sweetness that was Diana once again.

By the time Xena was through Diana was once again exhausted, but for some
reason Diana felt even more alive and exhilarated.

“ You realize Xena, there are at least two other people who now know that I am
back, and I’m sure we should go and see them, don’t you?”

“ Why?” It’s been a year since you have been gone, and I plan on you making up
for that.” Xena purred with serious undertone.

“ It’s only been six months Xena.” Diana said thinking she was correcting the

“ Diana I don’t care if it were 6 minutes, you’ve been gone too long, and I
plan on making you pay for that. But....your right, we have to make an
appearance. So...get up and get dressed.

Meanwhile while those two were busy with catching up, Gabrielle and Questra
both remembered everything the moment Diana showed back up in Xenadia.

“ I can’t believe she did that to me, I mean sent me back, and she stayed
there by herself. But I’ll talk to her about it later, right now I just want
to see her.”

“ Yes you can talk to her about that later, right now she deserves to be
welcomed home.” Questra agreed as she took Gabrielle’s hand and the two of
them went to see Diana and Xena in their chamber.

“ Hi SIS!! Welcome home!! Are you okay?!Oh I so Glad your home!!”

“ Hello Gabrielle, I missed you so much. I’m fine, I’m glad to be home. I
missed all of you.” Diana said in greeting Gabrielle and hugging her tightly.

Afterwards Questra welcomed Diana home.

“ Diana, the palace has been empty without you, I know your Lord has missed
you, and I’m sure she’s making up for lost time?” Questra said with a tease as
she kissed Diana on the forehead, and then gave her a big hug.

“ Welcome home little one.”

“ Thank you Lord Questra.”

“ So sis what do you want to do now that your ready to go out into the world
and see everyone, if you know what I mean?” Gabrielle stated as she winked at

Diana laughed and then commented.

“ Well, like Xena always say, first thing first. “ Then looked over her
shoulder to render a glance at Xena who simply raised her brow and smirked.”
Well actually I don’t know, I just want to see everyone, especially Ephiny.
How is she?”

“ She’s great, her and Shatara are planning their bonding ceremony sometime
for next year.”

“ Really? That’s wonderful!” Diana stated excitedly, then she looked back at
Xena for some reason with a little concern. Xena cocked her head, but didn’t
say anything.

“ Well do you want to go now?”

“ Yes.”

The four of them arrived at Ephiny’s resident, where there was a banquet setup
in honor of Diana.

“ Ephiny this really was not necessary, I just wanted to come and see how you
were and also Elain.”

“ I know, but I had to do something to show not only my complete gratitude,
but also that of The Amazons. “

“ Well thank you, Xena wanted to do the same thing, but I managed to talk her
out of it.”

“ Well I know if you hadn’t asked for Lord Xena to not give you a ceremony, it
would have truly been worthy I’m sure, but nothing could ever be enough to
thank you for what you have done for ....Everyone of us.”

“ Well, thank you, it is very kind of you to say that, but I have to admit, I
am so glad to be home.”

“ I’m sure, but I don’t understand something?”

“ What?”

“ I thought you had to stay a year?”

“ I did.”

“ But it’s only been 6 months?”

“ Here it’s six months, but there it was a year.”

“ Oh, alright. You know I can’t help but notice your hair has changed?”

“ Oh, yes, a casualty I guess?” Diana said trying to be sensitive to the fact
that Xena didn’t like the change, but was trying to get use to it.

“ That’s what I would call it.” Xena interjected as she reached for her drink.

“ Well, I take it , it’s not a good subject? ” Ephiny noticed and was willing
to change the subject.

“ So Ephiny, I heard that you and Shatara’s relationship has really

“ Yes, we are looking to bond next summer.”

“ Well congratulations, I know the two of you will be very happy. By the way,
where is Shatara?”

“ She went to speak to one of the Priestess’s of Adelphi, she’ll be returning
next week.”

“ I see. Now I want to know when you two are planning on bonding?” Diana said
gesturing towards Gabrielle and Questra.

“ Soon. You can be sure, but we didn’t want to do it while you were away, it
wouldn’t be complete.” Questra stated with sincerity in her tone.

Diana smiled and then smirked.

The evening was going well, they all laughed about many things during the
evening, then Elain and Charli arrived back from visiting one of their sister
tribes, and they did not have a traveller, so they had to travel the regular
way, which took them four days to get back after hearing that Diana was back.

“ Elain, Charli, come up here and sit with us.” Ephiny said inviting the two
Amazons to the table with her and Xena and Questra and Diana and Gabrielle and
Solari, and Eponin.

“ Thank you My Queen.” Elain and Charli acknowledged Ephiny first, and then
they bowed and acknowledged Xena and Questra and Diana and Gabrielle.

Elain then walked around the table and went and stood by Diana’s chair. Diana
stood up and Elain wrapped her arms around her and sob out of joy and
overwhelming gratefulness.

“ I sorry Your Highness, I didn’t mean to get emotional, I am just so deeply
indebted to you, it’s hard to speak the words that I think are inadequate in
expressing my utter joy that you have been returned home safely to us, but
also how I will never be able to repay you for sacrificing yourself for me, as
well as everyone else, I am just overjoyed to see you back home with all of
us, and I hope if you ever need anything, you will call on me?”

“ And Me Your Highness, I am just as overjoyed to have you home. and I too am
in your debt for saving Elain, I don’t know what I would have done if I had
lost her. All of the Amazons are in your debt, for saving our Queen. Thank you
from our hearts....” Charli choked, and Diana wrapped her arms around Charli,
and hugged her. She now had tears of her own rolling down her face.

Diana then took a deep breath to compose herself and then she loosen her
embrace on Charli.

“ You know, while I deeply appreciate your gratitude and the love in your
words shines as bright as My Lords smile in my heart, I really am quite
overwhelmed by it all, about the impact of what I did means for mankind,
Please, sit.” Diana said as she noticed that everyone in the banquet hall had
all come to their feet, just as she embraced Charli and Elain, and the
applause was almost deafening within the chamber, which was a lot smaller than
the Palace’s banquet hall.

Diana then turned her attention to everyone in the hall, and wanting to get
things settled once and for all, at least with the Amazons, and since the
subject was focused on what she did, Diana decided to make an impromptu speech
about things.

“ First of all, I want to thank you all for your welcoming of me home, I do
feel truly home. Thank you. Now, about what I did, since every seems to be
focused on that right now, and I completely understand why, but like I was
just saying to your Amazon Sisters, and my friends, I am very overwhelmed by
the meaning of what I did, but I have to tell you all, I would not have done
it if there were ANY other way, while I was treated with respect and dignity
while I was there, the only thing I wanted was to fulfill my obligation to her
and return home to my family and friends, knowing that everyone was safe from
the shadows of Seductra, mainly Queen Ephiny, and Elain. So although I
understand your gratitude, please, let’s move on.”

Again the Banquet hall of people came to their feet with applause, and then
Ephiny stood and raising her hands for silence in the hall. She grasped
Diana’s hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“ Amazons, Our Lords Queen has asked for us to honor her by allowing her to
just enjoy being home among friends and family, so we will give that to her,
as our way of honoring what she has done for all of us.”

The Amazons all bowed and then took their seats, as did all of the other
guest. Diana smiled her appreciation, and then sat back down in the special
seat that was made for both Diana and Xena to seat in, the same as the ones in
the Palace.

Xena hugged Diana to her, and whispered in her ear. “ You can’t blame them,
you really did save mankind, and I think you deserve to be praised from here
and throughout every land that exist, plus all of the others that we know
exist in other times, as does Seductra.” Xena then kissed Diana’s cheek and
hugged her again.

Diana both groaned at the thought, but she also moaned as a result of Xena’s

“ Diana, may I ask you a question?”

“ Of course Elain.”



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