By D.virtue

“ yes, why were you on my lap? I mean it’s not like we’re....”

“ Children! It’s not like we’re children, you absolutely right Lord Questra,
I’m not a child and I shouldn’t be acting like one, please forgive me?”

“ Questra didn’t answer she just took another sip of her ale, and studied

“ Um....right. Lila, can you excuse us for a bit, I just need to talk to Lord

“ sure.” Lila said still unconvinced as to what Gabrielle had told her.

Gabrielle watched Lila leave and then she turned to speak with Questra.

“ I suppose you don’t want to explain yourself, do you Gabrielle?”

“ Um....not really?”

“ Well, you have no choice, spill it.”

“ What?”

Questra just narrowed her eyes at Gabrielle’s feigning attempt.

“ Okay, I haven’t told any of my family or friends here in Poteidaia.”

“ I gathered that much. I want to know why?”

“ Well it’s not for the reason you may think.”

“ Really?” Then tell me why and I will tell you if it’s what I was thinking?”

“ I didn’t tell them because this town is really small compared to a lot of
towns, and the people can be so ....single minded about things sometimes. “

“ Why? They obviously have accepted Diana’s and Xena’s relationship.”

“ Yes, but that was different, they saw it as a way for the town to not be
taken, if Xena and Diana got together.”

“ So once again, Diana made a sacrifice, even for people who used her?”

Gabrielle’s cheeks flushed red at the thought.

“ Gabrielle, I know you didn’t have anything to do with using Diana for those
reasons, I know you love her and would never want to hurt her, which you know
if she knew it would hurt her, and probably deeply, right?”

“ I get it, your saying that sometimes people do things because they simply
are just looking out for those they care about, so me not wanting to tell
Diana this is just like her not wanting me to remember, although it was wrong,
if the end result worked out this time, then I should let it be a lesson one
that should not be repeated, but I should realize who’s making the mistake and
the motive behind it, alright your right.”

“ I know, but it’s always nice to hear it.” Questra smirked as she gave
Gabrielle a knowing gaze.

“ Yes it is.” Gabrielle said as she smiled at the loving kiss Questra rendered
on her hands, as she held them from across the table.

“ So...when are you going to tell them?”

“ I don’t know, I have to find the right time.”

“ There is no right time to tell one’s parent’s something like this. Would you
like me to tell them?”

“ NO! I mean no, I’ll tell them.”

” When Gabrielle?”

“ I don’t know, soon, okay?”

“ That’s fine with me Gabrielle, as long as you tell them before we leave
here, otherwise I will.”

“ But Questra, the town can be mean sometimes, very judgmental.”

“ And your point is?”

“ I just don’t want anyone ridicule you, or me for that fact.”

“ hahahahaha....Gabrielle, do you think I care what anyone thinks about me, or
us, as long as I know you love me and believe in us, I will protect you from
any scorn I can, but even before I got involved with you, I never concerned
myself with what people thought, if I did then I would have went into my
little home and hid there away from the world, because everyone has something
to say, it’s just up to the person to decide whether what that person has to
say is worth listening too, I found for the most part, it wasn’t. But as a
Ruler I have t listen to everyone, but no one has the right to get into my
personal business, unless they are invited in.”

“ I’ll tell them.”

“ Good. Let’s go and check on Diana.”

“ Okay.” Gabrielle said as she stood up to walk with Questra back to her
parent’s house.

“ You know Gabrielle, you and Diana have been a handful today? I’m actually
worn out.” Questra yawned as she and Gabrielle made it back to the house.

“ Thank you, Diana why don’t you come over and sit down with us?”

Diana looked at the woman she called mother, and with a warm smile she walked
over and sat down with her and the others. Questra and Gabrielle walked in,
and Diana looked over at them and greeted both of them.

“ Hi.”

“ Hello Diana, are you okay?” Questra asked with warmth sounding in her voice.

“ Yes, thank you.”

“ Diana?”

“ Yes Gabrielle?”

Gabrielle chewed her lips and then she walked over to where Diana had taken a

“ I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have.....”

“ It’s okay, you were right, I was wrong, but I have to admit, I can’t say I
wouldn’t do it again, but I would think about it longer before I decided.”

Gabrielle smiled and then Diana went on.

“ It is nice to hear it , isn’t it?”

“ What?” Gabrielle asked somewhat surprised to hear the same statement that
Questra had spoken to her only a few minutes ago.

“ To hear someone, me admit I was wrong, you know this is the first argument
you have ever won over me?”

“ Yes, I know, but it’s a start.” Gabrielle said as she gave Diana a hug, and
then whispered, “ Your right, it is nice to hear? Thank you.”

“ Your welcome. Don’t expect to win anymore.”

“ I don’t know, now that I know it’s possible, who knows what I could do?”

“ hahahahaha, funny, now sit down before you float away from that inflating
head of yours.” Diana teased, as she poked Gabrielle in the side.

“ okay, but I don’t have an inflated head.”

“ Yes you do.”

Gabrielle smirked and then sat down by Questra.

Lila noticed the look between them, and then she saw how Gabrielle went and
sat near Questra, rather than her.

“ So what were you guys talking about?” Gabrielle asked.

“ You, and Lord Questra.”

“ Rea....really?”

“ Yes, Xena was just telling us how you and Lord Questra has spent time at her

“ yes, no big deal, it’s beautiful and everything.”

“ What are the rooms like?”

“ Like Lord Xena’s Palace in Greece.”

“ So they were decorated exactly alike Gabrielle?”

“ Well no, I mean it has Questra’s touch.”

“ Questra? Don’t you mean Lord Questra Gabrielle? I mean it is a little
disrespectful to call Her Majesty by her name without being invited to do so,
and I haven’t heard her Lordship invite you to do that?”

“’s just a slip.”

“ That’s strange?”

“ What is Lila?” Gabrielle asked with some defensiveness in her tone.

“ That you would SLIP on something like that, especially considering how you
use to tell me that no matter whatever else I forget, the one thing I better
not ever forget was how to address Our Lord, and any other Royalty, I also
remember you telling me how Lord Xena got upset with you for making such a
slip, early on when you first got there, but I remember you saying you had not
forgotten since then, so I just find it strange that after all of this time,
you would make such a SLIP?” Lila answered with a false sounding sincerity.

“ Well I forgot, aren’t I allowed?”

“ Of course Princess Gabrielle, that is what the Amazons call you isn’t it?”

“ yes Lila.”

“ Then how is it that you would forget something like that, especially since
your a Royal as well?”

Gabrielle sighed in frustration at the conversation, and then she simply said,
“ Your right, it is strange that I would forget something like that. Happy

“ Why are you so defensive, you act like your trying to keep from telling us

“ I’m not being defensive, I just don’t like being questioned like I am on

“ Gabrielle you need to calm down.” Questra stated seeing how Gabrielle was
about to lose her temper.

“ Well Lila started it.”

“ Started what Gabrielle honey?” Gabrielle’s mother asked, not understanding
why Gabrielle was getting upset.

Neither did her father, but Diana and Xena both caught on quickly, and Diana
stole a glance at Gabrielle and then turned back to continue to play off her
shock, that even after their conversation before her leaving to go to
Seductra’s, she couldn’t believe Gabrielle had not told them yet.

“ Gabrielle you didn’t tell them?” Diana asked with her mind.

“ No, I didn’t know how.” Gabrielle answered the same way.

Diana sighed and then glanced over at Xena.

“ She didn’t tell them, did she?”

“ No, Xena it could get ugly.”

“ You mean Gabrielle’s parents will asked Questra to leave?”

“ I don’t know, they could, but because she’s a Ruler, they may not risk
offending her, but I can see them making Gabrielle feel guilty about it.”

“ I see.”

“ Gabrielle, why are you sitting over there? I mean you haven’t been home in
months, and rather than come and sit by me, you sit there although you’ve seen
her Lordship probably daily....and nightly.”

“ Lila?! “ Her mother called.” My Lord, please forgive her? She doesn’t know
what she’s saying.”

“ Is that right Lila? Do you not know what your saying?” Questra asked of the
impudent young girl, who seemed to be a gentle soul at first, but now was
acting like a true brat.

“ I think I do.”

“ Really? And what do you think Lila?”

“ I think you and Gabrielle are lovers My Lord.”

“LILA?!! Her Mother shouted as she and her husband came to their feet.

“ Lord Questra please don’t be angry with her, she will be punished I can
assure you.”

“ Why?”

“ For saying such a thing?”

“ You sound amazed at the very idea of two women, how is that possible? I mean
your very own Lord is bonded with a woman, a woman you took into your family
as your daughter, are you saying their relationship offenses you?” Questra
asked in a Ruler like way, trying to get to the point.

“ your Lordship, but that’s entirely different than if .....”

“ Than if Diana was your true flesh and blood?”

Both of the parents looked slightly guilty by the statement.

“ Yes, Diana is not of our flesh, but we have taken her in as one of her
family. We will be very honest with you, and I hope Our Lord does not take

“ Proceed.” Xena commanded.

“ Thank you My Lord. It’s true that we were uncomfortable with Diana’s and Our
Lord’s relationship, I mean two women, making love, just seem like it was an
impossible thing. Then there’s the issue of children, how could two women
possibly procreate? It’s just not physically possible, and we want
grandchildren one day, but because Diana and her Lordship decided to get into
a relationship, we gave up hope of ever having a grandchild by Diana. We were
able to accept their relationship, and now we don’t have any problems with it.
But, just because we accept one, does not mean we will accept any other, we
want grandchildren one day, it’s not an unreasonable expectation.”

“ No, you are absolutely correct, a relationship with another woman does make
it virtually impossible to procreate, but there are many options.”

“ Yes, but none of which has both parents, D.N.A.”

“ I can respect your desires, and I will not try to convince you that your
right or wrong, but the fact of the matter is, just as Diana made her
decision, so must your other two daughters, and one by one they will
eventually have to make decisions, where love will be their guide, and their
own conscious’s, and morals, will be their foundation for how their
relationships grow, or decline, if they don’t have faith in their own choices
in such things, then how will they ever have faith in anything that they may
have to make a decision about? They would always be doubting themselves.”

“ What’s your point Lord Questra?”

“ My Point is.....” Questra paused for a moment, and glanced at Gabrielle.
Gabrielle gave a small smile, and then took a deep breath and finished
Questra’s statement.

“ The point is Mother and Father, that Lila was right, Lord Questra is lover.” Gabrielle said swallowing hard.

“ Wh....what? What are you telling us Gabrielle? Your in love with her

“ Yes, and she’s in love with me.” Gabrielle added as she came to her feet to
go to her mother. “ Mother, I realize this is a shock to you and father, but I
had planned to tell a more appropriate time.” Gabrielle stated as
she spared a glare at Lila.

“ Gabrielle what do you expect us to say? that we accept this, that we support
it? How can we? It would mean the eventual death of our line, and I can not
accept that, I mean Diana is the perfect example of that point, she has no
line of her own, and thank the Gods she chose to let us become her family, but
you know better than anyone how driven she is to protect her family, us, you
and Our Lord. Diana darling, I don’t mean to put you on the spot, you know we
love you, and you have brought nothing but joy into our lives, until now.”

“ Wait just a minute! If you are looking to blame someone for something, then
blame me! Not Diana, she has done too many things for this time, I will not
allow you to attack her, she has protected Gabrielle in ways that no man or
woman would ever think! To do, no, if you want to blame someone for the choice
Gabrielle has made, then it will be me, for I am the one who demanded that she
become my Consort, otherwise I would have destroyed this town, and everyone in
it. I was lucky that I overheard her conversation with Gabrielle on that
fateful day in that Inn, otherwise I would have not made the offer I did,
which brought Diana willingly to my front door, WITH Gabrielle at her side,
despite Diana telling her she couldn’t go with her, but you know as well as I
do, that both of them are very stubborn at times, and that was one of those
times, and I can tell you now, this is another of those times. Gabrielle
should have told you sooner, but I think she was scared of this very reaction,
she loves all of you and would never do anything to hurt you intentionally,
but it’s like Lord Questra said, Her heart has lead her to this woman, there
were plenty of men suitors, before Lord Questra, but Gabrielle had no interest
in them other than friendship, when Lord Questra first showed up that first
time, I could see the sparks between them as if it were the bright of day.
Gabrielle was conflicted about her feelings for a woman, yes, but with help
and guidance and support, she worked it out. There was no pressure for her to
make any choices, the only thing she had to do was follow her heart, look at
all of the relationships she had ever seen and determine what it was that
attracted her to whomever she chose.”

“ My Lord with all due respect, I appreciate what you are saying, but as a
father, I can not and will not let my line die. Gabrielle I love you, but I
will not support your choice in this, you have the right to choose for
yourself, but if the day ever comes for the two of you to bond, know that I
will not be there. Now I am going to turn in, good night to all of you.”
Gabrielle’s father then left the room shaking his head.

“ Mother?” Gabrielle said pleading for understanding.

“ Darling your father does not want our family to end, and with no
grandchildren that is exactly what will happen, you can not ask us to willing
give into that idea, the very purpose of procreation is the continuation of
ones family line, and with what you are choosing for your life, that makes it
impossible to do.”

“ But mother there are other alternatives.”

“ Yes, but none that involve the two people in love. No Gabrielle, I have to
agree with your father on this, I know you love her Lordship, I see that. But
I can not agree with your choice now I’m going to go and check on your
father. Lila don’t stay up to late.”

“ Yes mother.”

“ Good night Lord Xena, Lord Questra, good night girls.”

“ Night.”

“ I love you Gabrielle.” Was the last thing her mother said to her before she
turned and left the room and went to find her husband.

Gabrielle stood holding herself as tears ran down her face.

“ Gabrielle I’m sorry, I didn’t think they would take the news like this, I
was just mad at you for not coming home for months.”

“ It’s not your fault Lila.” Gabrielle said composing herself, she then turned
to face everyone, and with utter sadness in her eyes she turned to Questra. “
I love you with all of my heart, and I have been so very happy since you came
into my life, I could not have asked for a better friend and lover.....”

Questra was getting a bad feeling and her heart felt like it was constricting.

“ Gabrielle....what are you saying?” Questra asked bluntly.

“ I’m saying......I can’t bond with you.” Gabrielle then turned and ran
upstairs to her room.

Questra sat stunned, as if someone had just stabbed her through her heart and
she was still alive by sheer will. Xena was also stunned.

“ Questra I’ll go and talk to her?”

“ No. She has to work this out herself, I......I....I think I will head back
to my Palace for a while.” Questra then stood, and looking at the direction
Gabrielle had gone, she went in the opposite direction and left the house.

“ My Lord I’m sorry.” Lila said feeling completely at fault.

Xena looked at her dubiously, but then she said, “ It’s not your fault.” Xena
then looked at Diana who was unusually quiet during the whole conversation. “
Diana, are you okay?”

“ Yes. But I’m not going to let this happen, Mom and Dad are concerned that
their line will die, I understand that, and can relate, it can become
profoundly lonely, unless you have friends, but even friends do not make up
for a family, that’s why I am so determined to hold on to mine. Gabrielle is
part of that, as well as Questra, and it is their destiny to be together, I
think I know how to make that happen.” Diana then stood up and walked over to
Lila with a stern look on her face, so much so that Lila flinched at Diana’s

“ Your not going to pinch me are you?”

“ No Lila, although I should, but I want you to answer a few questions for me,
just think of your answer and say the first thing that comes to your mind,

“ Ok.”

Diana then smooth Lila’s hair back and then she lifted one strand of hair at
the side of her head.

“ Alright, remember just think of your answer and then answer okay?”

“ Okay.”

“ Lila do you plan on marrying one day a man?”

“ Yes.”

Diana then plucked the hair out. then she went to the other side of Lila’s
head and lifted one strand.

“ Lila do you want children?”

“ yes.”

Diana then plucked it out.

Diana then went to the back of Lila’s head and dividing the hair so that she
could have only one strand she asked.

“ Lila what sex do you want your children to be?”

“ Boys.”

Diana then plucked the final hair out and then she straighten Lila’s hair
back. Xena was now standing by Lila and Diana watching the whole thing with
confusion and curiosity.

“ Now what is the purpose of this?” Xena final asked.

“ You’ll see love, come with me?”

“ Where?”

“ To the Palace of course.” Diana said with humor in her eyes.

“ Let’s go. Lila, tell Gabrielle that we will return soon, if you need us
before then, just send a message ok?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Good.” Xena then turned and caught up with Diana who had just thrown the
traveller and was waiting for Xena.

The two stepped through and were back at the palace. Diana then strided
rapidly to Shatara’s lab.

“ I wonder if she’s back yet? Shatara? Shatara?”

“ Here? I’m over here Diana.”

“ Shatara, welcome home.”

“ No I should be saying that to you, thank you Diana, I can not tell you how
grateful I am to you, I am in your debt for life, because that’s what you’ve
given back to me.”

Xena stood smirking at the warm embrace Shatara gave to Diana, and she thought
about where the three of them were not long ago, and it touched her to see
where they all were today.

“ Your welcome Shatara, it had to be done. But enough about that, I will
shorten your debt to me if you can find out what I want to know, and if it’s
the answer I want, then I will call it even, okay?”

Shatara saw the laughter in Diana’s eyes, and a smile came to her face.

“Okay, deal. So what is it your looking for?”

“ I want to know what the chances are that a person will have a certain gender
of child? Can you do that?”

“ Yes, but two questions.”

“ what?”

“ Why? and you know I will need hair samples right?”

“ Grandchildren, and yes, I brought them.”

“ You and Xena?”

“ No, we don’t have children....yet. Shatara.” Diana stated matter-of-factly.

“ Yet?” Xena mumbled to herself.

“ Then who?”

“ Gabrielle’s parents.”

“ Oh, okay. Well give me the strands, there should be three.”

“ Here you go, all three, with the bulbs on all of them.”

“ Wow, I’m impressed, you remembered this after all of this time?”

“ I remember everything, I just don’t tell anyone. Well Xena knows it, and so
it’s hard to play like I don’t know with her, but now your the only other,
well next to Gabrielle of course.”

“ So you remember all of my portions and spells and chants and all of that?
from just reading my books?”

“ Yes. I could have done this myself, but I prefer to see it done the first
time, before I try it.”

“ Xena, you know you have a mystic right?”

“ A mystic? Me Shatara? Please, no I’m just a woman who has many talents.”

“ I’m serious Diana, you don’t realize it yet, but a lot of the things you
have done all fall under the heading of a Great mystic.”

“ well thanks for the information, but I prefer to be just me.”

“ That is just you Diana.” Shatara said as she put the hairs in a final
container and then chanted and after a moment more, the hairs stood upright,
and forms begun to take shape.

Xena watched intrigued by what she was seeing.

“ What’s happening?”

“ Their forming into either male or female.” Diana whispered back

“ Meaning??”

“ Sorry love. They will show us from left to right what gender Lila’s children
will be, the first one will be her first child and the second , then the third
and then they will fall and if she has more than three they will stand again,
and continue. they go.”

The first one started to take the form first, they all waited, and formed into a male.

“ Yes!!” Diana and Xena both exclaimed, they laughed and then looked at each
other, and then back at the next one, and once again they waited for a moment,
then it to formed and again, another male.

“ Yes! Yes!” Diana exclaimed for the both of them.

They watched as the hairs took shape and after four times, the fifth and sixth
times, the hairs formed into girls. Then the hairs went limp and didn’t rise

Xena raised her brow at Diana and then said in an impressed tone of voice.

“ Well, Lila’s going to be busy for a while after she get’s married.”

“ I think it’ll be because of the process and not necessarily the end result,
that will keep her pregnant.” Diana said smirking.

“ Well, in that case I can’t blame her. I mean the process is....quite
stimulating.” Xena said as she leaned down and kissed Diana’s moist lips. “
Okay let’s go.” Xena said abruptly breaking the kiss, which almost made Diana
lose her balance.

“ Oh, right.” Diana said running her hand through her hair somewhat
embarrassed by what she was thinking was about to happen.

Shatara laughed and then said goodbye to the two of them and went back to
working on another experiment.

“ Ok, now that we know Lila is going to have a house full of children, what do
you want to do with the information?”

“ I don’t know.”

“ I do, let’s go talk to Gabrielle first, and then we’ll go talk to her

“ Or maybe Gabrielle will go talk to them?” Diana asked hopefully.

“ Maybe?” Xena said encouragingly.” But first things first.”

“ Okay.”

Xena and Diana used the traveller to get back to the house and they went
inside and up the stairs quietly and entered into Gabrielle’s room, where they
found her still crying. Diana went over to her and wrapped her arms around

“ Gabrielle? I’ll make a deal with you, if you will stop crying, I will tell
you some news Xena and I just found out.”

Gabrielle sobbed a moment more, and then she sniffed and then she lifted her
head up off of Diana’s chest and looking through teared filled eyes, she
sniffed again and then wiped her eyes.

“ What news?”

“ You have to stop crying.”

“ I don’t know if I can, I feel like my heart is torn to pieces.”

“ I know, but I think the news we have will help ease it some and help you
make up your mind once and for all?”

“ really?”

“ Yes. So your through crying right?”

“ Yes.”

“ Great. Well Xena and I, with the help of Shatara, just found out that Lila
would not only get married and have children, but she would have six , four
boys, and two girls, in that order. What do you think?”

“ Are you sure?”

“ Gabrielle, do you think I would allow Diana to tell you this if we weren’t
absolutely sure?”

“ Then our family will continue as a result of Lila, right?”

“ Yes, for a long time to come.” Xena said tenderly.

“ Oh...I just love you two so ....much, always there for me! Thank you, Thank
you! OOOO..... Gabrielle said gleefully as she hugged the two women as tightly
as she could, and they hugged her back, and kissed her.

” So what do you want to do Gabrielle?” Diana finally asked.

“ I want to go tell my mother and father. Will you come with me?”

“ Yes.”

“ Great let’s go!”

“ But Gabrielle it’s the middle of the night, I’m sure they are asleep.”

“ So...why should they be able to sleep and I can’t, plus this is to important
to wait until tomorrow.” Gabrielle called over her shoulder as she headed out
the door towards her parent’s room.

After knocking on the door, they were invited inside.

“ Mother, father, I’m sorry to wake you, but I thought you needed to know

“ Gabrielle we we’re asleep, we were just talking. So what is it?”

“ If you found out that you would still have bloodline grandchildren, would
you support me and Questra’s relationship?”

“ Gabrielle how is that possible, you can not have bloodline children with
another woman?”

“ But if there were a way for you to have grandchildren of your line, would
you accept our relationship?”

“ Yes.”

“ Great! Because I just found out that Lila will not only get married and have

children, but she will have six, four boys and two girls in that order.”
Gabrielle stated excitedly.

Her parents sat up straighter in the bed, and their mouths dropped open at the
news, and then her mother shook her head for a moment and then asked.

“ That’s wonderful, but how do you know this?”

“ I found out.”

“ You Diana? How?”

“ Well you both know I have many... unusual talents, anyway, it is true, and
it will come to pass.”

“ Wow....I can’t believe it, four grandsons and two granddaughters. and it’s
all true?” Gabrielle’s father said just as excited as Gabrielle was.

“ Yes.”

“ Well Gabrielle, I see no reason to hold you back from being with the one you
love, I will support you and Lord Questra’s relationship, now that I know our
line won’t end.”

Gabrielle then fell into her mother and father’s arms and they held her as she
cried tears of joy. Xena and Diana eased out of the room and after they had
gone back to Gabrielle’s room to wait for her, Diana was just closing the
door, and just as she turned Xena lifted her chin up and looking deeply into
Diana’s surprised eyes,she leaned forward.

“ I am so very proud of you Consort.” Xena said with intensity, and then she
kissed Diana hard.

Diana’s hands flew to the door to steady herself from Xena’s ravaging mouth,
as she moaned deep into Xena ‘s throat, then they flew around Xena’s neck and
Xena and her slid down to the floor against the door, but Xena decided to move
them just in case someone came through, so she lifted Diana and moved the both
of them further into the room.

Xena’s hand slipped under Diana’s skirt and she didn’t waste anytime slipping
inside of Diana’s flower. Diana gasped and held Xena tighter, but then she
slid one of her hands down Xena’s abdomen and slipped inside of Xena’s jewel
as well.

The two women thrusted deeply and with hunger into each other, and as they
were building, Gabrielle came back into the room.

“ I’m going to go and talk to Ques......” Gabrielle was exclaiming until she
came in and saw the two. “ Oops...sorry.” Gabrielle apologized, but then she
found herself mesmerized by Xena’s strong arm thrusting, and the memory it
involt in her made her shiver.

“ Gabrielle......!” Xena called breathlessly, wanting to find out what she
wanted, but Diana didn’t care about stopping, she was too close, so she turned
Xena’s mouth back to her’s and once again the two kissed fiercely. “ Spit it
out !” Xena ordered as she broke away her mouth from Diana’s once again only
for a moment.

“ Oh! Oh! Sorry, I going to go and talk to Questra, see you two later, and
thanks.” Gabrielle said in a rush as she backed out of the room and closed the
door. With the lingering image of Xena waving for her to go.

Gabrielle chuckled to herself. “ Well I guess it has been a long time, a
couple of candlemarks I think, hahahahahaha......” Gabrielle then used the
traveller and headed for Questra’s Palace. Meanwhile Diana had her mouth
covered as she and Xena peaked for the first time that night., to prevent
Diana’s passionate screams from traveling throughout the house, and town.

Gabrielle found Questra sitting out on her balcony, just shaking her head
every now and then.

“ Questra?” Gabrielle called softly.

Questra’s movements stopped, and she turned to see Gabrielle standing in the
moonlight, with tears that sparkled like diamond rolling down her face, and a
smile of warmth radiating on her face. She stood up and walked to where
Gabrielle stood, and looking into Gabrielle’s eyes, she didn’t even have to
ask, she just smiled a loving smile as her eyes showed gentleness. She held
her arms out to her and Gabrielle fell into them.

“ I am soo....sorry Questra, I know it must have hurt to hear me say those
words, but I promise I will never say them again, please say you forgive me
for being a coward.”

“ Gabrielle, you are not a coward, therefore it is nothing to forgive, yes I
was hurting, but now, it’s as if that hurt never existed, your in my arms and
this is where I intend for you to stay. Therefore, we’re getting bonded next
week, come hail or high waters, you will be mine!” Questra affirmed, and
Gabrielle trembled at the conviction she heard.

“ So are you asking me to bond with you again?” Gabrielle asked teasingly.

“ NO! I’m telling you now.” Questra shot back with all seriousness.

“ I understand.”

“ Good. Now I’m in the mood for a nice relaxing session, if you know what I

Gabrielle saw the look, and she blushed.

“ Good, I see you do.” Questra then claimed Gabrielle’s lips and they kissed
each other intensely and with such fervor, that both moaned into the other’s

Questra removed all of Gabrielle’s clothes as Gabrielle did the same with
Questra, and then they went gently to the floor as Questra positioned herself
on her back and Gabrielle was positioned astride one of Questra’s thighs.

They continued to kiss as their hands begun to explore each others body,
Gabrielle moved her hand to one of Questra’s breast and begun kneading it and
Questra’s moved to match Gabrielle’s but she took hold of Gabrielle’s soft
nipple and begun rolling it in her fingers, and feeling it firm up as
Gabrielle became more turned on. Questra couldn’t resist the feel and so she
squeezed hard on the peak and Gabrielle shivered and whimpered.

Questra broke their kiss and moved Gabrielle up her body, so that she could
devour the peak. Which is what she did. Gabrielle was now moaning and kneading
and squeezing Questra’s breast and nipples with uncontrolled passion.
Gabrielle turned so that she could take Questra’s nipple into her own mouth.

Questra sighed at the feel of Gabrielle’s hot mouth on her breast and and she
let go of the one nipple and took the other into her mouth and devoured it.
Gabrielle’s hands were shaking as a result of the overwhelming sensation
Questra was eliciting.

Then Questra let go of Gabrielle’s breast and begun moving further underneath
Gabrielle, which made Gabrielle have to let go of Questra’s delicious nipple.
By the time Questra stopped, she was positioned between Gabrielle’s silk
chaste gate. Questra didn’t waste time with teasing but instead seized
Gabrielle’s peak and begun sucking it in and out of her mouth.

“ By The Gods!!!” Gabrielle gasped, as she shivered and shuddered.

Questra licked her tongue over the now pulsating peak and then let her tongue
slide down to Gabrielle’s chaste opening, where she slipped her tongue deep
inside of her and begun thrusting with it.

Gabrielle begun moving her hips to match the rhythm Questra had set and before
she knew it, she was overtaken by her ecstasy, and she cried out Questra’s
name. Which caused Questra to experience her own. Questra feasted on
Gabrielle’s essence and when Gabrielle was about to collapse , from the
experience, Questra rolled them over and rather than stopping, she once again
took hold of Gabrielle’s still pulsating peak and sucking on it hard and with
hunger, Gabrielle was once again building towards another climax, even before
she could catch her breath from the last one.

“Please.....?” Gabrielle whimpered as her ecstasy was nearing and her
breathless state had her panting for air. Questra simply took hold of
Gabrielle’s tighten nipples and once again she rolled and pinched and then
squeezed. Questra then slipped her tongue deep into the young woman’s blossom,
as she reveled in the excessively moist cavern.

Once again she felt Gabrielle’s inner muscles began to contract against her
tongue and as a result she increased her movements. Gabrielle’s back arched up
off of the floor, as her ecstasy radiated from her toes to the top of her
head, and her breath caught in her throat and held. As her body shook with her

Finally after it had ended, Gabrielle collapsed to the floor and tried with
lots of effort to catch her breath. Questra crawled up Gabrielle’s body and
begun soothing her, as she helped Gabrielle relax enough to begin to breath
normally, albeit still rapidly and labored.

“ Are you okay My sweet Bard?”

Gabrielle couldn't answer, instead she moaned and then continued to try to
catch her breath. Questra rolled her in her arms and held her as Gabrielle’s
breathing eventually slowed and then quieted, soon Gabrielle was asleep.

Questra smirked and then rising up with Gabrielle in her arms she lifted her
and carried her to the bedchambers, and laid her in the bed while she went to
get things to clean Gabrielle up. Afterwards Questra climbed into the bed and
wrapped her arms around Gabrielle and held her tightly, and with a tender kiss
to Gabrielle’s head, Questra closed her eyes and went to sleep.

The next day Questra woke up early and went for her morning swim in her lake
and then afterwards she went and woke Gabrielle up.

“ Get up sleepy head, we have a lot to do today.”

“ Mmmm...Questra I want to stay in bed for a while longer.” Gabrielle groaned
as she rolled over and went back to sleep.

Questra smirked and then she leaned forward over the bed and whispered in
Gabrielle’s ear.

“ Okay, if you stay in bed, then I will have you again the same way I did last
night, I really don’t mind my sweet Blossom.”

Gabrielle’s eyes popped open and she looked up at Questra and saw the look in
Questra’s eyes that said she was serious.

“ know...getting up is not a bad idea right night, I mean who needs
4 hours of sleep anyway, right?” Gabrielle gasped as she swung her feet over
the side of the bed and came to her feet and stretched.

“ Hmm....I would be disappointed with your decision, if it weren’t for
everything we have to do. Now get dressed and let’s go.”

“ Go where? Gabrielle asked as she dashed into the other chamber to relieve
her bladder and then clean up some more. While Questra answered her questions
from the other chamber.

“ To Lord Xena’s and Diana’s Palace on Xenadia.”

“ Why?”

“ Because I have to talk to them.”

“ About what? “ Gabrielle asked as she hopped around on one foot trying to put
on her boots.

Questra watched in amusement at Gabrielle’s efforts and then sat down and
decided it would give Gabrielle a hint as to how to put her boots on,
considering Diana had some closed boots made for her.

Gabrielle looked at Questra and Questra arched a brow in return. Gabrielle
looked down at her awkward stance, on one foot still holding the stubborn boot
in position to retry, she then blushed and hobbled over to a chair and sat
down and put the boot on without difficulty.

“ Okay, I’m ready, let’s go.”

“ About time.”

The two used the traveller to arrive back at the Palace and just as they
entered they couldn’t believe all of the activity inside.

“ What’s going on?” Questra asked as she stopped a passing servant who had her
hands full of material.

Gabrielle took the opportunity to feel the material the servant was holding.

“ This is beautiful, Questra don’t you think this would make a wonderful color
for a wedding gown?”

“ Yes Gabrielle it is beautiful.”

“ Lord Questra, My Lord Xena and her Highness, and Queen Ephiny would like to
see you in the Royal design hall.”

“ Just me?”

“ No, princess Gabrielle as well.”

“ Okay. Where is it?”

“ Follow me, I was just on my way there now.”

“ Lead on then.” Questra said as she and Gabrielle followed the servant to the
design room.

When they arrived in the chamber they were even more amazed at the activity.

“ No, I don’t like that one, no, no, that one, yes, have it set aside as

“ Yes My Lord, as you wish.”

“ Ephiny, how are those outfits coming along?”

“ Great Xena, I think this is a brilliant idea, who did you say thought of

“ Diana, she was tired of the roller coaster, so she decided to take things
into all of our own hands and get it set for three days from now.”

“ Well I have to admit, it will be a lost to all of those hopefuls, but it is
definitely what should have happened a while ago, but now that there are no
crisises to contend with, it is the perfect time to do this.”

“ Yes, I agree.” Diana chimed in as she filtered through the different
materials including the ones that the servant had just brought in.

“ Your Majesty, Lord Questra and Princess Gabrielle are here.”

“ Oh, great. Gabrielle, Lord Questra, can you come over here please?”

“ What’s going on Diana?’ Gabrielle asked. “ It looks like your getting ready
for a wedding or something.”

“ Is that what it looks like?”

“ Yes.”

“ Great! Then it’s portraying the image it’s suppose to.” Diana said as she
tossed a multicolored silk over her shoulder.

“ What? I don’t understand? Who’s getting married?”

“ Aren’t you and Questra together again?” Diana asked knowingly.

“ Yes, but?”

“ Good. The way I figure it is, you two have been putting this off for way too
long...granted all for good reasons, but now, all of that is behind us and
it’s time to move forward with our lives, I can’t stand the idea of the two of
you apart again, it almost broke my heart, so I decided, since you two were
taking forever to even begin to plan your bonding ceremony, then maybe you
needed a little ....nudge? Well...nudge, nudge. Now go over there Gabrielle
and tell the dress maker which of the styles you like the best for your gown,
and if you don’t like any of them enough to be your gown design, then come and
tell me, and I will sketch it out for you, and then the seamstress can make
it. Oh, and after you see the dressmaker and make up your mind about the gown
design, go and see the artist, and tell him what color you want the gown to
be, but make sure it is the color you really want, then go and see Ephiny
and..... Gabrielle are you listening to me?”

“ Yes, yes, I’m sorry, I’m just so overwhelmed by all of this.”

“ Well get over it, and listen.” Diana scolded gently, as she had joy shining
brightly in her eyes. “ Okay, now like I was saying, then go and see Ephiny
and tell her what colors you want the Amazons to wear as they stand as your
ladies in waiting. Then....”

“ You and Xena and Ephiny, and Shatara and Nebula are going to stand as my
witnesses aren’t you?” Gabrielle asked with some concern registering in her

“ None of that, this is not a time for concern or doubt, of course we will,
where else would we be? Now, If I can finish?”

“ yes, sorry.”

“ Ok, anyway, after you pick out the colors for the Amazons, you have to make
sure that they will go with your Gown, because as I remember, Amazon dress can
range from dark colors to multicolor, if you choose the multicolor, make sure
that you choose a solid color gown, for yourself and one of the colors of the
Amazon dress as that for Xena’s and My Gown, also one color, and one of the
other colors for Ephiny, Shatara, and Nebula. You understand?”

“ I think so, I’m to go to the dressmaker first and pick out a design I like,
then go to the artist and pick the color, then go and see Ephiny and pick out
those outfits, making sure that they match the colors I’ve chosen for my gown,
then pick one of the colors in the Amazon outfit for you and Xena, making sure
that they compliment your complexions, as well as those for Ephiny, Shatara
and Nebula, right?”

“ By the Gods I think she’s got it.” Diana teased as she turned Gabrielle in
the direction of the dressmaker sent her to her, upon which she immediately
heard the excited voice of the dressmaker when she saw Gabrielle.

“ Princess Gabrielle!! Well it’s about time you got here, come on now, you
have to get busy picking out the design for your gown.”

Diana then laughed, and then turned to Questra who was staring at her in
complete amazement.

“ Lord Questra, are you upset with me for doing this?”

“ I don’t know I....”

“ Well you know what Lord Questra?”

“ What?”

“ I don’t care, you will bond with my sister if I have to drag you to that
alter kicking and fighting, so get over it! Now, you need to go and talk with
Xena’s and yours Royal designers, and do the same thing, only after you pick
out the Royal robe design you want to wear, you need to go and talk with the
crown designers and choose a style you like and it will be made today, I
expect to have everything done by the end of this day, no matter how long the
day is, because tomorrow, we will be dealing strictly with food and
decorations of your Palace....”

“ No.”

“ No?”

“ No, I don’t want the ceremony there, I want it here. Whether here in the
palace, or on the Amazon lands. Although I would think here would be most
appropriate considering how Gabrielle is a Princess and all, but the reception
should be on Amazon land.”

“ I agree fully, you seem to not be as surprised as Gabrielle?”

“ Well that’s because I actually came here to tell you and Xena that
Gabrielle and I were going to be bonded next week...but I love your plan
better. Thank you Diana, you don’t know what this means to me?”

“ I think I do Lord Questra.” Diana said as she received a bright smile from
Questra, that actually made her heart swell. And she couldn’t help smiling as
brightly in return. “ Okay, enough of that, your going to make me lose my
composure, and Xena warned me if I cried one time during this, then she would
take over, and I’m not going to let that happen, so....get over it, the
moments gone. Now like I was saying, after you pick out your crowns, Xena
wants to talk to you.”

“ Really?”

“ Yes really, now go.” Diana commanded.

Questra stood for a moment longer just looking at Diana, and then lifting her
hand to Diana’s cheek, she caressed it softly, and then smiled again and
turned and headed where Diana had ordered her to. Diana stood where she was
for a moment and just looked in both direction as she stood satisfied with how
things were going.

Xena came up behind Diana and wrapped her arms around her, and kissed her
neck. Then she whispered in Diana’s ear.

“ I am so pleased with you kitten, you are so loving and giving and versatile,
it just swells my heart to see you like this, so alive and whimsical, yet
commanding, you know, if it weren’t for the fact that all of these people are
here working to get everything you asked them to get done, I would take you
right here on the floor. “

“ fair, your playing that sentimental part again and your trying to
get me to lose my composure.” Diana pouted as she held Xena’s arms tightly
around her and leaned into Xena’s loving embrace.

“ Aw....well what fun would it be if I couldn’t be like this for a good
reason? I think you like being in control?”

“ Well...”

“ Don’t get to use to it, remember who controls you?”

Diana then turned in Xena’s arms and with a raised brow she went to her toes
and looked Xena straight in the eyes and said with sultriness in her voice.

“ You do My Lord.”

Xena actually flinched as Diana’s eyes changed to Sapphire right before her

“ By The Gods Kitten, your actually turned on by all of this aren’t you?” Xena
said with delight in her tone.

“ Only my love knows just how much.” Diana purred as she then gripped Xena’s
cheeks in her hands and planted a kiss that tingled to both of their feet, and
then back up their spines.

“ B..y...the Gods Kitten! Careful, your pushing it, you’ll end up on this
floor, shuddering with releases.” Xena warned as her own eyes now sparkled
their desire.

Diana smiled a slow smile as she went to her flat feet, and turned around
slowly as she gave a seductive smirk at Xena and then eased out of Xena’s
grasp and strided away, as her hips swayed gently in the sheer outfit she had

“ Whew!” Xena exhaled, as she composed herself and looking to see if anyone
saw her she decided to go and do something,so she turned and went to where
Questra had just finished picking out the crown design and colors, and was
just turning to go and find Xena.

“ All done?”

“ Yes, it’s amazing, the designer said that Diana drew all of those? They all
moved as if they were on the head their amazing.”

“ I know, Diana is very gifted I discovered over the years, and her gifts
continue to grow.”

“ Xena may I ask you a personal question?”

“ Sure what?”

“ Do you ever wonder what will happen when Diana’s full abilities are

“ I’m not sure I know what you mean?”

“ I mean, a lot of Diana’s gifts are wondrous in nature, and defy everything
that most people have ever heard of, yet along seen. Diana’s hands are
literally deadly, I mean, and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way Xena,
and maybe it’s not even the right time to be talking about such things, but I
am so amazed by her, that I have to ask.”

“ Ask what Questra?” Xena asked as she looked back to where Diana was
directing everyone. Then she turned back to look at Questra who was also
looking at Diana.

“ Do you ever worry that one day you won’t be able to control her, I mean do
you ever worry that one day she might turn on you and you not be able to beat
her because of all of her gifts, I mean her nails, her hair, her hands, her
staff, and all of it’s tricks, everything and more I’m sure?”

“ No.”

“ Why?”

“ Because every gift that Diana has, is a gift that I have.”

“ You mean by having Diana on your side?”

“ No, I mean that I literally have every gift that she has discovered.”

“ How is that possible?”

“ Because we are.....literally one. Our souls not only touch, but are one.”

“ So you have those nails?”

“ yes.” Xena said simply as she extended them out and then retracted them just
as quickly.

“ By The Gods Xena! Does Diana know this?”

“ No.”

“ What?!”

“ Why does she need to know this, we are together forever, plus a day?”

“ But how is it possible that she doesn’t know?”

“ Because I never told her, and I took an elixir that allowed me to form
different things with my mind, thereby I put things off to that, and she
accepts it as such.”

“ I’m lost, what do you mean form things with your mind?”

“ This.” Xena then changed her hand into a phallus, and then changed it back.

“ Wow, can you do that anywhere on your body you want?”

“ Yes.”

“ Xena you have got to give me some of that elixir?”

“ Actually I was thinking about it as a bonding gift to you and Gabrielle.”

“ Well it is a gift that will certainly be appreciated....Ah! I think I need
to go and find my sweet blossom, I’m feeling a little ...”

“ Warm?”

“ No, HOT!” Questra exhaled as she went to look for Gabrielle and take care of
the sudden need that had arisen. As she was going she heard Xena call to her.

“ I still want to talk to you later.”

“ You got it, see you later.”

Later that day after all of the arrangements were made for clothing and
things, the four women sat out in the garden just taking in the beauty of the
stars in the night skies.

“ Diana?”

“ Yes Gabrielle?”

“ I know I’ve said it a thousand times, but I have to say it again, Thank you
soooo much sis, this is the best gift you have ever given me, well next to
that one where I won’t scar, and your taking my place at Callisto’s camp, oh,
and finding out about Lila, and....”

“ Gabrielle....your welcome.” Diana said stopping Gabrielle’s slew of

“ You know , I was just thinking about something?”

“What Gabrielle?”

“ What happens if Lila decides she wants to be with a woman?”

The three other women looked at each other, and then at Gabrielle, then they
all smirked and then they all stood up and each one taking one of Gabrielle’s
arm and the third taking her feet they lifted her up off of the floor and
carried her

to the large fountain and looking at each other again they then looked at her.

“ You wouldn’t? oh, come on now, it was just a question, I was just wondering
about it, that’s all.”

“ Well wonder about this.” Questra stated and then they threw her into the
fountain and dusting their hands the three of them turned and headed back to
the Palace.

Gabrielle in the meantime came up sputtering water, and coughing.

“ I can’t believe you guys did this?!”

“ Believe it Gabrielle.” Xena called back over her shoulder as the three
continued on their trek to the palace.

“ For Gaia sake, it was just a question?” Gabrielle sighed as she climbed out
of the water and dripped her way back to the palace to catch up with the three

The next day was just as busy as the first day, and once again Diana was the
one to lead things. Xena allowed Diana to control things as far as the
planning was concerned.

“ Yes Ludmilla, put those there. Dancea have you and the decorator got the
other servants working on putting up the decorations?”

“ Yes Your Majesty, the decorations are nearly done, and if I may say Your
Majesty, everything looks beautiful.”

“ Great. Where is Princess Gabrielle and Lord Questra?”

“ Our Lord sent them to the Amazons for their cleansing ceremony, Lord Questra
agreed to go through it because she use to be an Amazon at one time.”

“ What? Lord Questra was an Amazon?”

“ Yes, she left because she didn’t want to be the Ruler of The Amazons, she
had bigger plans at the time.”

“ How do you know that Dancea?”

“ I sort of heard her telling Queen Ephiny not to say anything to Gabrielle
about it.”

“ Aha...I see. Well I won’t say anything to them about this Dancea, thank you
for letting me know.”

“ Your welcome Your Majesty.” Dancea said with a grin.

Diana smiled at her and then dismissed her to go and attend to the rest of her
duties. Meanwhile Xena had been watching Diana and her desire was at it’s peak
as she caught glimpses of Diana’s Sapphires shining brightly, whenever she
turned in her direction, while talking to someone.

Xena made her way to where Diana was directing things and when a quiet moment
presented itself, Xena took advantage of it.

“ Come here Consort.” Xena said as she literally snatched Diana from where she
was standing, and pulled her into one of the empty chambers and proceeded to
ravage her.

Afterwards Xena threw back her hair and straighten her clothes and descending
to her knee, she leaned over and kissed the exhausted labor breathing young
woman, who was still sprawled out on the floor.

“ That’s better, see you out here soon kitten.” Xena purred as she laid
another deep kiss on Diana, thus stealing what little composure she had

Xena then rose up and stepped out of the chamber undetected and went about
other things. Diana finally composed herself and straighten her clothes, and
then taking a deep breath she stepped out of the chamber and quickly glancing
around the area, Diana saw Xena talking to one of the decorators, and when
Xena looked up at Diana, Xena winked at her and sent her a thought.

“ You look so good standing there looking like you haven’t been into
anything, when we both know, just how deeply Into things you were, oh, and
kitten, wipe the bottom of your lip, there’s some fruit there, if you know
what I mean?”

Diana quickly wiped her mouth discreetly, and glared at Xena who was now
chuckling as she winked again and returned her full attention to the decorator
who had not stopped talking.

Diana smirked and then pushed her hair out of her face and turned and went the
other direction, and went back to dealing with things. By the end of the day,
Xena and Diana were both tired, but Diana was exhausted from the extra duty
she had done, on top of the planning. Gabrielle and Questra were still going
through their cleansing ceremony, which would take another day, the
decorations were all done, The ceremony would take place at dawn, and the
reception would take place starting at noon until whenever it ended.

Xena actually let Diana sleep when she got into bed. Diana laid serenely in
Xena’s warm embrace and the two went to sleep in total contentment. The next
morning came and Diana and Xena were both up long before dawn, they had went
throughout the whole Palace and made sure everything was perfect.

Then they went and checked on the new bonding chamber where Gabrielle and
Questra would sleep in, considering Questra asked Xena not to have another
Palace build on the land, and that she and Gabrielle would stay there at the
Palace with Diana and her. Diana and Gabrielle thought it was the perfect idea
of course.

“ Yes, it’s beautiful, I think your choice in colors and textures are
impeccable, those two are definitely spring colors. Okay kitten, let’s go and
get dressed.”

“ Alright, let’s go, and once this is all over with we can reconsumate our own
vows, if you know what I mean?” Diana called over her shoulder as she headed
out of the chamber and headed for their chamber to get dressed. Xena stood for
a moment and smirked at the thought, and then she said to herself.

“ Hmm.....another honeymoon, I love it!” Xena said ferralling her lips and
licking them.

Xena then followed after Diana. The ceremony started on time, and the
musicians played the wedding march and Gabrielle and her Amazons descended
down one side of the diamond staircase, while Lord Questra descended down the
other with her Warrior entourage.

The two met in the middle and joined arms as they glided out to the garden,
where white Lilies were floating in the fountain, and miniature candles
sitting inside of them. The sun had not rose yet, but was starting to and
Gabrielle and Questra came to stand in front of the Priestess, what Gabrielle
did not realize was that as she came down the aisle into the garden, her
sister Lila had been told to wait until Gabrielle and Questra had made it to
the Priestess, then she was to stand up and come and stand with Xena and

Gabrielle did not expect to see Lila there because she was sure if her parents
would allow her to stand as a witness so she did not ask, but to Gabrielle’s
delight, she turned and saw Lila standing next to her, and her her nearly
burst at the sight.

“ Lila?”

“ Hi Gabrielle, I hope you don’t mind me standing for you? Xena thought it
would be the best place for me, while mother and father’s was there.” Lila
said as she pointed to where their parents were sitting smiling, and they
waved discreetly at Gabrielle, and Gabrielle was sure her heart had not burst.

“ Lila I wouldn’t have it any other way, thank you for standing for me?”

“ That’s not necessary, because this is where I belong, now turn around so the
Priestess can go on with the ceremony.”

“ I love you.”

“ I love you.”

Gabrielle then turned around and Priestess Kira stepped up and begun the

“ Princess Gabrielle will you now say your vows to her Lordship, for all to

Gabrielle took Questra’s hands and holding them, she said her vows.

“ Lord Questra, I never thought that one day I would be standing here bonding
with anyone, although I have thought about it, I never expected it. I had a
big crush on My Lord Xena, but I knew she and Diana were and are only meant
for each other, so I just watched and admired the love between them, and I
told myself, I would never love anyone, unless it were as deep as theirs,
which I thought meant that I would never marry, or bond with anyone, and then
you walked in, and I was instantly attracted to you, at first it was your
obvious beauty, but then after we talked that first day, and since, I have
discovered the other half of my soul. Whenever your around, the tranquility
that washes over me stills me to my core and I am only able to breath, for my
body and mind just absorbs the serenity that is you. I will always love you
and honor you, I trust you with my life, but more than that, I trust you with
my heart, I will obey your commands of me, I will try to be your rest when you
need, and your strength when needed as well. Thank you for coming into my
life. I love you.”

“ Your Lordship.”

“ Gabrielle, I new my destiny was somewhere in Xenadia, I didn’t realize I
would discover it as quickly as I did. Although I am a Chosen to one, my
Destiny is with the other, and you are that other. My heart is full with
everything that is you, I am serene when I see or hear you coming, my heart
beats stronger when I see the light in your eyes as you gaze at me. As a Ruler
the demands that are placed on me and other Rulers are a natural soberer, my
role was serious, and I didn’t think there was time for laughter of the heart,
with the nature of the job, but since you have come into my life, I have
discovered life is not only about duty, but that I actually did have time for
joy and laughter and whimsy, the stories you have told me moved me from
solemnness to that of laughter. I promise to love, honor, and protect you, I
will be your foundation, and together, we will grown in our love more and more
everyday. I love you My Sweet Blossom.” Questra then kissed Gabrielle’s hands
and then turned to look at the Priestess after a moment.

“ Let all who have heard the vows that have been exchanged bare witness. Who
stands for Princess Gabrielle?”

“ I do, Xena The Conqueror.”

And I do, Queen Diana, Consort to Our Lord.”

And I do, Lila, sister to the Princess.”

And we do... Parents to The Princess.”

Gabrielle’s tears rolled freely down her face when she saw her parents stand
up to announce to all their support of her. She was almost overcome by it, but
Questra squeezed her hands, to help her center once again. Gabrielle was able
to maintain her composure as a result. The Priestess then stepped forward

“ You are blessed Princess Gabrielle. Now who of the Amazons stands for the

“ I do, Ephiny, Queen of the Amazons.”

“ Let all bear witness that the Princess has the support of those who have
given their oath to support her by standing for her now. May The Goddess
Artemis, bless this union, as well as the other chosen Gods and Goddesses.

A Halo descended over the two, and then after a moment it descended onto their
heads and then disappeared into them.

“ The Gods have blessed this union. Let it be known that from this day
forward, that Princess Gabrielle will be known as Consort to her Lordship
Questra. Let no one come between what the Gods have blessed. Lord Questra, you
may seal your bond.”

Questra lifted Gabrielle’s chin up and Gabrielle brought her shaky hands up
and Questra pulled Gabrielle to her and lowering her head she whispered, “ I
love you Gabrielle.” She then sealed their bond and the applause rose to Mt

After the ceremony ended Gabrielle hugged everyone, and then hugged her
parents for coming and supporting her, then they shook Lord Questra’s hand and
her mother reached up her hand and bring Questra’s head down to her she kissed
her on the forehead and said with sincerity.

“ Welcome to our family Lord Questra.”

Questra smiled and placed her hand over Gabrielle’s mother’s hand. Gabrielle
in the meantime stood back and smiled as her tears rolled once again.

“ Okay, Gabrielle, you’ve been teary the whole service, it’s time to dry your
eyes, the reception is not for tears, just laughter.” Diana said as she then
stepped back as Questra took her place next to Gabrielle and once again they
joined arms and the procession left the garden and the people followed

The Reception begun at noon and the head table was filled with the families,
the Amazons who stood with Gabrielle, which included Elain and Charli, as well
as Dancea, and Ludmilla, all sat at the second table.

The Amazons danced and then they went to the head table and requested
Gabrielle join them in the dance. Gabrielle was reluctant at first, but Diana
encouraged her and that’s when another Amazon requested Diana join also. Diana
was ready to refuse, but then seeing the raised brows of everyone at the head
table, Diana stood up.

“ Fine, it’s not a problem, come on Gabrielle.” Diana said as she pulled
Gabrielle with her to the floor.

The two of them knew the steps from Diana having seen them before and then
teaching them to Gabrielle, which was a surprise to Questra and Xena to see
the two dancing with the Amazons as if they had been dancing like that all of
there lives. Diana and Gabrielle went towards the head table and keeping their
eyes on their respective mates, they continued to dance, and when Xena and
Questra thought that Diana and Gabrielle were about to ask them to dance, the
two dancers turned suddenly towards the second table and pulled Elain and
Charli out onto the floor, and the four of them danced back to the circle and
the two warriors sat with their mouths open for a moment and then they shut
them and nodded their heads as they thought about the payback that was to

The four young women danced almost every dance, but then when the music slowed
to a haunting tune, Diana and Gabrielle each danced their way over to the head
table and putting out their hands they invited their mates to dance with them.

Xena and Questra both took the hands and coming down to the floor, they took
each of their mates in their arms and rather than dancing like the others, the
four of them danced in the fashion that Diana had taught them. They glided
around the floor, easily. The others on the floor started clearing the floor
as result of the different dance, and stood and watched the four lovers gaze
into their respective's eyes, as they moved as one with one another. Soon
Ephiny and Shatara joined and were gliding along the floor, and then Elain and
Charli, and soon the floor was filled with lovers. The reception lasted way
into the next night, but before that Diana announced that it was time for the
two to open their gifts.

“ Gabrielle you can do the honors.” Questra suggested, knowing how Gabrielle
liked to open gifts, especially those that were for her.

“ Okay.”

Gabrielle begun opening the packages from the least status in the Realm, to
that of the greatest. Finally she got to Xena’s and Diana’s.

Xena’s was the elixir that she had told Questra about, but Gabrielle didn’t
know that. She thought it was a perfume or something, but when she went to
open it to smell it, Questra stopped her and leaned in and whispered.

“ You’ll see what it is later.”

Gabrielle gave her a look of confusion, but then she let it go and moved on to
the next of Xena’s Gift. Gabrielle opened a velvet container and found a
diamond necklace with four stones of each of the women’s eye colors, although
two were Sapphire. The final Gift was a note that told Gabrielle the rest of
their gifts were in their chamber. Gabrielle hugged Xena tightly and told her
how much she loved everything and especially her.

Then Gabrielle turned back around and smiled at Diana and then went to opening
the packages. The first was a portrait.

“ Oh My....” Gabrielle gasped as she lost her composure and turned to Questra
and held up the portrait for her to see with shaky hands.

Questra’s eyes filled with moisture as she took a deep breath to keep her own

Questra started to try to say something, but the lump in her throat filled the
space. Xena noticed it and so to take the pressure off she said what everyone
else was thinking.

“ Ok, it would be nice if all of us could see it as well?”

Gabrielle fanned her face quickly before she turned around to show everyone.
After a moment she turned around and taking a few more moments to look at it,
she turned it and looked out at everyone as she held the portrait up for all
to see.

The room went silent at the painting. It wasn’t because of why Gabrielle and
Questra had become emotional, but because of the fact that the images moved as
if they were living breathing people. Xena was the only one to become silent
for the same reason as Questra and Gabrielle.

Xena stood up and walked back over to the gift table, and looking at it and
then at Questra and Gabrielle, and rendering a smile on them, she then looked
to Diana, who really did not know why everyone was so emotional.

“ Diana?”

“ Yes Xena?”

“ You took a picture that your sisters had given to you as a way to remember
all of those you claim as your family, a painting which you have said many
times that if you had to choose a gift, then it would be the painting of your
family only , which you altered once when you added Gabrielle’s parents and
sister Lila into it, and now you altered it again, to add Lord Questra into it
as if she had always been there, why?”

“ Because she’s family, and I love her, as much as I love anyone in my family,
and I actually did this a while ago and was going to give it to Gabrielle
before now, but then I thought it was more appropriate to give to them, now.
Don’t you think?” Diana asked with all innocents ringing throughout her voice.

Xena’s eyes now filled with moisture, as she gazed at Diana, who was looking
at her and Gabrielle and Questra as if something was wrong.

“ You don’t like it?”

“ Ah!!!” Was the collective response from all three of them.

Gabrielle wrapped her arms tightly around Diana’s neck and sobbed.

“ I love it, thank you so much, it’s a gift that we will treasure always. I
love you so much sis.” Gabrielle then lost her ability to speak and she just
hugged Diana as Diana hugged her back.

The other people at the reception now were emotional because of what they
heard, and their hearts swelled with love for all of them, but especially for
Gabrielle and Diana.

After Gabrielle finally composed herself, Questra stepped up to her, and still
having the lump in her throat she somehow managed to tell Diana what was in
her heart.

“ Di...Diana, I have never been one to be speechless, but the gift you have
given to Gabrielle and me, is one that I do not take lightly in it’s meaning,
I know how loyal and protective you are when it comes to your family, I know
you have and will probably until the day you die, continue to sacrifice
yourself for the sake of saving anyone in that family from harm. I am deeply
touched, by it’s meaning, and your acceptance into such an exclusive yet
fortunate group of people, I am honored that you think of me as family, even
before I actually became a legal family member. You said you altered this a
while ago with my image, and for that, My heart is filled with joy and love
for you as well, probably even before you did this, but I am proud to be
considered a member of your family, not only on here, but also within your
heart. Thank you little one.” Questra said as she wrapped her arms around
Diana, who now was emotional herself.

Gabrielle was so emotional, she wrapped her arms around Diana once again and
the three of them hugged for long moments, and then Xena cleared her throat
and they broke their embrace, and she stepped forward and bring her hands to
Diana’s cheeks, she kissed her tenderly, and then breaking the kiss she said
to Diana in a voice filled with love.

“ I can not think of anyone, who is as thoughtful and loving and devoted as
you are, my own love for you grows daily by leaps and bounds, and we are all
fortunate that you are our family. I love you kitten.”

“ I love you Xena. And I love my family.”

“ I know. Or should I say, we know.”

Xena then hugged Diana again and then she hugged Gabrielle and kissed her
lightly on the lips, and gave a warriors handshake to Questra who returned it
in kind. The reception finally ended, after Diana whispered to Gabrielle she
had other gifts for her later. Gabrielle and Questra were able to make their
excuses and they left to begin their honeymoon. Questra was excited for a
number of reasons.

The End
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