part 3

by Mythe


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This story contains a relationship between Xena and a lost love. Gabrielle is in it, but they're best friends only.




We flew over a ridge and were almost to the Village. When a body was spotted laying on the side of the road. “Xena!” I called out, realizing that she had already noticed it. I pulled on Cronus' reins and we skidded to a stop.

Xena pulled Argo to a stop and climbed off to check on the body. She turned it over and recognized the clothing. “She's an Amazon…” she informed, feeling for a pulse and glanced down at the woman's bloody chest “It's too late.”

“Tartarus…” I muttered, climbing off and approached the woman. “That's Derria,” I stated, recognizing her. “Rachel's wife.”

“If the Queen's wife was this far-”

“She was trying to escape.”

Xena nodded, “They must have taken over the village.”

“Derria would have fought along side her-” I uttered, realizing something. “Unless she was trying to protect someone.”

“You mean a child?”

I nodded, “The last time we talked, Rachel wanted a child.”

“By the Gods…”

“SNAP!” as a branch broke in two.

Xena instantly unsheathed her sword and used caution, as she moved towards it. An infant girl bolted out from her hiding place and crashed into her leg. “Whoa…” she assured, sheathing her sword.

“AAHHHH!!!” the little girl voiced and shouted, “NO! BAD!”

“Shh…” Xena hushed, reaching down and picked her up. “I won't hurt you.”

“MOMMY!” she cried out, struggling.

“We're here to help-”

Two Amazons charged out from the foliage in full attack mode.

The infant screamed and began to squirm from Xena's arms.

Xena ducked just in time, as a sword swooshed by and retaliated with a swift kick to the attacker's gut. She unsheathed her sword and flipped over her, as the Amazon turned around to face her.

I blocked the lunge of my attacker with my sword and delivered a quick backhand to her face. She recovered and rushed forward, into my sword.

Xena blocked an overhead blow then, a side one before she sliced the Amazon across the chest. Suddenly, a knife flew towards the infant's head and instantly deflected it with her sword.

I spun around and threw my knife into the direction it came from. It struck its target and the figure fell out from a tree.

“THUD!” as the body crashed to the ground.

I walk over to the lifeless body and withdrew my knife from Elishia's chest.

The infant's cries died down to soft whimper, as Xena gently held her close. “Shh…it's going to be all right,” she whispered, sheathing her sword.

“I'm going to take a quick look around.”

“I'll wait for-”

I shook my head and interrupted, “No, go on ahead and I'll catch up.”

Xena looked down at the innocent child in her arms and replied, “Alright…Rai, be careful.”

“I've got too…” I said, flashing her a grin and disappeared into the forest.

“Little one, do you like horses?” Xena inquired, moving towards Argo and introduced. “This is Argo and I'm Xena.” She climbed onto her back, turning her around and nudged Argo forward. “Come on girl, let's go home.”


Xena rode up to Ephiny's hut and climbed off Argo.

“Xena, where's Sierra?” Gabrielle inquired, looking around.

“She'll be here in a bit,” she informed, “She had to check the village out.”

Ephiny probed, “Whose child?”

“We believe Derria and Rachel,” Xena revealed, handing the sleeping infant to her. “She was being hunted down like an animal.”

Ephiny held the child close and whispered, “By the gods…”

“The poor Angel,” Gabrielle kissed the infant's head.

“I've checked her over,” she decreed, “A few bruises and some scratches.”

“We'll take her to Ariel,” Ephiny stated, “I'll meet up with you in a few.”

“Alright,” Xena nodded, leading Argo back to the stables.


Artemis was sitting amongst a large stack of old books, thumbing though one.

Aphrodite appeared next to her holding two cups of hot Coco and held out one. “Art, we have to take a break…” she advised.

“Maybe,” Artemis nodded, taking the cup and slowly took a sip.

Aphrodite sat her cup down and picked up a musty book. “EEEEWWWW!!!” she voiced, opening it. “Why doesn't Athena LIKE clean her books?”

She shrugged, “I don't know…”

Aphrodite began to read a passage out loud, “Calling out to the four winds North, East, South and West. I call upon the Fairie land of Magic and Myth, Avalon. Bring forth one borne from magic. A pure soul shall be, dark and white mix within thee.”



“You just read a spell,” Artemis revealed and sighed.

“Well, I didn't know…”Aphrodite shrugged and expressed, “I thought it sounded COOL…especially about the Fairie land.”


“So, what's going to happen?”

Artemis turned to her sister with concern and responded, “I don't know.”


I rode hard and fast, back to my friends. That damn vision I had earlier replayed in my head. Death…death and more death… “Because of me…” I grumbled, leaning into Cronus.

Suddenly, a pale gray horse appeared carrying a cloaked traveler. This Stranger wore a domelike helmet; his dark hair was collar length and a dark patterned cloak covered the rest of him. He glanced over at me, realizing that a collision was to transpire and pulled back on the reigns.

I pulled Cronus' reigns in and dug into his sides, as the distance shortened between us. We skidded along the path, turning sharply towards them. Cronus slammed into the Stranger's horse and I was sent flying. I crashed to the ground landing hard on my shoulder and resting on my back. I heard his painful cries, as everything went black and I was out.

I felt someone's hands upon my body, feeling it for any injuries and a groan passed my lips.

“I'm so sorry,” the Stranger expressed, “It was an accident.”

“Don't worry…” I muttered and opened my eyes to a set of emerald ones looking down at me with concern. “I've been through worse.”

“You have a large bump on the back of your head and your shoulder is dislocated.”

I slowly sat up and a wave of dizziness overcame me. “Centaur balls…” I grumbled, as the pain in my shoulder erupted throughout my body.

“You should really rest-”

“No,” I stated, climbing to my feet. “I've got to check on Cronus.”

“He's bruised up a bit,” a deep voice on my left disclosed, “But he's fine.”

I glanced around for the voice and realized that the pale gray horse was the culprit.

“This is Rupert,” the Stranger introduced and held out his hand, “And I am Merlin.”

“Hold on a minute…” I suggested, as I moved towards a tree and slammed my shoulder into it. Popping it back into place with a loud pop and I growled out in pain. “TARTARUS!!!!” I approached Merlin and shook his hand, “I'm Sierra.”

“Nice to meet you,” he expressed and held out an herb, “Here take this for the pain.”

I took it and placed it under my tongue. “Thank you, for helping me…” I said and apologized, “Sorry about crashing into you and all.”

He assured, “No harm done.”

I stared at him for a moment, reading him. Merlin was a bit taller than myself with an athletic build and foreign attire. “Your not from around here,” I declared, knowing full well he wasn't.

“I'm from Avalon,” he revealed and inquired, “Where are we?”

“Greece,” I replied and continued, “To be exact…we're a candle mark away from Amazon Territory.”

“Amazon Territory?”


Merlin remembered reading Myths on fierce warrior women that lived together in Lesbos. “But this isn't Lesbos…”

“No,” I shook my head, realizing what he thought and explained. “There's a tribe that lives there and the other tribes are scattered all around us.”

“Really?” he remarked, “So, the Myths are true…”


“Where I'm from Amazons, Centaurs and the Greek Gods are Myths.”

“Oh,” I nodded and enlightened, “Well, my friend…you'll see that their very real here.”

“So, it seems I've been sent into the past…” Merlin voiced, thinking.

“Your welcome to come with me to my tribe.”

He turned to me with a questioned look and asked, “They allow men in their village?”

“Well,” I muttered and explained, “Let's head out and I shall tell you the story.”



“I can feel the residue of dark Magic here,” he expressed, riding along side of me.

“My Mother believes it to be older than the Gods themselves.” I pulled Cronus to a stop outside of my hut and climbed off. “You can rest here.”

“Thank you,” he said, climbing off.

Xena grabbed be from behind and held me close. “I felt like something happened to you,” she whispered, kissing me on the neck.

“Xena, this is Merlin…” I gestured and introduced, “Merlin this is Xena, my wife and champion.”

“Greetings to you,” Merlin greeted, holding out his hand.

“Nice to meet you Merlin,” Xena grinned back and shook his hand.

“Sierra and I collided with each other earlier,” he stated.

“I was thrown from Cronus and dislocated my shoulder.”

Xena ran her fingers over my shoulder, feeling the swelling around the joint. “Let's go inside so I can take care of it,” she advised, escorting me into the hut.

“Don't forget about the large bump to the back of your cranium,” Merlin added, following behind them. “She blacked out for a few moments.”

“Thank you,” Xena thanked and gestured for him to sit down. “Make yourself comfortable.”

“When are you expecting?” Merlin inquired, looking down at her growing belly.

“In four moons,” she replied, grinning.

“Congratulations,” he expressed, “From a curse, comes a gift…a miracle of life.”

Xena raised a brow at him, “Thank you.”

To be continued...

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