Sisters At War

part 4

by Mythe


Copyright: The characters of Xena, Gabrielle, Ephiny, Artemis, Aphrodite, Discord, Ares, etc. are owned by MCA/Universal/Renaissance Pictures. Merlin and Queen Mab is owned by NBC and Halmark Entertainment. I only borrowed them to tell a story. No infringement was intended. The rest of the story is mine and I hold the copyright to it. Do not use any part of this story without my permission.

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This story contains a relationship between Xena and a lost love. Gabrielle is in it, but they're best friends only.

“I should've been healed by now,” I grumbled as I sat down, “Something's not right…”

“What do you mean?” Xena queried, removing my shirt.

“My back, shoulder and my head are killing me.”

“It takes time Rai.”

“Not really,” I said and enlightened, “Usually it takes less than a candle mark for my body to heal itself.”

“I'm surprised that you didn't break anything,” Merlin remarked, taking a sip of water. “You're very lucky.”

“I guess so,” I muttered, realizing that I needed to inform Ephiny about Valasca. “I've got to talk to Ephiny,” I stated and rose to my feet. Suddenly, a wave of dizziness overwhelmed me and I lost my balance.

“Rai, sit…you're in no condition to go anywhere…” Xena advised, catching me as I fell over and sat me back down. “Besides, she'll be over in bit.”

“I overheard Tereis talking about their alliance with three other Providences,” I disclosed, biting my lip from the increasing pain in my back. “Which means-”

“We're evenly matched so to speak,” Xena finished, handing me a mug of water.

“I'm afraid so…” I nodded, taking a much need sip.

“This is about you being a male?” Merlin inquired, looking over at me.

“Yes, I being Queen of all the Amazons caused this rift between my sisters.”

“The damned curse and that meddling BITCH Discord caused this, Rai…” Xena interjected, “NOT YOU.”

Discord appeared behind Xena and chastised her, “Now…now Xena, must we bring vulgar words into the picture?”

Xena backhanded her, but instead of making contact with Discord's face, her hand merely passed through. “TARTARUS…” she grumbled.

Merlin stood up in awe, observing his first encounter with a Greek Goddess. “Oh, my…” he muttered.

Discord turned to me and greeted, “How's the body holding up CUZ?”

I rose to my feet, shoving the pain from my mind and focusing on our unwelcome guest. “What in Tartarus do you want?”

She glanced over at Merlin and approached him. “Who do we have here?” she asked, lustfully checking his body out.

“Merlin,” he replied, keeping a watchful eye on her.

“Nice name,” she expressed. “Maybe we could hang out sometime.”

Merlin grinned and politely responded, “I'm sorry, I cannot.”

“To bad…” she sighed and whispered, “If you change your mind, just call.”

“DISCORD!” I shouted and decreed, “Keep you over active hormones in check and get out of OUR HOME.”

“That's not very neighborly of you cousin,” Discord revealed and sighed, “You don't look very well…I can feel your pain growing, spreading. You're trying to ignore it aren't you?”

“Get out…” I muttered, knowing where this conversation was going. I felt Xena's eyes upon me reading the answer and waited for her to say something, but she did not.

“It's only going to get worse,” she taunted, remembering something. “It seems that my spell also made you a mortal.”

“WHAT?” I uttered aloud.

“Isn't that a HOOT?” Discord remarked, smirking and abruptly disappeared. “Bye, all!”

Somehow, I knew it deep down as I silently stood there.

Xena was at my side in an instant, “Come on and let's get you fix up.” She led me to the bedroom and called out, “Merlin, can you bring the leather pouch that's hanging behind you?”

“Sure…” he said, grabbing the bag and followed in tow.

“Why didn't you tell me that you were in pain?” Xena inquired, as she wrapped her arm around my waist. Her hand felt my forehead with the back of her hand, “You're burning up.”

“Slipped my mind…” I drearily responded, knowing full well I'm going to get a lecture on it. Gods, my head hurts…it's really hot in here too.

“Rai, that's not like you-”

“Xena, nothing's like ME!” I retorted, pulling free from her and dived out of the opened window. Tucking myself into a ball and rolled to my feet. “JUST LEAVE ME BE!” I roared, sprinting towards the safety of the forest.

“RAI!!” Xena shouted and rushed to the window.

Merlin appeared at her side, “What happened?”

“Rai has a fever and ran off,” she informed and passed him on her way towards the front door, “I've got to go after her. She's in no shape to be alone…her injuries alone-”

“Let's go.”

“Alright,” Xena nodded and stepped out of their hut in search of her injured lover.

Suddenly, two bright balls of light appeared before them. Artemis stepped out of the one and Aphrodite stepped out the other.

Artemis greeted, “Good afternoon, Xena.”

“Howdy, Xena!” Aphrodite waved, grinning.

“Artemis…Aphrodite, we have a big problem…” Xena revealed and explained, “Discord's curse made Rai into mortal as well.”

“WHAT?” they uttered in unison.

“Rai ran off,” Xena disclosed, “She has a burning fever and showing signs of disillusions. We have to find her NOW before she hurts herself.”


I instinctively glided through the tree limbs on my journey away from everyone's annoying presences. I need to be alone…doesn't anyone understand that? The world around me began to spin uncontrollably. My foot missed a limb. I fell out of the tree and crashed to the ground in a loud, “THUD!” Landing face first, instantly knocking the wind from me. “TATARUS!!” I growled, slowly climbing to my feet. A sharp pain erupted in my side and I collapsed to my knees in pain. “DAMN…I don't need this.”

Artemis, Aphrodite, Xena and Merlin appeared, surrounding me.

Artemis greeted, “Hello, sweetie.”

“Hera's tits…” I grumbled, holding my side. “Can't anyone just leave me alone?”

“Calm down, cutie…” Aphrodite assured.

Xena slowly approached me and revealed, “Rai, you're burning up and your delirious.”

I grimaced, as I climbed unsteadily to my feet. “What part don't you all understand?” I repeated, holding my side.

“RAI,” Artemis called out and decreed, “Listen to reason…you're hurt and we're taking you home.”

“Mother, I'm fine…” I replied, “I just have small headache, that's all.”

“Rai, I love you and I want to help you get better…” Xena softly spoke up, moving closer to me.

I turned to my wife, then back to my worried Mother. “I can handle this myself-” my vision became blurry and everything went black.

Xena was instantly at my side catching me and whispered, “RAI, what's going on...”


“Incompetent fools!” Valasca shouted, backhanding Elisha. “You let the Rachel's brat get away.”

Elisha lowered her head in disgrace.

“It makes no matter,” she remarked, contemplating her plan. “Get out of my sight”

“Yes, my Queen.”

“How does it go?” Discord spoke up, appearing on her right.

“We have three providences so far,” Valasca replied, as she sat down on her throne. “We're in the process of gathering all the supplies you asked for.”

“Good,” Discord nodded, “Wouldn't want to run out of anything during the battle. Now would we?”

“Of course not.”

“I know what you're thinking,” Discord smirked and revealed, “Why can't we just attack now?”

“Yes,” she nodded, “We could take them by surprise-”

“No, they'll be expecting that…” Discord stated, “Besides, I've got a feeling about these things…be ready.” She flashed her an all-knowing smile and abruptly disappeared in a flash of light.

I finally awoke from slumber and slowly opened my eyes. Holding my hand up as to block the late afternoon Sun and grumbled, “Gods…can it be any brighter?”

“Of course,” Ephiny teased, placing a gentle hand on my shoulder. “It's good to see you, my friend.”

“Like wise,” I replied, trying to focus on her form and tried to sit up. I had a bad case of cottonmouth and it wasn't funny.

“Woa…” she gestured, pushing me back down. “I've been ordered by YOUR Consort to not let you up-”

“Xena?” I repeated, feeling a tight bandage that held my sore ribs in place. “Where is she?” I asked, looking around our bedroom.

“I made her have dinner with the others,” Ephiny informed and inquired, “Would you like some water?”

I nodded, “Sure.”

Ephiny smiled at me and handed me a mug filled with water, “Here you go.”

I took a much need gulp of water, drenching my dry mouth with it's refreshing essence. Remembering the important information I needed to tell her, “Ephiny, I've got to tell you-”

“Sierra, I already know…”

“Huh?” I voiced, “How-”

“Xena already told me.”

“Oh,” I said, “Everything?”

“Yes, everything…” Ephiny nodded and enlightened, “We've finally come with a strategic plan that may work. Our allying Providences are converging here as we speak.”

Raising a brow at this, “How long have I been out?”

“Seven days now,” Xena replied, entering into the room with a heaping tray of food. She quickly sat the food on the table and sat on the edge of the bed. She lovingly looked upon me, leaned over and sought my soft lips with her own. Her tongue found its playmate, greeting warmly and gently pulled away. “I love you, Rai…” she said breathless.

Our eyes locked on one another and whispered, “I love you too, my princess.”

Ephiny observed the loving couple for a moment and silently crept out of the room.

“How bad is it?” I inquired, caressing her cheek with the back of my hand.

She flashed a grin and revealed, “Well…you have a concussion, a couple cracked ribs and lots of bruises.”

“Damn…” I sighed, “All from flying off Cronus.”

“Well, sorta of…” Xena spoke up, “The ribs were when you fell out of the tree.”


“You were delusional and wanted to get away from us,” she enlightened, laying down next to me with her head propped up with one hand.

“Sorry…I don't remember that.”

“No worries, love.”


Valasca was riding a gray mare, followed by Teries, and two other amazons, leaders of the various providences. Her ally's followed in tow towards their adversary's tribe and toward their destiny. She glance back at HER large army and smirked, “We'll go down in history for this.”

“Yes, my Queen…” Teries affirmed.

“You have your orders,” Valasca turned to her second, “Wait for the siginal.”

“Yes, my Queen…” she nodded, gesturing for the other two leaders to follow and parted.

“Time for my revenge…” Valasca vowed, nudging her horse forward.


A scout entered and bowed, “My Queens, Valasca's tribe is three candle marks to the north.”

Ephiny rose to her feet, “What about the other providences?”

“They branched off from the main body and circling around to our flanks.”

“Good, sound the alarm…” the Queen ordered, turning to her Captain. “Eponin, you know what to do.”

“Yes, my Queen…” the scout bowed and exited.

Eponin nodded, “As you wish, my Queen…” She turned and made a hasty exit as well.

“This is it, huh?”

Ephiny turned to her seated wife and replied, “Yes, it is sweetheart.”

A loud horn sounded, alerting the tribe of the impending battle.

Amazons warriors gathered their weapons and met at their pre-destined rallying point. Assigned Mothers gathered all tribe's children and escorted them into the maze of caverns that were safely hidden under the village.


A very naked Xena was straddling me and meeting every powerful thrust of mine, sending me to higher and higher. She tightened her muscle around my throbbing cock and her hands were gripping my shoulders. I squeezed her growing breasts roughly and again noticed the warm glow that radiated off my wife. Gods…I love that.

“My, Liege…” she growled between breaths, “Fuck…me…harder!”

I obliged my demanding wife and grabbed her hips, as I plunged deeper into her warm center. “Xena…Xena,” I muttered, feeling my impending climax.

“OH…GODS,” Xena groaned, bringing herself to her own powerful climax. “YEEEESSSSS!!!!!!”

I shot my essence into her and felt the geyser release it's sweet nectar upon me. “Xeeennnnaaaa…” I growled, riding the final waves of our tremors until my love collapsed in my arms. I wrapped my protective arms around my spent wife and kissed her on the forehead. “Come here…”

“Gods, Rai…” she gasped, “That was incredible.”

“Aye…” I voiced, as my sore ribs shouted out their ill treatment and grimaced.

Xena noticed this and worriedly probed, “Did I hurt you?”

“Nah….” I shook my head and enlightened, “I'd go through worse if it meant that I could see your heavenly face a minute ago.”

Xena flashed her 'look' at me and mischievously smirked, “No wonder I've kept you this long…”


The ceremony battle horn disrupted our after play and we both went silent.

“What in the hell…” I muttered.

“Stay in here,” she said, climbing off me and quickly threw on her clothes. “I'll go and check it out.”

I slowly sat up, feeling the throbbing of my ribs and groaned. “Damnit…I have to go.”

“NO!” she growled, grabbing her sheathed sword and her chakram. “You're in no shape to fight.”

“Like you are?”

“I fought up until I gave birth…” Xena responded, “And yes I am.” She rushed up to me and kissed me gently on the lips. “Please stay here,” she whispered, her eyes pleading.

Those loving eyes just melted my soul, realizing that she was right and simply nodded.

Xena flashed me a reassuring grin and quickly rushed out. “Merlin, it's time!” she called out.

“I'm right behind you Xena,” he replied, closing the door behind them.

I heard the front door slam shut and slowly climbed to my feet. Dizziness overwhelmed me, but I trudged towards my chest and opened it up. Grabbed some clothes and tossed them onto the bed. I moved over to the nightstand, poured some water into the dish and splashed some cool water upon my face. I dried myself off and quickly dressed as fast as my wounded body could take.


To be continued...

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