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Amazon Moon 1998 C.

[Sleepless in Ancient Greece]

It was late at night and their campfire was low but Gabrielle tossed
about restlessly in her sleep. The sleeping figure of the warrior princess lay
beside her, snoring gently with each rise of her chest.

Realising that she wouldn't be able to sleep a wink that night, Gabrielle
sat up and sighed. The soft light from the glow of their small campfire
illuminated her best friend's face, making her look so peaceful, so innocent
in her sleep. Very much like a child.

The bard smiled as she reached for her quill and an empty scroll. Staring
fondly at Xena's face, she started to write by the gentle beams of the full,
round moon above. The skies in which they had camped below were remarkably
starry. Celestal diamonds filled the dark blue sky.

Gabrielle's hand started to move and words started forming on the paper.
It wasn't very hard for the bard, all she just had to do was simply let the
words flow. She worked softly under the light of the moon, pausing at times
to look up and smile at her friend's sleeping form. Soon, she was done.

Looking at it, she beamed with pride. She started reading softly:

"In the twinkling of the night,
the skies are full of diamonds above-
but none surpasses the beauty of her eyes,
my bestfriend who lies
sleeping by the fire side.

How soft her luscious lips seem to be,
gently parted as she sleeps.
Her features, so peaceful and relaxed-
not a shread of warrior-ness possessed.

The warrior princess sleeps like a babe tonight,
across from where I am,
writing about my love in the pale moonlight.

I admire the power
of her muscled arms,
the warmth that eases the hurt-
when all things feel down,
there's always the hug
that would ease all problems away.
They peek out now,
outside her blanket,
bathed and caressed by moonbeams,
touching her in a way a lover would.

The rhythm of her breathing is like a dance,
in the silence of the night.
The music, it plays in my ears
as I write through the night.

I wonder how my life would be,
if I hadn't gone after her.
Would I be what I am now?
And would she be what she is?
So many questions and no answers,
only knows the Fates.

But I am content, being her friend.
Her bestfriend- yes I am.
Her travel companion,
Her partner in help,
I'm just the bard,
from Poteidaia.
I'm only me, Gabrielle."

"I like that," a soft murmur spoke as she felt someone put her warm
blanket over her shoulders. Gabrielle jerked her head around and realised it
was Xena.

"Sorry," the Amazon bard blushed as the warrior woman sat down beside
her,"Did I wake you?" She rolled up the scroll, slightly flusterred. She hadn't
realise she had been so loud when she was reciting. How embrassing.

"It's a good poem," Xena remarked as she watched her friend put the
scroll away,"I'm not much of a bard but Gabrielle, I want to remind you that...
you mean a lot to me too." She reached over and squeezed her hand affectionately,
sincerity shown in her eyes. "I've got something for you."

Her eyes smiling at her bestfriend, Xena's lips parted and she began
to sing:

"Whenever I'm weary from the battles that rage in my head,
You make sense of madness,
when my sanity hangs by a thread.
I lose my way but still you seem to understand-
Now and forever,
I will be your friend.

Sometimes I just hold you,
too caught up in me to see
I'm holding a fortune
that Heaven has given to me.
I'll try to show you each and every way I can-
Now and forever,
I will be your friend.

Now I can rest my worries and
always be sure,
That I won't be alone anymore.
If I'd known you were there all the time-
All this time.
Now and forever, I will be your friend."

All was quiet, even the crickets had stopped their racket. The song
was remarkable. The two shared a moment of silence together, staring into each
other's eyes with wide smiles on their faces.

"That was beautiful," the bard gushed at her friend.

"Ah, well," Xena shrugged modestly,"I've got many skills."

Gabrielle beamed at her bestfriend before gently swatting her on the
arm,"C'mon, it's late... we've got to move tomorrow."

"All right," Xena mumbled reluctantly before slipping in between the

"'Night," Gabrielle echoed before placing a soft, gentle kiss on her
warrior princess' forehead. Pulling her blanket up her chin, she stared up
at the starry night sky, looking at the lovely constellations above. Then quicker
than she knew, her eyelids soon became heavy and sleep finally overcame her.



Yep, my first Xena poem. I know, I know, the poem I wrote is not that
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